Beyonce’s ‘Beyonce’ To Bounce Back On Billboard

Published: Tuesday 18th Feb 2014 by David

Her scorching set at the 56th annual Grammy awards may have split public opinion, but Pop icon Beyonce can be sure of their full support for its mothership…’Beyonce.’

How one is to prove this?

Well, one look at Hits Daily Double will suffice, the go-to spot for any eager to see how the project- and its competitors- are faring week by week.

So, just why the star has cause to rejoice this week?

Good news below…

With only 36.20% of this week’s sales in, Carter‘s latest studio album has now sold enough copies to guarantee its return to the Top 5 by its end, bidding adieu to the #7 spot it held on last week’s tally.

For, as she gears up to rock the United Kingdom with the latest leg of her ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘, the ‘Through with Love’ firework has sold 20,283 units and now sits at #4, currently outperforming Katy Perry‘s ‘Prism (12,929)’ and Lady GaGa‘s ‘ARTPOP (1,288).’

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for this week’s final figures once they touch down on Wednesday (19th February 2014)!

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Your thoughts?

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  1. Music Stan ( I came I conquer and I draged) ( yall know who I stan 4) February 18, 2014

    Here we go in 5……..4……..3……..2…….1……. Stan war

  2. BeyBeyKing February 18, 2014

    If Gags can’t even sell 2,000 BabymamAra must have sold 2 copies 2bh.

  3. BeySting February 18, 2014

    Queen of Queens.

  4. KatyKadet February 18, 2014

    What kind of never ending slayage?

  5. Music Stan ( I came I conquer and I draged) ( yall know who I stan 4) February 18, 2014

    @BeyBeyKING and how many copies have you sold??? why bring someone who clearly doesn’t have anything to do with this article in it!!! So like you the Pressed Kind???? anyways Congrats to Beyonce

  6. FentySoSnatched February 18, 2014

    She should use all that money to pay those writers she keeps stealing from.

  7. MDNA2014 February 18, 2014

    BREAKING: Mariah is officially out of the 200.

  8. My Forehead Tho February 18, 2014

    Death @ “Lady GaGa‘s ‘ARTPOP (1,288).’”

  9. IggyIggyIggy February 18, 2014

    Lol at Gaga’s sales.

  10. Nancy February 18, 2014

    Y’all act like this b**** is doing some amazing ass numbers….MARIAH,MADONNA.JANET, WHITNEY, BRITNEY,
    CHRISTINA,ADELE have Albums that have sold over 8 million copies in the US alone and more than 16 million + copies WW
    Please Beyonce doesn’t have an album that have seen those numbers and by the looks of it
    It never will lol her singles are flopping her album hasn’t even reach 3 million WW yet lol all
    Those icons that I named saw 3 million WW within a month So all you
    Hives can several seats

  11. slay_hive February 18, 2014

    When will Rihanna?? LOOOOL

    Congrats SLAYonce! 😀

  12. Dark horse February 18, 2014

    omg at gagas sales omg omg. i knew it was bad but not that bad it will never see platinum

  13. slay_hive February 18, 2014


    Welcome to 2014 B****! kii

  14. slay_hive February 18, 2014

    “She should use all that money to pay those writers she keeps stealing from.”

    WAAAITT! Isn’t Rihanna being sued for STEALING images for S&M? kii

    She might wanna save the little money she has. Philipp Paulus is getting ready to snatch! LOOOL

  15. Dark horse February 18, 2014

    katy must be laughin so hard at gagas sales.

  16. TRUTHTELLER February 18, 2014


  17. Davis February 18, 2014


  18. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 18, 2014

    But I thought she was finished? Old? A flop? Lmfao the haters should just give up and join the hive. It’s a lot less painful.

  19. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 18, 2014

    @Davis LMFAO the wasps are shitting their pants right now

  20. Mya February 18, 2014

    SCREAMING @ Gagas numbers.

    Good for Bey again <3

  21. kii February 18, 2014

    GAGA is DONE!!!! 1,000 copies???

    Where is AIDSlikeCACA?

  22. Molly February 18, 2014

    Congratulations Bey can’t hate you’re getting them records sold definitely redeeming yourself after 4.

  23. BITCHDONTWEARMYWEAVE February 18, 2014

    *caughs at Lady Gaga’s sales*…*Crosses my legs* Tea anyone?

  24. Navy sailor February 18, 2014

    The b*****+ are a bunch of haters! BeYAWNCE is local. Rihanna has sold more albums and singles than LOCALyonce. I cant wait for her new album to sell more than this ghetto trash

  25. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 18, 2014

    The queen is seeking revenge on all those who called her a flop. Eat your hearts out wasps! The era hasn’t even started yet!

  26. Molly February 18, 2014

    im dying at Gagas numbers say what you want about Ciara sales but she was never as big as Gaga to see Gaga fall down so far is hilarious.

  27. cierror won’t see half of these sales February 18, 2014

    My name tho ^^^

  28. Jewel February 18, 2014

    She is slaying this era. Can’t deny that.

  29. Jewel February 18, 2014

    Katy Perry is also doing well.

  30. Jewel February 18, 2014

    It will be interesting to see what happens when she goes back on Tour aswell (I assume she is Touring with the new album songs this time)

  31. Stephy Tha Lambily February 18, 2014

    Look at the demonic chain/neckless Beyonce is wearing….

  32. The Boy Toy February 18, 2014

    Kiii who is posting under my old username “navy sailor”? Congrats to Gaga for selling 1k!

  33. LDN Chick February 18, 2014

    Whats demonic about two triangles. I have one like that from Topshop, guess Im a devil worshipped too *rolls eyes

  34. LDN Chick February 18, 2014

    Go Beyonce! xo

  35. truth February 18, 2014

    That HIVE won’t let up off the crazy talk. News Flash this era began when she started her tour and released struggling snippets. But, I will not hate on her, she is doing very well (for Beyonce), but that hive, I have NO RESPECT FOR. Ya’ll make up so many excuses for Beyonce until she is winning and even then you all can not just be happy.

  36. IOWNTHEWORLD February 18, 2014

    The KING still reigns!!!

  37. TRUTHTELLER February 18, 2014


  38. truth February 18, 2014

    and i see TGJ posting that famous lip syncing performance of DIL

  39. truth February 18, 2014

    she is not SINGING

  40. Britney Stan February 18, 2014

    Lmao Stephy don’t you stan for Beyonce?

  41. TRUTHTELLER February 18, 2014


  42. Britney Stan February 18, 2014

    Beyonce numbers are decent but lets stop actin like she’s doing Adele numbers.

  43. truth February 18, 2014

    @BRITNEY STAN shhhhhhhh let the HIVE think she is bringing in HUGE numbers like that.
    I wont say what it will end up selling, but I will say, for all this “slayage” Beyonce better get her a DIAMOND cert. thats all

  44. Vee February 18, 2014

    HmSo just because the Hive are happy for their fave and laughibg at the people who predicted the opposite of their predictions means we think shes doing Adele numbers. Ch… These haters. Whatever makes you feel better.

  45. Vee February 18, 2014

    The fact is Beyonce is doing better than majority of her peers in a hard era where biased people underestimated her and said she was over after 4. My how they were proved wrong. She came and served you. All people can do is cling to Adele to discredit her lolol! Continue doing YOUR THING Beyonce, others worry about your faves and stop getting your panties in a twist over the HIVE.

  46. Adrian February 18, 2014

    Firstly i LOVE this blog but why is every post have to be about Beyonce or something to do with Beyonce on some way??? It is really annoying, i mean it is clear that the owner of the blog is a huge fan of beyonce but it is becoming ANNOYING!!!!

  47. Bey Fan February 18, 2014

    Thats right baby… Beyonce…. King Bey

    I know Gaga can still create great works… I just wont this Artpop era to end already. Im sure her tour is gonna be fantastic tho.

    So now she better get a diamond. I love how the haters have to keep raising their “standards” for Bey. First she was flop, then she wasn’t gonna have longevity (yall were saying something like after the 3rd week) , then she could get a top 10…now its she better get a diamond record. LMAO.

    Yall are funny.

  48. Micks February 18, 2014

    Beys winning. That is all.

  49. Sandra February 18, 2014

    Hahaha Lady Gaga ARTPOP 1,288 copies sold. That’s sad, for an album that was released only 3 months ago and had tons of promotion. Gaga is still at 600,000 copies sold in the US with that album, I doubt she will ever reach platinum.
    Congrats to Beyonce and Katy though! Their albums are great and solid albums with good songs.

  50. Bey Fan February 18, 2014


  51. Bey Fan February 18, 2014

    I really want Bey to do some magazines shoots and tv appearances…. but i know she’s on some different chit right. Guess I’ll have to youtube this concert performances.

    Lets not give Gaga a hard time. She proved she’s an album seller. This era is just a mess.

  52. Micks February 18, 2014

    @Bey Fan so do I. This album is so interesting and feels like her most personal I would like to see some more interviews. It would be interesting. I don’t want her to go overboard though as it would take away the authenticity surrounding the era.

  53. Theman February 18, 2014

    This site is running these same figures on here over and over. Only her fans are impressed by these average numbers.. What was Beyonce’s excuse for not having a major selling album before? She had the machine.. The music …. What was it?? Her songs are not performing like her album.. Stop using that tired excuse about this being different eras.. T Swift, Usher & Adele all have exceeded her average album sales. Don’t give that tired crap about different audiences either, because she had the hits, promo, different demographics, machine, and ect. Perhaps her hype is bigger than her actual impact..

  54. Brandys Starr February 18, 2014

    Well done Beyonce. This is great. Its really not difficult to just give credit and move on. Some people should try it.

  55. Absolved February 18, 2014

    Ha! Hard being a Bey hater these days, isn’t it? She’s not giving you much leverage.

  56. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    Congrats Katy. I love how she can top both the singles and album charts so effortlessly.

  57. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    As for Gaga, she needs to just put this era behind her and focus on making a killer comeback.

  58. slay_hive February 18, 2014

    @The Man Dangerously in Love was Beyonce’s major selling album. Over 11 Million WW. Only 1 Million behind your fave “mimi’s” TEOM

    One thing Beyonce has that Adele, Usher, and Taylor Swift lack are Longevity, and dedicated fanbase. Adele did great for that one album. She is also white, which was a major factor in her success. What she pulls in with this next album will prove her impact. Usher had a great career, but where is he now? Taylor has her young “white” fans, where will she be when she is 32?

    DIL is SMASHING. Her single is doing great, better than you’re mine. smh

    Her album is pulling in better numbers than others who have “hit” singles. She hasn’t really promoted either. These are great numbers for 2014.

    Beyonce may not be one of the BIGGEST sellers, but she is very well respected, and supported. Which will guarantee her legendary status. 😉

  59. DD1G February 18, 2014

    lol@the haters trying desperately to cling to SOMETHING to hate with. Trying to hide behind Adele…talking about Madonna/Whitney/Mariah/Janet/Usher’s long past sales (despite how none of them could done Beyoncé numbers today)…talking about her last album…talking about singles.

    I am literally SCREAMING at the desperation! You’re literally embarrassing yourselves! Beyoncé has wiped the floor with you and your faves latest sales, but rather than shutting up to save face, you continue to talk and lose the little bit you have left!!!

    Damn that Bey for winning! It’s causing cyber space losers migraines, aneurysms, stomach aches and bloody diarrhea! lol

  60. Marley February 18, 2014

    Good for her. Lol I remember reading people saying the album was going to have no longevity. Its only spent one week out of the top 5 since its release two months ago and is re-entering while other releases freefall down the charts. I wonder what drag they will attempt to suck the life out if next. So far the shes over, will flop, can’t get a top ten, can’t compete, music is garbage and a host of others have failed. Katy is also doing her thing too. I like Katy.

  61. RoyalKev February 18, 2014

    What kind of Run The World slayage is this going on? How much of a beating can the charts take King B?

  62. Marley February 18, 2014

    *out of

  63. Anne February 18, 2014

    The album’s performance is enough cause for celebration and on top of that DIL obviously has legs since other than DH which was already #1, DIL is the only Grammy beneficiary to remain in the top ten after the sales boost. That just proves the song has legs and is a bonafide hit. According to Billboard it will be #1 on the next rhythmic chart. Beyhive is just enjoying this era of good music AND commercial success so the haters should give up and stop stalking every Beyonce post just because her success obviously bothers you.

  64. SageLinear February 18, 2014

    Naysayers need to be quiet. Nothing you can post here at the comment section of TGJ is going to have an adverse effect on Beyoncé’s success. You’ve lost. Deal with it and move on.

  65. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    If she isn’t going back to #1 then this post is irrelevant and unnecessary.

  66. B. Hill February 18, 2014

    I don’t know what I like more, Bey’s album itself or seeing the haters mad at the slayage!


  67. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) February 18, 2014

    Has she even done a proper interview yet?

  68. Rosie February 18, 2014

    NOW IN: 50.65%
    7 4 BEYONCE COLUMBIA 36,103
    45 47 TAMAR BRAXTON EPIC 1,880
    LOVE & WAR


  69. Rosie February 18, 2014

    Oops wrong email.

  70. Metzo February 18, 2014

    Congrats to Katy and Beyonce!! They’re doing their thing. Both of their albums are fantastic. Also I have to mention that Katy’s album is selling very consistently, and that’s pretty impressive. Beyonce is slaying too.
    If you look at the billboard charts, Katy perry is killing the pop charts while Beyonce is murdering the RnB chart. Just #Flawless.

  71. JER February 18, 2014

    But how an you ‘bounce back’ from slaying? All I see is pure slayage from Bey and pure struggles for the lessers.

  72. Metzo February 18, 2014

    Yup, must be hard to be a Beyonce Haters these days.@SLAYRIAH, just STFU. You have nothing to say.. Your fave is flopping harder than a dolphin. She’s tumbling down the itunes chart harrd, and she’s nowhere to be found in the Hot 100. So sad.

  73. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    All I see is pure struggles from Beyonce and pure slayage from her superiors

  74. Lovebird February 18, 2014


    Bounce back with 20K? This album looks like it’ll peak at 3 million WW; even after Drunk Ho in love free falling down the charts after 385949309594939585 remixes.

  75. The truth hurts February 18, 2014

    @rosie lana has been selling really well in the USA recently for a 2+ year old album
    Absolute death that for every copy of artpop sold lana sells 5: artpop hasn’t even been out for 6 months

  76. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014


    BXTCH bye! Mariah owns Beuonce.

  77. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    I’M CRYING; even after behaving like an old obese drunk ho at the Grammy’s and spreading her nasty cellulite legs in front of 25 million people; she’s “bouncing back” with 20K LMAO.

  78. Avi February 18, 2014

    Ugh!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t it just make you annnnnngrrrry?!?!?!
    Blast that traitorous fate for taking Beyonce’s side over yours!!!! LMAO

  79. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    And not Mrs Camel having rappers release 3949692958495 remixes for Drunk Ho in love to try an sneak in a #1 whilst XO is jumping harder than a scale meter when Adele stands on it, I cannot.

  80. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    I’m crying at this 20K “bounce back”; thanks for the laugh Samantha.

  81. Rosie February 18, 2014

    @The Truth Hurts IKR, I’m really happy the US finally got over SNL and those dumbass rumors/reviews from 2012. Last time I went there (last year) I heard nothing but good things from them, especially from college students. No wonder she’s doing so well for an artist with no major hit and who only debuted with 77K.
    Did you hear about her Coachella sideshows selling out in less than 5 minutes? Slay. This will definitely persuade her to tour there for Ultraviolence.

  82. Rosie February 18, 2014

    None of those 39447203839157393 remixes you’re talking about are official, nor are they counted by Billboard, but drag, I guess?

  83. Lolz February 18, 2014

    @lovebird no its done 20k SO FAR . Can you read? Not even 50% in from that

  84. Lolz February 18, 2014

    WOW Gaga doing 1k?

  85. The truth hurts February 18, 2014

    I did hear , and everyone said that no one would want to see her live. Did you see her favourite that lorde shade on twitter?
    Everything is perfect for her to slay in America:
    -their over SNL
    -she has live performances down to a tee
    -platinum album
    -well known from summertime sadness and y&b
    -Interscope will invest more after the failure of fadga and the success of BTD
    I’m predicting the highest opening week for a female in 2014 (no adele)
    Can’t wait til may, hopefully we get a lead single in march

  86. Georgie February 18, 2014

    I wonder if Beys going to do another US leg for the album? I hope so.

  87. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    JUST 8 years ago this week the Hot 100 top ten looked like this:

    1. Beyonce -Check up on it ( 5 weeks 😉 )
    2. Nelly, Paul Wall- GRILLZ
    3. Chris Brown -Run it
    4. Mary J. Blige -Be Without You
    5. PCD stick With you
    6. Juelz santana -There it go ( The Whistle song)
    7. Mariah Carey -Don’t Forget about Us
    8. James Blunt -You’re Beautiful
    9. All American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
    10. D4L- Laffy Taffy

    Hip Hop and R&B used to RULE the Hot 100. Now we have to settle for Katy and Rihanna *rolls eyes* ! BB need to change the rules BACK! LOL

  88. Kyle February 18, 2014

    ULTIMATE DEATH @ the struggle to drag her. She is set to exceed predictions by HDD. These are not even final.

  89. nerds808 February 18, 2014

    final: BEYONCE #4 – 50K

  90. Tyler February 18, 2014

    Haha Lovebird’s a lunatic yo!

  91. Hush February 18, 2014

    I’m crying at how it took Rihanna’s forehead six months to sell 1/2 of what Beyonce was able to do in two! And I’m sobbing hysterically at how in 15 months she still hasn’t done what Bey has total! roflmao

  92. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    So they’re allowed to post chart positions from 8 years ago but when I do it they say I’m living in the past… hmmm.


  93. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    @the pressed bxtch above me

    Isn’t Rihanna still leading in worldwide sales though?

  94. Yeah I Said It February 18, 2014

    She did better than Hits daily double predicted.

  95. Twerk 4 Miley February 18, 2014

    Average n umimpressive sales. No #1 hits or longevity

  96. Twerk 4 Miley February 18, 2014

    Mariah > beyonce

  97. Yeah I Said It February 18, 2014

    Nothing average about selling close to 3 million in 7 weeks honey.

  98. Yeah I Said It February 18, 2014

    I don’t believe that’s a Miley stan, you wouldn’t be dragging your own fave by saying that.

  99. Twerk 4 Miley February 18, 2014

    I’m not dragging s*** bangerz tour is slaying ms carter world bore. See u there

  100. molly February 18, 2014

    @tyler your a worthless f*** dont come for my @lovebirdlluxx55@gmailm..

  101. Yeah I Said It February 18, 2014


  102. Yeah I Said It February 18, 2014

    @Twerk How?

  103. molly February 18, 2014

    We all kno Mariahs shits on Beywhore

  104. molly February 18, 2014

    @Lovebird i love you

  105. Yeah I Said It February 18, 2014

    I love how Beyonce just went on vacation while she has an album out at a time she should be covering magazines, appearing on SNL, Good Morning America and s***.

  106. molly February 18, 2014

    miley has stans kiii

  107. Skyfall February 18, 2014

    I love Beyonce but her hype doesn’t live up to her impact. ( bey hive don’t come for
    Me just read) I mean Beyonce hasn’t done really anything just SPECTACULAR since
    IASF. This era has been a good one so far and it will probably take off after more live
    Performances but as of right now it doesn’t seem she’s gonna reach the 4 million worldwide peak

  108. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014


  109. molly February 18, 2014

    Tbh this is a boring era you got all the videos at once she not doing live tv performances or interviews. @skyfall

  110. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    @Molly, love you too

  111. Twerk 4 Miley February 18, 2014

    Ciara has stans? Who is Ciara?

  112. Rosie February 18, 2014

    @The Truth Hurts
    I’ll be a bit honest. That’s a bit out of reach in the US, but it’s somewhat possible since no one is releasing this year except possibly Rihanna. But if she did they’ll have absolutely nothing to drag her for on this site. I’m predicting 100K+ first week there.
    Worldwide, it’s definitely possible since BTD did 346K worldwide first week with less than 30% coming from America.

  113. Jessica February 18, 2014

    OMG I’m so excited to see her in March!!!!!!! Selling a TOUR and album simply because she’s Beyoncé. If that’s not showing you have impact I don’t know what is tbfh.

    And I’m NOT here for anymore predictions they’ve all been soooo off so far.

  114. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    I’m screeeaaammmiiinngg at the hive using mediatraffic numbers for Rohanna and Sony music Polska (wherever that is) for Beyonce (which uses a WordPress template for its site).

    Island DefJam has Rihanna at 50 million sold WW; Media traffic which you’re using for Rihanna has Beyonce (the album) at 2.6 million.

    The double staaaannnddaaarrddss though.

  115. Rosie February 18, 2014

    Not a Viley stan saying anyone’s album is “underperforming” when GangBangerz had more promo than Artpop and Prism combined and was outsold by Fadga worldwide. Not to mention none of her upcoming tour dates are sold out.

  116. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    BTW, Skank_HIV+ is a ratchet dumb ho with squirrel A***.

  117. My Forehead Tho February 18, 2014

    ^Lol Beyonce only had one underperforming album/era, which is 4, the only era before IASF.

    Not sure what your idea of spectacular is, but selling 400k albums in one day, 1 million in a week, breaking multiple Itunes/digital records and changing the game in terms of how eras are handled, seems pretty spectacular.

  118. Skyfall February 18, 2014


    If she’s not doing Tv performances or interviews then this era will be over soon.
    I wonder if she’s REALLY performing at the Brits tomorrow

  119. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    ^^and she only had to wait until ALL the competition released albums and give away 17 pornographic materials to achieve that.

    If the s** merchant didn’t take her clothes off in 17 R rated hard core p***, I doubt she would have sold that much.

  120. My Forehead Tho February 18, 2014

    ^^^she did it right after Katy, Miley, and Gaga released their album, she had plenty of competition. Unless of you consider Beyonce to be in a league of her own, only competing against herself. If so, I agree.

  121. Skyfall February 18, 2014

    My forehead tho

    What I meant by spectacular was exciting “guess I should of explained” those are
    Great feats she broke. But what I was saying that during the IASF era everything thing was
    Just perfect the songs, the music videos, the two personalities, she made everything interesting
    And she left you wanting more. This era has been great but it’s getting dull and we already have
    The songs the music videos, she not performing anything or interviews and it seems like the album
    Will stall pretty soon even with the incline in sales. Idk something is just off about this era

  122. Vee February 18, 2014

    Anita Baker @IAMANITABAKER
    this is how it was done “back in tha day”… U did the work/Presented ur Inspiration & allowed it 2 speak 4 itself. Coffee Cups UP! #Beyoncé

  123. Vee February 18, 2014

    @Skyfall you seem sane. And not like a hater. So all I will say to you is, Beyoncé being significantly quieter is intentional on her part for many reasons this time. There is nothing off about what she’s doing, its pretty clear actually. I don’t know whether she plans on pulling something out of the bag, which as we can see she is perfectly capable of. But right now, her keeping it to a minimum is intentional.

  124. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    Absolutely Beyonce is in a league of her own, a league of pornographic mothers who release 17 free pornographic materials and spread their legs in front of 25 million people on national TV in order to sell albums.

    Plus I said AFTER the competition released their albums, she quietly sneaked one in.

  125. Vee February 18, 2014

    @My Forehead Tho Lol right. Do the charts suddenly disappear after a few weeks for people who came out before her? The fact she came out AFTER them means they should all be ahead of her sales wise.

  126. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    BIRDBrain Why are you so obsessed with me tho ? You’re almost as obsessed with me as you are with Beyonce kii

    Do you need an ass to kiss? *bends over*

  127. My Forehead Tho February 18, 2014

    Katy released before Gaga and Britney, yet she outsold both of them. What is your point?

    She “sneaked” an album in right after her last album “flopped” and general public was allegedly over her. She should have flopped regardless, and she would have if, your words not mine, she wasn’t in a league of her own, which I agree with btw.


    “But right now, her keeping it to a minimum is intentional.”


  128. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    All of Beyonce’s “competition” had their OWN release week. Everyone released in October, November, and December!

    The others should be happy Beyonce gave them a chance to top the BB 200 for a second. lol

    What is taking Rihanna so long to release? Don’t the navy find it odd she chose not to release last november?? TOO much competition?? Waiting until everyone’s hype dies down, so she can sneak in??? kiiiiii MESS

  129. XXX February 18, 2014

    You people don’t even know what you’re saying. The whole ‘shes scared of competition’ didn’t make sense anyway since you were the same people using the fact she didn’t release in the rumored Spring 2013 against her, yet there were no pop girls releasing in that time. Her songs were recorded (as we have seen in the behind the scenes), she could have milked Superbowl push and had a good summer to herself. She chose a time when there actually was more competition around. What kind of logic? Showing the competition how its done is a closer assumption.

  130. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    I detest @ Skyfall. A B*tch with Raw Talent Coming Out her Ass doesn’t need Gimmicks! Who in this generation can offer Voice, Moves and Presence?????? NO ONE IS FAWKING WITH THE QUEEN! Her STAGE SLAYAGE ALONE SHITS ON EVERYONE & EXCITES ME! #2014……THE YEARS OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  131. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    4 Million Peak????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. U MUST DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE QUEEN? SHE’S ALWAYS PROVING B*TCHES WRONG!!!!. BEYONCE will be passed 4 Million by the end of March. She will def reach that number quick if she plays The Britt Awards and tour LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. #NOT HERE FOR DELUSIONS

  132. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    @ 2:18 ” I didn’t want anyone to give the message about when my album was coming out! It’ll come when it’s ready AND FROM ME TO MY FANS!” I caught the shade we was throwing kii “where the single at? she scared? kii

  133. Lovebird February 18, 2014

    Skank_HIV+ is a d*** head shaped; pea brain ratchet nasty silly hood rat ho.

  134. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    4 Million Peak????????? BWAHAHAHAHAHA This isn’t Rihoeanna or any other basic b*tch we are talking about. THIS IS THE QUEEN! U clearly don’t know about her! BEYONCE IS ALREADY OVER 3 MILLION UNITS WW! If she plays The Britts tomorrow she’ll bypass 4 million sometime n March. Plus THE LEGENDARY MRS. CARTER SHOW KICKS OFF N 2 DAYS! #2014…… THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  135. fatusankoh February 18, 2014

    you gobey hatters have noting on you you are talented you made one of the best album hate monger are mad you album is doing well long live queen bey more success in all you do

  136. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    Why do The Basic Hasbeen Irrelevant H*** stans always flop to THE QUEEN’S POSTS? That Non Factor Broke H** @Molly and @ Flopiah Flop de flop leave more comments in THE QUEEN’S POSTS than Hogiah Carey and Citranny posts lmfaoooo.Citranny is RIP! There’s no coming bac from that. Hell i think MooMoo is even RIP LMFAO. I don’t see You’re My Flop on anybody’s chart lmaoooooo. Get with The Program Bum B*tches. This is 2014 . Ur favs no longer have any Relevancy. #POOR THAT

  137. tyler February 18, 2014

    Now I don’t normally go in on Ciara but since you appointed urself as Birdshit’s bodyguard, I guess I’ll roast u instead… f**??? Really??? B****, the only f** that comes to mind is ur fave and her heman of a boyfriend.

    The Prince is here! HEara!!!!

  138. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    AngryBird where is CRTPY on the charts??

  139. Theman February 18, 2014

    Lol Usher has just as much longevity as Beyonce, heck his first solo album came before hers…. There u go making excuses for Beyonce once again.. She caters to all audiences. She isn’t just urban like K Michelle or Keyshia Cole. She was the most hyped artist out. Her hype trumps her sales.. “DIL” was released when album sales were still high. That albums sales should have been much higher.. Why hasnt she had an album sale 6/7 mil in the US.. She was an “IT” girl, all of the heavy hitters have done it. “DIL” only did well for a wk because of streaming. “YOU’RE MINE” has not officially gone to radio and is still very fresh. “DIL” has been out.. Also, Katy, Ke$ha, Lady G all appeal to little girls as well.. Taylor is just a beast at selling albums period.. Stop making excuses for Beyonce, she’s a good album seller but not a great one, even before as a (solo) artist. She is doing great overall though..

  140. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    Lmao @ Tyler That h** so damn miserable. Misery luvs company. I can’t @ THE QUEEN SELLING 50K AFTER 2 MONTHS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 57KKKK first week. #BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  141. Rosie February 18, 2014

    7 4 BEYONCE COLUMBIA 50,132 +34%
    24 22 R. KELLY RCA 17,721 +53%
    34 33 ARCTIC MONKEYS DOMINO 11,686 +19%
    — 39 LANA DEL REY INTERSCOPE 9,752 —


  142. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    Lmfao Boy Here goes @ The Woman with his tired ass essays. DIL was one of the top selling albums of that era n music. When THE QUEEN released that album it sold more than any other female that had released a album that year or 2004. So bye with that b*tch. And where is all those people that was releasing albums during those years today????? Exactly. THE QUEEN IS STILL REIGNING! Most of them h*** tired out about 4 and 5 years ago while THE QUEEN is still pushing out multiplatinum albums. #U FAIL @ UR LONG ASS NON FACTOR ESSAY

  143. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    @ The Man

    Where did i make an excuse? Did I NOT say she “isnt the BIGGEST seller” YET she is still here selling albums when most of her contemporaries are irrelevant flops( see Britney who has a GLORIOUS “diamond” album.) Which prives sales doesn’t equal longevity. Sales isn’t the only factor in becoming an icon/legend.
    Beyonce is one of the TOP selling Black female artists out today.. What do you mean her hype trumps her sales. This is not 1990 when Mariah slayed. SMH

    Dangerously in Love is still @11 Million WW with 5 Million of that being from the U.S. 1 Million become Mariah’s TEOM.

    Lastly DIL debuted @ #12. Songs like drunk in love barely make it in the top twenty . Peaking @ #2 was unexpected and GREAT NO MATTER HOW IT GOT THERE!

    SN: you’re making excuses for Mariah. She has done a million radio interviews, released a VIDEO, TWO mind you, yet the single fell from itunes quick. She’s Mariah, all of her “diamond” albums should just make people buy her music, right? Beyonce released an ALBUM with no promo or radio and it still topped itunes. lol Stop making excuses 😉

  144. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    This F*g @ The Woman is so Delusional, its just funny as hell lmfaooo. Um When DIL was released. It appeared on itunes and never left. Your My Flop appeared and disappeared. So bye again with that sh*t is fresh and new. #A FRESH FLOP

  145. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    The inflation!!!! DIL did not sell 11 million. It sold around 8.5 million. This album won’t reach 5 million world wide.

  146. Rosie February 18, 2014

    Have all of Jason Derulo’s albums combined sold 1 million yet?

  147. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    TROLL where is your receipt. DIL is Beyonce’s best selling album as of 2014.

    You don’t know what this album will or won’t do. It wasnt supposed to get this far according to the wasps.

    The navy kill me hiding behind troll accounts. Yall are some scary weak b****** for real loool

  148. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    Talk Dirty = #3. Where is Flop In Love?

  149. Bosslady February 18, 2014

    Go Bey buy them albums do whatever it takes to keep ya name and hope alive

  150. SLAY_HIVE February 18, 2014

    B**** you arent a real jason fan

  151. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    Sit the fawk down @ Jason F*glover stan…..DIL 12 MILLION SOLD >>>>>>>>>> Jason’s discography . #DEAL C*NT

  152. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO @ me stanning for Goathanna b**** die

  153. Slay_hive February 18, 2014

    B**** good bye! Beyonce should buy Rihanna’s albums so her album sales will match her “hits” #weaksales

  154. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    x 028,700,000 * ALBUMS
    x 009,000,000 * DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE
    x 007,700,000 * I AM… SASHA FIERCE
    x 006,300,000 * B’DAY
    x 002,900,000 * BEYONCÉ
    x 002,800,000 * 4

    x 097,590,000 * SINGLES & TRACKS
    x 009,900,000 * SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT) IFPI
    x 008,800,000 * TELEPHONE IFPI
    x 008,400,000 * HALO
    x 007,600,000 * IRREPLACEABLE IFPI
    x 005,900,000 * IF I WERE A BOY
    x 005,100,000 * CRAZY IN LOVE
    x 003,200,000 * BEST THING I NEVER HAD
    x 003,200,000 * LOVE ON TOP
    x 003,100,000 * CHECK ON IT
    x 003,000,000 * BEAUTIFUL LIAR
    x 003,000,000 * SWEET DREAMS
    x 002,600,000 * BABY BOY
    x 002,400,000 * LISTEN
    x 002,400,000 * RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)
    x 001,800,000 * DIVA
    x 001,700,000 * ’03 BONNIE & CLYDE
    x 001,400,000 * EGO
    x 001,300,000 * NAUGHTY GIRL
    x 001,300,000 * RING THE ALARM
    x 001,200,000 * DÉJÀ VU
    x 001,200,000 * DRUNK IN LOVE
    x 001,200,000 * ME, MYSELF AND I
    x 001,000,000 * LOVE IN THIS CLUB, PART II
    x 000,950,000 * UNTIL THE END OF TIME
    x 000,900,000 * COUNTDOWN
    x 000,900,000 * HONESTY
    x 000,800,000 * BROKEN-HEARTED GIRL
    x 000,800,000 * DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE 2
    x 000,700,000 * PARTY
    x 000,600,000 * GET ME BODIED
    x 000,600,000 * VIDEO PHONE
    x 000,550,000 * AMOR GITANO
    x 000,550,000 * UPGRADE U
    x 000,500,000 * 1+1
    x 000,500,000 * JUST STAND UP!
    x 000,500,000 * PUT IT IN A LOVE SONG
    x 000,500,000 * XO
    x 000,450,000 * DANCE FOR YOU
    x 000,450,000 * END OF TIME
    x 000,450,000 * LAY UP UNDER ME
    x 000,400,000 * LIFT OFF
    x 000,350,000 * AVE MARIA
    x 000,350,000 * I WAS HERE
    x 000,300,000 * AT LAST
    x 000,300,000 * PART II (ON THE RUN)
    x 000,250,000 * ***FLAWLESS
    x 000,250,000 * MINE
    x 000,250,000 * PARTITION
    x 000,250,000 * PRETTY HURTS
    x 000,200,000 * POISON
    x 000,200,000 * WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME
    x 000,200,000 * WORK IT OUT
    x 000,100,000 * FEVER
    x 000,100,000 * GREEN LIGHT
    x 000,100,000 * I CARE
    x 000,100,000 * I MISS YOU
    x 000,100,000 * RATHER DIE YOUNG
    x 000,100,000 * SCHOOLIN’ LIFE
    x 000,100,000 * START OVER
    x 000,075,000 * BLOW
    x 000,075,000 * BLUE
    x 000,075,000 * HALO (WITH CHRIS MARTIN)
    x 000,075,000 * JEALOUS
    x 000,075,000 * ROCKET
    x 000,050,000 * ALL I COULD DO WAS CRY
    x 000,050,000 * BE WITH YOU
    x 000,050,000 * DADDY
    x 000,050,000 * DISAPPEAR
    x 000,050,000 * DREAMGIRLS
    x 000,050,000 * FLAWS AND ALL
    x 000,050,000 * FREAKUM DRESS
    x 000,050,000 * HAUNTED
    x 000,050,000 * HEAVEN
    x 000,050,000 * HELLO
    x 000,050,000 * HIP HOP STAR
    x 000,050,000 * I’D RATHER GO BLIND
    x 000,050,000 * KITTY KAT
    x 000,050,000 * NO ANGEL
    x 000,050,000 * ONCE IN A LIFETIME
    x 000,050,000 * RADIO
    x 000,050,000 * RESENTMENT
    x 000,050,000 * SATELLITES
    x 000,050,000 * SCARED OF LONELY
    x 000,050,000 * SIGNS
    x 000,050,000 * SMASH INTO YOU
    x 000,050,000 * SPEECHLESS
    x 000,050,000 * START OVER
    x 000,050,000 * SUGA MAMA
    x 000,050,000 * SUPERPOWER
    x 000,050,000 * THAT’S HOW YOU LIKE IT
    x 000,050,000 * THAT’S WHY YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL
    x 000,050,000 * THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU
    x 000,050,000 * THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER
    x 000,050,000 * TRUST IN ME
    x 000,050,000 * YES
    x 000,050,000 * WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD
    x 000,050,000 * WISHING ON A STAR
    x 000,025,000 * CRAZY IN LOVE (I AM… WORLD TOUR)
    x 000,025,000 * HALO (I AM… WORLD TOUR)
    x 000,025,000 * HELLO (I AM… WORLD TOUR)
    x 000,025,000 * IRREPLACEABLE (I AM… WORLD TOUR)
    x 000,025,000 * LISTEN (I AM… WORLD TOUR)

    x 003,692,000 * VIDEOS
    x 000,650,000 * B’DAY ANTHOLOGY VIDEO ALBUM
    x 000,500,000 * I AM… WORLD TOUR
    x 000,500,000 * LIVE AT WEMBLEY
    x 000,275,000 * LIVE AT ROSELAND: ELEMENTS OF 4
    x 000,225,000 * LIFE IS BUT A DREAM
    x 000,100,000 * SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT)
    x 000,050,000 * IF I WERE A BOY

    x 002,700,000 * SOUNDTRACKS
    x 001,900,000 * DREAMGIRLS
    x 000,600,000 * THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS
    x 000,200,000 * CADILLAC RECORDS

    x 000,835,000 * LIVE ALBUMS & EPs
    x 000,400,000 * LIVE AT WEMBLEY
    x 000,100,000 * IRREEMPLAZABLE
    x 000,075,000 * I AM… WORLD TOUR
    x 000,010,000 * 4: THE REMIX

  155. Skyfall February 18, 2014

    I’m just saying the hype around the album is starting to fade, but aince Beyonce always
    Seems to have something up her sleeve and you guys say her absence in intentionally
    I’ll expect the unexpected and well all just have to wait and see

  156. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    United States — Total: 71,253,085

    x 14,486,803 * ALBUMS
    x 03,360,000 * B’DAY 3X PLATINUM
    x 03,120,000 * I AM… SASHA FIERCE 2X PLATINUM
    x 01,706,803 * BEYONCÉ
    x 01,390,000 * 4 PLATINUM

    x 41,543,576 * DIGITAL
    x 03,500,000 * HALO 2X PLATINUM
    x 03,340,000 * IRREPLACEABLE 2X PLATINUM
    x 03,325,000 * TELEPHONE
    x 03,006,000 * IF I WERE A BOY 2X PLATINUM
    x 01,950,000 * CRAZY IN LOVE GOLD
    x 01,820,000 * SWEET DREAMS PLATINUM
    x 01,520,000 * CHECK ON IT GOLD
    x 01,440,000 * BEAUTIFUL LIAR PLATINUM
    x 01,164,798 * LOVE ON TOP GOLD
    x 01,120,000 * DIVA GOLD
    x 01,083,000 * RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) GOLD
    x 00,748,000 * DRUNK IN LOVE
    x 00,717,000 * LISTEN
    x 00,652,000 * DÉJÀ VU GOLD
    x 00,622,000 * NAUGHTY GIRL GOLD
    x 00,600,000 * COUNTDOWN GOLD
    x 00,590,000 * GET ME BODIED
    x 00,586,000 * RING THE ALARM GOLD
    x 00,573,000 * BABY BOY GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * ’03 BONNIE & CLYDE GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * EGO
    x 00,436,000 * UPGRADE U
    x 00,425,000 * DANCE FOR YOU
    x 00,393,000 * JUST STAND UP!
    x 00,366,000 * LOVE IN THIS CLUB, PART II
    x 00,311,000 * VIDEO PHONE
    x 00,271,000 * UNTIL THE END OF TIME
    x 00,250,000 * XO
    x 00,206,000 * ME, MYSELF AND I
    x 00,202,000 * AVE MARIA
    x 00,197,000 * I WAS HERE
    x 00,194,134 * END OF TIME
    x 00,194,000 * 1+1
    x 00,185,000 * BROKEN-HEARTED GIRL
    x 00,184,000 * AT LAST
    x 00,169,000 * PARTY
    x 00,150,000 * MINE
    x 00,150,000 * PARTITION
    x 00,130,000 * DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE 2
    x 00,125,000 * ***FLAWLESS
    x 00,100,000 * PART II (ON THE RUN)
    x 00,100,000 * PRETTY HURTS
    x 00,078,482 * PUT IT IN A LOVE SONG
    x 00,058,000 * SCHOOLIN’ LIFE
    x 00,050,000 * BLOW
    x 00,050,000 * BLUE
    x 00,050,000 * I CARE
    x 00,050,000 * JEALOUS
    x 00,050,000 * ROCKET
    x 00,050,000 * WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME
    x 00,032,964 * HALO (WITH CHRIS MARTIN)
    x 00,025,000 * ALL I COULD DO WAS CRY
    x 00,025,000 * FLAWS AND ALL
    x 00,025,000 * FREAKUM DRESS
    x 00,025,000 * HAUNTED
    x 00,025,000 * HEAVEN
    x 00,025,000 * HELLO
    x 00,025,000 * I MISS YOU
    x 00,025,000 * I’D RATHER GO BLIND
    x 00,025,000 * NO ANGEL
    x 00,025,000 * RESENTMENT
    x 00,025,000 * SMASH INTO YOU
    x 00,025,000 * SUPERPOWER
    x 00,025,000 * YES

    x * Beyoncé’s full total digital tracks sales must stand around 45–50 million. She has over 40 songs that sell over 1K per week (Jan. 16th, 2014). Her album tracks sales are good.

    x 11,561,756 * MOBILE
    x 03,000,000 * IRREPLACEABLE 3X PLATINUM
    x 01,000,000 * BABY BOY PLATINUM
    x 01,000,000 * CHECK ON IT PLATINUM
    x 00,500,000 * BEAUTIFUL LIAR GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * CRAZY IN LOVE GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE 2 GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * DIVA GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * EGO GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * HALO GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * IF I WERE A BOY GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * LOVE IN THIS CLUB, PART II GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * ME, MYSELF AND I GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * RING THE ALARM GOLD
    x 00,500,000 * UNTIL THE END OF TIME GOLD
    x 00,061,756 * GET ME BODIED

    x 00,475,000 * PHYSICAL SINGLES
    x 00,119,000 * ME, MYSELF AND I
    x 00,047,000 * CRAZY IN LOVE
    x 00,039,295 * BEAUTIFUL LIAR
    x 00,025,000 * IRREPLACEABLE
    x 00,020,000 * HALO
    x 00,010,000 * RING THE ALARM
    x 00,006,000 * BABY BOY
    x 00,001,094 * SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT)

    * The source for Beyoncé’s full total physical singles sales is here.

    x 01,607,154 * VIDEOS
    x 00,297,000 * LIVE AT WEMBLEY 2X PLATINUM
    x 00,222,284 * I AM… WORLD TOUR 2X PLATINUM
    x 00,013,848 * THE ULTIMATE PERFORMER
    x 00,009,000 * LIFE IS BUT A DREAM

    x 00,418,000 * LIVE ALBUMS & EPs
    x 00,197,000 * LIVE AT WEMBLEY
    x 00,057,000 * IRREEMPLAZABLE
    x 00,010,000 * I AM… WORLD TOUR
    x 00,004,000 * 4: THE REMIX

    x 02,160,796 * SOUNDTRACKS
    x 01,483,335 * DREAMGIRLS PLATINUM
    x 00,177,461 * CADILLAC RECORDS

  157. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    I like a Jason but he’s a Singles artist. Straight Poptart. Trey Songz album sales >>>>>>>>> Jason’s album sales.

  158. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    hey @Slay_Hive

  159. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    The Struggle these h*** have to go thru to come for THE QUEEN. DIL = 12 MILLION.L! U need more people f*g. We don’t believe u.

  160. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    Not Digger Bey coming at me today. bxtch you really been a fan. & let’s not talk hun cause you were well perched in the last few Mariah posts typing 100 words per minute. #StayMad

  161. Rosie February 18, 2014

    Death at the self drag. Jason Derulo wishes he sold as many records.

  162. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    DIL = 9 million

  163. Slay_hiveSlay_hive February 18, 2014

    Those deflated ass numbers! You just said it was at 8.5 million but your receipt says 9 million.. kii DIL is over 11 million. Post the link to the website where you got this info.

    You are a rihanna fan b****, and you deserve to die for using that flop ass troll name to shade Beyonce and expect to seem genuine. kii BYE

    I’ll wait on that link 😉

  164. Slay_hive February 18, 2014

    The album was released two months ago tho. I don’t expect for the “hype” to last forever. kii Especially since she hasn’t promoted.

    Every pop girl has released an album, promoted etc BUT who are people still talking about? …..BEYONCE

    She will be fine once she tours, hopefully does the Brits tomorrow, and start making her promo rounds. Bey is smart 😉

  165. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    I see my Stan has arrived lmfaoooo

  166. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    The Emancipation of Mimi = 12 MIllion
    Dangerously In Love = 9 quit with the inflation 😉

  167. Jason derulover February 18, 2014

    Jason is rich. he just bought his G/F a bmw. Lets hope Katy can keep a man this time @ROSIE 😉

  168. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    The Art of Being An Hasbeen Irrelevant Mule = Never Coming Out KIIIIIIII

  169. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    All I Want For Christmas is You – 2,810,000 – US digital sales.

  170. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    Death at my fan ready to type up a storm about Queen Mimi. #cute

  171. Slay_hive February 18, 2014

    Hun is it 8.5 or 9 million?? kii

    Where is that LINK hun? I’m waiting for it

  172. Molly February 18, 2014

    I wake up from a lovely nap and these QUEENS are still fighting? KII

  173. Molly February 18, 2014

    Lmao it takes the whole hive to come for my good sis @Lovebird thats pathetic @Lovebird really gets under yall skin kiiiiiiiii

    @Tyler You repeat the same thing over and over i know your basic b**** but this is a new year get some better reads and @DiggerBey Lmao yes f*** cling to this f*** you claim im a non factor but you stay tryna get my attention F*** you been a fan.

  174. h2o February 18, 2014

    Wow this

  175. h2o February 18, 2014

    Wow this post is loaded with trolls I can’t even take it.

    Let me tell you something.

    – This album is WELL OVER three million worldwide and we have RECEIPTS to prove that.

    – Rihanna has NOT sold more albums than Beyonce even if you wanna discredit her Destiny’s Child efforts, Beyonce has now surpassed her even solo.

  176. h2o February 18, 2014

    ULTIMATE DEATH @ FLOPriah being 900000000000 years old and letting a 32.y.o. surpass her total networth as a result of her not being able to get a $100M tour

    What a f****** FLOP <—- Read it and SEETHE!

  177. h2o February 18, 2014

    “BXTCH bye! Mariah owns Beuonce.”

    Actually even Blue Ivy OWNS FLOPriah but keep trying.

  178. DIGGER BEY February 18, 2014

    That Non Factor h** loves DIGGER BEY lmfaoooo.@SLAY HIVE I heard u say that Flopiah flop that flop don’t get mad when people dragggs her/his ass and doesn’t get emotional??? THAT’S AN EPIC LIE LMAO. The thing says it hates me, when he she clearly doesn’t know me. I own that H** lmaoooooooo. #I HAVE POWER OVER FLOPIAH

  179. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    That was for water.

  180. h2o February 18, 2014

    @ LoveBird

    “I’m screeeaaammmiiinngg at the hive using mediatraffic numbers for Rohanna and Sony music Polska (wherever that is) for Beyonce (which uses a WordPress template for its site).

    Island DefJam has Rihanna at 50 million sold WW; Media traffic which you’re using for Rihanna has Beyonce (the album) at 2.6 million.”

    Even if you don’t wanna use Sony Music numbers, it’s well over 3 million considering Apple reported 746.000 1 million first 2 weeks 6 days.

    And not my fault Island Def Jam clocked their ownselves

    Feb. 9, 2011 – 22m albums
    Oct. 25, 2011 – 30m albums
    Oct. 11, 2012 – 37m albums
    Dec. 5, 2012 – 41m albums
    Nov. 24, 2013 – 50m albums


    At least Sony Music never embarrass theirselves like that.

  181. h2o February 18, 2014

    @ Hagriah

    I give three shits who Beyonce WAS inspired by a decade ago but drag I guess.

  182. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    DAMN! This Digger BEy Pest is really stanning for me though.

    1)You direct at least 100 comments to me daily (even when I’m not present)

    2)You rush to my fave’s post to check to see if I commented and return to the post several hours after to once again, check if I managed to leave comment.

    3)You check what fellow TGJ commentators say about me and memorize it to use it as a weak and extremely tired attempt to make yourself feel superior.

    Oh Well, Keep seething as Mariah keeps collecting cheques and remains above Beyonce. Good night.

  183. tyler February 18, 2014

    B****,unless ur tired decrepit ass is suffering from Alzheimers, I’m gonna need u to stop it with all of that lying. Because if anybody repeats the same s*** over and over its u. Loveshit…oops I mean Lovebird use to stay shading ur fave. Yet ur flunky ass has the f****** audacity to try to come for me in her defense??? Where tf do they do that at?

    The last time I checked I never said “Aye Molly, jump into this conversation”. So u and ur ONE WOMAN ARMY can kick rocks u stupid h**. MOVING ON—->>>>

  184. Beyonce stan February 18, 2014

    Mariah is a flop monkey with a square body

  185. tyler February 18, 2014

    Really Sam….u got Molly’s old ass on the pay roll too now??? SMDH. Wtf is wrong with the world!?

  186. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    I don’t know why you’re seething at Mariah’s (second richest female artist) net worth though, which was reported at $500,000,000 IN 2011.

  187. Skyfall February 18, 2014

    Beyonce is only 11 years younger than Mariah. But when Mariah was 32 had
    #14 number 1 singles. 2 diamond albums, and was the best selling female artist of the
    90s. She also had competion like Celine, Whitney, Madonna, etc as her peers. I love beyonce
    But let’s not. The only thing Beyonce has on Mariah is that she is a better performer/entertainer.
    Has more Grammys, and is still considered “Young” by the GP

  188. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 18, 2014

    Mariah is a flop monkey with a square body

    LOOOL! I don’t know which cave these Beyboons are living in but you all need to step out and see the damn light. If Mariah is a “flop” then I don’t what the f*** B***** is. The struggle of the millennium? Mariah has made more impact/influence than her, sold more albums and records, is much wealthier, had WAAY more longevity, critical acclaim, bigger hits, more awards, and she had more competition. Beyonce is and will always be a lesser.


  189. h2o February 18, 2014

    “I don’t know why you’re seething at Mariah’s (second richest female artist) net worth though, which was reported at $500,000,000 IN 2011.”

    MooRIfloP is the one seething at this:

  190. tyler February 18, 2014

    U’d think more people would respect Mariahs “legacy”. Its sad really.

  191. Bree Ann February 18, 2014

    Where is your mine on the charts? *pulls out reading glasses*

  192. Bree Ann February 18, 2014

    Nobody respects Mariah because she is a wannabe and a tired bum. People respect Whitney even when she was a crackhead, Celine, Madonna the desperate s*** and Barbra way more than her. Mariah is a joke and tarnishes her legacy more and more each day. F****** humpback whale b****

  193. Skyfall February 18, 2014

    Mariah Carey’s Net Worth: 510 million
    Beyonces Net Worth: 350 million

  194. Skyfall February 18, 2014

    Some of you rat hos on this site must be sad and lonely individuals.

    *Plays Anytime You Need A Friend*

  195. h2o February 19, 2014

    @ Skyfall


    btw, Beyonce made more than $500 million in the past 8 years alone according to Forbes.

  196. Skyfall February 19, 2014

    Mariah and Nick Net Worth: 525 million
    Beyonce and Jay-Z: 775 million

    So bey wins a combined net worth

  197. tyler February 19, 2014

    No, Beyonce has a networth of 407 mill. But yes, she and Jay-Z have a higher combined income than Mariah and Nick.

  198. h2o February 19, 2014

    “Mariah and Nick Net Worth: 525 million
    Beyonce and Jay-Z: 775 million”

    Beyonce and Jay-Z are reported Billionaires.

  199. DIGGER BEY February 19, 2014

    These stupid h*** have me lmmfao. @Molly….Gurl i want receipts of me trying to get ur attention????? B*tch ur ass is always trying to get my attention. I don’t even recognize broke bitter h*** like u. So once again bye b*tch. @Flopiah…..Hun i feel sorry for u. I really do. Hate for a person means that person have Power over u. Clearly DIGGER BEY OWNS UR ASS LMAO. And ur a fake b*tch also because when i was draggggging MooMoo the last Sunday before this one. You said i need to be n a church but u are the one saying u hate me lmfaoooooooooooooo. #UR PATHETIC H**

  200. Theman February 19, 2014

    “DIL” topped what charts? Sales? AirPlay? Streaming took that song to its position. That’s all.. MARIAH HAS THREE DIAMOND ALBUMS, SHE DOESN’T NEED TO DO THAT AGAIN.. BEYONCE HAS NONE. HAVING A DIAMOND ALBUM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING A LEGEND. NO ONE SAID IT DID.. MUSICALLY, BEYONCE IS NOT ICONIC, PERFORMANCE WISE& AND AS A PACKAGE SHE’S GREAT. BUT SHE DOESN’T HAVE CLASSICS.. Mariah’s single has just been released, it hasn’t even been sent to radio. It’s called building an era.. MC & Beyonce took two different approaches.. Congrats to her for selling nearly three million copies. But when she sales ten to fifthteen mil then well be impressed.. “DIL” sold less than five mil in the US, that great, but when u had Usher/Alicia moving seven and ten mil units, she failed in comparison.. SHE HAD MORE EXPOSURE THAN ANYONE.. AS FOR U MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER U SAY, OH SHE DOESN’T NEED HIT SINGLES, SHE’S SELLING ALBUMS, WELL OF COURSE YOU’LL SAY THAT WHEN THE SONG WASN’T A HIT YET.. AS SOON AS IT BECAME A HIT U WERE BRAGGING ABOUT.. LOL DO U NOT GET THE HYPOCRISY?? WHEN THE SONG WASN’T CHARTING AS HIGH, YOUR EXCUSES WAS THAT WELL SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT SINGLES, NOW THAT THE SONG IS A HIT U ARE SINGING A DIFFERENT TUNE LOL.. ANYONE UNDERSTANDS THAT CHICKEN SCRATCH DIGGERBUM IS WRITING? LOOOOL

  201. h2o February 19, 2014


    A #2 is still a #2.

    Isn’t that the chart you were basically dragging Beyonce to the pits of hell for 3 years for not having a top10 on despite even though 3 of them went platinum?

    And why how would it’s airplay numbers be huge when it was hardly and barely sent anywhere but urban radios the week it charted?

    And when will this tired, recycled “diamond albooms” drag die?

    Are we not in 2014 or something?

    Do you or do you not see artists struggling to hit gold and platinum, yet your standards for Beyonce are “DIAMOND” ?

    Lemme see … Does MooRIP have any $250M or even $100M+ tours like Bey?

    Was MooRIP worth $500 million when she was 32 years old?

    Or do you wanna keep shoving MooRIP in our asses and using her name for flamebait when she’s indeed as much if not less commercially successful than Bey (see: networth)?


  202. My Forehead Tho February 19, 2014


    Okay lets play a game. I’ll list some songs, and you see how many of them you’d remember well enough to sing along to if the radio played them right now:

    1. “No, No, No” (1998)- 16 years ago
    2. “Bills, Bills, Bills” (1999)- 15 years ago
    3. “Bug a Boo” (1999)- 15 years ago
    4. “Jumpin, Jumpin” (1999)- 15 years ago
    5. “Say My Name” (1999)- 15 years ago
    6. “Independent Women” (2000) -14 years ago
    7. “Survivor” (2001)- 13 years ago
    8. “Bootylicious” (2001) – 13 years ago
    9. “Emotion” (2001)- 13 years ago
    10 “Crazy in Love” (2003)- 11 years ago
    11.”Baby Boy” (2003) – 11 years ago
    12. Me, Myself and I” (2003)- 11 years ago

    *note: I only listed songs she released over a decade ago. She has plenty of potential classics with her 4 other solo albums (e.g. Irreplaceable, Listen, Halo, ‘Single Ladies, If I Were A Boy etc.)

  203. theman February 19, 2014

    Uh MC’s networth is 510 milli. Beyoncé’s is 350milli. MC is worth more, due to her royalties. She writes her own music, not just throw money at song writers to get credit.. Adele went Diamond, whats the issue? It doesn’t matter about the audience, she still did it, and much later than others, in an extremely difficult era to do so. Y’all always talking about Beyoncé’s doing this and that, but it’s not to the degree that y’all say she is. Her single has already fallen, and didn’t last long because it didn’t have the airplay/sales to sustain it. And majority of those songs u listed are hits rather than actual classics. Try again…. They do not stand with other real classic songs.. Meanwhile T Swift moved 1.2 milli in her first wk, Pink has sold six to seven million copies ww and she has less exposure than all of them.. Em sells millions, and Bruno Mars is about to hit the two million mark, if not already. They also have multiple hit singles to go along with great selling singles. No Excuses, for someone that’s a “KING”.. Lastly, why would MC’s new single be expected to be big, when that has just been freshly released? Pot calling kettle !!

  204. DIGGER BEY February 19, 2014

    DIGGERBUM???? LMFAO The MooMoo stans are so Pressed by the Presence of me lmao. @ The Woman….. Usher and Alicia??? Usher and Alicia??? Um Usher and Alicia’s last two cds sold less than THE QUEEN’S 4. Hell both of their last cds hasn’t went platinum. So THE QUEEN >>>>>> them. How is DIL falling?? The song is increasing n radio plays and has just went #1 on BB Rythmic Chart. Where oh where is You’re My Flop. That s*** won’t go top 80 on BBHot 100. Stop trying to make excuses for Hagariah. The bad built b*tches career is over f*g. So cling to Taylor sales because we all know MooMoo isn’t selling anything but dust.

  205. DIGGER BEY February 19, 2014

    And those Taylor have longevity? Is she a Icon? Pink has had flops n the past that hadn’t went platnuim so bye. DIL quickly hit the charts faster than You’re My Flop. Lets see if You’re My Flop debut @ #11 or in the top 20 like DIL. Mark my words h** that sh*t won’t debut n the top 50 and will tumble down the charts like it did on itunes lmaoooo.

  206. h2o February 19, 2014

    “Uh MC’s networth is 510 milli. Beyoncé’s is 350milli. MC is worth more, due to her royalties.”

    Beyonce’s number seems 3 years old or something, specially when Forbes have her at a half billion and it’s been reported she’s becoming the highest paid Black artist.

    “She writes her own music, not just throw money at song writers to get credit..”

    You have no receipts for what you’re claiming about Beyonce’s credits.

    Adele went Diamond, whats the issue? It doesn’t matter about the audience, she still did it, and much later than others, in an extremely difficult era to do so.”

    So if one artist did it, does that mean everyone else has to do the same to prove theirselves?

    And did Adele get a $250M+ tour too?

    Did Adele make more money than Beyonce during the years “she had a diamond album”?

    Y’all always talking about Beyoncé’s doing this and that, but it’s not to the degree that y’all say she is.

    All we’re doing is innocently say “congratulations Beyonce” as her fans. No one’s saying she’s the biggest thing on the planet.

    We’re not the ones holding her up to standarts MUCH higher than she is, but you are doing that.

    Do you think we should stop congratulating her because of her sales not being alltime-history-making or monumental?

    “Her single has already fallen, and didn’t last long because it didn’t have the airplay/sales to sustain it.”

    It’ll be higher than past week on the digital chart and it’s airplay never stopped increading so I don’t know what you’re talking about .. but ok

  207. Just sayin February 19, 2014

    I cant @ the extent people go to discredit her. How can you say she doesn’t have classic? And how can you compare her to Mariah at her age when the music industry was TOTALLY different. SCREAMING @ the delusion.

  208. Sandra February 20, 2014

    Beyonce is not the highest paid black artist so you can stop using that argument lol

  209. HIVE February 21, 2014


  210. HIVE February 21, 2014


  211. HIVE February 21, 2014


  212. HIVE February 21, 2014


  213. HIVE February 21, 2014


  214. HIVE February 21, 2014


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