Lana Del Rey Earns New ‘Hot 100’ Peak With ‘Summertime Sadness’

Published: Thursday 15th Aug 2013 by David

As Lady GaGa and Katy Perry battle for the top spot on next week’s chart, this week’s Hot 100 has welcomed Lana Del Rey to its shores once again, this time via the sonic ship that is ‘Summertime Sadness‘.

Good news for Ms. ‘Ride’ below…

After taking to Europe to score the success she initially missed out on in the US, this summer has seen Rey make a renewed attempt at chart supremacy in the market by way of the 2012 release.

To be exact, this week has seen sales of ‘Summertime’ see it score a new peak position of #16 on the chart after spending last week at #23!

Hitting the spot after enjoying similar gains in the UK , ‘Sadness’ rise on the tally comes after it was certified Gold by Germany’s Bundesverband Musikindustrie for shipments over 300,000 units and after it peaked at #2 in Scotland.

In a time where EDM continues to dominate radio for better or for worse, it’s refreshing to see Adult Contemporary making gains as big as these again, flaunting a point of difference that Rihanna – despite her obvious shortcomings- succeeded in serving with ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Stay’.

With anticipation for her second album heating up, here’s to Lana breaking new ground on the charts for calmer waters and pulling in the US acclaim ‘Born To Die‘ struggled to secure.


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  1. Daniel Teflon August 15, 2013
  2. Britney Stan August 15, 2013

    The struggle.. get back at me when she gets a number 1!

    • FAF August 15, 2013



    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Why couldn’t S****** go #1 with Pay Oh La? Her stans swore up and down it was gonna top iTunes.

    • Goppit August 16, 2013

      Get back at me when Britney gets singing lessons loool

  3. Valerie (Barb) August 15, 2013

    Its gonna peak higher than #beautiful lol

  4. Your Fave is a FLOP August 15, 2013

    Rosie! Where u at! Come celebrate!

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Yes! LMAO @ all the haters, especially since none of their faves have a hit as big as SS at the moment.

  5. Ciara is everything August 15, 2013


    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Where is I’m Out (of the Charts)?

  6. Suicide Blonde August 15, 2013

    She has a story to tell, she really has something to say, not just pretentious blah blah blah about ART, it’s okay if you don’t like her but be honest folks, this young woman is very talented, she has a vision, her lyrics are amazing, you can tell that she is not fake, she is REAL.

    • Ciara4ever August 15, 2013

      Lol boy pleeeease!!!! this b**** has zero talent her music puts me to sleeep!!!!!

      • Suicide Blonde August 15, 2013

        Of course it does!, you only know how to twerk like a man, like your never been favorite.

      • Tyler August 15, 2013

        @Suicide HAHAHAHA DEATH

      • FAF August 15, 2013

        But wait don’t u stan for Madonna @Suicide
        what exactly is she twerking ? saggy titty flaps and flaccid joints? 😆


        I like her so i wont drag her in your name

        Lets keep it ze fuqk kewt, ugly

  7. POSH August 15, 2013


    Mrs. Snorlax actually might score a hit.

    Too bad she’s insecure about her looks – that top lip is a f****** mess.

    I wonder how healthy her liver is?

    • Ciara4ever August 15, 2013

      Lmao read ha doooown!!!

    • DESTINY August 15, 2013


    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      And how do you look fat b****? Dead at you using all your food stamps on that extra public library internet credit.

  8. Ciara4ever August 15, 2013

    Dont care it wont reach top 10

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      16 & 30. Summertime Sadness
      246. I’m Out

  9. Mother August 15, 2013

    When will Cedric? Seems like everyone is outselling and out peaking it.

    • #Roar August 15, 2013

      b**** who tf is Cedric?

      • Tyler August 15, 2013


      • Iconic Cici aka Cici Slaaaays August 15, 2013

        B**** please only man is beyonce big funky ass

      • Tyler August 15, 2013

        @Iconic Cici a.k.a Cici Slays

        Just because The Rock oops…I mean Ciara is the spitting image of a man, doesn’t mean that you have to shade Beyonce boo.

      • FAF August 15, 2013

        But wait. Ciara has 8 top tens and a #1 for 6 weeks when will your fat, ugly ass ?

        & I was gonna give the d*** props SMH!

        Guess not .. *pulls up lawn chair*

      • Mother August 15, 2013

        Chile the 57K-Squad are seething and are just lashing out. Every Tom d*** and Harry be outselling Cedric, I’d be upset too.

      • FAF August 15, 2013

        So u admitting u mad ? 😆

        57k + 5mil + 3mil + 500k

        aint bad 😉

        Come up w/ better lines, ugly A*** f*** 😆

      • Tyler August 15, 2013

        @FAF Don’t get mad at me just because The Demise of Ciara is the prime example of what not to do when you become famous.

  10. #Roar August 15, 2013

    Dead at her out peaking all of 4s singles with her boring depressing music

  11. Iconic Cici aka Cici Slaaaays August 15, 2013

    Don’t know it

    • Mother August 15, 2013

      Just like America and the rest of the world don’t know Cedric?

      • FAF August 15, 2013

        ^ but yet debut sold 5mil when will Llama del gay ?

        You make it TOO easy to get dragged


      • Rosie August 15, 2013

        The inflation 😆
        Goodies sold less than 4 million worldwide.

  12. La Perra August 15, 2013

    Im happy for her, I actually f**** with her album from start to finish.

    • Iconic Cici aka Cici Slaaaays August 15, 2013


      • La Perra August 15, 2013

        just like Body Party, hell anything after Fantasy Ride… Go have a seat on a shelf with her albums!

      • FAF August 15, 2013

        ^ But why are we mad, though, dear? Lovesexmagic was platinum & BP is nearing gold after just 3 1/2 mos. Would you like your receipt in the bag ?

      • Rosie August 15, 2013

        Dead @ Local Party STILL not gold. Not even close to it. Only sold 300k to date.

  13. channel_ROMAN August 15, 2013

    The fact that people are now catching on to the Nancy Sinatra of our time. I played Summer Time Sadness all summer LAST YEAR and I can listen to Born To Die and The Paradise Edition from start to finish. She’s on my playlist with Adele and Frank Ocean.

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Stan for he queen!

    • Common Sense August 15, 2013

      Woah there girl, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. She needs mass appeal locally before she could ever pursue that title.

  14. Me August 15, 2013

    Summertime Sadness is PLATINUM in Germany not gold!!!!

    It’s gold in Austria and Switzerland.

    It wil go platinum in the U.S soon.

  15. Me August 15, 2013

    It’s going top 10 in the next two weeks for sure.

    It’s already top 10 on iTunes.

    • MariahLUVA August 15, 2013

      Girl, what does that mean????????? DO u know what u have to do to have a top ten in the US? Radio airplay + Youtube views + digital downloads

      Lana has a strong internet presence, but she’s pretty local outside of my wireless router

      • Rosie August 15, 2013

        Um SS has 55 million AI and is one of the most played dogs on Spotify right now. You tried.

  16. FAF August 15, 2013


    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      …at your fave’s career. Local Party still didn’t go top 20 with all that airplay and promo, I’m Out already out of the Hot 100, album has yet to sell 100k, etc.

  17. BEYONCE August 15, 2013


  18. MariahLUVA August 15, 2013

    B****, plz (tosses wig)… I can’t with fans of this ho thinking she’s a great when she can’t even sell records in the US.

    Me, Adele>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce,Rihanna,Ciara,Kelly,etc>>>>>>>>>>>Charli Xcx>>>>>>lessors>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lana Del Gay

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Why hasn’t Memoirs of A Flop B**** sold 700k in the states yet?

  19. Xtina Warrior August 15, 2013

    This h** is wack she’ll never have a number 1 single ever!!!!!!!!

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Sis XXLtina hasn’t had a solo #1 since Clinton was president.

  20. MariahLUVA August 15, 2013

    & its so tiring seeing these TGJ sstan wars

    and before you girls come @ some of the ppl I see mentioned in this thread, make sure Lana has at least 1/3904328 Hundred Millionth of what any of these girls has accomplished

    grammys – 0
    top tens – 0
    #1 on bbhot100 – 0
    #1 album – 0
    platinum (US) album – 0

    #oops … I must be going *sashays & dips away*

    • MariahLUVA August 15, 2013


  21. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 15, 2013

    What’s wrong with her lips, she got a freakin beak ???? #DonaldDuck

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Why does Mooriah look like a f****** manatee? This will outpeak #Uglee next week by the way.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 16, 2013

        Idk, ask one of her stans….

  22. King August 15, 2013

    Such a flop b****….

  23. Twerk 4 Miley August 15, 2013


    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Not a Miley stan calling someone irrelevant. Your fave is a local anglophone b****, We Can’t Twerk only went top 10 in 6 countries (5 English speaking).

  24. Ke$has Crazy Kid August 15, 2013

    Its lips are a mess tho

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Just like Ke$hit’s career.

  25. Rosie August 15, 2013

    Dead at all the haters, it’s really funny because all of their faves can’t even get their singles certified paper and they want to talk about hits.
    Sales to date:
    Summertime Sadness: 570k
    Local Party: 311k

  26. Slayty Perry (ROAR) August 15, 2013

    Lol @ Adult Contemporary though. This song is only charting because of the EDM remix Sam, please get your s*** together. Radio plays EDM version too.

    • Rosie August 15, 2013

      Except it’s actually charting on Adult Contemperary, where they play both depending on the station.
      Your fave is smashing in the US. Why are you still so bothered with Lana?

  27. LittleScheisse August 15, 2013


  28. Rosie August 15, 2013

    And by the way the original is catching up to the remix on iTunes. #27 now.

    • Common Sense August 15, 2013

      One would hope people have enough brains to buy the original. Why go for a cheap snack when you can eat a quality meal? This EDM phase is beyond tired already.

  29. Kiiii August 15, 2013


    Slay Lana!!

  30. Tyler August 16, 2013

    This b**** has PEAKED at #16. PEAKED. #Beautiful was #15 and stayed there for 2 weeks. And the single has gone Platinum. Lana is not even close to Platinum. Lana is such a flop, and with no MAJOR successes to actually validate her career. And then we got this b**** ROSIE over here, jumping for joy at a chart position which would generally be seen as a flop to any other major artist.

    • Rosie August 16, 2013

      LMAO at the LIES in this post.
      Keep bragging about #Uglee because Summertine Sadness will outpeak it and outsell it in the US in no time It has already done so worldwide.
      BTD has outsold Mooriah the “legend’s” last three albums worldwide.
      SS will go platinum in a couple of weeks.
      Why are you spending your slow ass internet time trying to come for Lana? Stay mad that Moo had to f*** Miguel (the R&B artist of the moment) just for a comeback hit while her previous 753992 singles all flopped to hell.

      • Tyler August 16, 2013

        Summer time is a struggling single that hasn’t even come close to making the commercial impact #beautiful made. @ROSIE nobody actually takes you seriously. YAWNA DEL RAY’s career will be over in the next 3 years. And Mariah’s lst hit was Obsessed. which was like 4 singles ago, you stupid c***. And that lame ass song was still more successful than any of LANA’s flops. that was only 4 years ago too. Stay crazy, b****.

  31. . : : h 2 o : : . August 16, 2013

    Congrats Lana!

  32. ME August 16, 2013


    You’re wrong Summertime Sadness will reach new peak mext week.

    Summertime Sadness has sold more than #Ugly world wide already.

    The airplay and sales both increased.

    I’m huge Mariah fan myself and absolutely love Lana Del Rey.

    I don’t get your hate.

    Btw, Ciara stans needs to go.

    Your a fav is f****** flop and he makes s***** music. Not worth discussing about.

    Born To Die has sold over 4 million copies WW that’s more than your fav could dream of.

    • Tyler August 16, 2013

      I didn’t even diss Lana…What the f*** are you talking about????

    • Tyler August 16, 2013

      That’s a dffierent tyler..I don’t like Ciaraman lmfao.

  33. Rob August 16, 2013

    Congrats Lana. Slayage

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