Rihanna Curses At CBS Following Ray Rice Song-Pulling Drama

Published: Tuesday 16th Sep 2014 by David


After learning her Jay Z-led number ‘Run this Town’ was to feature in CBS’ ‘ NFL Thursday Night Football’ telecast, ‘Let Me’ singer Rihanna has slammed the network’s decision to pull the song from the airing…in response to Ray Rice‘s recent assault on his then-fiancee Janay.

Her reaction below…

CBS’ decision to alter the format was announced after Entertainment outlet TMZ released footage of the NFL star punching his partner in the face, and pulling her out of an elevator following an argument alleged to have been about ‘VII’ singer Teyana Taylor.

Unfortunately for Rihanna, the attack she suffered at the hands of Chris Brown in 2009 stood as one of the reasons her song was pulled from the final edit, causing some critics to slam the network for “punishing” the star for the actions of both Rice and Brown.

Then today, after keeping mum on the matter for days, she clapped back herself with:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 13.15.15

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 13.15.23

Do you agree with her?

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  1. Metzo September 16, 2014

    LMFAOO. K.

    • mekaela September 16, 2014

      CBS is a pos they let janet take the
      Fall for justin and the whole thing
      Now they want to f*** with rih those
      Men who run that network are bias and
      In it for money the NFL is about men
      Not respecting women and children I guess
      If rih had abuse brown they would have
      Played is song I’m glad rih is speaking
      Now I felt she kept quiet too long
      Stand up rih I applaud u for this
      Chris Brown did abuse you and u were
      A victim don’t let these people especially
      Black people say otherwise because
      We know they will defend r Kelly and
      Any man who beat r*** kids and women
      Because he black # you go rihanna

      • Pete September 19, 2014

        they are all in it for the money including rihanna.

    • presaereloa September 16, 2014

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  2. The Wig Snatcher September 16, 2014

    That’s right, Queen Rih! Let those hypocrites have it.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) September 16, 2014


  3. The Wig Snatcher September 16, 2014

    It’s funny how Rihanna’s name keeps getting brought up over the subject of domestic abuse, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z have to stage domestic violence and marriage problems in order to sell concert tickets and music. ¡Que lástima!

    • Eloviano September 16, 2014

      @The Wig Snatcher receipts of Bey & Jay “staging” domestic violence and marital problems. The OTR tour was poised to do well considering it featured music royalty, the elevatorgate incident poised to do more harm than good considering the couples notorious privacy.

      • SMH September 16, 2014

        Is it crowded in that bubble you beyonce fans live in?

    • Metzo September 16, 2014

      LOL!! But when that happened, y’all were hoping amd praying that there were trouble in their wit marriage and that they were faking having a great marriage to sell tickets.. Lmao. You haters are miserable. Make up your mind.

    • Everyone’s A Critic September 16, 2014

      There’s a big difference between domestic violence and a family dispute!!! Solange and Jay Z was just a rowdy dispute… Get educated before throwing accusations, especially when it’s a sensitive topic. Grow up

    • Beysus September 16, 2014

      LOL b**** the OTR Tour was a Bonnie and Clyde themed show!!! DUUUH!!! Obviously they’re gonna have guns and s***…

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        And anyway that Elevator thing was blasted by TMZ!

    • Well September 16, 2014

      Didn’t Beyoncé father say that the elevator moment was more than likely staged to promote the tour or did I dream that comment up?

    • AmbeRussell September 16, 2014

      Who in their right mind would buy a concert ticket tht is about $100+ plus the cost of parking and travel simply to see if someone is going through a divorce? So the lakers had a higher percentage of attendees when koby and his wife were going through their marriage problems. That’s also why they staged that whole r*** thing right?

  4. Stans are shitstains September 16, 2014

    Not a Rihanna fan but i am so tired of this politically correct world we have to live in i can understand some things but ugh people are so sensitive nowadays it’s so annoying.

  5. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    Poor Rihanna…

    • The Wig Snatcher September 16, 2014

      She’ll be alright because this upcoming album will show all the lessor girls, especially Beyoncé and Katy, that they gotta step up their game again and quit following her path.

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) September 16, 2014

        Dis Wig Snatcher F*** and Mackerel carey are both pressed as f*** about Bey……The struggle of thier faves trying to hit high notes..tho

  6. Rihboy September 16, 2014

    Its just a messy situation! But the fact that they tried to slip it back in…kii. The queen said f*** you and yours.

  7. Rih Rih September 16, 2014

    Yes girl! This is one of the reasons why I love this girl..she doesn’t take bull s***.

    • Absolved September 16, 2014

      She took Chris’s fists in her face though! 😉

      • JEMINA NELSON September 16, 2014

        hat Was Then, Chris Won’t Make That Mistake Again. Cause This Time Around, Ri Would Smack The Yellow Off His Piper Looking Ass. 🙂

  8. Sisqo is King September 16, 2014

    Rihanna has every right to be upset! That Ray Rice drama has nothing to do with her.Death Rihanna told them the truth lmaoo

  9. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    Which “upcoming album” sis? Camp Fenty have been quiet about your girl’s release. No snippets, teasers, all she does now are fashion shoot’s. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she’s keeping mum in order to pull a “Beyoncé”.

  10. Metzo September 16, 2014

    LOL!! The haters are so stupid!! I CANNOT!
    “Beyonce and Jay staged elevator incident and marriage problems to sell concert tickets”. Really? Are you that dumb? Does it even make sense?

    The tour is a JOINT TOUR of Husband and Wife. And that elevator incident would do more harm than good, threatening the storyline and theme of the tour.
    People bought tickets to see deeply in love
    husband and wife have fun on stage, not fight on Stage.

    On top of that, the tour ticket sales were still selling great before the
    elevator incident.
    – Might I add the tour is actually 100% SOLD THE FUCKKK OUT. The real receipts are in. This ain’t another rumor. This is real life, biitches 😛

    • CATFISH CAREY September 16, 2014


      • booboo bye September 16, 2014

        Girl, It’s hole probably stretched beyond it’s limits that night. You can park a SUV in it’s loose power bottom self.

      • Metzo September 16, 2014

        It was extraordinary! Thanks for asking. Now exit to the left

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      Girl do not right a book. Its known they staged all of that s*** to fill seats. Beylocal is just milking the market and media. Going to all time lows, i.e. Ft nicki or working with her at all, and or removing wedding ring for no reason at all. She generates buzz off of well thought out gimmicks, in order to keep relevant.

    • RICHIE_RICH September 16, 2014

      Yassss he said that quote many times!!!!!!!

      The show was everything babes

    • LB September 16, 2014

      Matthew Knowles confirmed it was staged in order to fill seats.

  11. BeyRihLiyah September 16, 2014

    lol she is the queen of not giving 2 fucccks and she has every reason to feel this way they had their chance for that performance and they blew it oh well!

  12. Beysus September 16, 2014

    “my song”??? LOL *sips tea* Oh well, she can always fall back on her modelling after #R8 flops..

  13. Beysus September 16, 2014

    Why is she complaining anyway??? She’s done nothing but throw shade on social media, partying, modelling and walk in and out of restaurants and a couple of studios all year… Should she still be considered as a “artist” or “performer”???

    • Mark111 September 16, 2014

      And Beyoncé stands there while her ghetto sister attacks her husband. Don’t come for Rihanna that stands up for herself, while Beyonce stood there like a quite mouse with fat thighs.

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        HA!!! What’s that got to do with Rihanna flipping hard??? *sips tea* And so what if she didnt get involved??? That video was leaked by TMZ b****…

    • Lily September 16, 2014

      You need to fall back and stop talking sh*t. I have seen like 10 post of yours. You seem pressed or what?

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        Who’s talking s***???

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      But she is still paid, your point? Lls awww you want new music? Thats all you had to say love.

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        What makes you think I want new Rihanna music??? HAAAA!!

    • mekaela September 16, 2014

      Oh shut the f*** up u Americans think
      Island people will take your b*******
      Rih don’t have to work she has money
      And can go back to the island live a
      Happy life with her family cbs was wrong
      For this they treat women and kids worst
      Than dogs if that was katy white Perry
      They asses would still play her song
      It’s racism to the highest level good
      For rih and nicki take no crap from

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        Whos American????

    • Lily September 16, 2014

      Lol. Look at this irrelevant b**** asking. Like I said Fall back sybil.

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        The only irrelevant b**** is Rih if she doesn’t release something soon…

  14. let’s be real September 16, 2014

    well ok.i agree with that her song should’ve never been removed.but she better watch out .cbs,nbc,and abc have no “fcks” to give either and if any one of them wants to say “black ball Rih” they will and thats OLD influence and money here judt thinking from a PR standpoint.

    but i agree with her here.

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      They will have to kill her first. No one with that much influence will be black balled! Unless they rebel too much and get offed.

      • FAF September 16, 2014

        ^girl shut up u act like she don’t require a team of ppl to keep her relevant

      • Rihboy September 16, 2014

        Which bey has double that of a team and still remains a local act. Lls. Self shade isnt cute

      • Lmfao_Hoe September 16, 2014

        Listen honey if they were able to do it to Michael, Janet, and Whitney I’m sure they’ll do the same to Rihanna who I love by the way.

  15. Beysus September 16, 2014

    It’s sad how it’s not even been 2 years yet people are practically begging for another Rihanna single. What, have you not heard of Unaflopagetic??? *sips tea*

    • caribbean native September 16, 2014

      Unapologetic is 4.5 mil WW……that whay u call a flop?….ok….i hies when ya fave is local as f*** and only enjoys front loaded sales u thing with ya bum

      • Beysus September 16, 2014

        DA FUQ???

      • Absolved September 16, 2014

        Last time I checked, Unaflopagetic (after 2 yrs) was still roadblocked at just barely 1.1 million sold in the U.S., the land that matters MOST. This large foreheaded, non-singing TRAMP can’t score an RIAA-certified multiplatinum album to save her life. No one takes her seriously past $1.29 or is willing to sit through her ugly, off-key bleating for more than one song at a time.

      • caribbean native September 16, 2014

        Again u just proved my point….your b**** ass fav is as local as apple pie……1.2 mil US and 3.3 mill WW which would u rather h**? WW or local….hmmm?

      • Absolved September 16, 2014

        “Local” my ass, if you a hit in America, then you’re a hit period. Everywhere else is just extra. America is the world’s largest and most important music market. It’s also where Rihanna’s non-singing ass is based. Out of 7 albums, only 1 is RIAA certified multiplatinum, and that was only 2x platinum and that happened almost 10 years ago! ROFLMAO! Pathetic. No one is willing to put real coinage on a Rihanna album. We all know she has a singing voice that sounds like a can opener and the forehead of a bucket.

  16. Mingxxx September 16, 2014

    As much death and violence CBS shows in primetime. and copyright infringement 5th flop thief beyonce loves violence with that bonnie and clyde bang bang persona

  17. Emma September 16, 2014

    Did she have any writing credits on “her song”?? Oh my, this tea is tasty!

    • Rory September 16, 2014

      Actually she did. That’s why she received a Grammy for being songwriter on the song for Best Rap Song (which is a songwriter’s award). It was her song first for Rated R. It was her beat FIRST, but she put Jay on their and let him have. Everyone knows this. This is old lol. And the song doesn’t FEATURE her. Her, Jay, and Ye all lead on that song.

  18. Mark111 September 16, 2014

    If that Ray dude lost hos job, why didn’t Beyoncé sister lose anything? She attacked Jay Z in the same way, but if it was tje other wau around, oh boy. And why isn’t Beyoncé losing anything for standing there watching it?

    CBS just don’t like Black artists, you pulled a Rihanna song for what? You banned Janet, but not Justin when both were in thay act. It seems that they love punishing victims to save White asses.

      • Rihboy September 16, 2014

        They were both lip singing. Moreover janet has more talent in a finger than justin has in entirety.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        janet has more talent in a finger than justin has in entirety.
        You got to be kidding right?, Justin is a musician not just a dancer, the definition of talented for some of you is…..

      • LB September 16, 2014

        Janet Jackson wrote and produced all her songs on “All for you, the velvet rope” and “Janet”. She has more talent in her little finger than Justin will ever have in his entire life. Those are just facts.

        Whilst Justin was busy copying Usher’s routines, Janet was pioneering a legacy.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        Music wise, Justin is way more talented, not even close, let’s not, Justin write, Produce, play instruments, do you know what a musician means and IM BEFORE he is also more talented than Madonna too, have you seen the man live, he’s not just a dance, he is an all around MUSICIAN, Usher can’t do that, and for the record JT copied MJ, not Usher, it’s funny you say that cuz it seems like Usher is the one trying to copy JT nowadays, have you seen him faking/trying to play instruments, lol, laughable.

      • Mark111 September 16, 2014

        Quit trying to make JT out to be John Mayer. His music isn’t based on anything of the things you named. He’s whole solo career leans on Timberland productions. His voice is weak, he sung off key throughout the whole Grammy performance and his dancing is as wack as JB’s. His albums were weak and I loved the FF/LS album, but the rest are crap. His next album will flop, just like most of his singles did last era. He’s repeating Usher without Usher’s success level. Sold a million in a week (well 900K), Usher done it, sold 400K on the following album, Here I Stand did the same. With both careers, Usher out does JT in every way. What, is he gonna take another 6 years off and focus on his failed movie career? lol

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      Jt is janets lessor. Period. Why is that even a question?

  19. did you say Justin Bieber,one Direction,ladygaga,miley or beyoncè September 16, 2014

    follow me on ask.fm @beykim

  20. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    @fart111 it was a family dispute.Educate yourself, let’s not be ignorant on public forum’s. It’s embarrassing.

    • ~The Arcade~ September 16, 2014

      LOL!!! at “fart111” 🙂 🙂

  21. Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

    I can’t believe it people are making this a racist thing, do you really think white people think that much or care about black people?, the obsession, they are so used to play victims and blame an entire race for their failures, oh the CBS hate blacks, how sad, they need to save our little white asses, how cute, thanks CBS.

    • Mark111 September 16, 2014

      Oh don’t get me started, I seen your lil racist shades all throughout this blog. Even the “do you really think white people think that much or care about black people?” remark. We seen it time and time again, when the people in power will brainwash the people into thinking the powerless or the “other” is the blame for what really this the elite fault (hint, how the German blamed the Jews for their downfall, when really the whole world was in a great depression after the first Word war.) Look at the US, they have the masses thinking Blacks on welfare is the blame for the US economy when it was really the 1% NOT paying taxes and Wall Street. How can a fraction of a group of people that only total up 12% of the nation? So don’t tell me that Blacks or anyone of color is playing victim when Whites had their feet on a race of people’s neck for over 400 years of slavery and another 100 years of segregation and now years of judging and thinking that we’re thugs and welfare queens before KNOWING us.

      So your Nazi loving ass can eat a full bag of black dycks and kiss my black ass.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        All you said just shows my point, you always blame an entire race for the failure of another, all you write was Whites this, Whites that, calling us names blah, blah, blah, how about take responsibility for your acts and stop blaming white people with power, remember our President is Black, should be easy now for you.

      • Mark111 September 16, 2014

        F*** you, if anyone is obsessed it’s lil scared racist like yourself. A group of people send all their time, money and energy HATING a group of people with dark skin. Your point? You have non. Facts are facts and you won’t or can’t white wash it (no matter how hard y’all try). YOU, of all the commenters, you! Are you really gotta act like 99% of your comments aren’t race based? You really think people don’t see your BS? You need to be banned again, you’re a racist and a r***** (the comment you made about that boy’s life you ruined). You’re the scum of the Earth and I’m here to let you know that. TGJ, banned this fool.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        LMAO, you crazy, i have no time to fight with you, we will never agree so let’s be friends, hugs and kisses babe, amigos 🙂

      • Mark111 September 16, 2014

        No, I will not be one with the like of you. You’re trying to sweep this under cause I’m exposing you. Now that I killed this cow, it’s time to make some burgers. You’re a racist and a r***** and a troll. How many lives have you ruined and why aren’t you in jail? How come you’re not banned from this site? How can you point your finger at anyone knowing the kind of monster you are? You’re a sick f*** that really shouldn’t be breathing right now.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        You’re a racist and a r***** and a troll. How many lives have you ruined and why aren’t you in jail? How come you’re not banned from this site? How can you point your finger at anyone knowing the kind of monster you are? You’re a sick f*** that really shouldn’t be breathing right now.
        I can’t stop laughing, do you listen to yourself, lol.

    • Mark111 September 16, 2014

      Oh and for the “save their white asses” was to the NFL heads that claimed that they didn’t see the tape of Ray, but TMZ got in that ass and found out that they seen it months ago. So they banned this man (as they should had as soon as it happened) to save THEIR ass. Because some dirt were about to be exposed on all that were trying to cover it up. Same with Janet, IF it was planned, the heads knew about it, JT for damn sure knew about it, it was oked by someone other than Janet, to save their WHITE ASSES and JT’s lil career (a career of throwing people under the bus, hint Jante, Britney and band members) they blamed it all on Janet. How did ONE get blacklisted when TWO were on that stage is the decade long question.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        Simply because Janet is a woman, has nothing to do with her skin color, a woman who accepts to show her tits on a national Live show is not decent, therefore should not be defended, JT is a man, men can do what they want because this is a man’s world, get it.

    • Beysus September 16, 2014

      I completely agree. You hear black people go on about wanting to be equals and all but if there’s some sort of tragedy or problem that’s not even to do with race, they’re the first to shout out “Racists!!!” or “Lets put so much focus on the fact they’re black!!” F****** hypocrites!! You’re not owed anything.

      • Rihboy September 16, 2014

        Suicide is racist, molly, stephy, cheryl all of those loose booty h***. But i bet they wouldn’t be so wordy in front of those whom they mock and badger on a daily basis.

      • Stephy. September 16, 2014

        Excuse me?

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        Oh Stephy, that’s because you liked me, see, me+you = no good.

  22. Absolved September 16, 2014

    Haha Rihanna. “Your” song was dismissed. This basically reaffirms that you’re the poster child for weak women who get beat up by men and then are stupid enough to later go back. Truth be told that the song deserved to be pulled simply because her vocals on it (like on everything else you do) were literally atrocious. Who the f*** told this ditz she was a “singer?” Her voice is awful enough to bend metal. That she’s only famous for getting knocked on her ass by Chris is just another excuse to dislike her.

  23. Shay September 16, 2014

    Meh. Talentless s**** like Rihanna don’t deserve airplay anyway.

  24. RICHIE_RICH September 16, 2014

    Oh what’s new!!!!

  25. RICHIE_RICH September 16, 2014

    The shade CBS threw though!!!!!

  26. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    “Her voice is awful enough to bend metal”. Death.

  27. LB September 16, 2014

    She has got every right to be upset, at least she can stand up for herself.

    I bet that word has got zero meaning to some women who can barely differentiate between creative art and plagiarism. Those concepts are too advanced for some people’s thinking capacity.

    With all that money, they sure do think….”SLOW”.

  28. LB September 16, 2014

    Honey, Rihanna’s voice can sell a ballad. Now let me check where Pretty hurts is on the charts, wait it didn’t chart? Well……that’s just….Imma leave that one alone

    • Beysus September 16, 2014

      Let’s look at BEYONCÉ on the charts… Which is the whole point… *sips tea* *looks at Pretty Hurts’ 2 VMA’s*

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      Kiiii! Honey not only pretty hurts. Where are any of her songs on the charts. Flopping hurrrrtssss…

  29. Lily September 16, 2014

    Rihanna will Always tell you what’s on her mind. That’s why I LOVE her she phaket not. As for you cockroaches who keep posting saying she’s not a singer, she bleat like a goat, she don’t know how to do this. You’all need to STFU. It’s because she does every sh*t well that’s why she got a Grammy and all other Achievements she has achieved and you psychos got to deal with it.

  30. GEEZUS September 16, 2014

    “Her voice is awful enough to bend metal”.. CRYING!!!

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      Not a nicki stan getting kicks off of Rih shade. Please go flop with your fave.

      • The Bajan Princess September 16, 2014

        Lmao I can’t wait to see the pink print sales #FLOP

  31. Stav September 16, 2014

    Stevie Knicks was beaten by James Taylor, but if one of her songs had been selected they wouldn’t have pulled it after a domestic violence episode involving someone else. This just re-establishes that Rihanna isn’t taken seriously, has no real credibility as a singer/artist/entertainer/musician/performer and is ultimately considered expendable. When all is said and done, her star is not worth more than that headline from 5 years ago. *shrugs*

    • Skyfall September 16, 2014

      Not taken seriously. Artist who aren’t taken seriously don’t sell out stadiums, sell over 150 million records and when icon awards & Grammies. You have Rihanna mistaken for Kunty Perry

    • Mark111 September 16, 2014

      Yea you’re right… and that’s why they tried to put her song BACK on and is now called out. They pulled it to cover their ass and to make us forget about the Ray ish, removing anything that may remind people of this. The NFL knew about the tape and is trying to do anything to make this go away for their dirt won’t get drugged up.

  32. Skyfall September 16, 2014

    Unapologetic >>> Beyoncé
    4 >>>> Unapologetic

    • Tyler September 16, 2014

      F*** no lol.
      Beyonce>Unapologetic. All the way

  33. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    @skyfall “Analpologetic >>>> Beyoncé” ,the critics think otherwise considering Unpurchased is rated 65 compared to 85 by Beyoncé, even newbies like Jhene Aiko can get higher critically acclaimed album’s. Self drag.

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      Critics versus the masses. This is why they are both local acts. Now your self shade is tasty.

      • XXX September 16, 2014

        Umm the masses have BEYONCE about to outsell Analpologetic.

  34. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    Not the dumbvy trying it with non-promoted singles. This attention starved alien depends on cheap $1.29 singles. $15.99 vs $1.29 do the math and see who emerges triumphant, no wonder Beyoncé makes R****’s net worth in 1 year alone. Crying!!!!

  35. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    @rihboy “local” my @ss when the US is Rihject’s biggest market. Fix your duck lips before you attempt to throw some stale shade.

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      She is local. The y.s. Isnt rihs biggest market so try that again. Lls. Moreover like i said a few ppl on a damn panel versus the masses is void. Rihs singles sell, chart, and are awarded consistently. She has several platinum albums. Longevity on billboard. All accolades neither bey local or jhene have. Anyone can purchase an album out of curiosity. But in the end, whats your numbers? Did any singles chart? Thats when you can critique an album.

      • Stephy. September 16, 2014


  36. Ozzy September 16, 2014

    SSSCCCCREEEEEEEAAAAMMMINNNGGGG at the way Mark dragged Racist Blonde. Omggg anyways, related to this story she has every right to be upset given the circumstances. These h*** indirectly punished her for the actions of a player. Smh I cant get around that logic and CBS deserves the criticism. On another note, I cant wait for this Whitney album in the works.

    • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

      It’s complain the new DRAG?, lol.

      • Ozzy September 16, 2014

        Hun, You got dragged. Simple. Lmao

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        Only a black person would think i get dragged, LMAO but i’m not racist, lol.

      • Ozzy September 16, 2014

        Alright Suicide, keep being in denial. Just calling it how I see it…

  37. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    Why is Souled Out 85/100 compared to Analpologetic’s 65/100 on Metacritic, I’ll tell you why. 2 words:SMOKES & MIRROR’S.

    • Rihboy September 16, 2014

      Lets see her book a stage or storm the charts. With her great album!

  38. Stephy. September 16, 2014


    • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

      I repeat: It’s complaim the new DRAG?

      • Stephy. September 16, 2014

        Shut up! You are the REAL crazy one babe. Anyways, I still love you. BYE RACIST

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        But you are the real crazy, if you still love this racist man.

      • Stephy. September 16, 2014

        I never said I wasn’t crazy baby. Remember, I am half white… 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        If you are mixed then f*** you, you are the racist one, you drag the hell of your white site for the black one, RACIST, lol.

      • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2014

        Side 🙂

      • Stephy. September 16, 2014

        Maybe I am… Bye Paul.

    • Ozzy September 16, 2014

      Okayyyy Stephy!!!! I was reading it like damn!!!!!! Lmaoooooo

      • Stephy. September 16, 2014

        Yas, Mark went IIINNNNNN!!!!! He did not lie at all tho. AT ALL

      • Ozzy September 16, 2014

        Okay!!!!! Mark did his thang and gathered ‘Ms.Racist but Im on a BLACK URBAN Blog’ together. I got my kiis from that. Lmao

  39. FutureCIARA September 16, 2014

    But whatever, she’ll get over it I guess they figured.

    • Stephy. September 16, 2014

      I love my big brother!

  40. Beysus September 16, 2014

    Foul mouthed brat…

  41. Tisha September 16, 2014

    They dismissed her because since the scandal blew up they suddenly had to be smart about things and getting Robyn ‘I’m still thirsty for my abuser’s dck’ Fenty to sing would have been like pointing a neon sign towards her that says, “Rihanna apologizes for her role in it too.”

    Apparently Rihanna thinks the world just forgot what happened to her or how SHE acted afterwards, CBS doesn’t need her when things turn serious. She’s just another pop singer to them.

  42. Tisha September 16, 2014

    Also Suicide,

    You got dragged via. cold hard facts and history. I used to enjoy your opinion on this board till you started feeling threatened and letting your racist flag fly. Now it’s just funny to see you reduced to repeating Fox News Talking Points Memos to feel secure inside yourself.

  43. FutureCIARA September 16, 2014

    Okay Mark666, 10s across the board for that educated read!

    I will stan for you just this once, You finally came out of your shell and I lived.
    Sorry Suicide, but she made some very valid and REAL points.

  44. Tisha September 16, 2014

    CBS updated to say they’re dropping Rihanna completely and will simply play their theme from now on, well then.

  45. LB September 16, 2014

    Check out that pressed Beyonce fan, it’s not Rihanna’s fault Beyonce’s career is faltering faster than a Crispy chicken commercial featuring Mary J Blige, that she has to suck on every piece of silicon to stay relevant.

  46. LB September 16, 2014

    Not Rihanna’s fault Beyonce has to wack and pop out her p**** lips and have her daughter see the horror of that downtrodden beaten vag lip flap around every stage that is scrapping the barrel enough to book her; that her daughter has to get traumatized by the stench of Beyonce’s vag whiff as it blows to the audience with that predictable wind fan to stay relevant.

    • CherylSoldierr September 16, 2014

      The kii is that every single drag you post about beyonce is a s*** shame against women. Just stop with your desperate idiotic stan a**.

  47. LB September 16, 2014

    Not Rihanna’s fault Beyonce’s last number one hit is about as long as it takes her to count in a day. Get your life, or better yet, Get a Beyonce song to actually chart on the Hot 100, and not FLOP off of the Billboard Bubbling Under chart.

  48. Eloviano September 16, 2014

    Not it calling me pressed,when it dedicates it’s entire existence on this blog on Beyoncé. From it’s days as “Beyoncé’s weave” , “Beyfraud Armstrong” etc and it has the audacity to call me pressed? Anyway it’s past midnight here in Singapore, time for bed. I’m out.

    • Beyby September 16, 2014

      So Singapore is in africa?

      • Eloviano September 16, 2014

        @Beyby you’re mistaking me for someone else.Assumption is the mother of all fuxk-ups.

  49. CherylSoldierr September 16, 2014

    But hold on, didn’t cbs pull the song last week to cast more light on the situation involving ray rice? Wasn’t rihanna just mad that they didn’t play her song? So basically she was being a selfish b!txh, totally not caring about the situation when she herself was a victim of domestic violence. Read the actual report on cnn people. Rihanna does not f*cking care. Death at the navy for supporting this sell out. And keep beyonce out of it. She actually empowers women.

    • Rihanna #1 fan t September 16, 2014

      bow down b******.. really thats empowering.. sounds self degrading to me..beyonce dont empower nobody.. shut the hell up you wanna talk about empowering talk about oprah winfrey, or maya angelou those are empowering women.. get your s*** straight

      • CherylSoldierr September 16, 2014

        I don’t see rihanna rubbing shoulders w high ranking politicians and the First Lady. Enough said.

  50. True that September 16, 2014

    Beyonce has been the worst influence de on women and children at large in the history of music#fact

    • Tyler September 16, 2014

      The worst in MUSIC HISTORY…Ok so now ur just doing dos muchos.

  51. Tyler September 16, 2014

    F*** this splice looking ass flop

  52. Rosie September 16, 2014

    The Navi doing the most in this post.
    CBS is the worst network in the US though.

  53. Valerie September 16, 2014

    Why is the Navy always trying to drag beyonce into this lol. Insecurity is real. Rihannas a petty b**** whats new?

    • Rihanna #1 fan t September 16, 2014

      no your petty.. like beyhive dont bring rihanna into their post…

  54. Rihanna #1 fan t September 16, 2014


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