Watch: Beyonce – ‘Self-Titled’ – Part 5: Honesty

Published: Saturday 4th Jan 2014 by Sam

Beyonce may have nabbed a third week atop of the Billboard 200 with her self-titled visual album, but that hasn’t halted her promotional hustle.

King B webisode series ‘Self Titled’ continued today, with Part 5 which has been christened ‘Honesty’.

Flip the hood to check out Yonce dish more on the process of putting together the blockbuster collection.

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  1. suga&spice January 4, 2014

    2 beautiful black women doing their thing. I LUVVV IT!!!!:-)

  2. BEYSUS OVER JESUS January 4, 2014


  3. BadGalRiri (Rih’s B****) January 4, 2014

    Beyoncé is slaying this era.

  4. Realest January 4, 2014

    Thank you Beyonce for giving us quality/mainstream/vocal/deep music all in one. You’re truly above your peers and the reigning queen of popular music. Your ALBUM (Not singular song) is showing these lessors #WhatItIs

  5. FutureCIARA January 4, 2014

    I love these behind the scenes footage!!!!

    More artist should uncover that veil and show their fans what goes on during the process!

  6. Beyonce Rihanna nicki January 4, 2014

    Just the praise she gets from people who actually know about technical talent that you
    Delusional f**** wouldn’t recognize. Then the raw talent she had every time we see her a touch a microphone you can
    Hate all you want but aside from just performing beyonce is talented on all fronts
    And her vocals are truly special. I always read but never comment but it’s time to drag you b****** to the slums because
    My fave is a truly a goddess in her craft regardless of sales and all that generic s*** her talent
    Will go down in history and not just as a performer but all fronts especially all musical fronts
    She is maybe one of the best technical singers of all time her voice is too real and raw

  7. January 4, 2014

    wait, but she’s a feminist in her art who is backed by males? producers, writers, and directors………..

  8. fatusankoh January 4, 2014

    Omg beyonce is such a talente she sing that songwith all her soul so perficit now instead oh to enjoyed the praise of her ever talente hard work hate mongers are doing all to trash her thank you hatters are not please my fellow fansgood people lets continue to love and support our talented bey with all our might and help her promont push this amazing album to diamond thank Sam for posting this album speak to my soul and make me very happy thank bey for your amazing body of work very proud to a fan for life long live queen bey hatters have nor ting on you

  9. Basura Caliente January 4, 2014

    Beyonce again on another scalping spree. That moment when five minute behind the scenes youtube promo video slays tv appearances, twitter meltdowns, wearing pant and bra on awards shows, awkward shock value perfomances and stripping live. smh

  10. cocobutta January 4, 2014

    Look at the evoultion of this WOMAN.
    This project was either going to be self-titled or called something like Freedom (Chronicles of expression).
    In life at some point you just got to do you and be yourself in the arts so good on you Bey.

    What’s with JT & Tim and these over 5 min songs this era lol.

    If Bey does do Rocket (til water faaaallllssss) live then the Mama’s have some LAYERS to fill up doing it.

    #np: Jealous (been my song over last days or so on repeat)

  11. fatusankoh January 4, 2014

    I ment to say thank god you hate mongers are not god trying to drage her down but her god given talente hard work bey will rise above all long live queen bey you are love by god good people and we your fans for life

  12. MuzikLuv January 4, 2014

    Beyonce is creeping up on my fav artist ranks.
    Always, always appreciate her live and the great shows she puts on

    I love the freeness, the swag, the passion, the gusto, the guts & the artistry to show almost all her sides of being an all rounded urban pop artist.
    All I personally had missing from this was like and “End of time” big dance anthem BUT she has it on 4 so no big deal.

    GREAT JOB Bey.

    Current top 4: Drunk, Rocket, Pretty Hurts & Jealous.
    It changes all the time so that’s a testament to the body of work throughout the album.

  13. FRESH NAVI January 4, 2014

    These webisodes are PROMO

    i hope the hive is COGNIZANT of this

  14. Taylor Swift January 4, 2014

    I’m becoming a Beyoncé fan and I hate it.. I wanted to hate this album but its the best thing after Taylor’s RED in the 10s era!

    I am waiting for Xtina to shut down everything..
    Xtina, Taylor and Now Beyawnce lol Beyoncé >
    My girls.

  15. Basura Caliente January 4, 2014

    Either them haters are closet stans or i’m blind cos if you look at the top right hand of TGJ, all top four posts are about bey.

    @Fresh Navy

    Of course she’s promoting! Shouldn’t she? But the method that has been the most effective so far has been promo through word-of-mouth

  16. RICHIE_RICH January 4, 2014

    This is the side of Beyonce’ I’ve been wanting to see for the longest. I mean how can you not like her. I’m so so so so so so proud of her and where she has come. Good job Beyonce’, you did that. She even got her die heart haters diggin the album. Sign Sealed Delivered

    @Fresh Navi …of course it’s a form of promo, but yet and still it’s not you’re typical form of promo for an artist of her caliber. The overall promo for this album is “WORD OF MOUTH”. Btw what is you’re personal vendetta with Beyonce’?

  17. RoyalKev January 4, 2014

    So glad that Bey let down her guard and made the album she wanted to. Bey has really been coming from a more personal perspective since 4 and I really like where’s she going artistically. I couldn’t be happier with her and I certainly couldn’t ask for more from her!

  18. Rob3gd January 4, 2014

    Lets be honest here people. Beyoncé’s new album is all a marketing ploy.

    1. Beyoncé released her album exclusively to ITunes, creating scarce demand.

    2. Beyoncé’s album can only be purchased in full. This means that people have no choice but to buy the entire album, which is conveniently exclusive to iTunes. The individual singles are not available until the 20th. This have never been done before and its a strategy to get people to buy her album and increase her album sales to prevent another embarrassing plummet as her last album.

    3. She has offered more music videos than actual songs and this just adds to her marketing ploy to get people to purchase her music. without the exclusive videos, who knows how many album sales she wouldn’t have sold.

    Beyoncé is talented, but don’t get fooled by this marketing ploy. This is just a masterful strategy that being played brilliantly

  19. RICHIE_RICH January 4, 2014

    @Rob3gd I mean what was you’re purpose of this? Beyonce
    ‘ is a Business babe. IMO this was and excellent marketing idea to be real with you. I mean this all could’ve backfired on her but it didn’t. Just congrats and keep it moving. I bet if madonna, gaga, or any of them other white pop girls did something of this caliber, would you say the same?

  20. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 4, 2014

    My queen. This woman is just phenomenal

  21. Bey-Minaj January 4, 2014

    @ROB3GD u mad bruh? U sound mad…stay mad! Bey is slaying this era and her album is selling not because of some voodoo but because it is spreading by word of mouth that her album is really good and worth the money. Even some die hard Navy stans bought it. If an album is good its just that good and you will deal cause this era Yonce aint playing with u b******.

  22. Bey-Minaj January 4, 2014

    @Richie-Rich, yes it could have easily backfired, but Yonce sells off of her name alone because people knows she brings quality. If this were Rihanna or Gaga or Miley they would have not been as successful doing this. Bey said if you want my album you gonna have to buy the whole darn thing and people wanted it so badly that they bought it. A lot of people could have said no and a lot did but a lot of them also said yes and she is slaying because the slayage just won’t let up. There are some who are saying everyone is saying this album is really good, why havent I bought it yet and so every week her sales are consistent.

  23. RICHIE_RICH January 4, 2014

    @Bey-Minaj that’s what people need to understand. I agree 1000000000%

  24. Truth January 4, 2014

    It didn’t sound like rob3gd was mad. You guys should not really take things to heart. I read simply that Beyoncé did in fact have promo. Most are running around saying she had NO promo. If we really think about it 2013 was full of promo. Because a person sees that , that doesn’t mean they mad. I love the album and the way it is selling, but I too saw promo. We all did
    1. The secret videos being filmed at random with pics all on the net in 2013.
    2. Her camp tweeting, producers interviewing letting us know something was in the works.
    3. Her tour
    4. Her performing songs that had people wondering if it was a single.
    5. The Pepsi announcement
    6. The snippets
    And then boom the drop of the album etc etc
    The game was played so well that it looks as if there was no promo because Beyoncé never said anything . But, the truth is clear, that this was all a stradegy that WORKED!
    She slayed and may not speak well but damn sure is business smart

  25. Yeah I Said It January 4, 2014

    I absolutley love her omg!!!!

  26. ChrisFresh January 4, 2014

    Shes so full of herself but this my fav Bey album

  27. hodgexcbxcb January 4, 2014

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  28. Loyalty January 4, 2014

    Yay Rocket one of my fave songs and videos on the album! I didn’t want this mini series to end 🙁

  29. Bey Fan January 4, 2014

    Love this woman…. man.

    Now onto this promo… Beyonce is a brand. So everything she does garners attention from the media. As an international entertainer, artists are constantly promotion their BRAND. However, what she did was very risky.
    1) There are no guarantees in this business… look at Mariah, Janet, Britney, Madonna…. iconic woman whose last projects performed poorly.

    2) Beyonce just came from her lowest selling era to date. “4” was a GREAT album. But didn’t have the commercial success as her previous projects. So releasing an album (even with shock value) was still very risky.

    Lets Bey honest…. of you’re gonna say what she did was promo… then im going to say your favs twitter rants, photo shoots, tv shows, iintagram pics, duets with other artist, candid pics, etc are all promo for their upcoming album.

  30. Sky21 January 4, 2014

    That was so beautiful and incredible.It has made me want to knock down my own walls and be confident.

  31. Sky21 January 4, 2014

    She has inspired me to look at life from whole different perspective.Knock down that wall and just live life and embrace your insecurities

  32. alex January 4, 2014

    okay great that’s definitly right. Beyonce says that we must take the bad and the good for being good okay. So common everybody show your asses to the cam, we’ll appreciate more…Oh yeahh we’ll do

  33. JER January 4, 2014

    I LOOOOOOOVEEEEE these clips. Yes kween show us that personality!!!

  34. -___- January 4, 2014

    feminism is not about shunning males it’s about equality. There is nothing wrong with working with men… idiot. Not to mention she does go out of her way to uplift and work with women in other ways … her all woman band for example …and also all the other women who worked with her on the album itself.

  35. youneverknow January 4, 2014

    I just wanted to point out that, althought Kelly gets a lot of flack for sort of flocking behind Beyonce, if you look at it she probably is more courageous than Beyonce in more ways than one. Kelly has been doing this for her last 2 albums–being honest, sexual, vulnerable–yet receives no credit for taking that step forward and fully embracing her sexuality in her music. She was as honest as honest could get on Dirty Laundry. I think that Kelly may give Beyonce the courage and comfort to go certain places that, because of Beyonce’s status, she was never comfortable going. Hats off to Kelly for probably being of service to Beyonce in ways that we are not aware of 😉

  36. Shai January 4, 2014

    Really??! It’s that deep for u. U must be real young to wright such foolishness. ” better then God”. I feel sad for u.

  37. shisha January 4, 2014

    I agree! Now if Kelly keeps going with the whole sexual side of her, no one can say anything cause Bey took it to another level! Im not a hudge fan of Beys singing style, but i did buy this album, normally id just buy the singles i like the most but heck, she deserves my money all the hard work she put in to make those videos and of course the hype helped lol!

  38. shisha January 4, 2014


  39. Kennethbmusic January 5, 2014

    Beyonce is A human being. You need to check yourself and repent!

  40. realtalk January 16, 2014

    I know for a fact that Beyoncé /PR team do read the blogs from the release of this amazing new album. I’ve stated after the release of the “4” album of which I so love and the body of work that was put into that album, but I did make a comment from my heart that in hearing that Beyoncé was working again on her next studio album(5th) I was oh so hoping that she would take it to another level and show us her true fans her maturity and grown side since being a mother/wife we needed grown folks music/sound and not all that tiny bopper bull sh*t. Hopefully true/real artist will now come with their “A” game and put out decent music and not all this studio help make up sounds that the artist can’t do live without the help of the studio sounds. Yes Beyoncé keep that bar raise. Great body of work/album.

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