Exclusive: Amelle Berrabah Talks New Single, New Sugababes Album….And MKS’ Flatline

Published: Wednesday 4th Sep 2013 by David

Eight years removed from her Sugababes fuelled chart debut, Amelle Berrabah continues on in her bid for solo success this year, kicking off with her brand new single ‘Love Is All We Need‘.

Only right then, that as long time supporters of the Sugababes belle, that we catch up with her for an interview in the city of London last week, dishing on everything from the new single, her plans to reunite with the group and ‘Flatline‘, the new single from her would be rivals, MKS.

Check it out below…

TGJ: It’s been three years since the release of ‘Sweet 7’, what have you been up to since then?
Amelle: I have been pretty much in studio writing and recording my first solo album. I kept away from pretty much all public events so I could focus on what I was doing.

TGJ: Great! This year marks the release of solo material from you, what prompted the recording process and how have you found the experience- considering your time as part of a long running group?

Amelle: Well it’s definitely something that I knew I wanted to do for a long time and knew that I would get into studio and focus on it when the time was right. I have had the most incredible journey being in the Sugababes.
Apart from being given the opportunity to do the thing I most love everyday, I also have traveled around the world and seen/experienced things that I would have never seen/experienced before. I had only been on a plane once in my life before I joined the group.
TGJ:As far as production goes, how will your solo sound differ from the ‘Sugababe’ sound, and which writers and producers have you enlisted to help craft the project?

Amelle: The overall sound that I have gone for definitely differs from what me and the girls do musically. Its definitely a reflection of my personality, humour, and my life. Some songs are pretty quirky, some are up beat Dance/Club tracks, some are mid tempo ballads and there’s a track that is totally stripped back where it is just my voice and a piano. Hopefully it’s an album for everyone.

TGJ: You once shared management with ‘Radioactive‘ singer Rita Ora, as you embark on your solo journey how much pressure do you feel is on you to deliver on all front. More specifically, when it comes to standing out in the Brit-Pop crowd?

Amelle: It’s something I don’t tend to think about as its so easy to fall into the ‘hole’ of worrying about what everybody else thinks and you could fall into something that isn’t you and trying to be someone or something that your not so I tend to keep my eyes forward and go with what I like and don’t compare myself to anyone else.

TGJ: Recent years have seen Amelle the personality outshine Amelle the vocalist due to the absence of new material, what are you hoping to achieve with this new release on a critical tip?

Amelle:  I think if you ‘get’ me or ‘get’ my sense of humour, you’ll understand my music better. I have a big imagination and from what I’m told (a lot), I see things or my point of view on things are different to what most would see.
People who know me would say my mind is ‘different’ but I prefer special or unique… Lol! Im hoping to deffo achieve an album for everyone for whatever mood your in. I want  the album to make you smile and for people to identify it with themselves and find it easy to relate to.I want to make sure I’m totally finished before I announce a release date, because I’m still changing little bits.

TGJ: We can’t wait to hear it! This year marked the birth (or return) of MKS, what are your thoughts on the reunion and their lead single ‘Flatline’?

Amelle: I like the new single. I had to listen to it a few times but its defo a grower. I think they’ll do well.

TGJ: Earlier this year, Jade Ewen stated that she believed Sugababes were ‘pretty much over’. For the record, what is going on with the group and are there any plans for a future release?

Amelle: I deffo wouldn’t say never. I would like to think that all 3 of us would get back together at the end of 2014 to do another album. But that’s if all 3 of us want to do it whole heartily. But a lot changes in a year but I’d like to think we will.

TGJ: Finally, in the grand scheme of things- how would Amelle like to remembered?
Amelle: I would love to be remembered as being a talented musician and song writer.

TGJ: Thanks for speaking with us Amelle!
Amelle: Thank you.
*Interview by David Asante (That Grape Juice – London)

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  1. ItsCheryl2bh September 4, 2013


  2. RebelleMichelle September 4, 2013

    Nice interview, but is she even promoting the song?

  3. MarinasDiamonds September 4, 2013

    I’m happy she kept it light and bright about MKS and hope her new single does well.

  4. QueenMutya September 4, 2013

    Awwww i like Amelle now.

  5. AguilerasHeart September 4, 2013

    She’s pretty.

  6. Heey September 4, 2013

    Amelle is incredible. What a voice! And “God Won’t Save U Now” is INSANE (still waiting for it on iTunes) LOL

  7. Career Ender September 4, 2013

    I’m tired of seeing these irrelevants WANTING to release new albums latelely here on TGJ

    Sam, sam , sam stop the lorry!!!!!!!!!

  8. RitasLipstick September 4, 2013

    Why did she put hole in question marks when she was talking about the Queen.

    • YorkshireRiri September 4, 2013

      Lol, why do you think. Slag about town.

      • TurntUp4Cici September 4, 2013

        Rihanna stans talking about hoeing? Ok.

  9. Dev September 4, 2013

    i never liked this her and i still don’t. The song is really generic and uninspiring and her vocals are not all that.

  10. Maestro J September 4, 2013

    I felt a lil shade with that ‘I had to listen to it a few time but…’ wtf was that supposed to mean


  11. sterling infinity September 4, 2013

    she’s beautiful as always!

  12. Kingstown September 4, 2013

    Am I going to be the first to say it? ..ok who??

  13. Goppit September 4, 2013

    This girl pisses me off. The nerve of her even having the audacity to speak on the REAL Sugababes. Amelle & co are no “competition” for MKS, get it right!

  14. cocobutta September 5, 2013

    You can tell she trieeeeed it with that MKS comment as she knows Us & TGJ team is all for the ORIGINALS!!!

    The only grower about Flatline is the video, cus the song and lyrical content is on to the POINT.

    She could NEVER with her harmonies…

    But good luck to her and maybe she can gain over 1,000 sales

    She failed the day she thought she could replace Mutya’s vocals (My sideeye is wide open)

    (ps: In all of Suga era has anyone mentioned about a part Amelle has slayed. I’ve heard all other names bar her’s)

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