Danity Kane Album Blasts Into iTunes Top 20

Published: Friday 26th Sep 2014 by Sam


Perhaps that’s what Danity Kane should have christened their third (and presumably final) album.

The set, which was confirmed yesterday to be titled ‘DK3’, is due for release on October 28th – three months after the band imploded amidst ample drama.

And while fans are still licking the wounds of the group’s second split, the LP’s release is clearly being received as the best consolation.

For, just hours after going up for pre-order the ‘Lemonade’ led set has rocketed into the iTunes top 20.

Details below…

As at writing, ‘DK3’ sits at #17 on the album tally of the digital store.

It’s an incredibly impressive feat, out of the gate. Especially given their current predicament.

Maybe just maybe, this will serve as a catalyst for the trio to realize the reality that there is still an audience for them – which we’re not so sure is the case for them solo.

Anyway, great to see the music off to a solid commercial start. Here’s hoping the number holds up!

Your thoughts?

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  1. FireWithin September 26, 2014

    NOT all their fans rushing to iTunes to preorder the album and then, when it’ll be released, no1 will be left to buy it. Watch it serving 35k sales and burning down in flames.

    • surrlinzae September 26, 2014

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    • NOANGEL. September 26, 2014

      Even if it sells 37k in sales first that is an amazing outcome giving that they’re independent. Like do you people who post on here think clearly and logically before y’all type stupid s*** or nah

  2. NT September 26, 2014

    I’m really excited for the album, and i pre ordered it but do you know how few copies you have to sell to be no.17?

  3. tits mcgee September 26, 2014

    Well at least the people who wrote the songs and
    produced the album will recoup their investment.

    Good luck to Shannon…

  4. Beysus September 26, 2014

    DK3??? Bit like DC3… *sips tea*

    • DK3 stan September 26, 2014

      Like DC3 copied off of en vogue – EV3?

      • Beysus September 26, 2014

        Who cares about that???

      • Mark111 September 26, 2014

        bloop! Everyone knows that Dc was a wanna be En Vogue.

  5. Realyonce September 26, 2014

    Wait… Not intros/interludes on their album? The snippets I heard don’t even sound mastered… Smh this seems rushed and I feel like there are more songs and stuff that were supposed to be on it. Oh well.

    • Janet1814 September 26, 2014

      I remember hearing a snippet of an awesome banger like Lemonade but somehow that hasn’t ended up on the album…

  6. BoyToy1814 September 26, 2014

    Snatching wigs worldwide & album has’nt been released!!! #ShowStoppers #DK3

  7. The Wig Snatcher September 26, 2014

    That Grape is the ONLY “urban” music and “entertainment” that hasn’t reported Beyonce’s On The Flop TV ratings from over the weekend. Interesting since this is a “fair” and “balanced” blog. #sips

    • Kim Kardashian Stan September 26, 2014

      Lol oops

  8. Fakeage September 26, 2014

    . Talk about promo! If they are willing to fake an entire reality show than why not do whatever it takes to get people talking and buying this album. As for now I don’t anything that comes from either one of these Destinys child wanna be’s. The whole ‘fight’ thing was a marketing scheme

    • Fakeage September 26, 2014

      *i don’t BELIEVE anything*

    • SMH September 26, 2014

      Let’s not act like Destiny’s Child didn’t fake fights to sell records either.

      • Kim Kardashian Stan September 26, 2014

        ima survivor kii

  9. SMH September 26, 2014

    Well good for them. I’ll admit it, i like them, and i thought they had the potential to be the next big girl group. Hope it does well for them.

  10. DESTINYS CHILD September 26, 2014

    Top 20 in iTunes means nothing….

  11. Kim Kardashian Stan September 26, 2014


    • Cupidsego September 26, 2014

      Not sure which network the kardashians air on but I’m sure a lot more people have access to that network oppose to HBO. Those aren’t bad numbers of you take some time to actually think.

      • LB September 26, 2014

        No babe, they are not bad numbers, they are HORRIBLE numbers. I cannot believe people would rather watch Spongebob, reruns and South Park than that show, that is just way too hilarious

      • Kim Kardashian Stan September 26, 2014

        LB go to the crisette michelle post applause is dragging bey

      • Kim Kardashian Stan September 26, 2014

        The views are still terrible for 2 big ass stars who been in the game 15+ years even gaga HBO special did better

  12. JCP September 26, 2014

    I pre-ordered the audio CD from Amazon. Looking forward to the album!

  13. Cupidsego September 26, 2014

    #13 now

  14. LB September 26, 2014

    Well good for them, 35K is my prediction

  15. whoiam September 26, 2014

    TGJ over hyping whats happening to DK again, should you not give it a few days to see where it settles & if it sustains it position remember these are pre orders for the album. Isn’t the single a better guide I’m assuming that you can buy that now off itunes & that is at #93 moving up, but thats the same you have to give it a day or two to have a better idea. That person who commented about snatching wigs around the world, you’ve got a low bar if charting in the 100’s in a few countries is snatching wigs. I stick with my prediction for the album 25k & the single if it has been released now, I will predict 10k

  16. whoiam September 26, 2014

    When it is release in 4 weeks time, 40k-50k is very good,30k-40k is good 20k-30k alright under 20k poor. If they could get over 50k that would be amazing. But I reckon they have a chance of getting into the Billboard 200 albums top 10 which would be good promo for them.

  17. FutureCIARA September 26, 2014

    CHAWLD The hive stays living in denial when it comes to those FLOPP HBO ratings…. Just like they were in denial about that whole Royal Rumble in that Elevator.

    Hell even they cant believe that the mess ONLY garnered 800k watchers,

    • #Wining September 26, 2014

      Clearly you watched though…
      And you are a huge supporter. You are so worried about bey & the hive.

  18. D. Woods Edges September 26, 2014

    They have incredible fans

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