Hot Shots: Heavily Pregnant Kelly Rowland Poses With La La Anthony

Published: Monday 3rd Nov 2014 by Sam

Word has it Kelly Rowland is due to give birth any day now.

The ‘Motivation’ maven is heavily pregnant with her and husband Tim Witherspoon‘s first child.

Posing it up with her best friend La La Anthony yesterday, the R&B diva is proving that she wears all things well – including pregnancy.

Ms. Kelly looks stunning!

Check out another snap after the jump…



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  1. hell naw November 3, 2014

    Yawnce could never. #FAKEPREGNANCY #BarrenUterus

  2. Cake like Lady GaGa November 3, 2014

    At least we know her pregnancy is REAL, she is carrying her own baby!! Same can’t be said about t*********!!

    • XoMoDe November 3, 2014

      Just like Gaga is carrying that real half penis between her legs. And you have the audacity to call someone else a t*****. That man looking clown you stan for is a walking hormonal defect. It’s OK he/she/it was “born that way.” ROFLMAO. Freakshow.

    • Biting Truth November 3, 2014

      How’s CHARTFLOP doing on the charts this week? Has it been RIAA-certified triple s******** yet? Is it still being outsold by Kidzbop? How about that lousy duets album that Tony Bennett did with her sorry ass out of pity? Has that done double snot? Is she still having trouble selling tickets for that CHARTFLOP state fair tour? Has it gotten so bad yet that she’s resorted to hijacking any more of Madonna’s songs/videos/outfits? 😆 Seriously, be quiet.

  3. llzzye November 3, 2014

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  4. MisdamenorFan November 3, 2014

    Wooo Kelly’s is wearing that baby well! Congrats Mama!

  5. mhud November 3, 2014

    Wow.She is the real queen.Queen baby

    • oh_really November 3, 2014

      Yes man, I have been wondering for snow time now why this woman is not crowned QUEEN OF R&B. SERIOUSLY. I HEAR SO MUCH OF HER INFLUENCE IN TISSUE MUSIC ARTIST.

  6. The pinkprint November 3, 2014

    Wow girl it’s been like a year I’m ready to see the prince. And can’t wait for new music too girl

  7. Aaron November 3, 2014

    She looks like she’s due any day now cause she looks pregnancy tired.. But she still looks cute and wears pregnancy very well… Can’t wait to see her prince

  8. Ms fine November 3, 2014

    I’m not going to lie y’all. I haven’t been this excited to see a celebrity baby since Beyoncé had Blue. So happy for you kelly

  9. Run tell that November 3, 2014

    Right lol.. Kelly looks great. Congrats boo and can’t wait to see your handsome prince

  10. the right one November 3, 2014

    for real she looks amazing. On a side note: yeah the story is old but still. Does it not bother anyone that you never got to see Beyoncé like this. I mean look how candid she is these days (well sorta with all of the staged ig pics)yet you never got a to see a belly. And when she had an opportunity to clear it up with the documentary she showed a silhouette of “herself”. LOL I mean come on. And there are no pics what so ever of baby shower ever happening. I don’t get it. Even after all this time, her pregnancy still doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes the child is hers obviously but then she could have had a surrogate carry her eggs. Im just saying. who knows. It will forever be one of those unsolved mysteries. But back to Kelly she looks amazing and happy. And yes to the pics with actual friends and a home life. we don’t want much from Beyoncé just prove that she is not a cyborg or android of some kind. LOL

    • Absolved November 3, 2014

      There are pictures of Jay-Z and a very pregnant Beyonce at the beach with her bare stomach exposed. So try again.

      • fatusankoh November 3, 2014

        Thank you Absolved this haters don’t have life their life is to hate on bey with bey you all can say all your lies bey is loved by God her fans and good people

      • oh_really November 3, 2014

        Oh really, I would like to see these pictures. It would be nice…

      • dotti November 3, 2014

        pictures of her bare belly you say? they can be seen where or do we just have to take your word for it?

    • shar November 3, 2014

      Omg this post is so on point because I swear sometimes I really think think Beyonce is a robot or something. Especially with her ability to tour for like 1.5 years straight then come back and release another album. Its like she never gets tired!

    • oh_really November 3, 2014

      Oh really, I would like to see these pictures. It would be nice… I mean come on ppl, beyonce has no problem opening up the Grammy’s with her birth canal directly in the camera shot. But absolutely no pic, or footage of her pregnant belly. She is so candid in het life, but not that part….

      • Yeah I Said It November 3, 2014

        There are pictures of her pregnant belly. GOOGLE is your friend.

  11. TheElusiveLamb November 3, 2014

    She looks absolutely stunning.

  12. Kisses Down Low November 3, 2014

    Kelly looks adorable. Slay ma. Yall don’t have to bring Beyoncé into everything in these comment its annoying. She was clearly pregnant now leave the tired 2011 shade out of Kelly’s post.

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