Hot Shot: Ciara Beams As ‘Body Party’ Holds Top 20 Position

Published: Sunday 22nd Dec 2013 by David

Peep this pic of ‘Promise’ performer Ciara snapped hours ago, enjoying the company of friends and fiancee Future days before Christmas.

Sporting that smile, the ‘DUI’ darling was caught out and about as her Gold single ‘Body Party’ continues to hold a Top 20 spot on iTunes R&B months after its March 8th release!

Indeed, doing so as she readies the release of a brand new studio album, the love song’s continued success comes as its supporting album ‘Ciara’ eyes global sales of 500,000 units, but as radio support of her latest single ‘Overdose’ softens in the USA.

Does Ciara have one more hit in her before she calls cut on the ‘Ciara’ era?

Weigh in below!

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  1. KissesForKelly December 22, 2013

    He only proposed because she’s pregnant.

  2. MarinasDiamonds December 22, 2013

    Pregnant for a man who barely raises the kids he already has?

  3. Kiki December 22, 2013

    Death. She is blatantly preggo

  4. BeyBeyKing December 22, 2013

    I can’t believe she’s putting her career on hold to have his baby.

  5. jamie December 22, 2013

    omg she looks so good pregnant… kelly fans can stay jealous future is a real man his kids are fine.

  6. Hot Sugar December 22, 2013

    Her album STILL isn’t gold? The struggle.

  7. DonZ December 22, 2013

    The Queen and she is sext to

  8. jamie December 22, 2013

    @BeyBey well atleast shes actually pregnant and not faking baby bumps like your fraud fav.

  9. TurntUp4Cici December 22, 2013

    Ciara girl, you are NOT about that serious life.
    1. Would he have asked you to marry him if he wasn’t pregnant?
    2. If he’s always with you, HOW is he raising his kids?
    3. His career is not poppin and that’s why he is Drake’s opening act. Your career is not poppin either, so how do you expect your fans to wait for you when your busy raising ANOTHER one of his kids.

    4. Now I know why my mama believes in not having babies with someone unless you’re married to them. Future has a habit of wifing chicks, getting them pregnant and then leaving. Don’t say he doesn’t unless you’re going to tell me he’s still sleeping with his other baby mamas.

  10. jamie December 22, 2013

    So happy for her engaged bout to start a family she must be so happy in her life right now.

  11. K.Rebelle December 22, 2013

    So Ciara has become another baby momma. So sad and so pathetic. If your ass thinks it’s ok for a man to be making kids with different women your ass was not raised right.

  12. stop December 22, 2013

    Lazy Ciara is old news……next topic please.

  13. jamie December 22, 2013

    @turnupforcici you need to support ciara and not try to criticize her right now your not with future 24/7 so you dont how often he sees his kids

  14. Dance4U December 22, 2013

    The majority of African Americans think it’s normal to have numerous children with numerous women out of committed relationships so why are we shocked at Ciara.

  15. jamie December 22, 2013

    a bunch of haters in here i hope faf molly super cisus and the rest of the c squad drag tf out you bitter bum b******!

  16. TamartiansUnite December 22, 2013

    Being a dad is a FULL TIME JOB but every time we see Ciara Future is close behind. Homegirl should be EMBARRASSED that she now went to get pregnant for ole boy who proposed to her because they found out she was having a baby. She tried to play it off like she didn’t know but she did.

    Every relationship isn’t perfect but I’m proud to say that my parents raised me to only commit to a man who will commit to me and to his commitments. Ole boy got kids running around the law had to force him to pay child support for but he out here buying 15 carat rings and being SOMEBODY ELSE’S opening act.

  17. Kisses Down Low December 22, 2013

    Kelly’s got a ring and man who is all hers. She won’t be added to a list of baby moms. And she has not been proposed to simply because she’s preggo.

  18. kim kardashian stan December 22, 2013

    this means no overdose video im sad.

  19. AngryCSquad December 22, 2013

    Absolute trash!! Let’s put all stan wars aside for this one and look at the facts.
    Does Future help his kids with his homework?
    Can Future say he takes his kids to every football game?
    Can Ciara say she’s willing to sign a prenup so she doesn’t have to help him pay for the kids he made.

    This is a f****** bad look and I’m mad as f*** because yall aren’t seeing the bigger picture. How can she progress in her career if she’s out here raising babies. it ain’t like she Beyonce and had s*** locked down, she still on her grind and it ain’t even as though she with is a keeper anyway.

  20. the voice December 22, 2013

    Ciara aint worried about her career chile…. therefore her fans aint worried about her career

  21. kim kardashian stan December 22, 2013

    future is coo tho he loves ciara they will make a beautiful baby.

  22. kim kardashian stan December 22, 2013

    yall to hard on cici

  23. SoGone4Monica December 22, 2013

    So miss girl worked her way to the top ONLY to make babies for a hood n**** with more kids than his opening act behind can afford.

  24. Valerie December 22, 2013

    Future is ugly as f*** and Ciara looks like a man so don’t bank on it.

  25. FentySoSnatched December 22, 2013

    When Rihanna has a baby it will be like Beyonce and Jay Z, so that means it will be with a man who marries her BEFORE getting her pregnant and whose career isn’t in the dumps like Future’s is.

  26. Alexia Alsina December 22, 2013

    My Grandma Bertha warned me about this s***.

  27. ashgino December 22, 2013

    ewe, she is so not naturally pretty like your favs!

  28. Draggin4MrsCarter December 22, 2013

    What kind of Maury Povich embarrassment. Baby Mama #3 Ciara? Girl bye!

  29. Baduizm05 December 22, 2013

    So people think it’s normal to make babies all around town without giving a second thought to how it affects the children? Ok.

  30. SevynWontStop December 22, 2013

    On the real, this just makes me even more determined to wait for Mr.Right so he’ll be perfect when he comes. I don’t want to be just another baby mama.

  31. KissesForKelly December 22, 2013

    Rapper Future stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for ANOTHER kid … problem is … now he’s battling the baby mama in court over child support.

    TMZ broke the story … a woman named Brittni Mealy slapped Future with a paternity lawsuit back in Feb, claiming he was the father of her son. But a month later she dismissed the suit, without explanation.

    Then on June 8th, Future filed docs, admitting he knocked Brittni up and asked the court to make it official … by legally recognizing him as the father. He also wants joint custody and for the court to determine how much child support he should pay.

    Brittni then fired back with docs of her own, claiming it’s not enough. She says Future left his kid without support for months. She’s asking for that cash — specifically from June and July — plus future support.

    Meanwhile Future’s still battling his baby mama #1 (Jessica Smith) … trying to shoot down her request to collect more cash for their 10-year-old son.

  32. KissesForKelly December 22, 2013

    So if Future had a baby with another woman last year how long has been with Ciara? Not long enough to make another human with imho. CLASS.LESS.

  33. Rosie December 22, 2013

    So she put her already dead career on hold just to become some C-list rapper’s baby daddy. Such an idiot.

  34. Super Cisus December 22, 2013

    Real Squad members support Ci not fake ass Kelly stans hiding behind Ciara screen names!! Ci said she wanted a family before 30 and she’s 28 so bam who gives a f*** congrats ci and nayvadius continue to ignore the d*** and f** ass haters!!!

  35. Super Cisus December 22, 2013

    B**** Tamar ain’t gold either so what the f*** is you saying

  36. FutureCIARA December 22, 2013

    TGJ tried it for posting that pic of Ciara just because it appears from that horrible angle that she’s a little thick….

    Stop the shenanigans, SHE IS NOT PREGO, she was drinking wine a few days ago and posted a pic on her instagram. Ciara would never, And I advise her NOT to have his baby, Its just too soon.

    Now continue on with this next project!

  37. FutureCIARA December 22, 2013

    I knew @Rosie would be somewhere lurking in the shadows of another CIARA POST!!!!

    Im soooo not suprised.

  38. Nayy December 22, 2013

    Ciara’s pregnant huh? For a year now huh? Yesterday she was a “man” eh? One day her Tummy’s flat, next its big….. my nxggaaaa she obviously is wearing 3 layers of clothes it’s f****** cold


  39. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 22, 2013

    I see Samantha fixed his hoodrat site and we can comment now…Anyway, @Jamie don’t get your hopes up, the C-Squad NEVER come to Ciara’s defense when it’s a Ciara post. Always on ghost mode, that’s not what their about. They’re about hating artist more successful than Ciara (everyone) and DONT even NUY her albums!! So don’t expect the support your looking for from them unless it’s again attacking another artist…It’s officially a wrap for the Ciara album #RIPCiarasCareer…

  40. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 22, 2013


  41. Navy Nick December 22, 2013

    I dont get y Ciara is not doing well, this album had bangers, she needs new/better management

  42. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 22, 2013

    what proof is there that Ciara is actually pregnant? were you guys at her doctors office, or there when she peed on the stick?

    even if she is pregnant I don’t see how the hell is that any of yall business..unlike the most of yall she can actually afford to have children…

    unless your ass bust a nut in her….her so called pregnancy is none of yall problems…her fiance and his children is also none of yall issue..he didnt bust a nut in….I swear basic b******

  43. ratedx(love is beautiful) December 22, 2013

    I wish ciara had a bigger platform and a bigger budget…she is very talented and has to play second fiddle to basic b****** who has to buy their own albums, just to remain relevant

    I wish nothing but the best for her and her fiance..she is obviously happy not basic b****** are always going to try her

  44. Mark111 December 22, 2013

    It might had flopped, but Ciara is a good album. I think Super Turnt Up should’ve been the 2nd single instead of I’m Out.

  45. Molly December 22, 2013

    Yall all pressed for what reason i dont know. She hasn’t announced shes pregnant so until then i will believe she’s not, Yall so worried about Ciara worry about your own life have you b****** graduated from high school? do you whores have jobs? smh

  46. CherylSoldier December 22, 2013

    This is the only site pressed about Ciara.
    Because she’s that irrelevant.

  47. Hivy December 22, 2013

    I cant @ratedxxx and it’s tired display pic. Girl you don’t sound intelligent and all the tired shade of Beyoncé is getting old so catch up heaux.


    Ciara isn’t pregnant I’m sure she knows the tea about future.

  48. Navy Commander December 22, 2013

    Why would you even be with a man that doesn’t take care of his 137482 kids?

  49. Nessa1226 December 22, 2013

    You sound so stupid. Kelly fans ain’t mad at Ciara. We don’t give af about her yeasty a** p***y either.

  50. ed December 22, 2013

    We -#noghoSt ’round here. I’m only commenting because I’m bored. 1st off no one gives a flying… about this -#shade or lack there of, you coons call yourselve’s throwing. $ is $ honey, flipping your thumbs when you could be flipping your twats trying to attain a minuscule amonut of success that has found it’s way into the live’s of Ciara & stars alike. So she ain’t no ®ihanna or Yoncé, but betch neither arrrgh you; & you -#neverEver will be ^_^. Look, I know it’s hard to be a lowly peasent and I know it’s hard to believe that like the schit that comes out of my ass, yous are as equally schitty but give it a rest; Or don’t,a phuck I will not ever give anyway. If schit can comment and try to toss about shade, so can I. ^_^

  51. That b**** December 22, 2013

    You guys are pathetic im here bullying Ciara and her fans smh the Hive Navy and Kelly stans are truly trash.

  52. That b**** December 22, 2013


  53. really December 23, 2013

    while yall comparing beyonce relationship to ciara, yall do know jayz had children before beyonce and supposedly had one while he was with her right?? do you research before you try to shade, i mean at least make legit points smh

  54. really December 23, 2013

    you know nothin about kelly fiance! she just announced they where engaged for years you didn know she even had a man _/ have a seat. you are just running your mouth when you dont have facts

  55. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 23, 2013


    Beyonce CD is great but she really needs to start being more original.
    & Death at @SuicideBlonde being back didn’t you have a mental breakdown and say you were never coming back? Lmao @EnoughOnika was right when he said you’d be back lol


    @IconicCiCi LOL!! Yep, a lot of these ho’s on here make a big fuss and “claim” to be leaving and never to return BUT always do. Usually under a different screen name or like @Suicide just return to the original name after the embarrassment dies down lol. @Lovebird is the next ho looking for attention. Who gives a date on when they’re not coming back to a d*mn blog site?? LOL! I hope he’s being honest cause to take a blog that serious, you need to leave a get a d*mn life lol!! And they usually disappeared after getting dragged, slayed or called out on their bullish*t. @Lovebird didn’t mention anything about leaving until he got hit by that Yonce surprise train like a deer in headlights lol!! Shocked and SLAYED his a*s like I ain’t NEVER seen lol. I’d be embarrassed too lol. BYE @Lovebird! See you soon in the hive!! LOL!!!

  56. Keri Krew Kween December 23, 2013

    “Does Ciara have one more hit in her” when did she have the first one?

  57. cake like lady gaga December 23, 2013

    DEAD at the canadian t***** trying it. he is mad that nobody wants to wife lana drunk rey

  58. cake like lady gaga December 23, 2013

    LOL at that epic read by @Enough_troll..

    I agree 100% with everything you said

  59. FutureCIARA December 23, 2013

    Yaas @CAKE Read that Canadian DOWN!!!!!

  60. anonymous December 23, 2013

    Has this flop sold 500k yet, or even 200k LOL.

  61. CARMEN December 23, 2013

    @Cake Like T***** CaCa
    lana has a boyfriend and theyre supposed to be engaged they were house hunting and lana has been wearing an engagement ring. go worry abt artflop instead

  62. Tisha December 23, 2013

    Smh, so how is she going to feed this baby when her label drops her and Future becomes Past?

  63. REALLY?! December 23, 2013

    Well if it isn’t a bunch of single gays and miserable h*** with no kids throwing their negative insults at someone who they completely know nothing about. What are yall doing with yall’s lives besides running to every post on the grape juice with your b******* observations. Yall don’t know enough about her or her fiancé personally to say some of the things you’re saying. Love is blind as f*** and we have all played the fool at one point in time. Let her make mistakes just like we all do and learn from them. You people f****** kill me nowadays worrying about what’s going on in someone else’s house besides your own. Take out your own trash first!

  64. Yolo December 23, 2013

    Death @ Rated X talking about proof Ciara is pregnant and then talking about buying albums out of spite. This broad has to be the dnest commentator in this site.

  65. Yolo December 23, 2013


  66. iconic cici December 23, 2013

    Ciara is grown yall need to stfu if shes happy thats all that matters f*** how yall feel.

  67. iconic cici December 23, 2013

    @EnoughOnika i think its pretty pathetic

  68. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 23, 2013

    @IconicCiCi It is very pathetic but I wouldn’t expect less from several trolls on here lol

  69. Cleopatra Thee African Goddess December 23, 2013

    Ciara died years ago stop acting as if she’s relevant now.
    Where’s her Marie Clare or GQ or atleast People Cover? She’s musically dead .. Plus being pregnant is just nail in the coffin

  70. Drake stan December 23, 2013


  71. Rosie December 23, 2013

    At Carmen reading these f***. They stay obsessed with me, even when I leave a quick little comment and leave.
    Anyways IT should worry about the flaming closet case from Chicago Fire using Fadga for her money and Chartflop still barely selling half of Born This Gay’s worldwide first week to date.

  72. Ri December 23, 2013

    Chile…. what career?

  73. ROSEGOLD December 23, 2013

    Congrats to her on the pregnancy. You’re a fool if you can’t see it all in her face and stomach.

  74. Super Cisus December 23, 2013

    Pressed B****** and I knew Rosie the big red d*** would be in here HI HATER you want to be on ci payroll so bad Canadian twat licker

  75. the truff honey December 23, 2013

    ‘Beyonce’ Album Nearing 1 Million in U.S. Sales
    Articles /News |The Juice By Keith Caulfield, Los Angeles | December 23, 2013 3:31 PM EST

    Rob Hoffman/Courtesy Parkwood Ent.
    2 0 0
    Beyonce’s new album is nearing one million in U.S. sales and seems certain to top the Billboard 200 for a second week.

    After the set blasted in at No. 1 a week ago on the Billboard 200 chart with 617,000 sold in just three days, industry forecasters suggested the surprise album would sell perhaps 260,000 in its second week on the chart (and first full week on sale).

    Well, that number turned out to be far too low, so say sources. Industry contacts suggest the album sold at least 340,000 copies in the week ending Dec. 22, greatly surpassing its 260,000 forecast. That 340,000 sum should easily place it at No. 1 for a second week on the Billboard 200 chart.

    Amazon Not Stocking New Beyonce CD Following iTunes Exclusive
    Beyonce Still Set for Second Week at No. 1, Garth Brooks for No. 2
    Beyonce Most Social Artist of the Week, No. 1 on Social 50 ChartThe official final weekly sales figure for the album — as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan — will be announced on Thursday, Dec. 26 on and SoundScan tracks U.S. music sales on a weekly basis, and their tracking week ends on Sunday.

    If “Beyonce” sold 340,000 in its second week on the chart, then that would bring its cumulative sum (through Dec. 22) to at least 957,000. That number could be higher, once all of the data from the thousands of stores that report to SoundScan has been processed.

    Also notable: if “Beyonce” sold at least 340,000 in its second week, that would mean it sold more than what the diva’s last album did in its first week. Beyonce’s previous album, “4,” debuted with 310,000 at No. 1, and then sold 115,000 in its second week (also at No. 1).

    The new album was exclusively available through the iTunes store until late last week. After that, the physical CD version of the album started to reach brick-and-mortar retailers, and the download became available to other etailers.

    “Beyonce’s” robust 340,000-plus second-week will not include CD sales from Target and, as the retailers opted not to stock the album. It is, however, available at all other major sellers of music, like Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, Starbucks and so forth.

  76. hello December 23, 2013

    me too

  77. hello December 23, 2013

    love ciara

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