Mariah Carey Covers Billboard / Teases Beyonce-Like Album Release

Published: Friday 25th Apr 2014 by Sam

With the May 6th release of Mariah Carey‘s new album right around the corner, the singer covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine — and drops an interesting tidbit in the process.

The feature, which serves as one of the first dedicated promo spots for the LP, has an interesting tag-line – one that points to a Beyonce-like “all at once” digital roll-out.

After waiting five years between albums, Mariah Carey finally explains the personal struggle behind her all-at-once digital release, from that Idol debacle (‘bamboozled’) to a need for ‘uplifting’ music: ‘It’s all been a blur’

Hmm. How interesting.

It figures why there’s been so few details divulged about the project (namely its actual title).

That said, as edgy a concept as it is, we hope it doesn’t backfire. Because, whichever way it’s diced, sliced, or spiced, the fact remains that the project has yet to deliver a hit. And, if folk aren’t willing to spend $1 on one song, where’s the confidence that they’ll spend $10 on ten.

Still, we’re rooting for ol’Mimi. We’re rooting for her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyBeyKing April 25, 2014

    Unless she pulls a Tamar, this will flop. People bought Beyonce because they cared and wanted the album it for a year. Nobody cares about Mariah and it’s true.

    • Memoirs of A Slop Ol’ Fat Cow April 25, 2014

      The problem with Grandmariah, she has made no attempt to evolve. All the same cheesy garbage from JD and yet her album has not title. This era is a mess. Im not surprised if she will debut around 150k on Billboard Hot 100.


      • THE NAVY April 25, 2014



      • Cake Like Lady Gaga April 25, 2014

        Billboard 200 darling.

    • vsayunhee April 25, 2014

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  2. Oh baby(Bishes will deal) April 25, 2014

    Good luck releasing the album in a Beyonce-like manner. She’s gonna need all of the uck in the world to pull that off. haha. I hope this album atleast sells a million,for the sake of her name! Lambs you better be ready to buy that album! I’ll admit,i only have 2 mariah albums in my catalog,#1’s and charmbracelet. I loved all the singles from The emancipation and it end there. I still like her voice. so good luck Mrs Cannon-Carey haha

    • Cake Like Lady Gaga April 25, 2014

      Wasting time. Mariah Carey is dead in Asia, Europe and North America. K bye.

  3. Dance4Dawn April 25, 2014

    My Lord, she really is delusional. Surprise releases only work when people want the release and then get hype when it drops out of the blue. NOBODY cares about Mimi, and I think she needs to accept it.

  4. WestCoastLana April 25, 2014

    Lambs, you better buy a warehouse and buy out every physical copy when it drops because this is going to be a disaster.

  5. RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2014

    That Beyonce’IMpact. She look nice on the cover giving me Beyonce’ T’s doe.

    Beyonce’ Changed the game. Mariah girl good luck with TRYING to release like Beyonce’

  6. Navy Commander April 25, 2014

    Yall do know that david Bowie released a surprise album before Beyonce did, so she didn’t originate that. Just saying

    • RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2014

      No one never stated that she did doe!!!! The reach. Only Beyonce’ and MJ(RIP) can pull something off like that.

      How many copies did David Bowie sell again?

      • Navy Commander April 25, 2014

        Idk sis but he has this

        An it got a higher metacritic score than any of our faves albums soo…

      • Oh baby(Bishes will deal) April 25, 2014

        @navy commander stop with the lies! Maybe David’s album got a higher metacritic score than your fav Rih(he definitely did) but not mine! His album got a 81/100 score whilst BEYONCE got 85/100 so…

    • Navy Commander April 25, 2014

      Lol ok your fave got one album over 81 . My point still stands

    • Carter B. April 25, 2014

      David Bowie did NOT release a surprise album. His SINGLE and VIDEO for the single was a surprise. He announced the release date of the album on the same day he released the single. The album didn’t come out until a month or two later.

  7. JohnVidal April 25, 2014

    Queen of Snoozefest Has-Been 🙁

  8. Gaga’s Monster April 25, 2014

    Mariah is a done deal. This album will b another dust collecting tray. Watch my word. Bookmark me.

  9. Mooriah Scarey April 25, 2014

    96k first week sales, b****** 😆

  10. Dossome April 25, 2014

    OK,look how gorgeous the SONGBIRD SUPREME/QUEEN OF MUSIC looks there.I know MUSICwise,this album will deliver,i hope for commercial success as well

  11. WHOPPSSSSSY April 25, 2014



  12. Riri4Evah April 25, 2014

    Generic flop diva–another good reason not to buy her album. K tata

  13. QueenJanine(Ms.ButcherIfYou’reNasty) April 25, 2014

    I want to cry at the delusion. I really do. The only way this will work is if she finds a way to cheat the system and buy the albums herself. If she can’t do that she’s absolutely pissed.

  14. AA April 25, 2014

    Yucks. Who cares about MooMoo after Beyonce` virtual album.
    Please sit down.
    Enjoy your ol’ money.

    • Dossome April 25, 2014

      It’s VISUAL album dahliiiing

  15. BeySlayYourFav April 25, 2014

    LOL…copycats are everywhere.

    • Dossome April 25, 2014

      Lmao,the irony

    • JOHNVIDAL April 25, 2014

      Like Beyonce for example? LOL What a joke!

  16. Dossome April 25, 2014

    Lol,saleswise #Beautiful is just a big a hit as DIL,It just fell short on FREE streaming…Infact,generally it’s a better song.So,I don’t know how this era,as Sam states,has failed to deliver a hit yet Beyonce’s has

    • Oh baby(Bishes will deal) April 25, 2014

      your opinion,not fact.

      • Dossome April 25, 2014

        Check soundscan fool

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) April 25, 2014

        you just said it was a better song,now correct me if I’m wrong,bu that’s based on your opinion isn’t it? Now go back to English class and learn comprehension skills and forget all these irrelevant charts coz they’re not taking you anywhere other than “checking” people on blogs.Fool.

  17. R0SIE April 25, 2014

    She will flop….trust me.

  18. Navy Commander April 25, 2014

    Looking foward to this album , I brought you’re mine after it grew in me

  19. HistoRih April 25, 2014

    Looooool. Jermaine Dupri is iconically local and that’s why he works with the same people every time. The only people that trust him with their projects are his friends and now I see why. Mariah has proved that she can’t sell digitally and that people are not here or in tune with her music or personality. So even if people rush to buy the album in week 1 because of the hype, what do they plan to do in week 2 once the buzz is dead.

    Beyonce is selling consistently because people want Beyonce music and they fell even more in love with her because they saw her on tour before the album came out and could trust the album would be decent. Mariah’s faith in her music is so little that when a single of hers doesn’t do well she immediately calls it a buzz track to save face.

    I can’t even.

  20. HighwayUnicorn April 25, 2014

    To compare Beautiful to Drunk in Love is foolish and here’s why. People already had the album so they had no real reason to buy the singles because they already had them. The fact that people were willing to buy over 1 million copies of a song they already had in two months is major. What ISN’T major is Mariah using a CC deal to plaster the song all over radio for weeks just so it wouldn’t flop. As we can all see, once the CC deal ended Beautiful stopped selling and is now stuck at 1 million after ONE year while the singles that came after it can’t even chart on iTunes.

    • Dossome April 25, 2014

      You are the FOOL here,CC deal lasted for ONE DAY..using a radio deal to demean a song’s success when Beyonce had a HUGE banner on Itunes across the universe is contradictory in itself

      • JOHNVIDAL April 25, 2014

        These people are delusional. The fact that Mariah gets this talked about still is enough to praise her longevity and career. These people don´t understand that she is in a veryadvanced phase of her career for by pop music standards. And she has done what all these girls still can´t. I don´t get it. How can they expect her to sell that big at this point? What other artists of Mariah´s age are selling big?

  21. Dossome April 25, 2014

    This feels just like the 90s,we barely knew much info til the album hit the shelves.I’m buying this album for my own entertainment and I literally can’t wait for the Nas,Stevie Wonder collaborations. #MariahIsMusic

  22. RoyalKev April 25, 2014

    I don’t think this surprise release will do much for Mariah. She’s going towards any avenue to find success. Mariah’s at the stage of her career where you simply make music for your fans. You start out with the support of your core fan base, then you build on top of that. This is what legends do! They don’t drop 4/5 singles, then midway switch gears and experiment with a totally different strategy to win. It’s starting to read as desperation. You simply move forward with a lead single or 2, drop the album and find out which singles are fan/causal listeners favorites. I may be an outsider that don’t deserve to have a say (when it comes down to what the lambs want from this woman), but Mariah’s making a spectacle of herself. Legends that go through all these different channels make me cringe.

    • Dossome April 25, 2014

      Yeah,the desperation here is you finding fault in everything she does…She released 4 singles,3 of them flopped,now she’s releasing the whole album,how is that being desperate?The response to The Art Of Letting Go and You’re Mine was,the songs weren’t single worthy but they made EXCELLENT album tracks (see critics),Is that not enough to get her Push the WHOLE album instead

      • RoyalKev April 25, 2014

        That’s so delusional! AOLG & You’re Mine sounds like dated Mariah songs from Emotions and Rainbow.

        You’re just way too in your feelings (like most lambs) to see that Mariah is all over the place this era. The flopping singles are stale and ongoing. Mariah’s album titled even changed because of the AOLG not going anywhere. What real artist does that? Where’s Mariah’s conviction?

        Now she’s dropping a surprise album after trying to go the traditional route. Sheer Desperation! If this was another artist using a tactic like this AFTER Mariah you guys would be sitting in judgement. Mariah does it and ya’ll are full of praises?! Mariah needs to stay true to the artist that she once were and just cater to her fans. You can’t force people to be on board if they’re not here for you! Looking for a gimmick won’t create demand! Mariah’s best bet would have been to just finish the era allowing people to gravitate towards her music in an organic and authentic way.

      • Dossome April 25, 2014

        Again…it’s DIGITAL RELEASE,not SURPRISE album.I don’t see desperation at all,but you do as usual…Carry on though

      • JOHNVIDAL April 25, 2014

        You´re fogetting to say that Beyonce didn´t release her album the traditional way because she knew it would have hurt her sales, since she has not been able to get a real hit for more than 5 years now. It´s all good, and it was such a brilliant decision, but I just had to say it after what you just wrote. We´ll see how a Beyonce surprise album does when she is 45 years old 🙂

    • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

      You sound silly… Were you saying the same thing when:
      Brandy lied about her marriage to push hsr good girl image, teamed back up with Mo (gimmick), & tried to go s*** to steal her spotlight back from Beyoncé

      How about when Janet used the Superbowl to further a flop album, or when the media turned on her during the All For You era because they felt she was being like Britney and Xtina, or how about the fact she has been flopping since 2001 and has even gone to desperate measures like getting fans to draw her album cover (gimmick).

      Or, how about Whitney hopping around in a blonde wig and the critics calling her a white woman and her getting booed at the Soul Train Awards, giving away Million Dollar Bill & I Look To You singles (gimmick), and Clive Davis paying for entire career?

      Or how about Beyoncé using the Superbowl to go on tour, dropping an album with the aid of her husband’s money to buy copies, lie about writing songs, steal constantly from others def the iconic Tina Turner, bought magazine covers, and claiming to have no promotion yet dropping four “buzz” singles, going on the hugest tour of her career, and countless endorsements to be in the spotlight just to drop the “surprise” album which has been done practically since 2009…

      How can you talk about the Lambs seething when you’re writing essays as an outsider? Everything you said about Mimi fat ass, goes right back to the women in your avi…

      • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

        B**** please you stan for f****** Shakira. Has her album sold 100K yet? Sit your raggedy ass down somewhere because your fav hasn’t been relevant since the queen blessed her goat ass with a collab!!!

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        B**** sit down. Don’t get mad because I told the truth. I don’t care if Shakira album hits 50 copies. And Beyoncé didn’t bless anyone with a collab. Every collab she does is because she CANT compete with them so she join them. The two Shakiras dancing speaks for itself. That goat may not be able to sing, but she can Dance. That’s something ‘Queen’ can never say because she can’t do either. Stay pressed b**** because Shakira doesn’t pay my bills.

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        Also before you try to drag someone remember that the last hit your b**** had was in 2009 Thanks to Lady Gaga. Don’t forget the three different versions of the B’Day album she released because Shakira and everyone else was slaying her life. Don’t forget your favorite’s need to bleach her skin and wear terrible lace fronts to be some J. LO, Spanish breed. STFU and hang yourself.

      • King_rico April 25, 2014

        Sit the f*** down u clearly have no idea wat ur talking
        About . Point blank here is that Mariah could never bust a
        Beyonce Surprise Album the GP is just not interested in her
        Anymore. Payola doesn’t seem to be working for MiMi anymore.
        My advice to Mimi is after she realses this flop album she should
        Retire seek new talent and let her legacy speak for it self.
        She’s done there’s nothing in her bag of tricks that can make
        Her relevant again. Time to throw In the towel .

      • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

        Only the Q U E E N has these pissy b****** fuming and typing novels!!!! Look at the steam coming from your fingers!! 😀 The fact of the matter is Beyonce >>> Hagriah = Shakira. Pow b****!!!

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        Did you say the same thing for Whitney Houston in 2009? I think not. If Lambs think she’s number 1 and choose to be happy over the news, why are you so pressed? And what does Whitney Houston have to do with Mariah Carey? Please answer…

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        @KnowlesCarter Once again b****, your essays mean nothing to me. Deal with the fact that no matter how hard B tries, she will NEVER BE ABLE TO SING AND DANCE! She will always be lessors to others with her dry struggle belts. She will always be nothing but Jay’s h** and a lessor to any of whom you try to drag. If B was truly all that, then you wouldn’t even be having this conversation… try again. 3 million is an iFlop. The only steam that is being letting go, is the steam that surrounded those dry vocals “singing” about swallowing watermelon lol. Flop!

      • RoyalKev April 25, 2014


        I sound silly? … when you’re the one bringing up every pop culture event from the 80’s & 90’s that have nothing to do with any of the points I was making today (in 2014) … You sound like a biter hater that’s been holding all that stuff in for way too long.

        You can attack all my favs as much as you like. It doesn’t change their status and all that they’ve accomplished. Everyone has dealt with career highs and lows, it happens. Since you’re bringing up all these random topics I’ll address them so that you could be clear on my thoughts.

        1) I was disappointed with Bran for lying about being married, although I totally understood her reasons why — still, I didn’t excuse anything.

        2) Her teaming up with Monica could have been a gimmick to you, but that’s hardly comparable to what Mariah’s doing now. My gripe with Mariah is that she’s switching gears and making herself look messy in a very confusing era.

        3)Janet used the Superbowl to further a flop album. See that’s YOUR perception, but she’s doing exactly what I stated in my comments above. She proceeded with regularly scheduled plans to move forward in an era where she was ridiculed and eventually blacklisted. Legends keep it moving!

        4) The Britney/Xtina thing is just bizarre. Next …

        5) The 20Y.O. album cover thingy is again not comparable to what’s going on with this Mariah era that’s taking 2 steps forward and 2 step back (and 3 to the side). It’s starting off one way and drastically changing up midway to out of desperation.

        6) Whitney hoping around in a blonde wig? What? Next …

        7) Whitney getting booed at the Soul Train Awards? Random … Didn’t that happen because people were tired of her ALWAYS winning awards?! Do your research … Next.

        8) Clive Davis paying for Whitney’s career? Receipts please …

        9) Beyonce used the Superbowl to go on tour? Does this have anything to do with her album that dropped in December?! Again, wrong focus — it’s not about using a platform to start an era, it’s about following 13005648659 trends inside of 1.

        10) So now Bey dropped an album with the aid of her husband’s money? What? Receipts please… Why do Bey need Jay’s money? They’re worth damn near a billion TOGETHER! … I can’t.

        I’m stopping here cause I see anything, but more randomness involving Tina Turner, etc … All this from some a Shakira stan. I can’t.

        As an outsider looking in I was only objectively speaking my piece because of the delusional people (like yourself) that obviously overlook these preventable flaws.

        you’re not

        my focus with Mariah was that she stop taking bits and pieces from everyone else that’s winning and

        personally didn’t condone

        I’m The Lambs that have been knocking today’s artists down, but putting up with Mariah current BS are hypocrites. That’s not

        B**** how do you know what I was thinking about Brandy’s marital issues?

      • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

        3.2 million in four months though your flop goat fav ain’t doing it babe!!!! Don’t you stan for R**** too?????? Sit your morbidly obese ass in your hoveround and roll away ugly!!!!

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        @RoyalKev my only point to you b**** is STFU. No one cares about your novels. If the Lambs put up with it, then why does it matter to you? You put up with everyone else’s career highs & lows, so why can’t they put up with MC? And the reason Brandy can’t get married is because she’s so ugly.

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        @KnowlesCarter B**** Please!!!! B ain’t s***! You bragging about 4 months, yet that’s all it took for the album to lose buzz, now the b**** want to go on tour and reuse the VMA Lie On Top prerecord and other dry prerecorded tracks she’s been using since 1997. She sucks as an adoptive Mother, a songwriter, an artist, and as a performer. B**** can’t hold her own unless she’s next to someone trying to outdo them. She’s a huge whale with ass pads and hippo thighs. She looks old af and the paid magazine covers ain’t doing s*** for the lost of her buzz. Dumb b****.

        And I never in my life Stanned for Rihanna. She’s cute and has a great fashion sense, but that’s it. I like her, don’t stan for her, but at least her fans don’t seethe over successful artists.

        You are a c*** b**** who needs to find a rope strong enough to wrap and hold your fat ass up to hang yourself. F*** you and Beyoncé with her flop ass. All the Payola in the world, yet she can’t peak more than one in the top 40…

      • ABC April 25, 2014

        Ultimate death! K.O! B**** I love the way you drag! Get these girls together hahahhahahahahaa!!!

    • RoyalKev April 25, 2014

      @ Johnvidal

      You may very well be right, Bey releasing albums @45 could easily be a whole new ball game. It will be a lot tougher for every artist that’s fortunate enough to continue making music for decades in this fickle industry. Whatever Bey does to get around it is on her, I just don’t want B chasing success to the point where she starts to embarrass herself and look foolish.

      • RoyalKev April 25, 2014


        You are as basic as they come! No one cares about my novels? Well why did you write the first one addressing me in my comment section? Idgaf what lambs put up with from Mariah, I can state whatever opinion I’d like on music related post. Lambs sure don’t bite their tongue when they’re visiting posts on other artists. You’re a damn hypocrite as well because you stay surfacing in a Brandy post. You’re still pressed over her 90’s receipts obviously! As for Bey, you sound so unbelievably bothered! Half your remarks about her are personal and the rest utterly ridiculous. You can overlook B, but she still did the damn thing! Bey could wrap up this era right now and it still wouldn’t change the fact that she sold that commendable 3.2! Selling it over a 12 month period doesn’t make it any better. Unfortunately for you B’s only half way done. So that means you’ll be mad for at least another 4 more months. Just Bye, fake Shakira stan! You sound stupid agreeing with all these people bashing Shakira’s talent when you’re featuring her. Come back when you’re ready to put your real fav in your avi and not hide behind these weak b******! Talk sh*t then!

  23. H2O April 25, 2014

    “Ciara” will finally outsell something, yaaas Squad

    • Navy Commander April 25, 2014


    • Dossome April 25, 2014

      You mean 250million records worldwide?I don’t think so

      • King_rico April 25, 2014

        Who gives a fucken about those ancient receipts
        Sounds to me like ur slutriah . The only b**** on here
        That still claims to B.C receipts . 250 million records sold
        Nobody cares even with those sales she was always second
        To Whitney Houston .

      • JOHNVIDAL April 25, 2014

        Who cares? LOL
        Are you going to say the same about Beyonce or Rihanna or Ciara´s lackluster sales in 10 or 20 years? Who cares? LOL Well, it wouldn´t surprise me though, people who think like you are superficial bandwagoners.

      • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

        Beyonces lackluster sales s*** on Every Mariah album from the 2000’s except the emancipation. Lambs stay clinging to 1991, sit the f*** down

      • Dossome April 25, 2014

        Lmao,not you dictating where we can or cannot source for receipts…IN 2014,her back catalog still sells.She averages 400-500k annually in album sales,how about Beyonce?

    • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

      Charmbracelet (2002) 1.1m US / 4m ww
      Dangerously In Love (2003) 4.9m US / 11m ww

      The Emancipation of Mimi (2005) 6m US / 12m ww
      BDay (2006) 3.8m US / 6m ww

      E=mc2 (2008) 1.2m US / 2.5m WW
      I am Sasha fierce (2008) 3m US / 8m WW

      Memoirs of an imperfect angel (2009) 540k US / 2m WW
      4 (2011) 1.4m US / 3m WW

      Mariah’s yet to be released flop (2014)
      BEYONCÈ (Dec 2013) 1.9m US / 3.2m WW

      • Dossome April 25, 2014

        Music Box 10m US = 30MILLION WW..Your point?

      • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

        I said 2000’s b****! Beyonce debuted in 1998 via destinys child!!

        Rainbow (1999) 2.9m US / ?? WW
        The Writings On The Wall (1999) 6.5m US / 15m WW

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        All of this is in her second decade outside of prime. Explain why she even outpeaked her at all? E=MC2 & MOAIA are weaker than her older work. B is a flop and I will continue to drag her just for your punk ass. 32 million Music Box… 100+ million Thriller… 32 million Oops I Did It Again… Whitney Houston 32 million… I could keep going, but Beyoncé still wouldn’t make the list. And 4 had only did 2 million at the time and MOAIA has yetto be updated. 4 is also complete s*** like the rest of her “discography.”

      • ABC April 25, 2014


      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        1997 Destiny’s Child 500k USA/ WW ??

        1997 Butterfly 5 million USA/ WW 13 million

      • ABC April 25, 2014

        The Hive inflates a lot. DIL hasn’t sold 11 mil!!!

  24. Perez April 25, 2014

    I think it is a very good idea considering illegal downloading and media sharing. Releasing 1st single then album promo is an old-skool approach.

  25. IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

    I believe this will work for the first few hours. It will start off and rise to number one and drop probably in 72, maybe 84, hours. I hope she’s only teasing and plans to release it and then traditionally promote. Dropping it the surprise album way and promoting it like crazy could push her near 200k. Lambs seem very excited on Twitter and Instagram, however, if the material isn’t what they want, they will drag her, call her old, washed up, and pay her dust. I don’t think she’s looking for B’s album sales… She just wants higher sales than David, Kid Cudi, and the others who have dropped their album this way. Good luck Mimi. You look very pretty. Very reminiscent of the Music Bpx cover.

  26. IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

    Also, I don’t know why anyone would shade Mimi, or compare her to Beyoncé. This is not Mimi’s generation, nor is this necessarily a bad idea. This is the route that albums are being released. Legend or not, I see nothing wrong with releasing the album to stay relevant. It is what they have to do to stay alive.

    • anitameijer April 25, 2014

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  27. Skyfall April 25, 2014

    So how is it a surprise album when everyone already knows the release date?

    • anitameijer April 25, 2014

      jij snapt het niet meneer schatje patatje

  28. Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

    This will be a disaster of EPIC PROPORTIONS

    • anitameijer April 25, 2014

      niet zo gemeen he, waarom ben jij zo als je bent? vind ik jammer, nou hou van jou blijf je trouw

  29. anitameijer April 25, 2014

    waarom sijn jullie zo gemeen?
    dat is niet lief
    nee he, nee
    helemaal niet lief, doet gewoon is normaol!!

  30. Todd April 25, 2014

    People should relax, the only thing this album has in common with Beys is that its gon be an iTunes exclusive for a week. It’s not a surprise album!
    Bring it on Mimi, I’m so ready !

  31. anitameijer April 25, 2014

    uuuwm iemand die het niet leuk vind, wil die dat ook even zeggen JA?!

  32. Amanda Bynes April 25, 2014

    It will flop harder than ARTFLOP tbh.

  33. Tony April 25, 2014

    Why is everyone being so nasty. Grape Juice was messy as hell to start comparing MC to Beyonce because they are in two totally different categories. All I have to say of you don’t want to buy the album oh well because a lot of people are sure putting a lot o energy in dogging it. It’s not a surprise album because it comes out on May 6th but it will initially be sol just digitally.

  34. IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

    @KingRico My point to you is to one had to retire if they don’t want to. She’s not looking to outsell B. That’s obvious. She’s only following the digital trend. If she outsells the weak MOAIA record, then she did better than her peers. Why would the GP interested in her when for the last 5 years, we’ve only seen her during XMas time? She has been doing this for 24 years… I think this is right. Quit trying to come for Mimi because you stan for B. TBH, if it wasn’t for that tour, her surprise album would have not sold like that

    • King_rico April 25, 2014

      Most people know Beyonce as one of the best entertainers
      Of all time But B is going for much more she is a business women
      And business people make smart choices and she knew
      After her tour people would want more this wasn’t a gimmick
      This was real impact true power Beyonce is much more than
      Just an artist she has been building an empire from day 1
      She’s gonna have something to hold on to . I used to listen
      To Mariah carey all the time but this is wat happens to u when u
      Go for those #1 hits and not a real legacy where is her
      Empire? She took the easy road and now she’s stuck in A place where nobody cares about her she a real legend can keep her name alive
      On anymore no power there’s nothing left for her to do . Yes she
      Can release an album just for her fans but she’s not trying to
      Do that because if that was the case she wouldn’t of delayed
      The release of this album she’s trying to remain relevant
      And that’s clearly not gonna happen . I’m not trying
      To bash her I’m just keeping it real.

      • Dossome April 25, 2014

        If we’re talking about legacy,impact,sales or even talent…MARIAH is superior to Beyonce.That’s keeping it real

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        Not true. MC’s albums have been delayed since 2005. Her albums have always been for her fans since 1997. She didn’t aim for #1’s. The record company is responsible for scrappingfor the original material and message of her albums. MOAIA was supposed to be a Greatest Hits with new songs. She made the album as an ode to Minnie Riperton and the song Imperfect never even made the album. Same thing for 100%. Mariah’s music reflects what she wants to be as a legacy. Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and Vocalist. She wants it all. It comes at a price, but to me she got it.

        P.S. save the B novel. She has no impact. If that was the case, she would’ve toured during the 4 era. If you can hop on an X Factor table in heels, I see no reasom no to be able to tour. If she could’ve toured with no promo, then the SuperBowl would’ve never happened. She just would’ve toured with minor promo. Let’s not forget that typically 60% of ticket sales are made opento public aand the other 40% are given away, radio station giveaways, and etc. Let’s also not forget the string of commercial jingles and endorsements that were attached to her (Pepsi, H&M, etc.) And more. That’s all a gimmick to stay relevant and you know it

  35. Suicide Blonde April 25, 2014

    I need the recps. of Mariah’s 250 million records sold, if that’s true then Madonna has sold 400 million records sold, not 350+.

    • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

      Not true. The highest Madonna has ever seen is 350 million. The record book now says 320 million and 230-250 million for Mariah. Celine trails MC and Whitney follows.

      • Suicide Blonde April 25, 2014

        Of course Madonna hasn’t sold 400 million records, has you read my comment.

    • Dossome April 25, 2014

      Lmao….let’s not even go there.As if you have receipts Madonna sold more than 300m records

  36. King_rico April 25, 2014

    Looking at it from a business point of view this isn’t
    A bad idea. But it’s Mimi where taking about this album
    Could be exclusive on iTunes for a year and there will still
    Be no impact as it never happend . Mariah carey isn’t there
    Anymore after Amercian Idol she showed her real colors
    She’s not likable has no personality she has nothing going
    On for her sure she has a legacy but not a MJ or Madonna
    Legacy where they changed the game in many different ways .
    Her impact has never been there as an artist her voice is incredible
    But it’s been gone since 1995 . She needs to find new talent to keep
    Her name alive . Because releasing music will only establish her
    A flop as b**** just like Ciara and her 3 flop albums

    • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

      Charmbracelet: 4 million (as of 2002)
      TEOM: 12 million (as of 2008)
      E=MC2: 3.5 million (as of 2008)
      MOAIA: 2 million (as of 2009)

      Ciara and others have yet to see this…
      Saying Mariah has no legacy like MJ or Madonna is a reach. MJ’s influence is the biggest of any artist. Madonna HAD an influence, but like MC, she is not as strong as MJ. No one is. Janet has more of an influence than anyone gives her credit to. The only artist from the past that can talk influence is MJ. Others are below.

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        Fantasy is marked as the Hip-Pop anthem
        Her remixes influenced a generation of remixes
        Her voice tops every voice list fan and critic
        Her voice has made many singers want to sing from then to newbie Ariana Grande.
        Her list of achievements and influence continues.

      • Suicide Blonde April 25, 2014

        The Beatles, Elvis, MJ and Madonna are equaly influential in the music world, Madonna’s legacy is not strong as MJ, are you kidding me, if anything MJ is overrated as well as his impact, The Beatles alone are light years ahead of him in everything, Madonna unlike MJ is still building her legacy, there’s no stop for her, MJ stopped doing so after Thriller, all the albums he

      • Suicide Blonde April 25, 2014

        You know what, i’m not gonna even wasted my time, i’m so tired to even discuss.

      • ABC April 25, 2014

        MJ is overrated in YOUR opinion! The GP would pick MJ over the Beatles anytime, anyplace. His impact alone shatters everything >>>>

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        @Suicide Just because you love Madonna, doesn’t mean you have to lie on MJ. If people are bringing up your name as an influence today: Madonna:Lady Gaga Mariah:Ariana MJ:Usher, JT, & everyone, then you have an influence! End of Story

  37. King_rico April 25, 2014

    I understand there’s has been a lot of artist who have been
    Inspired by Mariah Carey even Beyonce was.
    But nobody wants to be her .
    MJ was an inspiration and people wanted to be like him
    His talent his power he was in control .
    The same goes for beyonce people not only look up to
    Her for inspiration but girls want to be like her .
    That’s real power real impact .
    Mariah Carey is good but not great her resume it’s fantastic
    But forgettable .
    That’s the difference between a legend like MJ and MC.
    One will be remember for ever and the other will be forgotten.
    Mariah Carey has never been Ground Breaking she always
    Kept it safe .
    Beyonce is on her way to leaving a Mark just like MJ because
    She’s smart all her hard work will pay off . Her legacy will be
    Untouched by the time she retires .

    • MC!!! April 25, 2014

      oh please theres alot of people that has mariah carey influence in them beyonce included most of the songs by beyonce are hits because of mariah breaking that barrier and bringing rap collabs into mainstream!

    • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

      B will NEVER leave a mark like MC or MJ. Don’t even try it

  38. Oh April 25, 2014

    #Beautiful hit #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and You’re Mine is currently #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart..

    • Knowles Carter April 25, 2014

      Where is it on the hot 100? The chart that matters…

      • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

        Why are you not using your EBT card instead of stewling McDonald’s wifi?

  39. Oh April 25, 2014

    Maybe if Mariah started poppin her pusssssy on stage and singing filthy songs about guys nuttin on her then she would be popular. She needs to start stealing song writing credits too in order to be popular again.

  40. Oh April 25, 2014

    Them other irregularities
    They can’t compete with MC
    The whole entire world can tell
    That you love yourself some me – Love Mariah

  41. Oh April 25, 2014

    260 Million albums sold worldwide, 18 #1 singles song of the decade 90’s and Song of the decade 00’s. Seethe ho’z

    • H2O April 25, 2014

      Do you mean 160 million albums? No one cares eitherway

  42. Oh April 25, 2014

    Did someone really say “copy cats are everywhere” ? LMAO If you’re a Beyonce fan you should now all about copycats… LMAO

  43. MC!!! April 25, 2014

    and the album comes out on the 28th she said may 6th to throw people off!! this is her 14TH studio album can your faves…really!!!

  44. Dossome April 25, 2014

    Next year the Songbird Supreme is eligible for induction into the ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME…

  45. TRUTH April 25, 2014

    Actually Beyoncé is NOT the first one to do this.Jared Leto & Thiry Seconds To Mars has been doing this for YEARS.In fact Beyoncé has copied 2 of their videos,The Kill & Hurricane. David Bowie too. Once again Thiefonce has stolen from other and claimed credit for herself.

  46. ABC April 25, 2014

    I have never seen the hive dragged so viciously on here! Hi IStanForYourFave! You’re my new favorite b**** on here!!!

    • IStanForYourFav April 25, 2014

      I didn’t even want to do it because these celebs don’t have any effect on my personal life. I don’t shade usually, but it seems as if this site has gotten OOC. Look at other posts, and Sam can’t get past 10 comments, then suddenly, 100+ trolls pop out of no where? I’m dragging one by one at a time.

      • ROSEGOLD April 25, 2014

        I clocked that too. It’s sad that stan wars are encouraged.

  47. Georgie April 25, 2014

    No one said Beyonce was the first. But she had the most impact.
    Now any surprise release is known as ‘pulling a Beyonce’.

  48. Toto April 25, 2014

    Mariah Carey does it again and scores her 17th #1 on the dance/club chart with “You’re Mine (Eternal)”!!!

  49. Toto April 25, 2014

    Actually Beyoncé is NOT the first one to do this.Jared Leto & Thiry Seconds To Mars has been doing this for YEARS.In fact Beyoncé has copied 2 of their videos,The Kill & Hurricane. David Bowie too. Once again, Thiefonce has stolen from other and claimed credit for herself.

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