Hits Daily Double: ‘Beyonce To Sell 200,000 Digital Units In Three Days’

Published: Friday 13th Dec 2013 by David

It’s already achieved this feat on a global tip, but if predictions by the ever accurate Hits Daily Double is anything to go by, Beyonce‘s self titled new album is on course to welcome numbers that’ll see her ruffle many a Pop feather this week!

Details below…

By way of its release on a Friday (December 13th), the project’s ‘first week’ sales will actually only take into account units sold between now and next week’s sales chart. This morning, upon ‘Beyonce‘s release, this fact saw some question the star’s ability to shift commendable numbers within this period without the aid of a physical launch.

Well, they needn’t worry any longer. For, before it hits stores and targets last minute Christmas shoppers on December 21st, the album is now on course to sell 200,000 units in its first three days of digital release.

Oh, you’d like us to repeat that?

200,000 digital copies in three days.


Well…just one.

With the album already nearing the half a million mark worldwide, and Holiday sales set to ensure even better news in the week following its physical launch…is Beyonce ready to welcome what may be her fastest selling album to date?

For, with two singles being sent to radio next week and a promotional plan that may see her grace the ‘Good Morning America‘s and ‘Ellen’s of the world, ‘Beyonce’ is on its way to heights the likes of ‘The 20/20 Experience’ reached earlier this year!

So, before it does, peep ENews‘ coverage of the Pop event below!


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  1. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 13, 2013

    They predicted gaga and katy to sell over 500k. But that did not happen for either of them, hence why I never take the seriously.

  2. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 13, 2013

    Media spin. 1ST she sold 80k in 3 hourds, now 200k in one day, now 1 million WW in a day.

    I will wait till the ACTUAL NUMBERS COME IN.

  3. B2B December 13, 2013

    Fan or not you must give her credit! 200K in 3 days !!! That’s slayage

  4. RICHIE_RICH December 13, 2013

    Yassssss ma’am beesh she did that.

    Perfect pic too Sam

  5. My Forehead Tho December 13, 2013

    Not Beyonce debuting in the same sale range as Rihanna, Miley, Katy, Gaga etc with no lead single, no promo what’s so ever, and only having half the weeks digital sales being accounted for.


  6. Bey-Minaj December 13, 2013

    Dude cant u read? It said 200,000 in 3 days not 1. Where in the world are u getting your info. And oh how do u like how Bey has already smashed Ri’s first week sales by more than a half. Lol #WinningFeelsGood

  7. LOL December 13, 2013


  8. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    This blog has posted like a million B***** posts in under 24 hours. Lmao

  9. Finesse on This December 13, 2013

    I read somewhere else that she already passed 200K. I just wish people stop reporting their projections until at least 24 hours after the release. You can’t put a projection or prediction on this because NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT. There was no presale and the only promo is word of mouth, people are still JUST finding out about the album as we speak, so sorry HDD and billboard and everyone else, keep your predictions to yourself.

  10. MuiMui December 13, 2013

    Waiting to see how many new records are going to be
    broken in the next few weeks.She sure is taking advantage of those Christmas sales. Waiting to see which songs is going to be her front runners. She did as she always does, make for sure shes the only big Musician dropping.
    Now that the Musicians don’t have to drop a single,first, This must be the new trend,Drop when you want to drop, and forget about dropping Singles.

  11. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    Didn’t they predict 350k for Gaga?

  12. LOL December 13, 2013


  13. alex December 13, 2013

    Slayage. okay lets say that. But no music there. where are song like “halo”, single ladies, get me bodied, deja vu, without talking about dangerously in love…the old beyonce is far…feel sorry

  14. MuiMui December 13, 2013

    Being on Tour will help her Promote this Album.

  15. CherylSoldier December 13, 2013

    yaaaaaas Bey. Cheryl betta stan too!

  16. LOL December 13, 2013


  17. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    I think she’ll see an even bigger sales drop Than MDNA, Gaga and One Direction. People are overhyping this mess.

  18. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 13, 2013

    Bday 500K
    4 400K
    B 200K

    The pattern though. Anyway this album deserves to do good because it is actually good.

    This is Beyonce post number 1847393748, it’s getting boring now.

    I need a Johnvidal meltdown novella, make a Gags post please.

  19. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 13, 2013

    Sorry, 4 300K

  20. BeyRihStan December 13, 2013

    Mad because Mariah is struggling to get a hit in this decade?

  21. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    yasss Motha Bey.. You better shock the world! Not a single on the radio, not ONE performance kii

  22. ILOVEJAMESDEAN December 13, 2013

    I may not be the greatest fan of Beyonce, but what she did earned my respect.. She’s a totally f***** genius!!!

  23. CherylSoldier December 13, 2013

    LOL @ lovebird. The album is only being sold on itunes atm. Those are amazing numbers.

  24. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013


    Bxtch, you mad?????? kiii

    Where is Mariah?? what happened to the Art of letting go of relevancy??

  25. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013


    I’ll wait to see if any of the songs on this ever so basic album will go platinum like #beautiful

  26. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    SEETHE HOEBIRD!!!!!!! She will do more copies than your faves did, even with there GENERIC #1 singles kiiiii

    DEAL B**** DEAL!!!!

  27. BeyRihStan December 13, 2013


    That b**** pushed her album back to Nevruary 15. kii

  28. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    ‘I’ll wait to see if any of the songs on this ever so basic album will go platinum like #beautiful”

    Bxtch when will Mooriah’s album go platinum.. Oh i forgot, she hasnt released it yet kiiiii

  29. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 13, 2013


    I think you’re lost, Campton is at the next exit.

    I don’t invite ghetto b****** in my mentions.

    Check your tax bracket before you talk to me.

  30. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    kiiiii OK

    and this hagriah b**** was the MAIN one, saying Beyonce was a flop and she’s scared to release her album! Let her seeth kiii

  31. MC!!! December 13, 2013

    when folks bring up mariah who been there done that decades ago, in a beyonce post speaks volumes! like seriously what does mariah have to do with beyonce her album doesnt come out until feb. Just be happy beyonce released something and stop worrying about how it will “kill” people

  32. BeyRihStan December 13, 2013

    It doesn’t matter because her album sales will slay Mimi’s!

    Btw: Beautiful was a FLOP! Avril’s single also went platinum, doesn’t make it any less of a FLOP! Same with Applause. 🙂

  33. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013


    Will this Flopbum be seeing Emancipation of Mimi sales?
    Mariah is making more than half a million off All I want for Christmas is you alone this Christmas. Come back at me when B***** can make classics like queen MC. #GetDownOnYourKneesHoe

  34. abi December 13, 2013

    stop pitching beyonce and Rihanna against each other, the playing for the same team!

  35. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013


    Sweets, I’m in the right place..This is a BEYONCE post!

    I’m sure your pitch black ass could tell me where the compton exit is! That’s where your family lives. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Embrace it kiii

  36. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    GIRL bYE with them OLD as receipts kii

  37. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 13, 2013


  38. BeyRihStan December 13, 2013

    Yesss cling to those 2005 sales! She will NEVER see anything close to them again! Mark my words. 😆

  39. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    So if #beiatiful was a flop then what is Run the World, Countdown, party, love on top, & end of time??

  40. Bey-Minaj December 13, 2013

    U underestimate how much the Hive misses their Queen B. Her singles will slayyyy your faves whole career.

  41. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 13, 2013

    And my pitch black ass has got more credentials on my resume than you’ll ever have in your entire life.

    Judging by your lack of decorum, I would say the ghetto is where you belong, no one would tell the difference.

    S*** with money is still s***, and you’re lower than s***.

  42. BeyRihStan December 13, 2013

    Love On Top won a grammy and was #1 for like 8 weeks on the urban charts. When’s the last time Mariah won a Grammy?

  43. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    And ABSOLUTE MORTHERFU**ING DEATH @ Beyonce Stans claiming this album will be Diamond. B***** will never know what a diamond certification looks like. She’ll never touch it. She’ll never see it & she’ll never smell it.

  44. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013


    You would think that they would learn to shut their mouths by now kiiii

  45. BeyRihStan December 13, 2013

    Sorta like how Mariah will never see a platinum album this decade? That h** should retire while she still has an OUNCE of dignity left.

  46. RICHIE_RICH December 13, 2013

    Why are the girls hating? What is the issue? Beyonce’ did the damn thing. Hate her or love her she did that.

  47. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    Isn’t it funny how every single female had to release their albums before B*****. Britney, Miley, Katy, and Gaga had to be out if the way before this h** could make her entrance with this tired ass recycled music. Lol

  48. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    AND hagriah will NEVER know what it’s like to sell an album again.. She’s done

    Where is ARt of letting go(of my career)?? Wasn’t that suppose to snatch wigs?

    I’m not here for that old christmas music and her 2005 album receipts. What about her new material?? Where is it?

  49. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 13, 2013

    sn’t it funny how every single female had to release their albums before B*****. Britney, Miley, Katy, and Gaga had to be out if the way before this h** could make her entrance with this tired ass recycled music. Lol

    AND….SHE got confirmation from her hubby, that Rih would not drop till next summer. LOL LOL SHE IS OVER.

  50. My Forehead Tho December 13, 2013

    When your fave is shaped like a Kenmore stove, bitterness is expected. Girl, if Mariah put in half the work into her ego as she does her shoulders her next album might scan gold this time.

    Know your place, your fave does:


  51. RICHIE_RICH December 13, 2013

    Beyhive pay the haters no mind.

    Lets enjoy Beyonce’ giving us some fresh new hits baby. Let the HATERS seethe………………..

  52. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013


    Scalp that bxtch!

  53. My Forehead Tho December 13, 2013

    Fun Fact:

    Billboard gives ‘Beyonce’ a 90/100 rating

  54. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013


    Not S***-Hive trying to use the “no new material shade” LMFAO

    How long did you have to wait for this basic mess of an album again? Remember the snippet days? Lol

    At least Mariah came with actual singles babe. & soundtrack to one of the biggest movies of the year.

  55. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013


    What is mariah’s excuse?? What is she waiting on to release her album??

    she released two singles, still no album??

    Who is she scared of? is she scared of Beyonce?? kiii

  56. idgi December 13, 2013

    Now that legit is ZERO promo her album just fell out from the heavens to bless us all! I hope it sells a lot so her haters wont have that satisfaction of calling her a flop or fail. Great album, I love it and her!!!

  57. The Boy Toy December 13, 2013

    Hey Slayriah babe!
    Hi SlayHive I know you miss bending over for me b****!!! 😀

  58. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    “Her album might scan gold this time”

    Umm her last album was gold babe. And the previous one opened with bigger first week numbers than 4 & sold 1.3 million in the US. Lol keep worrying about Mariah’s shoulder Hun. That same shoulder slays Beyonce’s existence.

  59. Hivy December 13, 2013


  60. SLAY_HIVE December 13, 2013

    Girl it dont matter how long i had to wait..

    According to you mariah was going to release before Beyonce …didnt happen!!

    She came with Art of letting go (of carbs)

    It was a BORE fest and she was paid dust! still NO album! When will Mooriah release??

    She’s suppose to be this legend album seller.. why isn’t anyone interested??
    SEETHE B****

  61. RICHIE_RICH December 13, 2013

    Chile Mariah needs to give it a break no shade.

  62. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    How are they gonna say Zero promo when Beyonce has been promoting this entire year? Lol

    And I wish this bum ass b**** Slut_UnprotectedSex_HIV would stop bothering me. Ignore my comments if you don’t like them h**! Mariah has no reason to be scared of a girl who grew up wanting to be like her. Mariah has done her thing and Beyonce will never be able to match.

  63. Ke$ha is a better vocalist than Mariah sCarey December 13, 2013

    Mariah’s struggle vocals <<<<<<<

  64. Hivy December 13, 2013

    b**** it was zero promo. ARE YOU DUMB? She didn’t promote her album she promoted “4” and her tour. GAWD I HATE DUMB B******

  65. The Boy Toy December 13, 2013

    •now playing Partition video•

  66. The Boy Toy December 13, 2013

    SlayHive are you gonna recreate the Partition video for me? 😀

  67. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. December 13, 2013

    BEYONCE HAS PROMO. 17 VIDEOS HIGH END TOP quality videos on one day, paid for by pepsi. GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE. SO, is she ends up selling less than 10 mill…. EOM. LOL LOL THE 50 MILL FROM PEPSI IS PROMO. Not to mention she done superbowl and had one of the songs in pepsi commercial. If she does not open with 1 mill or more. SHE IS OVER.


  68. idgi December 13, 2013

    Ermm, she didn’t mention a damn thing about a new album and was touring for the previous album. How is that promoting this new one?

  69. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    Beyonce was not promoting 4. She knew that s*** was one of the biggest flops in music history. This entire year was all about building anticipation for this album & she has succeeded in doing so but let’s face it b****, after Christmas, this album will be selling tragically. It will be collecting more dust than The Re-up and Yours Truly.’

  70. TAME December 13, 2013

    Beyonce has not been promoting this entire year. No one thought she was going to release music after October came and gone, this came out of nowhere and look #1 in 93 countries.

    Mariah had her glory days, now it’s Beyonce turn.

  71. idgi December 13, 2013

    I’m not talking about 4 duhh.. I’m talking about her new album. Can’t you guys read lol

  72. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    Beyonce’s minions shouldn’t be worrying about Mariah’s vocals. Mariah’s use of the whistle register is more iconic than Beyonce & anything she’s ever done. Any butch who comes and tries to hit notes in the higher registers will be immediately compared to Mariah. #Fact

  73. TAME December 13, 2013

    The fumes. Beyonce had no promo, stop trying to down play he success #1 in 94 countries. In your face!! Seethe!

    4 was one of the biggest flops in music history, but it sold more than Mariah previous efforts, don’t forget. The whale is over.

  74. Common Sense December 13, 2013

    Why do the Hive have to attack other artists to celebrate Bey doing well again? Be grateful Beyonce isn’t flopping like Gaga as that is who she’s competing with not Mariah.
    Mariah’s competition was Whitney and Celine, so stop bringing her in like she’s expected to bring in these massive numbers. Mariah had her time where she brought in monster numbers that dwarf anything Beyonce’s ever done, so the hive really needs to calm down. And before you all mention “past receipts” don’t forget that more than half of Beyonce’s “receipts” come from Destiny’s Child, so be careful what you ask when you ask for past receipts to not be included.

  75. TAME December 13, 2013

    Mariah can’t sing anymore, deal. The human whale has been extinct. Seethe

  76. Wait… December 13, 2013

    I personally think that Beyonce did do promo. HELLOOOO, she’s on a World Tour now. Grown Woman was in a Pepsi ad. We knew that something was coming w/ the snippets and pictures. She was brilliant for dropping an album when no one else was. I listened to it, but I only like 5 tracks or something. I think the hype is mainly surrounded by when and how the album dropped. Artists out there aren’t going to drop “visual” albums because they don’t have the budgets for all of those videos. To me it just seems like she’s flexing her “power”, not her artistry. She may not change the game, but it is different. For that, I respect her a great deal.

  77. idgi December 13, 2013

    Exactly that’s all I was trying to say, she literally just dropped the album.. There wasn’t no interview, no tweets, no nothing. She did this on the DL, All she did was tour for the last album that doesn’t really lead anyone to believe she was going to release a new album well in 2013 anyway.

  78. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 13, 2013

    It was fun chatting with the hive, bye Beytches!

  79. Hivy December 13, 2013

    @common sense We are not attacking anyone! Its them being pressed and attacking us. Get it right

  80. Ke$ha is a better vocalist than Mariah sCarey December 13, 2013

    Mariah is a washed up has been. She’s no better than Ciara at this point.

  81. lesotho finnest December 13, 2013

    for God’s sake,just enjoy the music! if you dont like it then dont bother,but just let the hive enjoy this moment. that album is great, she killed the game..her degital sales so far are even bigger than britney’s opening numbers (no shade), let the music speak for itself..sales of the album will speak volumes and for God’s sake,will bb and whatever media stop with their flipping predictions.. just wait for the final numbers.. at this moment it fells so good to be staning for both riri and beyonce.

  82. Ke$ha is a better vocalist than Mariah sCarey December 13, 2013

    “The Art Of Letting Go” is now for sale on Groupon! 10 for $10.

  83. MC!!! December 13, 2013

    YASSS BEYY that Partition video! and that French! tu aimes le sexe?

  84. fatusankoh December 13, 2013

    Queen bey is given me life I am so happy I bought my on I tunes I can’t stoping listerning to to it long live queen bey

  85. rih rox((U mad Bro?)) December 13, 2013

    Fat old granny trying to act young and hip..midlife crisis much?

  86. MC!!! December 13, 2013

    oh Lord these kids will never know but I’m still laughing at how Mariah is still phasing the hive the art of letting go and beautiful was released you call it a flop but you obviously know the tracks anyways Mariah may not have the endorsements and grammys beyonce has but she Damn sure got diamond albums 500 million dollars MOSTLY FROM HER MISIC and shot started the whole rap sung collaboration pretty much a whole new music award categories. if it wasn’t for Mariah beyonce wouldn’t be singing ballads tbh she did practice vision of love runs. These stans acting crazy that beyonce finally released a critically “acclaim” album 16 years into her career when mariahs been making and getting albums like that since 1990 #haveaseat #dontgetittwisted

  87. Still Surprised December 13, 2013

    This is the album I’ve always envisioned her doing.
    Its like the more evolved version of the first Destiny’s Child debut album
    It’s the female equivalent of Magna Carta Holy Grail, mixed with Channel Orange and 20/20!
    I’m excited and those numbers in three days!
    F****** BOSS to wake up and say…Hm its 12:00am I’m bored! Imma release an album!
    This album is better than every R&B and Pop album released by a female not just for 2013,but in a long while.Im a very happy STAN right now!

    No need for the hate. Rihanna’s still Rihanna! Mariah’s still Mariah!So on and so forth 😀
    Can we just celebrate the fact that Beyonce finally listened to our complaints and delivered a damn good album!

  88. NAVY COMMANDER December 13, 2013

    I don’t listen to predictions we will see when the real numbers come out.

  89. SCHEISSETHRONED(GrapeJuiceSUCKS) December 13, 2013

    I bought my copy the night it came out! at 11:45 pm yesterday and it was worth EVERY f****** PENNY!

    #BOW Down to Bey

    Her Artistry this Era shows exactly why her fans and contemporaries call her the Queen!!!

    #Slay on Queen Bey! YAS

  90. truth…honey JUST THE DAMN TRUTH. y you mad? December 13, 2013


  91. Davis December 13, 2013

    Why is this Mariah fan always starting s***?

  92. TrueMusicLover December 13, 2013

    From Scandal’s amazing high to Beyonce’s Wtf of an album release…Of course every one gon try to praise this album as Beys best. Well when u take a bunch of hit makers ( jt, frank ocean, drake, ryan tedder, pharell) and ask them to write u some songs, you’re going to get quality music! Question is, can king Bey be convincing in selling it to her followers as Beyonce? Nope she can not. Beyonce’s last Beyonce album was Bday and a few loose tracks here and there afterwards. Other than that, she just been singing songs on a stage. Because she can sing. Is there any real connection between she and the music? No there isn’t! there was absolutely no build up to anything i watched last nite. The whole album is just a random collection of songs and she tries it further with a self title! A bit of advice though, listen to the album first and then watch the videos I beg u. I made that mistake and let me tell u it was a bit of a shock to my system. Off the bat, I cld hear who wrote what and confirmed my suspicions thru Google! So I haven’t even really listened to the lyrics. But its a shame how transparent she’s become as an artist to me. Despite her disappointments, i always give her the benefit of the doubt in hopes that she’ll wow me but aside from the shocking visuals, I was severely underwhelmed! Not even the bestn in the game cld help her it appears in my eye.Someone told me last nite to stop hoping at this point and just let it go. Well the only time Bey gets any spins on my ipod is when I’m hitting the pavement. I haven’t had a decent workout session in mths and I’ve been finding musical fulfillment in other artists, some on this very album lol so it shld say a lot. Used to a be a hard core fan and will continue to support her music but there’s no heart in it on my part. I buy her albums out of obligation now. Sigh… the greatest treasure anyone can have in their lifetime is a Libra’s loyalty! No doubt it will go platinum but only because her name is BBBBBeyonce! ‪#‎rantover

  93. stephy tha lambily December 13, 2013


  94. credits December 13, 2013

    this is kind of disappointing. i was routing for this power move she made. So her first week will finish up with about 400,000 digital copies. Consistent for Beyonce. When will she do a million in a week?

  95. Kisses Down Low December 13, 2013

    Sister keeps slaying. 3 days and ONLY Itunes sales? Thats a great feat.

  96. Igetbey December 14, 2013

    JUST GIVE IT UP BEYONCE HAS DID HER THING !!! No need to hate just give props when their do!!!!!! Love u bey for the album !!!! From pretty hurts to blue !!! U got my radio vote!!!!! #beynation#bHIVE#queenbey

  97. KINGAlesus December 14, 2013

    But she had four consecutive no.1s and this is going to be her fifth. But where is Mariah on the relevancy charts.

  98. thetruth December 14, 2013

    @Slayriah carey

    I agree about the promo… the reason why I even brought the cd bcuz of the videos. I do feel like the music videos over shadowed her actual songs which she probably felt wasn’t great enough to sell by themselves on a regular singles album… she also released several buzz singles this yr.

  99. D December 14, 2013

    Why are they only counting 3 days?? Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday…….did the stop counting Monday for the sales chart?

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