Did You Miss It?! Chris Brown Accuses Karrueche Tran Of Cheating On Him…With Drake

Published: Sunday 7th Dec 2014 by David


“She’s lovin’ the crew…oh she’s lovin’ the crew.”

Fans of ‘Only’ lyricist Chris Brown were met with the most surprising of tales when they woke up this morning, when their “fave” hit with them a story that has to be seen to believed. A story, that sought to expose an “affair” his girlfriend Karrueche Tran had with…Drake.


Details below…

After the ‘Trust Issues‘ rapper began an on/off relationship with Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Drake then found himself doing the pelvic mamba with Ms. Tran, the socialite Brown began dating after his split with the aforementioned Rihanna.


Indeed, after announcing they had split here, Chris received a clap back from Tran,who took to the net to share:

Once you find strength within yourself, it’s hard to allow any type of bs around you. I refuse to be repeatedly mistreated especially by someone who claims to love me. That’s not love. And if that’s what you define as love then I don’t want it. Yes, I have not been so smart before in the past but I made a promise to be a better and stronger woman and I’m keeping that promise. If you can’t love me the right way, then don’t love me at all. Don’t be mad at me because I prefer to be happy. Keep love in your life folks. Not just love between people but love within your HEART, flowing in all aspects of your life. I promise life is so much better


Not be outdone, Brown clapped back:

We’ve got scars, some of them u gave me, some of them I’ve caused. That ride or die act we have been fooling the world with obviously ain’t working. I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake! When this relationship first started u knew what it was and even participated in threesomes. I slowed all that shit down. So let’s not try to save face for public opinion because I don’t need to play victim so people can take my side. All these celebrity niggas ain’t shit and focus only on themselves. I made it clear to the world who my girl was and made your life equal to mine even at the cost of me not focusing on my career at times. So miss me wit the bullshit. Now yall know the real.

Drake is yet to respond.



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  1. DanYiel Teflon December 7, 2014


  2. Molly December 7, 2014

    Chris treats women like garbage he’s such a sad individual. Looks like Tamar and The other girl were right.

    • rosy December 7, 2014

      Why is sam using rih in chris brown drama leave her alone

      • RCi December 7, 2014

        Cuz its a gossip blog… and rhi is all over his skinny dxck

  3. J’blu December 7, 2014

    Yaaaas at the Riri memes! #DEAD! What a mess!

    • J’blu December 7, 2014


  4. PAPA December 7, 2014

    These two need to take this messy sh*t off social media! What happened to handling break-ups privately like grown adults do??? Oh, I forgot we’re dealing with Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. No surprises here.

  5. Cupid December 7, 2014

    Umm any news on new Rihanna music?

  6. RihHive December 7, 2014

    ummm… so was this threesome 2 boys 1 girl? Or 2 girls 1 boy?

  7. LB December 7, 2014

    Only light skinnndeedddeedd n****$ would queen out and have a b**** fest in public like this.

    Ever heard of keeping your private THOTivities private? I don’t understand these uber soft n****$, save that drama fest for ya momma.

  8. datreddone23 December 7, 2014

    Messy child….

  9. ~The Arcade~ December 7, 2014

    OMG!!! tgj is back, y’all have some serious explaining to do lol 🙂

  10. Rima December 7, 2014

    Who cares these 2 are tired anyways where’s Rihanna new single?

  11. LB December 7, 2014

    On the other hand, I cannot blame karamba for moving on to greener pastures, Fistopher is struggling to scratch gold and has been relegated to touring with TreySina Songz; he should be touring arenas and not concert halls.

    Karamba is just looking for a new jar of butter, that’s what THOTS do.

  12. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2014

    He read her for filth….. These h***’ ain’t loyal.

    • Bruno Baby December 7, 2014

      This s*** aint cute he needs to grow up already

      • RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2014

        It’s not cute,but it’s mos def some good tazo

  13. Stephy December 7, 2014

    Three-Somes…? Ooooh, that sounds delicious.

    • LB December 7, 2014

      Madonna’s worst album, her “bionic”.

      Rebel heart slays though.

      • Stephy December 7, 2014

        Girl Bye! Erotica is the BOMB! One of her best albums ever! Like a Virgin, American Life, Hard Candy & MDNA are her worst albums I have listened too. Erotica SLAYS me HARD. Deeper And Deeper SLAYS me HARD!

    • Dirty Laundry December 7, 2014

      Disgusting trash.

  14. Bruno Baby December 7, 2014

    Chris needs to grow you’d never Bruno act out like this, He’s a class act something ghetto Chris will never be.

  15. RICHIE_RICH December 7, 2014

    So Chris was Rihanna doing threesomes too? More than likely!!!!!

    • Lily December 7, 2014

      My fave is a jealous one. She won’t allow that. She always wants her man to herself. Threesomes & foursomes is for Karmagotchi who is desperately looking for Fame & freebies. So she do allow that.

  16. Stephy The Bottomly December 7, 2014

    I just wanna know who has the better d ick?

  17. Mark111 December 7, 2014

    Hahahahaha, dude is extremely selfish. So she’s a h** because she had a threesom with you, but you’re not? Then I heard it was with a dude, so that’s questionable. He’s trying to find a blame for that flop of an album. It flopped because you’re wack, the X amount of push backs from yoy in and out of rehab and jail. This is the same dude that beat Rihanna. The same dude that threw a rock at his mother’s windshield. The same dude that punched Mrs. Ocean and Drake. He’s an abusive person that cries poor me to get woman back.

    And Rihanna better not even send a simple tweet to this animal. And Drake, the gig is up. Effing everyone girl is not cutting it. You just look like a dumpster diver now.

  18. kyllaw December 7, 2014

    What’s funny is ppl always thought he was talking bout Rihanna when I’m guessing it was krumb cake.

  19. blue December 7, 2014

    if what he said is true than him and drake are doing a seriously disturbing dance. And tran jumping between two man rih has been doesnt read sane either. But i do believe she broke it off finally having had enough of his b******* and hi, now whining like the little b**** his always been.

  20. blue December 7, 2014

    people call rihanna a where for revealing her body, taylor swift is Te definition of purity and chris brown is a man…society is screwed up!

  21. Lily December 7, 2014

    When we were telling Karmagotchi Chris don’t love you that’s why he always humiliates you. She was like Ride & Die All in the Name of I want to be a celebrity bad bad. She takes all the sh*t CB gives her cus she desperately wants that Fame & Freebies. Free photo ops & she got gigs cus of him. Now she’s saying she want Respect? Ladies pls you got to start from the beginning if you want Respect. This year alone I think CB broke up with her like 10X. We have already lose counts how many times CB has publicly humiliates & Break up with her.

  22. snoozefeast December 7, 2014

    Does Chris Brown have any diss tracks on X he gonna release? I haven’t heard it. *shrugs* Is that a gamble with momentum or something? Why always Chris Brown and Drake and Rihanna in the mixer. They got nothing else? Maybe he might just get back with Rihanna for her album to drop with that same old “OMG they are back” exposure stunt.

    dunno if it’s ridiculous how they make up that stories. marvelous “the struggling 4”.

  23. Mark111 December 7, 2014

    Plus you know all Kakarot has to say is “he beat me, I was afraid to leave for the longest time. He forced me in those 3somes” and Chris is DONE! LOL

    • s*** baby December 8, 2014

      Lol. Isn’t Kakarot the name of the black gay p*** star with a fat d***. Rotfl

  24. cocobutta December 7, 2014

    She’ll do what she always does and run right back to him when he wants some pum-punnie.

    Gullible a$s heifer.
    Wonder which guy took the D from Chris while the guy gave to Tran.

    Who’s box was she eating while Chris got in her?

    All these nasty questions in my mind!!

    • cocobutta December 7, 2014

      Chileee I need to have several seats, sip tea & pause!!!

  25. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 7, 2014

    I knew Kalamari was a cheating h**. This should be the end of her.

    I’m disgusted at you h0es attacking Maurice when he got his heart stumped on. His lover cheated on him. I hope your boyfriends/girlfriends do the same.

  26. Brian310 December 8, 2014

    Tryna figure out when Rihanna got attached to this story?

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