Mariah Carey Rebounds: ‘You’re Mine’ Re-Enters iTunes Top 1000

Published: Wednesday 26th Feb 2014 by Sam

Despite premiering to favourable reviews, Mariah Carey‘s ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ has been wallowing in the mire since its release two weeks.

Indeed, the track had been taking colossal drops daily on the iTunes charts – crashing out of the top 1000 last week.

And while ‘Mine’ managed a #88 debut on the Billboard Hot 100, it only did so largely due to streams of its accompanying music video.

The singer’s ever-loyal Lambs needn’t fret, though. At least not as much. For the track has rebounded. Somewhat.

Details after the jump…

Following Mimi’s decent (albeit lip-synced) rendition of ‘Mine’ at the BET Honors which aired this week, the song has leap-frogged back into US iTunes Top 1000. It currently sits at #966.

With radio spins increasing, could Mariah be poised to stage a much-needed turn-around before her new album arrives on May 6th? Time will tell.

In the meanwhile…

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  1. RIP Grandmariah February 26, 2014


    NOT !!!


  2. Ex-Fan February 26, 2014

    I personally think she should cancel this album.

    You’re Mine is not a strong 1st single. Mariah should leave Def Jam now.

    It is not a rocket science.

  3. Talk that S*** February 26, 2014

    Billboard Hot 100 #95
    Beyonce – Partition

  4. Rosie February 26, 2014

    You’re Mine….sucks. Time for a 2nd single. Sorry, nice try, Mimi.

  5. Ciara’s Bump February 26, 2014

    Partition vs You’re Mine…

    I think Beyonce will do better than this grandma.

  6. Talk that S*** February 26, 2014

    Not when people already have downloaded the single from the album. It’s been on the charts for 6 weeks, and its already flopping like wet boots.

  7. Beyhive February 26, 2014

    Mariah is SO stuck in a 90s rut…..revamp yourself, darl.

    Your 90s beauty Queen image is not working. Instead, you are looking like a desperate jobless stripper from Vegas.


  8. Burn That Partition February 26, 2014

    #966…. is a number that Beyonce gave blowjobs to record producers around Hollywood and New York.

  9. KNOWLES CARTER February 26, 2014


  10. Shaquanna February 26, 2014

    The problem with Mariah she is repeating the same mistake from the Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel era.

    Can someone slap this b%tch hard please. She is still sleeping inside her own sagging @ss.

  11. Anne February 26, 2014

    Partition has been charting because of YouTube dance videos. It was just released as an official single yesterday.

  12. Tortilla February 26, 2014

    Sit down Grandma, your time is up. Time to retire.

  13. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Oh dear, burn that black dress and pop out more babies with Nick.

    Wasting time.

  14. Davis February 26, 2014


  15. MsThing485 February 26, 2014

    She really needs to stop.

  16. Newton February 26, 2014

    First of all why compare Partition and You’re Mine? 2 totally different songs that have nothing to do with each other. Second of all, save for that last note, the BET performance wasn’t lipsynched! If you listen to it, there are a lot of subtle differences from the album version. Believe me I thought it was all lipsynched too but Mariah isn’t that great at delivering a convincing lipsynch.

  17. Talk that S*** February 26, 2014

    no one is comparing anything, but if you want to point out flops lets point out flops.

  18. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Seriously Mariah, you should apply a job at Beyonce’s mansion and become Blue Ivy’s nanny…..


  19. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Mariah is surrounded by “yes maam” people. I wonder who is she making her album for?


  20. Nana Yaw February 26, 2014

    Oh the shade………

  21. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Mimi is such an egoist delusional misguided diva and she thinks she is above everyone.

    She is obviously not listening to Lambs on Twitter at all and repeating the same old mistakes over and over and now it is time for her die slowly…b******.

  22. king bey February 26, 2014

    Y do u keep reporting that her single is flopping we get it. Mariah carey can get a hit single and album she has a fan base she just needs to re-evaluate were her direction in music going….. this s*** stuff does not work for her im still a fan though

  23. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Someone should her give her a reality shots by Tweeting her directly or stuff her sagging b*** with a black d**** so she would wake up and make good songs again.


  24. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Mariah’s new album———-> ToniBraxton & Babyface’s Love, Marriage & Divorce pt II


  25. QUEEN MINAJ♥ February 26, 2014

    poor poor flopriah. I wonder how the lambs are gonna react to this mess

  26. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Lambs are pretending to be asleep… 🙁

  27. Wendy Williams’ Tea February 26, 2014

    Even Lambs are saying ” F%ck this s%it !!!”


  28. Mike February 26, 2014

    Is this “article” for real?

    Since when, for an artist of her caliber, is it considered “rebounding” when your single is at #966?

    The people who wrote this must be taking a p***, for sure… lol

  29. Vanessa February 26, 2014

    No ones interested in her dated tacky music!!!

  30. Molly February 26, 2014

    Poor mimi 🙁

  31. Navy nick February 26, 2014

    Baby the shade….., oooohhhhhhhh

  32. The truth honey February 26, 2014

    the problem is, simply put, THIS SONG IS MUTHAFUCKN HORRIBLE!!!! THAT’S why it’s not charting! when i FIRST heard it on the BET Honors i couLD not BELIEVE SHE LENT HER VOCALS TO THAT garbage ass song chile! The problem is NOT that she can’t sing anymore…it’s that she’s accepting GARBAGE in ANY BID to chart. the song is horrible and who ever wrote it needs their asses kicked honey. And Mariah you need theSHITslap outta you for not passing on the mmmMESS!!! (Turns around in my trench coat and opens it up for the car following me…with my panties and bra) #Partition b!tches (car peels off and mows me down)

  33. ABC February 26, 2014

    The Rihanna and Mariah shade on this site is becoming tiring. Y’all stan for Ciara and Kelly Rowland nuff said!!!

  34. Molly February 26, 2014

    @Abc don’t throw Ciara under the bus because your fav stays getting dragged.

  35. ABC February 26, 2014

    I ain’t throwing her under the bus. She’s a flop and they always make excuses for her. Mariah’s biggest flop would be a success for your fave and I don’t even like Mariah. 😉

  36. Molly February 26, 2014

    Ok and? You Stan for Rihanna who is clinging to features.

  37. moech February 26, 2014

    poor pig mimi . BYE BYE ALBUM

  38. ABC February 26, 2014

    I would hardly say she’s “clinging” to anything Miss Molly. Her 14th and 15th #1 singles will be coming very soon 😉 Don’t be mad at me because Ciara hasn’t had a platinum album in almost ten years.

  39. Who is pressed now? February 26, 2014

    Funny I see no lambs bashing anyone here and yet the Hive is up in talking they s***. Now who is really the pressed fan base?

  40. That Flop Juice February 26, 2014

    Mariah is a has-been…..what do u expect, babes?

  41. Rosie February 26, 2014

    You’re Mine is basically for artists like Lana or Ciara.


  42. Koko Buttah February 26, 2014

    how many flops this pig need to stay relevant?

    i agree with the comment above…it is not a rocket science. pigriah needs to stop with this generic song that only caters for tone deaf hoochie mummies of New Jersey.

    condolences to lambs across the globe.

  43. Serrinna February 26, 2014

    You’re Mine sounds dates, lack of fun and too mellow for my taste. Sorry Mariah, I’m still a young hot chick. Unlike you, you look like a desperate mid-life crisis crack addict s*** from hell.

    Please…stop ruining your legacy.

  44. Wendy Willams’ Legacy February 26, 2014

    This is not a rebound This is just a pure promo effect from BET performance. Next week will be interesting and she will be naked across Oscar to sell albums…


  45. Because I’m happy February 26, 2014

    Clap along if you feel like a room with out a roof. You all should listen to that song and get happy. Makes no sense to see so much hate on this thread.

  46. Proud Navy February 26, 2014





  47. Monster;s Gaga February 26, 2014

    Mariah should be jeered not applause. She is becoming lame and deadbeat much. Time to dump her….

  48. Casual February 26, 2014

    I just heard You’re Mine yesterday on one of the major pop stations in Atlanta, so her label is at least putting some muscle and money behind it. But still, Mariah is a high-wattage name, and for her new song to be generating such a lukewarm response only a couple of weeks in, it means this single isn’t what the public is looking for.

    But for the sake of saving face, they have to double down and make at least a blip on the radar.

  49. The Ultimate KIIIIIIII February 26, 2014

    Seriously Mariah, you should apply a job at Beyonce’s mansion and become Blue Ivy’s nanny…..



    😆 😆 😆

  50. Bey Fan February 26, 2014

    Why are are bringing up Partition, Ciara, on anything else that has nothing to do with You’re Mine not charting higher.

    I personal think with a another “live” performance it’ll gain momentum. But also think Mimi has gotten lazy.

  51. SCHEISSE*RETURNS February 26, 2014

    Shady Phae-Phae!

  52. Wendy Williams’ A***-yzed February 26, 2014

    It’s quite possible that Mariah’s lambs will put all their life savings towards helping the album sell more. But for now, here are some answers to why Mariah has fallen.

    Bad music – How many “We Belong Together” clones can Mariah come up with?

    Style – People are sick and tired of the 40 going on 14 look. Mariah needs to act her age.

    Her PR team – It’s good that Mariah fired her previous public relations team. Her apology after she screeched her way through Michael Jackson’s memorial seemed more about her than Michael Jackson.

    Her talent – Mariah’s voice has become a shadow if its former self. She has replaced singing with screeching and whispering.


  53. FutureCIARA February 26, 2014

    Truly sad,

    Im still slightly rooting for her though

  54. Wendy Williams’ A***-yzed February 26, 2014

    There’s always hope for Mariah: Coffe houses are always looking to hire singers to keep their customers happy. Since Mariah was barely able to fill a 2,000 seat show in Las Vegas, this may be a good idea for her.


  55. Wendy Williams’ A***-yzed February 26, 2014

    Mariah according to Lambs has nothing to prove.

    Huh yeah, you need to click on the “refresh” button immediately and Google for…..”The song is dropping like Mariah’s fake b****** on the iTunes chart across the globe” !

  56. NG February 26, 2014

    Amen to the Happy comment!! It’s so sad to see people waste so much energy with negativity. It’s music, it’s supposed to make us feel good and inspire us. If you don’t like it, move on. And stop hating on a woman who is more accomplished and who’s chart record is more amazing and record breaking then most other current artists will ever hope to achieve.

    And people check your facts before you insult someone. On Mariah’s last tour she did a sold out 4 night residency at The Palms and also sold out The Coloseum at Caesar’s Palace with 4,053 tickets. Don’t know where that 2000 seat theater thing came from.

  57. NG February 26, 2014

    Amen! People can be so big and bold behind their computer screens. It’s just music, be happy. She’s still putting out new material after 24 years when she doesn’t need to. Happy!

  58. Wendy Williams’ A***-yzed February 26, 2014

    The Art of Falling Asleep! That was boring ass f*ck. Now this…

    She needs a new team. She needs to push herself. Step outside of her comfort zone. Mariah no sis if this is the best you have then you need to retire after this album.

    The Lambs love to drag other people music because they think Mariah is such a cut above the rest when really her discography is plain, forgettable, predictable, repetitive and stinky boring.

  59. Aunt Jemima February 26, 2014

    True tea, the lambs are delusional. You know she’s a flop too. That’s why nobody bought the last album. She gave me comeback teas for NO reason.

    Such a waste f*cking time.

  60. JohnVidal February 26, 2014

    I’m laughing so hard at all that hype her team built up for this struggle ass song. This s*** will flop harder than Flopney Spears….. Perfume.


  61. beyonce remains unbothered February 26, 2014

    Art of Not Charting ——-> You’re Flop !!!


  62. BeyHive Wont Buy This Garbage February 26, 2014

    Just like Lady Gaga’s art, Mariah’s song is getting nowhere.


  63. Queen Nicki February 26, 2014

    Another gold status album is coming. Yawn

  64. Cake Like Lady Gaga February 26, 2014



  65. mc!!! February 26, 2014

    But its still #88 on billboard(the chart that matters) not everyone buys music frim utunes!!! and its in the top 20 on the r&b charts #staymad and keep checking for Mimi

  66. Cake Like Lady Gaga February 26, 2014

    You know that aging will likely cause you to develop wrinkles, gray hair and back to back flop ???


  67. Guest February 26, 2014

    This miss piggy is not trendy and current. Very boring..

  68. Comptons Finest February 26, 2014

    @WENDY WILLIAMS’ A***-LYZED I agree with pretty much everything you said especially in regards to her style and music. Her new music isn’t bad but it’s not great and when your far removed from your prime years everything has to be on point. As far as her whole diva style she needs to tone that down cause its not helping her gain younger fans who can’t relate to her image.

  69. Don’t Do It February 26, 2014

    Y’all love to hate Carey. Y’all love to run and scream flop!

    And do you really think ‘Partition’ is likely to be classified a classic over ‘You’re Mine’? It may not be a “Yonce on her knees”, but y’all probally play that for your children anyway.

  70. JOHNVIDAL February 26, 2014

    LOL Hilarious that only haters are the first to comment in this post. Do you have a f****** life? LOL And Sam… damn it uyou really need Mariah Carey in her 25th year of career to get hits, you report about her avery day. That says it all.
    She stays true to the music she likes and it´s not a song that mainstream wants to listen right now, but it still could work somehow. At the end of the day there hasn´t been promo, only a couple of radio interviews nobody cares about and a performance at Bet Honors, a show that is ireelevant to mainstream audiences, and was just broadcasted yesterday btw. Do you know any other artist in their 25th year of career getiing hit singles right now? Even a top80 like You´re Mine is (for now) or a top15 and platinum hit like #beautiful last year? NO. Go figure how your faves will be doing at the stage Mariah carey is right now. Stop hating when she clearly is more than all your faves will ever be.

  71. LOL February 26, 2014

    @WENDY WILLIAMS’ A***-LYZED you slay….nobel peace for you !!!!

  72. LOL February 26, 2014

    Art of Not Charting ——-> You’re Flop !!!


  73. Lamb4Life February 26, 2014

    Go and die haters, Mariah is the ultimate diva. Now go and listen to boring “secret album”….

  74. Epic Fail February 26, 2014

    Now Lambs are pretending Mariah’s songs are not for the Billboard Chart.


  75. Epic Fail February 26, 2014

    Even Lambs are speechless to see this song flop tragically.


  76. Yupthasme February 26, 2014

    Y’all sound soo f****** crazy.. Mariah not worried bout this s***.. She got more coins then beyonce plus everybody on this site put together.. Stop the madness. Lol iTunes is nothing yo.. Get real and do ya research. Pls. Lol y’all always got some mean shot to say about artist.. There is no competition. Just enjoy the music pls.. U thinkariah is worried about a chart?? She did that already. Please.. She not pressed..

  77. Metzo February 27, 2014

    Girll, @Slayriahh is nowhere to be found these past 3 days….
    I bet she’s hiding under some troll name.. haha #TheSHAME

    Watch Partition Outperform boring ass “Youre mine” in a couple of days.

  78. NG February 27, 2014

    Why are you comparing an R&B track and an urban track from 2 different artists? Makes no sense.

  79. moneytree1996 February 27, 2014

    Flop her not, she makes UNFORGETTABLE if it wasn’t for Mariah some of you haterz might not been here today. Mariah inspirational songs e.g. Hero, Through the rain, Can’t take that away from me and My saving grace. They have saved a lot of people from emotional breakdowns and suicide. Mariah doest give a f*ck what you haterz says, she is still more sucessful and KNOW than any of you. I am a die heart lamb and duh this isn’t her best work she gots nothing to prove. Damn if she sings the names of furniture in her house I will buy that cd! When I go struggles Beyonce and Riri can’t help! Mariah does. She Co-writes her songs unlike most of the rest! If it wasn’t for Mariah “your” generation of divas wouldn’t exist!! Only Lorde would be her as a one man army. Mariah paved the waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy and still paaaaaaaving… DEAL WITH IT OR HANG YOURSELF. Oh “Hero” will save you from dat too.

  80. Mel March 2, 2014

    Nothing wrong-Im a lamb, LOL

    This song is so catchy, it’s the video that sucks. I just think if some don’t like it u just do
    not like her cuz she’s all that n all this talk of her
    being egotistical is bull s***!!! She is so down to earth, those other chicks like Katy Perry
    Taylor, jlo are the real stuck up annoying b******. I am shocked though at
    the flop of 2nd wk, but glad is gaining some pins, it has a chance to hit like this article claims, idiots.
    N she is ever beautiful, her corny was voted #1 actually

  81. Mel March 2, 2014

    *corny video voted#1 srry haters, LOL

  82. Kieran March 9, 2014

    Beautiful was a good hit, First single
    Your mine can be a taste of the new album
    but the 3rd single better be hot and you better bring it with live amazing performances and real live performances, an amazing catchy dancy song and just promote the s*** out of it!

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