New Video: J.Cole – ‘Crooked Smile (Ft TLC)’

Published: Wednesday 18th Sep 2013 by David

From underdog to market leader.

Lacks a ring to it? Maybe- but it’d be an accurate way to describe J.Cole’s current positioning, washing his hands of his underdog status this year with the release of his #1 album ‘Born Sinner’ and becoming the standard many a Hip Hop act now has to live up to…at least on a commercial front.

Now, watch him use his rising star for good with the release of his new video for the single ‘Crooked Smile’.

A moving piece below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. JER September 18, 2013

    But where was TLC? Gurlbye!!!!! If this was me, I would have had TLC all over this video. Give your motherfucking props b****. BYE!!!!

    • cvncvnreueru47547 September 18, 2013

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  2. Beyhive September 18, 2013

    Ugh where’s TLC.

    • RIHANNA >>> everybody except Whitney, Mariah & Janet September 18, 2013

      The same place where Beyonce is…Washed Up Land

      • Tyler September 19, 2013

        The only washed up one I see is the extraterrestrial splice creature you stan for. TLC is a legendary group and Beyonce will always be more relevant than your talentless ass fave….so sit!

  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH September 18, 2013


  4. BubblePopElectric September 18, 2013

    In A Post Trayvon Martin World, I Think This Video Was Powerful Beyond Measure. Thank You J.Cole For This Bold Statement. Video Of The Year Contender, For Sure!

  5. VANNY September 18, 2013

    good thing i scrolled down to the comments before watching the video…. TLC is not in the video??? wtf??? TLC is legend!!! and plus t-boz and chilli need the exposure especially with the TLC movie coming out smh… girls give me a call i need to be your manager cause baybeeeeeee!!! aint nobody got time for that smh…

  6. RIHANNA >>> everybody except Whitney, Mariah & Janet September 18, 2013

    Who cares about where the washed-up TLC is??? The music video was exceptional and very artistic.

  7. yonataon September 18, 2013

    tlc is not needed for the message. let the man be great! great message!

  8. Diamond Princess September 18, 2013

    How you do a TLC unpretty type song featuring TLC without TLC in the video? Makes no sense! Maybe them and J cole had conflicting schedules.

  9. Diamond Princess September 18, 2013

    Whoever said TLC don’t need to be in the video can drink a gallon of bleach now!!!

    • Jef September 18, 2013

      Drake bought up all J. Cole CDs and it still not doing well. Looking at this video makes me wonder if Drake buying up all his own singles and chart spots.

  10. Bravo!! September 18, 2013

    My baby picking up weight in his face, but nice video.

  11. toohotfortv September 18, 2013

    Does he want to be an actor or a rapper? can we save this for the movies… I mean really, i just wanted to jam.

  12. Scrappie September 18, 2013

    Cheap ass …..u could afford to fly TLC out for the video smhh….I will never watch this s*** again…….

  13. Mark111 September 18, 2013

    This video has a powerful message and was about Aiyana Jones (The little girl that was shot by a cop during a raid.) and y’all crying about some TLC? You f*** make me sick!

  14. Back 2 J September 19, 2013

    The music video & song do not go together. It’s a great video but not for this song though. I heard J Cole had to re-shot the music video because he didn’t like the first version. TLC was in the music video in the first version. Hopefully they will release the other version…

  15. eqvilim September 19, 2013

    I agree that this music video and song do not go together. They should have had some sort of connect between the two. TLC should have been in it.

    My big issue is J.Cole misrepresenting the situation shown in the video. “War on drugs” had nothing to do with the death of the real little girl. It was actually a raid to find a murderer that was being harbored in that house. Not saying the death of the little girl was right or OK but when you are harboring a murderer in your house with small children, you are asking for trouble.

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