‘The Mrs.Carter Show’: Beyonce Wows Cologne With Unforgettable ‘XO’ Performance


Euphoric might be one word to describe the performance below, put on by none other than R&B diamond Beyonce during the German leg of her ‘Mrs.Carter Show.’

There, as sales of her self-titled new album skates towards sales of 3.5 million units worldwide, the star wowed her audience with an unforgettable rendition of her budding Pop hit ‘XO.’

Why unforgettable?

Love, joy and vocals below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Talk that S*** March 17, 2014



    Peak position 23
    Last week position 23
    Weeks on the chart 9

    • The truth honey March 17, 2014

      @talk that sh!t b**** where YO fav at…oh yea TRYYYING to wear blonde wigs and pose the same pose and Bey. FOH H**!

  2. Hadley March 17, 2014

    3 Million after 3 months! Wow well done Bey.

  3. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    I’m more interested in Partition’s chary position; especially after Bill dragged her down to the roots of her nappy ASs weave.

  4. Lovebird March 17, 2014


  5. TallB March 17, 2014

    i’m sad i missed her in germany, looks like a great show
    i wonder what she will do next after her european leg is finished

  6. Vee March 17, 2014

    Amazing. Death @ the struggle to shade her with unpromoted Partition when her album passed 3 million.

  7. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    That weave tho. ***Flawless.

  8. Omari March 17, 2014


  9. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    You people are desperate. The struggle to try and drag using a single which hasn’t even been promoted is real on these E-streets.

  10. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    @Omari AGREED.

  11. Talk that S*** March 17, 2014

    FLOP # 2 XO

    In the US, “XO” debuted at number 66 on the Billboard Hot 100 ending January 4, 2014[32] and at 32 on the Mainstream Top 40 airplay chart for the week ending January 11, 2014.[33] The next week, the song moved to number 24, setting a new peak on the Mainstream Top 40 airplay chart.[34] In its fifth week on the Billboard Hot 100, the song peaked at number 45.

  12. Benji March 17, 2014


  13. DIGGER BEY March 17, 2014

    Actually that’s almost 5 Million Sold! She sold 3 Million in January and it hasn’t been updated yet. QUEEEEEEN! @AngryBird …..Lmfao No Life B*tch why are u struggling so much to shade THE QUEEN? Bill the hating h** himself said, “its hard to criticize someone so talented like her”. You’ll never hear those words about Whoreianna.

  14. Talk that S*** March 17, 2014

    Lady Gaga

    US Billboard Hot 100 13 Do What You want with no video

    Billboard Hot 100 4 Applause

    Artpop sold 2.5 million world wide.

  15. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    But where is ArtPop?^

  16. DIGGER BEY March 17, 2014

    Deeeeath @ Lady Caca stan. Why are u posting pure lies lmmfao. Hun Gag is over! The Quickest fall from top to bottom EVER N MUSIC kiiii

  17. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    2.5 million worldwide for Artpop? Receipts please.

    5 million worldwide, Digger Bey, your receipts please.

  18. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    How do you call the Gaga fan out for posting lies when you’re posting lies yourself?

  19. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    @Lovebird MusiCharts

  20. Hadley March 17, 2014

    Digger Bey is not lying. That came from musicharts.

  21. DIGGER BEY March 17, 2014

    AngryBird mines are FACTS! LMAO You are the Troll with no life that constantly post lies. I want receipts on Good H** selling 9 Million

  22. Skyfall March 17, 2014

    2.5 million worldwide, girl bye with these false accolades

  23. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    I’m looking for this music charts website and my Google search cannot find it.

  24. Hadley March 17, 2014

    Reading is fundamental. There is no C.

  25. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    @Digger Bey; tweet @chartnews for GGGB receipts.

  26. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    So musicharts had Beyonce at 1.87 mill for year end in 2013; and they expect me to believe that album sold 3.2 million in the months after when Beyonce dropped out of all the charts WW (a few weeks after release) and was being outsold by Frozen Soundtrack in the US; ha I’ll stick with the other sources thank you.

  27. Skyfall March 17, 2014

    She sounds beautiful

  28. Valerie March 17, 2014

    @Talk that S***. If you stan for Rihanna tf are you coming for Bey for? She has sold over 3 million after three months and has only just got back on Tour. While Rihfund has sold 3.5 after over a year, songs played everywhere that year and a world Tour in support of the album. FLOP

  29. fatusankoh March 17, 2014

    Yougo bey the most talented ever their is no one like our bey hatemongs have noting on our bey my fellow fans job well done don’t let this haters get to us let’s continue to love and support our bey for life thanks Sam for posting this made my day

  30. Yasmine March 17, 2014

    Ironically, the song gained more radio airplay after that. lol. #StayPressed.

  31. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    @Lovebird But Chartnews and Mediatraffic only report sales from 10 countries.

  32. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    @Skyfall the deflation.

  33. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    11 of the biggest markets. They are not the most accurate but are more accurate than others.

  34. DIGGER BEY March 17, 2014

    I can’t @ THE QUEEN about to land an tour inside the top 15 grossed tours ever and she’s only 32′!Also she’s about to become the highest paid black musician ever and break Forbes! This woman is walking in an legendary lane while the lesser pack stans remain preeeeeeeessed. #THE ONE & ONLY BKC

  35. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 17, 2014

    @Lovebird OK,but Musicharts reported the total worldwide numbers.

  36. Nicki ♥♥♥ March 17, 2014

    I think @lovebird should shut the f*** up. Yu always hating on people.

  37. Nicki ♥♥♥ March 17, 2014

    I am not beyonce´s fan or rihanna´s fan but I like both of them. Come on people there have been only 3 black girls moving harts since 2010 and they are nicki rihanna and beyonce. Let´s support them instead of hating on them.

  38. DIGGER BEY March 17, 2014

    Oh i just luv it……@AngryBird…I only saw 8 million. And we don’t expect u to believe nothing but lies anyway. #SO CARRY ON

  39. Molly March 17, 2014

    Xo was such a flop

  40. DIGGER BEY March 17, 2014

    Lmao I see Molly The Maid is looking for some attention kiiiii

  41. kingbeybitch March 17, 2014

    The real kill is when BEYONCE` outsells TTT and Unpurchased

    Anyway shes smazing live certain artist should take notes lolol

  42. Lolz March 17, 2014

    Cierrors entire ‘career’ is a flop

  43. Rosie March 17, 2014

    Why is a Fadga stan trying to drag Beyoncé when their fave is the biggest dad in pop music history? Artpop dropped over 50 spots on the Billboard 200 and if it does the same next week or anytime soon it’ll be out of the charts by April.
    And Artpop has sold nowhere near 2.5 million. Not even MusiCharts has it at 2 million.

  44. #Jump March 17, 2014

    Beyonce sold over 3 Million Globally since the beginning of January. If you noticed, 3 Million WW was last updated 2 weeks right after the album came out, on Wikipedia and it’s still hasn’t been updated till this date (Only Musicharts updated the 4.8M WW). The only updates on wikipedia are U.S sales which will near 1.9M by next week.
    Give it a couple of months and you’ll see the 5 Million mark officially updated everywhere (including wikipedia).
    BTW, MediaTraffic only uses 11 countries as “WorldWide” updates. And I see some people are confused about “Artpop” sales. It shipped 2.5 Million but only sold 1.7 Millions. There’s a difference.

  45. nana March 17, 2014

    Media Traffic gathers and publishes the weekly global music charts for albums and tracks. These hitlists based on the official charts from many countries around the world, including USA (Billboard), Japan (Oricon), United Kingdom (Music Week), Germany (Media Control), France (Syndicat National de l’Édition Phonographique), Canada (Billboard), Australia (ARIA), Italy (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana), Spain (Productores de Música de España), Netherlands (MegaCharts), Belgium (Ultratop), Mexico (Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas), Brazil (Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos), Argentina (Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers), South Korea (Gaon & Hanteo), New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ), Austria (Media Control), Switzerland (Media Control), Denmark (Tracklisten), Norway (VG-lista), Sweden (Sverigetopplistan), Finland (Suomen Virallinen Lista), Ireland (IRMA), Portugal (Associação Fonográfica Portuguesa), Poland (ZPAV), Hungary (Mahasz), Greece (IFPI Greece) and other

  46. The truth honey March 17, 2014

    u little queen

  47. The truth honey March 17, 2014

    @loveshit u a little sissy

  48. Rocc Harrd March 17, 2014

    It’s amazing how a live performance can change your view of a song. Especially when it’s performed with the expertise of a seasoned performer. Involving the crowd in beginning was genius. She really brought the song alive.

  49. Navy Nick March 17, 2014

    when will u all realize, Beyonce released an album, NOT singles, for this very reason-to sell albums (which she does).. Her videos, and singles are all over every chart, so trust me-SHE IS SLAYING! all those #1’s can just keep on, they will NOT last as long-PROMISE! THIS PERFORMANCE WAS EVERYTHING (LIVE!)

  50. Suicide Blonde March 17, 2014

    Beautiful performance for a beautiful song.

  51. coolness March 17, 2014

    She sounds amazing! Just as great as the record, if not better (save for shaky the fan-made video). I also love her interaction with the crowd and her being so comfortable on stage is a bonus. Love it, keep it Bey!

  52. Jewel March 17, 2014

    David Letterman read the S*** out of Bill O’Reiley yass

  53. Jewel March 17, 2014

    Wendy Williams read the shizz out of him too.

  54. h2o March 18, 2014

    I love Beyonce but this album is not even close to 5 million.

    And MediaTraffic don’t only count from 11 countries, they count from enough countries for IFPI (the most reliable for global sales) lists to be a couple of 100k’s (and not millions) ahead of them if anything.

    Oh and Sony Music report shipments aka. what they “sold” to retailers, not how many people actually purchased it.

    So this album could be at 3.1-3.3 million at most.

  55. Sandra March 19, 2014

    Her live performances are always so disappointing and underwhelming. I like the song XO but she is not that good of a live performer as her fans try to make her out to be

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