Keyshia Cole Praises Elijah Blake ‘EOS’ Tour Outing: ‘You Did An Amazing Job’

Published: Sunday 27th Oct 2013 by David

She’s the R&B royal whose critical acclaim and occasionally untapped commercial pull makes her the unsuspecting envy of many of a Urban hopeful.

So, perhaps in recognising his potential as one of the genre’s trendsetters, the year has seen Keyshia Cole lend her expertise in the field to Roc Nation’s Elijah Blake, with whom she collaborated with on her latest LP ‘Woman To Woman’ and has enlisted to produce its hotly anticipated follow up.

Now peep what the ‘I Changed My Mind’ singer had to say on Blake’s skill as a live act below…

Snapped alongside Blake and his longtime mentor Troy Taylor, reliable word tells us that Keyshia touched down in Atlanta and spent no more than an hour in the city, just so she could enjoy Elijah’s set on the Melania Fiona/ Bridget Kelly led ‘EOS‘ tour showing.

All this, before a number of attendees at the show took to Twitter to praise Elijah on what many billed a stellar show.

If there’s anything to pull from the above, it’s that Elijah Blake is fast becoming an R&B favourite for reasons far beyond his streaming records and major label backing.

Why? Well, in an age where so many acts are forced upon the general public before they’re truly ready, Elijah’s almost ‘Independent act’ approach has seen win over audiences by way of material that’s undeniably strong and a live skill one simply can’t put a price on.

For, perhaps in learning from a certain Miguel, taking the time to perfect one’s live act and material arms one with an air of credibility and a strong support base even before the wheels on the label machine start turning.

Beneficial, as while the general public believes the said act is rising by way of word of mouth alone, their support has actually given the label ample reason to give that performer the push needed to truly win over the gp’s wallet.

Think Clear Channel arrangements. Advertisements on major web sites- and in Elijah’s case- creating a ‘package deal’ of sorts between he and Rihanna, convincing major outlets to support their rookie by offering them access to their star player.

With all this mind, we can’t wait to see how the coming year pans out for Elijah, and the way in which it lays the foundation for what many are hoping will be a long and fruitful career.

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  1. Draggin4MrsCarter October 27, 2013

    Rihanna is not RN’s star player, lol. She’s their s****, making money for the Queen Bey and Blue Ivy’s weekly tea parties at Carter manor.

    • FentySoSnatched October 27, 2013

      Still no single?

      • Draggin4MrsCarter October 27, 2013

        Still no hymen?

  2. RebelleMichelle October 27, 2013

    Keyshia looks flawless.

  3. HistoRIH Lessons October 27, 2013

    I’m glad you acknowledge that Rihanna is the Queen of RocNation.

    • BeyBeyKing October 27, 2013

      Yaaaaassss hunty, and she stay making Uncle Jigga that moneh!

  4. Azealia Azalea October 27, 2013

    At first I was getting sick of your constant Elijah gushing but I have to accept that it’s a good look if a website this big is showing love to a new singer. I was dissing you to a friend and she said ‘if perez can support gaga why can’t tgj support elijah’ which is true, but I just wish you would extend that support to more R&B singers not just the one.

    • WildestDreamer October 27, 2013

      Fair point sis, but who is else there? AA can sing but he’s too ghetto for the MS and BSmyth is talented but his sound isn’t together yet.

  5. Sevynth Heaven October 27, 2013

    It’s been so long since we’ve seen a new RandB singer treated like a star that I don’t think we’re used to it. At the end of the day, the last one to get the Alist treatment was Nicki and she’s Rap so I think something needs to change.

    If Roc and IDJ are going to make Eli their new big thing maybe it’ll scare the other labels into supporting real talent instead of the gimmicks they keep bankrolling because I’m tired of seeing all these wannabe thugs try to make it when they can’t even sing all that good.
    Another thing that makes me angry is that most of the people supporting the randb singers aren’t powerful and so don’t know how to make sure the singers get the help they need.
    Tamar has Vince and K has VH1 but what do Brandy and Kelly have? S*** has got to change if these girls ever wanna see another grammy again.

  6. Daniel Teflon October 27, 2013

    Lawdy Keisha NoSoul Cole giving out praise to a SANGER
    compared to that she is Not!!
    Elijah is a GREAT SANGER!!

  7. TIsForTamar October 27, 2013

    That was nice of Keyshia but let’s not act like she’s slaying anybody. Tamar outsold her.

    • BrandyBoi October 27, 2013

      When delusion strikes. Keyshia didn’t have a quarter of the promo Tamar had and only sold a few thousand copies less than she did. Keyshia would have wiped the floor with her if she promoted properly,

      • TIsForTamar October 27, 2013

        Why don’t you worry about Brandy’s sales. Oh that’s right, she doesn’t have any does she?

  8. Sundayluv October 27, 2013

    I think it’s really ridiculous how so called R&B fans are so divided. That is the problem! I am a bigger Brandy fan but I purchased both Tamar and Brandy’s album, because at the end of the day it’s all about the music. You silly Stan’s are whats killing R&B music.

  9. FutureCIARA October 27, 2013

    Who cares for her opinion, Isn’t she still on the blacklist for trying Michelle Williams??

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