Did You Miss It?: Sisqo Brawls With Jagged Edge Member At California Concert [Video]

Published: Tuesday 2nd Sep 2014 by Rashad

Chart topping tunes weren’t the only hits being delivered at this weekend’s KBLX ‘Hot Summer Night’ concert in San Francisco.

Reports have it that R&B singer Sisqo unleashed the dragon in a whole new way as he was videotaped getting into quite the backstage brawl with Kyle “Quick” Norman of Jagged Edge at the Fog City’s Concord Pavilion.  While their groups were on the bill for the town’s highly anticipated Urban showing, it looks like the most memorable headline from the event didn’t occur on stage.

See what we mean below:


Word has it that the fellas shook hands and made up after the tussle.

Your thoughts?

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  1. September 2, 2014

    Pub stunt so obvious.

    • igaalonpaxc September 3, 2014

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  2. Trigga September 2, 2014

    While sisqo fighting at concerts Usher selling out arena,stadiums,and performing at bet,vma,and iheartradio awardsand starring on the voice. Sisqo and his 2man fan base can stay pressed lmao. May I add that usher has a deal with Pepsi and General Mills just saying 😉

    • URBreezy September 2, 2014

      You beta Stan for Usher jagged edge member

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Hahaha Sisqo got you hos pressed.Sisqo doesn’t have a 2 man fan base, check twitter, Facebook wtf.They will drag a ho for Sisqo b****. Sisqo has performed at big award shows before, and he is still worth millions even being out the game for 13 years.

      Sisqo>>>>>>>>>>>>Ushit>>>>>>>>>>>Justin Timberfake

      • Trigga September 2, 2014

        Is he currently performing at big award shows? And he only has 70,00 fans on twitter Usher has 7.9 millions fan now you know who the king of r&b is.now shut the f*** up b****

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Ugly ho.ushit could have billions of fans for all I care.King Sisqo will always be King of R&B.

      • Wayne world September 2, 2014

        Sisqo cannot be king of r&b when Usher,Justin Timberlake,and Chris Brown still exists thank you

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Girl bye those are pop artists.you’re not welcomed

      Sisqo is king of R&B

  3. Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

    Kyle was scared!! It’s obvious he didn’t want it with king Sisqo.The Dragon breathes fire!!

    • URBreezy September 2, 2014

      The dragon breathes flopping lol by the way team usher left a couple of comments on the Ur experience tour post for you sisqo is queen. By the way don’t forget to buy tickets before it’s too late.

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Really?? I’m not worried about your comments.I got you hos pressed and bothered.Checking for me and King Sisqo.Stay mad.The King is back!!

    • Fancy September 2, 2014

      That’s why these n***** from the last decade will never evolved lol you will never see usher or justin timberlake do this type of s***

    • #Beyvanguard September 2, 2014

      I love how all the comments are about Usher. This n**** is winning

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        The only people mentioning overrated Ushit are his stans

    • Wayne world September 2, 2014

      Sisqo net worth: 4 millions. cute

      Usher net worth: 110 million. Damn he got Moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        4 million isn’t bad considering the fact that he hasn’t released in 13 years!!

    • Yo September 2, 2014

      And only person mentioning sisqo is you

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Well I’m on his thread dumb ass

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan (PRE-ORDER “Aquarius” Now On iTunes) September 2, 2014

    I was just thinking about the lyrics to “Unleash The Dragon” when I saw this lol.

  5. booboo bye September 2, 2014

    Looks like a lovers spat to me, Oh well.

  6. FATS September 2, 2014

    Where the hell all these usher stans coming from? Where the hell ya’ll be when he has new albums coming out. DEAD!

    • URBreezy September 2, 2014

      Well I know usher albums sells way more then sisqos old ass.

      • FATS September 2, 2014

        I see since CB going back to jail #Teambeatme needs new nuts to ride.

    • Hot n**** September 2, 2014

      Where y’all sisqo fans been since 2000

      • FATS September 2, 2014

        Me? A sisqo fan? Bye…..

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        @Hot no Sisqo didn’t release an album after 2002

    • URBreezy September 2, 2014

      Are u mad that I’m stanning for the two biggest black male r&b artist of our generation!

      • FATS September 2, 2014

        Nah by all means do you #boo 🙂

    • Wayne world September 2, 2014

      Lmao so sisqo only has 1 Stan now hahahahana lmfao dis is great lol

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        You stan for Lil Wayne ugly untalented A I d s infested ass.Now that’s funny.

  7. Brian310 September 2, 2014

    Jagged Edge was on the breakfast club not too long ago talking about how there was beef between then and Sisqo.

  8. Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

    Have some damn respect for the king ugly hos

    Sisqo can sing circles around your fav

    Sisqo>>>>>>>>>Fist Brown hair
    Sisqo>>>>>>>>>Frank Ocean hair
    Sisqo>>>>>>>>>R***** Kelly gold cornrows
    Sisqo>>>>>>>>> Ushit>>>>>>>>>Justin Timberfake
    Thong Song>>>>>>>>Black Panties

    Sisqo’s impact>>>>>>>>>>Your fav

    • Wayne world September 2, 2014

      Your making fun of all the r&b artists that are actually popular and relevant. You sound bitter as I said shut the f*** up and go back to the 2000s.

      Btw the comments are all about usher so you should know what that means lol

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        It means that I could care less about them being more popular.I don’t care about sales.King Sisqo has more talent in his right pinky than your fav.

    • Anaconda September 2, 2014


  9. Trigga September 2, 2014

    Usher is the king of r&b and will reign forever lets not forget to watch fashion rocks on cbs next week teamusher because usher will be performing. And for the stinky dragon breath fans sisqo will be flopping next week in my backyard lol

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Ushit is tired and overrated.

  10. Looloo September 2, 2014

    Sisqo is a fàg and so are his 2 stans.

    • URBreezy September 2, 2014

      Tell me about it lmao

      • FATS September 2, 2014

        Says A #Teambeatme stan who needs new uts to ride.

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Death!! isn’t Fist Brown copying Sisqo’s hair ??? lmao

    • Breezyisbae September 2, 2014

      But everyone knows who chris brown is no one knows who sisqo is. Look at all the comments that asked who is sisqo?

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        That’s because they’re 12 years old and listen to Justin Bieber and Niki.Anybody who grew up in the 90s knows who Sisqo is.

      • Yo September 2, 2014

        Then why do people know usher even though he started in the 90s. I’m f***** tired of excuses

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Ushit releases albums yearly to keep himself relevant .Sisqo has 2 albums 2000-2002

  11. Mark111 September 2, 2014

    …So we’re in the year 2000 now? (plays Try Again)

    • Yup September 2, 2014

      Apparently the sisqo fans are stuck in year 2000 lmao wen did usher stans become so ruthless lmfao my stomach hurts

    • LB September 2, 2014

      FLATLINES!!!!!!! Sisqo grasping to relevancy by the return to vendor unsold copies of Return of the FLOP

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Return of the Dragon is platinum ugly.

  12. Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

    What is that ugly ushit stan talking about??? people are talking more about Sisqo lmaoo

    I got that pressed Ushit stan checking for his net worth wtf!!!

    • Anaconda September 2, 2014

      We’re talking about Usher cuz he’s actually the relevant one that selling out arenas and slaying the vmas

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        is that the only think you got against Sisqo is sales?? Sisqo has talent than most R&B artist today.He will come out of nowhere and snatch wigs.You’ll see

    • Bui September 2, 2014

      I’m not trying to start s*** but who is sisqo?

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        In the music business, perhaps the most dreamed about position that fans and musicians alike fantasize over is being the lead singer in a group. Especially when you consider the massive accomplishments of icons like Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake, and the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson, all former lead singers of legendary groups who went on to have stellar solo careers. Added to this super exclusive club of musical geniuses is Sisqó ,long time front man of the multi-platinum group Dru Hill and a Grammy nominated solo artist whose talent is so extraordinary, he towers as the perfect example of a true quadruple threat, excelling as a first class singer, dancer, songwriter, and actor. Born in a city synonymous with drugs and extreme violence Baltimore, Maryland, served as the rearing site for an artist who will undoubtedly go down in music history as one of the most talented and flamboyant all around entertainers, past or present, to have ever picked up a microphone. Strong words maybe, but then again one need only look, listen or simply observe the six pack having dancing machine in action to know that a talent this amazing comes only so often. At a time when charismatic singers who can really sang and dance is a rarity, Sisqó to the contrary shines as the consummate showman fearless in his pursuit to push the limits of creativity.

        While still only in his early thirties, Sisqó is nearly a 20-year music veteran who thus far has had a career that many of the brightest and most successful singers of today can only dream of. As the voice behind a vast list of classics such as “Tell Me”, “Incomplete”, “In My Bed”, “5 Steps”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “We’re Not Making Love No More”, and the earth shattering smash single “The Thong Song”, for which he caused an international mania of epic proportions, are just some of the hit records that have secured Sisqo’s place in music history. Responsible for a jaw dropping thirty million records sold worldwide explains why several of the hottest young singers in the industry regularly call on Sisqo` for performance tips and career advice. A true talent of the highest kind, Sisqo is as passionate about acting as he is about singing, most evident in his long list of television and film roles to include “Sisqo’s Shakedown” (MTV); “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (ABC); “I Love the New Millennium” (VH-1); “Gone Country” (CMT); “Keith Sweat’s Platinum House” (Centric); “Celebrity Big Brother” (UK); and films “Get Over It”, “Pieces of April”, “Surf School”, and the immensely popular “Show Dogs” starring Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. Admired by several fellow superstar artists, Sisqo` has written for and recorded with industry heavyweights Mya (It’s all About Me), DMX (What These B****** Want), and Lil’ Kim (How Many Licks). Arguably the most popular musicians on the planet at the beginning of the new millennium, Sisqó won an astonishing six Billboard awards in 2000–Male Artist of the Year, Male Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year, R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, New R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, R&B/Hip-Hop Male Artist of the Year, and R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Artist of the Year, as well as MTV’s Best Hip-Hop Video for “The Thong Song”.

        With the release of “Back to the Future”, Dru Hill’s monstrous lead single off the group’s fourth studio album “Indrupendence Day”, totally destroying clubs, radio, and the internet along with his third solo album entitled “Last Dragon” due out soon, the czar of flashy hairstyles who was once flown to London, England by his idol Michael Jackson to be praised in person by “The King”, is now poised to become the new King of Pop.

        Social Links




      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Grape you did not let my comment through

    • LB September 2, 2014


  13. Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

    I never said anything about ushit though…Sisqo got you hos seething.If your fav is that good why come on a Sisqo thread to drag??? LmAo

    • Anaconda September 2, 2014

      Cuz you went on an usher tour post and try to use post to promote sisqo that’s rude and disrespectful too the best male artist of our generation. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Girl bye…I never disrespected ushit lmaooo dumb ass. I did same thing on a Bey thread yet the Ushit stans are the only ones pressed Beyonce stans don’t care because they know their fav is that good.Ushit being the best male artist is an opinion.Sisqo is King.

    • Breezyisbae September 2, 2014

      Ushit? Was dat suppose to be funny. My goodness your stupid

    • Yo September 2, 2014

      Your just annoying buts it’s true though we shouldn’t worry about you cuz usher is dat good

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Lmao ok than why did 447778 of you reply to me???? Like I asked if your favorite is that good why drag on a Sisqo thread?

  14. eric September 2, 2014

    You know it’s staged when two grown men fight with open hands rather than fists. It’s obvious they didn’t want to hurt each other. I’ve seen people shadow box and play-wrestle harder than this.

  15. the tea. September 2, 2014

    DEATHH. we all know that sisqo stan is ‘Lovebird’ f****** stupid kii.

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Death Lovebird doesn’t stan for talent…Sisqo is talented I stan for talent..this is not Lovetroll ho

  16. LB September 2, 2014

    Matthew Knowles called it the Jedi mind trick, so obvious it’s a publicity stunt, get some pointers from Beyonce if you want to pull off one that is not so obvious.

  17. LB September 2, 2014

    Hey Sam, Ariana Grande sold 168,435 according to HDD, her second #1 album.

  18. the tea. September 2, 2014

    what a coincident, @LB shows up when I call him out for trolling.
    Absolute Death!.

    • LB September 2, 2014

      Are you gagging for my attention?

  19. itchiyah September 2, 2014

    F*** all yall when it comes to JAGGED EDGE noone can say s*** them my pplz they can sang and they comming with a new album listen to hope its so beautiful.they allways give love ballads j.e is the kings of rnb.I love usher too but its J.E y’all.yasss bitchez.sisqo lill treasure troll looking ass ant hittin on nuthin.bow down to j.e.

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Ho stfu they’re the ones who need to bow down to the Dragon.Kyle looked shook.He was trying to avoid Sisqo.Probably shiting his pants.

  20. Rosie September 2, 2014

    With all of that payola, THREE top ten hits at the same time, Viacom cocksucking, opening the VMAs, bringing TRL back just for her, That Line commercial that’s basically an ad for her album, basically selling out her sound to fit into Z100, iHeartRadio Music Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, the Ellen Show, America’s Got Talent, a live nationally broadcast radio concert, all of the “controversy” for how she dresses now, and much more that I can’t even remember, I would expect at least 230K. Wow, the market is really pathetic now.

  21. LB September 2, 2014

    I don’t even know why the stans of lessors try it with Usher,

    The divorced father of two boys has released seven studio albums—including his 2004 classic Confessions, which sold 20 million copies worldwide—garnering six BET Awards, seven Grammys and 17 Billboard Music Awards along the way [BET/Viacom]

    TreyC Songz, September Alsina, BruNO Mars (I like him), Fistopher Brown, SisWhatever, Judas TimberFLOP, [insert lessor here] will NEVER, CAN NEVER and should quit trying.

    Usher is the reigning KING of RnB music, end of.

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Ushit isn’t king of R&B. More like King of overrated.

      • LB September 2, 2014

        Of course you would say that, you stan for a lessor, equivalent to a Tinashe stan coming for Rihanna.

        It’s cute though that Sisco’s ONE fan he has left is willing to fight losing battles for him. Every lessor needs at least one delusional stan in their corner eh

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Are you really comparing Tinash to Sisqo??? Sisqo was a well established artist during his time.Sisqo was in a successful R&B and sold 30 million records with 2 albums.
        Ushit is no different from Sisqo.He just has a better label,big promo,better music and kept releasing albums to keep himself relevant.At the end of the day Sisqo is the superior talent.None of his albums flopped.

    • Mark111 September 2, 2014

      “TreyC Songz, September Alsina, BruNO Mars (I like him), Fistopher Brown, SisWhatever, Judas TimberFLOP, [insert lessor here]

      Nooooooo!!!!!!!! Those names, Judas TimberFlop is so fitting, backstabbing the Queen of Pop Janet and the Princess of Pop Britney (and upsetting Queen Kanye).

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      *successful R&B group

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Bottom line is R&B isn’t selling well period!!! if you’re dragging Sisqo over sales you’re dragging every R&B artists.Dumb c***

      • Wayne world September 2, 2014

        Nope cause r&b (usher,Jt,cb,trey songz) are selling well sisqo isn’t and that’s why we are dragging him

    • FierceRokstar September 3, 2014

      Don’t mean to start but I always thought R-Kelly was the king of R&B and I don’t even like him.
      I know he’s not currently hot but are any of these guys tbh?

      • FierceRokstar September 3, 2014

        ***and by that I mean cisco? Jagged edge and usher (who’s been mentioned in most of these comments)

      • Yg September 3, 2014

        Usher is the hot artist cuz all the comments are about him

    • LB September 2, 2014

      *will be buying

      • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

        Speaking of bleach.Didn’t Fist Brown copying Sisqo’s hair??? Sisqo is iconic.Now R&B male artists dying their hair different colors like Sisqo.Lmao King Sisqo’s impact.

      • Yo September 2, 2014

        Did you ever think that chris brown is a more successful popular version of sisqo

      • Sisqo is King September 3, 2014

        Damn you people are retarded!!! CB is poor version of Sisqo

    • Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

      Sisqo got y’all that mad lmaoo.Death @y’all trying to drag with Ushit sales when Sisqo on has 2 albums.Pathetic ass.They must know Sisqo sings better than Ushit wide nose flat head ass.

      • Urshababe September 2, 2014

        How can you make fun of a man who started at the same time of your fave and has now become times 3rd most enduring pop star of all time behind rihanna and Mariah Carey. Please now shut up

    • Sisqo is King September 3, 2014

      @b**** please!!! so its ok for people talk shyt about Sisqo…But I can’t say s*** about Ushit ugly ass bye b****

  22. the tea. September 2, 2014

    Troll arguing with himself. utter death!

  23. LB September 2, 2014

    There are better ways to get dragged, some people just keep gagging for it.

    You have to be on Rosie, Slay_Hive level to warrant a drag session from me, I’ll leave you to my lessors.

    In the meantime, Rashad, where is the Ariana Grande post, something tells me I need to pull up a seat and grab a bag of popcorn.

    Also, cop a gander of this pic from the supposedly biggest pop star in the world out today

  24. Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

    I just don’t get it.People where always complaining about Sisqo being gone for so long.Now that he has finally released a single.Loose booty bums still talking shyt.watch the Dragon come out of nowhere and snatch crowns.You’ll be Team Sisqo.

    • Anaconda September 2, 2014

      Your just gonna have to accept the fact that sisqo is over. It’s ok don’t cry

      • Sisqo is King September 3, 2014

        How is he over when he is releasing a new single on iTunes.

        you people are so damn closed minded.Thinking a R&B artist should stop making music because pop is selling.The Dragon is back and it pisses you off.lol

    • Tennessee kids September 2, 2014

      Ewwwww team sisqo that sounds so f****** weird lmao just go away

      • Sisqo is King September 3, 2014

        you haters are so damn intimidated by the king!!! stay mad ho

  25. Sisqo is King September 2, 2014

    For those saying Sisqo stans still stuck in 2000.F*** outta here with bull.Sisqo just released a new single called A-List.its definitely a club Banger!!! the Dragon is coming!!! but Sisqo you don’t need to be fighting, worry about promoting your new single.

    • Good Kisser September 2, 2014

      He needs to worry cuz Usher is still poppin and doing big things

    • Urshababe September 2, 2014

      If I was that sisqo Stan I would get the f*** outta grape juice and never comeback until a time machine is built and we can go 13 years back in time 😉

    • Yo September 3, 2014

      Why do you Stan for that stupid midget sisqo. That n**** is f***** old. This n**** is so irrelevant he makes r.kelly and lil Kim look like global stars and they washed as f***. U need to find a new artist too Stan for and not be easy to drag.
      That sisqo n**** got so much f***** dragged its ridiculous. Haha and good looks to Kyle for beating the short s*** outta that n**** lmao. N**** make kevin hart look like michael jordan. Lmfao take your stupid mothrrfucking ass to 2002 you old crusty ass b****. While Jt and usher stay unbothered.

  26. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) September 2, 2014

    Two catty queens fighting over the same pen…

  27. Danny b September 3, 2014

    They look like they we’re play fighting. C’mon y’all. The reaching in 2014 is seriously out of hand. First Beyoncé’s divorce,
    . Now this dumb s***. Girl bye. Everybody believes ANYTHING these days

  28. FutureCIARA September 3, 2014

    Publicity STUNT!

  29. Sisqo is King September 3, 2014

    Death!! you haters are more worried about king Sisqo than your own favs post lmaoo

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