Mariah Carey Announces ‘You’re Mine’ Singing Competition

Published: Tuesday 11th Mar 2014 by David


Unfortunately for the vocal wonder that is Mariah Carey, the word above has clung to her brand like white on rice in the last year, following the difficulty she’s had in pushing her brand new studio album.

Now, after watching its latest launch single shimmy and shake its way out iTunes 1000, the star has cooked up a plot that she no doubt hopes will turn the cut into a streaming hit.

What Mimi‘s got up her sleeve this time?

Full story below…

As to force as many fans as possible to stream new single ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’, the ‘American Idol’ has launched a contest which sees aspiring singers upload covers of the single to ‘Fusic.’

What they’ll win should they win? An iPad or an iTunes Gift Card.


Sure to drive its potential winners to its official VEVO upload to spin the song before covering it, the competition marks the first bid from the star to rescue the ailing single, doing so before its supporting album’s May 6th release date.


As unashamedly diehard Mimi fans, we can’t but feel annoyed at the mess that has been this era.

For, unless Island Def Jam have employed Houdini himself to oversee this project, we’re not sure how anyone can expect it not to sink upon release.

Put simply, if the general public can’t be convinced to buy a $0.99 single from the star, how can she be expected to push enough $10 albums to avoid the backlash she’ll face if it…well…if it flops.

It’s with this mind that we’re hoping May 6th marks the release of a delicately handed ‘mini-album’, and December bringing it with a second half sure to benefit from her annual ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘ chart domination!

Your thoughts?

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  1. katy’s kitty kat March 11, 2014

    Poor mariah. she wants that hit so bad 🙁

  2. Lolz March 11, 2014

    Does anyone even know the song though? Judging by its position on Itunes no.

  3. ashley March 11, 2014

    The struggle. She want to give away free stuff to get her song some attention. sadly, I don’t even think this will work.

  4. smh March 11, 2014

    ya game over b**** gatorade wet towel

  5. chile March 11, 2014

    Beyonce would never stoop to this.

  6. Kitty March 11, 2014

    Umm… I don’t think people know the lyrics to a flop song sis.

  7. Shaytan March 11, 2014

    Yet you just did an interview with Kelly Rowland. If MC is a flop what is Kelly? You’re Mine is a great song i’m confused why it flopped but bridge under the water. I like real music not kathy pop.

  8. DGAF March 11, 2014

    She did the same contest with #Beautiful and it went platinum.

  9. KissesForKelly March 11, 2014

    Beautiful went Platinum because they used payola as soon as it came out dear.

  10. BeyWhoUWanna March 11, 2014

    Even if this was to work it wouldn’t help her on ITunes and people would always know that she had to depend on streaming to get onto the charts.

  11. AlexisAlsina March 11, 2014

    The album in two halves is a good idea but I don’t know if IDJ have it in them to promote on album let alone two separate ones. They f***** up my fav’s promo and his album comes out next month.

  12. SupersonicBreezy March 11, 2014

    Look Alexis, if your fave flops its because nobody is here for hoodrat music not because Def Jam didn’t promote.

  13. Mimi carey March 11, 2014

    Yes mariah HUSTLE sis, something kelly wouldnt know about.

  14. Mimi carey March 11, 2014

    Beyonce stoops to strippering in public.

  15. AlexisAlsina March 11, 2014

    And if your fav would just come out of the closet he wouldn’t be having all these problems.

  16. Loco4Aiko March 11, 2014

    The nerve of an AA stan to blame IDJ for anything when they gave that stupid ass single more promo than they give TW. Be grateful h**.

  17. gurl bye March 11, 2014

    Mz. Carey needed Miguel to sell that single.

  18. AlexisAlsina March 11, 2014

    First of all, who was talking to you @Loco and second of all why should they waste ANY money on someone who hasn’t been relevant since she was bumping p****** with B2K.

  19. IggyIggyIggy March 11, 2014

    How can be Chris be gay if he was with Rihanna?

  20. Mimi carey March 11, 2014

    jhene siko is a major flop like kelly

  21. My Forehead Tho March 11, 2014

    1. American Idol
    2. Four first lead singles
    3. Year long album push backs
    4. Bribing fans

    This b**** is d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e.

  22. The Boy Toy March 11, 2014

    Jhene is much more successful than August. How much did his EP sell again? Sail Out is still charting 4 months later. *plays The Worst*

    August is still fine though 😉

  23. SupersonicBreezy March 11, 2014

    Chris is’t gay b****, but your scrawny ass Alsina be looking like he might be coming for King Trey like he his side chick or somethin.

  24. The Boy Toy March 11, 2014

    “The Worst” is outperforming YM lol I would tread lightly if I were you… 😆

  25. CiciFinnaBeABride March 11, 2014

    Rihanna has so many d**** inside of her she might as WELL be a man. I hope that answers your questions Iggy.

  26. IStanForYourFav March 11, 2014

    Watching that WBT clip brought back memories when Mimi’s team and image was on point. Her image has been messed up since 1997, not her actual voice. Yes her voice is different (upper belting has taken its toll), but she still can sing. What is weird to me is how real Mariah can be/ is. When I have watched a few interviews, I found her to be surprisingly funny, shady, & oddly warm. If her OVERBLOWN DIVA image wasn’t so overbearing to her incredible artistry, extremely unique talent, and a few idiots on here that tarnish her legacy even further on here, she might actually be respected as the legend I know she is. I cannot speak for everyone. I know she is respected, but generally speaking she should be held to a higher standard. I say to the Lambs, don’t be threatened by anyone comments on here. She has had an amazing career. Let’s hope this new record just adds to it.

    P.S. If Mimi can read this, make sure your next single is uptempo and do it with Payola. No shame in it. 100% of songs are done with Payola. Peace & Love to everyone.

  27. Loco4Aiko March 11, 2014

    Bumping p***** with B2K? Miss thing, don’t write a check your child support avoiding ass can’t pay. Jhene is outselling Mariah and she most certainly outsold your August’s flopulous EP. Now run and tell that.

  28. BeyBeyKing March 11, 2014

    The Boy Toy should be worried about Rihanna’s p**** air miles and leave August alone.

  29. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Rihannas only good for giving blow jobs her vocals are pure shitt from all the c** stuck in her throat

  30. Realest March 11, 2014

    Y’all are SUPER desperate for hits in the past month. In the past year mariah Carey had “beautiful” which went platinum and number one in MADD countries. Flop? Oh ok. Shows how juvenile your “journalism” truly is. She will flop yet remain unbothered as she is more successful than anyone out now, then and later and has sold more, had more hits and def has more money than everyone in the top 20 COMBINED.

    You really are turning into media takeout now, it’s getting quite pathetic. Step ur p**** up hunny

  31. OrangeJuiceInstead March 11, 2014

    You’re Mine is struggling because it sounds like it belongs on “The Emancipation” and not on a new Mariah Carey album.

    She Needs another reinvention period, Get a fresh new niche while still keeping true to herself.

    THEN She will see Hits.

  32. Peace & Christina March 11, 2014

    @Realist Melt Downe b****. Melt downe.

  33. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Beyonce only good for giving head in the backseat and lip syncing to basic stripper anthems.

  34. TurntUp4Cici March 11, 2014

    Oh my, a Jhene Flopaiko wants to shade Mariah? Don’t do it girl.

  35. lmao March 11, 2014

    Mariah is done. No one cares about a new album from her. She’s a legend. hang it the f*** up

  36. Loco4Aiko March 11, 2014

    I didn’t shade Mariah, I simply stated a fact. By the way, has Future paid child support for all 100 of his children this month or is he waiting on Ciara’s Mama I’m Trying To Sing pay checks first.

  37. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Guess Mariah has to release slutty stripper songs like Pour it up and Drunk in love to chart these days the public likes trash now i see..

  38. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    What’s a aiko?

  39. BeyLikeMe March 11, 2014

    @Flop4Life Somebody who is outselling your fave.

  40. Miss thang March 11, 2014

    mariah might as well release a stripper anthem.

    She’s sitting her wide box shaped a** naked in You’re mine video. struggling at 3 million views. lmaoooo

  41. Lovebird March 11, 2014

    Ultimate death, this is like Britney announcing a dancing competition; a b**** can’t.

  42. Lovebird March 11, 2014

    This is most definitely not a good look; this is what desperation looks like.

    Whoever advised her on this should be fired. This is on the level of Nicki Minaj getting sued for wigs.

    I heard this single has left the iTunes top 100,000, is this true lambs?

  43. Theman March 11, 2014

    Sales & radio play are what really matters, f streaming, although it counts on the charts. That’s silly anyway.. Your site is a dayum FLOP !!

  44. Lovebird March 11, 2014

    I need to go back to the post where the lambs were bragging about this song slaying. I need to see what a delusional ho looks like.

    I hope like Stephy has come to the realization that his walls are no longer in existence, the lambs have also come to the realization that this era is not going to happen.

  45. NataliaThrills March 11, 2014

    Lovebird, why is Sexlijah so damn s***? You have the best taste in men sis.

  46. VisionofMimi March 11, 2014

    B****! If you want to see what a delusional ho looks like go to your local airport and you will see Rihanna chasing Drake.

  47. The Boy Toy March 11, 2014

    Beybeyking aka Cicifinnabeabride you should be worried about not using the same exact jokes under different usernames. Hop off of my d*** b****. 😉

  48. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    lovebird worry about sluthanna that BITCHH career is over

  49. Keyshia Del Rey March 11, 2014

    Why are we acting like LB claimed Elijah first, I said he was s*** LAST year before LB even knew who he was. The only v***** he wants to load is mine so back the f*** up.

  50. Head scratching March 11, 2014

    What makes this write up a joke? The fact that when You’re Mine was released TGJ reported “yes yes and yes” now she a flop? Pathetic TGJ.

  51. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Rihanna is nothing but a s** puppet for any man she has no talent.

  52. CiciFinnaBeABride March 11, 2014

    Not everyone has split personalities like you b****.

  53. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    @Sandy don’t know it

  54. AubreyOSlay March 11, 2014

    TGJ never said they hated the song, they said they hate how it’s being handled.

  55. RiriRoyale March 11, 2014

    @Lamb4Life You won’t know it because it’s a hit.

  56. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Beyonce fans should be buying xo and stop stalking Mariah post.

  57. TeenageDreamer March 11, 2014

    All this talk about Elijah is making my p**** purr 2bh.

  58. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Where was it a hit ? in Rihanna pusssy?

  59. Lovebird March 11, 2014


    His instagram is amazing; he is so hot. Sexlijah’s instagram drains the batteries from my v*******, yassss ma.

  60. CrazyKe$ha March 11, 2014

    Beyonce fans don’t need to buy Xo because they already bought the album, s***.

  61. The Boy Toy March 11, 2014

    August Alsina > FLOPlijah Blake 😉

  62. Keyshia Del Rey March 11, 2014

    The irony is that Elijah is your fav’s fav so keep on hating w****.

  63. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Girl has warrior sold 450k yet?

  64. lamb 4 life March 11, 2014

    Keyshia del rey? Lmao what a ugly ass name.

  65. QueenCeline March 11, 2014

    Not when August would break his throat if he even tried to belt like Elijah can.

  66. Keyshia Del Rey March 11, 2014

    Uglier than Mariah’s box shaped body I’m sure.

  67. The Boy Toy March 11, 2014

    Where is Elijah’s single on the charts? The Hot 100 doesn’t know him. No one does but TGJ lol.

  68. iconic cici March 11, 2014

    Ciara> Rihanna
    Ciara > Beyonce
    Ciara > Kelly
    Ciara > Keyshia
    Ciara > Mariah
    Ciara > Keri
    Ciara > Gaga
    Ciara > Katy

  69. iconic cici March 11, 2014

    August will always be better then Elijah non charting ass.

  70. iconic cici March 11, 2014

    Rihanna a loose p**** w**** you will never get married or have kids shes TRRRRAAAAASH!

  71. iconic cici March 11, 2014

    Mariah needs a miracle

  72. Lovebird March 11, 2014

    August is a ghetto wannabe homo thug; Sexlijah is walking eye candy.

    I could marinate, moisturize and message those juicy lips any day.

  73. The Boy Toy March 11, 2014

    There is nothing s*** about Elijah. He’s cute at best.

  74. iconic cici March 11, 2014

    Oh and Jhene aiko will forever be a lessor b**** that b**** has to cling to drake and big sean to get noticed so pathetic she did the same thing with b2k back in the day the b**** is nothing but a clinger.

  75. Rob March 11, 2014

    That’s funny Sam, you post Flop on Mariah’s article and this is right before you posted an article on none other than Kelly Rowland….

  76. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 11, 2014

    I don’t see the desperation in this though.. She always does this. Perfume giveaways and stuff. She actually cares and appreciates her fans unlike some people. TGJ is still pressed. Beyonce’s entire last era was an epic ass flop. Nicki struggled on her second album. And that Ariana girl had one local hot and fell off the face of the earth. The thirst is real.

  77. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 11, 2014

    None of the people Samantha Stans for has made Mariah’s impact or sold more records than her. It Stans for brandy, Kelly, Janet, and all those other bxtches that would flop if they released a single/album so I don’t see where this hatred is coming from. It is unnecessary and unhealthy

  78. DOSSOME March 11, 2014

    Oh my,this era has been quite messy but the music’s been good..I enjoyed everything from #BEAUTIFUL,Almost Home,YM and most of all TAOLG..At some point,hopefully may 6th,i’ll get this album on my hands and enjoy it every bit

  79. MIQ VERSE March 11, 2014

    Unfortunately I think Mariah needs to seek a new sound. I don’t think Jermaine Dupri is the right guy anymore. She cannot recreate old hits. She should be trying to reinvent in my opinion.

  80. BeYAWNce March 11, 2014

    Do your thang Mariah! She did once for #Beautiful, and put karaoke sessions for Touch my body + All I want for christmas on Facebook long time. So waht’s the matter? She loved to interact with her fans. Y’all just MAD BITTER

  81. SADE March 11, 2014

    Leave Mariah alone. Immature b****** talking too damn much.

  82. HIMEROS March 11, 2014

    The forst word I read was “FLOP”
    This is flopping, these posts should make all of us feel better about our faves, especially Kelly Rowland and ciara fans

  83. HIMEROS March 11, 2014

    *plays edge of relevance*

  84. eric March 11, 2014

    I wish she would just take the rest of the year to rebuild her brand with a whole new creative team. Some very big decisions need to be made as far as label management, artist management, and A&R, because this is truly the worst album roll out I’ve ever seen. It shouldn’t happen to any artist and certainly not to Mariah.

  85. Gerald Sealy March 11, 2014

    None of the songs released from MariahCarey’s new album have been produced by JD YM was produced by Rodney Dark Child Jerking as was The Art of letting go where as beautiful was produced by Happy Perez if we going to report stories let’s have our facts together TGJ. Also if you report MC and Rihanna’s failures do the same with your favorites as well. If you are the bias site you claim to be.

  86. FutureCIARA March 11, 2014

    OMG Mariah stop this foolishness!!!!

    You are a f****** LEGEND!!!!

    Tarnishing your artistry dear…. Not a good look. Desperation leads nowhere.

    And that video to the song was boring & just HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Mark111 March 11, 2014

    How bout YOU sing the damn song for once Mariah?!

  88. LOL March 11, 2014



  89. metzo March 11, 2014


  90. Navy Commander March 11, 2014

    She just needs to refresh her image

  91. GREEKGOD March 11, 2014

    Jhene Aiko’s album will sell more copies first week than all of Ciara’s last 3 albums. I mean, who hasn’t ?

  92. ozzyone March 11, 2014

    Beybeyking, b**** stop worrying about Rihanna’s s** life and figure out why ur messy ass fave can’t get a number one song after six years…

  93. ozzyone March 11, 2014

    Lool I love mariah but aint that the truth :p

  94. Toto March 11, 2014

    No, TGJ, you are not “die hard Mimi fans”. Die hard fans give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism they don’t talk s*** constantly. Yall are too busy riding Beyonce’s C*** to do anything else productive.

  95. BEYAWNCE March 11, 2014

    Ignore TGJ, she seriously cant wait for the album to drop. she gets all excited. MC stays unbothered.

  96. BEYAWNCE March 11, 2014

    The only flop is this generation taste of music. Not the song, not Mariah, music becomes a joke these days. I’m happy Mariah not following the trends. Even if she did uptempo songs, she did it Classy and fun.

  97. BEYAWNCE March 11, 2014

    HAIL QUEEN MARIAH is all I can say

  98. MC!!! March 11, 2014

    “you make me feel like looove will never ennnd tell me how can I forget that my baby we were the BESSSST” idgaf if people didnt buy the song!! i really love it and i think its more catchy than art of letting go its just that r&b music aint popular no more but the song is tearing up adult r&b airplay and i heard it on the radio a few times may 6th keeps getting closer and closer tbh i think its gonna be a great album her vocals on these songs sounds better than memoirs and i happy she let go of the dream he really f***** her over!

  99. KESHIA CHANTE STAN March 11, 2014

    Ever since she started lip syncing alot lately her stuff been falling off.

    It has nothing to do with age it’s just people are missing her “REAL” singing abilities.

  100. KESHIA CHANTE STAN March 11, 2014

    Why are Ciara stans talking? Aren’t we on a Mariah Carey post? How does a Ciara pop up in the same category with real good singers?

    And for that Jhene Aiko comment, Jhene is a threat and her sister “Mila J” who has a music video for “Some, Drink BreakUp” coming on Friday 21st, she’s much more of a bigger threat for Ciara.

    Ciara’s going to be replaced soon, just watch.
    And Jhene sold a good decent amount for her EP! And I’m pretty sure when Keshia Chante’s album comes out it’s just going to dethrone Ciara’s discography.

    Now, again how the hell does Ciara ever pop up on any Post about “REAL SINGERS!?”


  101. SADE March 11, 2014

    I love me some Mariah. She’s a Living Legend. Her massive talent is incomparable. Basic bitcehs stay away. You’re dismissed! She’s as classy as SADE

  102. JOHNVIDAL March 12, 2014

    It´s unbelievable how Sam and his team have only nice words for all these girls like J. Hudson, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, etc no matter how many constant flops they have while he shows such level of hate when it comes to Mariah Carey, just cos her single is not working… after 25 years in the business and being 44 years old? WHAT? What has she done to you? You loved the song, if anything admit you haven´t got a clue and your wannabe journalist ass can´t predict any damn thing. You said it was great song and a gem, and that typical expression of yours “what the doctor ordered”, and look what´s happening. You have no idea but you are always trying to give advice? Hilarious.

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