That Grape Juice Interviews BET ‘Sunday Best’ Winner Tasha Page-Lockhart

Published: Monday 28th Apr 2014 by Rashad

Powerhouse vocalist Tasha Page-Lockhart has taken the gospel scene by storm since she emerged as champion of BET’s ‘Sunday Best’ season 6.

The daughter of famed gospel songstress Lisa Page Brooks, Page-Lockhart is certainly no stranger to the game at large.  But, with a flair all her own and a dizzying repository of runs and riffs, the Detroit-native has long moved from her famous mom’s shadow.

Now, with new single ‘Different’ taking aim at the Gospel charts’ top spot, the budding gospel diva sat down for an exclusive interview with That Grape Juice to talk about the Kirk Franklin-produced tune, its parent album, and more about her inspiring testimony.

Are you ready to meet the leader of gospel’s freshman class?  The introduction awaits you below:

TGJ:  Let’s talk about your debut single “Different”!  How exciting is it to finally have the song released?

Tasha:  I am so excited! It’s like a dream come true. I’m so thankful to God that I’m sitting in this seat right now because out of 15,000-20,000 people, I was the one who won the show [‘Sunday Best’].

TGJ:  We hear Kirk Franklin produced the song. How did that collaboration come to be?

Tasha:  I’m the first winner of the ‘Sunday Best’ franchise to go to [his label] FO YO SOUL recordings. He and I had a few conversations; I shared my testimony with him, he shared some things with me, and then the song came about. He wrote the song from my testimony.

TGJ:  The lyrics are very hard-hitting and bold. What inspires you to be so brazen about your testimony?

Tasha:  I grew up in a time where the church taught us how to be fake. It was like, “don’t let anyone see you cry” or “don’t let them see you sweat.” But, I thought church was like a hospital.

At the hospital, there are sick people who people know are sick and need help. So, I’m big on transparency. If you need help, say something. If you are set free and delivered, say something so other people who are sick can get help.

TGJ:  But, in response, how do you feel about people who suggest you may be “too open” with the things you’re sharing (i.e. former drug abuse, etc)?

Tasha:  Well, the people who feel I may be saying too much are probably suffering with the same things. So, I’m sure it’s stirring some things up in them. I’m not really concerned about people who don’t want to hear it.

A lot of people who are not telling their stories are probably still in a place of struggle and haven’t overcome yet. Some people are afraid and are more concerned with image and selling records, so they’re afraid to talk about their past of “sleeping around” or “smoking weed”.

But, now God is raising up people like myself, Kierra Sheard, Alexis Spight, Jonathan McReynolds, and so many other people from a younger generation who are bold for Christ.


TGJ:  Awesome.  Now, back to the music, tell us about the rest of the album. What direction are you going thematically and sonically?

Tasha: The album is going to take a life of its own. It’s hard to put it in a box and describe it because each song has its own personality and it picks me apart little by little. So, you’ll get to see who Tasha is outside of ‘Sunday Best’.

The show showed a more churchy side of me. But, this album will give you a little bit of everything from ballads to rhythms and more.

TGJ:  What’s been the most surprising aspect of the music industry so far?

Tasha:  How bad churches and promoters do the artist. A lot of times when you go places, you’ve already been to three or four cities in a couple of days and are missing your family. It’s very rare that the pastors and churches will pour into you.

It’s more about what they can get from you.

TGJ:  Wow! We definitely weren’t expecting that answer.  Another thing we’re sure you’re faced with, however, are comparisons to your famous mom – gospel legend Lisa Page Brooks?

Tasha:  That was happening in the beginning, but I’ve shifted that energy. I stopped allowing that to happen. My mother is who she is and if it wasn’t for her, there would be no me. I appreciate what she’s brought to the table and everything she’s placed into me.

I love everything about her, but she’s her and I’m me. I have my own identity.


Interview by: Rashad Taylor (That Grape Juice US)



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