New Video: Nicki Minaj – ‘Pills N Potions’

Published: Tuesday 10th Jun 2014 by Rashad
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Fans in need of a Nicki Minaj-fix will finally get their remedy via the video to her latest single ‘Pills N Potions’.

Indeed, the rap/sung number, resting at #42 on the Hot 100 as of time reporting, has seen its accompanying visual teased via a few guest spots along the likes of ‘Kelly & Michael’ and more.

Now, the bate of Barbz can rest as the video has finally arrived in its entirety.  Co-starring fellow rapper The Game, tuck in and tell us if this clip is exactly what Minaj needs to awaken interest in this sleeper hit:

Your thoughts?

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  1. gbs June 10, 2014

    LOVE Nicki. But this song sucks.

    • Belladonna1363 June 10, 2014

      I don’t think it sucks. But I do think as far as R&B songs go its a bit to slow for most people to get in to. But the video is original & that’s all you can askes for when the Artist clearly doesn’t want a Hot 100 number1

  2. Madame aguilera June 10, 2014

    Not bad. This song kinda reminds of “your love” for some reason, but with that being said the video is not bad a little basic (no shade) but not bad.

  3. truthhurtz June 10, 2014

    Ive tried enjoy this song but ..its just not happening, and then thought maybe the video could help, clearly I was mam no ham couldve kept this!! HATED IT!!

  4. Shaytan June 10, 2014

    I was a huge fan of the single at first but I lost interest after 1 week. I was hoping the video would help revive interest but if anything it nailed the coffin closed. It seems her team realized this wasn’t a good single and just made a buzz single video. It was uneventful boring and not creative.

    • KatyKadet June 10, 2014

      Not when the video was shot BEFORE the song came out babe.

    • NickiBeenBad June 10, 2014

      Nice try s***. The video was done even before any of us heard the single so this is EXACTLY what she wanted it to look like.

      • truth June 10, 2014

        Like the FLOP she is. FLOOOOOOP!!!

  5. Navy Nick June 10, 2014

    I liked it… cute

  6. NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014


    • truth June 10, 2014

      She just slayed her career chile

  7. BarbieGworl June 10, 2014

    TGJ lol. Don’t you sleep? Homegirl just put this out and I come here a minute later and y’all already got it up. Love yall for this s***.

    • truth June 10, 2014

      Y? It sucks ass

  8. Teacher June 10, 2014

    Yeeesssss for the product placement! Bye Nicki! I like the song tho!

  9. Skyfall June 10, 2014

    I actually liked the video, she so stunning like wow breathtaking I almost forgot how beautiful she was during PFRR era with all the crazy makeup and s***. For the song I see it going at least top 20 maybe even top 10 when you put sales,radio airplay, and streams into play.

    • truth June 10, 2014

      U stan for a fat ho soooo….

  10. Proud-Arianator June 10, 2014

    Some where out there Iggy is holding on tightly to her wig because she knows SLAYki minaj is coming for it cute video I got love for Nicki but Ariana’s Problems video is the best video to come out of 2014 so far

    • FutureCIARA June 10, 2014


      The “Problem” video was the worst Disappointment video of 2014.

    • truth June 10, 2014

      Iggy is hardly bothered

    • K June 10, 2014

      Nicki is doing her thing,why do you think Nicki is going ofter anyone why someone you love to put people against each other to start sh!t f-cking drama queen it,s getting annoying now.

  11. Yea ok June 10, 2014



  12. Yea ok June 10, 2014

    All I got from this is that her and her arch nemesis Mariah can flop hard together.

  13. athena thee rap goddess June 10, 2014

    Yes Nicki, yasss man!

    just beautiful, and still wearing that Crown #queen

    • truth June 10, 2014

      Wake up

  14. Katycat June 10, 2014

    I’m kinda startin’ to like the song and the video is cute but it summertime we need some up tempo banger
    I am still waiting for a real successor to drunk in love a real hot urban song

  15. FutureCIARA June 10, 2014

    Boring video for a cute song with cheap effects….

    Her Make-up artist should get a raise though!

  16. BEYFLAWLESS June 10, 2014

    it ok but i would see this from a broke artist

  17. BEYFLAWLESS June 10, 2014

    but u look good

  18. All My Bad B!tches Do It… June 10, 2014

    Song sucks tbh. It does remind me of “Right Thru Me” and “Your Love.”

    Nicki keeps on giving these new rap bxtches chances and now she got Iggy destroying her. Soon, Azealia Banks will take over.

    Watch out for “Wallace” it’ll make its debut on July 1st!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014

      iggy destroying nicki? where?

      • All My Bad B!tches Do It… June 10, 2014

        According to Billboard Nicki doesn’t got a #1 hit on the 100 charts, and Ewwy I mean Iggy has one that has stayed for about 2 or 3 weeks on the chart at #1 with that Da Brat influence song “Fancy.”

        Now, don’t get all defensive with me and tell me about Nicki’s discography and whatever crap. I’m just talking about Iggy’s accomplishment; not my own. My accomplishment will NOT be observing other peoples achievements at home. So bye, because I got University to attend to; I got my life together. Now how about you?

      • NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014


      • All My Bad B!tches Do It… June 10, 2014

        According to Billboard Nicki doesn’t got a #1 hit on the 100 charts, and Ewwy I mean Iggy has one that has stayed for about 2 or 3 weeks on the chart at #1 with that Da Brat influence song “Fancy.”

        Now, don’t get all defensive with me and tell me about Nicki’s discography and whatever crap. I’m just talking about Iggy’s accomplishment; not my own. My accomplishment will NOT be observing other peoples achievements at home. So bye because unlike you I got University to attend to and other goals. I guess you can say I got my life together. Now how about you?

      • All My Bad B!tches Do It… June 10, 2014

        You dodged my question. Do you got a job? Are you achieving your OWN accomplishments/Goals? Other than patrolling and arguing with people on here about someone who doesn’t know you.


      • NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014


    • King B June 10, 2014

      B**** Puuuuuhlease fancy won’t be bigger than superbas or starship and nicki actually SOLD ALBUMS I am a fan of iggy because she opened for the Queen in her Australian leg of her tour but let not get it twisted she is not there yet she might someday but not yet I am rally worried about her longevity because of how her Stan and herself acts as if she was already an household name humble urself people

    • K June 10, 2014

      All My Bad B!tches Do It. stop talking cr-p so some artist got a #1 song now she is running the game in your sight wow,i wouldn’t be suprsing if you are stanning for iggy now unloyal motherf-ckers.

  19. Me.I Am MoJo JoJo Blige June 10, 2014

    Im Startin’ To See A New Agenda On How Music Videos Are Bein’ Made Nowadayd! Jus Like Telephone, Diamonds, G.U.Y, Take Care, Ghost, Pills N Potions, Etc., You Have To Be On Drugs To Understand Why Things Are The Way They Are. It May Not Make Sense To U Now Tht Ur Sober, But Like Lady Gaga Said “Try Smoke Some Acid” & It Will Make A Lot Of Sense. Its Like Psychological

    • NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014

      wtf… that was clearly an e-cig right?

      • Me.I Am MoJo JoJo Blige June 10, 2014

        Whts Ur Point?

    • King B June 10, 2014

      Not on drugs more like smokin’ a joint the ghost/haunted is deep as duck when ur high

    • really?! June 10, 2014

      @Me.I Am MoJo JoJo Blige, I have never tried any of the drugs you listed but I can say that weed and even alcohol used to bring out the best in most music videos for me. I know exactly what you’re talking about!

  20. Me.I Am MoJo JoJo Blige June 10, 2014

    Whts ur Point?

  21. Del Bey June 10, 2014

    I love me some nicki I do but this song is slightly underwhelming, and the video has some really good visuals but it was kind of odd, and not in a good way.
    But I need nicki to jump on a few verses, release a hardcore second single and stomp iggy back into the ground

    • really?! June 10, 2014

      @Del Bey, I’m afraid It’s too late. You can’t be a gimmick, switch back to normal and expect the same results from consumers. It doesn’t work that way anymore! Gaga and Nicki are both paying the price. Unless you stay on tour, perform at big events, model, or have little but not too much negative press, the new generation will forget all about you!

  22. Minaj21 June 10, 2014

    Love her so much

    • NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014


  23. Skyfall June 10, 2014

    Iggy has a LOOONG way to. Yeah she has a #1 but what good is it when it’s not pushing the album sales.

    • NICKI IS QUEEN June 10, 2014


  24. did ya say bieber,gaga,miley,beyonce,one direction,rita ora or austin mahone..(allah reigns supreme) June 10, 2014

    luh nicki be out but iggy dang aint i see her goin anywhere…the be more space for lotta rap chic,ya dont need to put em againt wun another

  25. truth June 10, 2014


  26. ontherun June 10, 2014

    I love her and she looks beautiful but the video is a bit uneventful and boring

  27. Royalkev June 10, 2014

    I wanted to like this video, but I just don’t. Nicki still looks amazing in this clip tho! This song is just not sticking (and I liked it when it first dropped). It’s ok tho, it’s probably the only song she released recently that I’m not really feeling.

  28. K June 10, 2014

    i like the song and video,in my opinion it,s different from all the other stuff she did. people talking about they want some uptempo this and that because that other chick is doing something that Nicki already did pff,Nicki is doing something different.and i like it i know what nicki is capable of she can do it all.

  29. nicko June 10, 2014

    Its not her best video but she looked HOT and the song rose on itunes since she released it.

    • truth June 10, 2014

      Y u lying? It TANKED since its release…u dry pusssy ho

  30. Mark111 June 10, 2014

    I like the song and the video. Simple and has meaning.

  31. Stephon June 10, 2014

    She looked stunning…

  32. Rosie June 10, 2014

    An absolute mess. Iggy remains unbothered.
    At least she didn’t look like a goblin in this video.

  33. Iamdiego June 10, 2014

    She distracted us with her titties but where did her ass go? #death at all the crazy ppl to run and buy some ass then nicky (the queen of ass) gets her’s removed lol. she looks really good but the song is a snoozer. Its summer time.

  34. yasssssssssss B**** June 10, 2014

    gurl bye the video was trash,looked very cheap looks like she payed for ti with product placements #girlno

  35. HowUDoin June 11, 2014

    The Game is something s*** to look at. Next time just remove the pants. Lol
    Damn two very s*** people should f***. Too bad once again Kim Had him first Blah Hahaha

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