Winning: Michelle Williams Lands Major Role In ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

Published: Friday 4th Apr 2014 by Sam

Together, Destiny’s Child were quite the force. Solo, the ladies are re-writing the girl-group narrative by each enjoying success in their individual lanes.

Since the group split, Michelle Williams has gone on to achieve ample acclaim as a Gospel artist and a Broadway star – appearing in theatrical hits such as ‘The Color Purple’, ‘Chicago’, and ‘Fela!

Today the vocal powerhouse  adds yet another major production to her list – when it was announced that she’ll be embarking on a 50-date tour as a lead in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

Details below…

Williams, who will take on the roll of Mary Magdalene, appeared on Good Morning America today with co-star Brandon Boyd to reveal the news.

No small production, the Andrew Lloyd Webber will be hitting arenas across the US and sets sail in New Orleans on June 9th.

Check out Michelle and Brandon chatting about the show and performing ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ below…

Love it!

Kudos to Michelle for silencing the naysayers with power moves that are undeniable.

Your thoughts?

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  1. OrangeJuiceInstead April 4, 2014

    Im happy for her. Considering #poormichelle has been trending (and honestly having me on the floor), its good to see her have something good happen for her!

  2. Sarah April 4, 2014

    congrats Michelle!!!!!!!!

  3. Lolz April 4, 2014

    Yessss Michelle good for you girl!

  4. mother eath Mariah universe carey April 4, 2014

    People need to really leave her alone smh!! congrats Michelle. 🙂

  5. Quan April 4, 2014

    Power moves for Powerful people #congrats Michelle I’ll be seeing you on the road !!! And can’t wait for you to slay with that new album. #journeytofreedom, you are in control and I’m loving it

  6. Realest April 4, 2014

    Exactly. While all them broke low life’s were on twitter talmbout some “poor Michelle” , poor Michelle was making RICH Michelle moves. She may not be as successful as Bey but miss thing is doing it and making millions. Any naysayer is really just a hater but u can’t hate the grind!!! Get it Chelly

  7. ciarastan April 4, 2014


    • Realest April 4, 2014

      Someone who can deliver a VOCAL performance.

  8. stan April 4, 2014

    i can’t wait to hear her rendition of “i don’t know how to love him”

  9. IStanForYourFav April 4, 2014

    I actually like Michelle. I have the first gospel album and the Unexpected album. I’m tired of seeing the Poor Michelle trending everywhere, but I’m glad to see she getting checks. I’m totally going. I can’t wait to hear her vocals.

    No shade @ all, but I’ve always said that Michelle’s voice IS responsible for Destiny’s Child gospel/soul sound. She truly doesn’t get enough credit.

    • TREY SONGZ ANGEL April 4, 2014

      No lies. She taught Beyonce and Kelly a lot. Bey credited her for introducing her to an entirely new world of music/style of singing.

  10. Fatu Sankoh April 4, 2014

    Congrant Michelle I love you you go dc ladies

  11. JuanR April 5, 2014

    Congrats! She is really talented!

  12. yonce April 5, 2014

    Good for her. am not a hater, so if you want to praise her do so i for one like her a lot but dont you dare to tell me that she taught beyonce anything because we both know that is not true. her voice was the weakest of all the destiny child members both old and present.

    • Xav April 5, 2014

      No. She has a tone that everyone doesnt care for/that you have to get used to. She has a 3.5-4 octave range just as Beyonce. Kelly has 3.

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