Teyana Taylor Fans Launch Petition To Counter Rihanna / Adidas Termination Attempt

Published: Thursday 26th Sep 2013 by David

Two can play that game.

The above is undoubtedly the sentiment employed by fans of socialite Teyana Taylor today, launching a petition to counter the plan to have her pulled from Adidas following an image she shared on Twitter, as is explained here.

Full story below…

Created by one Elohor Okpeva in Maryland today, this petition urges Adidas not to sever its ties with the beauty, citing Rihanna‘s long running cyber-bullying’ history as their grounds for their cause.

Currently housing two signatures, this petition is now available to support here, and comes hours after the campaign to have her dropped from the company edged closer to earning 2,000 signatures.

A feat, helped in great part by fans of the ‘No Love Allowed’ songstress, who continue to share its url link amongst each other on numerous social media platforms, and as domestic abuse victims continue to lend their voices to it in support in its comment section.

Support Teyana here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Valerie (barb) September 26, 2013

    Oh god will this s*** just go away already sheeeeeeeeeesh.

    • I love Adele ! September 26, 2013

      They will not win .. The women;’s group is discussing it on the radio. Once main stream is in it’s over!

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 26, 2013

        B**** they dont eeeeeven have 2k signatures BRAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHLOLOL!! I told hall s*** it wont c 5k! Sam trhna make it sound like they got bout 10k. World wide and only 1k. Chiiiile REST! TRUTH:Rhi got the right one babae, unn huh. (In my Ray Charles pepsi cola commercial voice)

    • Ballsy September 26, 2013

      I heard Teyana is paying a firm to do this. See she isnt so broke after all. That’s right girl spend that money on this irrelevant s***!

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 26, 2013

        U a h**

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        If she wasn’t so dumb to put her threats to do bodily harm to someone on twitter for all to see she wouldn’t be in this mess. She could say Rihanna is a bully, but so is she and most people who comment on twitter and blogs. All day every day someone is being ridiculed and made fun of on social media, including Rihanna. Why do teyana Taylor think she’s above being made fun of. I thought she had a thick skin, since she like to brag about being hard, from Harlem and not afraid to fuc people up. She (teyana) is not only a bully, she’s also a thug who take great please in beating people up, according to her.

      • Read This In Melissa Harris Perry Voice September 26, 2013

        Dear Teyana (In MY Melissa Perry Voice),


        Teyana we get it. You are hurt. You use to hang with Rihanna and then she left you behind. It is okay. LIFE GOES ON! Do not go seeking a WAR when this was just a quarrel. Focus on YOUR money and do not let other people’s money p*** you off. Stop reading the blogs and twitter, honestly people just use them to throw shade and boost you up to do something reckless. Focus on REAL LIFE. Adidas is REAL LIFE

        Lastly, you is smart, you is is kind. “You is smart. You is important.

    • K September 26, 2013

      Nice i like this,everyone can have a say now,it,s not going to be one sided as most would have like it.

      • FAF September 26, 2013

        Main stream doesnt care enough about Teyana to try to make an example out of her… LOL

    • vbmvbmtyi568 September 26, 2013

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  2. 2bad2bme September 26, 2013

    chile i’m sick of this sh*t

    • Valerie (barb) September 26, 2013


  3. Valerie (barb) September 26, 2013

    Teyana drop a single with all this free promo & attention.. better take advantage of it gurl.

    • Ballsy September 26, 2013

      Her hood rat fans still wont support. Let’s not pretend that her fans are just Rihanna haters .. but I sleep doe!

      • SLAY_HIVE September 26, 2013

        “Her hoodrat fans” and turn around and use “hood rat” terminology ” i sleep DOE”

        You bxtches are walking contradictions! SMH

      • FAF September 26, 2013

        so Rihanna isn’t trying to be a hoodrat every day? 😆

        “THUG LIFE”

      • MuiMui September 26, 2013

        Ri hasgotto be hoodto try and keep up with the hood rats that trash her on a daily.
        She never good enough she don’t sing and dance like beyonce. She is making money but she pay it all out for Baby Blue diapers and the carters house hold.
        All I am saying is Ri must be doing dam good because you do not see the carters bytching.

  4. SLAY_HIVE September 26, 2013

    I want to sign this! That b**** Rihject isn’t innocent! I can see her evil ufly ass sitting back laughing at her destroying Slayana Slaylor

    • Mimi Carey September 26, 2013

      Well girl do it.

    • Ballsy September 26, 2013

      I’m just gonna sit back and start a petition to free Lil Boosie!

  5. Mark111 September 26, 2013

    Teyana fans = 3 fans + Rihanna haters.

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Yes , and
      Teyana fans=3 fans+hive+Rihanna haters.

  6. Michelle September 26, 2013

    They are fighting a losing battle, they better talk to Rick Ross and Paula Deen, these corporations don’t play with their money, especially where white America is concerned, what she did was offensive not only to Rihanna but to women that have dealt with and are dealing with domestic violence, she did not use her common sense, she was to busy using her street sense, this is what happens when you let the hoodrat in you take over the common sense in you. I don’t feel sorry for her, she reaps what she sow.

    • Carissa September 26, 2013

      Teyana did nothing to those women that experienced domestic violence. She retaliated towards Rihanna who threw the first punch. And if Rihanna forgave her abuser why are yall still holding Rihanna as a role model for domestic violence? You people are delusional that is why this world is lost. So what about Rihanna’s actions? And have you read recent news because Paula Deen still has some sponsors and Rick Ross still has his deal with Reebok. State facts!

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        But teyana Taylor isn’t even a big enough name for them to risk their brand on. Especially since she bullys people online too. Its not like she has some squeaky clean image. She’s known to be a violent girl who had to get slapped by a director for acting out, and beating people up. So if Rihanna is a bully, what do you call her? A gangster bully? lol

  7. Mimi Carey September 26, 2013

    Lol only people signing that will be the beehive and c squad who only f*** with Teyana cause of this situation lol #fakefans

    • Carissa September 26, 2013

      I look forward to the day when people can just say when someone does something wrong irrespective of who they are but then again I am just dreaming. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong! Let’s call a thing a thing damn it shouldn’t matter which celebrity it is. You fans/stans are the reason these celebrities are the way they are. Do you guys know its you who have the power? I am not a fan of neither but I do know Rihanna is reputable for bullying not only celebrities but ANYONE. We have all witnessed how she speaks to her so called fans. So then it is fair to praise her beahviour but punish Teyana for defending herself?

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        ya’ll never give Rihanna any breaks when she’s defending herself. Shes always wrong while everyone else is right. Call a spade a spade. Rihanna may say slick stuff but she don’t threaten peoples lives or boast about going to beat people up. If Rihanna is wrong, so is teyana since she was bullying Rihanna online too.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 26, 2013

        @Rozel here another fan goes not able to take responsibility (just like your fav, so u follow well). Rihanna STARTED the bullish*t then wants to hide her head and play victim when HER plans to disrespect someone goes left. “Ya’lll never give Rihanna breaks,” stfu wit that noise. Rihanna had so many breaks in her career which is why she’s still standing today cause it d*mn sure ain’t her vocals, dance abilities, acting skills or stage performances keeping her where she’s at. ENOUGH of the breaks!

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        I witness how ya’ll speak about people on these gossip sites daily , so should ya’ll be called bullies. Rihanna is only doing what everyone out here is doing. No one is praising her behavior, just pointing out the hypocrisy that everyone is allowed to defend themselves but not her.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 26, 2013

        @Rozel oh right coming to TGJ is the same thing… *rolls eyes*. Like we all know who each other are and really take this sh*t on TGJ seriously. Rihanna directly knows who these people are and makes fun of people out of the blue. People who come to TGJ know how this blog is so if they don’t like it, there’s a red X at the top left of everyones screen, they know what to do. Plus, who the f*ck in here is a platinum selling artist with over a million impressionable people following their every move? You think if Rihanna wasn’t bragging about how she’s about that life” her fans would still be bullying? No, they think because Rihanna’s “hard” (key word: think) they can act just as ratchet, they’re followers, that what they do.

  8. Michelle September 26, 2013

    Oh and by the way those are no fans, those are Rihanna haters, they tend to cling on to anyone who dislikes Rihanna. Sad but true.

  9. GagitaMaraj September 26, 2013

    Thank you for sharing this TGJ. I am going to sign this and tell ALL my friends. Rihanna’s bullying has to stop.

  10. Miss Breezy September 26, 2013

    She doesn’t deserve to be dropped. I would sign this. And not because I condone DV or anything.

  11. TurntUp4Cici September 26, 2013

    Oh yes, I shall vote for this once. Rihanna is a P**** HOLE who likes to run her mouth and didn’t know what to do when she got called out for being that loose p**** power ranger that she is.

    • Ballsy September 26, 2013

      This is why I hate Stans you let your hate get in the way of good judgement. Teyana threatened bodily harm and posted that insensitive picture. She made it less about Rihanna and more about other women when she did that and now Adidas is getting harassed

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 26, 2013

        Shut b4 smack my hand print across yo ugly face s****

      • Common Sense September 26, 2013

        And R****** has smacked her fans who PAID to see her live with microphones. I don’t see her bitchass getting dropped.

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        Yes Guyana is violent. Rihanna posted a simple video. Teyana made threats to do bodily harm. She could be arrested for terroristic threats if Rihanna wanted to press charges on her. She couldn’t even claim innocence, because she tweeted it out on a public platform with plenty of witnesses. And that fan wouldn’t have gotten bopped if he didn’t hold on when asked to let go. It was self defense, with the video to prove it. The moral of the story, keep ya hands to yourself.

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        *teyana don’t know where Guyana came from.

  12. DeruloDreamer September 26, 2013

    I’m sorry, but if the Navy were so much against domestic violence why weren’t they mad when Rihanna got back with Chris.

    DV is not funny but it shouldn’t be used as a tool to attack people when you don’t get your own way, so Teyana has my full support.

    • Sonja September 26, 2013

      Do you realize how stupid you sound, you are right it should NOT be used as a tool, and that is what Teyana did, she used it as a tool in a stupid back and forth, when she could have easily referenced anything else, what made her think that was funny?

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 26, 2013

        Oh so now you n her head and knows what she was thinkn? Fall back h**

      • Common Sense September 26, 2013

        If a woman, like Rihanna, is stupid enough to go back to man who domestically abused her, it’s perfectly alright for someone to mock her. Fair game use those pictures as far as I’m concerned.

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 26, 2013

        @common sense I CO SIGN CHILE!!

  13. SLAY_HIVE September 26, 2013

    LOOOL YAS I HATE the bxtch! BUT like i stated, Rihject isn’t innocent! She is a messy s*** starter, Teyana put her in her place and now this is being blown out of proportion!

    • caribbean native September 26, 2013

      who dont you go lube up your grand canyon p**** and get f*****, #youcantsitwithus

    • rozel September 26, 2013

      No teyana felt she was on top of the world when she was going in acting like she was the Harlem mafia ready to take down Rihanna. Now she has to deal with the backlash. And all ya’ll who was gassing her up, well thanks for putting her money on ice.

  14. Sonja September 26, 2013

    Not dropping Teyana is accepting bullying and it’s also accepting ignorance to the feelings of those people who are battered and have been battered. Teyana is the bully in this situation, she attacked Rihanna in reference to a video that did not refer to her in any way, just based on assumptions, and then she verbally threatened her, and she tried to s*** shame her and then she wrapped it all up with that dispicable picture of Rihanna’s bruised and battered face, and she thought it was ok, she even admitted that it was her MOTHER that made her take it down, her mother knew it was wrong,but she obviously didn’t, what does that say, how can the bully cry wolf. It’s all about choices that is what we teach our kids, she had a choice to ignore that stupid video, but she agressively atacked Rihanna based on an ASSUMPTION, and then continued to argue with herself, after Rihanna addressed the issue and said she was not getting in the mud with her, she made a choice to use that picture, but Rihanna is the BULLY? Please.

    • lulu September 26, 2013

      your delusional as f***. the hairdresser was singing the same song wearing the same attire sing the same portion of the song teyana was singing.

      • Nicole September 26, 2013

        No you are delusional as f***, it is Anita Baker’s song, not Teyana’s and anyone can sing it if they please, and even if so, why respond to ignorance with ignorance., she claimed they had each others numbers, then call them, she did not use good judgement and she went too far with being real, well here is the outcome. White America is not about it, ask Rick Ross, and that was a simple line in a song, this is a picture and a picture says a thousand words.

    • pink da truth September 26, 2013

      While i agree with you 98% and I am a Rihanna fan (not stan and i am not a Teyana fan at all thoufh i did like her in that tyler movie)

      Yes Teyana is 100% wrong for what she has done and should be held accountable for her actions
      DV is no joke and what she did was disgusting!!!!!

      But the 2% i don’t agree with? Assumptions!!
      please lets not forget Rihanna is a shady ass b**** she doesn’t even do it classy like the queen of
      Shade Mariah Carey

      Rihanna clearly did that video for Teyana but teyanna went too far wayyyy to far

    • Ballsy September 26, 2013

      Sonja I agree with you .. These gals were both wrong both Teyana appeared all the bully and aggressor plus that DV issue was too far! . STan Life is clouding people’s senses!

    • Common Sense September 26, 2013

      Typical braindead navy.

  15. TTLovesMe September 26, 2013

    Thank you for being fair Grape Juice. TT isn’t a bad person and I’m grateful you put this up so people can really help her.

  16. ROSEGOLD September 26, 2013

    I doubt if they drop her anyway. Her last shoe sold out in minutes, and her next one will do the same. All she has to do is issue an apology and this issue will be dead.

    • Sonja September 26, 2013

      Well she better get to talking, and next time not let the hoodrat mentality take over her common sense. I am sure Kanye is NOT happy about this, it puts him in the middle of this mess, and he is a man with a daughter, it’s not cute, you do not joke about things like this. Those are big corporations with reputations to protect, they will not go for this, ask Rick Ross, all he did was make a song. It’s real out here.

  17. Jamila September 26, 2013


    • rozel September 26, 2013

      Yes the Rihanna haters are suddenly her fans.

  18. Jamila September 26, 2013


  19. Kelly’sMotivation September 26, 2013

    That Grape Juice be on the ball though. Yall mad fast.

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Yes they are and the haters be parked and standing out side their cars waiting to get in, to hate on Ri.

  20. Ballsy September 26, 2013

    Let’s start a petition to Free Lil Bossie. You bishes have nothing but time with these petitions!

    • Jamila September 26, 2013


    • SLAY_HIVE September 26, 2013

      Are you a “hoodrat” like you claim Teyana’s fans to be? I’m sure “hoodrats” would be the only people to know what a Boosie is! 🙂

      • Ballsy September 26, 2013

        I sure am but I’m a “dignified” hood rat!

      • lmao September 26, 2013

        FREE BOOSIE BAD ASS. HOOD RAT STATUS. WILL TAKE YOUR FAVS MAN AND SEND HIM HOME WHILE SPENDIN HER MONEY ANY DAY STAY MAD. saying someone is a hood rat means nothing. It’s just saying you live in the hood. well news flash that’s more than half of america.

  21. FAF is goofy September 26, 2013

    Teyana is an avid blog reader/poster. A Teyana ‘stan’ used to troll Rihanna’s posts all the time. Coincidence? I think not. They’re both s****.

    • Lana/Marina/Keyshia September 26, 2013


      • FAF September 26, 2013

        I admire your dedication, hun 😆

        Thanks for admitting my Legendary strata on this blog

        *tips hat*

      • MuiMui September 26, 2013

        Some one stated some place else that Teyana
        is mad every since the Chris incident , and has been mad with Ri because she feel she beat the brakes off her own self.
        She like many are after Ri,because if Ri was a nobody and wasn’t all over the music news and the blogs and down and out in Broken Heart Land over ,her and Chris split for good she would be good.
        But seeing Ri is moving on with her life that gives Teyana,
        Ri haters and the Hive more to fight Ri for. You know because shes not her mom Beynces Siamese twin and because Ri don’t pop her chooch as hard as Beyonce does.

        And I have said it once and I will say it again,if Ri wasn’t the shyts there would be no media coverage on her.
        Who will they be talking about next week.

  22. DanceForDawn September 26, 2013

    Rihanna has met her match. The tea is that Teyana used to be her lesbian lover.

  23. RoyalNavi September 26, 2013

    I have confirmed tea that Teyana reads TGJ and that she was the Teyana Taylor Stan dragging Rihanna here last week.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 26, 2013


  24. Stephy Tha Lambily September 26, 2013

    This is so dumb. Can we move on please. Rihanna you are a b**** for this s*** you started.

    • etone September 26, 2013

      if infact that is true ..IF… teyanna taylor is a very insecure person and do not have the thick skin of what it takes to be in this business

      • Stephy Tha Lambily September 26, 2013

        Shut The F*** Up!!

    • etone September 26, 2013

      B**** F*** YOU.

  25. RoyalNavi September 26, 2013

    Girl let me just say what I know. A dancer friend of mine said that Teyana is glued to this website everyday and that she comments under here under different aliases everyday. The truth tea is that someone told Rihanna what she had been saying about her on here and that’s why she made that video. You don’t have to believe me but just ask yourself why Grape juice were the first blog to cover this story and why that random ass Teyana Taylor stan disappeared as soon as this drama happened.

    • Kim dee September 26, 2013

      Lol gurl stop reaching

    • Omari September 26, 2013

      Lol gurl stop lyin! If you didnt have Navy in your name it might be more convincing.

    • Anon September 26, 2013

      You’re not right about everything but you are right about Rihanna knowing it was Teyana on here. All the girls read this website but don’t admit it.

      I work VERY closely with one of the girls who is written about regularly on here and she told me that Melissa is always showing Rihanna this website trying to get her to respond to what they say about her singing but she doesn’t care enough to.

    • I’m on Tea Break September 26, 2013

      Rihanna really is in lala land with regards to what the media says about her to be honest . When she was in Montreal they was a big story about her being drunk and an acquaintance that was with one of her cousins said all Rihanna said was “At least they talking” in a non chalant way… The people around her were the defensive ones. In her words “Rihanna floats /through life confident that nothing loast forever” P.S she thinks this blog is funny because you guys have no filter!

      • MuiMui September 26, 2013

        If Ri lost it for the timesthe hive and haters says shes notas good as Bey, and every time her haters came after her she would be in the nut house by now. She know how to shake them devil minded people off and keep it moving. No matter how they trash her media are other wise , the bottom line is this
        The squeaky wheels are the ones who get the oil.
        And if Ri was such a bad Entertainer and can’t sell music then How did she and her pops Jayz make the same amount of paper this year,suck on that those of you who are working your ass of to trash this young woman and her career.

  26. Kim dee September 26, 2013

    Who are her fans the bey hive and Ciara fans???????? Like seriously I hope you fans buy her album when it drops and not just hang on her c*** cause shes beefing with Rihanna.

  27. RichBitchRiri September 26, 2013

    If you don’t think the singers read the blogs you are delusional and I clocked something yesterday. TGJ called Teyana her ‘alleged love rival’ yesterday. They clearly know Rihanna is in the right this time and that’s why they’re supporting her because they must have some tea.

    • AzealiaBankabale September 26, 2013

      They called her her love rival? How didn’t I notice that?

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        ok a lot of y’all worried about Ciara & Beyonce (who had nothing to do with this dragging of your idol Rihanna)
        your hate is coming out. That’s all. Rihanna is threatened (just like her fans) by any other female artist *why is that*

        Now as far as “Love Rival” bs goes, thats all speculation bc they saying that Teyana dated Drake (he kissed her cheek like he does everyone else) and CB who she was friends w/…

        thats IRRELEVANT- the point is Rihanna picked a fight & got dragged & now needs her fans to cry & make petitions cuz she was too weak (as usual) to fight


      • Overdose September 26, 2013

        LOL @ your name

      • MuiMui September 26, 2013

        Rihanna isn’t threatened by no one, if she was so afraid of others trashing her and out performing her are even if she was worried about what people said about her there are many things she would have never done .
        Like going back to Chris,like doing music with chris, like hanging with Chris when Beyonce them was saying she wasn’t going to be able to see the baby, for going back. Jayz even issued a some what s***** statement ,about he is not going to try and stop her, from doing what she wants to do, because he felt it wasn’t his place.
        Beyonce you can shut your ass up because we would have gotten a music video to Talk That Talk,if your
        fickle behind had not stopped it.

  28. etone September 26, 2013

    teyanna does not have what it takes.

    Does she go this far with others who have made fun of her or just when its a million dollar gorgeous superstar like Rihanna, teyana is an insecure lil b****.


  29. SHAY (proud C-Squad) September 26, 2013


    • #IndustryPussy September 26, 2013

      TRUE, f*** Industry P**** and let the Navy’s battleships sink!

    • A mess!! September 26, 2013

      You shouldn’t be proud of stanning for a useless flop lessor b**** lol

    • ~The Arcade~ September 26, 2013

      No lies detected @SHAY (proud C-Squad)

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013


  30. Bey-Minaj September 26, 2013

    Signed it! Stop Rihanna’s bullying now! No one cares about your 90 million b****, its only 140 characters in dese streets Rihanna.

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Bully you care about that 90-million, you care about that 53-Million she made in 2012, You care about her music sells and her EMPIRE shes building.
      And if you truly did not care you would not be bringing it up.

  31. SHAY (proud C-Squad) September 26, 2013


    • etone September 26, 2013

      she support those who support her . isn’t that what you would do??

      and Rihanna’s best friend is a black female

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      You can shut your ass all the way up,after she had gotten
      through that incident with Chris,she reached out to Ciara, Kesha,and I can’t remember the other person and wanted to do a tour with about four or five women and they Flat turned her down.
      Ri has sold so good with the people she has did music with, and the collabs she has done has really helped to boost her sales because how in the hell can she sing with the best in the business yet she is always accused of not being able to sing and not performing good enough for you termites.
      How many of you bytches works for TopShop who got sued and Ri won.

      Speak of Coke if RIHANNA is a coke head then…SHE GOT HER COKE FROM BEYONCE & HER HUSBAND JAYZ…

  32. SupRIHme (57ara) September 26, 2013

    If you read this blog carefully enough you’ll see they spill a lot of tea on the low. Yesterday they called Teyflopna Rihanna’s love rival. Why did they do that?

  33. Where u at tey tey September 26, 2013


  34. LTM September 26, 2013

    A mess. Rihanna needs to pay her dust and Teyana needs to focus on her nonexistent career.

  35. KingBeyBitch September 26, 2013

    I will sign this, I’m not condoning Domestic Violence and I do think Teyana went lil to far with that part. Bu I’m supporting her right through Rihanna is a bully and needs she needs to be stopped, of course the NAVY will think rihanna bullying other is all fun and games. Yall want to talk about domestic violence when bullying is the mean reason DOMESTIC VIOLENCE exist. I’m sleep tho

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013


  36. Anthony_JCRM September 26, 2013

    She has fans?

  37. Umm September 26, 2013

    This is getting old! Rihanna shouldn’t have been so messy
    if she wasn’t shading TT then she should’ve checked her
    when she was accused of doing so, but nope she went along
    with it. It’s funny how whenever someone has a video of themselves
    singing Rihanna try’s to make fun of them. Does she think she actually
    can sing and everybody else cant? She’s got to stop trying to throw
    her industry power around to do whatever she wants, and as ppl
    who could never get away with her behavior ( her fans and all of us
    common folk) you should be upset that someone who is wealthier
    than u can pick on u and u aren’t suppose to defend yourself.

  38. DYNAMITE September 26, 2013

    Not Beyhive and 37ara stans being the first ones to sign this. Beyhive are hypocrites, their fav married ex drug dealer and woman abuser yet they make fun of Rihanna because of CB incident? The jokes writing themselves.

    • Omari September 26, 2013

      Lol shut up with that irrelevant s***. You sound petty just like your immature fav.

      • FAF September 26, 2013

        LOL 37ara aint get dragged like this, though 😆

    • Keri Krew Kween September 26, 2013

      Girl bye. That’s Xtina’s worse song to date.

  39. Keri Krew Kween September 26, 2013

    Lmao @ Teyanna commenting on blogs. I know celebs read blogs cause they mention it in interviews but I never thought of them commenting and dragging other celebs on a blog under multiple screen names. A hot ass mess. No wonder Teyanna’s only career highlight is being on Cruel Summer. Girl if you’re reading TGJ, step back from the computer and get your ass to the studio.

    • FAF September 26, 2013

      Ok? she’s in the studio working on her debut. Cruel Summer is certified gold, that’s what Rihanna’s debut is certified – Teyana is 22 yrs old so IDG how y’all defend Azealia for coming @ Nicki and Gaga but not Teyana

      • Lisa September 26, 2013

        Are you really trying to give her credit for that? Honey that is all on the back of Kanye, Big Sean and Mercy, have some seats with that. People didn’t buy Cruel Summer because of her. Was she on Mercy, was she on Clique?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 26, 2013


  40. Amy September 26, 2013

    Teyana fans, oh please more like #beyhive stans that hate Rihanna and wana see her Rihanna fail

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Teyana all of a sudden has as many fans as Ri does
      clearly this is what the doctor ordered for the bey hive, more to try and keep Ri down who they will say to the day they take their last breath, that Ri isn’t supposed to be as successful as she is.
      Thanks to the bey hive for helping the navy keep Ri’s name on the maps.

  41. I&I(bare badniss) September 26, 2013

    There is also a petition online to drop Rihanna from MAC cometics because of her bullying ways. LAWD this is going to be messy

    • Nicole September 26, 2013

      Yeah they are going to have to show proof of that and Rih don’t leave no trails, so good luck with that.

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        ^ Sweetie all u have to do is use google 😆

        DEAD @ She leaves no tracks..

      • A mess!! September 26, 2013

        FAF…I mean Beyonce are you trolling? 😆

      • Nicole September 26, 2013

        Look online for what? people ASSUMING she is talking about them? people Assuming that she is responding to them? girl sit.

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        ^ Um her OWN fans out her they have an instagram called @RIHplies 😆

      • Leave September 26, 2013

        Riplies is an base that is there for communicating with those who ask direct question or disrespect her. You cant scream bully when you initiated it!

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      There’s a Petition to stop Rihanna for loving her work and giving it all she have got.
      Theres a petition on line to help the haters look for all the bad they can find on her and post it for the hood hive and her many haters to try and tear her career down with .
      Take your Miserableas ass some place and google what the Mac big wig stated in the beginning of their Partenership with Rihanna.
      Also google what River Island said about their Relationship/partnership with Rihanna and cry, You Termite.

      • I&I(bare badniss) September 27, 2013

        gurllll stop worrying about me and worry about your fave. While she is on twitter fighting there is another chick taking her spot, slutty steez and all. Just ask miley.

  42. A mess!! September 26, 2013

    Now y’all know Teyana ain’t got no fans. The highlight of this ugly monkies career was My Super Sweet 16 six years ago kiiiii

  43. #IndustryPussy September 26, 2013

    I just signed this petition because F*** RIHANNA & her cyber bullying ways. F*** that ho, she deserved it! If Teyana gets dropped, Reebok & Adidas might as well run ads PROMOTING CHILDHOOD VIOLENCE & BULLYING! F*** Ri & her s***** ass music, its time for that b**** to fall

    • Nicole September 26, 2013

      And what you just said is bullying her and who are you calling he industrypussy because that is s*** shaming one of the biggest problems facing young girls that are bullied. Have several seats you are a hypocrite. Bully calling someone else a bully.

      • #IndustryPussy September 26, 2013

        Hey Nicole- stfu you silly ho. IDGAF if i’m bullying her raunchy ass now, yesteryday or to-F*****-morrow b****! She’s a f***** ho & and cyber bully and i swear i hope that b****’s reign finally ends. that 2 bit, talentless, chicken head & chicken s*** ho! she is industry p****, EREBODY IN MUSIC got to play in that nasty ass sand box, and what?

      • #IndustryPussy September 26, 2013

        you mad? talk to that ho Riri and let her know how much of these truths you can’t take

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Right back at you termite.

    • mekaela September 26, 2013

      B**** your mama a ho go sit somewhere u dried up p**** go eat s*** and while u at it give some to teyanna put it in her p**** u d*** ass b****

      • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013


  44. Overdose September 26, 2013

    Lol theres another petition:

    MAC Cosmetics: Take away Rihanna’s endorsement deal for bullying

    Rihanna has many young fans that look up to her and bullying is a HUGE problem that we are facing with the youth today. She is known for constantly bullying and picking fights with people over the internet and this is a problem that has been going on for a while now. By consistently attacking people online about their looks and reminding them how they are beneath her, she is using her platform in a very negative light and does not provide a positive image for MAC cosmetics or any of the other companies that she endorses. She is a poor role model and promotes habitual drug use. Rihanna openly smokes marijuana and no doubt has encouraged her fans to do so as well. Due to the behavior that Rihanna is exhibiting, her fans and followers have made death threats and are also exhibiting bullying behavior. This is important b/c Rihanna continues to lead the young women of America down a dark path. She continues to demonstrate destructive behavior to the young girls of this great United States of America by using her huge platform for negativity as opposed to promoting female empowerment and uplifting our young ladies. Because she has such a huge influence over so many, as a result of her bullying and verbal abuse it has encouraged her followers to do so as well. There have been many death threats from people that are a part of her social media gang that she refers to as “The Rihanna Navy”. At a simple request from her, they will pounce on anyone that Rihanna wants to bring her wrath down upon. She is definitely a cyber-bully as evidenced by her Twitter attacks on Ciara, Karruche Tran and Teyana Taylor, just to name a few. These attacks can do harm to a person’s self-esteem and can lead to things such as depression and suicide which happens to be an ongoing epidemic in our country amongst teenagers, especially young girls. As someone who knows a person who took their life due to bullying, this not only destroys the life of the person who killed themself, it also changes the lives of the family of the person doing the bullying. Continuously creating a negative cycle that will repeat itself. The effects of cyber-bullying will stunt the growth of our beautiful nation by weakening the psyche of the women of tomorrow who will lead us into the next century. Is this someone who you want representing your brand? It’s time that Rihanna learns that bullying is UNACCEPTABLE and will not be tolerated!

    • I&I(bare badniss) September 26, 2013


    • A mess!! September 26, 2013

      MAC already stated that “Rihanna is a grown woman who makes her own decisions” IT WON’T WORK 😆

      • Overdose September 26, 2013

        Too bad shes not acting like one.

      • DYNAMITE September 26, 2013

        Too bad you are obessed with Rihanna instead of buying 37ara. Overdose is flopping everywhere.

      • A mess!! September 26, 2013

        Don’t you floperror stans have better things to worry about lol

      • Overdose September 26, 2013

        Doesn’t Riherpes have better things to worry about than stalking other singers IGs?

    • Nicole September 26, 2013

      Sorry Boo, this will NEVER work, Rihanna responds to those who come on her page and disrespect her and that can be easily proven, MAC knew Rihanna was smoking weed before they singned her and so did RIver Island, Rihanna don’t go for anyone that don’t come for her, Teyana took an issue that is very serious in the world and made light of it and the evidence is there for all to see, so disliking Rihanna is not going to get her dropped from MAC, but mocking domestic violence will get Teyana dropped. What will Teyana go to court against Adidas and say? I didn’t do it? what would MAC’s defense be for dropping Rihanna? you responded to people who came at you? have several seats you sound ignorant and you are missing the big pic. Bullying is what happens to Rihanna on a daily basis on the internet on the blogs and even on websites like this one, the lies the slander the jokes about the abuse, the jokes about her head, the s*** shaming, that is bullying and she gets it daily, her responding to people and defendiing herself is not. Big difference. You are sad, and MAC would laugh at you.

      • Overdose September 26, 2013

        LMAO yall coulda saved that essay! I could care less whether it works dumb b****** I havnt signed it. Its fuckimg funny how this is turnin out. See you Navy making all the excuses for your favs.

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        @Amess same could be said for y’all, though maybe if u bought “Right now” she’d have a reason to stop trolling the internet. now get mad, bottom 😆

      • Jeff September 27, 2013

        Did you people know that Rihanna Overdose. Go to Hello Beautiful scroll down to Teyana taylor-Rihanna twiter bef cyber bully. Clink on link They will not let me post the link

        But do Mac know this tho

    • JOSE September 26, 2013

      It will never work. Show Rihanna bullying anyone. Everyone she’s responded too has started with her FIRST. She’s never said anything to or about Karate so your point is invalid. Teyana has been shading Rihanna since she claimed she copied her style so she threw the first shade.Also, Manyana assumed a video was a bout her and went into her hoodrat tirade. Lastly, Futures 34th baby momma threw shade at Rih on TV saying that she “wasnt nice”*on a show about fashion so her comment was completely unnecessary) and Rih responded back.

      How is that bullying when they threw shade first?

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Rihanna is to blessed to be stressed by lames and loosers.
      She have got people coming at her from Trump, to Farrahan, To Joan RIVERS, TO Pierce Morgan What is a girl to do, lamo.

      And who can ever forget the Bey Hive and all the people who are to bitter over her success to even try to work on a job.

    • Kareem September 27, 2013

      where is that one i need to sign that one

  45. xcbxcberugf568 September 26, 2013

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  46. BEYONCE September 26, 2013

    ok a lot of y’all worried about Ciara & Beyonce (who had nothing to do with this dragging of your idol Rihanna)

    your hate is coming out. That’s all. Rihanna is threatened (just like her fans) by any other female artist *why is that*

    Now as far as “Love Rival” bs goes, thats all speculation bc they saying that Teyana dated Drake (he kissed her cheek like he does everyone else) and CB who she was friends w/…

    thats IRRELEVANT- the point is Rihanna picked a fight & got dragged & now needs her fans to cry & make petitions cuz she was too weak (as usual) to fight

    And y’all think Teyana the only celeb who visits blogs? Rihanna tweets out to bloggers all the time LMAOOOO

    whos REALLY the insecure one? 90mil dollars and got time to play the fool on the internet

    mothers & fathers, plz parent your children so they wont end up like the Bajan s*** 🙁

    • A mess!! September 26, 2013

      Hi FAF why are you hiding d***?

    • Overdose September 26, 2013

      We all know Beyonce aint got time for that ghetto beefing. I dont even like the thieving b**** but she would never.

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        @Overdose right, chile ! they need to focus – bc bringing everyone in the industry against them only gon’ make it worse..

        Poor Navy

  47. Diamond Princess September 26, 2013

    I tried to start a petition yesterday to get Rihanna’s mac endorsement pulled on change.org but it wouldn’t go through. I will definitely support this petition b/c chick needs all support she can get! ET is going down!!!!

    • A mess!! September 26, 2013

      Lmao go waste your time b****. People already tried and failed!!!!

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        Girl, I saw that one it has close to 1k signatures.. ppl need to stay on ONE and stop signing so many bc its spreading them out

    • The Boy Toy September 26, 2013

      A joke! 😆

  48. The Boy Toy September 26, 2013

    Lol @ FAF trolling as “BEYONCE” . The desperation is real on these blogs. 😆

    • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

      If u THINK you know who I am , sweetie how is it trolling.. ?

      • BEYONCE September 26, 2013

        I don’t use avatars for a reason, APE

      • The Boy Toy September 26, 2013

        gerund or present participle: trolling

        submit a deliberately provocative posting to an online message board with the aim of inciting an angry response.
        “if people are obviously trolling then I’ll delete your posts and do my best to ban you”

        Keep it moving peasant!

  49. The Boy Toy September 26, 2013

    And I clocked the Teyana stan thing the other day. She made it soooo obvious lol. There are a lot of “STANs” on here, but a “Teyana stan ” talking big s*** on Rih posts? Kii come on now.

  50. Tobehonest September 26, 2013

    Not true I’ve been following teyana since sweet 16.

  51. KingBeyBitch September 26, 2013

    Rihanna has so much money but yet she is so insecure because she feels the need to throw shade at someone every time. It shows that she is so insecure! no mature woman has the time to stay throwing shade at people, she’s definitely a bully. Its really sad.

    • MuiMui September 26, 2013

      Funny how shes not throwing shade at your broke busted
      ass and the grape juice.

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        Every human has insecurities whether they have money or not. Having lots of money don’t mean you don’t have feelings.

  52. Tobehonest September 26, 2013

    Not really I like rihanna and I signed it. I’m just tired of rihanna bullying people. Notice she only comes for people who aren’t as successful. She might give subtle shade to people who are more successful but she would never go as far as she did with teyana and ciara. I still like rihanna and s*** talking but I don’t like her immaturity and bullying.

  53. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 26, 2013

    So you’re not going to report on Cher’s new FLOP album. 60Ker flopping even after sucking Caca’s d***, I cannot.

    • The Boy Toy September 26, 2013

      Cher has a new album out? Who knew?? 😯

  54. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 26, 2013

    Not 60Ker flopping even after letting Caca f*** her in the ass, I cannot.

  55. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 26, 2013

    60Ker will flop harder than 300K can’t be tamed.

  56. The Boy Toy September 26, 2013

    I really don’t care about this situation. It was so two days ago. Rih, stop giving these lessors free premeaux, heaux! 😆

  57. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 26, 2013

    And this is why I’ve always wondered why 60Ker is famous. Irrelevant in the 60s,70s,80s,90, and today.

    A b**** just can’t and 60Ker can’t.

  58. Chalie Murphy September 26, 2013

    The navy just needs to move on and accept rihanna got molly whopped..AGAIN. They started this petition BS. Weak lames

  59. Renee September 26, 2013

    I’m not going to say who I work for but I am going to give Ms. Taylor and her FANS a bit of advice.She needs to woman up and apologize for her actions in reference to the Domestic Violence mocking, and whoever her PR person is needs to get in front of it righ now, sooner better than later,this thing is getting ready to go national and the person taking it there is not someone you want to have doing it, she will run it day in and day out until she is dropped, she has brought down several people and even made one celeb attempt suicide, this is no laughing matter, these folks do not condone joking around about domestic violence, and they don’t see what Rihanna is doing as bullying, as a production person what we do is we go back and dig up everything, they are digging up Ms. Taylor’s past actions, the beating of the person in the club on behalf of Chris Brown, the entire slapping incident with the producer, the fact that she is friends with Chris Brown and Kae, and they are going to pull them into it to sensationalize it. They will make this a national thing, she needs to nip it in the bud now and her fans, if they are real fans need to encourage her to do so. Contrary to what you all may believe this is no longer about Rihanna, it is now about domestic violence and the fact that she has a pattern of violence and condoning it, no amount of street cred is worth them tearing her apart like that. If her PR people have any kind of sense they would get out in front of it, have her apologize and move on. Adidas and Reebok are huge companies and they will contact them for a comment that is NEVER a good thing, and those people don’t want any kind of publicity like that, it means losing money for them. I am sure you all can figure out what I am speaking about. I just wish both of these ladies would not get involved in such trivial things, we as a people don’t need any more black eyes. Encourage this girl to do the right thing, the smart thing, the professional thing, because within the next 48 hours this thing will blow up bigger than anyone wants it too. Paula Deen did not expect the fall out, Rick Ross did not expect the fall out, but the fall out will come, and neither of those two people got in front of it, they made excuses and their supporters made excuses until it was too late. Do not encourage her to keep going with this, she did a dumb thing, but it can be rectified.

    • zania September 26, 2013

      All this is bull, anyone with any since knows that Rihanna got Jay z behind this. Teyanna said on her twitter, so now you are going to threatening me with your lawylers. We all know why Ciara and others don’t say anything to Rihanna is because she has Roc nation behind her and everyone is afraid to speak against her because of their career. Teyanna said doesn’t care about that industry stuff, basically she saying you can’t black ball me I don’t care. I glad someone spoke up and wasn’t afraid. Rihanna fans are always saying that she only slept with 3 guys, do you really think Meek mills who is on roc nation and all the others would put Rihnana business out, knowing that she is Jay z payroll and it could hurt their careers if they try to damage her image. Miley Cyrus shaded her with dv joke and Rihanna said nothing, because she only go after black artist, who she can intimdate.

      • MuiMui September 26, 2013

        E entertainment tonight, and it has already been on

      • Jeff September 27, 2013

        E-news and other s did they know that Rihanna had a close call to her death. Go to Hello Beautiful clink on Teyana & Rihanna twitter beef. They sure kept this quiet as with everything else. Maybe now the real truth should come of of the 2009 incident

    • Kelly September 26, 2013

      Nancy Grace tomorrow.

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      rih needs to Apologise and stop hating on people!

  60. Krista September 26, 2013

    Lol at everyone claiming they got the tea and that they work for someone now (coincidently all supporting Rihanna)
    Why point out you work for someone then say I wont tell you LOLOLOL. You got too much timd. This beef aint that serious it will be forgotten by next week. Work for someone my ass.

    • SMH! September 26, 2013

      Rotfl, you can say that again!!!!

    • Ballsy September 26, 2013

      I’m getting a strange feeling that Teyana won the fight but not the war!

  61. Krista September 26, 2013

    Anyone can see this is a publicity stunt on Rihannas part and it blew put of proportion. She knows damn well whats shes doing, she knows s*** like this will be picked up everywhere. And she wanted to patronize Teyana for whatever reason. You call her a broke b**** but shes probably richer than most of your fans. She came for Sandra Rose, the Daily Mail reporter and many other journalists and bloggers for talking about her. But her fans love to think she doesnt give a f***, and she says she doesnt give a f***. She gives a f*** and is far more calculated than you think. And now her fans wanna cry about DV mockery. Please. Yall would not give a f*** if it wasnt about Rihanna because you know really, Teyana was mocking Rihanna not every DV victim.

    • Leave September 26, 2013

      I want to go at Sandra phuck face Rose. I hate that bish trynna come for Bey

    • Kelly September 26, 2013

      WTF does Rihanna need publicity for? her sold out tour? her sold out clothing line? or her sold out MAC Line? which one?

      • Love Life September 26, 2013

        Stop being naive. You can be the biggest star in the world and still crave publicity. Michael Jackson himself admitted it and often pulled publicity stunts to be on the front page of magazines.

    • rozel September 26, 2013

      So its easy to believe Rihanna need publicity but not teyana? Ya’ll funny bad. Wonder why ya’ll hate her so much. Other people have done and said worse online and snapped on people , but this hate against Rihanna just seems amplified to some other level. Its like someone has a personl vendetta against her and is going from blog to blog with lies, stories, and venom against her.

      • Love Life September 26, 2013

        It is easy because she wasn’t the one who started it.

  62. . : : h 2 o : : . September 26, 2013

    I’m sure they won’t make any s***, but good luck Teyana and her fans (?)

  63. JER September 26, 2013

    LOL. Teyona stans? You mean BeYAWNce and C-Error stans pressed to oblivion.

  64. Leave September 26, 2013

    I’m signing both of them . I want them both to get phucked up!

  65. Mimi Carey September 26, 2013

    @Lovebird did know cher even had new music out sis.

  66. TS September 26, 2013


    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013


  67. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) September 26, 2013

    I signed it. I guess everyone forgot that rihanna knocked her fan upside the head head with a mic. But they want to petition teyana because of a picture. F.ck rihanna and her wack ass fans.

    • rozel September 26, 2013

      Oh you conveniently forgot the guy was holding her against her will when she asked him to let go. Any normal person would do what they had to do the get him to let go. But as usual you had to find a way to make Rihanna be the wrong one.

      • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) September 26, 2013

        Girl/boy get the f.ck up outta here. What did she expect? Bey was slapped, hair was pulled, yanked into the audience, a fan hopped on stage and started hugging her and they didn’t let go but ain’t nobody saying nothing so again what was rihanna’s excuse for hitting the person that made her career?

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      she is wack and a bully.

  68. Love Life September 26, 2013

    Rihanna is not no f****** victim. I actually believe shes violent herself. And no Im not condoning Chris but I believe theres more than what she made out when she threw Chris under the bus on Diane Sawyer yet disassociated herself with DV victims. This is the broad who admitted to smashing her brother raw over the head with a glass bottle, had a toxic relationship with Chris Brown whom Neyo witnessed her hit and tumped her fan for grabbing on for too long. The girl has f****** issues. Now yall wanna burn Teyana at the steak for a picture Rihanna provoked her with. Give me a f*** break Rihanna needs to reap what she sowed.

  69. DIGGER BEY September 26, 2013

    Smh @ This whole story. All Teyanna was doing is mining her on business and here comes some s*** ass b**** picking. I don’t like her making fun of Rihoeanna getting dragged but Rihoeanna needs someone to knock her ass down a peg or two. She’s just like her delusional sad pathetic stans. That’s all they do is pick fights and talk s*** behind the computer screen. But I bet neither of the c*nts would do that in your face. I’m riding with Teyanna on this, just because R**** is an cyber bully. She needs her ass whooped by a female. #LET’S GO IN TEYANNA

    • Kelly September 26, 2013

      She should have kept minding her business, nobody called her name. You are clearly are of the hoodrat mentality but you all will learn a street b*tch try to hit you in the face and a slick b*tch will hit you in the pocket. Hoodrats NEVER win.

      • Love Life September 26, 2013

        But Rihanna wants to be hoodrat. And promotes the hoodrat image and life. But when it really hits her, she and her fans dont know what the f*** to do.

      • lmao September 26, 2013

        Please name a hood rat who never won. Beyonce is supposed a hood rat and she’s clearly winning, pink was a drug addict hood rat and she says she forever love the hood and she’s winning, Lebron James, is from the hood my hood to be exact. lil wayne, emiem, and many others. Hood rats give you b****** swag. your whole way of talking was stolen by gays who talk like round the way girls. Attitude and out spoken women are mostly from the hood. so when I say I’m a hood rat I say that s*** wit my chess now who gone check me boo. Because everything you say you got from somebody who will let you know it came or started in the hood baby. Ya’ll stay stealing our s*** b**** stay mad

      • ABC September 26, 2013

        LOL Beyoncé was never a hood rat. She was raised in very wealthy household, had private education for a period of time, her father is a highly qualified businessman and her mother owned a Salon. She knew hood people, being southern, and can act hood. But she was never a hood rat thanks!

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      rih is unhappy and picks on people to make herself feel good.

  70. EveRyder September 26, 2013

    Smdh @ everybody saying they want this s*** to stop when a lot of u were probably instigating it,re tweeting,and hash tagging between both of them. Only problem I had with Teyana is making fun of dv,but rihanna ass needed to be put in her place and punished as well bcuz bullying ppl is not acceptable either. Y’all shouldn’t call Teyana hood rat without calling rihanna one to bcuz she promotes gangsta behavior by calling ppl broke h***, posting nude pics on social media , posting pics of her smoking weed,the whole thug life persona

    • rozel September 26, 2013

      Yes but she has never violently attacked anyone, like teyana has claimed or threatened to do bodily harm to anyone. There goes the difference. Rihanna is a trash talker. Its her mouth to say what she wants but when you take it to where you are making threats, that’s another story. Lots of people smoke or have smoked weed including a few presidents, that don’t mean ish.

  71. Kelly September 26, 2013

    Do they really wan to go there?

    From TMZ

    Taylor was hanging out at a recording studio in Burbank Saturday night when another woman made a comment regarding Teyana’s friend Chris Brown.

    We’re told Teyana allegedly flipped out — and punched the other woman in the face multiple times … sending the woman crashing to the floor … where Teyana proceeded to kick her in the stomach and head with her boots.

    Cops were called to the scene … but Teyana had already left the building.

    We’re told the victim sustained several nasty scrapes and swelling around her face.

    Police sources tell us they’re investigating the incident — and would like to speak with Taylor ASAP — but so far, no charges have been filed against her.

    Attempts to reach Teyana were unsuccessful.

    • A yo cici September 26, 2013

      That is a hot ghetto mess. Teyana has no class and neither does Riri.

      • rozel September 26, 2013

        teyana better watch out. They gon air all her dirty violent nature. You know tmz love to dig up dirt. I can’t believe people are actually defending her when she is clearly more than a bully.

  72. Love Life September 26, 2013

    And yes I do believe Teyana will smack a b****. If Rihanna wasnt surrounded by bodyguards 24/7 she would come for her ass. But heres the hypocrisy, the navy want to talk about her being a ghetto and hood rat when their fav is endlessly pushing ‘thug life’ and the ghetto life and style in our faces all the time. And now they’re ‘grown women’ and should be able to control themselves, yet when Rihannas out acting like hot ghetto whorish mess its because shes ‘young’ and having fun. Make your mind up ‘heauxs’.

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      rihanna is a coward

  73. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 26, 2013

    Where do I sign?

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 26, 2013


      • mekaela September 26, 2013

        Stfu as if mac will drop rihanna go to hell youhood rats welfare chicks need to sit down

  74. A yo cici September 26, 2013

    Riri is talented but fame has gotten to her head. I will sign this petition only because she needs a wake up call.

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      it is at the bottom of the page!

  75. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 26, 2013

    If we REALLY wanna get technical, didn’t Rihanna respond to Amanda Bynes with “this is what happens when you cancel intervention.” Amanda has bipolar and is in treatment for her mental health issues, but Rihanna can tweet sly remarks about mental health because she was attacked? And if you find this a reach so is this Adidas crap

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      stupse people need to stop feeling sorry for rihanna she doesnt feel sorry for herself. if chris B wanted her, she would be with im in a flash!

  76. Common Sense September 26, 2013

    I don’t even know who this Teyana chick is, but she has my full support. The day R****** went back to Chris Brown she gave up her “victim” card, and mocking her became fair game. Not to mention how much of a complete b**** Rihanna is to other struggling artists (and to her zombie fans).

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      Go Tey

    • Jeff September 27, 2013

      Did you people know that Rihanna Overdose. Go to Hello Beautiful scroll down to Teyana taylor-Rihanna twiter bef cyber bully. Clink on link They will not let me post the link

  77. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez September 26, 2013

    A mess. Teyanna Taylor will lose eveyrthing if she doesn’t at least apologize for the picture she put up.

  78. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez September 26, 2013

    A mess. Teyanna Taylor will lose eveyrthing if she doesn’t at least apologize for the picture she put up then she will face the wrath of the angry white women

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 26, 2013

      For what? And wrath of an angry white women? Tf? F*ck em!

      • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

        stupse. rihanna is a fake! leave teyana.

  79. Super Cisus September 26, 2013

    These 2 dikes b****** still relevant?

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      only teyana

  80. a beautiful day September 26, 2013

    omg. i don’t get this. it was some f***** up joke of an arguement. not kinda funny? now everybody wanna start real s*** driving them both down the drain? 😆 *shakes head*

    ya’all the worst. 😀

  81. Lucia September 26, 2013

    All of this b******* was thrown out of proportion imo.

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013


  82. DIGGER BEY September 26, 2013

    R**** is probably somewhere laughing her ass off @ these dumbass domestic abuse supporters. I mean the b**** not only went back to Chris one time but multiply times after she got her ass beat. She knew those domestic abuse supporters cried out for her not to. And she just gave them the middle finger. She don’t give a damn about them. All that girl care about is getting high and d**** on the daily.

    • etone September 26, 2013

      you must not get any yourself.
      you wouldn’t be in her sexual business like that.
      and she went to chris brown for closure many people forgive someone who has wronged them.
      like im sure someone has done for you.

      UN-GRATEFUL B****

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      laughing at her silly self u mean!

  83. DIGGER BEY September 27, 2013

    ^^^^^^ B**** STFU and go choke on some c** juice, like your H** Ass Mother taught you to. And Rihc*nt I’m no woman beater or crackhead. Plus b****, R**** shows her wore out c****** so much, its everybody’s business. #BYEE C** DRINKIN F**

    • Patrick September 27, 2013

      Who taught you to talk like this? Your soul is ugly.

  84. Patrick September 27, 2013

    I dont understand why someone like Rihanna who seemingly has it all, is so mean and unhappy. Sane people do not go around hating on people and being such a spiteful, vindictive B****. I am so sick of Rihanna and everything she stands for. Why do people like her? She is a classic ASSHOLE in every sense of the word. Being such a horrible person has repercussions that even her NAVY wont be able to help her with………its called HELL.

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      she is unhappy

  85. Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

    Sign the Petition here: I think they got all the Signatures they need though! Rihanna is a Cyber Bully!


  86. Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

    They need More Signatures, they have 600 plus already! Go and vote at change.org


    • Kareem September 27, 2013

      i signed

      • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013


  87. Jeff September 27, 2013

    Did you people know that Rihanna Overdose. Go to Hello Beautiful scroll down to Teyana taylor-Rihanna twiter bef cyber bully. Clink on link They will not let me post the link. Now this is what her fans are learning SMH

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2013

      didnt see it

  88. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez September 27, 2013

    Music is a business; both Rihanna and Teyanna are brands. This kind of mess can damage her image and make her a liability for Addias. Domestic Violence is an ongoing issue and if threatened, talked about or even mentioned then it could result in termination on her part. I don’t agree with everything Rihanna does but I’m not going to pretend like I’m a saint as the people on this post. I look at all of your posts and y’all act like you have room to judge either ladies. Rihanna is not a bully, just a b**** that likes to shade.. Teyanna is also a b**** that likes to shade there is a difference and if Rihanna is a bully then what does that make people in here that calls her UFO, ugly, trash.. Etc? Not even just her but Beyoncé, Miley, etc? Like let’s grow up. I’ve done my work as a pressed fool now y’all admit y’all do it too

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 28, 2013

      huh? long winded comment!

  89. Jack baits January 12, 2014

    Wait first of all what fans does she have. Until this beef I didn’t know who this hefer was. Rihanna made her she should be thanking her. Can anyone name any of her songs? That b**** needs to fall back she looks like the female version of jay z. Calling rihanna a slag with them D*** sucking lips.

  90. Latinas January 12, 2014

    Domestic violence is no joke it can happen to anyone. That b**** went to far. Is that all the broke b**** can say. The example she’s giving out to young girls that it’s your fault if you go through domestic violence.

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