Tracklist: Mariah Carey – ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’

Published: Thursday 1st May 2014 by David


You’ve seen its official album covers, now find out which songs will populate Mariah Carey‘s brand new album, ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.’

Due to arrive on May 27th, the entertainer now has 26 days to convince Joe Public to support the album, no doubt hoping to reignite the heat the saw 2005’s ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ rock the ‘Billboard 200’ with 404,000 units sold first week!

Will invited guests R.Kelly, Mary J.Blige and Nas help her fare just as well?

Tracklist below…

“Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse”:

1. “Cry.”
2. “Faded”
3. “Dedicated” (feat. Nas)
4. “#Beautiful” (feat. Miguel)
5. “Thirsty”
6. “Make It Look Good”
7. “You’re Mine (Eternal)”
8. “You Don’t Know What to Do” (feat. Wale)
9. “Supernatural”
10. “Meteorite”
11. “Camouflage”
12. “Money ($ * / …)” [feat. Fabolous]
13. “One More Try”
14. “Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now)”
15. “Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse”


16. “It’s a Wrap” (feat. Mary J. Blige)
17. “Betcha Gon’ Know” (feat. R. Kelly)
18. “The Art of Letting Go”


Exciting times!

Though one’d have to be a little delusional to expect blockbuster opening week sales for ‘Me’, here’s hoping the next year sees Camp Mimi push the album to commendable ground by shaking things up in her team.

For, as pretty as its artwork is, very little can distract anybody from the mess that has been the album’s campaign, failing to use the pulling power Mimi enjoyed in the past to support her endeavours of today.

Indeed, while her record-breaking discography has been used to belittle other acts in the past, we’d say it’d have done a lot more for her new LP had select songs been pulled to sync in film and television, “getting that promo” with every ad, re-run or movie trailer. Something…anything.

So, let us know…

Will ‘The Elusive Chanteuse’ Rock The Charts Come Its Release?

Weigh in below!

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  1. The Elusive Chanteuse May 1, 2014


    • The Elusive Chanteuse May 1, 2014


      The Elusive Chanteuse.

      • R0SIE May 1, 2014

        Tribute to …Shasha Fierce I see… 😆

      • …….. May 1, 2014

        this is a MESS! 😕
        the ridiculous album title, the HORRIBLE album cover (and i loved the memoirs cover). what is with that disgusting colour scheme?

        oh mariah…

    • Shaquanna May 1, 2014

      Stop pretending…she will FLOOOOOOOP !!!


      • RIRI4EVA May 1, 2014

        This is going to be tragic. Lambs are pretending this era worth trying/saving. How many flops do you want from this has-been?

      • beyugly May 1, 2014

        @FaF those arnt Rihanna fans, just undercover hives trying to get Rihanna dragged.

    • Fasten Your Seatbelt May 1, 2014

      150k max 1st week on Billboard Hot 200.

      Yaassss !

      • LOL May 1, 2014

        Nice to see Beyonce’s influence on this title.

      • FAF May 1, 2014

        I’m sorry but why are Rihanna fans acting like her first weeks have ever been higher than 250k? 🙁

        say what you want about Mariah, ciara, etc. but they’ve all shat on R****’s sales

    • Next?????? May 1, 2014

      …like a fanmade cover…so cheap and tacky.

  2. Dev May 1, 2014

    I’m really not here for the title or artwork (her worst to date) but I always enjoy Mariah’s music chart successful or not.

    • The Navy May 1, 2014

      Not loving the title. Sounds like a cheap tacky p*** movie of the 90s….just like her costumes. Nah, it will flop regardless.

  3. TrellBeyLike May 1, 2014

    Looks like a solid track list! Ok Mariah do ya thang! U have nothing to prove…

  4. KoKo May 1, 2014

    Done deal. Mariah is a colossal bore.
    All her songs sound the same.
    RIP 🙁

    • Stephy May 1, 2014


  5. BeyHive Army May 1, 2014

    She is still stuck in the 90s. That’s sad and tragic.

  6. R0SIE May 1, 2014


  7. Sit Down Grandmariah May 1, 2014

    Copying Bey’s Shasha Fierce era. How original. That’s too funny.

    • Memo May 1, 2014

      How the f*** is she copying Copyoncé? Don’t be that delusional.

      • FAF May 1, 2014

        Actually nas had an album in the 90s called “I am”

  8. Mimi lover May 1, 2014

    I’m sorry but for all who says this gonna flop think again, anytime mariah in a uncomfortable position. I listen mostly emo stuff but mariah is my only mainstream artist come on people d-_-b some of you haters had to listen “hero” “outside” and “through the rain” to prevent you from committing suicide. Ungrateful

  9. KING RIH May 1, 2014

    why would she copy Beyonce’s worst album?????? lol stfu

  10. Monster May 1, 2014

    An album with 3 flopped songs….hmmnnn.
    Gudluck. 😆

  11. @thenormajeane May 1, 2014

    I am excited for the album. She has worked with a lot of artist, and I am excited for the remixes that were due long ago. I already pre-ordered my copy.

  12. KoKo May 1, 2014

    Only Jermaine Dupri’s cousins will check this boring album..Im sure.

  13. FutureCIARA May 1, 2014

    I’m here for it!!! No shade

  14. CherylSoldier May 1, 2014

    It looks boring. Her collabs look tired. There’s nothing
    Surprising about this album and that’s one of the many
    Reasons it won’t sell.

    • Stephy May 1, 2014


  15. Sleazy May 1, 2014

    Those features tho? Fabulous? Wale? Bye gorl

  16. cake like lady gaga May 1, 2014

    ^ 95% of the comments above are by the same troll under different names.

    • Basura Caliente May 1, 2014

      Yup. Commentators like ^them are why TGJ has lost its charm.

  17. Yea ok May 1, 2014

    Real talk Mariah is one of the few artists I will buy her album regardless. I love her music I don’t care how much she sells but I guess I won’t be getting the delux cuz for one I don’t support r Kelly and two the song she has with Mary is a self drag. It’s called it’s a wrap. As in crispy chicken wraps? I don’t get it. No thanks.

    • Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me May 1, 2014

      @Yea ok you just have me screaming over here I never would have put that together with Blige’s BK commercial. Thanks for making my night. “Self drag” indeed.

      • FAF May 1, 2014

        I dont get why she chose to remix MOIA songs for an album 4 yrs later, though.. *shrug*

  18. Cowriah May 1, 2014

    ARTPOP pt 2 is coming.

    • Artcrap May 1, 2014

      Watch how hard artpop2 flops

  19. Queen Whitney May 1, 2014

    should go away quietly.

  20. PRINCE CARTER FENTY May 1, 2014

    Listening to I Am…Sasha Fierce and BEYONCÉ. Love they way Mariah’s “Beyoncé styled” album is going. Mrs. Carter’s impact is real.

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      This album is nothing like I Am or Beyonce…

  21. Stephy May 1, 2014

    This album will flop just like 95% of albums these days but who cares. She is rich as hell & already been successful like 1+billion times.

    I cannot wait to purchase! Looks like a solid effort. I was hoping she was gonna put “The Crave Song” on the album but oh well…

  22. LOL May 1, 2014

    Bey has impacted and inspired MiMi.

    “I Am….Shasha Fierce” pt 2…(she wishes)


    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      This album is nothing like I Am Sasha Fierce WTF!

  23. HONEYCHILDPLEASE May 1, 2014

    Hunty this will flop harder than ARTPOP. Mariah should just retire. The cover of the album is photoshopped to the GODS dahhhling. There’s no room in the industry for her. It’s a Rihanna and Beyoncé world industry.

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      Who Cares. Legends put out FLOP albums all the time. Patti put out like 7 flop album bye

    • Artcrap May 1, 2014

      Hey gaga has been around for like what 7 years and is already falling off and flopping mariah has been around for more than 20 years yet she’s still able to generate so much attention why coz she is still relevant sit your ass down if you have nothing better to say h**

  24. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA May 1, 2014

    cant wait. looks promising

  25. Navy Nic May 1, 2014

    Baby say what yall want, but this is gonna be a good album.. MEMOIRS WAS AMAZING, and I see she brought ITS A WRAP AND BETCHA GONE KNOW BACK FROM THAG ERA(2 AMAZING SONGS), yes yes yes I cant wait to bear the mixes…. Now this deluxe cover is cute, the other cover is
    hot mess. But anyway: excited!

  26. Im Booked May 1, 2014

    TBH Simply Put, I Just Dont Use Moo Moo These Days!

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      Who is moo moo?

      • Im Booked May 1, 2014

        Great Question!

  27. Bandile Egyptt Nomoyi May 1, 2014

    Nothing Is A Beyonce Rip off here, Alla yall pressed Haters better Chill… Im a monster but I am Excited for Mimi’s New Music.
    I am a bit confused though, #BEAUTIFUL & you’re mine were not Singles but they had music videos and Are on the tracklist… I’m so confused anyway Yes Mimi girl I’m Here for it.

  28. Artcrap May 1, 2014

    Why are people throwing shade at the album cover I think she looks good for her age you get people like riri taking nude pics and showing off her worn out C****** just to stay relevant

  29. metzo May 1, 2014

    No hate or shade, but I gotta be honest, this track list looks basic. Why is she doin collabs with C list artists?
    It’s gonna flop anyways, let’s just released it n get it over with.. Still respect her tho. Btw, she looks hot. The album cover slays Tbh!!

    • Dossome May 1, 2014

      @metzo…Nas is no C list,ask Jay-Z 😉

  30. JuanR May 1, 2014

    Why she’s using these songs with Mary and R. Kelly? Those are some 5-6 years old? For her Advocate album or whatever it was. It was never released thou. Still I am excited to hear the one with Mary J. Blige!

  31. MC!!! May 1, 2014

    who cares if this underperformed or not if you’re a real lamb like me you would be happy that mariah is actually releasing an album this year!!!! and she has over 10 other albums that didnt flop!!!! sorry can say the same for your faves

  32. H2O May 1, 2014

    still screaming @ “Shasha”

  33. #icant May 1, 2014

    oh no one cares but it was trending worldwide on twitter

    • CherylSoldier May 1, 2014

      So was fifth harmony so what’s your point?

      • Stephy May 1, 2014

        Bitchh, shut up!

  34. JOHNVIDAL May 1, 2014

    Exciting indeed!!! We only know two songs among those 15, and I´m loving the titles. Can´t wait. I know she delivers musically. About the commercial journey, I hope it does good, but if not, music is there, it´s not like she´s a newbie.

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      I wish people would stop trolling as you on this site. I love you even more now. You are one of the only SANE members still here. Dont leave!

  35. MsMelissaLuv May 1, 2014

    The songs from her deluxe album with the exception of the Art of Letting Go are left over tracks from her last album, “The Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” where she was doing a collaboration version. She released Angels Cry with Ne-Yo and Up Out My Face with Nicki Minaj! The Betcha Gon’ Know from her Deluxe Edition was written by R. Kelly and is already on YouTube and It’s a Wrap is another song from that last album! Hopefully this strategy works out for her since she seems to be using songs from 2009.

  36. K.rowldawg May 1, 2014

    Sounds like a bore

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      Sounds? B****, you aint even herd the damn album babe

  37. cocobutta May 1, 2014

    YASSSS that title is EVERYTHING!!!

    Only the common folks will struggle to get it!!
    The whole I am bit not needed but Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse (WERK).
    What a diva title!!

    Mariah you do not need to be a chart chaser. Just make the music while you love it & put it out. Served your peak time and done SLAYED the industrys life twice over so don’t worry about it now.

    I’m getting it 🙂

  38. Lets Be Real May 1, 2014

    I’ll be honest here…the title sounds stupid. The cover is boring…but a few of the titles are interesting I’ll be giving it a spin maybe it’ll be good. Won’t diss or love it until I hear the album. For the lambs sake I hope it’s good

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      Same can be said about Madonna’s last 2 albums

      • Lets Be Real May 1, 2014

        Albums which corresponding tours broke records…look I’m being nice to Mooriah so don’t try it or Lamb will be on the menu tonight

  39. shaquinisha-rose May 1, 2014

    These Bey Stans are hilarious…You really think MARIAH F*CKING CAREY would copy Copyonce?
    What That Cr*p Juice forgot to mention is that the name of her album comes from a childhood self portrait, with the title “Me. I am Mariah (The Elusive Chanteuse)”. How is that copying “I am Sacha Fierce”? Mariah’s title has the word “Me” in it, and it also has her REAL name. So the only similarities begin and end with the words “I am”…

    • Dossome May 1, 2014

      Lol…so Mariah copied Alicia’s AS I AM too?

  40. Nana May 1, 2014

    Give it up, Fatso.
    Heavily-retouched CD cover, 3 back-to-back mediocre songs and outdated songs have no niche or market.
    Please sit down. Nobody is checking.

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      your a nobody tho

    • Say whaaaat May 1, 2014

      Sit ya crusty ass down go troll somewhere else

  41. Minaj May 1, 2014

    JLo- This is me..then
    Beyonce- I am…Shasha Fierce.
    Mariah- Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive bla bla bla

    Please, have a little creativity, b*tch. Boring 🙁

    • Dossome May 1, 2014


      • FAF May 1, 2014

        ^but thats HER title tho lol… nobody else has named an album “pink friday”

  42. Rosie May 1, 2014

    Not “The Elusive Chanteuse.” The other title was much more accurate and less tacky.

  43. Skyfall May 1, 2014

    Yes, I’m so exited.

  44. Skyfall May 1, 2014

    Since we want to talk about copying, explain why Beyonce copied Mariah with having a darker alter ego

    • Skyfall May 1, 2014

      Or maybe she got the alter ego thing from David Bowie considering she stole his surprise album idea

    • Stephy May 1, 2014

      Yes, the nerve of the Bey Hive talking about copying! When Beyonce (whom I respect & love) steals from EVERYONE!

  45. Wendy Williams’ Truth Tea May 1, 2014

    Failed title just like Memoirs…I couldnt agree more.

    She made so much hype about ‘Beautiful’ before its release. Interviews, Tweets, a countdown on Facebook..etc. Well the song comes out and its mediocre as f*ck !!!

    Anyone who bought hers single since Memoirs should have every right to feel duked. It clearly wasn’t released in the interest of a good listen but rather for her to sing in few award shows.


  46. Dossome May 1, 2014

    I’m so excited..This tracklist screams pure Art…I know we’ll get a gospel track that slaaaaaaaaays

  47. Skyfall May 1, 2014

    a female singer of popular songs, especially in a nightclub.

  48. Flake Like Lady Gaga May 1, 2014

    Gone are the days when Gaga was named the final heir to the throne of Queen of R&B.Today, the press and the critics take their statements with suspicion which exaggerates its music and its importance in the art world.

    Why don’t we as a community, support the people in the entertainment industry who DESERVE our support rather than throwing out $ to this overrated and “manufactured musician”. I gave her a fair chance in the beginning, but I can’t stand liars, phonies and attention w**** like Lady Gaga.

  49. Mizz Jay May 1, 2014

    Mamariah is spiraling downward from her music to the publics demand for it. I bought E=Mc2 thinking it was going to be a great album all it’s doing now is collecting dust. Tried to take it to Zia- reseller record shop to sell it they won’t take it because they already have like a zillion copies for 2.99! To my disappointment I ended buying Adele and Beyonce’s.

    Never again!

  50. Mizz Jay May 1, 2014

    I agree, Mooriah Scarey’s killing her own career by acting like self-absorbed diva.
    Why is Beyonce doing so well? Beyonce seems like a nice person, is grateful and polite to the TRUE queen of pop Madonna,Jlo, Gaga, Nicki and Katy genuinely comes off as grateful and humble as does Rihanna.
    Mooriah needs to learn a thing or two stat because her pop days are numbered. She hasn’t even had a lot of hits under her belt and allows herself to be called “the voice” :lol:. She’s falling fast, and not just off the charts. Karma I guess.


  51. Dossome May 1, 2014

    If Mariah can have so much effect on you to warrant multiple accounts saying you don’t care…THEN YOU REALLY CARE

  52. Dossome May 1, 2014

    Byeee Samantha

    • Dossome May 1, 2014

      That’s for Miss Jay creature

  53. Talentstan May 1, 2014

    Omg @ #14 yessss GOSPELriah!!! 2014 will be the year of good music! MARIAH, USHER, JAZMINE SULLIVAN, JOJO, BRANDY, JANET(?), RIHANNA, MIGUEL, FRANK OCEAN …. My body is ready!!!

  54. Barb B**** May 1, 2014

    I am… mariah? Beyonce is really inspiring her this era.

  55. GREEKGOD May 1, 2014

    I forgot all about the Angels Advocate album

  56. Barb B**** May 1, 2014

    And that album looks like something shes done 1000x before. Shes not creative at all.

  57. iBobbyDeluxe May 1, 2014

    Why do you stans have to be so combative about everything like we get it you love your fav but why attack another fan base though??? Smh…..Anyway I’m getting a very Butterfly vibe with this album (and we all know that was her BEST album) whether this album sells or not it will be played on my playlist

  58. Bey Fan May 1, 2014

    Mary and Mariah…. oh im excited.

  59. BBA May 1, 2014

    This b**** literally lives on a planet of her own. The entire world is mocking her and this ridiculous title on Twitter today. Everything she’s released since Emancipation has been a slap in the face to her legacy.

  60. Knowles Carter May 1, 2014

    Beyonce’s impact!!

  61. Spunkypoop May 1, 2014

    She better come wit it now. (Janet voice) I’m loving the artwork and tracklisting… Especially the Mariah and Mary J. duet. Go Mariah! Go Mariah! I will say this as a side note…. She has got to be the MOST INSECURE LEGEND THERE IS…. We all know her body DOES NOT look like that and she ought ta Quit it! But anyway I can’t wait to get it.

  62. She is May 1, 2014

    #9 on iTunes if she releases a single May6 and it’s one of the faves that others have been talking about…. Let’s just Mariah may have a good return and a good album. Don’t count her out. Don’t fight or hate. Sit back and possible enjoy some good music.

  63. Suicide Blonde May 1, 2014

    Can’t wait to hear all the songs.

  64. Just sayin May 1, 2014

    Just saying about the album cover. People nick pick about Photoshop but these images are art. Think about paintings. It’s the same thing. It’s not supposed to always look like a basic image. It’s art

  65. That’s Stupid B**** May 1, 2014

    Everybody knows how this 70-year old cow’s body looks like in real life . She doesn’t have a waistline, so who is she kidding with that photoshopped picture?

    Yawn 🙁

  66. …….. May 1, 2014

    This fatso is so unoriginal, delusional & ready to perform in Vegas stripper club.

  67. The Art of Falling Asleep May 1, 2014

    That is one awful album title. It’s like she had multiple titles in mind and couldn’t decide so she just merged them into one.

  68. Toto May 1, 2014

    Can’t wait. Her albums are always gem ! Perfect masterpieces. I’m not happy about the airbrushed bathing suite cover though. Oh well. I buy music for the quality, not the album cover.

  69. Filthy May 1, 2014

    BeYAWNce fans talking about copying and stealing. . . LMAO !!!!

  70. Next?????? May 1, 2014

    Charmbracelet era…once again. RIP

  71. whut May 1, 2014

    I’m here for it. Looks like a well put together body of work. I think she’s gonna shock everybody and sell really well.

  72. gina May 1, 2014

    Love the tracklist, hate the covers. Not sure how I feel about the title, but I’m still buying it!

  73. JER May 1, 2014

    The most interesting thing here is that 2 songs from a previous album AKA the scrapped Angel’s Advocate remix album are on the deluxe. Which is just odd to me

    • Just sayin May 1, 2014

      It’s not really odd. Mariah always said in interviews she wanted her fans to hear the Mary duet. So, it’s no surprise she is putting it on this album. Other artist have done this Kelis and Robin Thicke to name a couple. And those songs were released prior on other albums. So my points is it’s not as in common as one may think

  74. ROSEGOLD May 1, 2014

    Mariah never disappoints with the album titles, does she? LOL….

  75. Just sayin May 1, 2014

    #7 on iTunes

  76. #icant May 1, 2014

    its #9 on the pre-orders and was trending worldwide! never underestimate the queen!!she doing some made promo 4 magazine covers in one week and gma performances #getem

    • So Stupid May 1, 2014

      Lambs are celebrating just like Gaga;s Monsters before Artpop. The fact is… 258k 1st week sales despite #1 on pre-orders.


      • Say whaaaat May 1, 2014

        How is 258K first week considered a flop? You’re quick to troll without looking at the facts at hand sit ya ass down you nonentity

  77. MC!! May 1, 2014

    whats the difference between this and the emanicipation of mimi album cover absolutely nothing idk why everyone is trippin’ Dont judge an album by its cover!

  78. Brandys Starr May 1, 2014

    Reminds me of Beyonces album title

  79. beyugly May 1, 2014

    I am here for this. The tracklist looks promising.Mariah makes good music unlike fraudyonce.The hives got some nerves calling Mariah out for copying when copyonce’s whole era is based off of Rihanna…Copying The Monster tour with her ugly husband and that TTT rip off.

  80. Jess May 1, 2014

    Yup! Definitely giving me Beyonce vibes.

  81. Brian310 May 1, 2014

    I don’t know how well this album will do, I wish her nothing but success. I will wait until I hear the album before I make any kind of judgment or decide to spend my money to purchase it.

  82. TC!!!! May 1, 2014

    “But lastly, and most importantly? When your new record is your fourteenth studio album, you’ve earned the right to call it whatever you want.”-Time magazine on Mariah’s New album title.

    and beyonce stans…

    Bianca-1999, Lambs-1998/1999
    Sasha FIERCE-2008, Beyhive 2011 who’s copying who now???

    because mariah been had an alter ego and was the first singer to give her fans an actual NAME!!

    and beyonce is called I AM SASHA FIERCE “gimmick”
    mariah’s is called ME-I AM MARIAH: The elusive Chantuese
    shes didnt have to hide behind alter ego or character she really used herself!!!!! LEGAL NAME AND ALL!

  83. Tyo May 1, 2014

    where’s ‘Triumphant’?

  84. Lolo May 1, 2014

    lets judge her album by the second week sales… 😀

  85. So Stupid May 1, 2014

    150k-180k 1st week sales in the US…wanna bet?

  86. Breece May 1, 2014

    Tell me the background don’t remind you of the Moesha
    opening credits when
    she was standing in front of the sunset in
    the newer seasons lol .
    No shade to bran , all shade to Mariah

  87. Slick May 1, 2014

    I wonder if she is going to have a gospel track, they are always one of her best songs on her albums.

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