New Song: Jordin Sparks – ‘11.11 (Wish)’

Published: Monday 11th Nov 2013 by Rashad

Those of us wishing for new Jordin Sparks music have just had our wish granted.

Before you can see her aboard the new Lifetime holiday movie ‘Dear Secret Santa’ (November 30), the ‘American Idol’ champion taps into more Urban flavoured music with her new tune ‘11.11 (Wish)’.

Flexing her sultry vocals on the sexy slow jam, the songstress starts a few sparks of her own with this Elijah Black-penned number (produced by Salaam Remi).

Meet a new Jordin below:


We like! Very Kelly Rowland-esque!.  We’re used to hearing Jordin flex those powerhouse vocals of hers, but the restraint and lower register usage demonstrated on ‘Wish’ works in favor of conveying the emotional message.

Now, while we wouldn’t exactly vote for this to be the next single (this ain’t for radio, it’s for grown folks), we are loving the maturity displayed here.  If this is just a hint of what we can expect on Jordin’s next project, we definitely aren’t mad about it.  Roll on 2014!


Your thoughts?

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  1. Barb 4 lyfe November 11, 2013


    • Whoopdedoo November 11, 2013

      You obviously knew who it was when you click the topic. Ugh…get a life.

  2. Ju don’t even know November 11, 2013

    OH MY GOD YES THIS GAVE ME LIFE! But she looks like a man in that pic which is weird cuz she’s a really pretty girl.

  3. Mateo November 11, 2013

    LOVE THIS! AMAZING! Voice sounds great, mature and has real substance and emotion! Love it! Unexpected.

  4. queen monica November 11, 2013

    a;most as boring as Mariahs new song…maybe brandy can give tutorials on back ground vocals…seems like everyone has been trying to copy her the past 15 years. #queenMonica coming soon

  5. Iconic cici November 11, 2013

    irrelevant b**** #next

    • Bey0n November 11, 2013

      B**** cierrors t***** ass is king of all hat is irelivent. Have a seat.

      • Iconic cici November 11, 2013

        awww you cant spell IRRELEVANT. kiiii

    • Touché November 11, 2013

      Just as I figured, you’re definitely not a real Ciara stan because real Ciara stans don’t make remarks that could easily be thrown back at Ciara. I’m starting to think you also have something to do with the Nicki, Beyonce, and Christina trolls.

    • Bey0n November 11, 2013

      And you can’t spell CAN’T kiiiii

  6. Drea November 11, 2013


  7. Rosie November 11, 2013

    Why does TGJ always cover these local, irrelevant ass artists though? I don’t know her. Even the indie bands I listen to are more known.

    • Touché November 11, 2013

      She was relevant for a little bit after American Idol but she went away too long which made people lose interests

      • Touché November 11, 2013


      • Rosie November 11, 2013

        Oh ok then. I live in Canada so that’s why I probably don’t really know her. I think AI does air here but it’s nowhere as relevant.

      • Touché November 11, 2013

        I thought she was somewhat known in places like Canada or the UK but I guess not lol. American idol stars don’t usually become international stars so it’s not much of surprise.

  8. eric November 11, 2013

    Sounds more Janet than Kelly.

  9. King November 11, 2013

    Yasssss Jordin girl giving me Janet Jackson “Velvet Rope” tease! I hope she continues to go in a more RnB direction. She’s extremely talented. I really like this.

  10. Navy Nick November 11, 2013

    It was Kelly like, amazing! Yes mam!!!

  11. BrownSuga November 12, 2013

    Nice song and sound for Jordin but i hope she doesn’t put her REAL vocal chops into hiding as the girl can sang.

    All about getting the right material

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