Lady GaGa To Debut New Video…Next Week / Reveals Teaser

Published: Saturday 15th Mar 2014 by Sam

Having whipped up a whirlwind of controversy this week, Lady GaGa is seizing the moment to release the next visual from her critically acclaimed ‘ARTPOP’ LP.

All the tea poured after the jump…

After months of teasing and titillation, Mother Monster is gearing up to make good on her promise of more content from the project (which has thus far only spawned one video – last August’s ‘Applause’).

For, taking to Twitter, she announced that she will unwrap a new music video next week Saturday (March 22nd).


The revelation came paired with the pic below, which is widely presumed to be a shot from the clip. Rocket #9 anyone?…



Can’t wait! As jarring as her behaviour of late has been, it’s hard to deny the brand of “excitement” news of new GaGa visuals generates. In an industry that is increasingly serving up more of the same, the 28-year-old remains a much-needed deviation from the banality of the norm.

That said, here’s hoping she strikes a healthy balance between being “edgy” and “left-field” and serving up a  product that will work for a mass audience. Because, for all her claims that her “ARTPOP could mean anything”, it needs – at this point – to mean success.

Randomness: Are we the only one’s who feel GaGa still “owes” us a video for the bodacious BOP that still is ‘Do What U Want With Ma Bodeh? Such a tune!

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2 girls 1 cup March 15, 2014

    Girllll give it up!!! This era is a hot mess trash and lets not forget the 2girls 1 cup mess
    She gave at southwest by southwest hunty!!!! not a good look!

  2. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me March 15, 2014

    And now it is confirmed, the vomiting was to get back in the press to announce this video. You know, for a woman who claims to not care about attention and album sales and fame etc., I sure do sense that she is the most desperate artist in the industry. Her career will continue to dwindle until she wakes up from her delusions that what she has been doing is “Art”…

  3. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    Gaga bizzarre behaviour reeks of desperation and attention.

  4. Nora March 15, 2014

    Nothing could save this flop era. Give it up 🙁

  5. Wendy Willams’ Tea March 15, 2014

    1) Lady Gaga is being sued by famed R&B singer Teddy Riley, who claims she boldly aced him out of his contribution for the song, “Teeth.

    2)Lady Gaga has been slapped with a $10 million lawsuit by a toy manufacturer that claims the pop star and her crew reneged on a Gaga doll.

    3) Lady Gaga sued by French Artist Orlan for $31.7 Million

    4)Lady Gaga has given a fascinating glimpse at her crazy world after lashing out at a former assistant who is suing her for nearly $400,000 for unpaid overtime.

    5)Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ foundation accused of scamming donors…


  6. Wendy Willams’ Tea March 15, 2014

    Billboard editorial director Bill Verde accused Lady Gaga of scamming YouTube’s Vevo to boost views of the video for her latest single. I’m sure she will do this again just to float on the chart.

  7. Truth Tea March 15, 2014

    ArtPop… my ArtFLOP!

  8. Flake Like Lady Gaga March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga:-

    99% Vomit
    1% Talent.


  9. BeyHive Army 007 March 15, 2014

    You know you career is dying when your album ARTPOOP is cheaper than a box of Tampons at Walmart !!!

  10. FutureCIARA March 15, 2014

    After her very recent puking gimmick…… That will define my exact actions as her next video debuts.

    I will be vomiting at the fact that she is still brave enough to release another video.

    Besides that, Im still gagging that she hasn’t released DONATELLA as a single yet… That could have helped her in most areas, But I just dont know, and really dont give a f**** at this point.

  11. BeyHive Army 007 March 15, 2014

    Covered with puke to stay relevant. How desperate….

  12. BeyHive Army 007 March 15, 2014

    Nobody is impressed with her puke dramatic performance. What a tragedy ….

  13. ARTPOP 3.99 per upload March 15, 2014

    I wish this idiot would go away. Lady Gaga is SO 5 years ago’s news.

  14. The Edge of Septic Tank March 15, 2014

    Bye bye boderline has been much… 😀

  15. WTF March 15, 2014

    This $kank must be getting desperate for attention.

    I’m not sure which is more depraved … allowing someone to puke all over you like that, or actually advertising you are a “vomit painter”.


  16. Nora March 15, 2014

    Used tampons hold more values than Gaga’s performances. 🙁

  17. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga’s drug problem is worse than we thought. Gaga recently announced that she was addicted to marijuana, which apparently is possible, but if you believe Perez Hilton’s rants or any of Gaga’s songs (listen to “Dope”) it’s clear she was doing some stuff way harder than weed.

    In a recent interview, Gaga mentioned the “27 club,” the group of hard-partying/talented musicians who all died of drug overdoses when they were 27. Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin are all in this sad “club.”

    Gaga responded to the rumors that claim she is headed for the 27 club.

    “I want to show people that I will last past 27 and I will last longer and so will you,” she told Elvis Duran on the Z100 show.

    No one’s died from a marijuana overdose, so Gaga’s mention of the 27 club can only mean she’s doing the kinds of drugs that land people in the 27 club in the first place.

  18. Silva Sunto March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga is a flophead

    Forbes declared her the biggest loser of 2013 because of her artpoop FLOP! A reporter from NY times had a piece on why flopga is no longer relevant. artflop was #1 on Vh1’s list of the biggest flops of 2013. Billboard and of the now fired bill werde were scrambling to explain why artflop, flopped big time. Rolling Stone called it a flop too and went on to say it was “boring and normal” OUCH!!! Look it up (sips tea, rolls eyes and smiles)! So you keep reading your people magazine and remain the biggest delusional bigot you IS!


  19. Mark111 March 15, 2014

    Hahaha, the label made this b**** re record. Lol

  20. XO March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga is the Lance Armstrong of music.

    Gaga pointed the finger over her lackluster 2013 at those who have “betrayed” her, accusing now-former team members of mismanaging her time and health and caring more about money than quality.

    “Millions of dollars are not enough for some people,” Gaga wrote. “They want billions. Then they need trillions. I was not enough for some people. They wanted more.”

    Specifically regarding the “Do What U Want” video delay, the songstress claimed that she was only given one week to plan and execute the piece — the same amount of time she was allotted for “Applause.” She called the short window “devastating,” adding, “I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for [fans].”

    Also read: Lady Gaga’s ‘ART-FLOP’ Suffers Biggest Second-Week Sales Drop of the Year

    Gaga lamented that, following a surgery, she was too sick, tired and want to die. sad to fight back, bashing those in her corner for not maintaining her best interests. “I never thought after all the years of hard work that those I called friends and partners would ever care so little at a time I needed them the most,” she said.

    But Gaga promised the flopped album — which sold just 258,000 units in its debut and had the biggest
    second-week drop of last year — would have a resurrection of sorts.

  21. R0sie March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga and her mom are scamming Monsters through Born This Way Foundation. They are thieves. Disgusting.


  22. R0sie March 15, 2014

    Selling shock is just wearing off. This was repulsive, if I had paid for a ticket I would have demanded my money back. No respect for anyone who has to do something like this just to get attention. Anything for attention after her last album flopped.

  23. PLease Spread This !!!! March 15, 2014

    As it’s been revealed, Lady Gaga’s Born To Steal This Way Foundation took in $2.6 million last year, but they used only $5,000 in grants. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on other expenses like a good PR, lawyers, and travel
    expenses. Yes, folks, her fans have been donating their parents’ money so Lady Gaga can use it more for good publicity, rather than doing good for real! Let’s break it down for you:

    $300,000 in strategic consulting

    $62,836 on stage productions

    $50,000 on social media

    $50,000 on event coordination

    $406,552 on legal fees

    $150,000 on philanthropic consulting

    $60,000 on research

    $58,768 on publicity fees

    $77,923 on travel expenses

    $72,000 on salaries

    $808,661 on “other”

    $5,000 on grants to organizations or individuals

    Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation also spent $348,000 in her Born Brave Bus (which traveled with her previous tour giving out unsold tickets).

  24. BEYAWNCE March 15, 2014

    So, this is what she’s trying to do. The desperation is too real

  25. Just Saying March 15, 2014

    when this delusional art student will learn trying hard is not cool?

  26. EX-FAN March 15, 2014


  27. Haterz Gonna Make U A Flop March 15, 2014

    “Creative Rebellion” in her wet hairy sagging smelly wet fart a*** !

  28. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    Messy saturday: Shade but not Shade: I like Rihanna and Drake together. I think they make a cute couple. They seem right for each other. She seems to be happy then ever. EVERYONE DESERVE TO BE HAPPY…..

    The saga continues as Drake and Rihanna were spotted together once again, this time exiting the men’s bathroom. It’s unclear whether the two were in the restroom at the same time but it’s certain that the pair were enjoying yet another meal together.
    Dining at the Zouk Restaurant in Manchester, Drizzy and Rih were photographed getting cozy prior to their bathroom trip. The two have been spotted on several dates over the past month and even put on a steamy performance at Drake’s “Would You Like A Tour” stop in Paris.

  29. h2o March 15, 2014

    From what I understand it’s not necessarily for DWUW?

  30. Mark111 March 15, 2014

    Born This Way foundation, “Where’s the money at Clive!” In my Left Eye voice.

  31. no thanks March 15, 2014

    It is not cool to be her (GaGa) fans these day. I feel bad for her fans. People are laughing at them; not with them.

  32. No comment March 15, 2014

    Monsters are pretending to fall asleep.

  33. BeyYawnnnzzzze March 15, 2014

    whats the point of this garbage?

  34. Kanyedashian March 15, 2014

    Time for ARTPOP pt2

  35. Vinie March 15, 2014

    Xerox machine + Madonna + garbage bin = Lady Gaga !!!


  36. Truth Tea March 15, 2014

    Toilet septic has more benefits than Gaga’s videos.

  37. FAF March 15, 2014

    how do you scam VEVO? wouldn’t they be frauding, too? If they accepted the bribe offer?

  38. Moronster March 15, 2014


    700k in the USA.


  39. Dante March 15, 2014

    First off… the article says “critically accalaimed “ARTPOP”” HAHAHAHA the album was no where near acclaimed.

    2… I have listened to the whole album over and over because I wanted to badly to like it. Its horrid. Do What You Want is the best song on there by far. If shes going to release new singles I honestly dont know what songs because nothing on that album has potential to slay.

  40. Stephy Tha Lambily March 15, 2014

  41. JOHNVIDAL March 15, 2014

    Are these guys at TGJ bipolar or what???? They praise then they do posts bashing about nothing… their predictions are always wrong… I mean, terrible wannabe “journalists”.
    Apart from that, does anybody know which song is the video for?
    And also, why the hell are there always people who are never seen in TGJ leaving comments in Gaga´s posts? I mean, it´s obviously the same person trolling under dufferent names, but still, it happens with very few other posts.
    Artpop is great, Born This Way was better but Artpop is great and I still listen to it weekly since I purchased it last November. “Do What You Want”, “Sexxx Dreams” and others slay.

  42. Suicide Blonde March 15, 2014


  43. krikkk krikkkk krikkkkkk March 15, 2014

    “Critically acclaimed ……ARTPOP” ????????

    DEAD 😆

  44. VidalSasson March 15, 2014

    JOHN VIDAL is tone deaf Monster…

    Sad world we live in.

  45. RIP March 15, 2014

    ARTPOP- 1.7m copies sold worldwide.


  46. Sweetie March 15, 2014

    ARTPOP————> Mariah’s Glitter.

  47. Baaah ! March 15, 2014

    Her new name? Creative Rebellion.
    Where? In her own delusional cocainehead mind.

  48. I’m Booked March 15, 2014

    Can We All Just Ban Together & NOT Watch This Slores Video When It Premieres?! We Need A Strategy Too Get This Disperate A** H** Off Our TV Screens For Good! Lmao! I Knew She Pulled That Vomit Mess Just Too Plug Some New Material! Gags Is So Transparent! #Flop

  49. Rosie March 15, 2014

    No one cares about Fadga anymore, less sites reported on her SXSW performance than when my fave announced Ultraviolence. And the fact that she had to perform and tease a new struggle video just to barely trend worldwide now, while my fave did it yesterday with no effort except selling out every show on her tour.
    Poor it. It is truly over.

  50. Navy Commander March 15, 2014

    How the mighty have fallen

  51. Casual March 15, 2014

    I don’t know what’s wrong with this woman. The vomiting stunt pretty much turned me off to anything new from her. I assume it was a stunt. I refuse to watch any video of it.

    She mishandled Artpop from last fall. After releasing DWYW around the same time the album dropped, she should have put together a video, ANY VIDEO, for the project within 4-6 weeks of releasing the song to radio. DWYW didn’t have major legs commercially, so promotions for a new song should have been started last month.

    As it is, she’s not going to revive interest in the album with another single. Anyone who cared could have listened the album streams online and decided to purchase if they wanted to. This isn’t Ashanti coming back from the edges of obscurity. Art Pop was the highly-anticipated follow-up to two multi-platinum smashes. So, she’s releasing another single just pretend this album wasn’t the flop people thought,and then hopefully she’ll move on.

  52. Kim Kardashian stan March 15, 2014

    Yall know gaga claimed Artpop sold 2.5 million ww mess.

  53. DOSSOME March 15, 2014

    Let’s see how many views this video will generate when it drops to verify just how many people really “don’t care”…i know DOSSOME,John,Blondie,Rosie and the rest of y’all will be watching 😉

  54. Mark111 March 15, 2014

    The ONLY song that is good on ArtPoop is Mary Jane Holland. And even that’s not a hit.

  55. Eurghhhh March 15, 2014

    She is rapidly becoming a parody of herself. She needs to stop with the Salvador Dali act and get back to making good music you can dance to. This is just cheap and juvenile.

  56. MMA March 15, 2014


  57. Lady Gaga Is A Scam March 15, 2014

    Revealed: Lady Gaga’s charity foundation took in $2.6 million – but paid out just one $5,000 grant and spent hundreds of thousands on expenses millions spent on lawyers, consultants and PR for Born This Way charity.

    $500,000 alone went on mammoth 23-date bus tour of America

    ‘Social media development’ cost foundation bosses $50,000

    Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta is the organisation’s unpaid president

  58. IStanForYourFav March 15, 2014

    Why did I ironically tell my friend that she was using the vomit scandal to promote a video…

    Seriously LG, you just lost a huge fan. In 2008, I STANNED for you like no other. I felt she was a refresher and brought some type of reinvention to this industry. Now I’m embarrassed and currently trying to sell my Artpop Ball ticket. (Seriously if anyone wants it, I’ll sell it to you… hell I’ll give it to you for free. July 11, 2014 Houston, TX.)I’m sick of looking at you go to desperate measures to get attention (which you claim not to want), getting lawsuit after lawsuit, and more. I can’t even deal right now. It’s sad because under all of the gimmicks, actually lies some type of talent. SMDH

  59. HIMEROS March 15, 2014

    Again with the people that don’t do their research.

    The born this way foundation was never a sponsorship or a charity.

    Its a counselling foundation and awareness organization just like “Be a star” and “make a wish”

    Dumb swines that can only read a headline.

    *plays spice girls headline*

    Did you guys know that billboard is going to ADD the sxsw performance streams on youtube to gaga’s ratings on the charts?

    So each song that gets view on youtube gets those numbers?
    Thank you general public.

    Chartnews : lady gaga Artpop
    (1, 720 000)

    It over took bangerz
    A – R – T -P – O -P

  60. JOHNVIDAL March 16, 2014

    The fact that Milye Cyrus can´t sell more copies than Gaga´s Artpop after all the hate Gaga has been receiving for such a long time now says it all. Gaga´s worst selling album>>> Milye´s best selling album. That´s something.

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