Lady GaGa Unwraps ‘G.U.Y’ Single Cover

Published: Monday 24th Mar 2014 by Sam

Having rocked the net this weekend with the video for new single ‘G.U.Y’, Pop force Lady GaGa has unveiled the cut’s accompanying artwork.

Following the vein of previous ‘ARTPOP’ singles (pours out a little liquor for ‘Do What U Want’ With Ma Bodeh), the cover boasts a polaroid effect – which this time houses a snap from the song’s epic visual.

We like. Do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. RIP March 24, 2014

    Gaga…pop singer on life support !!! 🙁

  2. Flop Like Lady Gaga March 24, 2014

    Monsters are seething. 7m viewers on YouTube despite begging her fans to “refreshing”.

    • FutureCIARA March 24, 2014


  3. BeyHive March 24, 2014

    😆 to Monsters thinking this era is worth saving.

  4. iTunes Boi March 24, 2014

    Q: G.U.Y Does anybody here have that single? Clap your hands.

    A: …(cricket sound)

  5. Girl Under YOLO March 24, 2014

    ***** Miley’s VEVO-viewereship record remains****

  6. Hey JohnVidal March 24, 2014

    Is G.U.Y #1 yet?

    😀 😀 😀

  7. Rosie March 24, 2014

    Please retire, Gaga…take Miley and Biever with you.

  8. Wendy Strike Back March 24, 2014

    People have moved on but not Gaga.

    This era has been truly disastrous and embarrassing for Gaga. Her pretentious and yet few desperate attempts at creating “art” have done absolutely nothing to entice people. People gave her a chance but she is becoming annoying with her childish and empty art bla bla bla. She doesn’t evoke people’s emotions except Lil’Baboons between 10-25 yo with average IQ less than 75. Her music omg…sucks and yikes and she truly has no sound of her own. She made some mediocre Euro dance-thrash music at the peak of the EDM explosion and that’s about it. Keep borrowing ideas from Cher, Madonna, Grace Jones, Kylie and etc the shock and gimmick factors have expired 3 years ago after the meat dress. People have evolved but she remains looking like a jobless clown in the circus.

    Embarrassing to be her fan these days. I don’t need her encouraging more. Get a new hobby Gaga. It is call…retirement.

    Oh, change your stupid name too. It is disgusting !

  9. Lady Germagornorrhea March 24, 2014

    G.U.Y is slowly entering iTunes Top 200 and Monsters are pretending to fall asleep.


  10. Onika maraj stan March 24, 2014

    Aint nobody ready for this. A new era of popart has begun. Your favorites better hold on to their wigs tight.

  11. Lamb4Life March 24, 2014

    Song : monotone

    Video : sophomoric

    Review : desperate

    Artist: trying hard

    • pussyy juice lover March 24, 2014

      Bitchhhh G.U.Y 》》》》》》Your Mine ,Beautiful and the art of letting go my career.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2014

      You are not a Mariah fan, you are either Sam in person or the person who trolld all Gaga poasts under different names, including this LAMB4LIFE one.

  12. Next ????? March 24, 2014

    Another year, another video/garbage and another eye- roll moments.

  13. HOTSTUFF March 24, 2014

    LMFAOO !!!! at this messy all over the place trashy Era !

  14. HOTSTUFF March 24, 2014

    LMFAO !!!!!!!!! at the little Morons !!!!! * Best year ever*

  15. HOTSTUFF March 24, 2014


  16. HOTSTUFF March 24, 2014

    LMAOOOO !!!! @ cake like lady gaga YOU A FLOP H** JUST LIKE FLOPGA !

  17. pussyy juice lover March 24, 2014

    Why bring Rih into this.? Im a navy but i really think gaga brought it with the new video yall just real haters.

    • TRUTHTELLER March 24, 2014

      No she didn’t bring s***, as i said before GAGA is done, and need to go back to d drawing board to do something else not this E.D.M TRASH MUSIC SHE IS ALWAYS DOING, and honestly there was nothing special about the video. The best part was the first 3 minutes, den it just got repetitive from there on.# Beyonce wigisstillintact

  18. FutureCIARA March 24, 2014


    Yall are dragging The Monsters and Gaggz for filth!!!

  19. applause March 24, 2014

    hotstuff go suck off ur friend terrorist2o
    gaga>>>>>>>>>r**** and hoeonce

  20. Rosie March 24, 2014

    So as of right now G.A.Y. only has 7.6 million views.
    With all that spamming and desperation by not only the Little Cutters but also Fadga herself, they couldn’t beat Dark Horse, or even Story Of My Life by One Direction. The struggle.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2014

      Hater! The video is 12 minutes long. It was impossible. And btw, who cares about retarded Vevo records apart from you??? (just so you can use it to hate).

      • Rosie March 24, 2014

        But weren’t all the Little Cutters bragging about tryin to break the record yesterday? And now you all don’t care. Such hypocrites. Everytime you guys don’t get what you want, you act like it’s no big deal although the entire Cutter fanbase was begging for it the previous day.

  21. Himeros March 24, 2014

    Uhm rosie s***, we beat dark horse 24 hour vevo view. Go look at the receipts for yourself.

    These people that comment here prove that they don’t know what they want!

    “She should simplify things and do basic pop and go back to the fame era”. – b**** well there it is and you are still complaining

    • JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2014

      They complain and hate regardless. It´s their job and agenda. It´s truly sad.

      • lovebird March 24, 2014

        Just like you hate on Rihanna regardless? That’s your job right?

  22. Himeros March 24, 2014

    Wait was that floperror stan thinking this song and it’s video is a joke? Lol *looks at ciara’s vevo* LOOOOL

    Ciara’s vevo is a joke in itself. Don’t come when your fave is the lessor.

  23. BigE01 March 24, 2014

    No one cares!!!

  24. Navy Commander March 24, 2014

    The video is great and so is the cover.

    I don’t understand all the hate. Even though this is to little to late.

  25. Navy Commander March 24, 2014

    Why are you moderating my comments sam? I was just talking about gaga. Sorry for the double post

  26. Himeros March 24, 2014


    I think she could’ve chosen a different screen shot from the video.

    It’s nice BUT there were several other options

    • FutureCIARA March 24, 2014

      Its hideous sis…

      No shade

      • Himeros March 24, 2014

        Haaha, i’m not denying you that statement.
        I’ve seen people’s twitter icons from the music video look better than this

  27. Navy Commander March 24, 2014

    She should’ve chosen the shot from the vid when she had on that red outfit for the art

    • Himeros March 24, 2014

      YES! It suited the song better.

  28. RancorNV March 24, 2014

    Doesn’t matter what the cover looks like, I’m not buying it.

  29. lovebird March 24, 2014

    Oh god are we back to this Gags? After releasing a hot new video, probably some of your best work you choose to shoot down the momentum with this cheap gimmick…smh.

    And this is why Artpop will be outsold by BangerZ soon. I cannot with you.

  30. lovebird March 24, 2014

    A different shot for the so single cover would have been awesome considering the video slays. Get it together Gaga.

  31. JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2014

    She SLAYED with this video. Period.
    PD: Her body is so damn hot, especially when she´s dressed in gold and also in red, in those two moments of the video she looks gorgeous.

    • lovebird March 24, 2014

      I thought you said it is about “talent” and not looks Mr Hypocrite.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2014

        Of course it is!
        I´m just making an observation. Rihanna is also a beautiful lady (despite having that forehead).

  32. lovebird March 24, 2014


    From People Magazine

    When we think of Rihanna‘s style, the first word that comes to mind is fearless. The singer isn’t afraid to take some major risks on and off the red carpet. So it’s no surprise the CFDA will be celebrating her creative sartorial choices by honoring her with the 2014 Fashion Icon Award.

    “We are proud to present Rihanna with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award for her impact on the industry as fashion’s most exciting ambassador in recent memory,” Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA, said in a statement.

    In the past year, the superstar has proved her love for bold statement-making looks (and that every design house on the planet wants to dress her). From left, her red wrapped-bodice custom Azzedine Alaïa gown — worn the 2013 Grammys — is still one of the most talked about best dressed moments in the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices. Next, she introduced us to the long open cardi dress (she ditched the bra underneath, of course), at the Chanel Haute Couture fashion show in Paris last July. At the American Music Awards in November, she not only dared to bare in a Jean Paul Gaultier two-piece ensemble, but she took it to the next level in the hair department sporting a doobie wrap.

    • Rosie March 24, 2014

      So this is all it takes to become a “fashion icon” now? Mess. At least Fadga changed the game for a second.

      • lovebird March 24, 2014

        Lmao, I’m pretty sure I can iron my shirt on you considering how pressed you are. Fashion icon and you will deal. Lana will never.

      • Rosie March 24, 2014

        I’m not even pressed. Rihanna does look beautiful a lot (especially in that red Grammys dress) but 90% of her style is copied and pasted from fashion blogs and Death at them calling a hair wrap “the next level.”

      • lovebird March 24, 2014

        It’s next level because Rihanna did it and slayed. Whether Rihanna takes from or comes up with something original, the point is she makes it next level and makes it look groundbreaking and amazing. Fashion is in how you rock it and Rihanna has the body, swag, style and beauty for it.

        Now go make some lemon juice instead of being sour 100% of the time.

      • Rosie March 24, 2014

        So you basically just admitted that your fave just takes her style from the underground/tumblr/street blogs.
        I would give the award to her stylist instead. That’s the real groundbreaker.

  33. Perry Power March 24, 2014

    “JOHNVIDAL Replied:
    March 24th, 2014 at 8:42 am
    They complain and hate regardless. It´s their job and agenda. It´s truly sad.”

    Did you crack a smile when you typed this? It describes you perfectly. You complain and hate about every artist that isn’t your cup of tea. Its like your job. You are honestly worse then Lovebird.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2014

      Trolls make personal attacks, I don´t. trolls infest every single post of artists they don´t like, I only visite like 1 out of 10 posts about beyonce or Rihanna for example.

  34. Perry Power March 24, 2014

    The video was nice but most people are over her. Gaga made a career off of shocks and stunts and it limited her. Yes the industry respects her, but the average listener sees her in the same boat as Miley, looking for attention. You build a house on sand and it will surely fall like sand. Like wise, you build a career based off shocks and it will be short and briefly impactful on you like a shock. Miley is experiencing this now herself with low ticket performance and her latest single failing when she tried to use the same formula as before.

  35. Career Ender March 24, 2014

    people give Katy Perry so much hard time in this site ….. that time she is 2X successful than their faves / their gazillion talented flop faves

    Katy is the only pure popstar of this decade

  36. Career Ender March 24, 2014

    they yapped and yapped gaga was everything and better than all artists alive

    but Katy Perry slayed that h**, even the grammys recognised

  37. navy nick March 24, 2014

    I LOVE GAGA, she krazy, and I love it- GUY video is AMAZING!!!

  38. John March 24, 2014


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