Watch: Lana Del Rey Performs ‘West Coast’ Live In Phoenix

Published: Thursday 17th Apr 2014 by David

The good people of Phoenix, Arizona were given a live serving of Lana Del Rey‘s ‘West Coast’ hours ago, wowed by the star’s rousing rendition of the ‘Ultraviolence‘-lifted number.

Showcasing just how far her live skill has come since thatSaturday Night Live’ set, the footage below sees her rock out alongside a killer live band and possibly employ a pre-recorded vocal throughout the performance.

Check her out in all her ‘Surf Rock’ glory below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ill will April 17, 2014

    Lip sync for the gods honey. She has no vocal talent!!!

    • ARTFLOP April 17, 2014

      Beyonce, Mariah, Rihanna & Gaga did that perfectly too. So your point is?

      • JUST USE YOUR BRAIN April 17, 2014


    • Opsss !!!! April 17, 2014

      Lana—–> Beyonce’s vocal student.


      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        Mariah pt2

  2. lovebird April 17, 2014

    LMAO she’s lip syncing, but never mind that what the f*** is she wearing.

    Isn’t she some big superstar or something, why does she look like trailer park trash or is that the look she’s going for?

    • JohnVidal April 17, 2014

      stop pretending that lip synching is new. One word- Beyonce and she is very good at it.

      • Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

        Says a Mariah stan! Atleast Beyonce prerecords instead of lip synching over the studio track like your fav! You tried it!!!

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        Well I can’t argue with that.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        That wasn´t the real JOHNVIDAL. I´m tired of all the trolls that copy the names in this site. Retarded kids.
        Anyway, Mariah does the same as Beyonce (I guess Beyonce was inspired by that too?), she prerecords different tracks, never lips over the studio track, never. The thing is Beyonce does it as much as Mariah and Celine and any other singer who wants to maintain certain vocals for as long as possible. The hilarious thing is when some Beyonce fans think she doesn´t do it LOL

    • Lamb April 17, 2014

      Beyonce lied infront of millions at Obama’s Inauguration few weeks before her Super Bowl and that was so embarrassing and pathetic if you ask me.

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        Gurl you don’t even have to go back that far, the camera caught her lip syncing at the Grammy’s and that was hilarious.

      • Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

        Beyonce will kill Mariah onstage anyday!!! It’s 2014 not 1994

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        Then why is she lip syncing at the Grammy’s? Plus we all saw that struggle XO performance at the Brits so I don’t believe that tripe.

      • Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

        You stan for Rihanna. Enough said.

      • BeyHive April 17, 2014

        Mariah is not needed for SuperBowl so sit down.

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        Rihanna got a standing ovation for a LIVE performance of stay at the Grammy’s.

      • Jog On April 17, 2014

        Cant even remember when Mariah last hit Top 10…so why bother? 😀

      • Kyle April 17, 2014

        Was that Rihannas first Grammys standing ovation? Lol.

      • TinaMinaj April 17, 2014

        LMAO did a Rihanna fan just try to bring her non-existent vocal capabilities to the table? That’s just completely retarded! Anyway we all know Beyonce can back her s*** up! Hence why she shut haters down with an ACAPELLA version of the anthem. #BOWDOWNBITCHES

  3. Lana Del Slay April 17, 2014

    Poor Gaga, ARTPOP. Monsters are now turning to Lana. 😀

    • Allah Is great April 17, 2014

      Artflop has reached 700k in the US


    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014


  4. Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

    Talent is so rare these days. Can anyone sing live anymore God!!!

    • Danisha April 17, 2014

      even Mariah sung with pre-recorded.

  5. Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

    Yasss, she betta get her Mariah Carey/Celine Dion Lip Syncing on!

    LIVE singing is NOT for everyone!

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      Hmm Mariah or Celine could murder any animal in nowadays mainstream music at live singing when they were at their primes. The thing is they are still better nowadys than most. There are a couple of videos from last fall with both of them singing back stage and I tell you these girls can´t do that, not even in 2014.

      • ROSEGOLD April 17, 2014

        Maybe Celine, but I’m sorry Mariah aint doing it. She’s not good live at all, and she hasn’t been for quite sometime. I did see her surprise performance on Jimmy Kimmel, I think it was and she was decent but it was nothing spectacular or first-class.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        I think it was still great. Remember how talentless are most nowadays girls are at singing. Not to mention Mariah will always have her musicianship and songwriting skills. And yes, Celine slayed singing in that bathroom. I would put the video here but I don´t know how to do it.

  6. Aisha April 17, 2014

    Yo, she’s been working on her vocals! Damn, she’s hot!

  7. God You Guys Are So Naive April 17, 2014

    sometimes it is better lipsynching than sounding like a screeching wheel like Mariah and Beyonce.


  8. There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

    Bye. Not here for monotone lip synching.

    #Duck mouth b****

  9. Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

    Lip Syncing has been going on for years. Even before Mariah & Celine!

    People like Whitney Houston was a rare case. It is extremely hard to duplicate studio made vocals LIVE. Mariah Carey tried to do this & blew out her voice this is why she lost her voice in 1996. Mariah was sing way out of her range to match her studio recordings & ended up damaging her voice. Artist lip sync cause they wanna preserve their voices for studio recordings. Now you might say “Well I Paid To Here Her Sing”! Welp, it the entertainment industry many things are just that entertainment aka ILLUSIONS! It is physically impossible to sing live night after night without years of practice, discipline & training which most POP acts do not have!

    P.S. Even tho she is lipping for the GODS. Her voice still sounds DRY, BORING & DEPRESSING….

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris April 17, 2014

      Smoke and mirrors has always run rampant in the industry! Mariah has never been a great performer per say and her vocals were always on shaky ground!

      • Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

        Umm Girlfriend. Mariah Carey has many great vocal performances your just comparing her to Whitney Houston who was a rare case. Mariah 1993 Thankgiven Special was a perfect case of what training & discipline does to perfect your voice. She sounded great.

        Also, Ciara fans should NEVER come for Mariah & the lack of her vocals…

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      Well, now I agree with you.
      And yes, Whitney Houston is one of the most rare and divine cases we´ve got in music history.

    • IStanForYourFav April 17, 2014

      You’re close… MC’s voice changed because she stayed smoking on top of already singing live 100% of the time on those damn nodules. Her best performance is from early in the days like most of them. The last flawless performance I seen from Mariah is the Stripped 2009 (with a track on some parts) & The Plot Your Escape in 2012. She sounded damn near The Emancipation of Mimi Era vocals.

      However, Whitney Houston did lip sing. She was just the best at doing it just like she was the best singer. I’m Every Woman bridge has never been sung live without the aid of a track or just simply prerecorded. Also, Whitney Top of the Pop (always lip sing for every artist) matches other vocal performances. There’s also a slick playback transition on the climax of the 1994 I Will Always Love climax at the AMA it comes in as soon as she raises her hand and closes her eyes to distract you.

      Beyoncé has been lip singing since Destiny’s Child. She has an excuse when it comes to dancing, but those choruses are always precorded. I never understood why Destiny’s Child harmonies weren’t live like En Vogue except En Vogue’s Grammy performance. (There’s no microphone) Also, B lip sings anytime she is outside. The vweather hurts those people vocal cords, so I understand that. If they didn’t they would sound strained.

      Xtina lipped her entire Back To the Basics era and tour. Hurt was only live at the MTV Awards and lipped with the samw prerecorded track everywhere else. Plus, we won’t even go into that fake Candyman climax.

      Celine Dion plays CDs and lips everything post 1992. Seriously, iDK how anyone can fall for that prerecord. A drag queen performing her tracks is more convincing.

      Basically what I’m trying to say is they all lip sing. They all use some type of sound board autotune effects and reverb in their microphone. There is not ome singer who has not lip sing or etc. Even Aretha was lip singing back in the 60’s. In fact her Joy to the World is precorded. It’s all fake. I’m not going on to detail, but if you reply to me talking about Shakira and her precorded, iDC. She can’t sing either way it go.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        No, Whitney was still an exception. You just chose 3 examples in Whitney´s whole career. You can check endless and endless Whitney concerts on youtube with her singing live even when extremely sick. And no, Whitney was not good at lip syncing. It was obvious the few times she´s done it in years. Plus remember, Whitney´s songs are not Beyonce´s or Rihanna´s songs.
        Celine has always lipped a lot to save her voice, but there are enough live performances to prove that she slays live anyway.
        The sad thing is nowadays models with a mic that can´t survive without a backing track for songs that are basically talk-singing.

  10. Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

    Lol and once again this has turned into a Beyonce hate post! Y’all are so calculated I swear!!! Beyonce has proven time and time again that she can slay a live set. When will Rihoenna? When will Mariah in this decade? Their voices are SHOT!!!!

    • Naema90s April 17, 2014

      because Beyonce is so good at it. 😀

  11. lovebird April 17, 2014

    Gurl bye Felicia, Beyonce cannot sing anymore; she was lip syncing at the Grammy’s and we all saw that struggle XO performance at the BRITS.

    • Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

      You stan for Rihoenna though…..

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        Who got a standing ovation for a LIVE performance of stay at the Grammy’s.

      • Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

        Beyonce gets a standing ovation everywhere she performs. Your point?

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        Then why did she lip sync at the Grammy’s?

      • Micah Beanie April 17, 2014

        I am no longer responding to you delusional troll. Go back to twitter and stan for Gaga and Queen Bey lmao

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        How about I stay here and wait for your reason of why she lip synced at the Grammy’s.

    • JohnVidal April 17, 2014

      Standing ovation because she is married with that ugly baboon…

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        Can you please stop trolling using my user names?

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014


      • ROSEGOLD April 17, 2014

        Report them….

    • Kyle April 17, 2014

      But why is Beyoncé singing Happy Birthday vocally better than everything from Diamonds Tour?

      • TinaMinaj April 17, 2014


  12. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

    You know you are tragic when you are even struggling to sound good when lip syncing. She sounds horrid not to mention she looks like some basic pre teen in that too small. And the nerve of Rosie to say Ciara sounds bad and this is what your fave brings to the table? She should just prerecord a actual llama screaming, at least with the llama it won’t come out flat.


  13. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

    You know you are tragic when you are even struggling to sound good when lip syncing. She sounds horrid not to mention she looks like some basic pre teen in that extra too small shirt . And the nerve of Rosie to say Ciara sounds bad and this is what your fave brings to the table? She should just prerecord a actual llama screaming, at least with the llama it won’t come out flat.


  14. Ciara QUEEN Harris April 17, 2014

    Elle Oh Elle! This is what people go up for? I see no stage presence and hear no vocal skill — even through a pre recorded vocal. I don’t care how much Lana has sold. Her talent is subpar and Rosie can never come for my fav again!

  15. There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

    Not Skankbird coming for vocals when it stans for a goat singing h**.

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris April 17, 2014


      • There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

        She is so goddamn horrible. I pity her.

      • ARTPOP 2 Leaked April 17, 2014

        Sorry b**ch. Nothing special about this garbage.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

      Are we going to forget the Beyoncé performance at the Brits and Grammys? That was only a few weeks ago, remember? Stay humble!!

      Death at these hive clan stans clinging to this flop but if Rihanna did this at her show then they would drag her for filth. I’m done…

      Rihanna sounds 100% better than this trash you are clinging to

      • There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

        @ Blue,

        B**** bye. I’m not with the hair hat hive. If I were I wouldn’t have dragged her saggy ass several times before.

    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

      Slayage? More like struggle….

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        How is it a struggle when the whole venue was sold out?

      • There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

        It’s struggle when a b**** is titled a singer yet can’t even do something as basic as singing correctly.

        #A goats’ struggle

      • lovebird April 17, 2014

        And yet she’s filling stadiums, so again what struggle?

  16. There once was a pimp and his h**…. April 17, 2014

    #Lip synching goat

  17. ARTFLOP April 17, 2014

    Rihanna, Lana, Gaga and Ciara…same class.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      Lady Gaga can sing live unlike the other 3. Although Gaga and Lana both have talent as musicians. The other two… yeah Ciara can dance.

  18. CARMEN April 17, 2014

    she sang the verses of the song live and she sang along with a backing track on the chorus. the hook might have been lipped tho

  19. Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

    Beyonce can very well still sing. If you think she can’t then you are being /forcing yourself into delusions. Now granted, Beyonce vocals has lost some of its power since the B Day era but she can very well still sing! Her voice is annoying at times but girlfriend can still sing. Not SANG but she can sing live very well.

    Rihanna on the other hand has NEVER been able to sing traditional ballads without sounding like a tired, winded mess. What Rihanna does is TALK – Sing. You will NEVER see nor hear Rihanna tackle songs like “Hero” & “The Greatest Love Of All” LIVE ever again. It would destroy her voice. Rihanna just has a nice lil cute accent mixed with a cute lil pop tone. Her studio process high notes are NEVER done correctly LIVE. When she tries to belt out high notes she sounds DRY, TERRIBLE & A complete mess!

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris April 17, 2014

      No lies spotted doll! Rihanna is the vocal disaster of our generation!!

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

        57k? The one that even struggles with her mouse vocals? The one that sounds like a cat getting f*****? I like Ciara but I rather hear future and llama do a diet before I watch Ciara perform at a club entrance

    • Mizuki April 17, 2014

      This performance alone disproves your entire comment.

  20. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

    Ugh I hate TGJ sometimes,

    Like Hippo never used any “help”? B**** bye. Rihanna can sing and she has proven that many times.

    You sad llama acting like hive trolls are just seething right now because lovebird is dragging that b****. That was an ugly performance once again so let’s not get sidetracked with Rihanna or Beyoncé, back to dragging llama please

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      I hate TGJ because an ugly tranny like you polluted by scree with your avi.

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

        That’s cute sis, you’re fave still a flop though

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        Stop leaving comments using my name!

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014


  21. Thee heee April 17, 2014

    Lana——> Beyonce’s student


  22. Micks April 17, 2014

    Unlike rihanna, Beyonce is known for her talent.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      talent for marrying an ape named like JayZzzoo

      Moderator: Please refrain from commenting under usernames which do not belong to you.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        Stop it!

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014


  23. Kyle April 17, 2014


    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      LOL What was that? She needs a backing track even for such a crap song? That´s just talking.

  24. JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

    Well, we all know Lana del Rey is not a good performer or good at singing live. Her talents are songwriting and using her studio voice to create a magical sound. She has also great talent for videos (I think she is actually involved in them, like Gaga and others). But not at singing live.

    • Suicide Blonde April 17, 2014

      If she’s not a good performer then neither Mariah is, what do you want her to do on stage, her music does not requiere that much, also, she plays the guitar, so her talent is not only songwriting, i love how you praise Gaga for playing Piano but you take for granted the ones who plays Guitar, like if Piano is so much better or something + her videos actually make sense unlike Gaga’s videos who lacks artistry and a coherent story.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        I didn´t say Mariah is, stop putting words in my mouth ALWAYS. But now that you mention it, Mariah was 100 times a better performer at Lana´s age (well I think Lana is in her 20s). She was never a natural performer but her voice was outstanding also live, Lana´s isn´t.
        But yeah, if you know how to read, I was basically praising Lana, I don´t know what your problem is. I started my comment with the performing skills because that was what everybody was talking about, and I stated the obvious. And I didn´t mention instruments at all. Why did you mention Gaga again? The obsession!!! And no I don´t consider playing piano better than guitar? Why did you put those words in my mouth? LOL
        You can see one of my other comments in this post saying both Gaga and Lana are great musicians. Stop it.

    • Slayty Perry (Birthday is Here) April 17, 2014

      This is why you are the biggest hypocrite on TGJ. I can’t at you defending Lana’s horrible live vocals by saying her talent is songwriting(girl bye) and studio magic. So when it’s Lana its ok that she sounds bad but when its Katy Perry or any other artist you call them talentless. Why does this rule only apply to Lana? Please explain. Katy writes all of her music, actually plays an instrument, slays at acoustic performances, is involved in all her videos, and has even started co-producing her music. Why don’t you ever justify Katy?

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        Because Katy Perry´s music is crap made for kids. While Lana´s music is amazingly haunting and mature. Plus girl, did you see Katy Perry faking she can play the flute LOL

  25. The truth hurts April 17, 2014

    The blatant lies in this thread astound me. How the hell can she be lip synching when she’s singing higher than the studio recording. Lana has NEVER lip syched and won’t EVER. The fact that you all think she is lip synching shows just how good her vocals are. The reason she sounds so close to the studio version is because she did it in one take and did little to no vocal alteration on her songs as explained by the producer Dan Auerbach.
    Lana is such a good singer she has people thinking she is lip syching.

  26. ROSEGOLD April 17, 2014

    It was a decent performance. I love the song. The trolls on here hate Rosie so much that they’ll drag Lana for any little thing. Lana’s success speaks for itself. 🙂

  27. The truth hurts April 17, 2014

    There is a reason why Billboard named her the best female performer at coachella

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      Billboard is a flop magazine. 🙁

      • The truth hurts April 17, 2014

        No offense but they are a more credible source than you and plus multiple other news sources agreed with them along everyone who was at the show

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        That wasn´t the real JOHNVIDAL replying. I´m the one with the Mariah Carey avi and the one everybody knows.

      • JOHNVIDAL 2 April 17, 2014

        who cares about John anyway. we are here for Lana.

  28. The truth hurts April 17, 2014

  29. The truth hurts April 17, 2014

  30. Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

    Also, I wanna add that im not trying to bash artist like Rihanna & Lana. They are not vocalist but they are entertainers & the fact is not everyone want to listen too pitch perfect singers like Whitney Houston.

    In fact, I myself would much rather purchase an Rihanna album before an album by an powerhouse vocalist. The entertainment industry is not about who has the best vocals but who connects with the people the most. Not everyone like singers like Mariah, Whitney & Celine. I know many people that think those type of singers music is boring. Just because you can sing does not mean your going to be more successful than people that does not have an ounce of your vocal talent like Rihanna.

    Cudo’s to Miss Lana Del Ray. She is an depressing/interesting artist that appeals to those type of people. So, she should be-able to sing anyway she wants too. She has a boring, depressing & dry voice to ME but to others it might be want they like! Its all about connecting with YOUR type of people. Lana deserves her success cause like many artist she makes great DEPRESSING studio music for her DEPRESSED fans.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      Well yeah but Mariah, Whintey and Celine were more successful than the others you mentioned though 🙂

      • Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

        Yes, but they are the only power house singers to reach that type of success. Where-as the rest of the top selling female singers are NON – singing women. Also, im talking about TODAYS generation. They really dont care for power house vocalist anymore. They just want catchy, cute pop stars. Adele seems to be the only REAL live singer they care about but we will see if they still care whenever her 3rd album comes out. Ps Beyonce is another great LIVE singer they care about too…

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        That´s another proof that maybe people are desperate to buy universal music sung by a real vocalist, don´t you think? Adele is an exception among all these nowadays nonsinging girls… and she outsold all of them by a margin never seen before 🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      Mariah a rotten fat german saunsage with no vocals. Sad.

  31. Molly April 17, 2014

    Lmao but who lip syncs a basic song like this? She’s pathetic and has no talent.

    • Hey mrs carter April 17, 2014

      Coming from a Ciara stan? Hilarious….

      • Molly April 17, 2014

        Ciara doesn’t lip sync she may not have the strongest voice but she makes up for that in performing and also by having stage presence things Lana strongly lacks

      • Hey mrs carter April 17, 2014

        Lies she lipped her BET awards performance.

      • Molly April 17, 2014

        Wheres the proof??? But why am i not surprised to see a LipSyncYonce fan defending Lanas lip syncing lmao

      • Kyle April 17, 2014

        BET and Chris Brown performance was lip synced to name a few.

      • Kyle April 17, 2014

        Beyoncé singing Happy Birthday acapella on Tour>>>>> Every Ciara vocal performance

    • The truth hurts April 17, 2014

      A basic ass song with critical acclaim and commercial success…….If only Ciara could do that.
      The struggle to say she was lip synching when obviously she wasn’t.

      • Molly April 17, 2014

        But she did not my fault you dont wanna accept the truth Lana has no talent and her songs suck ass. Go cry me a f****** river f*** I’ll never get off Lanas neck.

  32. JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

    BEYONCE IS OLD boderline has been AND SLUTTY. DONE !

    • Hey mrs carter April 17, 2014

      You aren’t the real johnvidal. He knows not to come for the hive 😉

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        It´s not that I know better than coming for the hive. It´s that I´m not a hateful person and don´t attack anybody personally. It´s disgusting to hate on these artists babies, weight, age, looks, etc.

      • Mimi Carey April 17, 2014

        lol johndival aint scared of the hive kiii

  33. Hey mrs carter April 17, 2014

    Boy Rosie sure had you gurls pressed lol

  34. Molly April 17, 2014

    Lmao this is what the hive is bandwagoning for? kiii

  35. Hey mrs carter April 17, 2014

    Boy Rosie sure has you gurls pressed lol #teamlana

    • Molly April 17, 2014

      Death at your ass kissing.

      • Hey mrs carter April 17, 2014

        You have no right to call anyone an ass kisser. Does lovebird ring a bell?

  36. JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

    Why so many John Vidals? Im the real one…fark!

  37. JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

    Obviously you aren´t.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

      you stole my name and registered it. fark u !!!!

      • JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

        Do you think people are that stupid to believe you? I´ve been here for a long time. Probably the most veteran along with @suicide blonde. Others already left.

  38. JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

    Lana is the new Mariah except Mariah uses pre-recorded vocals.

    • Mimi Carey April 17, 2014

      Please don’t compare Legendriah to this non talented gaga lessor.

  39. JOHNVIDAL April 17, 2014

    Beyonce—–> Mariah—–> Ciara<———- Ashanti

  40. Mimi Carey April 17, 2014

    Lana really proved she has zero talent these girls today are pathetic.

    • ידידח.חדחגחי.י April 17, 2014

      אתה בן זונה?

    • B***** April 17, 2014

      Mariah’s talent…releasing a flop after flops.

  41. ידידח.חדחגחי.י April 17, 2014

    שלום ציצי תחת כוס בולבול

  42. Tiffany Xelia Jackson April 17, 2014

    Leave John Alone. He seems to be the only sane person on this site lol

    • ידידח.חדחגחי.י April 17, 2014

      סתום תפה

    • Molly April 17, 2014

      He’s annoying biased and fake don’t let him fool you boo 🙂

      • ידידח.חדחגחי.י April 17, 2014

        שתקי שרמוטכ

  43. Suicide Blonde April 17, 2014

    She is phenomenal, my kind of girl, the way she plays with her pains, it’s beautifully dark, those pants are killing me, beyond amazing, no words to describe how haunted I am with this girl.

    • ידידח.חדחגחי.י April 17, 2014

      @suicide blonde אתה שרמוטה מזדיינת?

      • Suicide Blonde April 17, 2014

        I love you too.

  44. KissMe April 17, 2014

    Rihanna não pode sequer cantar sozinha. Beyonce é superior a ela em todos os sentidos. Outros que os solteiros, o que Rihanna tem a oferecer? Vou esperar …

  45. realtard April 17, 2014

    why are people bringing celine dion up with regards to lip synching??maybe there is something i’m missing but from what I’ve seen and heard that b**** has an amazing set of pipes and she always sings live

  46. Navy Commander April 17, 2014

    She sounds like the song. That is what singing live is.

  47. Rosie April 17, 2014

    How did I miss this post? Kii at all the haters perched in here, every time you bring up vocals you want to talk about how bad Lana’s are but yet when she gives off a good performance like this you all blame her for lip-syncing. Lana, the GP, the world, God, Jesus, and everyone else has moved on from SNL, you all should too.

    • FutureCIARA April 17, 2014

      Keep pretending the GP has moved on……..

      Kiii at your wishful thinking

  48. Rosie April 17, 2014

    Anyways West Coast is STILL #3 on iTunes. Where’s @IconicCedric? I thought it was going to fall off of the top ten this morning, or at least that what it said.

  49. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 17, 2014

    I guess there wasn’t enough money in the budget for her to get a proper top and some water so she could clear all that silicone in her throat. She sounded like a frog coughing up blood and this is what y’all are clinging to calling a talent? Lmao

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