Chart Check: Eminem Reaches Fresh Sales Milestone

Published: Monday 24th Mar 2014 by David

If recent reports are anything to go by, this year saw Interscope Records sever ties with ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ sensation Keri Hilson.

However, before the label speaks out to either confirm or deny the above, they have joined their leading man Eminem in welcoming good news this month, shedding fresh light on his undying hold over the charts.

Why his label-mates may owe him a thank you?

Details below…

Sure to give the GaGa-backed company even more of an incentive to ‘splash the cash’ when pushing new LPs from the likes of Lana Del Rey and Kendrick Lamar, Em’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP2’ crossed the 2 million US units sold mark in the last week!

Why this milestone is so important to all of its contributors? Well, as of last week, every single album to have been released by the rapper can boast of selling no less than 2 million copies in his domestic market, with ‘LP2’ now sat at the 2.004 million mark.

With this new record, the seasoned performer has seen his combined sales hit the 44.91 million milestone, doing so with the aid of his debut offering ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ which has sold 10.8 million units in the US since its May 23rd 2000 release!

Billboard adds:

“The rapper has  now overtaken country king George Strait (44.89 million) to become the second-best-selling male artist of the SoundScan era. (Notably, of course, Strait’s career predates the inception of SoundScan data.)”

With the above in mind, we ask…


What would it take for the GaGa’s, Katy’s and Beyonce’s of the world to fare just as well?

Weigh in below!

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  1. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 24, 2014


  2. Lolz March 24, 2014

    Congrats. And umm Beyonce’s almost at 2 million. Don’t put her in the same sentence as Gaga who is not even at 1 million.

  3. Perry Power March 24, 2014

    Congrats to Eminem. As for TGJ’s question, I think Beyonce has faired well. Her album will be passing the 2 million mark soon and she hasn’t had an album sell less then 3 million worldwide since her debut, which is not something all acts from the 90s can say. You can’t ask why Bey, Gaga, and Katy don’t sell like that because they aren’t men. Eminem appeals to a very broad audience. He has just as many male fans as female fans. Its harder for females to pull those numbers because they mainly appeal to the female audience only. How many guys will go out and buy a Beyonce album? Very few straight ones at least. Girls will buy music from anyone, but guys feel more comfortable buying music from male artist. I guess its a masculine thing. Plus Gaga and Katy didn’t debut in the 90s when going 2x platinum was normal and not considered slaying like today.

  4. Theman March 24, 2014

    His appeal & raw natural talent is crazyyyy.. They have to deliver musically and artiscally.. He is just a one of a kind artist. Congrats to Em.. Sure Beyonce has sold two million, but she is not as huge an album seller as Em. His album sales are astounding..

  5. Casual March 24, 2014

    Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyonce “could never,” as posters here would say. Their fan bases are mostly young overall, mostly female, and substantially gay. Eminem’s universe is bigger — young AND middle-aged, male and female, spans hip hop to pop to rock, and he’s a critical favorite too.

  6. Theman March 24, 2014

    Gaga has done very well until this recent album, hopefully she can turn things around.. Katy P.. has great pop records, but some artists only appeal to certain demos.. Katy is huge, but she mainly appeals to the pop crowd.. Gaga’s appeal was crazy.. Hopefully she can get back on track.. Beyonce has a huge FANBASE.. She has done very well for herself as a female artist that has been out for a bit.. As far as females go she has actually been very consistent.. Adele has done it with one album.. So the ladies have done quite well also..

  7. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2014

    The Marshall Mathers’ LP was released on my 23, 2000, day of my birthday, i received the album as a present from one of my friends, the man is a legend, there’s no one like him, rap God, all hail the king!…

    What would it take for the GaGa’s, Katy’s and Beyonce’s of the world to fare just as well?

    A big and loyal fanbase in the US, that’s all.

  8. Just Sayin March 24, 2014

    I agree. The main female popstars of today have it harder because they appeal to a more specific demographics which is women and gays. That goes for Katy, Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna. People like Beyoncé have very loyal fan bases which is why she is still here after almost 2 decades, but the music she choses to make is not Atypical in comparison to someone like Adele. So overall she has faired extremely well in todays industry. She is the longest standing and selling well out of all her peers. Gaga is not proving to be very consistent, it looks like people are abandoning her after 5 years. That’s what happened when you peak so high too early.

  9. Sandra March 24, 2014

    Good for him, but he isn’t the 2nd best selling male in the US ever, only in the soundscan era.
    Michael Jackson for example has sold over 75 million albums in the US.

  10. Theman March 24, 2014

    Also toss Pink in to the mix, she has done very well for herself..

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