Watch: Beyonce Live At ‘Rock In Rio’

Published: Saturday 14th Sep 2013 by David

 Just woke up and in serious need of a Beyonce fix?

You do? Then you’ve come to the right place! For, just hours after the show streamed live to fans across the globe, you can now watch Beyonce‘s entire ‘Rock In Rio’ set right here on That Grape Juice!

Peep Ms. ‘XO’ in action below…

*To be updated!

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  1. Rare Intelligence September 14, 2013

    Good job Beyoncé

    Before it gets crazy, if you don’t like Beyoncé then don’t click or comment – it’s not mandatory.

    If you don’t like someone I don’t understand why you’d spend time on that person. I hope all of you negative stans grow the f*** up.

    Rare Intelligence

      • truthteller September 14, 2013

        @earth…u idiot…they don’t choose what to wear on magazine covers…that is the editors

  2. Luca September 14, 2013



    • earth September 14, 2013


      Rihanna don’t need 100 dancers on stage , flashing blinding lights, fireworks, wigs and nose jobs to make a lip sync show.

      Rihanna has never fell face down 50 steps either .

      • Ashley September 14, 2013

        But YET with all them damn albums & number 1’s under Rihannas belt Beyone is still her superior. The Horror!

      • Yolo September 14, 2013

        @Earth and yet Beyonces Tour is doing better. Rihanna has dancers and lights and still cant disguise the fact shes a below average performer so WTF are you talking about?

      • Bey Advocate September 14, 2013

        and if she ever did she would never be able to get up and slay the stage like Bey did…and besides rihanna busted her ass plenty of times just by walking back n forth

  3. Amy September 14, 2013

    S** sells beyonce is all about selling s** on stage, good performance tho I knew what to expect as seen it all before. I need new beyonce music now I’m getting bored

    • Hadley September 14, 2013

      Babes shes performing her Tour. Shes on Tour. So of course it will be the same.

  4. Hadley September 14, 2013

    Brilliant. Her energy is everything. And yes it was the same because its all The Mrs Carter show.

  5. Stephy Tha Lambily September 14, 2013


    • MuiMui September 14, 2013

      Less just say u r right, then if shes the number 1 then there are 2-3-4-5-6 and on down the line, okay. The Master did not make no two people to be exactly alike,never and just know that everybody has their own finger print, DNA and no two are alike, so we get it, to You Beyonce is the best in ENTERTAINMENT/WORLD and all of Our air still comes from God Almighty, not Beyonce almighty, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

      I love Beyonce and can see that her Bey Hive is chocking the life out of Beyonce with their Boasting,lying and hate for all the artist who are not a look alike of Beyonce Stripper Knowles Carter, smoke on that .

      It amazes me that Billboard give Beyonce,Mariah and Michael a Millennium award and no one else so I suppose its safe to say that there is no Other in the world dead are alive is Worthy of such a Honor, Right Bey hive all you damn rug rats. Yet when another artist get award are honor you hate filled rug rats loses your dam mind, it Really does make people in the MUSIC INDUSTRY Wonder, about them Grammy’s she supposed to have Won,and others has sold three time more then she has, even DIAMOND MORE THEN ONCE… and don’t have half as many Grammy’s , so as you broke busted rug rats kiss Beyonces big wide screen flat ass and just know that God don’t like ugly and Hes not to proud of Cute if its with mean intentions be blessed.

      • Ashley September 14, 2013

        Why you so mad? Did someone s*** in your cornflakes this morning?

  6. musiclover (king bey) September 14, 2013

    Im need for b to switch it up now i feel like her look and performance are all the same the straight bob was stunning but i can see her going back to her long curly hair again smh

    • Kingbey September 14, 2013

      I agree but all this music is old , once she come out with her new things it will be different

  7. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 14, 2013

    Why does she keep posing like that? It’s not like it’s minimising her obesity.

    Laughing at her trying to steal Rihanna’s casual look on stage all the sudden.

  8. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 14, 2013

    Sorry beyOLDce but that lipstick only works for Rihanna….it shows off your ageing wrinkly face and extreme laugh lines.

    • Rihanna Queen of Trash September 14, 2013

      What do you look like? Stop hiding behind riri looks and put up or shut the F.U.C.K up. 32 is old to you? How old are you 12? I can’t with you stans with no damn life(Especially the navy)! Someone who has fit thighs, arms and a small upper body is fat? What part of the game is that? I’m going to need you to hop off your computer and find the nearest therapist you can find( if you can afford it) and then have a long seat and rethink some things…and why would Beyonce want lipstick that rihanna has? She is way to busy with a sold-out tour to contract h*****…

      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 14, 2013

        I’m 18 and beyOLDce does not look 32….she’s fat as well. Toned arms? I can see the armpit fat they forgot to Photoshop off…fit leg? Those are massive thunder thighs that she photoshops herself even having one photographer because she’s too insecure about allowing real photaghrapers due to unflattering pix.

      • Micks September 14, 2013

        I wish you would stop trolling Beyonces looks (who is a perfectly normal, shape size and looks for her age) and put up a picture of yourself you’re so critical which is the original commentators point. But oh no… I bet you wont. Irony.

  9. Marcellas September 14, 2013

    Yasss Beyyy Rihanna takes notes after that disgusting Rock In Rio! Brazilians were giving her tickets for free! Beyonce never disappoints!

  10. Marcellas September 14, 2013

    And I loveee the Bittersweet symphony mashup!

  11. Omari September 14, 2013


  12. Marcellas September 14, 2013

    She did a Ah Lelek too love this woman

  13. KingBeyBitch September 14, 2013

    LMFAO I didnt know Rihanna created wearing casual clothes on stage, I’m soooooo suprised at that. Anyways Bey was great as always, watch the haterz who’s FAVES cant perform for s*** come and hate>>>>

  14. cake like lady gaga September 14, 2013

    Still having trouble finding that T********* single. The search party for it shall continue

    • musiclover (king bey) September 14, 2013

      Worry bout ur flop faves come back single were she getting slayed by basics like katy perry n miley cyrus

      • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013


  15. Micks September 14, 2013

    Good job as usual Bey

  16. rihsus > t********* September 14, 2013

    According to the columnist Leo Dias, the newspaper O Dia , the demand for tickets to the shows Beyoncé in Brazil is lower than expected. According to sources consulted by the journalist, with the exception of Rio de Janeiro, all presentations of the tour “The Mrs . Carter Show “, which start this weekend, with tickets are available. Belo Horizonte is a city that registers lower demand and you can still find tickets for all sectors. In Fortaleza, only the track premium is exhausted and Brasilia 70% of tickets were sold. For presentations in the state capital, there are still around 20,000 tickets. This same problem was faced by Lady Gaga and Madonna during her recent stints country. The Brazilian leg of the tour Gaga, for example, came to a close partnership with a network of stores, which offered one second to buy a ticket. The main reason for the low demand is the amount of caches required by artists, which are eventually passed on to consumers. Tickets for the shows Beyoncé in São Paulo, for example, can cost R $ 630.00. Livepass A and XYZ, submitters Brazilian Voice ” Run The World (Girls) “, not commented on the news.

    LMFAO T********* tour in brazil is a flop. Rihsus will never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

      Averagely less than 5k unsold tickets every stadium show in 5 Brazillian cities due to outrageous ticket prices, lack of promotion, and no new music out, hardly makes it a flop.

      A FLOP is :

      RIHANNA –

      Arena Anhembi / São Paulo
      15,020 / 35,000 (43%)

      Mineirinho / Belo Horizonte
      8,000 / 20,000 (40%)

      Nilson Nelson Gymnasium / Brasília
      8,056 / 15,000 (54%)

      • Micks September 14, 2013


        Beyoncé Is doing 6 stadiums in Brazil.

      • rihsus > t********* September 14, 2013


        @MICK B****, SUCK A D***

      • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

        *** Morumbi Stadium / São Paulo
        52,757 / 52,757 <100%)

        *** HSBC Arena / Rio De Janeiro (2 Shows)
        28,686 / 28,686 (100%)

        *** Parque de Exposições de Salvador / Salvador
        28,776 / 28,776 (100%)


        … from Billboard boxscores.

        Get into Morumbi alone getting more attendance than Rihsus’ whole 3-date Brazillian leg 😆

      • Tash September 14, 2013

        @Rihsus Its from LOUD because Rihanna is not even Touring there this era it was such a disaster.

    • Micks September 14, 2013


      Rihanna cant even Tour in Brazil. You tried though.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

        It was proved lies though …

        That same gaping asshole of a blog said her attendance in Fortaleza would be as low as 15k out of 43K, only to get clocked on the day she performed there and it was reported that at least 40K attended.

        Keep in mind Fortaleza is not a city for touring, only true global forces like Madonna can get these numbers. Specially on the power of nothing but a 2-year-old album and old hits.

      • Micks September 14, 2013

        I know @H2O they just cant handle Beyoncé right now after Pollstar clocked the Diarrheamonds Tour in comparison to Beyonce.

    • Suicide Blonde September 14, 2013

      Leo Dias was called out for lying about Madonna, The Queen never faced this problem, that was GaGa and Beyonce is doing well as usual in Brazil.

  17. Micks September 14, 2013

    @Rihsus am sorry but Beyoncé is doing 6 stadium dates in Latin America and Rihanna struggles to sell out half her arenas there so don’t try it. Come harder boo.


    Arena Anhembi / São Paulo
    15,020 / 35,000 (43%)

    Mineirinho / Belo Horizonte
    8,000 / 20,000 (40%)

    Nilson Nelson Gymnasium / Brasília
    8,056 / 15,000 (54%)

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

      Beyonce has played/will play stadiums of 100K (Argentina), 80K (Peru), 70K-60K (Brazil), 30K-20K (Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and Chile)

      I don’t know what this “Rihsus” stan is trying to do … Beyonce is bigger than her fav all over Latin America by 5:1

  18. TheTruth September 14, 2013

    That countdown intro is AMAZING!!

  19. Tash September 14, 2013

    Watch it Navy… Remember what happened last time you got too big for your boots and tried to come for Beyonces Tour? Karma is a real b****.
    But anyway Im sure this was a great show as usual. Didn’t watch all of it because Ive seen the Mrs Carter Show Live and in the flesh and she killed it of course.

  20. . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

    Rock in Rio is simply her best concert tbh.. Not even Glastonbury had that much slayage

  21. grownwoman September 14, 2013

    I wanted her to keep the original short cut, but Bey seems a girl who loves length in her hair.

  22. NATION September 14, 2013

    so, is XO the new single???

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

      Maybe a later single. She’s shot plenty of videos and all of them are for next album, not sure if the lead single has been filmed yet though…

  23. Suicide Blonde September 14, 2013

    The pic is stunningly fierce.

    • MuiMui September 14, 2013

      Suicide Blonde I
      agree with you she look great.

  24. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

    Rih’s clothing line has sold out in 72 hours. Call me when gaga, katy or miely have that power? No beyonce single? I though Rita whora was dropping in september? What is she doing with calvin harris in Dallas? Does this h** take her career seriously?

    • Gilberto September 14, 2013

      “Rih’s clothing line has sold out in 72 hours.”

      LMFAO. How many pieces of her trash clothes she had out there? 10? 5? How much money she made “selling out” these garbage clothes? Without these informations, selling out clothes don’t mean any s***. You can’t brag about it. Selling 5 pieces out of 5 isn’t nothing to write about. As far as I know nobody checks UK version of Wet Seal, River Island.
      You should worry about Styled to Flop being axed in US. Style Network is going to get canceled. It flopped AGAIN! LOL.

      • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

        Style network is now Esquire and all teh shows will move ther.e HA. Beyonce wishes she had a clothing line that is hot. . What happened to hpouse of dereron? Rih has Supermodel Cara Delvigne wearing her clothes. As well as boys. Beyonce only had hood boogers in Texas rocking her gear.

        THE WHOLE COLLECTION HAS SOLD OUT; EVERY ITEM AND THIS IS THE 3RD TIME SHE HAS SOLD OUT. Dont worry about her money. She is 25 worth 184 milllion. I know that is more than your broke ass.

        Cleraly u have not been to the UK, River island is one of the biggest high street chains.

  25. Yeah I Said It September 14, 2013

    So damn fierce

  26. Shauwndapooh September 14, 2013

    Yawn b****

  27. Yeah I Said It September 14, 2013

    Beyonce is doing extremely well in South America where only the biggest of the best international stars have Touring success there. Unfortunately, Rihanna is not one of them.

  28. MuiMui September 14, 2013

    Have you noticed how Rihanna name ALAWAYS come up in a Beyonce Post with people making crappie comments about sales daaaaah and they seem to have forgotten that Beyonce is Touring with FIFETY 50 MILLION AND PEPSI, She should be doing better then shes Doing and she has far more tour stops then Rihanna has on this part of her tour she has added a whole shyt load of tour stops to try and top the biggest tours of this year.
    The first six months Beyonce did fewer tour stop then Rihanna and she make more per stop on name along, Yet From June 11, 2013 to the end of the year Rihanna have about 25-26 TOUR STOPS AND Beyonce has over sixety 60 tour stops to the end of this year,I am saying Beyonce is working harder then she ever has trying to prove a point to somebody , FROM JUNE 11 TO THE LAST DAY OF THIS YEAR Beyonce is touring far more then many are, let the Bey hive go and figure. Beyonce is either trying to impress PEPSI,or shes trying to clear all of the many Law Suits debts she has had that FAR out number her many Grammy’s She and her papa bought.
    And this Mrs Carter Tour is making up for her album “4”plain and simple. She has dropped “4”more then once and done everything she can think of to that album and it still has not caught up to the Power that is Adele,Rihanna and a few more. And no Hits on the top 100 at all, no Hits unless its inside Jayz Boxer shorts or that big fat nasety cigar he love sucking on.

    • Gilberto September 14, 2013

      “Have you noticed how Rihanna name ALAWAYS come up in a Beyonce Post”

      A r****** started talking about Riherpes here. BeyHive doesn’t care about Baby Blue’s baby-sitter as long as she keeps giving money to Carters.

      “Beyonce is Touring with FIFETY 50 MILLION AND PEPSI, She should be doing better”
      What b****? Mrs Carter Show is going to be her most successful tour to date. R****** is the one who’s flopping with Diarrheamonds Tour, faking receipts and being clocked by PollStar. Riherpes doesn’t even have a f****** sponsor. LOL.
      PEPSI is her sponsor, not her boss.

      “caught up to the Power that is Adele,Rihanna and a few more.”
      B**** you’re crazy. When did a R******’s album go DIAMOND? B**** struggles to get Platinum. Actually b**** struggles to get a #1 album. R****** can’t sell any s***. LMFAO. 4 sold as much as Talk That Flop and Unafloplogic did without jumping on any trend. It was all about good music.

      “And no Hits on the top 100”
      Hits =/= iconic songs. Her performance of Love On Top in VMA was more relevant and iconic than most of R******’s hit singles.

      • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

        With that 50 million marketiing from pepsi, I expect her tour to be the biggest in history. Nothing less than 300 mill.

    • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

      The 50 mill deal was a PR spin. It was smoke and miroors. Did 50 mill help her reignite her career? Has she outsold Lana,Rih, Miley, Gaga and katy? Even Araina Grande?

      NOPE. Once this tour raps. That is the end.

      • Gilberto September 14, 2013

        “The 50 mill deal was a PR spin.”

        Have you read the contract? I don’t think so.

        “Did 50 mill help her reignite her career?”
        She doesn’t need to reignite her career, she’s slaying all these b**** you talked about.

        “Once this tour raps. That is the end. ”
        That the same s*** I’ve been reading since 2000. Beyoncé still around making people pressed. LOL.

        “Has she outsold Lana,Rih, Miley, Gaga and katy? Even Araina Grande?”
        Yes, she did. From live performances, albums sold, Grammys, music videos, DVDs, tour, deals, movie tickets etc. None of these b****** can even touch Beyoncé.
        Who’s Araina Grande?

      • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

        No one said beyonc was over in 2000. Who said that? I was a fan of hers in 2000-.

        She is not slaying no one. LANA’S LP sold 5 million. That is more than beyonce last album

        Miley , Rih, katy, gaga has smash global singles. Bey has not had that since ‘ if i was boy ‘

        All you are hiding behind is teh tour. IN 2013, she wont be able to have a song as big as ROAR. I am talking now, not past achivements. Araina was a kid at that time. But, right now, Arainan, would beat beyonce in the charts.

        BEYONCE DOES NOT EVEN GET PLAYED ON RADIP ANYMORE. Arianae grance is 19 and her song, the way is 2 million solld in the USA and her debut LP debut at number 1. Her next album comes in FEB next year. They moving.

        No way, now, in this, day and age, can beyonce outsell GAGA, KATY, RIHANAN, and now even Miley.

        SHE is not even the hottest looking woman in music. That is rihanna, and miley would get second vote. She is so old and her music is crappy.

        Who cares about 50 mill promo? It did not help her with s***. SHE AINT ON TEH CHARTS, SHE AINT BLOWING UP RADIO, SHE IS NOT DOMINATING YOUTUBE.

      • Gilberto September 14, 2013

        “No one said beyonc was over in 2000. Who said that? I was a fan of hers in 2000-.”
        You weren’t b****. I’m here for DC for over a decade and I know almost everything.
        After Letoya and Latavia left the group and started backslash DC, some people said that DC wouldn’t repeat the success of TWOTW. They did with Survivor.
        When Kelly was having a massive hit with Dilemma. The same people were questioning why wasn’t the Beyoncé having a hit because Work It Out wasn’t doing that great. In 2003, she proved them wrong.
        After Deja Vu, people started saying that Beyoncé was fading. She proved they wrong after selling +500k in the first week.
        The same thing happened with IASF. People believed that she would get a hit. She proved them wrong again.
        You probably know the history about 4 era to date. She still sold +3kk, two massive deals, a succesful movie, a massive tour.

  29. Yolo September 14, 2013

    Lol @ the Navy getting clock’d in here. Shes slaying both critically and commercially you b****** will just have to deal and stop searching high and low for excuses.

  30. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) September 14, 2013

    I Love this pic. 🙂

    • MILEY SLAYRUS September 14, 2013

      flip flopper

  31. fatusankoh September 14, 2013

    You go bey the one and only their is no one like our bey looking good slaying and working hard god bless her and more success in all she do thanks Sam for posting you make my day

  32. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

    BEYOMNCE IS DONE! After the tour raps, she is OVER! She does not even have teh beauty from 10 years ago. Now, she looks, chunky, fat, botoxed, Old and dated. Even her hair is not as nice as 2003. Women always need to look s*** to be successful, if that was how they became a star. She became a star cos she hot and s***. She is not hot and s*** anymore.

    Even her music; the snippets she dropped were really bad. Arana grance and summer time sadness were WAYYY better. Without her s*** looks, the music, etc. There is no way she can dominate and the number 1 hot singer. Now, in this day and age, the competition is way stronger than 2003 2004.

    Lana Del
    Ariana Grande

    All these girls are younger and more current than her. THEY ACTUALLY HAVE HITS. She has not had a hit in 5 years. A lot has changed in 5 years. Rihanna has changed in 5 years.

    • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

      Beyonce does not have the timeless classic writing skills or voice of sade. Her fame came of the base that she was teh sole black woman, that was current, s*** and hot.

      Well, she not the sole black girl anymore. She is not hot or s*** and her music is far from current. It is stale dated and wack. Out of all the snipptes. there was not one certifed banger. All of them were really bad.

      • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

        Ariana Grande’s the way…was better than EVERY BEYONCE SINPPET SHE DROPPED. The songs were so bad.

        You know beyonce is in trouble when she DOES NOT DROP AN ALBUM and pushes material back. YOU KNOW THERE IS DEEP INTERNAL ISSUE. Major singers, on top of their game, NEVER EVER GO OUT LIKE THAT!

      • Gilberto September 14, 2013

        “Ariana Grande’s the way…was better than EVERY BEYONCE SINPPET SHE DROPPED. The songs were so bad.”

        That’s your opinion. Who cares about it? LOL. Nobody is here for this Mariah Carey rip off. The Way is nothing to write home about it.

    • Gilberto September 14, 2013

      “She does not even have teh beauty from 10 years ago. Now, she looks, chunky, fat, botoxed, Old and dated.”

      Who cares about it when she still has the TALENT from 10 years ago? LOL.

      “the competition is way stronger than 2003 2004.”
      Lana Del
      Ariana Grande

      KI KI KI KI KI. A bunch of untalented bitchs that can’t sing, dance or perform. I don’t call them competition.
      R****** can’t even have a big era, she’s fading. Her last two album had like two hit singles and a bunch of flop after flop. Her albums last for like 3 months and they’re gone. LOL. Her time is up. She was in VMA and nobody gave a f***, she didn’t win any s***. When will she slay the single charts like Katy Perry and Miley do? LOL.
      Diarreamonds Tour is flopping everywhere. It’s grossing less than Loud Tour and doesn’t have a f****** sponsor. B**** was giving away tickets after tickets and reporting like they were sold. LOL. Pollstar clocked all the lies.
      Let’s not forget that Riherpes WORKS for Jay-Z. For everything R****** sell, Beyoncé gets paid.

      • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

        UNA is at 4 mill with stay, diamonds and POUR IT UP


        VMA? THEY ASKKED HER TO COME and she got more attention in her jeans , that those on the red carpet

        Fading? Is that why she has recorded hook for either drake, em, gaga or katy? No one ask beyonce for s*** cos she is done

        Talent? U do not need talent to slay. Diamonds tour is flopping? Numbers please! She is ASIA AND MORE DATES HAVE BEEN ANNOUCED.

        JAY works for rih. GOOGLE the term manager.

        WE WILL SEE. RIH new album coms out this yea.r Let see who will sell more between beyonce and rih from 2013 onwards. who will have the bigger hits. Stay is still selling in the USA.

        GAGA is beyonce comp and more talented, and she gave beyonce her biggest global hit with telephone.

      • rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

        Beyonce last album, 4, sold 2.1 with intense promo and never had a single hit.


      • . : : h 2 o : : . September 14, 2013

        Do you really think she faked her tour numbers ?

        Idk they’re like … Too bad to be true

      • Gilberto September 14, 2013

        “4, sold 2.1 with intense promo and never had a single hit.”

        4 sold 1.4 in US and 600k in UK and 150k in Brazil. In only 3 countries she sold over 2.1. You’d better check your facts.

  33. king b September 14, 2013

    Hahahah the navy is getting dragged you can come for everything but Don’t touch the perfection that is “THE MRS CARTER SHOW”

  34. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 14, 2013

    some tell beyonce to lay of the botox and face fillers. She looks all chopped and screwed now.

  35. Kyle September 14, 2013

    Stuart Weitzmann joins the LONG list who just praised the Mrs Carter Show. He also customized a pair of baby shoes for the princess Blue!!! EVERY person who has been has not had a bad word to say about it. All praise from the QUEEN!!! KEEP TRYING HATERS YOU LOOK MORE DESPERATE BY THE DAY!

  36. ABC September 14, 2013

    So many essays for Mrs Carter. LMAO.

  37. pat September 14, 2013

    GREAT JOB, but damn…..can the HIVE get more than these recycled shows…..most artists wait to go on a greatest hits tour when they’re old and the creativity and hits have run out

    • Marcellas September 14, 2013

      Its her damn Tour man who changes their tour!?

  38. Rick September 14, 2013


  39. johnyvb September 14, 2013

    Amazing show, the last part of 1+1 was amazing.

    See ya tomorrow in Morumbi Bey.

  40. Tyler September 14, 2013

    There’s more competition now than there was in the early 2000s??? Are u f****** serious!??? Okay so which ever salvation army Stan said that deserves to be punched in the face with a damn microphone. Because Rihanna’s scientific looking ass, Gaga, Katy, Nicki, and Miley… are no where near the threat that Alicia, Mariah,Britney, Pink, and Christina were in the early 2000’s. And that’s just to name a few because Ashanti and Mia were also slaying b****** back in the day. So have several seats with that b.s.

  41. Tyler September 14, 2013

    @ earth
    You should be the last one talk about falling. Because Rihannaman has fallen when simpl galloping across the stage. Hell, at least Beyonce fell while actually doing something constructive. The h** the you Stan for has no excuse, on the other hand…well, with the exception of the fact that her big ass head is too heavy for her shoulders.

  42. Kingbey September 14, 2013

    Great job bey love it

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