Guess Who: Shakira Taps Fellow Pop Princess For New Single

Published: Sunday 8th Dec 2013 by David

Believe it or not, six years have passed since Roc Nation‘s Shakira topped many a chart alongside Beyonce upon the release of the latter’s ‘Beautiful Liar’ remix.

This year, in a bid to ensure similar (or greater) success, the entertainer has called on another Pop staple to help her top the charts with her own new release, days before the launch of its campaign!

So, which of the genre’s leading ladies readies to rock the charts alongside Ms. ‘Tortura‘ ?

Find out below…


It’s Rihanna!

Yes, now sharing a manager in Jay Brown, Rihanna & Shakira have teamed up to ruffle many a commercial feather with a single that appears on the performer’s brand new album!

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 14.52.42

Confirmed hours after the Colombian performer shot the video for the LP’s first single, news of their duet also comes after the ‘Loud’ belle celebrates the success of her ‘Diamonds World Tour’, which has now generated over $100 million since it touched down on March 8th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Starships December 8, 2013

    It won’t top beautiful liar. Rihanna can’t even dance.

  2. Kyle December 8, 2013

    Rihanna just HAS to be in the spotlight one way or another. Shes not releasing any music so she’ll jump on peoples albums who are.

  3. JuanR December 8, 2013

    Why Shakira? Why?
    You’re way too talented to work with Rihanna.

  4. The Reign December 8, 2013

    The world is not ready for the slayage that will be this single. Lol rihanna keep these chicks mad. #thatreign

  5. Lolz December 8, 2013

    Shakira is with ROC NATION now aswell. So duh. The power of ROC.

  6. cake like lady gaga December 8, 2013

    Errrrr, Riherpes?????

    Ok, good luck with that sis

  7. Dirty Laundry December 8, 2013

    Jay Zs impact

  8. MC!!!!! December 8, 2013

    that’s what’s up rihanna collaborated with everyone across the genres! it will be hit!

  9. kiiiiiii December 8, 2013

    Can’t wait to hear it. I hope it sounds similar to La Tortura (my fav Shakira’s song). So excited!!! 😀

  10. FreeBreezy December 8, 2013

    Ri has some big shoes to fill. BL video was everything

  11. JOHNVIDAL December 8, 2013

    Shakira girl… plus imagine if this song becomes a #1 hit or something: how many #1 hits would Rihanna have as a featured artist? Damn it music has changed.

  12. Arie December 8, 2013

    It will do well, Rihanna’s fan base supports her staff.

  13. kiiiiiii December 8, 2013

    Rihanna is bigger than Shakira in USA and UK so she would help her to achieve it, let’s not act like Rihanna wouldn’t contribute, especially when Shakira’s last efforts where flops there. You are always pressed when it comes to Rihanna that it hurts. And you stan for Mariah, most of her #1s are thanks to radio (PAYOLA), her single sales are embarrassing, does she even have a multiplatinum single?

  14. Molly December 8, 2013

    Im interested to here what it will should like i really cant see a song with the two of them.

  15. 808s December 8, 2013

    Kinda random…
    She should collab with J.lo instead!

  16. Body ache (Britney stan) December 8, 2013

    Yall already trying to compare it to beautiful liar when yall haven’t even heard the song yet, thats pathetic for all yall know it could be a ballad. -____-

  17. HOTSTUFF December 8, 2013


  18. HOTSTUFF December 8, 2013

    Rihanna’s vocal FLEXIBILITY tho >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  19. Jesso December 8, 2013

    Lol^ the delusion tho

  20. Jesso December 8, 2013


  21. FAF December 8, 2013

    Umm I don’t like Mariah’s attitude but all I want for Christmas is multiplatinum and still selling. Lol@ mariah single sales are embarrassing she was slaying before digital

  22. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 8, 2013

    Seethe hater. This will open Rih up to the latin market. Next year, she will do a diamonds tour in Latin america and slay. So now f****** what? 2013 has been a great year, and there is more slayage to come. did u read what she wrote to King Em?The monster video is gonna end careers. Just last week or so, she was given icon , not to mention she is up for 2 grammy’s.

    Where is that rita whora? The one was who was meant to end her career? Now she cannot even drop the music, she is reduced to doing 50 shades of flop – a film no actor in Hollywood, even C list would touch. HA HA HA. Rih’s 1st movie had Liam neeson and A skarsgard, both A list in their right.

    Beyonce: They all bragged about her new single coming on Dec 4th. Nope. No single. Beyonce cannot go up against the queen. Ask yourself this: why did Shakira choose a comeback with Rih?


    Hummmm interesting. Lets for the final veredict!

  24. Rihanna is the f****** s*** you slimebag f*** when will your irrelevant fav??? December 8, 2013

    Lmao why y’all ugly asses mad? The Riri 2014 takeover has begun!

  25. Thatmessjuice December 8, 2013

    mxm…I’m still dreaming of a Bey + Rih collabo

  26. Ty ty (ghetto gothic dance queen) December 8, 2013

    This song will be either really good or really BAD, i dont think their voices will mesh well together.

  27. KingB_lover December 8, 2013

    Or sing 🙁

  28. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 8, 2013

    IN 2012 you all said Rita Ora would finally put an end to Rih. She failed and will be dropped . In 2013 u said beyonce would end her. She failed and will retire. Then miley cyrus was elected to be the one to end rih…..after all the gimmicks it still comes down the music and miley failed to garner a single granny nod and now everyone is laughing at her. Miley did s*** to rih. Rih has a global hit with Em and what now is still slaying in the UK. 2 of her videos were the most viewed videos of 2013. STill slayling. Where is miley? Who the f*** is miley? Who respects miley? She is a corny ass disney wannabe rihannabe gimmick who will be done by Jan 2014.

    HA. Seethe hater. The beyonce comeback keeps getting harder and harder

  29. Rihanna is the f****** s*** you slimebag f*** when will your irrelevant fav??? December 8, 2013

    ^^Miley is played already lol. Everyone’s bored with her antics.

  30. cake like lady gaga December 8, 2013

    @thatmessjuice you have a better chance of finding a cure for Riherpes H-I-V than getting new music from t*********, so u better remain waiting!!

  31. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 8, 2013

    some people are so f****** stupid, it never fails to amaze me, when they talk s*** out of their asses, without doing their research first…

    mariah uses payola? for what? singles? if i was worth half of a billion, why the f*** would i waste my time buying singles, to show how relevant I am, when I can buy albums instead…

    that buying single s*** are for the birds, meaning single artists who cant sell albums…

    her last 2 albums how many number 1 hits did they have? exactly….mariah is not broke, so if she was using payola every album would have multiple number 1 hits

  32. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 8, 2013

    This song is gonna wipe out beautiful liar ‘s legacy. No one will remember it. LOL LOL BEYONCE IS BEING ERASED. ALL SHE HAS IS HER GREATEST HITS TOUR.

  33. 404G December 8, 2013

    maybe later.

  34. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 8, 2013

    RIH 2014:



    Steven spielberg movie

    JLO movie

    Monster video

    Shakira slayage

    Latin america leg ( where is that brazil beyonce stan now?

    Grammy’s, Brits etc

    rumored jewel line in with chanel; rumored face of victoria secrets.



  35. La Perra December 8, 2013

    Oh the SLAYAGE WILL BE GLOBAL AND MASSIVE. I know rihanna is a risk taker and she will dabble into Shakiras genre and we all know RIRI is a chameleon. Y’all better be ready, to love it or hate it.
    Rejoice or seethe b******!!!

  36. Rihanna is the f****** s*** you slimebag f*** when will your irrelevant fav??? December 8, 2013

    Rated x stfu and respond to the topic at hand for once. You always worried about what everyone else says 🙄

  37. FreeBreezy December 8, 2013

    Kinda racist

  38. kiiiiiii December 8, 2013

    Mariah would never see 1/4 of her album sales if she debuted in 2005 like Rihanna so let’s not (neither would Whitney, Michael, Madonna). She was lucky to release albums at the peak of album sales (90s) because the piracy wasn’t big as much as today and you should know it. And I don’t believe that s*** about celebrities’ money, that’s something just they can know, every other information is made up and inaccurate so you should stop bringing that unconfirmed mess up.

  39. JoJo December 8, 2013

    Stfu the only way this song will even reach the top 5 is because Rihanna is on it

  40. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 8, 2013

    beautiful liar, the song beyonce single white female shakira on? I remember when the song was released, I was a fan of beyonce back then, yea i know shocking..sarcasm

    but watching the video..beyonce seemed kinda stiff on alot of the moves,she’s used to pop her puss same moves since 1996…

    when ever she does a new move she always appear stiff

    shakira can dance her ass off, but her voice annoys the f*** out of me…

  41. XXX December 8, 2013

    You can believe Beyonce pays for Grammys but wont believe Mariah used payola under Tommy Shady Matola when it was heavily used in the 90s (rolls eyes)

  42. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 8, 2013

    THE $ 50 MILLION pepsi marketing budget they gave to Beyonce for ” her biggest ever commercial era”…..what happened? ALL that money and she STILL could not f**** with RIH, the QUEEN. That big superbowl fanfare and she still could not take Rih, the QUEEN out the game. It is over for beyonce. Unfortunately for Bey, she is looking older and more haggered by the day. Have u seen the laugh lines? LOL LOL

  43. Ty ty (ghetto gothic dance queen) December 8, 2013

    But Mariah does use payola you can’t deny it lol, how you think beautiful did as well as it did

  44. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 8, 2013

    what I noticed is this, rihanna gets more number 1 hits when she collaborates with somebody I expect this collaboration to hit numero uno on every charts..

    and shakira has never been a huge star…she came out with britney, mandy moore, xtina, jessica simpson…and of course britney was the top bish

    but I remember the first time I saw shakira, the video for whenever, I thought it was britney at first….
    because it was on mute..than i heard her voice…

    basically shakira is looking for a huge hit to make her a huge star, obviously beautiful liar didnt really do s*** for her career

    so what not use a bish that actually can make her a huge star…rihanna…she may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but one thing bitter h*** can admit, rihanna can pick a hit song

  45. Rosie December 8, 2013

    Both are global, so it’ll probably demolish every chart in Europe.

  46. Ty ty (ghetto gothic dance queen) December 8, 2013

    What would yall prefer ?

    A Rihanna and Ciara collaboration

    Beyonce and Rihanna collaboration

    or Beyonce and Ciara collaboration?

    I think a rih and ci song would be dope.

    rih and bey song would be beyond epic worldwide massive hit.

  47. Lolz December 8, 2013

    Beyonce showed she can pick up any dancing in that video, Shakira is a professional belly dancer and been doing it since she was born its part of her culture. BL was everything

  48. Ty ty (ghetto gothic dance queen) December 8, 2013

    @Rosie what female would do you think Lana should do a song with? i say Adele or Leona Lewis would be an amazing ballad.

  49. ASD December 8, 2013


  50. kiiiiiii December 8, 2013

    How Shakira is not a big star when she is one of the biggest artists of all time (and she is bigger than J.Lo, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin)? She started her career with Spanish albums, so ofc she wouldn’t slay as Britney. Laundry Service was her first album in English language and it slayed her peers. It outsold Britney, Stripped, dangerously In Love, only Avril Lavigne had bigger album sales. Not to mention that nowadays Shakira can outsell all of them with Spanish album. Sale El Sol had sold over 4 million worldwide with flop sales in USA. It went Diamond in France, Platinum in Germany and Diamond in her home country – Columbia. Shakira is already a legend in Latin American countries.

  51. Molly December 8, 2013

    & Can Rihanna just go back to red hair already?

  52. Super Cisus December 8, 2013

    Lost all respect for shakira R**** is a w**** and bad role model

  53. Rihboy December 8, 2013

    ^^^^Oh and Beyonces ghetto booty popping ass is a much better role model…shut up Super cierrors. Moreover please do not sit here and make it seem like beautiful liar was that big of a smash hit…it was here and then gone just like body party. It was cute for a second. The fish was on the hook but by the time it reached the surface the fish had let go. It was just an o.k. song, moreover a poor attempt of Beyonce gaining a foreign fan base. Rihanna has no shoes to fill because she has more than enough solo single successes as well as featured. We all know the power in her name and how quickly anything she touches becomes gold. so seethe.

  54. FreeBreezy December 8, 2013

    Is it true Rihanna gets more #1s when she’s a feature? Out of 12 #1s only “Love the Way You Lie” and “Live Your Life” are songs she is the featured artist on. Umbrella jay spit a verse on the intro as did Drake on WMN. I did not forget about Calvin being featured on WFL but lets get real here he did not sing a note , and britney on S&M was a feature to a song that would have gone #1 regardless. The excuses!

  55. Onika Slays A Bxtch (ASBEENISH) December 8, 2013

    @KIIIIIII actually Mariah does have a MultiPlatinum single. ‘One Sweet Day’ ft Boyz ll Men spent 16 weeks at No.1 (longest running No.1 in history) and 2x Platinum in the US.

  56. XXX December 8, 2013

    @Rihboy where did @super cisus even mention Beyoncé lmao. #Pressed.

  57. Macy December 8, 2013

    I’m sure Shakira will have to reign it in for Rihannas sake. So it will probably be a ballad. She has so much charisma, is a great performer and is hot. She could outshine her.

  58. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 8, 2013

    But who told this b**** she could come for Mariah though.? The queen has multi-platinum singles. All I want for Christmas is You, Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Always be my baby are some that I know of. Touch My body, etc. singles sales weren’t even as big back then as they are today. Most people bought albums back then. & did u forget that TEOM has sold over 6 million in the US alone (released in 2005)?

  59. jfkasy (shrewd navy) December 8, 2013

    This is totally gonna snatch your fave’s wig and pubic hair lol.I heard its a dance and rock fusion song!!15 weeks @ number one,that’s a no brainer. 2014 is gonna be RIHANNA year once again.Good being Navy.

  60. Lil Mo Stan and trey burkes husband (Kendricks d*** game wasnt on point) December 8, 2013

    Rihanna receives Grammy nominations, multi million dollar grossing tours, and Icon awards

    Ciara recieves subpoenas while performing on stage, a letter from her bottom nation fan base, dust for her album, and a negligent father of 3 as a fiance.

    @Super Cisus Stop fooling yourself. Rihanna>SUEara all day

  61. Onika Slays A Bxtch (ASBEENISH) December 8, 2013

    but ‘Bangerz’ has higher first week sales than any Rihanna Album. I think Miley has re-established her fan base, and its a strong one. Its lead singles slayed, ‘We Can’t Stop’ nearly 3x Platinum in the US. It went Platinum in 5 other countries. ‘Wrecking Bell’ No.1 in 9 countries (inc. BBH100). And it has taken the No.1 spot again this week. And Im pretty sure ‘Adore You’ will slay aswell. :l

    Pretty Sure Miley had the 2 most viewed vids of 2013.

    Wrecking Ball (broke vevo record 19.3M Views in 24 hours) – 391,012,013 in less than 4 months.

    We Can’t Stop (broke vevo record 9.6M Views in 24 hours) – 302,722,663 in less than 5 months.

  62. Seeing the light December 8, 2013

    Its interesting how J Lo is an EPIC flop statistically compared to Shakira omg.

    Just look at Shakiras touring and album sales in comparison to hers.

    But Shakiras star will never come close to J Lo. J Lo is a icon of Hollywood, she’s kind of like a Marilyn Monroe. Everyone’s heard of J Lo, Shakira is not a household name. Shakira is an example of how stats don’t always make you an icon or give you a great legacy. Its about you as the star.

  63. Rihanna December 8, 2013


  64. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 8, 2013

    iTunes Singles positions (USA)

    19. All I Want For Christmas is You – QUEENRIAH
    26. Applause – Flopga
    68. Body Electric – Lama


    17. Merry Christmas – SLAYRIAH
    30. Artflop – Flopga
    41. Bangerz – Miley
    58. Yours Truly – Copyana Grande
    59. Christmas with Love – Leona Lewis
    149. These are Special Times – Celine Dion

    Not Mariah slaying these girls with 19 year old music. & death @ Mariah’s Christmas album DESTROYING Celine’s. Mariah should be gracing top 50 on billboard 200 next week for sure. The funniest thing though is that Leona’s Christmas album was recently released & can’t even make top 30. #Struggle. Congrats to Mary, Kelly clarkson, and Michael Buble who are slaying with their respective Christmas albums.

    2. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red
    3. Michale Buble – Christmas
    9. Mary J. Blije – A Mary Christmas

  65. Jake December 8, 2013

    Does Rihanna has to be a featured on everyone’s albums tho? The fact is that she will NEVER collaborated with her two idols Mariah and Beyoncé . She is pressed!

  66. Rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 8, 2013

    But no one respects her. She got no grammy nod, that means, her peers dont take her and gangnam style gimmick seriously. Unlike RIh…… who IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

    ALL of miley’s success came from jacking rih’s swag and that stunt she pulled at MTV. I knew it would not be enough to her through to next year and beyond. Robin Thicke even regrets performing with her.

  67. jfkasy (shrewd navy) December 8, 2013

    what miley has are bandwagon fans ,people who jump onto something because its hot not because they really appreciate it.I like miley and i’m not taking anything away from her but dont read too much into it,only time will tell.Gaga was the hottest thing on the planet 3 years ago now she is mediocre at best.the entertainment industry is about standing the test of time which is why my fave is great because she is never dated,she is always IN, bringing hits,and still getting bigger.Will Miley be twerking three years from now?

  68. Rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 8, 2013

    Mariah and bey are washed up. They dont work with Rih cos she is the current POP queen, who is vocally weaker, so that makes them jealous and intimidated. Not to mention, she is not from the USA, but she came and slayed.

    Beyonce should reach out…..

  69. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) December 8, 2013

    That Beyoncé and Shakira collab was the s***! I doubt this will top it, probably will be just another generic song for the charts.

  70. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) December 8, 2013

    Beyoncé and Shakira have a similar bone structure.

  71. Rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 8, 2013

    First of all black singers dont work or chill with each other cos of the one – black – star – slaying. So this will cause tension, distrust and jealousy. Rih and Bey dont trust each other. I think they have the same relationship Tyra and naomi had, and y’all saw had that played out. So, bey and rih would never work with each other.

    AS for Ciara….why would Rih work with no name, ugly ass ghetto loser flop b**** who had the audacity to try it with rih, based on the sole fact that she was always jealous of RIH?

  72. Gilberto December 8, 2013

    Never heard of this s***. It’s going to flop though.

    “Steven spielberg movie”
    Do you know Battleshit? I do. It sinked on the box office like s*** in a toilet bowl.

    “JLO movie”
    J.No + Rihanna on the same movie = Razzie Award winner.

    “Monster video”

    “Shakira slayage”
    Two goats on the same track ain’t slayage.

    “Latin america leg ( where is that brazil beyonce stan now? ”
    Let’s see the ticket sales. Loud Tour flopped in Brazil. She didn’t sell out any s***. I got 3 f****** tickets for free. I used them to wipe my ass. LOL.

    “Grammy’s, Brits etc”
    Will Rihanna win a grammy by her own this time? She always has somebody else’s name on her awards. LMFAO.

    “rumored jewel line in with chanel”
    Rihtards have been talking about a deal with Chanel since last millennium. Just stop, b****. it won’t happen.

    “rumored face of victoria secrets”
    Face? You mean forehead, right?

  73. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 8, 2013

    Good idea, Rihanna has got a unique voice that adds magic to songs.

    This will be a good collaboration, can’t wait.

  74. Iconic cici December 8, 2013

    They both sound like goats so i guess its a match made in heaven?

  75. Rosie December 8, 2013

    @Ty Ty I’m not sure. Adele would be pretty great though.

  76. Blue December 8, 2013

    Oh lord its like a dream come true, i want one mother effing beyond amazing rock ballad, BL was fun but it disappointed on soo many levels

  77. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 8, 2013

    Goat voices that sell records.

    Goat voices that made them icons.

  78. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 8, 2013

    That beautiful liar video is so uncomfortable to watch, it just shows how obsessive that woman was.

    She was busy copying and chasing J.Lo and Shakira around for years, wanting to be like them (she even said she wished she was Latina), and that video screams “I’m desperate to look like the original Latina in the video”.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  79. Davis December 8, 2013

    Lmao both of them sound like they belong in a farm when they sing i guess they match but my ears will be bleeding because both their voices irritate me.

  80. Davis December 8, 2013

    Its also obvious this is down to Jigga pulling the strings. If they wern’t both managed by his label this collab would probably never see the light of day.

  81. mark111 December 8, 2013

    Well we all know that the hips girl needs Rihanna. When was the last time Hips had a hit? Oh, Hips Don’t Lie, that was in 2006. Back when Gwen, Fergie and Nelly was the pop girls.

    And to @JOHNVIDAL, only two of Rihanna 12 #1s are features (soon to be 3). Don’t worry about Rihnna sales, hits and tours. Worry and wonder when will Gaga get another #1 hit and hope that her tour does ok so she don’t have to fake about hip incident.

    Back to me, call me crazy, but I think a Rihanna and Miley song would be fire. Their voices would mash so well. But I would never want to see it LIVE tho. (I’m just saying)

  82. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 8, 2013

    “Back to me, call me crazy, but I think a Rihanna and Miley song would be fire. Their voices would mash so well. But I would never want to see it LIVE tho. (I’m just saying)”

    Ooopp…b****….the shade.

  83. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 8, 2013



    Latin market IS shakira and RIH is a lot bigger now, then she was when she done loud tour.

    Battleship was a WW hit, and all the money was made.

    Even if her movie with JLO flops, it is still more opportunities in Hollywood. Beyonce has not been offered any work in Hollywood recently.

    She met with creative director of Chanel. No one expected her to work with Armani, before Armani, she went to Milan to meet with Miu Miu. Phillip green topshop flew to barbados to meet with her.

    SHE SAID her new album is coming in summer, unlike beyonce….she does not do push backs.

    40 projects. belee dat. we all know she is the baddest b**** in pop from fashion, movies and music.



  84. Stop the drama Start the music December 8, 2013

    @Kiiiii y u going in on Mariah like that tho? She’s one of the last multi talented pop divas in the business with commercially successful albums. Who cares about singles? Have a seat, trick.

  85. Lovebird (Britney Jean – OUT NOW) December 8, 2013

    EPIC = (Worldwide)$266,618,682

    BATTLESHIP = (Worldwide) $303,025,485

    I’m still waiting for a Beyonce movie to gross more than Battleship, she couldn’t even do that with an animated movie and we all know those are guaranteed success.

  86. Rosie December 8, 2013

    UK Charts:
    34. Britney Spears – Britney Jean

    I know she isn’t as big in the UK, but damn.

  87. BeyRihStan December 8, 2013

    JohnVidal is so pressed! 98% of Rih’s SMASHES are solo! Go join the Prince community! They hate EVERYONE just like you! Old f**!

  88. Lydia December 8, 2013

    @Rosie the floppage is real. She even came to the UK to do interviews on Capital fm (the biggest radio station) and Alan Carr to name a few. So they can’t use the no promo excuse here

  89. Rosie December 8, 2013

    @Lydia I know. There are artists with literally no star power that open with higher positions/numbers.

  90. JER December 8, 2013

    BeYAWNce stans re-writing history again. “Beautiful Liar” was a giant flop. It charted so high because of the chart formula at the time where digital sales counted twice as much. The song bombed on radio and fell off the charts after a few months. BYE! SMH

  91. Jessie December 8, 2013

    Beyonce, Beyonce, Shakira, Shakira! HEY! I remember when that came out school we all thought we were Beyonce and Shakira doing the dances. One of the hottest videos of all time with not an ounce of sluttiness.

  92. overdose December 8, 2013


  93. overdose December 8, 2013

    i want a Beyonce and Ciara collaboration

  94. overdose December 8, 2013

    Rosie adele would slaughter lana on a song Lmao

  95. Theman December 8, 2013

    Shakira is very successful.. She’s sold way more albums than Rihanna. Regarding Mariah she has platinum singles, a few of which are digital.. Digital singles aren’t that important.. They are cheap.. Album sales out weigh those by a mile.. Who puts that much stock into something that’s less than a dollar lol.. Mariah’s album sales surpass her singles, even though they are huge number ones.. Also Mariah’s number ones are far superior to Rihanna’s & have/had a lot more longevity. GTFOH outta here with that crap. The only thing Rihanna has going for her is being a radio artist.. That payola shyt is tired.. Dont act like Defjam doesn’t pull strings for her.. U have these major hits but struggle like shyt to surpass a million units in the US.. Fail !!

  96. Rosie December 8, 2013

    @Overdose Just like Beyoncé would end Ciara’s career for good if they collaborated.
    Not that he has one right now anyways.

  97. Yup! December 8, 2013

    Everything Rihanna do y’all hate on, why?

  98. Ju don’t even know December 8, 2013

    WTF kind of slayage??? King rih and shakira? Both beatifuel,unique,exotic goddesses recording new music? Too excited! I cannot deal.

  99. mr.m December 8, 2013

    Can Rihanna take a break, please?
    1 YEAR, GURL! JUST ONE YEAR! .. breathe!
    I like some of her songs .. but seeriously?
    Is she dat b*tch scared ppl would forget her ass?
    well, it seems so …
    take care of yourself gurl .. this is too much

  100. xedos December 8, 2013

    Mariah may have number 1’s,but i don’t trust any numbers before the the 90’s when soundscand cane in.Before that, the whole thing was rig

  101. MuiMui December 8, 2013

    People are always talking about Rihanna collabs. Could that be because she is the Hook Queen, hands down?
    Looking over the stats on Love The Way You Lie, nobody with good sense can ever say that Rihanna ,While shes not a Belter, she is still able to get the job done. And with Beyonce having the music industry blocked and locked down How did love The Way You Lie ,,, get a diamond .
    Ri collabs look like they are bigger and better then any other.

  102. MuiMui December 8, 2013

    MR M
    Rihanna will gladly take a break when all the others take one.
    You are not taking a break from that check of yours. We see Beyonce doing more tour stops then Ri is, so you are not telling her are jayz to take a break. Let Ri her work all she Want to.
    Work has never killed anybody,but worry has. Why don’t you take a break away from the articles on her,give yourself a break from her.

  103. MuiMui December 8, 2013

    And even after all of that Beyonce got a
    Grammy for ‘At Last” and that wasn’t even her own
    song.Beyonce has a way of mixing things up the night she won her Six Grammys
    She had a good Variety of Singles
    Song of the year for Single Ladies
    Best female pop vocals for Halo
    Best R&B for Single Ladies
    Best Traditional Performance for At Last
    Best R&B Song for Single Ladies
    Best Contempotary Album for I Am Sasha
    This was three different Songs that helped her
    to bring home the Bacon. And no matter how great your song are Album
    is you still have to be good enough to get Nominated, How can you ever
    Wing ,if you are not Nominated.
    More Power to Beyonce because now we know that what you sell and how your
    Music performs on the charts don’t mean nothing at all.
    You are still a stick in the mud and bitter over Rihanna success,you Hive fans is a lost cause.

  104. MuiMui December 8, 2013

    My comment about Beyonce winning a Grammy of a song that
    wasn’t even her own song, and you are still just as mad as ever over what Rihanna is doing.

  105. MuiMui December 8, 2013

    Gilberto,hive i am talking to you.

  106. Dezi December 8, 2013

    And you’re angry sir ..What for?

  107. Molly December 8, 2013

    lmao muimumi in here seething.

  108. Dezi December 8, 2013

    @LOVEBIRD-Rihanna don’t need to do shyt with miley. Why? So that people who hate her can say that she’s trying to ride on miley’s train FOH!

  109. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez December 8, 2013

    she has 2 singles that went number one that she was a ‘featured’ artist of the particular song.

    Love the way you lie

    Live your life

    that would mine the rest were HER songs and that’s mine she had 10 number 1 singles which were hers and 2 that she was featured. your shade is pathetic get over it.

  110. HALF AMAZIN December 9, 2013

    Your comment is an epic fail. Try again

  111. sigh December 9, 2013

    two goats – my ears hurt already!

  112. KATY’S D CUP December 10, 2013

    YES! ALL u b****** best be mad. Rih and Shakira bout to wipe the floor with your asses.

  113. MAX December 28, 2013

    Well I get your point, stats vs stardom don’t always go together. However, maybe Shakira isn’t the biggest name in the US or UK, but in the WORLD she’s one of the biggest stars (definitely a bigger icon than JLO). In Europe and Latin America she’s huuuge, and “whenever, wherever”, “hips don’t lie” and “waka waka” are songs that are world hits.

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