Watch: Christina Aguilera Visits ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ {Full Interview}

Published: Wednesday 16th Oct 2013 by Sam

After a short spell away from the spotlight, Christina Aguilera is back and on the promo trail.

As recently reported, the powerhouse Pop diva stopped by The Queen Latifah Show this week to chat about the latest season of NBC smash ‘The Voice’, motherhood, and her philanthropic efforts.

 Watch the full interview below…

We may sound like a broken record,but: Xtina – bring on that new record!

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  1. ok October 16, 2013

    Not really feeling all the promo she does for an irrelevant show, but she’s fun to watch and incredibly beautiful so anytime she’s on my screen I’m most definitely watching.

    • all4u1 October 16, 2013

      How is the show irrelevant, when it is the number one show on NBC? I think it’s in her contract to promote The Voice.

      • ok October 16, 2013

        Lol calm your tits, I don’t care about it being #1 in NBC I’m not from the US so that means nothing to me. And as a Xtina fan I’m bored of The Voice promo contract or no contract. Next.

      • Chillin October 16, 2013

        Lol .I get your point…but its a big deal in the US..far from irrelevant actulally

    • ok October 16, 2013

      And from someone who isn’t in the US… Its irrelevant.

      • irene46 November 8, 2013

        xtina’s main bread and butter comes from the voice which makes it mucho relevant to her!!! it would be nothing but stupid for her not to.

  2. NT October 16, 2013

    I LOVE XTINA i have all of her albums, but it always bothers me the way that she promotes The Voice , but doesn’t promote her music nearly as hard anymore. I mean i guess musics just her side hobby now.

  3. Badnastydingaz October 16, 2013

    I really Hate this show setup…..looks boring

  4. Damo October 16, 2013

    Shes so beautiful and always a pleasure to watch I love her, welcome back Xtina!

  5. JFB October 16, 2013

    I’m really NOT feeling Xtina putting her all into the voice. Your an artist 2nd to being a mom Christina DONT forget that. This next album us fans want to see this same drive n passion just like unput into the voice… Give us another masterpiece. And YOU fans NEED to support by actually PURCHASING her albums n s***. I feel like I’m the only Fighter, fighting for Xtina. But i can’t blame y’all when she’s not even fighting for herself….

  6. Navy Nick October 17, 2013


  7. Luis October 17, 2013

    Honestly, I do like show but I just think that the same effort she’s putting towards promoting this show, she needs to do for promoting her own music. I mean two albums and none of them two were as successful as the previous ones. Come one, Chrissy! You’re an artist and singer before anything else. FOCUS on your music!!!

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