Tamar Braxton Covers Upscale Magazine

Published: Friday 13th Jun 2014 by Sam

With Tamar Braxton‘s career on an upward swing, the star fittingly covers the July 2014 issue of Upscale Magazine.

The singer, talk show host, and reality TV maven is currently prepping a return to the small screen with a slew of shows.

First up is WE tv’s ‘Braxton Family Values’, which makes its comeback in August. A month later, Ms. She, Me, Her will re-join her co-anchors on FOX‘s new daytime talker ‘The Real’ – which, after a test season last Summer, is back for a full season run on September 15th. Later this year, ‘Tamar & Vince’ also makes a return – with this season having a heavy focus on the recording of the follow-up to Braxton’s debut album ‘In Love & War’.

Needless to say, it’s busy times for this Braxton.

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  1. Molly June 13, 2014


    • ibbichlexbxcb June 13, 2014

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  2. Heee June 13, 2014

    A muppet with a blonde wig

  3. Skyfall June 13, 2014

    Love Tamar, can’t wait for her to be back on my screen and yass I need follow up album

  4. IStanForYourFav June 13, 2014

    Love & War is not her debut album. Good luck Tae. Looks like checks are in your future.

  5. llawrence June 13, 2014


    • Meandi June 21, 2014

      It’s only u and a few that call her a muppet along It’s only you and a few in which yoIt’s only you and a Few that call herAll don’t matter anyway. If you know your entertainment business you feed your audience what they read so upscale maz is a White audi audiencE. why you worry why Vince let her do that the same reason Jay Z tell B what to do. Only differ Tay ain’t Fake and Weak. You and others keep the hate on Tay going and what have she done to you. Not A Damn Thing but go to Work. It would have been the same if they Had Ask Bey to b on the cover. That Donkey that got the name calling of Tay need to get her life and stop calling names so immature now she do look like a dwarf Donkey with a big a** and mouth so get the Looks Right. Keep it Grown and leave Tay alone pls

      • llawrence June 21, 2014

        Wow you really think people are calling the muppet a muppet cause of K, not the case she really looks like a muppet. It is her industry name trust me I have heard it said that k. may have started it but when anyone refers to her they call her miss piggy, drag queen or muppet. You keep trying to put Tamar on the same level as Bey and it is making you sound stupid. Tamar is on the level of those 2 tricks she was with at the radio station, they are reality show h***, they all have been nominated (never won) a grammy, they all have had one song that was good. And all 3 of them have been in the game for years and they still are not hot. You said Bey is worried about the muppet taking her fame I guess you haven’t heard the news Bey’s tour has been named the highest selling tour this year and it is 95% sold out, and that’s because they added 1 more show in Paris, and 2 more shows in the states so that 19 shows, Bey’s album is double platinum, Tamar’s tour only a few places had about 1 thousand people, the show in Tamars hometown Bey sold it out with 55 thousand people. Bey just put out a new perfume and go look at the comments nobody called her ugly or a muppet in a wig or a wannabee. You need to check your facts cause Vince does owe the IRS it is public record and if it is not true then he can sue TMZ cause they showed the IRS documents on national TV. Stop trying to put the muppet on a level she will never be on.

  6. GoodMusicLover June 13, 2014

    She making all this money but ain’t gone pay them taxes.

    • Meandi June 21, 2014

      Who said that Tay don’t pay her taxes? Lies you tell and that was about Vince in which that was a Lie and it cleared Fast. You can’t believe everything you read on these sites. Take care of your business and TandV will take care of theirs!How so I hope uyou don’t beleive

      • llawrence June 21, 2014

        Tell Vince he can sue TMZ, RADARONLINE, B*****.COM, MEDIATAKEOUT, BET.COM HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD.CO and many more cause they all put the IRS document out for the public to see and if it was not true big mouth muppet would have been on every radio station TV and IG, and social media saying it was a lie, so let’s keep it real the IRS would be coming after these people if it was not true. Stop thinking people are hating on the muppet they are just repying to the facts. One thing is for sure Vince was not in the media for anything about his weight his money until he got with the muppet.

  7. whut June 13, 2014

    I like Tamar, but that picture is horrible.

    • Meandi June 21, 2014

      The whole spread is very nice looks Mediterranean style. People that don’t like her made a big deal out of it but guess what SHE got PAID$$$$. It’s a differ of readers with this maz just like any other maz as Essence,Seventeen,sports,etc. see all the pic and read the article then u would understand the Cover. Thanks

      • llawrence June 21, 2014

        The topic is the cover and as you can see the people are commenting on the cover. Reading the inside of the magazine is not going to stop people from saying that she is ugly, a muppet in a wig, they are commenting on what they see and they see ugly. I don’t even know Tamar I have seen her at some events and there is nothing about her that I would want, in the industry she is not a liked people like Toni. I had a problem with the muppet when she made a comment on Blue’s hair, and as you can see looks of other people did too. The one thing is for sure if your ugly you are just ugly. If I get another email about the muppet or anybody else I will speak my mind. Find something else to do then coming for people on the internet about the muppet cause they are always going to have something to say good or bad.

  8. That Wig June 13, 2014

    Wig is horrible

  9. Mimi carey June 13, 2014

    Hideously ugly 🙁 No beauty at all!!!

  10. QueenRoyale June 13, 2014

    Tamar is hated by a lot in the industry because she likes to name drop
    and diss her peers her man gives her the cockiness in the music bizz she has a drag queen paint her face n she’s ugly without all that cake girl bye!

    • Meandi June 21, 2014

      Who you listening to Tamar have more Friends and Family in this business than the most popular so get that Mess Correct. U need to Stop listening to those HATERS!!

  11. llawrence June 14, 2014

    Stop you just made me almost choke on my food. lol lol. but the one thing is for sure you said nothing but the real truth.

    • Meandi June 21, 2014

      Where can I find that truth you speak of or you too believe everything you read on these sites. It’s so sad if you do. But one thing I notice that someone brought it to my attention that you are a Tamar Hater girl you are ALL over the Sites when it come to Tamar. She pee you comment ,she say hello wrong you all over her and pls don’t let Tay say the Bword oh he’ll break out of you like you know these people if you did they would not Like you for the way you TALK. You need to Stop keeping these Rumors going and lying on people. You don’t live in their shadow and sho not they life. Do you know the difference between the Truth or a Lie? Keep it real and not this Messey A** Stories you Tell!! Untill you can answer(What have Tay Done to You?) you mad after all you say she still get Paid. You mad about something when it comes to Tay.

      • llawrence June 21, 2014

        Wow you really are stupid I told your dumb ass once I have friends that own sites and they email me what going on in the industry trust me nobody is checking for the muppet. Since you are the one that is following me then you would know I comment on a lot of other topics. Do you see that I am not the only one talking about the muppet. Girl like I told you the muppet don’t have nothing I want. I am not fake, I don’t wear wigs I have my own natural hair down my back , I have a great body and no work done on it. My husband is not fat, I didn’t sleep with a lot of men in the industry yea everybody knows that the muppet has been with a lot of men in the industry you can check that out it is public record, I only been married once not twice like the muppet. So if I am hating on the muppet then I must be crazy cause I have a way better life then the muppet. It looks like you are the only fan the muppet has cause you are the only one on this site to check everybody on here cause they speak the truth go sit down and stay off the internet cause people are always going to drag the muppet.

  12. llawrence June 21, 2014

    Hey Mendi, I just got an email saying Tamar did an open pen letter that is the title of the topic and they are dragging the hell out of her. So I guess they are haters too. A little advice for you do go after them they will eat you alive.

  13. llawrence June 21, 2014

    She got paid for that then tell her to buy some new outfits and quit trying to dress like Beyoncé. And get back on her meds so she don’t have anymore meltdowns.

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