Hot Shots: Ashanti Shares ‘BraveHeart’ Cover Art With Stunning New Photoshoot

Published: Tuesday 7th Jan 2014 by Rashad

Just days after stunning fans with fresh artwork from her serially delayed ‘BraveHeart’ project, Grammy-winning songstress Ashanti took to Instagram moments ago to share its long-awaited cover art.

Set for shelves on February 18th, the ‘Concrete Rose’ beauty shines afront a floral art design – a colorful replacement to its dark predecessor revealed nearly two years ago.  Kicked off with the mid-tempo ballad ‘Never Should Have’ and tunes assisted by Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly, and Rick Ross, the album will mark Ashanti’s first studio release since 2008’s ‘The Declaration’.

Want to see more from the shoot?  Tuck in below for the stunning Robert Ector-snapped shots that accompanied the album artwork:


Say what you must, but there is no denying the fierceness of this collection of photos!  However, let’s hope that the album’s contents are just as attractive as its packaging.  For, with just a month away from the release date, we expect to see much of Miss Douglas with hopes that live performances and promo alike will reignite interest in the project.

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  1. Lovebird January 7, 2014

    This looks good, I’ll most def be buying.

    I wonder how she’ll do without Murder Inc buying her albums but if she does better than Ciara, then Ciara needs to retire.

  2. JV January 7, 2014

    Gorgeous! Make that independent money Ashanti!

  3. Antonio January 7, 2014

    Simple but s***. Hopefully she keeps this date and just releases the damn album. Just jump on the promo train from now til March and she’ll pull some #s. If she can pull “Ciara”, TAGG or Two Eleven #s, the album won’t be completely in vain. 150-200k at the least is better than nothing

  4. Antonio101 January 7, 2014

    I love me some Ashanti.

    But I’m not loving only liking this cover. Doesn’t look like her much!!!

  5. DIGGER BEY January 7, 2014

    She looks Stunning!! Hope the project puts her back in the game.

  6. VANNY January 7, 2014

    lets see,… the radio is not playing her singles that she has been dropping, no promo, the younger generation don’t know her, and the album is a month away?? ashanti girl please don’t embarrass yourself, girl im just keeping it real, id say 20-25k first week sales and that’s pushing it

  7. Talent January 7, 2014

    Stunning! Hope this album was worth the wait!

  8. Antonio January 7, 2014

    Why do ppl feel the need to constantly use Ciara as the “flop” definition. What about Brandy, Xtina, Avril etc. They sold millions more than Ciara and are barely selling now. As big as Xtina and Brandy were at their peaks and they can’t even go Gold is a true flop. Ciara never really peaked. Tbh, Fantasy Ride could’ve been her peak but it suffered from the same thing Braveheart suffered from: failed lead singles, numerous pushbacks and a late promo campaign. Brandy, Avril, Xtina, Usher and Britney had albums sell 10s of millions of copies and are struggling. Ciara and Ashanti’s best selling albums each only did 6 million WW, which is huge but nothing massive compared to the others.

  9. Zave January 7, 2014

    Ok DAWN RICHARD Goldenheart era! LMMFAO Ashanti tried it. So u jack another independent artist?? chhhh….

  10. rihanna January 7, 2014

    Xtina isnt a flop by far because out of all of them girls you named she pretty much outsold them. Xtina still got some top songs on the hot100 and still racking up millions. THe thing is with Xtina is she really doesnt have nothing to prove, she one grammys, sold 50m albums, and still making headlines. Brandy did OKAY. wtf is an Avril. Ciara still 1,2 stepping to get spotlight

  11. christinastherealtalent January 7, 2014

    At this rate, just release the damn album Ashanti. It’ll flop no matter when u release it because of all the pushbacks but just do what u do and start work on a new album later this year.

  12. Ch… January 7, 2014

    Good luck. This album will flop from the pits of HELL

  13. BEYHIVE NAVY ARMY January 7, 2014

    Ashanti might have fallen off a little bit in the music scene for the last few years but I must say I gotta respect her hustle and her tenacity. It might not be a number one album but I’ve defenitely been looking forward to new music from her. The new album cover is definitely an upgrade from the older one.

    Rockin with her since Foolish

  14. The Boy Toy January 7, 2014

    Lmao @ you comparing Flopara to Brandy and Xtina…

    Ashanti is slaying! I won’t be buying but she looks good!!!

  15. D January 7, 2014

    This is one of the best album covers I’ve seen in a while. Too bad none of the material has been all that compelling. Wish her luck.

  16. GREEKGOD January 7, 2014

    She looks GORGEOUS. Ashanti, Ameriie and LeToya Luckett were always the prettiest black R&B singers to me. I’m still checking for Ashanti music. I heard her latest single on the radio last week, the one with Rick Ross. Lately she’s been everywhere

  17. Free Spirit January 7, 2014

    Ashanti looks amazingly and stunningly beautiful and I love the album cover!!! Braveheart may or may not do well, but I still have faith in her and will continue to support her in whatever she chooses and decides to do… P.S. TGJ has the most haters that I’ve ever seen on a blog site…SMH… Maybe it’s because of Sam and his staff… LOL… Or Maybe people are just always mad and pressed about something, who knows… :-/

  18. D January 7, 2014

    FYI most of those pics are TWO years old, so please try again with the jacking Dawn Richard comment……Thanks

  19. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 7, 2014

    Let’s have an Ashanti drag fest please.

  20. FutureCIARA January 7, 2014

    I’ll be illegally downloading this to complete my Ashanti collection…..

  21. Kareem January 7, 2014

    I am so amp for this album

  22. TheHive January 7, 2014

    She does look gorgeous!. I actually can’t wait to hear the new music.

  23. Molly January 7, 2014

    gonna sell 2k first week.

  24. Zave January 7, 2014

    I will try AGAIN if you actually follow and keep up with Music Goldenheart was released in January 2013. Those pics Ashanti did were in June 2013. So she needs to TRY AGAIN. You coming for the wrong one

  25. ashanti stan January 7, 2014

    Like how you illegally downloaded your faves album? Is that why she has yet to sell 150k?

    Not a Ciara stan talking about low sales. Ashanti has 3 multiplatinum albums under her belt and one album that sold 400k off of her name alone. Ciara’s last 3 efforts haven’t even sold 200k, so you need to shut up.

  26. mini January 8, 2014

    WRONG!!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH PROPERLY. If you look at the cover for The Woman You Love you’ll notice it’s from the same photoshoot as this, and guess what that single was released in December 2011 meaning the photoshoot was done that year as well!!!! So if anyone is “copying” that would be Dawn.

  27. Zave January 8, 2014

    Ok so maybe I am wrong. Doesn’t matter though. WHO IS THE MOST RELEVANT RIGHT NOW THOUGH?? don’t even need to RESEARCH THAT…

  28. Dont shoot the messenger January 8, 2014

    The delusions on this site are real.
    Ashanti is going to flop horribly and changing album covers isnt going to prevent it from happening.
    She flopped in 08 and you people really think she has a chance 6 years later, no hit,the current generation of pre-teens and teens not having a clue who she is and the adults who were teens or young adults when she mattered have moved on.

  29. Facts! January 8, 2014

    @ZAVE You is a dumb bytch…do your home work. Ashanti BraveHeart pictures were released before Dawn Richard released her glodenheart flop! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………google makes difference!

  30. susieaxcbxcb January 8, 2014

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  31. Zave January 8, 2014

    Lmao at y’all thinking Ashanti really had a chance! I mean come on y’all! We should know better by now lol y’all be playing too much lmmfao. ANYWAY, Dawn Richard is a true independent hustler. She is the epitome of hard INDEPENDENT work NOT Ashitti. Stop being lazy and come harder with the music

  32. The Truth About Love January 8, 2014

    We’re not spreading negativity, we’re speaking the truth. If Ciara had a pretty solid promo campaign and only moved 60k on top of a having a huge lead single with Body Party, how much do yall think this album will do. At the most, she’ll do 35k and that’s pushing. The 12-18 yr olds really don’t know her music that much and the ppl ages 21+ have moved on to other artists because she’s taken 6 yrs off. The singles she’s released have all been lackluster. Look at Ciara, she dropped 3 strong singles (Sweat, Sorry, Got Me Good) that all received critical acclaim but failed to impact the charts so she completely scrapped the “One Woman Army” project and went with a more simpler approach and got 2 hits with Body Party and I’m Out and moderately successful album. Ashanti needs to scrap the entire “Braveheart” project, change the title to something simple but powerful like “Point of No Return” or “Rebirth”, go back the midtempo ballads like Foolish, Happy, Rock wit U and Baby and rhythmic hip-pop collabos like What’s Luv and Always On Time that put her on the map. Collaborate with new trendy rappers like A$ap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole and release ballads similar to Body Party, Down on Love and No Such Thing As Too Late that will do well on Urban and Rhythmic radio and that can be performed on mainstream shows

  33. RUSTIC January 8, 2014

    I hope this album do way better than “Declaration” almost 6 years ago. Sadly an overlooked singer-songwriter.

  34. base January 9, 2014

    u sound like a mad depressed f**… murder inc never bough her album BUM she brokke records on her own just because gay z buys heyonce and rihflop h***** album dont mean s*** sit yo ass in the corner u FAILED.

  35. base January 9, 2014

    question is who df is spawn fishards? last i checked her album didnt even hit 100k WW yet roflllllll bye f** u can stay mad

  36. base January 9, 2014

    i doubt u would want that boo because last i checked eminem already dragged flopiah hairy career boo…. might wanna go research cause her last 3 songs so far all flopped badly without anyone even knowing they were out. HMMMM

  37. rednig January 10, 2014

    Who?! Oooh that’s cool that keri hilson is releasing another album

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