Miley Cyrus Announces ‘Bangerz’ Album Release Date

Published: Thursday 15th Aug 2013 by Sam

Having hit it big with new single ‘We Can’t Stop’, Miley Cyrus is shifting her focus to its parent album ‘Bangerz’.

Featuring hard-hitting production from the likes of Mike Will, Pharrell Williams, and, the set is being touted as a rebirth of sorts for the former Pop teen queen. Indeed, the serial twerker, now 20, has made no secret of the LP’s pronounced “Urban lean”.

Jury’s out on whether it’ll impress or be a contrived mess. What is certain, though, is that its official release date awaits after the jump…

After asking her fans to trend #voteMiley for an MTV competition, the singer made well on her promise to reveal the ‘Bangerz’ arrival date when they did:

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  1. tits mcgee August 15, 2013

    I still can’t get over that title. Bangerz. LOL

    • tits mcgee August 15, 2013

      Good luck tho, Ms. Miley.

      • CC August 15, 2013

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  2. Kim Kardashian Stan August 15, 2013

    B**** are sure that aint Rihanna with that pic

  3. TEE August 15, 2013

    TGJ why do yall keep hating on Miley! Ain’t nobody mad at her or pressed but yall! #Bangerz will slay! Yall act like “We Can’t Stop” being a top 5 hit worldwide isn’t going to not make the album flop. GTOH please and keep listening to that trash by Rita Whorah.

    • FAF August 15, 2013

      Who’s hating though? she appropriates black culture to white people. Why would black people need to hate on something most are already familiar with.

      She just tries her hardest to be counter-disney & its inauthentic.

      • FAF August 15, 2013

        and LOL @ “nobody mad at her but y’all” she was a trending topic bc of negativity & go on tumblr & look at all the memes about her “twerking”… LOL

      • TEE August 15, 2013

        All publicity is good publicity! I’m not saying anything about her culture appropriation, just that she’s not gonna flop like this site says.

  4. S****** Blonde August 15, 2013

    Who is she?

    • Rihking August 15, 2013

      Oh my god I missed you kinda.

      • S****** Blonde August 15, 2013

        Who would have thought haha, lol.

    • Rihking August 15, 2013


      • S****** Blonde August 15, 2013


    • King August 15, 2013


      • King August 15, 2013

        My fail missy face.

    • King August 15, 2013


      • S****** Blonde August 15, 2013

        Kisses for you….muahh!!!

  5. Ciara4ever August 15, 2013

    She wants to be Rihanna so desperately its sad tbh

    • KingBeyBitch August 15, 2013

      Why the f*** would she want to be like rihanna?

  6. Molly August 15, 2013

    She trying harder than Rita ora to be Rihanna

  7. Britney Stan August 15, 2013

    Im sorry but that pic screams Rihanna… & i won’t be buying an album shes trying way to hard imo!

  8. King August 15, 2013

    THE RIHANNA IMPACT THOUGH! This b**** is so corny and wack. NEXT! I’m tired of this talentless lame kiddi singing s***.

  9. Beyawnce August 15, 2013

    The album name is terrible

  10. musiclover August 15, 2013

    no comment

  11. Lana the legend August 15, 2013

    Girl give it up!!!

    • Ralph Lauren Outlet March 30, 2014

      But wanna remark on few general things, The website style is perfect, the written content is very excellent : D.

  12. Beyawnce August 15, 2013

    She’s really trying to get rid of her old image even at times it comes of as desperate

  13. Ciara is everything August 15, 2013

    Look b****** i dont even like Rihanna but she does it better, miley looks like such a wanna be!!!

    • Memeber August 15, 2013

      YASS the raw truth.

  14. RICHIE_RICH August 15, 2013

    I must say she is giving me Riri T’s all day long. She looks good doe no shade. get it miley

  15. Loyalty August 15, 2013

    I still cant @ her naming the album Bangerz. But good luck to her nonetheless.

    • Kik me h** August 15, 2013

      How do you get to customize your avi

      • Loyalty August 15, 2013

        Go to and create a Gravatar account.

  16. GrandGrande August 15, 2013

    She’s repulsive

  17. Daniel Teflon August 15, 2013

    I Like Miley Cyrus style she comes across as try’n to find herself & it’s cute 4 her she young and finding her way!! GO IN MILEY CYRUS!!

  18. Truth commission August 15, 2013

    This picture SCREAMS RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miley Cyrus is going through phase right now. And she using BLACK culture to get by. She did not even know who jay-z was back then, and out of nowhere BAM! She talking bout him like she knew him for a long time.

    Twerking on stage with juicy j?! NO! Miley HELL NO! Jumping in a big Sean video to just walk slow motion with your skinny ass the whole video. Oh, and who can remember when she said she wanted her music to sound “MORE BLACK” oh, HE’LL NO!!!

    And to make things worst she goes on twitter, responding to her haters saying “I know the color of my skin” we’ll, b**** if you know your color of your skin, than stop acting like a white ghetto version of RIHANNA. You making Rita Ora look good (side eye) Miley needs to go site her white ass down somewhere and listen to her daddy.

    “read my name* YOU KNOW WHO I BE

    • Beyawnce August 15, 2013

      You right about everything you said and LOL @ THE END

  19. Jayla August 15, 2013

    All this hate and her album still will sell, just goes to show you how worthless all of you all’s opinion is. Keep doing your thing Miley while they type comments lol

  20. DatBitch August 15, 2013

    Y’all h*** can say what y’all want but the people who buy those little white kids that feel the same way she does are going to buy her album I see Sam only has Dummies in this site’ y’all wouldn’t know real Talent if it slapped u in the Face she ain’t expecting y’all broke b****** to buy her album anyway

  21. JER August 15, 2013

    Talk That Talk already influencing the lessers

  22. Del August 15, 2013

    Miley is 20 and trying to shread her Disney image. I’m sorry, she does come across as if she’s trying too hard to be edgy. She’s looking for attention, Rihanna always seems like she’s just doing her and really doesn’t care what others think.

  23. DaBestest August 15, 2013

    Blame it on Gucci Mane and Mack Maine, smh

  24. Slayty Perry (ROAR) August 15, 2013

    She better get ready for a #2 debut because she’ll be going directly against Katy’s Prism. Lol every era Miley tries to take the spotlight one of the major pop girls steals her shine everytime. Poor her.

    • King August 15, 2013

      Lol are you illiterate? Miley’s album comes out 2 weeks before Katy’s. Trust Miley will secure that #1 debut!

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