Shots Fired? Pink Slams Christina Aguilera

Published: Sunday 25th Aug 2013 by Sam

It appears there’s no mopping up the bad blood between Pink and rival Christina Aguilera.

For, while Xtina has maintained a relative silence about her views on her outspoken label-mate, “political correctness” has never been on Pink’s agenda — especially when it comes to the ‘Your Body’ belter.

Case, point, during a recent concert in Australia.

Mid-song, the ‘So What’ singer momentarily lost control of her voice — referring the slip-up as “sounding like Christina Aguilera”. Meow, much?!

Watch the clip after the jump…

The shade begins at the 3.26 mark:

Any ardent follower of Pop culture will know that Christina has been dragged by many an artist for being a shade-dispenser. However, it’s particularly interesting that it’s routinely Pink who sinks in her claws in — both first and publicly. Unfortunate as both ladies are future legends. Still, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t see the “LOL” factor here. And here…

Your thoughts?

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  1. tits mcgee August 25, 2013

    I admire P!nk for always keeping it real. I like christina but she is vocally inconsistent.

    • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

      it really wasn’t a diss. she was referring to when chrissy hit a difficult part and starts to growl. It was an observation that threw her off.

    • LOL August 25, 2013

      LOL keeping it real? that bulldyke is jealous of any girl that’s prettier than her, or actually looks like a girl. XTina can sing planets around that dude.

      • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

        ok and goodbye..

  2. Rosie August 25, 2013

    I think P!nk is generic but she keeps it real. And it was hilarious.

  3. jake.ubb August 25, 2013

    The REACH by thatgrapejuice. She growled like Xtina. She laughed it off, and kept it moving. You all must be bored before the VMA’s tonight!
    Side note: I wish Pink was performing at the VMA’s this year… hoping the lineup does not disappoint!

    twitter: jmurdoc2
    tumblr: jakeubb.tumblr. com

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      She was still throwing shade tho cuz she dont like Xtina and never did!

      • Anne August 25, 2013

        I agree, she was throwing shade at Christina and poking fun at herself by laughing off the fact that she actually had one of those ‘Christina’ moments of oversinging. It was funny as heck.

  4. CSH August 25, 2013

    I’ve been rooting for Pink lately. Since her “Truth About Love” album released, it seems like she has matured but I don’t feel that it’s okay for her to say dumb comments like that. There both grown woman at this point. Stop trynna shade eachother, it’s a little annoying coming from Pink.

  5. MicroPop August 25, 2013

    She really don’t need to slam other artists. Especially not those who were never bad against her.

    • LOL August 25, 2013

      …or those that are better than her LOL

  6. tits mcgee August 25, 2013

    For the record P!nk has had a problem with christina since her handling of moulin rouge and her poaching Linda Perry(P!nk’s mentor) for “beautiful”. #waterunderthebridge

  7. rih rox((beyonce stealing Nartasha dress)) August 25, 2013

    Christina is overrated anyways.

    • LOL August 25, 2013

      not half as overrated as Stink.

    • Common Sense August 25, 2013

      No she doesn’t. Anyone female singer can use head voice. Pink can still belt unlike Xtincta.

      • LOL August 25, 2013

        LOL the only thing that d*** can belt is how much c****** he eats. XTina is a SINGER. Stink will NEVER be one.

    • Christina has no inspiration September 11, 2015

      Christina has a beautiful soulful voice when she is careful in her singing. We all know that she is talented. But talent can only take you so far in the music industry. I could site numerous examples. So lets go all the way back to 2001-2002 and you will see that the only reason that Christina hit her trajectory and has been able to stay in the industry is because she follows the lead of everyone around her and has routinely taken the ideas, inspiration, and savvy of pink’s left overs. For instance, she never would have created “Beautiful” if not for pink bringing Linda Perry out of non-existence. When Pink stepped away from what people expected her to do, on each and every album, Christina was the first to perk up and follow suit. Pink is one of the few artists that keeps it real, doesn’t play into the hype, takes risks, and writes REAL music that comes from places within herself. You d!cks talking crap about her body-calling her a man-are just jealous that her abs are better than yours and you are doing exactly what her songs mock-people looking at her body and not listening to her lyrics or her voice. For an artist to be transparent and to sing from such a raw and vulnerable place is the truest form of mastery. Lets not even mention the fact that Pink can out perform any single artist today. Christina can sit pretty and sing, lets see her in silks, trapeze, actually dancing, and still being able to keep her lyrics and her voice controlled and beautiful. Add performing while largely pregnant with a live mic and dancing and running around the stage and you have PINK, an true artist, a true athlete, and someone who does NOT give you mediocre music, fake lyrics written to sell albums as opposed to reaching a persons soul, or lip-singing parades. Moreover, you will never see her aspire to be a non-athletic, skinny-becuase that is supposedly more beautiful than being strong, beauty over brains girl. Lastly, if Pink was throwing shade at Christina you would know it. You wouldn’t be questioning and debating on wether she did or did not. She is not jealous as she has no reason to be. She is gorgeous, she is strong, and she is confident. She does not aspire to be everyone’s favorite “pop star,” she knows who she is and people are still afraid of that!! The stupid petty arguments and comments (especially by “LOL”) believe that music is still about objectifying the female body-making females fit into a few specific categories and shaming an artist that has accomplished and over come more things in her life than most people can even attain to. She is a beautiful, strong, female who has had a baby, is married, and has continued to reach generations for nearly 20 years. With each album she has risked her fan base- as she has reinvented and challenged herself to not make albums that are the same each time and with each set back or heart break she has only gotten stronger. In music Imitation is not the greatest form of flattery. Robin Thicke learned that the hard way. Christina has imitated and followed P!nk’s skirt/coat tails for a very long time and would never have had Beautiful or have gotten her Hollywood Star or many of her awards without her competition and imitation of Pink. The only reason Pink is not as famed as Christina is because she is hardcore, uses the F bomb and tells us all exactly what she is thinking. She is honest to a fault according to all of you and yet you still think that those comments were mean or her being a B!!ch….have you never heard her before? Those were facts stated and sometime the truth hurts-which is why people are afraid of Pink/do not like her. The truth is a hard pill to swallow.

  8. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

    *On my Kanye West*, Uhhmmm P!nk, you’re very talented and everything but <bXtina is the best vocalist of our generation.

    *Drops mic, struts off on my Naomi Campbell cat walk in my Rihanna for RIHver Island heels*

    • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

      LOL! That was funny and appropriate given it’s the VMA’s tonight. 🙂

    • mr.m August 25, 2013


    • Common Sense August 25, 2013

      I wasn’t aware Xtincta was a vocalist much less the best of anything. Maybe if she ever decides to take voice lessons to sound more like a singer and less like a lawn mower…

      • LOL August 25, 2013

        LOL then you need to do your homework. XTina AguiLegend was #28 on TIME magazine’s 100 Greatest Voices of All Time-the ONLY artist on the list under 30. that no-talent d*** pink was nowhere on the list. that drag king sounds like a broken lawnmower and she’s ALWAYS been jealous of XTina’s voice.

  9. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

    *On my Kanye West*, Uhhmmm P!nk, you’re very talented and everything but Xtina is the best vocalist of our generation.

    *Drops mic, struts off on my Naomi Campbell cat walk in my Rihanna for RIHver Island heels*

    • bash August 25, 2013

      i object…she screams…don’t get me wrong she is talented but lets not get carried away…beyonce’s backup singers can sing circles around her….

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

        No one is touching Xtina on the Mic. She can sing circles around this generation in her sleep. No one is touching her.

      • LOL August 25, 2013

        LOL b**** please, not in this lifetime. XTina’s farts can sing circles around Floponce and her playbackground “vocalists” LOL

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      @lovebird b**** plz. There are many people that can sing circles around Xtina. Yes, she’s a good singer but her technique is awful and if she’s not focused she often screams off pitch which can sound painful.

  10. Sleazy August 25, 2013

    I’m SICK of pink really she attacks Every pretty girl she made fun of jessica simpson, britney etc in her video bout blonde girls in skimpy outfits but all the russian butch looking lesbian does is lay in her underwear in videos! #Hypocrite No Pink your d*** looking ass Could NEVER sound like Xtina fake ass rebel

    • Common Sense August 25, 2013

      Of course not. Pink can still sing and is still relevant unlike Xtincta.

      • LOL August 25, 2013

        LOL please, Stink can’t sing. He sounds like a dead goat on crack.

      • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

        Pink CAN sing. What r u talking about? She’s amazing. No she doesn’t have a super high range like Xtina but she holds her own and she’s pretty damn good. I love pink’s rocker type voice.

  11. xtinaaguilera August 25, 2013

    Pink needs to shut her d*** ass up. i like pink to a point come on b**** you ain’t gonna be remembered for any performance you have put on please. Still hating on christina please grow the f*** up already. Christina is way beautiful then your d*** ass….

  12. Love on top August 25, 2013

    Pink releases the same song every era all her ish sounds the same I’m tired of her tired ole ass hanging from ropes and ish and people praising her she is #OVERRATED

    • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

      Plenty of people say the same thing Bey’s shows and songs. It’s a matter of personal taste, and you have the right to you opinion. In my opinion P!nk and Bey are the only ones of the current gurls who give a real show with great vocals. The only ones who get close to the showmanship of Janet and Madge.

      • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

        and P!nk and Bey’s receipts for their tours show that what they do on stage is working for the majority ww. #killinem

      • FAF August 25, 2013

        but its exciting when she does it, t\hats why people like her she doesn’t ALWAYS hang from ropes, thats just a strong point bc she used to be a gymnast and its better than 99percent of thesewannabe fashionistas.. she actually PERFORMS

      • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

        Bey’s song don’t sound the same. Ppl only saying that cuz she only makes r&b music but her r&b songs don’t really sound the same if u listen carefully.

    • tits mcgee August 25, 2013


      I agree 100%

  13. ♪►Muzzac◄♪ August 25, 2013

    I like them both, but seriously P!nk? Both of y’all are in your 30s and still on this stupid beef? Make the f*** up and shut up!

  14. Gio88 August 25, 2013

    It’s funny to see how many singers don’t like Christian aguilera ahah pink is just One of the many she is probably a real b**h ! Maybe she deserve the e the flops she is having

  15. lady gaga and beyonce on my telephone August 25, 2013

    im rooting for pink anyway,bitchtina aguilera is a mean h** who deservez more hate

    • irene46 August 25, 2013

      if christina is such a mean h**, what does that make gaga who conspired with perez hilton to wreck christina’s ‘bionic’ sells? how many times has christina even attempted such a thing?

  16. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 25, 2013

    The reach….*rolls eyes*

  17. MissAmericanDream August 25, 2013

    She never forgave Christina for shading her on MR and stealing LP from her.

  18. CandyWarhol August 25, 2013

    Guess what. I believe Gaga did tell Akon and Perez to sabotage Floptina and I think Floptina DESERVED it. Now what do you have to say about THAT?

    • irene46 August 25, 2013

      what i have to say is that it makes gaga more low down than than christina has ever been.

  19. AzealiaBankable August 25, 2013

    Oh Pink get over it sister.

  20. BrunoMartian August 25, 2013

    Off topic but how dare mTV give Justin the VG Award. His videos are s***.

    • Dancin4Derulo August 25, 2013

      It’s a joke 2bh, there’s nothing iconic about his videos. Jason deserves it more.

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

        I love Jason but his videos are Usher B-sides though.

    • Suicide Blonde August 25, 2013

      I’m not worry about that, better him than Bieber, y’all need to understand that JT, is the darling boy of Pop, has always been like that since the Romance with Britney.

      • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

        @ Suicide

        I agree better JT win it before Bieber, but I agree JT’s videos are basic. I don’t remember them @ all. We need to go back to the ’90s to find someone who deserves the award now. #slimpickins

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      I know. lady Gaga deserves the award more. Her videos have actually been stories and quality videos.

    • LOL August 25, 2013

      EXACTLY. Usher should be getting that award. He has more hits, better videos, and sold millions more. and he’s the TRUE successor to MJ.

  21. Suicide Blonde August 25, 2013

    Gotta love Pink.

    • laughing August 25, 2013

      was about to say that too.

      • Suicide Blonde August 25, 2013


      • all4u1 August 25, 2013

        F*** pink! That ugly d*** b****!

    • alwaysright October 9, 2013


      • alwaysright October 9, 2013

        Pink is nothing but a no neck show off who gets off on her defiance just to be different, it’s all an obvious show. She also knows Christina has a rare voice which she could never match. She also has no business “adorning” herself w/ ribbons when her body is like a midget. PINK, get real, really real & knock off the silliness.

  22. This! August 25, 2013

    I really like both of them! And no, P!nk’s comment on Christina was not that serious at all. I love her music! Her latest album is bomb, and I love how she jokes. That Behind the Music was SOME TIME ago. She simply made a 3 second comment on Christina and moved on. No shade at all…

    • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

      Thank you. I don’t think the people who got salty even watched the performance, they just assumed it was shade. I love her sense of humor too! She pokes fun at her contemporaries sometimes, but I never feel it’s malicious.

      • irene46 August 25, 2013

        singing out of tune and claiming to sound like a certain artist is not malicious? oooK!

  23. laughing August 25, 2013

    funny mishap and you make that some shade? nah. why?

    nice performance btw. never seen her in concert. amazing. 😀

    • LOL August 25, 2013

      LOL trust me, you’re not missing much.

  24. mr.m August 25, 2013

    What’s wrong with that t*****?
    She will never get over the fact that Xtina is a better singer? .. A WAY WAAAY BETTER SINGER ACTUALLY! 🙂 #FACT
    She’s been shading Xtina since 2003!!
    Xtina never even talked about that man in public!!
    I think St!nk is obessesed with queen X
    She’s a hidden lesbian .. She wants X so bad XD
    BTW, she tried to be honest once and tweeted about Xtina’s “You Lost Me” .. AND did say “That girl can really sing!” .. So, b**** stop being a hypocrite h**
    Xtina don’t even bother to mention your name for once .. Try again

    • IKR August 25, 2013

      Christina is a has been flop and her fans, like yourself are delusional…

    • Common Sense August 25, 2013

      Only one picture comes up under “t***** clown” and that’s Xtincta’s. And at this point Xtincta can’t out sing a lawn mower much less a good singer like Pink.

      • LOL August 25, 2013

        LOL XTina AguiLegend is the one who’s called “the voice of the new generation”. that d*** wishes he can sing like XTina. maybe if he stopped eating so much c****** he won’t sound like a broken lawnmower. hell, even a broken lawnmower sounds better than that chick-with-a-d&@k LOL

  25. RoyalKev August 25, 2013

    This girl is still b*** hurt over Christina’s early 00’s reign. Let it go Pink! I don’t understand why people think it’s cute when one artist bash people and get all beside themselves when it’s another. Christina never mentions this thing! Pink obviously is obsessed with her and will find any opportunity to shade her. She did the same thing to Britney and a few other women that were more successful than her.

  26. Overdose August 25, 2013

    Pink always tryna throw shade f*** that trailer d***

  27. Overdose August 25, 2013

    @CommonSense is pressed!

  28. LOL August 25, 2013

    LOL Stink needs to get over his jealousy of XTina. He’ll NE-VER be the singer that XTina is. XTina is the one called “The Voice of The New Generation”. Perhaps Stink should go on “The Voice” so someone can teach that d*** how to sing. otherwise Stink needs to get over it and go eat some cooch or something. He’s getting too old to still be jealous ’cause XTina can sing and he can’t.

  29. LOL August 25, 2013

    Stink is still sore because XTina SLAYED him on “Lady Marmalade” LOL.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      She did but that’s because she had the climax of the song.

    • The Evil Eye August 25, 2013

      Pink was better than Christina on Lady Marmalade. Christina’s voice was loud, grating and shrill. Pink did everything Christina did w/o sounding as annoying.

  30. irene46 August 25, 2013

    still hanging on to a decade old rift from the moulin rouge and the beautiful days? pink needs to grow up and put that bs aside. it wasn’t the least bit lol, it was just a low and cheezy remark.

  31. irene46 August 25, 2013

    pink has always gotten away with being the b**** that christina has constantly been attacked for being. tgj thinks this comment is funny but when christina mentioned mariah (not in a snarky way) she was chastized for it.

  32. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

    Best singers of this generation: Beyonce, Pink, Gaga, Xtina, Demi Lovato, Brandy, Tamar Braxton, Adele, Ariana Grande
    My top picks.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      And Kelly Clarkson.

    • The Evil Eye August 25, 2013

      That had what to do with what?

  33. Daniel Teflon August 25, 2013

    I like a couple of P!nks Songs but I GO IN FOR X-TINA AGUILARA!! Her voice is EVERYTHING TO ME

  34. all4u1 August 25, 2013

    It is so funny how Pink mentions Christina in public. That lesbian need to get over the fact that Christina slayed her in Ladymamalade. Pink got mad when Ron Fair gave Christina the biggest part in the song. Has Pink ever gotten praised for her vocals? I will answer that, No!

  35. Kingstown August 25, 2013

    The mutherfucking reach. Smh

  36. eric August 25, 2013

    Pink holds a grudge like no other. By now, it looks really pathetic that Christina stays on her mind. Just because Pink is riding high right now doesn’t mean it’s okay to kick another artist who’s down. All Christina needs is to stop over-singing, and that will give her voice the rest it needs to come roaring back and shatter Pink’s perfect little world.

  37. christinastherealtalent August 25, 2013

    I like Pink and I think she is super talented but all the success she has gained over the past 5 years has made her even more arrogant and passive aggressive. Pink just needs to focus on her own career and being a wife and mother. She also needs to remember that she went through a career slump with Try This and quit trying to act like she’s something special. It’s obvious Pink is and has always been a hater of Christina’s success and talent. Why do you think she continues to keep Christina on her mind?

  38. JulianMaea August 28, 2013

    please don’t spin this in to something that it isn’t.. I was there.. she was referring to her own shortcomings

  39. alwaysright October 10, 2013

    Pink’s gushing, disgusting display of self fulfillment as she gets her “suck anything up” Australian audience to react to her jealous comment regarding Christina is pitiful. As she sits at her piano (which she obviously cannot play!!) w/ her shorter than short neck, thick body, complete lack of grace rejoicing so while lacking the knowledge just how stupid and revealing she really is about her own self.
    Timing was on this girl’s side all the way.

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