Watch: Michelle Williams Visits ‘106 & Park’ / Talks New Single & Album

Published: Saturday 21st Jun 2014 by Sam

Vocal powerhouse Michelle Williams is riding the wave of success with new single ‘Say Yes’.

The Beyonce and Kelly Rowland assisted number continues to build buzz online and beyond and has created the perfect hurricane of hype for Williams’ upcoming new album ‘Journey To Freedom’.

Confirmed for a September 9th release, the songbird stopped by BET’s banner show 106 & Park to dish on the LP and, of course, ‘Say Yes’.

Check it out below…

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  1. Cici’s goodies June 21, 2014


    • Crooked Dupri June 21, 2014

      Clearly no one knows her if it only has 2 comments. Lol

      • DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

        Might be but your bitchh ass do since you commented lol

      • Crooked Dupri June 21, 2014

        Yes I do. Is there a problem? She’s the girl from Destiny’s Child!

    • DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

      Oh Lawd! Not a FLOP Stan throwing who shade kiii kiii. #FIX IT JESUS

      • Crooked Dupri June 21, 2014

        So, is like talking trash the only thing your good at in life. That’s what it seems like. Why won’t you just mind your business, and don’t worry about me. Wanna be the bigger person? Don’t reply to what I say. U love drama? Don’t you.

      • DIGGER BEY June 22, 2014

        Kii I may luv drama but I see u luv seeeeeeeething over others achievements. #STAY N UR LANE BITCHH

    • mfdjdfndsg June 21, 2014

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  2. The Great Lacefronce. June 21, 2014

    Thiefonce on a gospel song after her latest pornography album how ironic

    • Crooked Dupri June 21, 2014

      Uh, lol! I don’t like beyonce either.

      • DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

        If u don’t like THE QUEEN, then why did your crusty elderly fingers hit that keyboard to comment and say her name???

      • IStanForYourFav June 21, 2014

        @Digger Bey It’s a blog. He can do whatever you want.

      • DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

        Umm @ I Stan. I don’t think I was talking to you. #GOOD BYE

      • Crooked Dupri June 21, 2014

        Oh shut up, your ugly ass!

      • DIGGER BEY June 22, 2014

        Kii U mad kiii

    • DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

      No Thot of The Industry Stan should be using the word porno kiii

  3. Stephy Tha Lambily June 21, 2014


  4. Saywerd June 21, 2014

    Please perform this on the gospel segment of the BET AWARDS!!

  5. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 21, 2014

    Can they remove this Yolanda Adams wannabe posts off this site? She’s such a flop. I’m over her so called gospel music after seeing shake her Rupaulish figure on Survivor

    • D-money June 21, 2014

      Survivor 2001

      Say Yes 2014

      People can give change or nah?

      • D-money June 21, 2014

        People can change*

      • DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

        Don’t try an explain anything to that Devil. He doesn’t like Any gospel music.

      • Crooked Dupri June 21, 2014

        And all you like is “desperate for attention” I mean, Beyonce.

      • DIGGER BEY June 22, 2014

        Boi take your seeeeeething second grade ass outta here

  6. IStanForYourFav June 21, 2014

    Michelle is such a SWEET, genuine girl… How can anyone hate her? Her tone is so distinctive, so rich, so purely gospel, how can anyone hate her? Flop or not, she is pretty and talented. She deserves any bit of success she has. She will get her gospel crown, because when Jesus says yes, no one can say no! #GiveGodSomeGlory

  7. DIGGER BEY June 21, 2014

    BET needs to approach Michelle about performing @ The BET Awards.

  8. Kisses Down Low June 21, 2014

    Love me some Chelle!

    • Timago June 22, 2014


  9. Bam Bam June 21, 2014

    Love Chelle # SayYes

    • Timago June 22, 2014


  10. truth June 21, 2014

    Vocal powerhouse ? LMAO

  11. Licorice June 21, 2014

    Why is Beyoncé working with irrelevant people? I guess after xo flop she doing what ever she has to stay in the public eye?

  12. FutureCIARA June 22, 2014

    Slaychelle !!!

    • Timago June 22, 2014

      It’s FLOPCHELLE, ho. Get it right.

  13. Timago June 22, 2014

    Flopchelle Williams.

    Journey to FLOPDOM.

  14. Timago June 22, 2014


  15. Dossome June 22, 2014

    Sorry,this song is just too juvenile imo

  16. Timago June 22, 2014


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