Report: Beyonce To Release Two Singles To Radio Next Week

Published: Friday 13th Dec 2013 by Sam

With the music world still in shock following Beyonce‘s surprise album release, attention is slowly turning to what singles the diva will roll-out from the self-titled set.

Billed as a cohesive body of work, it’s clear the singer is keen to re-affirm that she sells albums. However, if new reports prove true, she also understands the essence of having a radio presence too.

Details after the jump…

Billboard report that sources close to the project have confirmed that TWO songs from the LP will be serviced as radio singles next week.

It’s presently unknown which tracks, although That Grape Juice would love to see the likes of ‘XO’ or ‘Pretty Hurts’ as the Mainstream pick/s and  ‘Mine (ft. Drake)’ or ‘Drunk In Love’ for Urban. (Editor note: ‘Drunk’ is so good, it could/should be serviced to all formats. She and Jay did that). 

Also, in other ‘Beyonce’ news, fans eager to pick up a physical copy of the album will be elated to learn that they’ll be able to do just that before Christmas, with a tentative release date of December 21st pencilled in.

The star’s label Columbia Records have confirmed that the LP was deliberately released digitally to avoid the leaks that plagued the launch of prior projects. It appears the staggered release will help ensure that those sales remain consistent over the Holidays. Smart!

What an exciting time for music!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jamie December 13, 2013

    XO and Mine definitely should be singles, but the XO video could’ve been better.

  2. HOTSTUFF December 13, 2013

    “Beyonso to release 2 FLOP SINGLES NEXT WEEK. “

  3. gilbert December 13, 2013

    i see why you mad. everyone is mad cos the queen is back 😀 she snatched each and every one of your fav’s wig

  4. HOTSTUFF December 13, 2013

    Why is the thirsty HlV coming for Rihanna on IG, twitter & s***….LISTEN UP H***, Rihanna remains unbothered with her icon award. Let’s talk about the fact that Beyonso’s sound hasn’t evolved since like ever lmao…the same old boring s*** that will be a massive international FLOP. It will probably do good in America due to the massive amount of HlV in the gettos.

  5. Mr bradshaw December 13, 2013

    girl u clearly can’t take it..its okay boo.. we understand . your life has been slayed.

  6. Jamie December 13, 2013

    I just feel bad for Gaga last thing she needs is more competition.

  7. HOTSTUFF December 13, 2013

    Diamonds >>>>> Beyonso’s whole album. #DEAL …Thirsty ass HlV trying to come for the icon of this generation smh .

  8. HoneychildPlease December 13, 2013

    Honey her album has leaked! It can’t be avoided! Goodnight!

  9. Rihiconna December 13, 2013


  10. HoneychildPlease December 13, 2013

    Oh and sam you need to take a pill. Like 5 post about beyonce? BYE CHILD!

  11. Rihiconna December 13, 2013

    They can’t keep Rihanna out of it tho!!! They know she is the queen!!
    @HOTSTUFF why are the hives trolling Rihiconna!??! Lmao Beyonce couldn’t mess with Diamonds!! That’s why she releases after Rihanna.

  12. queenbey”king b December 13, 2013

    navy navy navy navy , go and tell riri to go into hiding because the queen is back ,
    bey ain’t all about the single and album sales, riri got 7 albums and still has not out sold bey come on!!!!!!! , bey with 4 album , bey has sold 118millions worldwide , and with destinys child 60 millions , and riri has sold 60 millions with 7 album . who’s the flop,
    navy have respect for those WHO have slayed riri , 4albums 118millions record sold worlwide , 7albums 60 millions albums sold worldwide and if you were to add destinys child , record sales , 118+60= 178million albums sold worldwide . come on come on , no hate on rihanna but her fans have some RESPECT, bey ain’t on rihannas level , navy act ciara all you want but dont get into beyonce , because rihanna ain’t on bey’s level have some respect

  13. Bey Fan December 13, 2013

    the only people on here mentioning Rihanna are her fans…. no one cares…

    Beyonce just totally changed the game….

  14. Tyler December 13, 2013

    Beyonce got the Salvation Army SPRUNG….Here sip on this Pepsi because I know u have been BEYhydrated b****** hahaha.

  15. Beyonce Stan and Trey Burkes Husband (Sorry, Rihanna, Bey snatched every one of you pop bitcxs wigs) December 13, 2013

    Im sorry, but any other member of any other stan base should feel free to take every available seat nearby. Beyonce snatched every f****** wig from wendy williams to Michelle Obama. Its ok, though. Just join the Hive. Sinners are welcomed.

    Ps the Choreo for Blow video is absolutely everything!

  16. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 13, 2013

    But I thought she was scared to release a single? Even lovebird got her life @hotstuff nobody from the hive has brought rihanna up. Clearly,you and the rest of the navy is intimidated

  17. B****** are a mess December 13, 2013

    Can’t wait to see how this s*** flops! I can’t with the Hive getting their thirst quenched in a total high right now. Let’s see that high in about 2-3 weeks. This album is nothing amazing just a fillers at best nothing is single material unless she plans on reloading it with good songs!

  18. Any December 13, 2013

    Smart to release it near christmas, she knows it will defo sell then

  19. tyler December 13, 2013

    Just bought her album on iTunes…f*** Rihanna! f*** Rihanna! f*** Rihanna! f*** Rihanna! Or feel free take your bitter as b.s to one of her Rihmedial ass post. The b**** isn’t phasing Beyoncé, or anybody for that matter, because she is a lessor entertainer in comparison. She doesn’t even have a substantial amount of talent. And tbh, she doesn’t really deserve to be where she is today for that very reason. So SEETHE b******! Because December 12, 2013 has OFFCIALLY become a joyous occasion. MOVING ON —>>>

  20. Nieem December 13, 2013

    All year I’ve watched you bitchy stans come at each other’s throats and I’m here to tell you….. I’m joining in, I stan for bey and lana first and for most, b****** are not ready for this slayage for real, lemme listen to this album and find my new end of time and flawless sounds like the new ghetto athem that I WILL be blasting. RIP ARTPOP NOV2013-DEC2013

  21. Rihiconna December 13, 2013

    O no sweetheart the hives mentioned Rihiconna on the last beyonce thread, claiming Rih was scared to release R8.If Rihiconna was scared of Beyonce she wouldnt be on her 7th album…And this album will not even slay unapologetic , even with all the videos, hype. Her 2 singles will flop so hard like 4 did with her 10 releases.. The navy is here…

  22. B****** are a mess December 13, 2013

    This b**** is a FLOP! This album will do no better than 4. It leaked, and i still wouldn’t give my free coins to this flop!

  23. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 13, 2013

    @rihiconna oh,you still on that s***? Lmao clearly anyone who is saying it will flop is just INTIMIDATED. And dead at you saying it won’t slay unapologetic. Beyonce’s worst selling album alone slayed unapologetic. Just give it up already

  24. DOSSOME December 13, 2013

    I still can’t get enough of how brilliantly this album was rolled out…

  25. tyler December 13, 2013

    Wont even do Unapologetic numbers??? Trick you act like the QUEEN’S previous albums haven’t slayed Unapologetics WEAK ass numbers in first week and overall sales….the b**** you stan for isn’t even a good, nor better album seller than Beyoncé, she isnt s*** but a SINGLES artist. Lets not act brand new.

    Now when the h** can sell at 300k in the first week or at least show up to her own damn FLOP ASS Rhinestones…oops I mean Diamonds tour on time, then we can talk. But until then feel free to have a sit in one of her empty ass stadium…because I know theres enough left.

  26. DOSSOME December 13, 2013

    Not being racist but John Legend,Janelle Monaé and Beyoncé have the BEST albums of 2013

  27. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 13, 2013

    Blue ivy will get a Grammy before any of these girls

  28. Diamond Princess December 13, 2013

    Damn! It’s like 5 am and some of ya’ll posted comments at 4 am. Do you fools ever sleep?!!

  29. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 13, 2013

    @diamond princess the slayage is too real to think about sleep

  30. Jewell December 13, 2013

    The pure slayage, I can’t deal right now.

  31. Queen of shade December 13, 2013

    omg you guys are so pathetic saying beyonce change the game has the album been to number one on the BILLBOARD CHARTS? you guys are beyond crazy let the album get the success first and once other pop stars start using the same thing then you can say beyonce change the game but as of now she hasnt change anything i give her credit for coming out with something different and the fact that she aint doing no gimmicks to sell the album but you guys need to stop saying all these crazy let the girl have her success and stop saying stupid s*** because if this album doesnt do good then y’all are gonna be looking ridiculous…

  32. RoyalKev December 13, 2013

    Too much damn slayage!!! Too damn early!!! Too damn incredible to dissect right now to be able to pick a single!!!! All before 6:30am!!! Well I never … !!!

  33. Barb B**** December 13, 2013

    Gurl the delusion Diamonds is basic as hell.

  34. NAVY COMMANDER December 13, 2013

    I don’t think just releasing it was the best stratagy to sell a lot but whatever. & gaga career is offically done now lmao

  35. yooo December 13, 2013

    I hope I am not going crazy but is she giving you an old skool R kely vibe on this project. Its very sexualized lol. I was shocked

  36. cake like lady gaga December 13, 2013

    Is this an LP or an EP with extra songs?? :/

    Surely it can’t be the much anticipated LP, it is horrible!!! Of all the 10 000 songs he recorded, these were the best she could pick? Erhm, oh ok :/

    You can all miss me with this basic trash!!

  37. FRESH NAVY December 13, 2013

    NOT @ BEY scalping me with this FLAWLESS video… the b**** BODIED

    i can’t I’m spazzing…. as in the B**** just went on SWERVED on everybody…

    BOW DOWN B******

    still navy though… but Bey signed sealed and delivered my life with this roll out.

    Bumps to Flawless while King B remains flawless.

    i cannot att how bey has me STANNING RIGHT NOW

  38. cake like lady gaga December 13, 2013

    But DEAD at the HlV+ gays waiting 9878752582 years for that hot mess.. T********* is one shady a** b****.. Kiiiiiiii

  39. Dean December 13, 2013

    She goes Madonna in her ‘Haunted’ video, very beautiful, it says to be a tribute to Madonna’s ‘Hollywood’, ‘Justify My Love’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’ videos.

  40. KangBey December 13, 2013

    “XO” would be an international hit. I can see her performing that at the grammys. “XO’ is a timeless classic. Our Queen is back!

  41. KangBey December 13, 2013

    Die H**! Our Queen is back and you will deal!

  42. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 13, 2013

    I AM SCREAMING at Flopga’s tweet, she knows her career is over. I can’t.

  43. lesotho finnest December 13, 2013

    well guess its gay like lady gay gay who doesnt love the album..but we all know he has already bought it and enjoying it secretely. but since i got thumbs up from lovebird,i can definatly say its a solid album.. cant wait to lay my hands on a physical copy!

  44. MuiMui December 13, 2013

    This was a great concept,waits to see how this does,
    you go girl.

  45. Mark111 December 13, 2013

    You all need to chill out. Rihanna had the #1 hit right now, all Bey has done is dropped an album. I bought it and I like it, but it’s not amazing. It’s a step up for Bey, but come let hype cloud you fans minds. If I feel sorry for anyone, it’s Britney, Gaga and Miley.

    Now this is a personal album for the fans, that I will say.

  46. RicanPrinceJay December 13, 2013

    Do u know how stupid u sound right now!? And learn how to spell it’s *Ghettos not *gettos.. #DumbASS

  47. rihrihqueen December 13, 2013

    sometime the navy really pisses me off why hatin for nothing give credit where is due Beyonce DID THAT for a superstar of a caliber to just come up with a surprise album it take guts and all the songs have elaborate well done videos no just quick videos like bday there’s nothing to hate for Rihanna is doing big but we all know beyonce is a staple in today’s music industry grow up navy

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