Rihanna Responds To Teyana Taylor: ‘I Refuse To Help Your Career’

Published: Tuesday 24th Sep 2013 by David

Earlier today, fans of ‘What Now’ megastar Rihanna launched a scathing ‘social media attack’ on dancer Teyana Taylor, when the ‘Google Me’ gem launched this message on her official Twitter feed.

Now, literally a matter of minutes ago, Rihanna did a little responding of her own- mocking the starlet’s supposedly stalling career.

Ri’s response below…

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  1. Head C*** IN Charge September 24, 2013


    • MISHKA September 24, 2013

      Miley is here now and I don’t think the mainstream audience can afford two tall chicks as popstars who sing contralto and who can’t barely dance.

      Rihanna is on her way down, she better start watching her mouth

      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        MISHKA The same can be said about all who trash, doubts what she is capable of doing. in her career. And for all of those who are always negative and hateful toward Rihanna on a daily.
        If she has to be hated on for working and giving it all she have got so be it.

    • xcxcbweyewy37 September 24, 2013

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  2. Islandboi242 September 24, 2013

    Lol Rihanna str8 murdered her with one tweet!! Wow lol

  3. The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

    Teyana told Rih and Mel to pop off whenever they see her. Kiiii 😆

  4. Barb B**** September 24, 2013

    My point exactly…. Rihanna is an internet thug. She will only come for people considered lessors so she can use tweets like this.

    • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) September 24, 2013

      Of course. But tey was reading her ass

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Rihanna wouldn’t seem like a internet thug if, she didn’t have blog thugs invading her campgrounds.
      Yall are mad because Rihanna takes her fans with her on the ride, and you loose bytches can’t communicate with your fave because they are to dam busy trying to be perfect.
      T Taylor has come after Rihanna before and she got away with it, for putting them soup cooler lips in Rihanna and Chris business. Now I know Tt and chris are close but that do not give her the right to have jumped into their fuss.
      T Taylor reminds me of you thugs here that hounds the hell out of Rihanna blogs day in and day out.

  5. zzzzzz September 24, 2013


  6. cocobutta September 24, 2013

    I give it to this bish..
    She don’t take s***


    (Closed chapter: Bye TT)

    • cocobutta September 24, 2013

      But in saying that I know who would win a vocal battle of those two (BYE Rihanna and her love to shade bitchassness)

      • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE September 24, 2013

        lol bye

  7. BOOBIE September 24, 2013

    Teyana Taylor should respond with “I refuse to help your hairline” or “How many doctors refuse to help your v*****?”

    • The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

      And that sir or ma’am would be weak. Try again.

      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        at least she got one, lol.

    • Ciciwinsdeal September 24, 2013

      No lies. The only thing bigger than her forehead is her p****

      • BOOBIE September 24, 2013


  8. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 24, 2013

    Yasssssss Rih, read that w****. No one knows her. Yet another person trying to use Riri’s name for publicity.

    I tried to Google that b**** and the Google search that came up was “I don’t know her”, not even Google knows her.

    • lmao September 24, 2013

      that’s funny because when I googled her she popped right up.

      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        People are always begging Rihanna for some shine,because they are having a hard time shinnin on their own.

    • EveRyder September 24, 2013

      No u dusty cob webb b**** u sure u wasn’t tryna look yourself up?

      • Carpe Diem. September 24, 2013


  9. mother monster September 24, 2013

    Lmao omg this b**** is hilarious………

  10. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 24, 2013

    Samantha is making sure he makes enough pennies for thanksgiving with all these Rihanna posts I see, $mh.

    • Britney stan September 24, 2013


      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        Rihanna and navy know they are all stars here at the Juice.
        Because the haters and the juice never ever let us down.

    • Ms92 September 24, 2013

      Hes from the UK, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving.

      • Unapologetic September 24, 2013

        Sam is a Rih addict, masturbates on her tweets and on her instagram pics. He obviously knows only rih gettin this 100+ comments on a slow news days.

  11. Britney stan September 24, 2013

    Lmao poor teyana she wanted an @ so bad.

  12. Chillin September 24, 2013

    Teyanna is gonna come back

    • mrs.moe September 24, 2013

      Come back? Was she ever here?

  13. Mark111 September 24, 2013

    And that’s why you don’t f*** with Rih Rih. She ends careers… and 10 year failure to launch careers as well. Sam you better watch out!

  14. artpop September 24, 2013

    Rihanna get a life w****.

    • Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

      When daddy gay gay gets his d*** removed.btw your shade is weak.

  15. RihNaj September 24, 2013

    Lmfao hahaha omg this comment got me on the floor yo!!

  16. christinastherealtalent September 24, 2013

    By responding to Teyana, you are entertaining her shade stupid c***! The only time Rihanna got something to say is when she sitting in front of a computer screen or on stage surrounded by bodyguards ajd security. Rihanna would easily get that ass whupped.

    • Dk 2k13 #Rage September 24, 2013

      Sam goes for xtina thats why she keeps her mouth shut now a days

    • The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

      Didn’t Mary J threaten to slap Christina because of her reckless mouth?

      • pour it up for the navy September 24, 2013

        Lmao would love to see that.

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Rihanna may have to hire another body guard ,I mean she made 53 million in a 12 month period of time in 2012.

      At least Rihanna fronts and personal with all the a/h who crosses her the wrong way, she don’t pat her navy on the back for doing the heavy lifting , she does a great job of doing it herself, with no problem.

      And is Teyana want some shine bad, is so bad let her bring it on.

  17. Dk 2k13 #Rage September 24, 2013

    Rihanna take a break from social media sis.

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      For what because she is having fun with it and her TRUE NAVY,FANS,FRIEND LOVE HER THERE.

  18. doubline47 September 24, 2013

    Jamming to (Get Over With it) Cool jam;)

  19. Ms92 September 24, 2013

    So its all ‘oh yesss Ri’ ‘Read that b****’
    when truth be told, Teyana was doing the REAL reading. That wasn’t a read, because that’s the only thing Rihanna can use, and the main reason she started the beef so it was a predictable ass comeback.

  20. Scheissethroned(GrapejuiceKing) September 24, 2013

    You tweeting the ‘Right Now’ and ‘What Now’ links hasn’t been too beneficial to you so stop acting like u have a large following.

    Not even trying to sound mad but this girl act like she’s done some groundbreaking s***
    In her career…

    When she ain’t in charge of S*** in her career. No writing or producing credits…KIIIII

    • The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

      No writing or producing credits? Receipts? Because I have some to prove otherwise, sis.

      • Scheissethroned(GrapejuiceKing) September 24, 2013

        Other than Rude Boy?!

        Show me. I accept receipts

      • The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

        TTT: listed as EXECUTIVE producer
        No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
        1. “You da One”
        Ester Dean Lukasz Gottwald Robyn Fenty John Hill Henry Walter
        Dr. Luke Cirkut Kuk Harrell[a]
        2. “Where Have You Been”
        Dean Gottwald Calvin Harris Walter Geoff Mack
        Dr. Luke Cirkut Harris Harrell[a]
        3. “We Found Love” (featuring Calvin Harris) Harris
        Harris Harrell[a]
        4. “Talk That Talk” (featuring Jay-Z)
        Dean Mikkel S. Eriksen Tor Erik Hermansen Shawn Carter Anthony Best Sean Combs Carl Thompson Christopher Wallace
        StarGate Harrell[a]
        5. “Cockiness (Love It)”
        Candice Pillay, Dwayne Abernathy Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford Fenty
        Crawford Harrell[a]
        6. “Birthday Cake”
        Terius “The-Dream” Nash Fenty Marcos Palacios Earnest Clark
        Da Internz Nash[b] Harrell[a]
        7. “We All Want Love”
        Dean Ernest Wilson Steve Wyreman Kevin Randolph Gonzales
        No ID Harrell[a]
        8. “Drunk on Love”
        Dean Eriksen Hermansen Baria Qureshi Romy Croft Oliver Sim Jamie Smith Gonzales
        StarGate Harrell[a]
        9. “Roc Me Out”
        Dean Eriksen Hermansen Rob Swire Gareth McGrillen
        StarGate Harrell[a]
        10. “Watch n’ Learn”
        Priscilla Renea Chauncey Hollis Fenty Alja Jackson
        Hit-Boy Harrell[a]
        11. “Farewell”
        Dean Alexander Grant
        Alex da Kid Harrell[a]
        Deluxe edition bonus tracks
        No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
        12. “Red Lipstick”
        Nash Fenty James Hetfield Lars Ulrich William Kennard Saul Milton
        Chase & Status Harrell[a]
        13. “Do Ya Thang”
        Nash Fenty
        Nash Harrell[a]
        14. “Fool in Love”
        Dean Gottwald Walter
        Dr. Luke Cirkut Dean Harrell[a]
        Total length:

      • The Boy Toy September 24, 2013


        1. “Mad House”
        Makeba Riddick Will Kennard, Saul Milton Robyn Fenty
        Chase & Status Riddick[a]
        2. “Wait Your Turn”
        James Fauntleroy II Mikkel S. Eriksen Tor Erik Hermansen Kennard Milton Takura Tendayi Fenty
        StarGate Chase & Status, Eriksen[a]
        3. “Hard” (featuring Jeezy)
        Terius “The-Dream” Nash C. “Tricky” Stewart Fenty Jay Jenkins
        Stewart Nash Riddick[a]
        4. “Stupid in Love”
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        5. “Rockstar 101” (featuring Slash)
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        Stewart Nash Riddick[a]
        6. “Russian Roulette”
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        Chuck Harmony Ne-Yo[b] Riddick[a]
        3:487. “Fire Bomb”
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        Kennedy Riddick[a]
        8. “Rude Boy”
        Eriksen Hermansen Ester Dean Riddick Rob Swire Fenty
        StarGate Swire Riddick[a]
        9. “Photographs” (featuring will.i.am)
        William Adams Jean Baptiste Michael McHenry Allan Pineda
        will.i.am Paper Boy[c]
        10. “G4L”
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      • The Boy Toy September 24, 2013

        1. “Phresh Out the Runway”
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      • MuiMui September 24, 2013

        At this time in Her career she never has to answer the peons like you,and if so for what.
        You don’t approve of a thing she does so why do anybody have to answer to you.
        Show your own self receipts and if any artist can do as well as Rihanna has done, it matters not a single shyt what the NAYSAYERS GOT TO SAY ABOUT IT.

  21. pour it up for the navy September 24, 2013

    Yaaaaaaaaaa$ rihhhhhh!!!!!

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 24, 2013

    Rihanna is so cocky lol! That sh*t always come back to bite h*** too, ask Christina. ANyway, Rihanna please you know what the f*ck you was doing lol. Bully b*tch lol

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Funny how Bow Down Bytches hasn’t come back to bite a certain person in their ass,I doubt this has been T Taylor is going to bite anybody in the ass,
      Teyana Need to bite a JOB IN THE ASS , ASAP.

  23. Molly September 24, 2013

    Rihanna gonna end up like Christina.

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Keep letting your mind play tricks on you
      And if you are talking about the Christina that I know I just watched her on the Voice and she looks like a million bucks.
      Perhaps People Magazine, will vote her,Keshia,Monica,Alicia,Rihanna the most beautiful woman in the world for 2013.

  24. Omari September 24, 2013

    This was a lame comeback. No more free promo? B**** you already gave her that when you gave her the time of the day. Anyway, Rihanna is reductive. She will throw shade about something irrelevant and then when they start to CLOCK her she’ll bring the petty ‘my career is bigger than yours’ trick. Stay on Topic.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 24, 2013

      Right?! Her taking the time to even tweet that gave Teyana her shine lol! *plays Googel Me*

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Last time I checked Rihanna is still a
      Grown as woman, call her names all you want .
      Shes living her life each and everyday.
      And she do not need permission from no one how to do that.

  25. B**** please! September 24, 2013

    Yea Riri you tell her!

  26. SLAY_HIVE September 24, 2013

    LOOOOOOL This scary ass b****! She kept it cute

  27. Tisha September 24, 2013

    Lol, the one compliment I ca always give Rihanna is the b**** is sharp with the comebacks. Pow!

    I still don’t know who started what but I do know on a keyboard Rihanna is fierce.

    • RancorNV September 24, 2013

      Too bad she’s not fierce on a mic.

  28. Rihboy September 24, 2013

    Lol yessssssssss………teyanna and all you ” all of a sudden anti bully stans” can deal and move on……whose next!!??

  29. SLAY_HIVE September 24, 2013

    Kiii B**** you wont “@” her but you’re going to reply with a sub tweet, that EVERYONE knows who it was directed towards? You giving her publicity by even responding dummy! Smh

    Rihject just didnt know what to say out of fear of being read!!!! Kiii

  30. Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

    YASSSS rih clock that h**!

  31. Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

    LOOOL a certain beytrannyonce Stan doing the most.

    • Mya September 24, 2013

      He aint lyin tho!

      • Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

        Don’t respond to me troll..

      • Mya September 24, 2013

        I just did. And wait. Did Kingstown call someone a troll LMAO. The self read.

      • Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

        Let me refphrase this. I do not bileve your worthy enough to respond to me. K?

      • Mya September 24, 2013

        BUT… I already did and will continue to. What you gonna do troll?

    • Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

      Might be my final response to this gay troll.: B**** you must be studying me to call me a troll lol I bet your continually refreshing the page to see my responds to you smh pathetic tbh. Shows how’s sad your life is

      • Mya September 24, 2013

        No hon, I just remember that CLASSIC post of Beyonce enjoying a life you will never lead and your disgusting ass got EXPOSED kiii. The fact you were actually replying to yourself LOLOLOL!

    • Kingstown ju don’t even know September 24, 2013

      Talk to myself??? Did I now? Don’t remember. Anyways flag have a nice life studying me and beyonce and being ghetto hood rat loner who sits on the site 247kiii bye bye.

  32. Mya September 24, 2013

    *Waits for Teyanas real comeback* The irony of her talking about promo when we all know RIHANNA is the one loving the publicity. What Now soon come.

  33. Mya September 24, 2013

    Oh and if I had to bet on who would win in a physical fight I would bet on Teyana.

  34. Unapologetic September 24, 2013

    She betta not PHUCKIN mess with Rih. I just love her rihplies when this bitchis are coming for her.

  35. NO September 24, 2013

    DEADDD No one can do it like a bajan. Rihanna clocked that monkey

  36. Chun Li September 24, 2013

    Rihanna better watch out! Teyana is a manly Harlem d***. She can throw hands. But then again Rihanna is a crazy island b****. She may cast a spell on her. 😆

    • NO September 24, 2013

      I have a dog named chun li..

      • Chun Li September 24, 2013

        Well go lick her ass ugly

    • Θ-ZΘNE September 24, 2013


  37. Micks September 24, 2013

    The Navy sound like a bunch of 12 year olds on here. God forbid the day Rihanna ever to start flopping. The girl is too cocky. And fails to comeback with anything else.

    Btw did she ever respond to that flawless love and affection tweet by Ciara?

  38. TAMAR IS GAY September 24, 2013

    Rihanna throwing stones and hiding her face again. A*** infested B****


  39. mekaela September 24, 2013

    No one knows what this girl did to ri behind the

  40. Gilberto September 24, 2013

    That’s a wacky comeback. Teyana clocked her.

    • Ciciwinsdeal September 24, 2013

      Where’s beytranny on the charts though?

      • Mya September 24, 2013

        Kingstown stop worrying about BEYONCE.

  41. EveRyder September 24, 2013

    Smdh dat rihanna comeback was weak bcuz she kept coming for ciara an karruche bcuz she knws they weren’t gonna do anything and let it slide,but she don’t want it with teyanna. B 4real we all knw teyanna is the most talented between the two she can sing and dance her assoff. Haven’t she wrote for rihanna b4 bcuz rihanna don’t write her own s***.

  42. Cher stan September 24, 2013

    Look I’m from NYC and everyone in the hood knows how Teyana feels about Rihanna. Teyana has been coming for Rihanna’s neck ever since the CB incident. Rihanna looks really dumb because she should have responded a long time ago. I am on no ones side, but Teyana is crazy. I don’t think Rihanna wants war with her. Remember when she got into a fight with a dude on some low budget movie set? Yeah…..

    • Jake September 24, 2013


      I’m live in the heart of Harlem NY and know of Teyana from talk around the way. I seen her come in my building like she own the it. I going to say this once Rihanna had better watch her back. Like someone stated In a comment above Rihanna in the industry and so is Teyana and where will the Navy be at then. Yes on the outside

  43. Bionic September 24, 2013

    Mmmmm no. Try again Riyawna.

  44. Lou September 24, 2013

    Rihanna from Barbados? Pffft Teyana is from HARLEM. Do not f*** with that b**** with a six pack. We all know damn well Rihanna would not do S*** if they were at the same event or ever to see each other face to face.

  45. yeh yeh September 24, 2013

    teyana still trending. irrelevant tho. *shrugs*

  46. Ririfan September 24, 2013

    Go ririi
    Who’s that b**** anyway??
    Seriously never heard of her..

  47. Tried It September 24, 2013

    I know Rihanna just seething Teyana got that Breezy D too.

  48. bash September 24, 2013

    Whatever jorisonline sung tey’s song Google Me better than her lol search it…they should be ashamed

  49. Molly September 24, 2013


  50. Lolz September 24, 2013

    If only she could translate all the effort she puts into Twitter to the stage. Looks like shes trying to distract from the disaster that was Singapore.

  51. Carpe Diem. September 24, 2013

    Narrrrrrrr Rihnna’s header on twitter tho!! LMAOOOOOO!! She’s mean!….. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    But on a serious note, Regardless of what Teyana said, she still called rihanna fly and s***! She basically complimented her! Teyana NEVER said anything bad about Rihanna in the first place so i dont know why Rihanna’s feelin some type of way! this whole twitter beef is stupid! Rihanna can be so extra!

  52. Common Sense September 24, 2013

    Rihanna should stick to playing with pictures on her Instagram and leave letters and words to the big boys and girls. She’s clearly not mature enough to handle them.

  53. PRINCE MACHIAVEL September 24, 2013

    And What Navy Always Say About Goat?!”She’s The Coolest And The Most Humble Artist!” LMFAO!

    Like I Said She’s An Arrogant Fake Mean Bitter B****!!!!

    • MuiMui September 24, 2013

      Yes shes a mean bytch and the Haters did a great job of making her that way.


    Yass! Keep it going I still got popcorn in my bag!

  55. JER September 24, 2013


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