Nicki Minaj Outperforms Eminem & Kendrick Lamar On Forbes’ 2013 ‘Hip Hop Cash Kings’ List

Published: Tuesday 24th Sep 2013 by David

When it comes to beginnings, very few can tell of journey’s quite as humble- or as difficult- as that of Nicki Minaj’s.

Ducking and diving the obstacles that were poverty, domestic violence and drug abuse to pursue a career in Rap, the last seven years have seen a fearless drive and undeniable talent force a change in her fortunes.

Traits, that have seen her lift herself up from the mean streets of NYC to an international acclaim, that now sees her hailed as one of the world’s most commercially viable acts.

So, it should come as no surprise that she’s earned a spot on Forbes’ 2013 ‘Hip Hop Cash Kings‘ list, sat alongside the likes of Jay Z, P.Diddy and Dr. Dre.

Forbes’ report after the jump…

“Looking through this year’s list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings, you might find yourself asking, “Where the ladies at?” Nicki Minaj, who clocks in at no. 4 with an estimated $29 million, is the only woman on the list, earning more than Snoop Lion, Eminem and Kendrick  Lamar combined. In fact, Minaj, who made her 2011 debut raking in $6.5 million has been the only female to ever make the Cash Kings list since its inception in 2007.

So where are all the other fierce females? Simply put, nowhere near the top. While a slew of upcoming female rappers have the potential to earn seven figures someday soon, in recent years, no woman MC other than Minaj has gained mainstream recognition and the record sales, touring, and endorsement deals that go along with it.


This year, Minaj nearly doubled last year’s $15.5 million pay check by clocking impressive tour numbers to go with her American Idol gig and endorsements with Mac, OPI and Pepsi. She also owns a stake in Myx Fusions Moscato, a sweet wine now making its way into her music videos and rap verses. These deals rank Minaj far higher than any of her male Cash Money labelmates, includingDrake, Lil Wayne, and YMCMB head honchoBirdman.

“I’ve never been afraid to walk into the boy’s club,” Minaj told a FORBES contributor. “Ever. Ever, ever, ever.”

“Nicki’s just got it,” says music attorney Lori Landew, a partner in the entertainment division ofFox Rothschild. “Part of the reason she’s so authentic is because she’s so chameleon-like, which could come across as cartoonish and not attractive to a brand, but it works for her.”

Minaj is not hip-hop’s first high-earning female, however. Had there been a list prior to 2007, ladies like Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliot and Eve probably would have been Cash Kings in their prime. Fugees star Lauryn Hill, whose solo shows grossed over $100,000 back in the day according to PollstarPro, certainly would have made the cut.

And that’s not to say women aren’t earning money in the music industry today. Thanks to her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, pop star Beyoncé made $53 million this year – about $10 million more than hubby Jay Z, who came in at No. 2 on the Cash Kings roster. Queen Bey’s pay check doesn’t even come close to Madonna’s, who topped this year’s FORBES list of highest-earning celebrities banking an estimated $125 million in the past year. Lady Gagaearned 10th place on that list, generating $80 million in the 12 months leading up to March 2013.

Potential future female rap stars include Azealia Banks, who pulled in over $1 million this year mostly from live shows – and she hasn’t even released an album yet. Blonde Australian MC Iggy Azalea signed to Wilhelmina Models in 2012 and became the face of Levi jeans off the buzz of viral YouTube videos, a mixtape and an EP. Other upcoming rappers include Angel Haze, whose venomous freestyles and fast-flowing rhymes got her signed to Universal Republic and Island Records.

So what’s keeping these women from joining the millionaire boys club? Unlike the corporate world, where females might provide mentorship to each other, women MCs have lately proven more likely to feud publicly than offer a guest verse. Azealia Banks’ Twitter feed alone has been the virtual scene of spats with nearly every female rapper around, including Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Angel Haze and Kreayshawn.

“Hip-hop today has become so much more competitive because there are so many more artists vying for attention,” said Wendy Day, founder of Rap Coalition, a non-profit which helps artists navigate fair record deals. “It’s a very male dominated industry, and it’s very, very hard to establish yourself as a female rapper.”

“It seems there’s only one [female rapper] that gets anointed at a time,” Landew said. “I think it’s just more difficult for women in rap to break through the mainstream and to cross over into the male market.”

While competition is an expected and often fruitful part of hip-hop, if these ladies hope to become Cash Queens, they will need to focus on selling records, growing their audience to become big touring acts, and endorsing wisely.

As Minaj says, “It’s time for a female Jay, a female Puffy.”

Full list below

#1. Diddy – $50 million

#2. Jay Z – $43 million

3. Dr.Dre – $40 million

4. Nicki Minaj – $29 million

5. Birdman – $21 million

6. Kanye West – $20 million

7. Lil Wayne – $16 million

8. Wiz Khalifa – $14 million

9. Ludacris -$12 million


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  1. Unapologetic September 24, 2013

    Yasssssss Onikaaaaaa get it girl!!!!!

  2. The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

    Good for Nicki! 😀

  3. ♪►Muzzac◄♪ September 24, 2013


    B****** continue to hate, but my girl knows how to make her money, and not affraid to compete with these dudes!!! Nicki is an intelligent business woman!!!



  4. C squad September 24, 2013

    Wow so proud… Rihanna Nicki and Ciara really are the top 3 black girls in charge right now like it or not…

    • Diamond September 24, 2013

      Ciara is in charge of what? Was she on the list? Read carefully and you will see BEYONCE’s name who made $53 million. That’s more than what Diddy made. Ci-loser will never make millions selling flop cds and deodrant.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

        Right lmao. Wtf is that bish talking about. Beyonce slays the r&b girls when it comes to net worth.

      • FAF September 24, 2013

        well 9 other ppl thumbsed it up & Ciara and Mariah are the only Black female R&B singers to have atleast gold singles this yr … so rethink ur comment + try again

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

        Good for Ciara. But are we gonna brag about selling singles? Beyonce is selling out tours, arenas, albums effortlessly. Something Ciara hasn’t done in a while and has yet to do. U wanna look for someone truly making money like a boss look no further than Bey.

  5. hasbeenslayer September 24, 2013

    The muthafucking queen, no shade to any female rappers before her, and it may sound dumb and annoying right now, but nicki will go down as a legend, if not for her goofy raps, then her BUSINESS VENTURES.

  6. Imnotagirlimabarb September 24, 2013

    When will Lil FLim??? 🙂

    • pink da truth September 25, 2013

      when??? er she already did though way before sicki she was the blue print…

      its like mariah winning and saying when will areatha? she did before mariah

      kim is the blue print

      • To be fair… September 25, 2013

        I guess to be fair, you are right. At one point Lil Kim was the blueprint, however, Nicki surpassed all of Lil Kim’s accomplishments two albums ago. Now on her third album, and even at the beginning of her second album, she began to set the new standard for female rap. She has set a blueprint for female rappers that has yet to be seen or thought possible until she came along. Therefore, Nicki Minaj, is now the blueprint. As much as Kim fans would like to argue that Kim did it first, that’s where you are wrong, Kim capitalized off of what the female artist did before her and innovated it. Same thing apply’s with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, what Lil Kim did for female rappers, Nicki Minaj is NOW capitalizing, innovating, and setting a new platform and formula for success for the female rappers who will come after her. With all that being said, and again as much as you’d hate to admit it, Nicki Minaj is the blueprint! Until someone surpasses her, her formula to success is what will be studied by all the female rappers to come. Stop hating and give the girl her props!

  7. BeyWhoUWanna September 24, 2013

    I am proud of her.

  8. #hive September 24, 2013

    But when will she get another top 20 hit or platinum album?

    • Imnotagirlimabarb September 24, 2013


      • Bow down September 24, 2013

        Beyonce was number 1 on power couples sweetie this flop has reached her peak at number 4 next year she won’t even be on the list kiiiiiii

    • BOOBIE September 24, 2013

      On her next album H**

      • mother monster September 24, 2013

        Wont happen Nickis a certified flop

      • DeezNuts September 24, 2013

        Not when Applause has been clapping down the charts h**!

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

        Gaga’s net worth is much bigger than Dicki. Plz dont even try to shade cuz u can’t….

      • FAF September 24, 2013

        I’m waiting on SCAREDyonce to release something other than a 2minute snippet, then we can talk 😉

  9. Scheissethroned(GrapejuiceKing) September 24, 2013

    That was everyone’s Off year tho… Eminem amd Jay Z didn’t even release albums or tour during this time

    Nicki was featured on every song and releasing pop s***! As well as American Idol!

    Anyway she will NEVER do those numbers again because everyone in hip hop is sooo over her.

    • BOOBIE September 24, 2013

      Ummm. Why are you sooo salty?

      Jay-Z and Eminem make money in their sleep regardless if they don’t release music. And so what if she was releasing pop music, pop artists rarely make that kind of money in a year. Nicki is winning and you h*** can’t stand it!

      BYE B****. EAT MY ASS.

      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        Good for them what is interesting is , Beyonce made 53M, the same that Rihanna made in 2012, and Jayz with 43 Million ,the same Rihanna made this year AMAZING.
        With that being said I am happy for NICKI,SHE IS DOING THE DAM THING., HANDS DOWN.
        Where is Drake,though.

    • hasbeenslayer September 24, 2013

      but the list clearly includes ‘jayz samsung’ deal. sit sis.

    • Unapologetic September 24, 2013

      No b****, everyone is over caca, that b**** is done since Judas.

      • mother monster September 24, 2013

        Like Rihanna been done since right now.

    • Unapologetic September 24, 2013

      B**** Right Now has no video ZERO promo and she hasnt performed it once, so stfu.

      • Unapologetic September 24, 2013

        Rihanna will keep releasing albums and hits and breaking records while lady gaygay keeps scratching her crabs and figure out what is the next gimick she will use to have a number one hit again, but it will never happen cause she is OVER honey.

      • Scheissethroned(GrapejuiceKing) September 24, 2013

        *dying* The excuses. I LIVE for them

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Boobie, Jayz dropped albums back to back with kayne,then one for himself.
      And whilei agree with you that JAYZ makes money in his sleep, JAYZ also tours,and drop albums in his sleep and he has his name in and on everybody music that hit the air waves. And i am not mad at him hes good at what he does
      but sitting on his ass isn’t apart of his Forte.
      So while making money while hes sleep he and Beyonce has music going and dropping on everybody albums and singles playing on all of the air waves in the Universe.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

      I see no lies.

      • john September 24, 2013

        If you read the forbes article, you’d know that they did not include jay’s tour with jt and the release of mchg

  10. Bow down September 24, 2013

    Thats thanks to doing idol being featured on everyones and going pop… Next King Jay is above the bum Barbie as expected.

    • BOOBIE September 24, 2013

      Aww…you mad, ugly?

      • Bow down September 24, 2013

        Not really cause king jay slayed her basic ass.

      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        If NICKI would drop albums back to back like JAYZ she would be even higher and richer.
        Since Jayz can drop a album , at a moments notice for his latest project it seems to me they all should be able to do the same, no advertising, just drop it have a party and let the chips fallw here they may.
        But i know this post isn’t about who dropped what and when just thinking.

    • mother monster September 24, 2013

      Okaaaay read ha.

    • Barb B**** September 24, 2013

      Shut up h**! I like Bey but dont make me drag her!

      • mother monster September 24, 2013

        Lol girl you think anyone is afraid of a f** ass barb?

      • FAF September 24, 2013

        What exactly are the monsters? Suicidal f**** 😆

        atleast majority of the barbs OWN their homosexuality & don’t go into clinical depression over being outcasts

        sit, ugly homo

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

        So we are making fun of suicide now? Real big of u….

  11. stephy the lambily September 24, 2013

    Good For Nicki!

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 7, 2013


  12. mother monster September 24, 2013

    Who cares? B**** still cant sell an album for s***.

    • BOOBIE September 24, 2013

      And apparently your fav can’t consistently sell singles anymore. So much for being the Queen.

      I live for the FLOP.


      • mother monster September 24, 2013

        But applause has done better than any single Nicki has released since turn me on lmao flop fake ugly horse teeth minaj is a joke

    • Unapologetic September 24, 2013

      The b**** is f***** desperate she been put tha album for pre order 3 F***** MONTHES before the release so she could have good numbers. Applause did okay but definitely dissapointed and underwhelmed. Everyone thought she will release a huge ass comeback single and she gaveus insted a shitty song with no sense with the line NOSTALGIA IS FOR GEEKS I GUESS SIR IF YOU SAY SO SOME OF US JUST LIKE TO READ what a corny ass b**** byeeeeee

      • FAF September 24, 2013

        LMFAO @ I live for the AFFLOP trolling everywhere now @CakelikeLadyGaga I use 50% of the time so I won’t scalp Stephanie.. Lets just keep it cute, MMMMMMMKay 😆 😆 😆

  13. mother monster September 24, 2013

    Jay z & Eminem >> Gimmick Garbaj.

    • Unapologetic September 24, 2013

      Jay Z, Eminem & Nicki >>>>>>>>>>>> Lady Gaygays entire life.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

        Jay Z slays everyone. He is truly a cash king. But Dicki? Dont make me laugh. Not when Gaga’s net worth is at least triple was nicki’s is. Bye.

  14. Barb B**** September 24, 2013


    • mother monster September 24, 2013

      To bad her singles flop onikas a FLOP.

      • Barb B**** September 24, 2013

        The way applauses floppage was set up tho

      • artpop September 24, 2013

        Doing better than any Nicki single released this year.

      • FAF September 24, 2013

        ^ NO nicki single this yr , though LMFAOOOOO

        they’ve all been features. You’re shading yourself

        just admit Gaga is trying her hardest to formulate a comeback album. She shouldn/t have taken such a long break she couldve performed via satellite from the hospital bed where she had “SURGERY”

  15. Diamond September 24, 2013

    Beyonce’s 53 million (with NO album out) annihilated Nicki’s little $29mil. Good for hip hop, didn’t think there was this much money made in the rap game

    • Barb September 24, 2013

      Rap artist sell more records than Beyonce and Rihanna dumb F***.

      • FAF September 24, 2013

        Welp, them FLOP singles off 4 damn sure didn’t annihilate ANYTHING, f***

      • Diamond September 24, 2013

        Bey is still winning. Bow down b******!

  16. Loyalty September 24, 2013

    Get them coins Nicki!

  17. Mark111 September 24, 2013

    With “No album OUT!” Congrats to her.

  18. CiMinaj September 24, 2013

    Hater’s stay mad! lmao… i find it hilarious. #WhenWillYourFav

  19. artpop September 24, 2013

    Dont care.

    • ATM JAM September 24, 2013

      is that why you commented?

  20. Beyawnce September 24, 2013

    Em didn’t release anything this year so … anyways good for Nicki for being only female rapper

  21. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare September 24, 2013

    “It seems there’s only one [female rapper] that gets anointed at a time…”

    Yes! & I’m SO sick of it!

    Anyway, hooray, bravo, kudos, etc. to Nicki.

    Now, can we please get that classic album? I know it’s in there, let it out.

  22. Θ-ZΘNE September 24, 2013

    I Beez At The Bank Beez-Beez At The Bank, I Beez At The Bank Beez-Beez At The Bank!


  23. DeezNuts September 24, 2013

    When will these other Rap B******? 🙁 LMFAO

    These Rap B****** are gonna need Rogaine when Nicki is done with them.

    29 million in one year when Krim Ba Lee San is worth 18 million after 15 years? The Ultimate Shade. LMFAO

    🙂 😀 😆

  24. Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

    Wait….y’all thought Azealia was broke…. Even tho I don’t fux wit her like that, the b**** clearly has more dough than her haters…he’s just needs to change her attitude. Not cute or professional.

  25. FAF September 24, 2013

    y’all clearly have senile dementia….. 😆

    “Eminem didn’t release anything this yr”

    “Beyonce didn’t release anything this yr”

    Nicki didn’t either, stupid apes.. PFRR & PFTRU came out in 2012

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 24, 2013

      Y did high school flop tho? And I admit it was a good song. But don’t come for Gaga tho when ur fave’s most successful eras lasted only 2 years….

      • opd2 September 24, 2013

        STOP THE DRAMA START THE MUSIC if you gaga trolls is coming for Nicki for no reason what the f-ck you want her fans to do…p-ssy up and wilt,f-ck gaga and her trolls yall can’t b-lly us you better get that straight,if you step to us we are going to defend,simple as that other than that it,s all good.

  26. nicko September 24, 2013


  27. Os September 24, 2013

    Congratz to her,she a hard worker she earn every penny,and deserve all her accolades.

  28. Godnika Teas September 24, 2013

    yass Queen slay

  29. msteefromdc September 26, 2013

    this site is so biased KIM did everything Nicki did and then some…When Kim was in her prime trust me Nicki’s money looks small compared to KIM’s, good grief how soon we forget!!

    • channel_ROMAN October 2, 2013

      Kim worth 18 Million After 15 Years

      Nicki after 3 Years is Worth 45 Mill

  30. Nicki Minaj the queen December 7, 2013

    @#HIVE when will beyonces album be at the top 10 cause Nickis past 2 albums were number 1 on BB200 and certified platinum

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