Lord Jamar: ‘Miley Cyrus’ Whiteness Will Propel Her Further Than Rihanna’

Published: Saturday 4th Jan 2014 by David

As uncomfortable as it is to admit, double standards continue to run rampant in the entertainment industry.

For, when Ciara‘s ‘Ride’ faced bans many a Trey Songz’ visual didn’t, it reaffirmed- even if done unintentionally- that the marketplace that is the music industry is anything but fair.

Now, while the example above highlighted the problem sexism still plays in the female arena, ‘Original Man’ performer Lord Jamar has taken aim at a culture which he says sees Caucasian acts knowingly pull from ‘Urban’ culture…and use ‘white privilege’ to surpass the African American acts they pulled from.

His debate sparking comments below…

Speaking to ‘Vlad TV‘, the entertainer declared:

“If this is not black music then how come every white artist needs a co-sign from a black person? Beastie Boys had the co-sign from Run DMC. Eminem had the co-sign from Dr. Dre. Vanilla Ice didn’t have a co-sign. That’s why he didn’t last. Macklemore, see I don’t know who his co-sign is. Now he might be an exception to the rule, but I don’t know who his co-sign is. But at the same time, black people are not really f*cking with Macklemore like that.”

He then went on to share:

“She’s doing historically what a lot of artists have done. You know what I mean? The ones that go for the shock value. But she’s also trying to pull from black music. Like to me, she’s trying to be the white Rihanna. She’s just pushing a little further. I mean, listen to her music. Listen to the way it sounds. The way she’s singing. Like she’s trying to sound like Rihanna right now. Like let’s keep it real. She cut her hair short trying to look like Rihanna. You dig what I’m saying? But she knows that that whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna. Because in a country where white people are the majority, that’s what they want to see.”


Do you agree?

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  1. suga&spice January 4, 2014

    History proofs that already since the beginning of popular music.

  2. jfkasy (navy) January 4, 2014

    Thats so true.Finally the elephant in the room has been addressed.

  3. Realest January 4, 2014

    There are ALOT OF similarities between the two except one- Miley can ACTUALLY SING LIVE and gives somewhat high energy performances. How is Ri a Carribean but she wind/twerk/dance like she is from Idaho? Girl no

  4. Lovebird January 4, 2014

    “She cut her hair short trying to look like Rihanna. You dig what I’m saying? But she knows that that whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna. Because in a country where white people are the majority, that’s what they want to see.”

    **Side eyes Rita Ora**


    **Continues to sip tea as the icon remains unbothered by what peasants say about her.**

  5. FutureCIARA January 4, 2014

    As much as I have no clue as to who Lord Jamar is, I absolutely agree with what he said. But its no secret!!!

    And Miley Cyrus career will NOT take on Rihanna’s… More like…. Courtney Love!

  6. FutureCIARA January 4, 2014

    But white people been stealing from the Black community for AGES!!!!! Its no secret! Hence the (DREAMGIRLS movie).

    ALSO Elvis (Thief) Presley is one of the biggest known thief’s of Black music in his day.


    All the white FEMALE Rock stars either get turned out on hard drugs in the long run, and it takes a toll on their looks, OR they Just become irrelevant and forgotten when they are old……

    Hollywood and fame does terrible things to weak woman, who copy and steal from urban influences.

    • lol August 17, 2014

      As if Rihanna is original

  7. Bobby January 4, 2014

    I disagree and it’s so typical … Racism is alive because we keep it alive. Keep the Stan wars out of this (who’s better rihanna vs miley etc…) He used the worst examples out there … Her hair? Like so having short hair is A black woman thing now? And the cosigns are irrelevant. Why do white people need a cosign from a black person to have become something? Vanilla Ice just wasn’t that dope, you mean to tell me the only reason Em went further was because Dre cosigned him? Stupid

    Not to mention nothing on Bangers sounds like a Rihanna song to me. Rihanna has her own sound, Miley has her own.

  8. just me January 4, 2014

    About 6 months ago i said miley will start fading soon when twerking fades. And i see my words are coming true. There will come a time when the shock value isn’t there anymore and that is only where her success lies.
    Miley cyrus wrote on twitter
    ‘you know smilers would have broken another record (adore you) on youtube if not for the leak’
    that is all she wants, get attention and break records on youtube so she tries to do the most shocking things. It is already backfiring, people do not find it shocking anymore, they look at you like a joke.
    One of the reasons she will never be on rihanna’s level is that rihanna does not put all her eggs in one basket.
    Lord Jamar siad the plain truth.
    The only reason people give miley much attention is because she is white.
    This is why we have to support black artists as much as we can.
    Can’t you all see they are already trying to replace rihanna with white girls. But thank God it is not working

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Miley seems to be a bit more talented, and I don’t like either “artists” work. Also, Rihanna’s hair is decades old, so she didn’t invent it. LOL

  9. cocobutta January 4, 2014

    In a lot of cases this has reigned true BUT I don’t she it happening with Miley over RiRi singles chart wise.

    What he needs to recognize more is the great exceptions to that the MJ, Mariah, Whitney, Bey, Janet Jackson & even Rihanna.

    These are black who have or had dropped singles and/or albums and slayed the charts without the “whiteness” act hindering their success.

    Miley has a long way to go be4 he brings her name in that mix.

    “We found love” vs a “We can’t stop” we all know the winner.

    Where his brain should really click is Rihanna is born and raised Caribbean chick who fcukin slaying pop world with actual POP/urban music.


    I’m not even a fan of Rihanna like that but she DID THAT! Kind of on a puppet string maybe so BUT many who are also are not doing what Rihanna does & she may not get all the coins but she make a HELL of a lot for herself..

    KMT at my damn essay (sorry folks)

  10. Common Sense January 4, 2014

    How can this perceived racism end when black people continue to segregate themselves. What is this “black music” he speaks of?

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Music that originated in black culture. What else would it be ? Are you a Wigger ?

  11. ugh January 4, 2014

    yea he right , but what he fail to understand is. Overall of the most powerful and successful singers of all time are blacks and entertainerz. She wont last.

  12. Basura Caliente January 4, 2014

    miley sings better

    miley performs slightly better live

    rihanna looks better

    both are young

    both give off the idgaf rebellious vibe.

    I agree, miley has a lead advantage here over rihanna.

  13. Selenator January 4, 2014

    Who cares about Miley? Jelena is blowing up Twitter right now!

  14. mekaela January 4, 2014

    Miley is a crack looking girl her the sad thing is white media took her so call twerking as if she made the dance when black women been twerking beyonce been doing that dance in her videos miley antics is rewarded and foolish ness justike when kim came out white media made her famous for s** tape white women can finger their p**** and become famous for nothing while blacks have to work ten times hard im not a b fan but the white media hates the fact b sold so much album target and amazon boycott her u think they would do that to taylor white trash self I applaud b success because its f****** putting miley and all those white b****** to shame I said it miley is pissed as f*** that no one gives two f**** about her now all she does it put naked video out on youtube

  15. Beyonce Rihanna Nicki January 4, 2014

    Let me spill some truth tea for you b****** especially @Basura country singers sing sub par at best.
    Miley vocals do not compare to any 3 of my faves kii. And yes Rih vocals were sub par at once but she finally has them together

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Miley is better vocally than Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

  16. MuzikLuv January 4, 2014

    Micheal Jackson broke way to many barriers for me to even focus on that.

    He talks truth but many have proven that with the right team you can do wonders. Even better if you got superb talent to add.

    Would be nice to see a Miguel sell like a JT when both make excellent R&B music but hey even Robin Thicke struggles with JT.

    Cocobutta put some great shouts in their and i’d even add Usher to that roll of names plus some old skool legends like Stevie Wonder etc…

  17. Taylor Swift January 4, 2014

    Miley Cyrus is still a better singer than Rihanna..

    Plis Madonna was raunchy and very similar to rihanna stop saying rihanna started this.
    Rihanna stole from Madonna,Janet and Prince…
    The Bad Girl theme was established by Queen Madonna…

    Rihanna didn’t start no s*** lmaooooooo

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Not very similar to Madonna at all. Madonna had the choreographies, and the sexuality was deeper, and when it was playful, it wasn’t slutty in the sense a Rihanna shows herself. Madonna has a far better craftsmanship and a far more mature sexuality. really not much comparison at all.

  18. Taylor Swift January 4, 2014

    Miley Cyrus is still a better singer than Rihanna..

    Plis Madonna was raunchy and very similar to rihanna stop saying rihanna started this.
    Rihanna stole from Madonna,Janet and Prince…
    The Bad Girl theme was established by Queen Madonna…

    Rihanna didn’t start no s*** lmaooooooo
    Not when this womans whole artistic is inspired by a white woman Madonna lol

  19. Stephy Tha Lambily January 4, 2014

    Madonna stole from CHER, Marylin MonHOE, & that other wierd black woman that I cant think of right now but yea Madonna did not start the bad girl image many has done it before Madonna..

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Madonna and Cher have near to NOTHING similar as artists. Not the songs (for the largest part), not the styles (bar ONE wig *rolleyes*, not the costumes, not the dancing, I’m sure you’re alluding to costume changes ? But guess what, others did that BEFORE Cher ! lol

      And Madonna did not steal from Marilyn Monroe as she clearly referenced her, talked about her, paid homage and parodied (there is a better word but I’m too tired to find it), gave a shoutout to her and OTHERS in a song.

      But what interesting is, that Madonna also did the Golden Age of Hollywood without specifically referencing a specific person. Yet some people get that mixed up with Marilyn Monroe. When the styles used there are before Marilyn Monroe’s time. When you look at her character as Breathless Mahoney etc. So that’s kinda funny when people pull the Marilyn Monroe card and you just think “ooh, the idiots are really on a roll, referencing the wrong era”. lolz !

  20. Beyonce Rihanna Nicki January 4, 2014

    So Sam edited my comment down because that’s certainly not all I wrote ? Okay Samantha let’s play these games since you won’t let me drag these whores

  21. Stephy Tha Lambily January 4, 2014

    Miley Cirus is also a better singer than Madonna but being able to sing dont mean s*** in the MUSIC INDUSTRY

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Madonna has a more playful voice. Miley souns very formulaic.

  22. RoyalKev January 4, 2014

    It’s a very uncomfortable topic for some individuals simply because those that may be “privileged” don’t want to have that exposed (or emphasized). There’s a feeling of guilt/shame there and for the more cold-hearted, an unwillingness to make strides towards having equality because they prefer having some favor. Yes, there are some folks that do actually seem oblivious to the fact that racism does still exist. They may see a black president of the United States, or a successful African American billionaire with (her) own television network/magazine publication and feel as if things like slavery never existed. I love when people say “it’s 2013/14(now)”, “times have changed”!

    They pretend not to see how racial profiling clouds judgement today and how some accomplished black people are unfairly limited in executing certain ideas and more positive images (even after finding substantial success). There’s financial gain, but no power. No matter how great the achievements, blacks are often separated into lower classes underneath their white peers.

    Oprah is a phenomenon, but she will never be equal to Barbara Walters. Tyler Perry will always be confined to a small box, restricting his creative film output. Steven Spielberg’s “creative genius” wouldn’t dare be stifled… Jay Z/Nas/Kanye are all rap veterans, but Eminem will be crowned King of Rap (his mainstream privileged allows it). Even Macklemore have advantages that these seasoned black rappers (and new thriving black artists) don’t have. ASAP, Kendrick and underrated in comparison to Em and Macklemore. Usher ruled from 97 – 2010 (with at least 3 standout eras: My Way/8701/Confessions), but JT gets the MTV Video Vanguard Award (after a 7 year absence and with 2.5 eras under his belt at the time) and is made out to be our current day King Of Pop over night!

    Although he was an accomplice to a certain mega star in a career-altering event that made headlines …

    Janet will always have the Superbowl scandal tied to her name, while Madonna (who she effortlessly rivaled for more than 20 years while both were in their prime) got away with much more salacious acts. Janet can’t share the QOP title with Madonna (Madge has to be recognized as the artists above all the other when) by her over zealous fans, bias critics and brain-washed black people that succumb to the pressures of feeling inferior.

    So many of the African American greats(that may have had addiction) have tarnished legacies after decades of brilliant victories in music. They have tales told of their troubled lives that seem to overshadow their musical milestones (MJ, Whitney, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, etc) while many white musicians facing the same circumstance are revered as heroes (Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne). Basically there’s a double standard. Adele is just as great as Whitney and Mariah (after one record), while Bey and Rih will have to knock it out the ball park 8579578564488956887 times to be given titles like Legend and Icon… but one minor slip up could put a spin on that forever. It’s very sad.

    Sorry for the essay!

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Janet did not rival Madonna, stop right there, they are not in the same league. Adele is better than Beyonce and far better than Rihanna (and I’m not a fan of any of them, although I’d choose Beyonce to listen to, if I had to. But Adele’s voice, from the few things I’ve heard, is stronger than Beyonce’s). How would one even compare someone with a voice like Adele’s to Rihanna ? That is bias. I cannot listen to a Rihanna song without wanting to turn it off fast. Some of the artists you mentioned, both black and white, are fabulous. I understand the problems that arise with racial bia, I don’t support it at all, and these award shows mean nothing to me anyway, what matters is the quality of the music and who stands behind it. I think one should not fall into a thinking that everything that relates to ones colour is better than everything else, when that isn’t always the case. It seems kind of silly, although when growing up surrounded by racial bias, it is something one probably develops. Look at the quality of an artist without always comparing.

  23. RoyalKev January 4, 2014

    Excuse the errors! I didn’t want to leave out any of my thoughts!

  24. BeyonceOutNow January 4, 2014

    Only difference is, Miley can actually sing and hold a note, unlike Rih.

  25. Career Ender January 4, 2014


    Rihanna is a Megastar, I don’t see these lessor girls walking past her

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Miley is a better singer, I don’t know how Rihanna got the title megastar. And I am not a Miley fan.

  26. mekaela January 4, 2014

    Two black women are ruling the charts one have the mumber one album beyonce and the other number one song in the country of the united states I think white media is going crazy asking themselves how could this s*** happen two black women they are trippin about now expect next week they put miley on top to stop b and rih hell yeah they racist I will always support a nlack woman winning over a white because blacks have to work 50 times to get to where they are white trash like kim and miley just need to f*** a black man boom they famous ri work her ass off b too

  27. RICHIE_RICH January 4, 2014

    This is a white world we live in. Truth be told if US black were to stick together and fight for what’s right for us we can stop it. Miley is Miley and Rihanna is Rihanna. Whats meant for them will be.


  28. RICHIE_RICH January 4, 2014

    @mekaela Aint that it. Two Black women are ruling the charts at the same damn time. Beyonce’ has the #1 album and Rihanna(EM)has a #1 single. With that said, this she be a wake up call for both the HIVE and NAVY to stop this stan war s*** and look at the bigger picture. Two BLACK women running the game. That’s phenomenal to me.

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Running the charts game. Not everyone with a deep interest in music cares about the charts. To me, for instance, it’s totally irrelevant, as most stuff on it is s***.

  29. K January 4, 2014

    Miley borrows from that style because that’s what’s popular now. Both white and black pop artists have different kinds of “privileges.”

    White ones benefit because, like he said, whites are majority and they’re going to be more interested in white pop artists.

    Black ones benefit because people associate black with “cool” and “urban.” Artists like Miley have to try extra hard to be considered “cool” or “urban” whereas Rihanna etc. can make straight up pop music and everyone will call it r&b. Instant crossover appeal.

  30. AJ January 4, 2014

    I so agree. This whole argument is so stupid. It’s okay for Rihanna to openly admit she wants to be the black Madonna and people praise her for it, but Miley being compared to Rihanna is somehow twisted to make it sound like it’s a racist thing and that being white gets you further? Have a look at the list of singers with the most number ones. Mainly black. Please. Society won’t move forward if we cling onto 250+ year old events.

  31. AJ January 4, 2014

    Why does race even still come into things like this? Can’t we just appreciate the music?

  32. AJ January 4, 2014

    Not really. Britney will always be known for her head shaving era, Christina’s news at the moment is how fat she got. Gaga gets s*** too. Why can’t we just enjoy music? What does race have to do with music? Adele definitely isn’t an icon, yet, but she has an iconic album, yes. Beyonce is definitely seen as an icon now, by the way. I would hardly say that Madonna has got away everything, she is often in the music news for various outspoken things. Racial profiling only comes from one race, and it’s not the white race. It’s usually black people who say all these things.

  33. Shaquinisha-Rose January 4, 2014

    Ummm no…This is the same old BS that always gets said about White performers. STOP Pitting black against white! Did Miley need a co-sign when she was one of the biggest child stars in the world?? Seems like someone forgot the fact that she was once Hanna Montana…

  34. AJ January 4, 2014

    It’s funny how this article defends Rihanna despite the fact that the article writer usually takes great pride in bashing Rihanna at every given opportunity. Appeasing much.

  35. slayssurfav January 4, 2014

    Didnt elvis do this to somebody back in the day i think its so f***** up i may shade rihanna from time to time but ill never let a b**** take her place in my heart let alone a wack b**** like miley cyrus i do agree tho she is inspired by rihanna i just didnt wanna b the one to say it

    • lol August 17, 2014

      And where is Rihanna original ?

  36. waterfalls January 4, 2014

    “Adele definitely isn’t an icon, yet, but she has an iconic album, yes. Beyonce is definitely seen as an icon now, by the way. ”

    TRUE! it’s funny because beyonce haven’t yet an iconic album but she is icon for our generation.

  37. hmm January 4, 2014

    well. he does have a point. her whiteness can guarantee her a sure bet at career longevity, as opposed to rih who is a tricky one (it’s hard to tell if she’ll be here in the next 10-15 years). but only time will tell, i guess…

  38. Bey-Minaj January 4, 2014

    AJ STFU. WHite people are the most racist muthfuckers on the planet! Why u think Adele sold so damn much seling black music? The album to me was ok but not that great. I’ll be real, I am by no means a Ri fan although i really like some of her songs because good music is good music. Even die hard Ri haters bop along to her songs because lets face it, she makes hit songs. But I am NOT I repeat NOT a fan of her and have never bought any of her music or paraphernalia. However, with that said, Miley will never be on Ri’s level. EVER! She can dip herself in flour to get whiter and it still won’t work. Stars are not just made, they’ born.

    • lol August 17, 2014

      I think Rihanna’s songs are awful, I would never “bop along” to them but instantly turn them off. I’d take Miley’s songs over hers, and I think hers are pretty annoying, too.

  39. cake like lady gaga January 4, 2014

    I’m only here to read the comments, I’ll perch here and just read..

  40. Nicky January 4, 2014


    First it was Will smith daughter , lady gaga , Rita h** and now miley Cyrus

    Lmaoooooooooooooooop rih is here to stay.

    Lmao at miley selling 1.2 million Ww after 15 weeks and 3 WW singles and controversy

    UA at around 4 million with 3 WW singles and litle promo lmaooooooooooo

  41. suga&spice January 4, 2014

    Grace Jones

  42. cake like lady gaga January 4, 2014

    I just had to say something after seeing @AJ comment

    White people suffer from “white supremacy” where they think they are the most superior race on earth.. Whites will always hate blacks because the black people took away their privileges of being white and now everyone is equal.. They smile to blacks, but deep down they resent them, every sane black person knows this!


    • lol August 17, 2014

      Not every white person hates black people, stop it.

  43. xedos January 4, 2014

    I’ve been saying it all along you see it with Taylor swift& Eminem. when Kanye got mad about Taylor swift winning over beyonce people knew he was right. Eminem can put out the worst rap album ,yet he will get nominated and win over any black artist. Just imagine if Rihanna and beyonce were white. trust me they would have won album of the year already. if Adele was black you would not even heard her last album much less it selling so much.Elvis did it Madonna, Justin Timberlake did it and now Miley is doing it. some of Elvin biggest hit was written by a black guy whom Elvis never met. N***** always quick to work with these white artist,but as soon as the artist get big they move on. History repeating itself and blacks allow it to happen.
    even writing this post all the white artist are in the spell check,but Beyonce and rihanna are not.


  44. LA LA January 4, 2014

    I believe a little about what he is saying but not his examples that he provided. The hair and singing is off.

    The only thing I see Miley trying to take from Rihanna is her raunchy side and all of a sudden doing the black movements (dancing).

    It kills me when other people make it seem that Miley Cyrus made the dance “Twerking.” When its been here forever. SMH!

    NowPlaying: Keshia Chante – Table Dancer

  45. xedos January 4, 2014

    Miley whole new look is taken from Rihanna Rated R era.
    white people love black culture,but they prefer when its done by whites.You remember that scene from dreamgirls movie,when the white boy group redo the black guy song and it was all over the radio while the black guy music could not get airplay? the same thing going on right now. Justin Timberlake release an album it gets play on urban and top 40 radio, Miguel release an album it only get play on Urban radio even when both are RNB. This is why white artist sells more and win the awards.
    Miguel got a hit song they give his 90 seconds to sing a verse from his hit song at the Grammy while they give Justine 10 minutes to do 2 songs and he did not have a nomination.

    • lol August 17, 2014

      The look is an 80’s look, it existed before Rihanna was born.

  46. suga&spice January 4, 2014

    The AMA’ s said it all!!!

  47. ashley January 4, 2014

    Preach!!!! Royal Kev!!! Comment of the month,maybe year!!

  48. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 4, 2014

    Would the biggest selling black acts Africa sell as as well if they were white??? No they wouldn’t…

    This debate is just stupid..

  49. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 4, 2014


  50. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 4, 2014

    This whole thing that white people stealing black peoples music is so dumb, I mean are you saying white people shouldn’t be allowed? because of the colour of their skin? because that is racist

    Also I don’t see black people, minding about making money on the internet.. because White people made that.. But do we say you’re stealing “our” technology?

    It’s very hypocritical, so yeh seeing as they has been a hate against white people post, I think I need to give a more balanced view.

  51. BEYONCÉ January 4, 2014

    Miley is already starting to play out….

  52. GREEKGOD January 4, 2014

    Will she go Platinum like Rihanna?

  53. Auntie_Jackie January 4, 2014

    I was waiting for someone to say this, because it’s FACT. She’s pulled from a few other artists, but none more than Rihanna (who herself has pulled from Madonna, Kelis, Fefe Dobson, etc.) Rihanna has been able to successful tiptoe that line between pop music and black attitude.

    It was just a matter of time for all of this. Miley TRIED to be Britney Spears the first time around, so it didn’t work, now she’s trying to be Rihanna and it WORKED. But my guess is Rihanna will come back with something fierce and Miley will play out because it isn’t real….

    • lol August 17, 2014

      People were saying she actually was “inspired” by lil debbie

  54. mekaela January 4, 2014

    I agree navy and behive stop fighting each other and support these two black women because the media likes to see black people fight amongst themselves and laugh navy support beyonce i was not a fan but she really did her thing my hats off I cant even hate but rihanna is behind her and you hives need to respect rih accomplishments stop putting ciara down you all need to start supporting your black women music enough already u see the whites buying miley trashy music down to the trailer parks I hate to say this but kanye have a point

  55. wannabes January 4, 2014

    I knew Miley was trying to be a Rihanna when she came out with this “new” urban sound, look and style.
    I hope she doesn’t replace Rihanna. She has nothing on Rihanna. But what lord jamar said is sooo true. We really need to support our black artists. I have read some comments that Rihanna was copying miley cyrus style. I notice how they list miley’s name first when talking about things like the star tattoo in your ear and style, Rihanna has had tattoos and style forever.

  56. Rihboy January 4, 2014

    Lol at Miley is a better singer live..its 2014 stop the madness..and stop the lies…please research recent live performances by Ri and miley and make correct conclusions

  57. RiRiYoncethebaddest January 4, 2014

    GURRL What you said is the TRUTH!!!!!!!

  58. Nemya January 4, 2014

    If I’m not mistaken, he’s one of the members of Brand Nubian… that’s the only lord jamar I know :/

  59. LETTHETRUTHBETOLD January 4, 2014

    TRUE!!! This was a much needed essay!!!!!!


  60. Rihiconna January 4, 2014

    I agree with Taylor. African Americans need to learn how to share their culture. There is nothing wrong with a white person singing R&B or rapping. Blacks have been called ghetto and ratchet now look at whites trying to do it.it kind of funny

  61. Rihiconna January 4, 2014

    Miley is not better vocally. Rihanna has a beautiful vibrato and unique tone. Rihanna is actually beautiful and pulls off any look. Miley is not cute her body is nasty and she looks stupid.Rihanna looks good doing what she does. Fallback she will fade like williow Smith, Keri hilson, Rita whora

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Miley sounds better.

  62. Molly January 4, 2014

    This is so true white people can steal someone’s style and run with it.

    • lol August 17, 2014

      Nothing about Rihanna’s style is new.

  63. Molly January 4, 2014

    Miley doesn’t sing or perform better then Rihanna wtf neither are vocalists but id prefer Rihanna voice of Miley voice live Miley vocals are f****** tragic.

  64. Molly January 4, 2014

    @Meleka i so agree.

  65. BEYONCÉ January 4, 2014


    Truth of the matter is, “we” wouldn’t mind if the person HONESTLY admired the culture like Robin Thicke, JT, Christina, Jojo, Ariana etc but when you do it just for attention or because it’s “in” THEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!

  66. Suxmycockiness =o January 4, 2014

    I agree, look at Justin Beiber. There are so many young black singers who can sing just as good as him, and are better performers but because he’s white they make it seem as if he’s doing something groundbreaking. As far as MJ, I can even count him as a black artist when he was trying so hard to be white. I don’t see Miley taking Rihannas place simply because what Miley is doing doesn’t seem authentic.

  67. King January 4, 2014

    Truth hurts. Glad someone can speak the truth.

  68. Mark111 January 4, 2014

    Funny how rap, hip hop and R&B is wacky until they jack it like they did Rock N Roll and Blues. It reminds me when Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica was killing it, than next thing you new here came the Britney and the rest of those pop acts. Boy 2 Men was HUGE, but as soon when they took a break, Back Street Boys took their style and ran all the way home with it.

    HE is nothing without Timberland ‘ beats, same with Eminem with Dre.

    With Miley, her days are numbered and she knows it. Mind you a few years ago it was Gaga, where is she? Why do you think she’s putting it all out, cause this is the last string. Hollywood doesn’t want her, neither does Disney. Plus she spat in the paps face, it’s a matter of months before she’s Lohan. Put her in line of Rihanna and she’ll be eaten like the rest. If Beyonce can’t kill Rihanna, how the hell will this w****?

  69. Sandra January 4, 2014

    MJ did not try to be white, how can you still believe that bulls*it lie when it’s been proven that he had vitiligo?? MJ was black all his life, how can you even say that he was not black. Having a skin disease does not change your race.

  70. Mark111 January 4, 2014

    I would believe that MJ was a proud black man with everything being explained but there’s one thing I just can’t get passed, his kids. He went out his way to make sure “his” kids were white.

  71. Bee January 4, 2014

    This definite ya good topic but I don’t think it’s one sided for example I hate fact that base on your skin color is the genre music sing Rihanna is a Pop artist but since she’s black she’s label as a r&b singer I don’t think that’s fair to the people who truly make that music. Same with JT he’s r&b but is label Pop, these artist need to speak on this if Britney was to make a r&b album label the b**** r&b on billboard

  72. Navy Commander January 4, 2014

    I like both. But miley will never be as big as the icon. She can’t sing as well as the icon. The icon isn’t even a dancer and she dances better than miley. Miley looks silly when she dances. The icon usually choreographs moves to be in sync with the background dancers.

  73. rihanna black madonna January 4, 2014

    Miley aint gonna do s*** to miley. MOTS was biggerb seller than Bangerz, and rih had no hype. U have black shits like beyonce who try and uses RitaOra’s whiteness to take out a fellow black girl.

    Beyonce invested in rita ora, cos she though Rita’s whiteness whould end Rih and make her the only BLACK QUEEN,

  74. rihanna black madonna January 4, 2014

    Dont f****** talk to me about white people when Beyonce, her dad and jay z have destroyed any black person who gets in their way:

    beyonce her daddy ened the careers of Ashanti, Ciara, Amerie, keyshia cole by black mailing BET and urban radio. Matt Knowles Blackballed Latoya luckett, when she came with tor in 2006, she was gonna blow buy the knowles destroyed her and she had been out the game since.

    Then bey tried to destroy Rih buy sponsoring a cocky white clone, rita ora, from the UK.

    Jay Z: Shut down Dame Dash and Dipset. FROM 1998 TO 2003 DMX was the biggest selling RAPPER FROM DEF JAM, his albums were bodiying Jay in sales and DMX did nit even have to try hard. JAY became president of def jam, he destroyed DMX and now X does not have a deal.

    Dont talk to me about whites when black are even more evil to those they deem a threat.

  75. Tyler January 4, 2014


    Miley has the COMPLECTION FOR THE PROTECTION rite a long with Britney, JT, Robin Thicke, Justin Beiber, and etc. Britney Spears can get out of a damn car showing her c*** and the media still praises her today. Janet on the other hand, has a wardrobe malfunction and her career hasn’t been the same since. Eminem and his wife had a domestic dispute but u never hear about that. His career never took a downfall. Chris Brown’s, who was 19 by the way,did. Miley Cyrus smokes a damn BLUNT on stage and it’s fine. But Beyonce sings to a damn prerecorded track of her own vocals and everybody gets upset with her ass. These double standards are ridiculous. White artist can run a muck but as soon AS SOON AS A BLACK ARTIST MAKES ONE MISTAKE THE MEDIA WANTS TO CRUCIFY THEM smh.

    Shout out to @RoyalKev for that we’ll written essay. U deserve a TGJ Grape award for that one.

    Oh! And I find it funny how the immature, fake, bitter ass trolls ie Slayriah, Iconic Cici, Rih Rox, and etc. Spend all of their valuable time talking about stupid s*** but are nowhere to be found when we are having a productive conversation. Same goes for Cake Like Lady Gaga’s dumb ass. The spent can go hours on end bashing other artist but feels the need to remain silent during this discussion. Where they do that at??? This is another reason why black people can never get ahead. Because of ignant people like that #MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE smh

  76. tyler January 5, 2014

    @Rihanna Black Madonna

    This is bigger than Beyonce vs Rihanna dummy. This is about the simple fact that the RACIST white media, would rather give a white artist (who’s not as talented or who tries to immulate black culture) more props than a black artist who’s just as if not more talented. How can u bash Beyonce or Jayz for dominating in their own arena???? When u have generic unartificial entertainers like Miley running around???? So dont even feel the need to mention JayZ and Beyonce when what they’ve done is no worse than what whites have been doing to blacks, and their ideas, for centuries.

    Beyonce’s not the problem! Miley is indeed ripping off Rihanna’s style and the media is eating that s*** up. Do u think they’d be as receptive if Rihanna were to smoke a blunt on national television, twerk on a married man on stage while acting a damn fool, or flash her damn titts??? Because the answer is NO. Miley has an advantage over Rihanna because of WHITE PRIVILEGE. Just ask Justin Timberlake, Eminiem, Justin Beiber, Madonna, Elvis, Charlie Sheen, and so on. These artist have done and some still do outlandish things. But did their careers suffer from a huge down fall like Chris Browns, Brandy’s, Micheal Jackons, Janet Jacksons, and etc.??? NO!

    Like I said before, this is BIGGER than Beyonce vs Rihanna. And u better realize it. Because its not inevitable for ur fave to get BLACK balled #RECOGNIZE

  77. Marcus January 5, 2014

    This Is Very Good Topic!

    I Might Not Be Fond Of Rihanna, But I Would Hate For Someone Like Miley To Replace Her. It Doesn’t Seem Right. Rihanna’s Here To Stay, Like It Or Not! She’s Doing So Good In The Music Industry & For A Ripoff Artist To Come Along And Take Her Spot Is Just WRONG.

    Another Thing, If Macklemore Takes ANY Grammys In The Hip Hop Section, That’s Going To Leave A lot Of People PISSED And The Show Would Be Labeled “Rigged” In My Book. Kendrick (Especially), Jay Cole, & Jay Z Worked Their Asses Off This Year & They Better Take Home Those Hip Hop Grammys!

  78. Nicki Minaj the queen January 5, 2014

    Miley´s career will end soon mark my words. This b**** thinks that she will get atention every day well NO cause actually soon people will get tired of her and every thing that she does. And she will NEVER be like Rihanna. #DealWithThatShit

  79. truth January 5, 2014

    This is one of the best things I have ever read on this site. Its all about support. We as a people do not support eachother and that’s not just in the music industry. Beyonce, Brandy, Rihanna, Monica, and a few more black artists truly have no equalz when it comes to their music(with few exceptions) but we can’t support all of these artists at the same time instead we have to fight eachother abiut who is better. Miley will never match these artists in talent and I find her music to be a caricature of urban music. Yet you have black artists willing to sell their names for her success. Why not support eachother? Why did none of these artists jump up to support Jazmine Sullivan who is our Adele? There are talented artists both black and white and I will never be one to accuse all whites of just being carbon copies of black artists but if we want our artists to be successful we have to get out of the mindset of being divided.

  80. Geesh January 5, 2014

    You can always tell who didnt read.

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