‘Beyonce’ Outperforms….Beyonce & Rihanna

Published: Wednesday 8th Jan 2014 by David

…and the good news keeps on coming!

Well, that is if you consider a fan of Pop Queen Beyonce. 

One of the millions who purchased her latest self-titled CD?

Find out how you helped the entertainer outperform herself after the jump!

Four weeks after its release, the ‘Drunk In Love‘ backed ‘Beyonce‘ has gone a long way to prove the star stands as her only competition, by outselling her 2011 release ‘4’!

Billboard explains:

“Beyonce” sold 130,000 copies in the week ending January 5, 2014, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That brings its cumulative sales sum up to 1.43 million — hopping over the total of “4,” which stands at 1.39 million.

The latter album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 310,000 in its first week. It then held at No. 1 for a second frame, selling 115,000. In its second and third weeks, it moved 72,000 and 53,000, respectively.
To compare, “Beyonce” debuted at No. 1 with 617,000 in its first chart week (which actually reflected only its first three days of sales), and then moved 374,000 and 310,000 in its second and third weeks at No. 1. 
Beyonce’s three previous studio albums, “I Am…Sasha Fierce” (released in 2008), “B’Day” (2006) and “Dangerously In Love” (2003), all hit No. 1, and have sold 3.12 million, 3.36 million and 4.91 million, respectively.”

Quite interestingly, despite its November 2012 release, Rihanna‘s well received ‘Unapologetic‘ now finds itself cowering in the shadows of the aforementioned chart topper.

Yes, rather unfortunately for the singer’s fans, their inability to push its US sales past the 1.2 million mark has seen it body slammed by ‘Beyonce’, which has now sold more units in one month than it has sold in over one year.

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  1. jamie January 8, 2014

    But she cant outpreform Adele or Taylor…..

  2. overdose January 8, 2014

    Poor Rihanna kiiiiiiiiii…

  3. Lou January 8, 2014

    CONGRATS watch them come in and seeeeethe!

  4. BEDSTUYFLY January 8, 2014


  5. MusicStan (Ya’ll knwo who I stan for ) January 8, 2014

    And the Stan Wars are going to begin in 5…….4………3…….2……..1…. and they are off!!!!!

  6. Valerie January 8, 2014

    And the Navy thinks the Hive is mad lol.

  7. iconic cici January 8, 2014

    lmao the navy is f****** pathetic only good for 1.29 singles… lmao

  8. The Boy Toy January 8, 2014

    Lmao @ you messy shady F*** posting a gospel video. Ain’t nothing Christian about y’all. You all had the nerve to co-sign that Ciara letter when you’re the main culprits!

    F*** Beyonce and the Hive. 😀 Yeah I said it!

  9. Theman January 8, 2014

    Stan wars are played out. What does Rihanna have to do with this? Beyonce’s album has sold better than alot of other artists as well.. Why are u singling Rihanna out? THREATENED !!!! Using these two to gain hits is very tired. Sam encouraged all of this crap, do not feed into it..

  10. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    True boss b****

  11. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    * Sips ice cold sweet TEA*

    WTF is a $1.29 single again??? 😀

  12. FentySoSnatched January 8, 2014

    Still no #1 single? Poor dat!

  13. Oh Yeah!!! January 8, 2014

    rihanna has been hiding out ever since Beyonce’s album release! Ha! Now more bad news!

  14. iconic cici January 8, 2014

    must suck to be a navy

  15. Micks January 8, 2014

    Ooop #KARMA for the Navy bullying her in the other post over something stupid. Don’t think they aint know.

    Bey stays winning and she really hasn’t even started yet.

  16. TC!!! January 8, 2014

    and don’t forget how beyonce got knocked off by an animated feature soundtrack called frozen which sold 165,000 this week!! and that album was released in freakin November!!

  17. TurntUp4Cici January 8, 2014

    Ha ha to the f****** ha ha. WHAT NOW indeed!

  18. BEYSUS OVER JESUS January 8, 2014


  19. danielle January 8, 2014

    Neither can your fav. That’s the real shade.

    And Globally she’s surpassed Taylor, so let’s not. When it comes to black artists, this includes Rihanna, they do not sell as much to begin with because their target audience is smaller and within that audience, how many black people buy music? That’s no shade, it’s true. And don’t bring rap into this because the majority of rap fans are white. Ever been to a Kanye concert? Jay Z? Aight. So for Beyonce and even Rihanna to be selling the way they are is fantastic. And y’all love bringing up Taylor like she didn’t discount her album and was handing it out at local pizza spots for FREE. Let’s not doooooo it.

    Congratulate Queen Beyonce and keep it pushing =)

  20. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    Frozen soundtrack was discounted hun.. TRY AGAIN! kii

  21. BeyBeyKing January 8, 2014


  22. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 8, 2014

    LMBAO removed from the Number ONE spot by a Soundtrack Album hahahahaha…. Yasssssssssssssss!!!!!!! this post just gave me life!

    That album aint hitting no 2x platinum in this decade so you BeeHive will have to try again

    Watch sales slip below 50K next week

    Its OFFICIAL… 4CLOSURE was a FLOP! and that album will not see 2x platinum figures period!

    Good effort but every single is flopping and the sales will fade further next week


  23. Draggin4MrsCarter January 8, 2014

    Eaux neaux!

  24. DonG January 8, 2014

    Great Congrats Queen Bey – You Are The Number One!!!!!!

  25. Micks January 8, 2014

    Awww @TC that’s only because it was discounted for the week. Bey is still selling at FULL PRICE. Hang it up FLATSCREEN you can’t shade her right now.

  26. NO WIGS SNATCHED January 8, 2014

    Meanwhile she did so by offering a few million dollars worth of videos in the package


    Let Rihanna or anybody else release a video for every track for 16.99, then compare

    Did beyonce even make back the $$$ put into the videos? NOPE

  27. FreeBreezy January 8, 2014

    Always pitting the black girls against each other. There is no need to even bring up Rihanna. This site is racist and moronic. Congrats to bey

  28. TinaMinaj January 8, 2014

    LMAO!! The navy is forever talking a lot of s***! Like they say, the numbers don’t lie 😀

  29. kim kardashian stan January 8, 2014

    And this is the s*** Ciara was talkin about in her letter and TGJ has the nerve to think Ciara wasnt talkin bout them this post is so messy and uncalled.

  30. CiaraTheFemaleMj January 8, 2014

    The Navy are only good for buying singles. #Cheap.

  31. Kyle January 8, 2014

    NOT the Navy coming for something their fave can’t even do AHAHAHAHA. This just gets better and better.

  32. kim kardashian stan January 8, 2014

    Nobody wants to see two black girls doing well theres only room for one.

  33. FlawlessBeyBey January 8, 2014


  34. PRINCE CARTER FENTY January 8, 2014

    Stop fighting! You should be happy black artist are winning. Beyoncé & Rihanna are black megastars that’s running the industry. I’m proud of both of them.

  35. Kyle January 8, 2014


  36. CiciFinnaBeABride January 8, 2014

    This made my day!

  37. GuessWHO January 8, 2014

    Haha, I see the Rihanna stand still talking about Beyonce can’t get a #1 single. Chile byeeee Beyonce has had those and plus 17 Grammys so you tell me who the f*** is winning? #Oop

  38. TinaMinaj January 8, 2014

    @No wigs snatched. Those videos didn’t cost millions because she was on tour in those places already. Please don’t pull figures out of your ass. Just acknowledge her success.

  39. BeySting January 8, 2014

    When it suits the Navy, it’s ok for them to drag Beyonce when someone drags Beyonce they start talking about unity. Elle oh elle!

  40. Roman Minaj January 8, 2014

    At the end of the day, its Beyonce. When has/will she ever fail? Ever her first “flop” CD [4] flipped above and Beyond your favs. So, email your fav and plead them to just stop trying.

  41. royalkev January 8, 2014

    But she cant outpreform Adele or Taylor…
    Almost 20 years in the game (Longevity)
    17 Grammys (Impact)
    2 100mil+ tours (Impact)
    Artist of the Decade(Impact)
    5 #1 albums (Impact)
    With only 5#1 singles – 36 weeks (in the top 10 of all time for most weeks at #1 accumulated by any artists ever) – Dat mutha F**king impact!
    She won!
    *waits for some desperate stans to bring up Pink (which none of them stan for)…

  42. VisionofMimi January 8, 2014

    Truly shameful.

  43. Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) January 8, 2014

    Watch the queen CONQUER!! All this while perched on a sofa unbothered about any promo or anything! Lawd Jesus, this woman is something else!! loves her!

  44. Lana Del Slay January 8, 2014

    OH MA GARRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH! The Queen is slaying so effortlessly. Rihanna hunty, I’m sorry about it!

  45. Roman Minaj January 8, 2014

    Who needs a #1 single when the whole album itself is shitting Bricks made of Diamonds and rubies? Tbh.

  46. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 8, 2014

    Not the “queen” being outsold by a animated movie soundtrack lmmfao! Oh Bey.

  47. Stephy Tha Lambily January 8, 2014

    Beyonce is great.

  48. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    That goes to show you the power of Beyonce. These other girls need 100 albums and 1.29 singles to “seem” like they are slaying, when they ARE NOT!

    I’m so happy Beyonce doesn’t have to d*** ride trends and lower her standards to chart with these LESSOR girls! kiii


  49. UNCONDITIONALLY January 8, 2014

    f*** beyonce. f*** rihanna. Katy Perry is a true artist, and the queen of pop. The best performer since Michael Jackson.

  50. FreeBreezy January 8, 2014

    TGJ wanna be shady as usual. Why dont you talk about how unapologetic sold over 10xs the singles “4” did as well as Unapologetic outperforming “4”s WW sales in less than a year. Wack asses just wanna start stan wars!

  51. kimbella January 8, 2014


  52. PrettyBumbleBey January 8, 2014

    The Navi are such flops. Just look at all the shame you caused your fav.

  53. danielle January 8, 2014

    Not only was Frozen discounted, it only sold like 30K more. And Beyonce profited $7 million more lol. THAT is the real shade.

    Still selling like 75% of your favs highest first week sales. KIIIIIIIII.

  54. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    Chile NOT Rihject only having 1 #1 album with 800 albums! kiii

    The shade is, if she would have released her album last week, She would be sitting in THIRD place! BYE

  55. RitasLipstick January 8, 2014

    How funny! The Navy want to play nice and talk about black women sticking together now? You weren’t saying that when you dissing Beyonce and Ciara in all the other threads were you?

  56. ARIANA GRANDSLAY January 8, 2014

    Mariah Carey looks like a big ass albino whale. She hasn’t a hit since 1755. Flop b****.

  57. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    Oh so now they wanna talk about black girls uniting just because this post isn’t to your advantage. Tf outta here.

  58. PhuckYoTour January 8, 2014

    Why are the C Section laughing when Ciara has been relegated to the baby mama league?

  59. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    @Jay Scorpio but when has Rihanna stayed on top of the charts for 3 weeks?

  60. Mimi carey January 8, 2014

    But she also slayed Lana Gaga Ciara and Katys album so why are yall laughin like yall really bandwagoning for bey this hard no noticing she slayed ur favs too.

  61. MCThePlaceToBe January 8, 2014

    All stanning aside, the Navi look real stupid talking about unification when they spend most of their time pitting their own fave against Beyonce, Ciara and PromiscuRita.

  62. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    How can she out perform Rihanna when Rihanna didn’t release anything this year? Hive logic smh.

  63. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014


    Yet the navy call the Hive broke and ghetto? Ironic much?

  64. AzaleanArmy January 8, 2014

    Nothing’s worse than Angel Haze’ flop though.

  65. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    When has rihanna stayed at the top of an album chart ONE WEEK after 7 tries?? kii

  66. The Boy Toy January 8, 2014

    She also outsold your faves

    Ciara…Tamar…Elij oops Nevermind his albums never dropping 😀 …Rita Ora

    Rihanna is unbothered and will continue her reign long after this album is forgotten! NEEEXXXTTTT!!

  67. Someonepleasetellme? January 8, 2014


  68. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    Lovebird don’t play dumb you sissy

  69. BionicGlam January 8, 2014

    So Beyonce sold more in one month than Rihanna sold in a year? Ha!

  70. RG2 January 8, 2014

    I like both Beyonce and Rihanna, therefore I congratulate them on all their success. What I don’t understand is why people have to put Black artist against each other instead of uplifting them. You have all these successful White artist on top of their game selling millions of albums w/o the media trying to start rivalries between them. It seem as though with Black artist there is only room for one artist to be successful at a time, and that’s not right. TGJ GROW TF UP. PS didn’t y’all just praise Ciara for her letter about cyber bullying….Hypocrites!

  71. Unbiased January 8, 2014

    The title was uncalled for, although it’s true. I don’t understand why black women are pit against eachother, especially these two. I have never heard of Rihanna and Beyonce having any altercations, only kind words towards eachother. But, congrats to Beyonce, well deserved. A lot of people counted her out during the 4 era, but she came back hard. Take notes Gaga, don’t whine about your album underperforming to the public, just regroup and come back harder next time!

  72. BrandNuStar January 8, 2014

    7 albums and only one of them went to #1. What exactly does she reign over Flop Bird?

  73. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    rihanna didn’t release this year because she KNEW the Queen was coming! 1.29 singles weren’t going to save her the embarrassment of Bey’s album sales kii

    Run along 😉

  74. Beyonce>>>>Rihanna January 8, 2014

    Yaaaaasss Navi, BEG us to be your friends now that we whooped your asses on the charts! Your fake asses didn’t want to make the peace when you thought the King was flopping did you?

  75. danielle January 8, 2014





  76. CiCiBodyParty January 8, 2014

    This is just a testimony that the Beyhive don’t need #1 singles ($1.29) kekee. They actually buy the whole ($16) that’s dedication. Beyonce is killing these h***. If you think #1 singles mean anything, you’re fooling urself, they don’t mean s***, especially if you can’t even score a #1 album.

    Go Beyonce!! I hope she outsells “Red” and “21” as well. Yass comin for ya

  77. DemiQueenVato January 8, 2014

    Rihanna is just as talented as Selena Flopmez and should accept that she will never be greater than Beyonce.

  78. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    Also Beyonce ducked and dodged the competition.

    She decided to release in BOB and skipped Miley, Katy and Gaga week.

  79. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    Rihanna gets shaded because of ALL the subliminal shade she throws towards Bey on twitter and instagram!

    Let’s not forget her Salvation Army as well!

    We’re NOT here for Unity. Where was the unity last year, or the two years before that? kii


  80. MadameBey January 8, 2014


  81. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    You Rihanna stans really should have bit your motherfucking tounges in the Itunes post. Now you looking like damn fools.

  82. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    After BOB week, she had 3 weeks to herself seeing that there was 3 weeks of no new releases.

    She didn’t beat the competition, she just timed it well and her non US sales prove this.

  83. ashley January 8, 2014

    Preach Kimbella!!! So petty!!

  84. molly January 8, 2014

    The hive and navy are both jokes TGJ using you dumb h*** for hits and yall fall for it like always.

  85. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    Only one who dodged competition this year is RIHANNA. The weak goat resorted to being a feature artist. Pathetic.

  86. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    B**** Beyonce had NO competition. Check her first week sales! kii #REACHING

    Who was Gag’s competition in November?

    Who was Viley’s competition on Oct 3?

    Who was Kathy’s competition on Oct. 22?

    Who was S******’s competition on Dec 3rd!


  87. PeacefulCici January 8, 2014

    I can’t stop laughing at the Navy!

  88. ROSEGOLD January 8, 2014

    Wow TGJ….really? This was uncalled for and highly immature. I’m a Beyonce fan (not stan), and it’s fun to rub Beyonce’s sucess into the haters faces, but this is over the top. Is this site run by 16 year old queens? Gotta be…

  89. molly January 8, 2014

    Tgj yall look like hypocrites for cosigning Ciara letter then doing this…

  90. anonymous January 8, 2014

    Congrats Bey.

  91. DanitySlain January 8, 2014

    The shame of it all.

  92. molly January 8, 2014

    @Rosegold i blame the navy and hive the only reason TGJ does petty things like this cause they know the dumb hive and navy will fall for it every single f****** time…

  93. Kingbeybitch January 8, 2014

    CICIBODYPARTY Best comment Ive seen so far

  94. BitchyBey January 8, 2014

    Lol. #Risingleshanna.

  95. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    She didn’t slay the competition, she dodged them.

  96. SevynWontStop January 8, 2014

    Ciara fans really should be careful about what they say about TGJ, everyone knows how y’all depend on them since nobody else gives a damn.

  97. truth January 8, 2014

    Wow…. I mean Sam just cosigned on Ciara letter about what this post is based on. Seriously Sam what does Rihanna have to do with Beyoncé sales? You are a very sad sad individual and a true hypocrite. You just a follower of your blog. You are a HUGE turn off.

  98. Yeah I Said It January 8, 2014

    @Lovebird I agree, Rihanna certainly did

  99. KRebelle January 8, 2014

    @SWS Girl I was thinking the exact same thing.

  100. @LinxPose January 8, 2014

    I love Beyonce with all my heart. But I hate this comparison between Bey and Riri. I think Bey’s album made history and that was awesome. I think Beyonce can perform with her eyes closed and sing with her mouth closed. I just hate that BeyHive will always bring Rihanna in. Riri is doing f****** well for herself. Also setting records mother Bey is failing to set. I appreciate that. Rihanna is dope too in her own way. Sisters doing it for themselves. I love it.

  101. Mya January 8, 2014

    And still nobody was forced to buy the album.
    Congrats Bey.

  102. danielle January 8, 2014


    Seethe, sweet girl. You are upset that Beyonce proved why she reigns supreme. HOTTEST CHICK IN THE GAME SINCE SHE STEPPED ON THE SCENE and you are MAD about it. After 16 years she’s STILL outselling these new girls and you are bothered by it. Lol. Be upset. Competition don’t mean anything when she’s STILL selling more than her peers. Even if they were to release at the same time she’d STILL sell more, as the numbers show. Now go be mad about it somewhere else. I understand your fav is mediocre but don’t put your anger towards Yonce The Great.

  103. CiaraTheFemaleMj January 8, 2014

    Don’t put us all in the same box, I love TGJ so don’t act like Molly represents us all.

  104. UNAPOLOGETIC January 8, 2014

    I want to leave the Rihanna Navy and join another stanbase. Like the BeyHive.

  105. ciara January 8, 2014





  106. LOVEBIRD January 8, 2014

    My name is Lovebird and I have A***.

  107. CallMeQueenBey January 8, 2014

    Imma need the CSquad to worry about her career instead of worrying about what the next b**** is doing. The Navy laugh at us all the time so this is karma.

  108. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 8, 2014

    Death @ B***** dropping to #2 and only selling 130,490 . I remember the hive saying she was gonna sell 250k in fourth week. Lol. It’s the beginning of the end for this album. And the fact that it passed 1 million in digital sales this week shows that no one is picking up physical copies. Poor thing. *prays for it*

  109. rihanna January 8, 2014

    Navy don’t be upset. Just accept that Beyonce is better than me!

    I accept it! I have to release albums every year just to keep up with her and I’m still behind 🙁

    My music doesn’t last longer than two weeks and I’m tired of being second to the Queen!

    Why can’t i sing?

    Why can’t i perform?

    I want people to respect me like they respect the Queen!

  110. Vee January 8, 2014

    Yassss slay my queen! Death @ her doing better in her fourth week than Britney Jean in its first even in the Jan sales freeze.

  111. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    Bxtch Bye! come back when Mooriah finally releases her flop album, after releasing singles since 2012! kii

    130k in JANUARY without a DISCOUNT is great. WTF are you talking about dummy? kii

  112. Vee January 8, 2014

    Not be people clinging to Frozen when it was discounted that weak and still only sold 30k more with a huge box office.

  113. RiriCouture January 8, 2014

    If you can’t see how TGJ works you are silly. They don’t hate Rihanna at all but know that stan wars make them money and give them comments so they play on the rivalry that’s already there. I’ve clocked their game so stay away from their shady posts and only read their positive ones because that’s when I think they shine best as writers.
    I would say don’t fall for their tricks but 104 comments in half an hour tells me you already have.

  114. Fan not a stan January 8, 2014

    People should just stop whining especially when their fav is losing. Rihanna promoted the hell out of that album and TB joined Navy to get her a #1 (we all know why) She never had a #1 album in 6 tries.No 7 was the one. Beyonce as debuted at 1 almost tripling what Rihanna got… in three days, THREE DAMN DAYS.

    And every one of her solo 5 albums are no 1…so stop the bs.

    The Stan wars aren’t over by a long shot. I see it everyday. Of course those that stan for someone else what to play nice. No one expected Bey to do what she did not even her stans. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be proud of her or sting back at those that have been very nasty over this year. Be mad but Be Real.

  115. Vee January 8, 2014


  116. DEAD LIKE AALIYAH January 8, 2014

    Aaliyah is the Queen Of Pop . Your fave could never get on a plane singing girl in fire while falling 300 feet to the ground.

  117. Fan not a stan January 8, 2014

    typo corrected:”want to play nice”

  118. danielle January 8, 2014


    I am laughing because y’all are so full of poo. Didn’t y’all say sales were gonna drop dramatically second week because this is “just hype”? That didn’t happen. Then it still remained #1 for two more weeks and y’all were real quiet. It sold 130K it’s fourth week meanwhile these other pop girls are pushing 200K FIRST week. So let’s not go there. Y’all want her to fail so badly, it’s strange. Why can’t you just admit that she’s superior to everyone else? It’s simply a fact. Just WAIIIIIT for her to start promoting this album and her singles. Y’all will be silent and logged out then. Bask in her greatness babe.

  119. TinaMinaj January 8, 2014

    Like clockwork slariah here to bash and hate on Bey with the same illogical tired shade. Yawn…

  120. BanjeeRiri January 8, 2014

    @RiriCouture Thank you sis, I’m glad somebody else noticed this. Like I wouldn’t come here everyday if I thought they really hated her.

  121. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    Chile TGJ don’t like rihanna! They have shaded her for YEARS! kiii

    Say whatever you want to make yourselves feel better 😉

  122. Emma Kelly January 8, 2014

    The fact that Rihanna who is Only 25 is considered a rival to 32 years old Beyonce is a big accomplish to Rihanna. I mean when beyonce started Rihanna was like 12?. Beyonce’s fans do her no favors by falling for this cheap stunts by Sam.

    Beyonce is awesome and has been around for a while, she should be like a mentor to younger artist like Rihanna. They both have strengths and weaknesses, and obviously on this site Beyonce’s strength are highlighted more than Rihanna’s.

    As for Rihanna being a feature artist, that has to be the dumbest thing ever, I mean Beyonce has featured a lot of artist I cannot even begin count, obviously this guys want Rihanna on the song, like her or hate her she is a hit maker. Most of her notable no 1 songs are solo. As we all know Stan’s are irrational extremist who rarely see facts.

  123. FreeBreezy January 8, 2014

    “4” came out in ’11 and has sold just under 3 million albums and less than 3 million singles. Yet Unapologetic came out in ’12 and has sold 3.5 million albums and over 10 million singles. This is according to wikipedia and not my opinion, if theyre right then TGJ be telling lies.

  124. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 8, 2014


    I didn’t read that long ass essay. Please keep it short. I didn’t keep “quiet” actually. I’ve been the main person hear getting the hive together so let’s not.

  125. Lily January 8, 2014

    Poor You!!! You can’t even buy Cierror singles or her Albums that’s why she’s a flop. Sorry to all those Hive and floppy CSquad talking sh*t Rihanna remains unbothered and still standing and sitting among Legend. No Hot 100 N01 for bey since 2008 poor you Hive. We all know most Navy don’t even know TGJ cus its a s*** blog. Then if you think we #RihannaNavy always comments in some s***** argument then you’re joking cus we don’t have time for that. I comment when I like sometimes I read you ppl funny comment cus it makes me laugh. Sometimes we derived laughter from you s***** Sam/ Stans comments. Bye Rihanna remains unbother so don’t worry. Music is a Want not a Necessity b****.

  126. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 8, 2014

    And not them taking about discounts and price cuts when Beyonce pretty much has the cheapest album of the year. 17 music videos and 14 tracks….

  127. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    Beyonce Can’t go head to head with Rihanna, Katy, Miley, Gaga; she knows she’ll lose. Just look at 4.

  128. TinaMinaj January 8, 2014

    @FreeBreezy what about all those other flop albums before GGGB? Oh we’re just going to pretend they don’t exist?

  129. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    Instead Beyonce released in BOB week, dodging Katy, Miley and Gaga.

    And had a 3 week no album release advantage.

    But still cannot match their non US sales.

  130. Selenator January 8, 2014

    January 8, 2014 at 3:53 pm
    Rihanna is just as talented as Selena Flopmez and should accept that she will never be greater than Beyonce.”

    But Selena, Rihanna, and Beyonce all sold more than Screami Fatvato. Find your oven shaped fav’s career. How is Neon Lights doing? Still not pass 90 on Billboard?

  131. danielle January 8, 2014

    Girl please. THIS generation is not Beyonce’s generation and she’s still superior to this generations “hottests”, so that is more of a compliment to Beyonce, if anything. Look at Beyonce’s peers: Britney, Xtina, Ashanti, Usher, JLo etc….where are they NOW. Nowhere near her. Beyonce has managed to remain relevant and supreme for over a decade, going on to two.

  132. Lydia January 8, 2014

    Awww Lovebird and Slayriah the usual pressed haters looking for any way to discredit her. So pressed.

  133. Lydia January 8, 2014

    Congrats Beyonce, her achievments are amazing this era.

  134. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    Beyonce destroyed the lessor girls first week sales! She had NO competition! FOH

    NO album promo, No single, NO performance, NO interview, NO release date, NOTHING!!!!

    Beyonce is winning>>>>>>>>>>>>

  135. TinaMinaj January 8, 2014

    And what makes this all the more amazing is that she didn’t have to spend millions on promo! More money in the bank! Boss b**** s***!

    Not to talk about having the most critically acclaimed pop album. Time the haters give up!

  136. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    So she’s afraid of Gaga, Miley, Katy and Rihanna that she decided to release when the coast is clear in BOB week, oh and giving away 17 free music videos.

    Grow some balls Bey.

  137. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    Why can’t she release in Miley, Katy, Gaga, Rihanna or Lorde week?? Because she’s afraid of competition.

  138. danielle January 8, 2014


    You are so bothered like I am literally laughing. Beyonce proved herself, just ADMIT IT. Who was Rihanna’s competition when she was flippity flopping down the charts with all of her 7 albums during her first/second/third week sales? Who was her competition when UNA sold 200K first week? Like are you purposefully being delusional? LMAO. What you don’t seem to understand is….EVEN IF Beyonce released with those girls, she’d still sell more than them. Let’s compare week by week, shall we? Or do you not want to go there. The point is, there was a high demand for her music. Even her peers, both KATY AND GAGA were praising her. If her peers can praise her, I’m sure you can to. But you gotta get out your feelings first =)

  139. ***flawless bitchesssss January 8, 2014

    * I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world, DON’T FORGET IT, DON’T FORGET IT, respect that, BOW DOWN B******!*

    Heyyyyy Rihanna

  140. Emeral January 8, 2014

    Bestselling female album of 2013. Off nothing but her name. Bawsette.

  141. ***flawless bitchesssss January 8, 2014

    HIGHEST GROSSING FEMALE TOUR OF 2013 (with a “flop” album) oh, the irony 😀

  142. ***flawless bitchesssss January 8, 2014

    FASTEST SELLING ALBUM IN ITUNES HISTORY! (didnt need a #1 single or promo) 😉

  143. PRINCE MACHIAVEL January 8, 2014

    Dead!!! When Rihanna Winning The Navy Get Cocky And Calling Other Artists “flop”, Or Laughing “Your fav Could Never, When Will Thiefyonce Charts Again? T********* Will Never…”
    But When Beyoncé Is Winning And They Have No Choice To Deal With The Slayage Then They Want Peace And Star The BS Like “Stop The Stan War Both Black Girl Are Winning And Yadayadayada” F****** Llllllooool!

    Congraz Be!!!!!

  144. ***flawless bitchesssss January 8, 2014

    -The Second Highest rated Super bowl performance( second to madonna)

    -FIVE #1 albums in a row!

    – Score of 85 on Metacritic (New Album)

    – #10 on Greatest Voices of All time

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  145. Please stop the slayage!!! January 8, 2014

    “BEYONCÉ” is the ninth album to sell 1 million digital copies. It’s the first by an African American or R&B artist.


  146. Rosie January 8, 2014

    The album’s doing incredible, name me one more artist that can sell that much in January. The only reason Frozen was #1 this week was because of an iTunes discount. Even if Bey did open on the same week as any other pop girl, she still would’ve probably beat them.
    And not Borde being considered competition. Almost 80% of her sales come from 3 countries.

  147. Lily January 8, 2014

    Get ur fake ass Mirage a Grammy please!!! This between the Navy and the Hive so take ur fake ass and phuck the hell Outta Here B****.

  148. Josh January 8, 2014

    There’s Always people like this who try to compare two artists who are both amazing in their own individual way. Annoys me sheesh

  149. WHITNEY’S TUB January 8, 2014

    Whitney Houston is the Queen of rap! Nicki Minaj who?

  150. MICHAEL’S MEDICINE January 8, 2014

    Michael Jackson is the QUEEN of twerking! Miley Cyrus who?

  151. Legendtina January 8, 2014

    Congrats to Beyonce but this album is not even her best or second best album. 4 was a much better album in every way shape and form. I Am….Sascha Fierce takes second.

  152. DIGGER BEY January 8, 2014

    Jay Dumbass Seeeth Bytch Scorpio……C*nt u will bey EATING THOSE WORDS!!! THE QUEEN will reach 2X by the Summer or earlier. She garnered all these sales without any promo. Bytch u betta pray she doesn’t perform @the Grammys, The Brit Awards or any popular show. That’s “BIG” numbers for ur delusional stank rotten ass.

  153. Paul’s Car January 8, 2014

    I Stan for Paul Walker, Your fave could never crash into a building burning alive.

  154. Slayage January 8, 2014

    The queen keeps slaying and you b****** with continue seething!!!

    @Legentina but this album has more critical acclaim than ALL of Christina’s albums so please sit!

  155. DIGGER BEY January 8, 2014

    LMFAO @The Lesser B****** stans. That includes the poptarts like Hoeianna, Jlo, Ashanti, The Non Factor Squad Fav, and that Dried Up Use To Be Singing Diva MooMoo. When The Art of Flopping drops. It probably won’t see Citranny sells of 57K lmao. MooMoo might as well head to the barnyard. THE QUEEN IS DRAGGGGGGGING EVERY LESSER B**** THIS YEAR! #2014…..THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL QUEEN

  156. DIGGER BEY January 8, 2014


  157. DIGGER BEY January 8, 2014


  158. AMMIE LEANN January 8, 2014

    Looking at bayonce’s sales, it’s clear that Taylor Swift and Adele and Rihanna are running the show. Taylor last 3 albums totally destroys bayonce, Adele is already Diamond and Rihanna digitals sales are so high it’s impossible for bayonce to catch up.

  159. Emeral January 8, 2014

    Bestselling female album of 2013 is enough to run the show.

  160. RICHIE_RICH January 8, 2014

    Well, Well, Well ….Congrats Beyonce, Let the games begin

  161. RICHIE_RICH January 8, 2014

    Just wait til she starts promo……

  162. hugo January 8, 2014

    Get it right bish, Rihanna has 8 number one albums in the uk alone. And several #1’s across the globe.

  163. Hadley January 8, 2014

    Lol Rihanna has not had 8 number 1 albums in the UK. Not even close. She doesn’t even have 8 albums.

  164. Applause January 8, 2014

    Really c-squad???? Really……

  165. Baby Love Me Lights Out January 8, 2014

    Lol, I can’t with these Rihanna stans saying Beyoncé album got knocked off the #1 spot by a soundtrack. But their fave has 8 albums and only one of them reached #1 and lasted there for 1 week lol.

  166. Baby Love Me Lights Out January 8, 2014

    Lol at these Rihanna stans bragging about Beyoncé still not having a #1 single. FYI, singles are released to help promote albums and their sales. Bey doesn’t need a hit single because her album is slaying – 1.4 million in just 4 weeks!

  167. Anne January 8, 2014

    I guess that means ‘4’ beat Rihanna also.

  168. Lisa January 8, 2014

    So wait? when did 4 come out? over 2 years ago? and it is only at 1.39 but Rih’s Unapologetic came out last year and is at 1.2 but you somehow try to flip this story. I know that the fools on here don’t have good common sense, but the fact remains, that 4 was a serious flop, no chat toppers, and it is now 2.5 years old and it is only at 1.3, that is the real story, let’s see what Rihanna’s final numbers will be next year for UA, whoever writes this crap, really depends on the ignorance of the commentors. Geesh!!!

  169. Lisa January 8, 2014

    That’s interesting especially since your fave can’t seem to sell one. She will NOT have not 1 song go to #1 off of this album, all smoke and mirrors.

  170. Mark111 January 9, 2014

    What a boring post. This is why black music is in the shitter, cause they ONLY two black females that are doing well are put against each other. For you Bey stans to compare a 32 yr old/15 year career to a 25 yr old with 7 years career are shading yourselves. Now Britney (same age as Bey), Gaga, Katy and that other pop chic released albums less than 2 months in the same year as Bey, but nope, y’all want to compare Beyonce to an album that came out a year ago. It’s like comparing Usher to Cracj Brown, like them, Bey and Rih are two different generations.

    And if the HIVE want to take it there, Rihanna got here on her own, she didn’t need to step on 5 other girls just to get started. If Bey was so great, why didn’t she go solo from the start> Aaliyah did it, Brandy did it, Monica did it at that time. Cause she didn’t have IT, she became BEYONCE, she wouldn’t even had a chance to those other females.

  171. Theman January 9, 2014

    Beyonce fans are such hypocrites.. They call other artists songs flops, but because her album is doing great she’s excused.. GTFOH.. There are quite a few artists that sale albums/singles.. She’s an AirPlay artist, which is still good though. Her single sales increase as her AirPlay does.. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s album did what it did because of how it was released.. Of course she hasn’t done any promo, shooting all of those videos was her promo.. Her album sales are making up for all of those videos. The way she released her album is strategy in itself. The album would have sold well, but it wouldn’t have sold as much, had it not been released digitally first.. Speaking of Mariah, “Beautiful” went platinum in terms of actual sales not YouTube views. Leave MC out of these silly debates.. HER IMPACT ALONE IS >>>>..

  172. Theman January 9, 2014

    Another thing about the “Frozen” soundtrack is that it wasn’t the only album on sale, many other albums were also.. It came out of nowhere to go to number one, very few soundtracks have done so recently.. Beyonce fans hate give to give credit.. As soon as another artist accomplishes something, they always say its because of this that and the third.. Is it that hard to just say congrats..?? Y’all expect people to do it for her.. Could u imagine IG Pink,JT,Taylor or Emim released their albums the way Beyonce did??.. Credit to her for how she pulled this off, but this was certainly very strategic..

  173. h2o January 9, 2014

    Congrats Beyonce for topping US Billboard 200 for a 4th week and having a 100k fifth week even in January ….. 16 years into your career.

    I wonder will her full-scale promo plan push this album to multi-platinum …. Hope so

  174. Ricky January 9, 2014

    always trying to hate on rihanna for what? rihanna doing her damn thang making her coins of course beyonce is going to sell more because beyonce is the best performer no reason to try to play rihanna its tired..

  175. KeyNavy January 9, 2014

    B**** ,Rihanna unapologetic come to beat 4 released 3 years ago ….
    And if you think Rihanna is s*** and compare Beyonce to Rihanna , is mean that Beyoncé is also a s*** ! bye

  176. cocobutta January 9, 2014


    Drunk In Love = Yes
    Drunk In Success = YES

  177. eve January 9, 2014

    Rihanna has 7 number 1 albums consecutively in the Uk. Did Beyoncé ever do that? Yes Beyoncé may be big in the Us, but behind her there is no other black female in the game doing it but rih. It took her 8 years and Beyoncé 16. But she’s holding her own on a global scale.

  178. Lydia January 9, 2014

    @Eve no she hasn’t had 7 consecutive #1 albums in the UK stop lying. I am from the UK and I can vouch for that

  179. Jazmine January 10, 2014

    I hope Rihanna and Beyonce do a song together so you delusional as* people can stop. These are two black woman doing it big, why can’t we celebrate that. Why does it always have to be a black woman against another black woman? You never see this with white artist, only black artist, on this level. It is annoying that this is condoned. Rihanna has never bashed Beyonce, she has always praised her, so what is the problem. Ya’ll are just bored and in need of a life, that you are trying to live through Beyonce and Rihanna.

  180. BossB*tchBeyonce January 13, 2014

    beyonce-Album Sales: 4 ALBUMS 75 MILL RECORDS =APPX. 18.7 MILL PER ALBUM(5th album not included because 75mill records doesn’t include 5th album) rihanna- 7ALBUMS 118 MILL RECORDS
    beyonce-# of Billboard #1 albums: all 5 rihanna-1 out of 7
    beyonce-# of #1 singles:9 (including w/dc…if u dnt want me 2 count w/dc then dnt count ri’s features either) rihanna-13

    beyonce-# of Grammys:14 (not including w/dc)=APPX. 3 Grammys per album (does not include 5th album bcuz it was released after elegibility period-wait till “15) rihanna-7 = APPX. 1 Grammy per album
    beyonce-1st week sales highest: 617k
    1st week sales lowest : 310k rihanna-238k
    beyonce-RIAA: (US only) 10xs platinum w/4 albums = 2 platinum certfications per album(5th album not included because that info is not yet avail.) rihanna 6xs platinum 1x gold w/7 albums= 1st album gold and everyone after 1 platinum certification per album
    (platinum is higher than gold)

  181. Sandy Jones March 14, 2014

    I think Rhianna is much better. She may not sell as much, but she is going well for her age of 26 and only been in the game for 7 years. She is off the hook with her style, and always changing her hairstyles.
    Beyonce always look the same with the blonde hair, and shiny performing outfits. She need a makeover, and I agree with others from up above, if it wasn’t for Destiny’s Child and her stepping on others, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

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