Beyonce Bares All For ‘OUT’ / Urges Women To “Own” Sexuality

Published: Tuesday 8th Apr 2014 by David

Sexual liberation is the name of Beyonce‘s game this time around, addressing the theme on her latest self-titled studio album and doing so once again in her tell-all spread for ‘OUT‘ magazine.

Detailing her thoughts on the criticism she’s faced from those who question her sexually-charged new sound, the ‘Story of Beauty’s time with the mag spawned a photo shoot which hit the net last night, snapped as part of its ‘Power‘ issue.

Peep quotes below!

On the album being one of her most sexually liberated projects:

“I’d like to believe that my music opened up that conversation. There is unbelievable power in ownership, and women should own their sexuality. There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not. That is crazy. The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims. Women are so much more than that. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist – whatever you want to be – and still be a sexual being. It’s not mutually exclusive.”

On the rawness of her voice in the song “XO”:

“When I recorded “XO” I was sick with a bad sinus infection. I recorded it in a few minutes just as a demo and decided to keep the vocals. I lived with most of the songs for a year and never re-recorded the demo vocals. I really loved the imperfections, so I kept the original demos. I spent the time id’ normally spend on backgrounds and vocal production on getting the music perfect. There were days I spend solely on getting the perfect mix of sounds for the snare alone. Discipline, patience, control, truth, risk, and effortlessness were all things I thought about while I was putting this album together.”

On the numerous groups, including the LGBT community, that identify with the lyrics of her fifth album:

“While I am definitely conscious of all the different types of people who listen to my music, I really set out to make the most personal, honest, and best album I could make. I needed to free myself from the pressures and expectations of what I thought I should say or be, and just speak from the heart. Being that I am a woman in a male-dominated society, the feminist mentality rang true to me and became a way to personalize that struggle…But what I’m really referring to, and hoping for, is human rights and equality, not just that between a woman and a man. So I’m very happy if my words can ever inspire or empower someone who considers themselves an oppressed minority…We are all the same and we all want the same things: the right to be happy, to be just who we want to be and to love who we want to love.”

On her worries as she neared the completion of the album and prepared for its release:

“I was recording, shooting videos, and performing on the tour every night, all at the same time. At some point I felt like, What am I doing? Is this too ambitious? Even the day the record was to be released I was scared to death. But I also knew if I was that scared, something big was about to happen.”

Beyonce-OUT-That-Grape-Juice bey6

Do you agree with King B?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. royalkev April 8, 2014

    That first pic >>>>
    *Bows down*
    Yess Lawd!
    No more air left …
    I can’t take this kind of slayage B!

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      Baby when I tell you, she ain’t playing with the girl. Hence the reason the kids be so MAD!!!!!!!!

      • royalkev April 8, 2014

        Ok! Bey’s on fire in that photo! Watch this pic have these haters writing essays. I’m starting to think their the Hive’s good luck charms!

      • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

        Say it ain’t so. Everything the haters say Beyonce’ proves them WRONG.

      • royalkev April 8, 2014

        Don’t she! If Bey was any of their favs, shutting down all the haters the way she did, these stans would be going awf! Idc what people say, the Hive is actually too modest! …But when we celebrate a victory we’re labelled “arrogant” because of all these wasps seething over B’s chart dominance.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

        That’s what I don’t get about them. It’s so funny to me.

    • tuftelpexdvcnvn April 8, 2014

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  2. RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

    Slay me King Beyonce’

    That first is EVERYTHING

    • Metzo April 8, 2014

      Can we say SALAY!? She looks Chic as f***.

  3. Spunkypoop April 8, 2014

    Excellence is her middle name.

  4. RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

    What is that you haters have to say now?

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014


  5. ROSEGOLD April 8, 2014

    Waits for the resident trolls….yawn……

    What’s not to love about Beyonce? Like, really?

  6. Mark111 April 8, 2014

    But their is a balance. Yes woman can be business woman and all that, but understand there are h*** that will grab our attention. There will be men that want you to stay home and have a family. You can’t have it all in life, male or female, you just have to pick the best for you. Ladies, be patient and don’t stress about waiting for the right one. Same with guys, don’t fall for the “Oh you’re this age with no family or man/woman.

  7. Suicide Blonde April 8, 2014

    Bey, i love you babe but what more freedom do you want, all Pop girls are half naked on stage, what’s next, show your v***** in the name of woman’s freedom, men’s revolution has never been about being naked, powerful and bosses over women, yes!, in fact women has always been subject of such scrutinization, due to the fact that women has always been ready to show, you see lots of medical shows on tv, showing vaginas/boobs but there is still a taboo when it comes to men’s genitalia, only few tv shows like embarrasing bodies show penises and in some countries is still censured, if anything, we should start a revolution of freedom, our penises are always seen as something too shocking, also there is a good article called “There’s one huge difference between Madonna and Beyoncé”, good read, no shade to Beyonce but what they said was really truth, she should have started these revolution 10 years ago when she wasn’t a mother + other artists like Rihanna and Xtina has done this before and they didn’t pretend to encourage women to own their sexuality because someone else did that more than 20 years ago when it was a little more necessary in the music industry but still it wasn’t revolutionary for the world because even in the 1920’s women were naked on cabaret shows.

    • Realest April 8, 2014

      That article is so corny and biased and totally explains the way you comment. There is one big difference between Madonna and beyonce. One is a singer FIRST and the other isn’t. Beyonce is speaking on her own personal journey, Rihanna , Madonna, Christians specific journeys are different than Beyonce’s.

  8. Bey Fan April 8, 2014

    She spoke the truth… she looks amazing. I love the space she’s in right now. My fav artist

  9. Tiffany Jackson April 8, 2014

    Her face is too hard for that white womans wig.

    I do respect her hustle & talent tho.

    Im just tired of my sista’s trying their best to look alot less than a sista! smh…

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      If that’s you in you’re avi, why do you have a white womans perm?

      • Hadley April 8, 2014


      • Tiffany Jackson April 8, 2014

        Perm? No baby! My hair is naturally curly. I press it out but never perm. Bye.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      Sure, I was born at night but not last night……I must say you’re a pretty girl.

      • FAF April 8, 2014

        That’s not a perm u can clearly see it’s a curly texture I’m on mobile

        My family’s hair is like that (me & my mom) Not as coarse

  10. Marqverdict April 8, 2014

    I think Beyoncé has done a very good job with this album. For me it’s her best album (Dangerously in Love and 4 come after but both swap depending on the mood). What I like about this era is how it shows how far she’s come as an artist. From leading destiny’s child and being just an R&B singer to becoming a GLOBAL star, and the fact that she’s still here almost 20 years in the game is amazing. Sometimes though, I do think her whole feminist agenda might be detracting away some of her male fans, but that will only be the case for those who don’t understand the form of feminism she’s representing (equality between both men and women). Her sexual liberation shouldn’t be a problem. To be honest Beyoncé has always sold s**, however back then I don’t think she was aware of the fact that people considered her a s** symbol whereas now, she’s recognised it and uses it to her advantage. I think that’s why some people feel some type of way as they feel that she is being self-centred because she knows and has become aware of the fact that she’s attractive. Anyway, you can see she’s really put in work to be where she is and it’s paid off. It will be interesting to see what she does now.

    *Personally I reckon after this era she’s going to take a long break, maybe a 4-5 years break. That’s the vibe I’m getting.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      This comment is spot on…….Bravo Welcome to TGJ

      • Suicide Blonde April 8, 2014

        @Richie stop it, you know what i mean, Bey wants s** now, i guess we’re both in the same boat now, remember when you called me a w**** because of Madonna, now seat your big ass down, h** 🙂

      • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

        Lol SB….I’m a married h** just like my fav doe!!!!!!!!

      • Suicide Blonde April 8, 2014

        Oh even worse, at least i’m a single, h**.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      That’s the nature of the game babe. 🙂

      Are you ready for Coachella babe?

      • Suicide Blonde April 8, 2014

        I do, i can’t wait to see the bands and Molly 🙂

      • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

        Yes I will be their with plenty. We had a real nice date sat night@SB

    • royalkev April 8, 2014

      Excellent comment! Bey’s an attractive woman and I honestly believe she gets the heat that she does at times because of it. She also gets some backlash because she’s been so successful in such a male dominated industry. I actually appreciate the fact that she’s showing off her more sensual side as a new mom. She doesn’t have to mirror the ideals represented by Janet & Madge during their eras of sexual liberation (which was incredible for their time). Bey’s doing so as a mother and married woman in her early thirties that won’t let society dictate to her a woman’s place & behavior. This is awesome because she’s breaking all the archaic rules.

      • Suicide Blonde April 8, 2014

        I like this Beyonce more, you know, i’m all about this s**/thing in women, she is now more real than ever, i see that, i’m okay with that, just as long as you and the other members of the Hive accepts the fact that she is acting like a w**** 🙂

      • royalkev April 8, 2014

        Lol @Suicide

        Well we can compromise if you add ish after the “W” word! You can’t be labelled a w**** if your making naughty videos with your hubby included in them! … But I’m glad you see her authenticity with this era. 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde April 8, 2014

        Well, you have a point, Jay-Z is in her videos but still 🙂

  11. Mimi carey April 8, 2014

    Looking washed up there hun

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      Just like you’re mines on all the charts

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 8, 2014

        If anyone is washed up its hagriah XD

      • Dirty Laundry April 8, 2014

        Nicki is tired too Iggy will be replacing her soon .

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 8, 2014

        @Dirty Laundry you wish!! Lookin ass n****

    • Iconic bey bey April 8, 2014

      The irony

    • Metzo April 8, 2014

      Slayriah is that you? Lmfaooo. Cant talj about b2ing 2ashed uo when you stan for Mariah. Hahaahahaa

  12. Xoxo April 8, 2014

    If she gave that advice to her mom and sister (baby daddy) they. Would. Not. Have lost their men
    Also her fat cousin, bu the rest are fine ….she’s not teaching some of us a damn thing

  13. Molly April 8, 2014

    Lmao she’s just so basic to me she looks like shes trying so hard in these pics.

  14. Hadley April 8, 2014

    She is simply amazing! Love her. Gorgeous spread.

  15. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 8, 2014

    S***. Tramp. W****.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      You shouldn’t shade you’re fav like that sis.

  16. Leon April 8, 2014

    Slay me King B!!!

  17. Dirty Laundry April 8, 2014

    That platinum blonde looks awful. If her hair was dark she’d look great. The blonde washes her out completely.

  18. Brandys Starr April 8, 2014

    Love the hair. And love the interview. Pretty Bey.

    • Dirty Laundry April 8, 2014

      you love too ass kiss dats all the hair look terrible on her.

      • Brandys Starr April 8, 2014

        Bye! Kelly stan talking bout kissing ass is too ironic. I like the hair, its my opinion don’t be pressed about it.

      • Iconic bey bey April 8, 2014

        LMAO @ Brandy star, oh the irony Kiii

  19. Iconic bey bey April 8, 2014

    Molly is so jealous of bey lol. Not her fault Cierror is struggling in every aspect 🙁

    • Molly April 8, 2014

      Jealous over a lip syncing fraud? lol never.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        Its very possible to be jealous over someone richer, more popular and lightyears more successful than your fave in every avenue.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        I tell the truth sweetie thats not being jealous she looks like she’s trying to hard.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        No sis you said your opinion. Theres a difference.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        First off don’t call me sis you are a bum ass a*** infested hiiv f** you don’t get that privilege of calling me that my opinion matters more then yours Veee.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        No SIS I am a female. Which is why my name is Vee. Try again. But don’t be so homophobic calling people f*** is not nice. And don’t dictate to me until you get your education in tact and learn the difference between ‘than’ and ‘then’. Ugh. Clearly I am more privaledged than you since I have a strong education. What kind of first grade fail?

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        Yes no life d*** Vee become spell check on my ass. You still stand for the biggest fraud in music

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        Death. Its not a matter of spell check. Its called basic grammar.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        I hope you get paid to act like spell check mama i know bum b****** like yourself will do anything for a check.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        Recognizing something like that would seem extra to someone dumb like you I guess.

  20. Sandra April 8, 2014

    why is she always wearing blonde wigs? It looks horrible on her. She would look much better in black or dark brown hair. Why not stop with the ugly wigs and grow out her real hair.

    • Molly April 8, 2014

      Agreed she looks older with blonde i was watching her grown woman video and she looked so good with darker hair.

    • Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 8, 2014

      Exactly, why she always gotta wear tired looking blonde wigs. It makes her look washed up & bleached out!

      She looks so much better with her natural hair color. BLACK/BROWN!

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 8, 2014

      I think it has something to do with her L’Oreal contract.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 8, 2014

      It’s due to her l’oreal contract

  21. Belladonna1363 April 8, 2014

    This woman is actually becoming an important Cultural ICON & she making the world expand on conversations that have been going on for 100s of years in such a positive but yet still strong waythat I think she’ll be remembered for ever like Oprah, Princess Diana & Michael Jackson.

  22. Vee April 8, 2014

    Omg I love this spread channeling Marilyn Monroe I see you Bey!
    Its stunning!

    • Molly April 8, 2014

      She tried and failed worse Marilyn Monroe channeling ever.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        The only fail is Ciaras career. Goodbye lesser.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        Only things that fail is beyonce fake baby bump and live vocals.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        Lol. Is that the best you have? Struggle 2011 shade.

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 8, 2014

        Molly,hun,I love you and all,but you know yourself those fake pregnancy allegations aren’t true. Stop.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        Lmao it will never be struggle shade the struggle for her to make the public believe her h** ass was pregnant

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 8, 2014

        At this point,it’s very obvious that she was pregnant. Anyone who still wants to believe otherwise just looks bitter af. It will forever be struggle shade sweetheart.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        @BeyHive girl how do i know that’s not true? Until i get a logical reason behind why her damn belly folded then i and everyone else who isn’t in the bey hive will continue to believe she didn’t have that baby.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        @Beyhive_Minaj. Ikr? But the person clearly lacks substantial education so she would think excess maternity wear = Fake bump lol.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        Lmao dead please explain on how that trannys belly folded then?

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 8, 2014

        There are photos of her at the beach in a bikini,and she is clearly pregnant. Look them up.

      • Vee April 8, 2014

        Molly I hope you’re not addressing me since you would be showing your stupidity even more. Simply re read my comment if you are.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 8, 2014

      Umm,maternity clothes always affect the appearance of the belly. They can make it look huge or small. Do your research. When my brother’s girlfriend was pregnant,her clothes had that same effect,one day her belly looked outrageous,and the next it looked pretty tiny. But neither of us were quick to say that it was prosthetic,of course since we are all educated on this matter. Please know your facts.

      • Molly April 8, 2014

        Mmmmhmmm ok girl

      • Kingboss April 9, 2014

        You can tell when a chick is steam pressed. This article is about feminism and women asserting themselves and owning their sexuality. Meanwhile, this broad segues into more prepubescent childlike foolishness and starts discussing a “fake” pregnancy. Let that be a sign that the haters have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  23. Naomi April 8, 2014


  24. beyugly April 8, 2014

    Tacky outfit, tacky wig..This proves how basic thiefyonce is

    • Molly April 8, 2014

      She always looks tacky

  25. BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 8, 2014

    She looks ***Flawless, as always. Loved the interview. #QUEEN

  26. AMMIE LEANN April 8, 2014

    Change the speech girl, you are not that smart.You spread your legs and showed your crotch in leotards every night. You are nothing but a p**** popper.

  27. Iconic bey bey April 8, 2014

    Beyonce is queen deal f****

  28. Revolution April 8, 2014

    I love this interview its very interesting. Not the usual shallow interviews you get from most pop starlets. She gets everyone thinking and talking about things that matter whether you agree with her or not.

  29. H2O April 8, 2014


  30. Mizuki April 8, 2014

    “Being that I am a woman in a male-dominated society, the feminist mentality rang true to me” See I can’t believe the thing’s this woman says. How is she going to talk about women equality when in one of her song says and I quote “Bow down b******!” The word b**** has been used to degrade females for so long, but the word “Bossy” is a problem for her. In a sense she says she’s fighting for female equality, but is she really or is just for show? In her song Partition, she even took a shot at Monica Lewinsky! Hasn’t that woman been degraded enough?! Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe, Janet Jackson, and hell even Rihanna are women who have pushed certain boundaries for women all over the world because they showed us that you can be s***, fierce, and in control. With that being said, she’s a superb performer no doubt about that with a sub-par discography.

    • Kai April 8, 2014

      B**** doesn’t have to be a women

    • Touché April 8, 2014


    • Mizuki April 8, 2014

      Kai I know, but often do you hear people call men a b**** compared to women? The definition of a b**** is a female canine. Think about that for a while and let it sink in. That word is always targeted at us females.

      • Mizuki April 8, 2014


      • Fran April 8, 2014

        No its not lol. Dont speak on something you clearly dont know. If you took it personally, you have an issue. I as a female did not.

    • Kingboss April 9, 2014

      As folks have already pointed out, Beyonce made it clear that “b******” wasn’t referencing just women. It was reference to all folks who sit on the sideline hating, obstructing, criticizing and just being mean spirited. Nothing anti-feminist about doing that. You seem to have this idea that feminism means “being nice to all women.” It doesn’t. No rule says that one can’t be a feminist and talk ish about other women.

  31. Touché April 8, 2014

    I’m going to have to agree, the platinum blonde hair looks awful. Although the length looks perfect for her face shape. Anyways, I understand most of what she is saying. However, the part about feminism is b*******. I’m sorry but she has contradicted herself too much to be taken seriously as a feminist.

  32. Yazmine April 8, 2014

    Great shots, great interview. I understand exacty where shes coming from. Not everyone will though.

  33. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 8, 2014

    Such a classy broad. Grip on them titties and close your legs now? I guess there wouldn’t be a point since they’re more interested in her senior husband

  34. Navy Commander April 8, 2014

    She has done to many things to degrade women, she cant be a feminist sorry

    • Kingboss April 9, 2014

      “to many things to degrade women?”

      hmmm. like being in control of her image and likeness? by owning her very own successful brand and becoming one of the most successful artist EVER? The Grammys? The universal praise by her peers? Being heralded by some to be THE best performer of this generation?

      Wait. Do you know what “degrade” actually means?

  35. phillydoinit April 8, 2014

    *Bows down*

  36. Metzo April 8, 2014

    Bey’s wig > your faves career.

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