Official: Beyonce Announces ‘Beyonce: Platinum Edition’ / Set To Feature Several New Songs

Published: Tuesday 4th Nov 2014 by Sam
Parkwood Entertainment_Columbia Records BEYONCE

It’s official!

Beyonce‘s blockbuster fifth album is heading back into stores in a new Platinum Edition boxset..featuring a horde of new songs, remixes, and collaborations.

Details below..

Remember That Grape Juice reported about the project’s existence last month?

Well, it’s now confirmed.

Set for release on November 24th, the remoulded edition of ‘Beyonce’ will include the 2 CD/2 DVD limited edition package will include new songs, ‘7/11’ and ‘Ring Off’ plus four new and unreleased remixes with some superstar collaborators. The original, critically acclaimed self-titled visual album, featuring 14 songs and 17 videos, is also included.

The special edition box set features a live performance DVD that chronicles the year-long ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,” a mini version of the official 2015 Beyonce calendar, and more.

Full contents below…


– MORE audio CD with two brand new songs and four unreleased remixes with collaborations from Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Mr. Vegas and Pharrell Williams

– “LIVE” DVD featuring 10 live performances from the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’ with artist commentary and an accompanying photo booklet

– BEYONCE Original audio CD featuring 14 songs and accompanying photo booklet

– BEYONCE Original DVD featuring 17 music videos

– The official 2015 Beyonce mini calendar

– Fans who previously purchased the original BEYONCE visual album digitally will be given the opportunity to add the bonus materials.

Just in time for the holidays. Epic!

Your thoughts?

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  1. BubblePopElectric November 4, 2014

    I knew that rumored tracklist was fake! This should be mad cute for the holidays. I’ll be purchasing.

    • thee hee November 4, 2014

      “Cheek To Cheek” pt II ……is coming y’all !!!


    • nancy grace slays November 4, 2014

      I knew it..i knew it…
      I said it would feature her concert footage..and it does…we haven’t had an ol concert dvd since live at Roseland ballroom!!!!

      I so want this

  2. Mark111 November 4, 2014

    It won’t sell much. It’s cute for the holidays. I woild like to hear Rihanna on a Blow remix tho.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 4, 2014

      Watch how dis will slay UR FAVE !!!!!!!!!!!! i think she is going to promote the singles and if she does they will sell well.

      • Mark111 November 4, 2014

        Oh if she’s gonna promote, then I’ll take it back.

    • You tried November 4, 2014

      Did u check that forbs list sweetie!!??

  3. CATFISH CAREY November 4, 2014


  4. XYZ November 4, 2014

    so just two Songs and four remixes? not worth buying the whole package, since I do not care bout the Tour. Already own two Tour DVDs and they are nearly the same except new Songs… But it’s a cute idea that one can download the additions, guess I’ll do that…

  5. K Bye November 4, 2014

    Beyawnzzzzzzz…. 🙁

    • Terny November 5, 2014


  6. OMG November 4, 2014

    recycling garbage…this desperate cow is thirsty 🙁

  7. Mimi4Eva November 4, 2014


    • TheElusiveLamb November 4, 2014

      Quit using the Queen’s name b****.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 4, 2014

        What queen????

  8. I love to get ‘2 On’ November 4, 2014

    Lol, how funny is it that the haterz are always the first to comment. It’s like y’all are hiding in the shadows hungry for any news that’s about King Bey. Get a life like 4 real.

  9. Adios November 4, 2014

    Tell me something new..

  10. L November 4, 2014

    Thank God that track list was fake. I’m glade the original flawless tracklist is untouched. This is really something for the hardcore fans tbh, 2 new songs and s*** stans would like to own. So stfu if you aint interested.

    • justme November 4, 2014

      Yassssss I’m here for this.. guaranteed back in the top ten albums. I’m laughing cuz the h*** wanna hear the new songs and the remixes they gonna be the first to listen to it. .

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 4, 2014

      Fu ck u ho

  11. BeyIsKing November 4, 2014

    petty af, how in the hell is she going to release Beyonce x10 on DVD and not the full concert?
    I can watch that sh*t for free on YouTube, Beyoncé what the hell?

  12. Eloviano November 4, 2014

    Yaaaass mother. My hard earned coins are readddddy!!!!

  13. Latavia Luckett-Franklin November 4, 2014

    “Blockbuster” album??? Really, TGJ??? Aren’t you desperate to be part of Beyonce’s official publicity team???

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 4, 2014


      • Latavia Luckett-Franklin November 4, 2014

        Sis, just the Beyhive you are in, you cannot even throw shade without being derogatory…a.k.a., throw grown woman shade, not high school ghetto shade. Keep Aaliyah’s name out of it.

      • Brian310 November 4, 2014

        Been gone for over a decade and she still have fan bases intimidated, her impact her power

  14. Mark111 November 4, 2014

    Hahahha, she gave y’all Beyoncé x10 and will kore than likely sell y’all both concerts DVD later on. Smh

    • King B November 4, 2014

      But what is Aaliyah giving you for Christmas??? I’ll wait…

      • Brian310 November 4, 2014

        She has given her fans in the 7 years something Beyoncé has never given hers…Originality and timeless music.

      • Mark111 November 4, 2014

        opp! @Brian310 They just don’t get it.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 4, 2014


  15. Baby cici November 4, 2014

    No ones gonna buy this crap

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 4, 2014


    • King B November 4, 2014

      The irony coming from a manless bany mama certified flop

  16. MRB November 4, 2014

    SMH Beyonce checks taking all her stans money and they buy the same album with a couple of added songs! I’m not wasting my money on anything re released. Can We Get A Whole New Album?

    • MRB November 4, 2014


  17. Charlieyoncé November 4, 2014

    I’m just gonna add on the new material to my digital copy, but seriously I was expecting more than just two new songs. Kinda disappointed tbh

  18. Beysus November 4, 2014

    “Artist commentary” hmm… And thank f*** there’s no Rihanna collab… Damn only 2 new songs???

  19. Beysus November 4, 2014

    I didn’t buy it digitally, I got the CD…

  20. King B November 4, 2014

    apparently Slaying on the sun will be on it. well if it is my coins my life and my dignity belong to her

    • SheTriedIt November 4, 2014

      Just Plain Old Dad! U FOGGOTS NEED A LIFE.

  21. SheTriedIt November 4, 2014

    Nobody Here For this B*******

    TWO NEW SONGS. that’s All.

    I Didnt Even Buy The First CD And I’m Definitely Not Paying For The Same CD With Two New SONGS

    This B**** Is Desperately Seeking Something

    • King B November 4, 2014

      it still went Multi platinum without your EBT money so one cares

      • SheTriedIt November 4, 2014

        B**** your mom’s spending EBT … It has been proven that yawn’ce has the most uneducated fan base

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 4, 2014


      • Rolands Givens November 4, 2014


  22. Beysus November 4, 2014

    The rerelease will contain new songs “7/11” and “Ring Off” and official remixes such as “Flawless” with Nicki Minaj, “Blow” with Pharrell, “Drunk in Love” with Jay-Z and Kanye West and “Standing on the Sun” with Mr. Vegas. The 4-disc box set will also include a live DVD from The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, with 10 performances that previously aired on HBO to be included.[58] <—- I knew the X10 HBeyO thing would be in it!!!!

    • ontherun November 4, 2014

      So she’s finally gonna give us an official version of SOTS. Thank god

      • Beysus November 4, 2014

        Yaaay!!! 🙂

  23. fatusankoh November 4, 2014

    I can’t Wait love my queeeeen bey

  24. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “Aquarius” In Stores/iTunes) November 4, 2014

    TBH I’m just exhausted by the hype of this album. It wasn’t anything special. I only liked “***Flawless,” “Drunk In Love,” and “Mine.”

    • skyfall November 4, 2014

      Yes, Tinashe Album is much better

  25. Stephy Tha Lambily November 4, 2014

    This album is NOT a “Blockbuster”… Beyonce has NEVER produced a blockbuster selling album. Stop spreading lies. This album was simply a Double-Platinum success. Also, I cannot wait to get my copy.

    • Fancy BISH November 4, 2014

      Chile STOP with the delusions lol 😉 Beyonce’s first album sold 11,000,000 copies worldwide……BYE!

      • skyfall November 4, 2014

        Hush, Stephy is right and didn’tthat tea already get clocked that DIL only sold 9m ww

      • Stephy Tha Lambily November 4, 2014

        Dangerously In Love is NOT even a BLOCKBUSTER selling album. It was a hugely successful LP but NOT BLOCKBUSTER status. A blockbuster selling album are album that sell well over 20,000,000+ copies. 21, Thriller, Falling Into You, The Bodyguard etc… Are examples of BLOCKBUSTER selling albums.

      • mingxxx November 4, 2014

        ripp off copycat beyonce could re-release Jesus and it still wont be a blockbuter . only a h** idiot would buy recycled concerts and songs..on youtube. 2 new songs that was just left overs from the last album..this re-cycled package is a slapped together mess..

  26. quetta November 4, 2014

    She can keep that shxt. I love her to death, but no!

  27. ontherun November 4, 2014

    I will definitely be getting the additional bonus material. Hope she has videos for the two new songs aswell

  28. Kitty Puurrzz November 4, 2014

    Where is monica to save RNB

    • Knowles Carter November 4, 2014

      Lmao this is not the 90s gtfoh she ain’t saving s***

    • cupcake November 7, 2014

      Oh she got a new song called Call my name…dope and Album coming soon!!!! Super stoked Beyoncé is an okay singer but don’t have vocals that can send chills up your spine like Monica, Keke Wyatt, Lauryn Hill, etc just to name a few ijs

  29. Cake like Lady GaGa November 4, 2014

    DEAD at the queen of re-releases having to re-release this garbage just to get it back on the charts. The gimmick has died down, I don’t think ANYONE is interested in this trash anymore, so u can keep ur trash @T*********. And DEAD at Taylor Swift outselling t*********’s first week numbers, I thot the t***** was “Queen”??

    • King B November 4, 2014

      you of all people shouldn’t be talking about chart is Artflop platinum yet? is the floprave gonna outsell the mrs slayer tour? is your fave gained back her relevancy? like I love gaga but delusional stan like you make me wanna drag her so chill the f*** up

    • AmbeRussell November 4, 2014

      What is beyonce a gimmick ??

  30. Stop hating November 4, 2014

    you all (the haters) understand that these types of packages are for the fans, right?
    If you do not care for it, don’t buy it, but for her loyal fan base, this is a gift they would LOVE. I would of loved to hear it had more new songs than it actually has, but I guess for the non bey hive members, we will have to wait for the next studio release.

    • Memo November 4, 2014

      Then you will say that as it was for fans, it didn’t sell much. I see you b****** coming up with that.

      • Stop hating November 4, 2014

        Can you really see me coming up with that? Really? Who is paying you to hate because I’ve never mention nor do I care about what an album sells…

  31. Applause November 4, 2014

    Screaming at how desperate Beyonce is, 2 new songs and you think people gonna actually buy the whole package she really is delusional. This proves she thinks her fans are a pack of idiot biitches (which they are).

    • Slay_Hive November 4, 2014

      B**** why are you so pressed. Don’t you have more d*** to suck to get ArtFLOP to finally reach platinum?

      • King B November 4, 2014

        At least Beyonce still has fan how is that tour goin? how are those sale looking? Flopga fan have no room to talk

    • ontherun November 4, 2014

      What happened to chartflop act 2??

  32. The RIH-Up November 4, 2014

    Girl Bye… Take That Weak S*** On

  33. Stop hating November 4, 2014

    Let’s try something different today. Let’s talk positive. I would like to hear new duets with Beyonce ft. Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Adele, and or Solange.
    Leaning more towards that Mariah And Beyonce track (if ever there was one). That would be different

    • TheElusiveLamb November 4, 2014

      I still want the Mariah and Michael Jackson duet. I even want the Mariah and Justin Timberlake track too. I need those unreleased tracks in my life.

  34. Slay_Hive November 4, 2014

    Only two new songs? Is Beyonce serious? She could of kept that Beyonce x 10 and added at least 4 more new songs. Haven’t decided if I’m going to buy this yet.

    • King B November 4, 2014

      stop playing B**** you about to get your hive card REVOKED

      • Slay_Hive November 4, 2014

        Revoked by who b****? Not you. I’m just disappointed with this re-release. I want more music. She can keep that Beyonce x 10 dvd. She’s a great live performer but I would rather have new music over something I’ve already seen a million times.

      • King B November 4, 2014

        I hear you but come the f*** now this h** gave us 14 new song and 17 freaking video out of nowhere not even a year ago she add an extra 2 months to an already lonnnng tour to promote the new music for her european fan than she gave her american fans a stadium tour all this while perfoming at the grammies amd the vma’s amd being a mother it a freacking RE-release not a a volume too what did you expect?some rerelease don’t even have new marterial (4 re-release)I get that you are upset but don’t make it look like anybody in the game worked harder than bey this year

    • Molly November 4, 2014

      The realest comment you ever made. Kudos

    • King B November 4, 2014

      Ps : she did gave us new songs even if it just two cut her some slack

  35. King M.J November 4, 2014

    I’ll be purchasing, I love Bey.

  36. TheElusiveLamb November 4, 2014

    No thank you. That HBO special wasn’t edited correctly. It didn’t capture how being in front row really was. I still hate the way Revel was edited. I went to the Roseland, Revel, & Mrs. Carter tour, and every time I saw it broadcasted on tv, you can’t even get 1/4th of the energy, stamina, and vocals that King B gave me on that stage. I’ll just download the two new tracks and be on my way. It sucks too, bc the Rihanna & Beyoncé collab would’ve been so major.

  37. Knowles Carter November 4, 2014

    I probably won’t be purchasing, but slay sis lol

    • Katycat November 4, 2014

      Broke B****! support your fave

      • Knowles Carter November 4, 2014

        Troll I have every Beyoncé cd and DVD. Take your own advice and support Singlesartist Perry.

  38. waterfalls November 4, 2014

    Really? A full mrs carter show please

  39. Kiyonce November 4, 2014

    im kind of disappointed smh shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up that high , I wish it was more than 2 new songs but who cares ima Still buy !! Hopefully she performs these new songs at the EMAs & the maybe even the Grammys that would end this era perfectly! So maybe the joint album with her & jayz must be true then

  40. Molly November 4, 2014

    Guess the hive aren’t as brainwashed as i thought.

    • King B November 4, 2014

      shut the hell up

    • Tyler November 4, 2014

      What…You’re allowed to speak when Lovebird isn’t around??? That’s news worthy

  41. fatusankoh November 4, 2014

    I can’t wait to buy my copies long live queen bey good luck with everything

  42. CATFISH CAREY November 4, 2014


    • Beysus November 4, 2014

      Because maybe they go with the rest of the album or maybe we might not like them or maybe SHE doesn’t like them… Who knows??? It’s still more exciting than #R8…

  43. Kiyonce’ November 4, 2014

    I’m just pissed because this b**** recorded 80+ songs for the album & all we get is 2 ? Wtf she been working on this album since she was pregnant with blue & this is all we get ? 2015 we need to be getting some new music , I hope these 2 songs are mega hits & she promotes the hell out of it , guess I’m ready for R8 now smh

  44. Tyler November 4, 2014

    Most successful female album and tour of all time…Plus, being the part of a joint tour that just so happened to become the 2nd most successful tour of ALL TIME. Now this??? That slayage though #WINNING

    • Memo November 4, 2014

      Most successful album of all time? THE DELUSION.

      • Tyler November 4, 2014

        My fault… what I meant to say was “The most successful female TOUR and ALBUM of 2013”. OTR is the 2nd most successful tour of ALL TIME though. So you can calm your tits now.

  45. Memo November 4, 2014

    When not selling, the BeHIVe will say: ”it’s too expensive,” ”it´s a re-edition” and crapp like that.

    • Tyler November 4, 2014

      No, the only stan base who seems to have a problem with it is the Navey. Since they have become accustomed to purchasing 0.99 cent singles. The price of $16 “Beyonce” didn’t seem to be a issue. So idk why it would all of a sudden become one now. So everything that you just said is NULL AND VOID.

  46. girlbye November 5, 2014

    How is it more exciting than #r8? The album doesnt even have a release date and yall b****** mad. Anyway beyonce is cheating the hell out of yall! No full concert(which im shocked by) its pointless to buy those 2 songs is gonna be on youtube before the damn s*** is released anyway. 2008 beyonce and before was the best beyonce yall ever had atleast the b**** gave yall more. #Poorstans

  47. girlbye November 5, 2014

    How us otr tour the best selling tour of all time? That s*** barely hit 100 million? #Next the mrs carter show dd way better and she barely performed in stadiums.

  48. FutureCIARA November 5, 2014

    Not worth that $40 price tag! And besides, anybody can just Youtube search her ENTIRE concerts…. So Ill pass….

    And I also KNEW Rihanna being featured was completely just someones imagination.

  49. Thando November 5, 2014

    Beyonce at times is rather exploitative.

    You have been on 2 tours for the past years and 6 months.

    you release a CV/DVD with 14 music videos for all songs on said CD.

    You go on a tour with your husband that you know people are going to want on dvd.

    Why do you release a platinum package with the SAME THINGS (CD/DVD) and the 10 live performances that were broadcast on HBO and were posted on youtube?

    Why not include your Mrs Carter World tour as ONE OF THE DVDs in the package?

    33 POUNDS may be little to British and American people (although I highly doubt that also), but in South Africa thats R600!

    The level of swindling your fans is wrong because its base on a premise of abusing the loyaly of the people who support you (Predominatly gay black men who don’t have children to look after other than paying basic bills).

    I’m ok with paying for your work because you deserve it, but it becomes a whole other picture when it’s blatant exploitation, a racket.

    None the less, to be exploited is a choice. I’ll PIRATE the two new songs, I don’t give a f*** about remixes, I’ll keep the original album CD/DVD, I don’t give a f*** about a booklet (I’ve never understood the logic behing booklets but anyway), and I will wait only for the Mrs Carter Show DVD and possibly the On the Run tour DVD.

    When artists wonder why we pirate their material, they need to look in the mirror and the pricing. I’m don’t want to pay for a remix, booklet or stupid calander (I have that on my phone), I WANT TO PAY FOR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

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