Chart Check: Iggy Azalea Impacts ‘iTunes UK’ With ‘The New Classic’

Published: Monday 21st Apr 2014 by David


It’s finally here!

Three years after it was first teased by the ‘Fancy’ Rap princess, Iggy Azalea‘s debut album ‘The New Classic’ is now available to purchase in the United Kingdom!

Hitting British shores this morning, tomorrow will bring with it the album’s US release, likely to see it become the highest charting/selling debut LP from a female rapper since Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Pink Friday’ pulled in an  opening week  number 375,000 units in the November of 2010!

Will Ms.Azalea do just as well?

You tell us after checking out our latest edition of ‘Chart Check’ below!

Led by the UK Top Twenty jam ‘Work’, ‘Classic’ now sits at #3 on iTunes UK‘s album tally, currently being outperformed by Paolo Nutini‘s ‘Caustic Love’ and compilation disk ‘Now That’s What I Call Music!87.’

Meanwhile, as Lana Del Rey’s ‘Gods and Monsters’ rose to #54 overnight, Iggy’s ‘Fancy‘ sits pretty at #12, one spot above Pharrell‘s ‘Happy’, six places above Chris Brown‘s ‘Loyal‘ and eight positions above Katy Perry‘s ‘Dark Horse‘ which whips up a Pop storm at #20.

If ‘Classic’ crosses the 100,000 milestone in its opening US week, it’ll become the first LP (debut or otherwise) from a female MC to do so since Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ moved 253,000 copies when it hit stores in the April of 2012.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Skyfall April 21, 2014

    B**** you better #WORK. I’m rooting for her
    I predict : 100-130k

  2. JFB April 21, 2014

    Do you guys have to mention Nicki Minaj in every female rapper’s post. Were proud of Iggy so lets talk about Iggy. Love Nicki as well, but damn…..

    • WhenItComesToBey April 21, 2014

      The Nicki mentions were relevant. You would know that if you read the part about Iggy possibly breaking a new record.

    • Young Hov April 22, 2014

      Its only because they are females, just like when Rih first came out bey was mentioned in her post.. and Because Nicki and Bey are the Queens. Its like Nicki is The Beyonce of Hip Hop / Rap and Iggy is the Rihanna

  3. TRUTH COMMISSION April 21, 2014

    If she does move over 100k that would be BIG for her, cause that will let nicki know, (hey I’m here now) you know what I’m saying. It will show people nicki is not the only one anymore, miss iggy azalea has a Stan base to that will ride or die for her. I have a feeling if she sells over 100k, the teamminaj vs team iggy,? Will officially start! Cause you know how Stan bases are, they don’t like when others are over thier artist. So I really can’t wait for this first week sales.

  4. cake like lady gaga April 21, 2014

    I’m here for Iggy.. TNC is everything and I hope it does well!!!

  5. onlyfacts April 21, 2014


    • Iconic Iggy April 21, 2014

      Not sure if you know this but Iggy is not on T.I’s label and hasn’t been so in 2 years. Nor did he executive produce the album. He would gain nothing by buying the albums. Iggy still identifies as Hustle Gang but they really have no ties.

  6. H2O April 21, 2014

    Grats Iggy. Good luck with this album 😀

  7. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 21, 2014

    Hmmmm… Let’s see how this plays out.

    • Nicki is Lard/Cottage Cheese April 22, 2014

      Nicki is a lardy cow, she is bombing more than Gaga without her wigs the Lil Kim Clone clown is nothing Iggy is a fresh breath of air. Please take a seat.

  8. Team Pretty Blonde ( Iggy Azalea) April 21, 2014

    Iggy will be alright. She is very successful right now. She will be performing on good morning america tomorrow. And she will be on Ariana grande new single dropping soon, that is moving up the charts by the way. She has successful singles climbing up the uk charts. So.. Iggy ain’t got nothing to worry about. Nicki minaj just gotta stop trying to to take attention off of iggy album, nicki trying to say she is leaking a song every week, to tAke iggy shine away. Iggy don’t got time for it though, she really don’t

    • K April 21, 2014

      stop talking sh!t kanye did it drake did it, so stop making up sh!t in your head. if Nicki wants to release a song every week it,s not because of iggy, nicki bin doing that from the get go releasing collabs and songs every week.nicki doing her thing iggy doing her thing so keep it moving.

  9. Ty Dolla April 21, 2014

    I remember when teamminaj went through iggy old tweets on twitter, and found out she diss nicki before she was famous. Then nicki minaj clap back saying something I forgot. But that just shows that teamminaj don’t like iggy cause they went through old 2010 tweets to find that iggy diss nicki. Smh teamminaj had to much time on they hands for all that.

    Iggy azalea was even shocked, that they had all that time to go through about a thousands tweets to find that one diss tweet. How sad! But iggy is unbothered. She is ready to release that album for her fans. While teamminaj sit and go through tweets all day.

  10. LanaDelSlayRey April 21, 2014

    😀 happy 4 her

  11. Iconic Iggy April 21, 2014

    Fancy is currently in top 20 on US iTunes and Ariana Grande just released her collabo with Iggy on pre-orders so that will likely be a top 10 hit on iTunes. This will just be even better promo for her. Plus a spot

  12. QUEEN MINAJ♥ April 21, 2014

    if she does higher than 253k copies first week then that means she is starting to get succesful but if she sales lower than 253k first week then she is not ready to compete with nicki. Nicki will release an album soon so lets see how these things are gonna be.

    • Dave April 21, 2014

      She doesn’t have to do over 253k, if she does over 100k she is on! She has made it! Plus she is feature on a soon to be banger from Ariana grande, Iggy is about to take U.S. By storm! I’m proud of her success. I really hope she does over 100k cause that will really make me happy, that NEW BLOOD IN UPON US! Iggy ain’t worried bout nothing (french Montana voice) she in her own lane, she at mtv woodie awards, mtv movie awards, mtv VMA’s, good morning america. Come on iggy is here to stay! Ain’t nobody gonna bring her down

  13. TRUTHBETOLD! April 21, 2014

    Imma just sit back n watch this happen lmao #TheBafoonery
    #ICantDeal. #50kfirstweekMAYBE!

  14. Navy Commander April 21, 2014

    Let’s see how this play out

  15. Stop It April 21, 2014

    Stop It. Iggy didn’t have an inch of the promotion Nicki had on her debut. I mean look at the amount tweets Iggy sends vs. Nicki. She aint trying half as hard. Iggy will do well but Nicki’s promotion was OVER THE TOP for both of her CDs and Nicki is with the richest label in the business. So STOP IT!

  16. IStanForYourFav April 21, 2014

    Since I want her to do well and bought Fancy on iTunes, I might as well give her a chance. Good luck sweetheart.

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