Chart Check: Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Sales – The Shocking Truth

Published: Friday 7th Nov 2014 by Sam

Last week brought with it the chart hurricane that has been Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’.

Arriving just one week after it was revealed that no album released this year had achieved Platinum status in the US, the ‘Shake It Off’ led set managed to change that in the space of seven days after selling a whopping 1.2 million copies.

However, a new report by The Guardian has revealed shocking details about the LP’s sales that will be sure to set tongues a’wagging.

Full story below…

According to the number crunchers at the British broadsheet, ‘1989’ exceeds the combined sales of albums at #2-#107 on the Billboard 200.

The incredible feat is rendered even more jaw-dropping when it’s paired with the fact that Swift’s numbers account for 22% of the 5.8 million albums sold in total Stateside last week.

It goes without saying that the project’s performance re-affirms the 25-year-old as a bonafide sales force. We just hope it helps remind the industry that folk will still buy music – if given ample reason to. In Swift’s case, we feel it’s more hype over substance, but that’s inconsequential. She’s selling, point, blank, period, which means others can too. The “powers that be” are simply tasked with delivering unique enough music, concepts, and roll-outs to massage the masses into parting with their cash.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beysus November 7, 2014

    Scary… Anyway go buy BWET… #7 on UK iTunes!!!!

    • You tried November 8, 2014

      What do ppl really expect tho NO SHADE OR HATE seriously! Taylor puts out the most Mediocre song of the year that no one is talking about with the most mediocre 3LW lyrics! Yes “3LW” the singing group with ADRIENNE from THE REAL!!

      These pop girls sell! No hate at all cause the PEOPLE BUY IT! But these POP girls take from RNB and HIPHOP culture where the originals can hardly make GOLD off the record and THEY SOUND BETTER!

      Talking about HARDKNOCKLIFE!

      • menthert November 8, 2014

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    • You tried November 8, 2014

      And it’s soooooo funny how rappers like NICKI try to be soooo HOOD but only will hop on a record with POP newbees like Arianda and Jesse but you won’t c her on a record with RNB NEWBEES trying to help there names instead of help hers all the time

      I mean get your money this is her job but we have to change the cycle of things in yhis industry!

  2. Sherry November 7, 2014

    Goooo SLAYlor!!!!

    • tay November 8, 2014

      I like her, but I lost alot of respect for her when she removed all her material from Spotify right before the album release..

  3. NiCKI WILL SLAY November 7, 2014

    I actually think she is a better songwriter than most of the other pop girls but she also has a better machine.

    mean let’s take Jessie J… OK she had a Billlboard hit and did a couple of TV appearances and radio. THat is all.

    Now look at Taylor’s promo……..
    Diet Coke, Yahoo, Clear Channel partnership with Diet Coke, Microsoft,and several radio shows are lined up such as Jingle Balls etc…

    Taylor is also has likability just like Beyonce. Don’t underestimate the importance of that & LOVE her fans have for her.

    GaGa use to have that but her ARROGANCE & EGO got in the way.

    • mayaniara November 7, 2014

      She’s no longer a songwriter. 1989 was basically written by Max Miller and a whole host of other songwroters.
      Taylor Swift gets credit for being part of the songwriting team.

      • Nana Yaw November 8, 2014

        Taylor wrote co-wrote all the songs on the album. And Max Martin (not Max Miller)didn’t write all the tracks on the album

      • BubblePopElectric November 8, 2014

        If you’ve ever listened to one of her albums before this one, it’s obvious that in comparison she is still the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to songwriting. Like Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Miguel, Mariah Carey and countless other über successful songwriters…. She has a distinct personal style that permeates through all of her music. She even has examples of how she crafts songs from scratch on the deluxe edition of her album—just her and her guitar. While the credits show that he did assist in some songwriting, Max Martin’s role in this album as executive producer was to make it as sonically cohesive as possible to make the 80’s/throwback theme for the album work—because she worked with other producers, as well.

    • N November 7, 2014

      You hit the nail on its head, a brand has been created around her and she is playing her cards right.

  4. LOL November 7, 2014


    • Sherry November 7, 2014

      Hey! Is ArtPoop platinum yet? Just asking…

    • Rosie November 7, 2014

      Neither will Fad. She couldn’t even do it with a 99 cent discount and the biggest promo schedule of all time.
      Did ANY of the artGRAVE dates sold out in Europe?

    • Sass November 7, 2014

      B**** why are you forever worried about Beyonce when shes slayed your faves? Outsold Artflop and Unpurchased. Sit down.

    • LOL November 7, 2014


      • ME November 7, 2014

        and so will Lady can’t go platinum Gaga and Rihanna lol but you tried

  5. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 7, 2014

    I starting to like her. I read a story about her removing all her music from spotify and in her words:
    “And I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music. And I just don’t agree with perpetuating the
    perception that music has no value and should be free.” STREAMING IS KILLING OUR MUSIC.


  6. Fancy BISH November 7, 2014

    In other news, the shade throwing Syleena Johnson debuted at #197 on the Billboard 200 with her release Chapter 6: Couples Therapy….it will surely fall off the chart next week…her next album will be called Chapter 11: The Bankruptcy (Reorganization) – (Carter Family, Please Help A Sista Out)

    lol 😉

    • Casual-T November 8, 2014

      Oh snap, this is for real. I had to check the BB200 to see if you were for real or joking.

  7. Taylor swift number 1 fan!! November 7, 2014

    Wow I’m very happy that taylor has dominated the sales so much. I think this is somewhat due to swifites being so loyal. I honestly love so many of her songs, still play all her older songs, and loving the new ones too.

    • CATFISH CAREY November 7, 2014


      • Taylor swift number 1 fan!! November 7, 2014

        I do love that album. Dear john is one of my favourite Taylor songs ever. Red is also my other favourite album.

  8. Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* November 7, 2014

    We’re out of the woods, Tay. You slayed like everyone thought you would. Shake It Off is my s*** and I don’t even like Taylor! Lol

  9. Rosie November 7, 2014

    But I thought moving away from country was going to end her career? Slay Taylor (even though Wildest Dreams is the biggest Lana ripoff ever recorded that is not by Borde).

    • Suicide Blonde November 7, 2014

      LMAO, Older is done 😀

      • Rosie November 7, 2014

        No shade but who do you mean as Older? Borde? Because Yellow Flicker BEAST was a bomb. This Mockingjay soundtrack will flop. Also kii at her getting outright rejected by Kanye.

      • Rosie November 7, 2014

        Nevermind, I just realized you were being sarcastic about Taylor. I’m stupid sometimes.

  10. Arianator Barb November 7, 2014

    taylor needs ass shots cuz everytime i see her she gives me plank (from ed, edd, and eddy) tease

  11. Mark111 November 7, 2014

    I don’t get it. The writing is everywhere in this post. Did she sell 5.3 million with all her albums or just that one?

  12. Mark111 November 7, 2014

    I’m not a fan, but I like some of her singles. I don’t dislike her at all, so I don’t get why these other stans are mad. I think it because she’s out doing their faves over and over again.

  13. Mark111 November 7, 2014

    Oh ok. I ger it now.

  14. TheElusiveLamb November 7, 2014

    Congratulations ♥♥♥♥

  15. Suicide Blonde November 7, 2014

    She’s the girl next door, a blonde young woman with a body for European fashion runways, very sweet, basically the American dream but she’s also talented, i do her 😀

  16. AmbeRussell November 7, 2014

    U really can’t compared Taylor to other artist. She doesn’t sing well, her lyrics or ok, but that isn’t why her music sells. So it isn’t quality. It is she is so relatable to Tweens, and young girls. She isn’t overly sexualized, she’s goofy in a quirky way, but cute. Not over the top goofy like Katy perry, but everyday girl goofy. She IS her fan base. And it isn’t bc she sings country, as we have seen country artist not chart well recently. So it is her overall brand being sold, not just her music and that is why she is winning. So please stop with 1) only country fans buy music and 2) if Taylor does, anyone can do it.

    • OMG Logic!!! November 7, 2014

      In other words, she’s extremely mediocre just like the vast majority of society, so she’s relatable to them.

  17. lsyupp November 7, 2014

    TAYLOR HAD 99c albums duh.. That’s why she sold over a Milli… It’s from her deal with Microsoft….

    • NT November 7, 2014

      Billboard has already said that Soundscan didn’t count those sales

    • Rosie November 7, 2014

      The Microsoft sales don’t count for Billboard, like they stated a million times when it happened. You can thank Fad and Amazon for that. Learn the rules before you post dumbass.

  18. Antonio November 7, 2014

    So when Taylor sells 1.2 mil in 7 days, it’s hype over product but if a Black artist, let’s say Beyoncé sells a large amount, it’s pure artistic talent. 1989 has score of 76/100 on Metacritic which translates into a B+/A-… Most of the reviews have been positive so the constant belittling of other artists who aren’t Beyoncé has to stop. We are not gonna sit here and act like Taylor didn’t write and produce EVERY SONG on 4 previous albums that sold nearly 30 million copies WW plus another 60 million singles, not to mention Taylor is hella endorsed like Beyoncé and has grossed over $350 million in ticket sales. Congrats Taylor, continue to slay these lessors

  19. rihannanavy November 7, 2014

    When slaylor effortlessly slayed and killed Beyonce and her secret album. Lol
    1989- 1,287,000 first week
    Beyonce- 990,000 first ten days

    • ME November 8, 2014

      unapologetic- less than 300,000

      and death at the fact that 1989 has already outsold unapologetic in the US

  20. rihannanavy November 7, 2014

    Taylor Swift is about to outsold Beyonce secret album!!! Lol

  21. Partition_please November 8, 2014

    Yo mad coz beyonce outsold rihanna’s unapologetic album in just two weeks. Lol

  22. VanessaCarltonStan November 8, 2014

    1.Britney Spears- Baby One Moreover Time 1.319 million
    2.Taylor Swift-1989 1.287
    3.Taylor Swift-Red 1.208 million
    4.Lady Gaga-Born This Way 1.108 million
    5.Taylor Swift- Speak Now 1.048 million
    5.Janet Jackson- All for You 663,000
    6.Beyonce – Beyonce 617,000

    • JOHNVIDAL November 8, 2014

      Are you sure? If I remember correctly Alicia Keys sold over 700,000 copies in 2007 first week, and Celine Dion did over 600,000 with her A new day has Come album in 2002. Just two example that come to mind and are not included in that list.

      • Jamon November 8, 2014

        A New Day was 558,000

    • Jamon November 8, 2014

      Britney Spears- Britney 745,000
      Alicia keys- As I Am 742,000
      Mary J Blige- The Breakthrough 730,000
      Mary j blige- Growing Pains 629,000
      Alicia Keys – The Dairy of Alicia Keys 618,000

      Beyonce isn’t in the top

      • JOHNVIDAL November 8, 2014

        See? I knew many were missing.
        And these are just first week records. You have people with huge numbers in weeks which are not the first (more impressive imo). In fact, if I´m not mistaken the firt artist to cross the million mark in a week was Whitney Houston with the Bodyguard, just not in the first week. Also, celine Dion, Mariah Carey and many more (usually megatalented ones, unlike Taylor) have done huge numbers many weeks after the release week.

  23. The_Famous_Ciara November 8, 2014

    Ciara – The Evolution 338,000
    Beyonce -4 310,000

  24. african music lover November 8, 2014

    hahahahahha..i like how you compared ciara’s highest first week album to beyonce’s lowest..

  25. ME November 8, 2014

    BEYONCE- 430,000 (first day)

    Evolution- 338,000 (full week)

    Unapologetic- 238,000 (full week)

    • Adele The Queen November 8, 2014

      You must be joking right? You cannot tell me that Rihanna the biggest pop star in the world has yet to outdo Ciflop’s first week sales.

  26. JOHNVIDAL November 8, 2014

    LOL Sam always contradicting himself in her own essays! Seriously you should learn to write things which make more sense (and also to be less biased).
    Anyway: Sad sad sad that a mediocre artist at the very best is the one doing thse numbers in the USA. At least we know we have Adele to do this, and more. But it´s still herat breaking. Is teen white America that stupid?

  27. Bella3 November 8, 2014

    Trey,Chris,Nicki,August could all do what she did if there willing to spend the money for promo for there Art. I’m sure it cost like close to 2to3million but they all have over 3million so there just being cheap. Lol Oh and its the like ability factor as well. Lol They need to become nicer people. Beyonce, Taylor, even the Frozen movie soundtrack all have high like ability but most Urban acts act a damn fool all the time. Nick Jones sings R&B yet still loves his gay fans how many Black R&B act you know will say that? ALL URBAN BLACK ACTS – Stop Being Cheap & Become a nicer person. Luke James should be huge right now if he was willing to spend the money & perform on the Voice & Dancing with the stars & do things with company’s like StarBucks. He needs to use his Beyonce connections.

  28. Theman November 8, 2014

    Taylor is just an amazing album seller.. People are so contradictuary.. A lot of the kiddies purchased her album.. These are the ones that people claim don’t buy too many albums anymore.. Lol. She has a huge huge following.. She sales singles & albums. She’s sold over a million copies three times in a damn row.. That’s selling power there.. She ain’t have to pull any midnight surprises to do it either.. She writes & produces Her own songs.. She’s an artist artist..

    • JOHNVIDAL November 8, 2014

      An artist. But a mediocre one. Don´t tell me there aren´t sooooooo many others who deserve her exposure and sales way more than her.
      And yeah, it´s true, appealing to kiddies has always been a great way to sell albums. If your frineds have it, you want it. And if you are in an age when you don´t buy your own things and you receive presents frequently, then it´s a perfect present from all the parents in the country. Ask Britney Spears or N Sync, it happened to them too. They sold tons of albums thanks to that. It´s doesn´t mean they were being taken that seriously in the long run though.

  29. OKRAH November 8, 2014

    As you see Taylor are doing great with this number in her prime and congratulations to her but still she failed to match the Pop Princess Britney BOMT first weeks sales. Britney still holds the record.

  30. Danny b November 8, 2014

    This is an amazing feat that an artist can still sell like this when their album releases and I’m solely respect Taylor for being able to do that. I don’t wanna take that away from her, but you would think that the way her first week sales are always consistently out of this world, you would think she would have a few Diamond albums to her name? Of which she doesn’t. But with that said congratulations and much credit due to Ms. Swift.

  31. OKRAH November 8, 2014

    1.Britney Spears- Oopsss… i Did It Again Britney Spears- Britney 745,000
    Alicia keys- As I Am 742,000
    Mary J Blige- The Breakthrough 730,000
    Mary j blige- Growing Pains 629,000
    Alicia Keys – The Dairy of Alicia Keys 618,000e 1.319 million
    2.Taylor Swift-1989 1.287
    3.Taylor Swift-Red 1.208 million
    4.Lady Gaga-Born This Way 1.108 million
    5.Whitney Houston- the bodyguard 1.061 million
    6.Norah Jones- Feels Like Home 1.049 million
    5.Taylor Swift- Speak Now 1.048 million
    6.Britney Spears- Britney 746,000
    7.Mary J Blige The Breakthrough 745,000
    8. Alicia Keys- As I Am 742,000
    9..Janet Jackson- All for You 663,000
    10.Mary J Blige – Growing Pains 629,000
    11.Alicia Keys- The Diary 618,000
    12. Beyonce – Beyonce 617,000
    13. Britney Spears- In The Zone 609,000
    14. Taylor Swift- Fearless 592,000
    15. Celine Dion- A New Day 558,000
    Just sayin!

  32. OKRAH November 8, 2014


    1.Britney Spears- Oopsss… i Did It Again 1.319 million
    2.Taylor Swift-1989 1.287
    3.Taylor Swift-Red 1.208 million
    4.Lady Gaga-Born This Way 1.108 million
    5.Whitney Houston- the bodyguard 1.061 million
    6.Norah Jones- Feels Like Home 1.049 million
    5.Taylor Swift- Speak Now 1.048 million
    6.Britney Spears- Britney 746,000
    7.Mary J Blige The Breakthrough 745,000
    8. Alicia Keys- As I Am 742,000
    9..Janet Jackson- All for You 663,000
    10.Mary J Blige – Growing Pains 629,000
    11.Alicia Keys- The Diary 618,000
    12. Beyonce – Beyonce 617,000
    13. Britney Spears- In The Zone 609,000
    14. Taylor Swift- Fearless 592,000
    15. Celine Dion- A New Day 558,000
    Just sayin!

  33. rihannanavy November 8, 2014

    Just when beyonce thought she run the world. Lmfao!!!
    Who run the world?
    Taylor Swift

    • Partition_please November 8, 2014

      Is Unapologetic 1.3 million yet?
      Did Rihanna Sold more than 240,000 in one week?
      Lol @ Rihanna being outsold by Mikey Cyrus Katy And Gags

  34. Partition_please November 8, 2014

    Lol @ undercover rihanna Stans disguising us as taylor Britney or adele stans to diss Beyonce. Haha!

  35. Shareefa1980 November 9, 2014

    Beyonce has more number ones and grammys. Just sayin!

  36. TheFameMonster November 9, 2014

    Congrats Taylor!!!

  37. Yonce November 9, 2014

    beyonce can outsold taylor if she release the album for full 7days. I cant believe local artist taylor sell like this. She had less talent and less grammys. I dont like her at all.

  38. Yonce November 9, 2014

    Lol at monsters clings to 99 cents discounted cheat this way era and s****** fans clinging to spice girls era. Beyonce killed gaga, s******, r****** and floplor swifts career.
    Taylor will never sell 617, 000 in 3days with no promo
    Yonce still reigns supremes with more talent

  39. Fearless November 9, 2014

    I can’t believe that Taylor slayed all of your faves. Hates will hate.
    Go Taylor!!!

  40. Fearless November 9, 2014

    Shake It Off is back to number one!!! Yay

  41. rihannanavy November 9, 2014

    Beyonce will never have more number ones than Riri
    Beyonce will never outsold Adele and Taylor
    Beyonce will never break record Britney’s Oooopsss… I did It Again!
    Beyonce will never have diamond certification

  42. rihannanavy November 9, 2014

    Taylor Swift> Beyonce

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