T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea: “Not All White People Out To Steal Our Culture”/ Azealia Banks Weighs In

Published: Sunday 21st Dec 2014 by Rashad

While most are tweet-watching to see if the “Anonymous” hacker threats against rap starlet Iggy Azalea will manifest into anything more, her mentor – rap mogul T.I. – comes to her aid again.

Indeed, after calming the bark of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg just weeks ago, now Tip is clapping back at rapper Q-Tip on behalf of Azalea after the ‘Breathe and Stop’ beau lent her a stinging lesson in hip hop history (see that here if you missed it).

In a lengthy Twitter lecture, Tip refutes some of Q-Tip’s claims about Azalea’s intent with hip hop, the fear of white people embezzling from Black culture, and more.  Tuck in below, read his rant, and tell us if you agree:

Read from bottom to top:

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Azealia Banks caught wind of the rant and lent her own:

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 12.18.04 PM

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Teflon December 21, 2014

    I still like Iggy Azaela music not sure why folks discriminate against Her & her style it works for me..She sells!! Why HATE?

    • TRUTH SERUM December 21, 2014

      Nicki has receives far more hate and criticism than igloo especially from the likes of you. I find your comments to be so hypocritical!!! Take your own advice clown..

      • New classic December 21, 2014

        Nicki has experienced nothing like this. Stop it.

      • TRUTH SERUM December 21, 2014

        Lies.. She has been highly criticized for doing pop music big time. Urban dj’s threaten to boycott her music . Of course you wouldn’t know because the extent of your hip hop experience is through Igloo.

      • rosy December 22, 2014

        Gtfoh with your hate no one said anything including white people when nicki Minaj try to be white and saying she f****** barbie leave this girl alone these black rappers mad because they are broke and less popular riding the black waves in society now by bullying iggy azalea it’s sick they can’t come for Eminem he white but they pick on a female blacks want things easy when they don’t get it they cry racism and throw tantrums this white girl left her country to work hard and live her dream stop with your hip hop culture s*** why don’t you lash out when these rappers call black women whores is that your culture hypocrite black pos

      • WorldSTOP… CarryON December 22, 2014

        @TruthSerum Was not talking to you, so a bit confused as to why you chose to respond… I’ll stay on topic when you stay out of mentions. I can talk about whatever I want to, If you bothered to read my comment properly you would know that I have a problem with people using the N-word and I’m merely stating my opinion as to why people think its okay – frankly I don’t think any race should use it anymore, but Hip Hop is one of the main reasons why the word remains in today’s society so ofc its a bit worrying when white women like Kreayshawn, V-Nasty & Iggy Azalea feel its okay to make black references on their tracks, they are attempting to open a door that should stay closed. Like i said at the end of my previous comment, we are all entitled to support whoever we want to, if ‘The New Classic’ wants to continue to waste his/her money on filth and then have the cheek to say the N-Word then thats up to him/her – and it’s also up to you to mind your mf business and not get caught up. enjoy your holidays.

      • WorldSTOP… CarryON December 22, 2014

        @Truth Serum who da fuq said the black community only extends to hip hop…. the ignorance kicked in when you began typing common sense and but suddenly decided to come at me sideways when I wasn’t even addressing you. Music in general is a major part of black culture… Hip Hop, along with Rock (which had derived from rhythm and blues aka R&B, carribean Ska and rocksteady music), Jazz, Blues, Country and Western, and Reggae all derived from African/Carribean influences along with countless other genres – so yes Hip Hop is a big part of Black culture. MY only issue as I already stated was ‘New Classic’ using the N-word, How exactly did I provoke a stan war if I’m not stanning for anyone? If your going to dedicate such a big portion of your life to arguments on internet forums, you should probably spend time responding to people who are actually being offensive rather than those who are replying to racist comments.

      • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

        @worldstop obviously I wasn’t responding to you. The comment was clearly meant for @risy

      • WorldSTOP… CarryON December 22, 2014

        I apologize for coming at you like that.
        I have seen your comments, and pretty much agreed with a lot of what you say not just on this post but in general, so tbh It made no sense why you would respond to me like that. I was mainly trying to understand why you replied to me but now that you’ve explained the situation it makes sense. Its annoying because the way the comment/reply/mention system works on this site, because sometimes you can’t reply directly to the comment you want to, even if you want to speak to a specific person. I also mention the person’s name just to avoid confusion – but its an easy mistake. @Rosy is ignorant, which is why I don’t even want to open a dialogue with her about this.

    • You tried December 22, 2014

      The hate for IGGY is at an all time HIGH! Mean while her NAME is in LIGHTS!! Social. Media.. BILLBOARD.. Blogs .. ITUNES… TOURS. CHECKS. DEALS AND ETC ” u get my point” lol. I’m sure IGGY is saying ” HATERS KEEP IT COMING!!” Lol

      • rosy December 22, 2014

        I will be supporting her from now on because these blacks think hating her she will fail no Bueno she will be more popular and note to azalea banks sit there crying how you black with your slave mentality will not get your funky ass on billboard 100 your personality stinks and attitude typical angry black American woman won’t sell not even to me who is black I rather a white girl over your ass go slither in a hole with your cry me a river

  2. New classic December 21, 2014

    Spoken like a real n****!!!!!!!

    • WorldSTOP… CarryON December 22, 2014

      … and my guess is that your white, so you shut your fukking mouth and quit while your ahead. You are the prime example of everything that is wrong with Iggy Azalea and the movement she is trying to spearhead – with the term ‘n*gga’ being so attached to Hip Hop/Rap Culture and being uprooted in centuries of cultural oppression and manipulation, It is just a matter of time before the world welcomes the term ‘N*gga’ for everyone to freely use – It is used so freely in Hip Hop, and the more white people involved in that genre the more non-black races will think its okay to use that term. Because she associated herself with Hip Hop culture she assumed it was okay to make ‘slave master’ references – anyone who tries to defend it by saying it’s Kendrick’s lyrics is stupid cos he did NOT add the ‘master’ part to it, she did, along with the whipping motion she did with her hand in the video. She thought it was okay to comment on black issues, and she isn’t the first nor will she be the last. So feel free to support biggotry and cultural misappropriation but do not fool yourself into thinking you have the right to use the word ‘N*gga’ because you will never be a part of Black culture.

      • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

        And this were your ignorance comes in… The black community extends far beyond the hip hop community. The word will never be used throughout the world because most of the black peoples I know, don’t use it. Stay on topic here, the issue is systemic racism… This isn’t some fan/Stan war. You have every right to support igloo, it’s a free country and I have a right to state my opinion..

      • TRUTH SERUM December 22, 2014

        @worldstop, if you’ve ever read any of my post you would clearly know that I always speak against racism and or bigotry. My apologies, I hit reply to the wrong comment. but for future references it would behoove you to use your reasoning skills and all that “logic” you have prior to flying off the handle. None of my previous indicated that I supported anything this girl stood for. And I quote, this is more about systemic racism versus a Stan/fan war was a response to someone changing the topic to the “n-word”

  3. BeyRihLiyah December 21, 2014

    his tweets were all over the place he needs to take his illiterate ass back to school and also he needs to take his pig looking wife back to school with him ,his wife doesn’t know how to read lmaooooo……. T.I. is a garbage rapper just like his artist UGGLY FLOPZALEA their both garbage

    • Mark111 December 22, 2014

      Whoa now, T.I have classic albums under his belt, best one being Urban Legend. Last one being Paper Trail. But the rest I agree with. I’m so disappointed, I used to be a huge fan.

      • BeyRihLiyah December 22, 2014

        ive never been a t.i. fan aside from live your life ft rih that’s about it

  4. Hahaha December 21, 2014

    If Iggy was black she would be on datpiff and soundcloud like the 100s of other mediocre female rappers.
    The fact is, her being white makes her less threatening to the masses. It’s okay to be medi hen you’re accessible.

  5. A]]s December 21, 2014

    He’s just trying to make sure the money keeps rolling in

  6. Queen iggy the run away slave master December 21, 2014

    Educate them all T.I

  7. tits mcgee December 21, 2014

    It’s not even about Iggy for me. She is making her money. My problem is with dudes like this, who promote mediocrity, and mockery of what we are..

    TI is a c*** to the highest power. This is a man who stood by and let his wife go to Africa to have surgery, to make her eyes permanently, blue..

    The self hate is real..

    There is only so much, you can, shuck and jive, you’re way out of…

    Racist whites and self hating Negroes, have a lineage in this country, that goes back to the beginning of slavery ..


    • Tisha December 22, 2014

      THANK YOU! For mentioning that blue eyes sht his wife did putting her EYE SIGHT on the line to try and achieve a European form of beauty.

      The fckery surrounding TI speaks for itself, I’ve watched this dude lose so many fans by flaunting his own ignorance (like now).

    • mar December 22, 2014

      His wife is half white tho…

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        And?? The irony is that her African heritage gave her brown eyes, and she spit on that part of her, born identity, by tattooing, her eye balls blue in Africa!!

        It’s a move that spits on the part she most looks like (or did), her African heritage.

        I mean if you don’t see the self loathing in her actions, and a husband who consigns that…

  8. Tyler December 21, 2014

    No, if Iggy was black she wouldn’t be winning at all…because she can’t rap

  9. Tyler December 21, 2014

    If she wasn’t pretending to be someone that she’s not, I wouldn’t have an issue.
    However, the fact that her white Australian ass made racially offensive remarks about black and other people of color…only to go on and make a caricature of black American women in her songs, is what bothers me.

    • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

      Exactly! I like some of her songs, well the beats. Her rapping is pedestrian, and that’s not a problem, in itself to me.

      My issue is when I heard her speak, in
      contrast to her rapping.

      My immediate thought was of a minstrel show..

      It smacks of mockery..

      • Tyler December 22, 2014

        Yup, like modern day blackface!

  10. Dossome December 22, 2014

    Well said TI….Like Azealia Banks said,this has NOTHING to do with Iggy if we look at the bigger pic.I still feel Hip-Hop needs a revolution.unlike majority of the other genres Hip-Hop is more than just music,it’s culture,it’s LIFE.If we’re about saving Hip-Hop,bigger heads (Iggy included) need to start rolling for the disrespect and mutilation of the genre over the years to the extent people like Iggy with basically non-existent talent can come here and have a career.All those clowns at YMCMB better not be spared.

    See:What started in a small town in Tunisia went on to ruin Gaddaffi (literally) and Mubarak,two of the most powerful people in the entire continent of Africa and The Middle-East…..Interpret that however you like 😉

  11. Nurse December 22, 2014

    Of course T.I. is gonna protect his piggy bank, His cash flow increased exponentially this year thanks to iggy and her white privilege.

  12. Tyler December 22, 2014

    “Not All White People Out To Steal Our Culture”

    And why does he sound like a docile house negro?

    • BeyRihLiyah December 22, 2014

      because he’s illiterate trash

      • Tyler December 22, 2014


    • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

      I’m officially in love with you!!! 🙂

      I can’t with his sambo ass..

      • Tyler December 22, 2014

        Haha you too!
        One thing I can’t stand is a Uncle Tom…TI seems to fit that description SMDH

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        Every time I hear or read TI’s comments, I picture him leading this band with the camisole, over his head.


      • Tyler December 22, 2014

        Wow! Funny how the coonery and buffoonery has been ingrained in our society and some of us dont even notice

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        Really, though.

        ** why my phone changed parasol to camisole is beyond me.

  13. vag sniffer December 22, 2014

    I remember people on here dragging nicki for doing pop rap, and some of those same people are now supporting Iggy for doing pop rap. go read some of the post on here from 2012 and read the tea

    • AmbeRussell December 22, 2014

      The difference in nicki doing hip pop was that she started off being a real mc, iggy never was a mc. Then nicki jumped bandwagons to sell and insulted her hip hop fans by saying they needed to experience life etc and she did have single success, but her album did not sell like the 1st. Iggy never had that extream change with her music. She was urban pop and rapped.

  14. BWET December 22, 2014

    Black people are so weird! We bash and disassociate ourselves from our “culture,” but then get b*** hurt when a corny white girl comes in and cashes out on it? Lol there are so many bigger issues that we should be worried about than some pop rap chick from the outback. I’m so tired of hearing about this bullshyt

    • Tyler December 22, 2014

      How is that weird? She’s using “plantation” dialect.

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        Exactly!! @Tyler!! Saying it’s OK for Iggy to do that is like saying this should be a commercial on TV in this day and age….


      • December 22, 2014

        wt.. plantation dialect wakakakakak!!!!!!

    • rosy December 22, 2014

      I agree with you blacks are confuse that’s why they can’t get nowhere in society they worry about one white girl it’s jealousy I bet most of the comments are from black women on here and they mad she with a black man when will black women learn black women don’t get mad when rappers call them hos in music a

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        You will never escape the barrio, until you learn to write.

        *confuse = confused
        * they can’t get nowhere = they won’t get anywhere

        You my dear are a complete and utter, ignoramus. Go to schools..

        The only one mad are your grade school teachers.

        Before you try to read anyone, learn to write.

        Adios, Idiot…

  15. Truth December 22, 2014

    He’s going up against everyone for her huh? tiny better watch it…

  16. sage December 22, 2014

    Imma need T.I. To buy Fenway Stadium and have several seats!

  17. Mark111 December 22, 2014

    Every main stream rapper goes through this. Ice, Nelly, Hammer, Flo Rida, even Nicki. People were outrage when LMFAO won Best Rap group at the AMA, and people said they were poo. Same with Pit bull, BoB, Florida, and Nicki with her 2nd album. So save me with the Uggly BS. Where’s her core? Where’s her music before Fancy? Where for her when Em rapped about raping her? T.i can eat a d***

  18. Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

    Shut Up and Sit Down T.I

  19. Fancy BISH December 22, 2014

    I’m ridin with Iggy, I don’t care what any of ya’ll think…BYE! #160k

    • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

      but… 11k…. XD

      • CATFISH CAREY December 22, 2014


  20. CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

    Kii @ this overshadowing pink print

    • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

      LOL let’s not… cheryl will forever be a nobody deal with it.

      • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

        Cheryl has had a 12 year POP career, has one of the best selling UK female albums ever and holds the record for most number ones by a UK female. So sit your a$$ down and stay the f*ck out of my mentions b****.

      • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

        Nicki >> irrelevant cheryl cheryl could never have a high charting relevant album outside her little bubble in the UK #localbitch #dealwithit

      • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

        Weak kiddie drags from a weak wack FAKE b****. I’m not surprised. Focus on TPP selling more than 50k second week and keep your pressed a$$ out of Iggy posts.

      • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

        LOL your fave would be lucky if she could see half the numbers in the US! you should be spending your coins on helping cheryl become relevant instead of buying twitter followers! kiiiiii

      • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

        Are these your attempts? Clinging to 2009 us drags and copying molly posts? I’m screaming! She’s very relevant babe. And seeing as you’re in EVERY Iggy and kim post, I suggest you take your own advice. Now have a seat you fake a$$ ghetto b****.

      • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

        relevant? where? LOL and how am i ghetto? because i like non of the generic pop tart flop artists you like? If anyone needs a seat its you sis stop reaching.

      • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

        This is like arguing with a 10 year old. None of the sh!t you say makes sense. You’re ghetto because your grammar and diction is a mess. And did you not read the first post? A 12 year pop career and still charting number ones? She’s fine babe. But seriously why are you in my mentions? You’re trying to tell me to have a seat when you’ve been in my mentions and tweeting me all week when I’ve been paying you dust? Leave fake b****.

      • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

        Only weak b****** come for gramma and I recall you saying i’m ghetto or “urban” because I didn’t like any of the crap you were promoting. And even you know the part of you paying me dust is utter b******* so you can save it sis you are soooo mad! cheryl is charting nothing but trash! but you know that! Her singles were trash and so is her entire album those singles going number #1 in the UK just shows what how much of a mess the UK is right now.

      • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014


      • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

        Screaming as your story suddenly changes! I said you like urban music sis. You’re obviously pressed by that lol. And you can call Cheryl’s NUMBER 1s whatever you want because at the end of the day, your fave has none. Also, I continually pay you dust, yet you continually come in my mentions. I see why the Iggy and kim fans think you’re a troll. Go be a fake friend to someone else b****. Leave my mentions _/.

      • Nicki Is Queen December 22, 2014

        no.. you said im too urban! and Bang Bang went #1 and nicki is credited as a lead on the song…. so at the end of the day she does have a #1 and why would i care about what uggly and kriminal stans think of me? you are such a mess.

      • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

        Screaming! Cling b****! Clingggg!!!!! Go stream TPP please.

    • BeyRihLiyah December 22, 2014


  21. Cake like Lady GaGa December 22, 2014

    LOL, its been a week. And it looks like Taylor Swift is taking that #1. I’m ready for the meltdowns from the barbz

    • CherylSoldierr December 22, 2014

      Drag these bishes cake. Just like we dragged those kats last night.

  22. BeyxMaraj December 22, 2014

    @Vag Sniffer, that’s why we don’t take anything those ppl say seriously. Look at the likes of Daniyel Teflon who constantly critisises Nicki’s Hiphop/pop but turns around and say he supports Piggy?? *smh they tried it*

  23. Tisha December 22, 2014

    This poor dumb b****** with his damn self-hating wife.

    I’m so happy folks are coming out to call this girl out and open her to the real world. She wants to keep pretending that she can say racist sht and it doesn’t mean anything. That it’s fun and cute to speak with a Southern accent. That she just ‘loves’ people but rapes and uses a genre of music for her own benefit and pockets. Then she’s got the house negro behind her smiling and saying ‘Yes Massah’ as he holds out his hand pleading for money.

    Eminem don’t fck with her ass so I wish I knew who he was trying to include in her defense. Dumb b**** can kick rocks, 11k? LMAO.

  24. Realest December 22, 2014

    t.i is a G and is respected, not only in the rap/Pop game but in the hood too. He’s not no fake ass wannabe like Rick Ross, or no corny ass softee pretender like deal- he’s a real as STAND UP GUY. Not some cunty lil fagh or angry black or teeny bopper who troll blogs, but a genuine dude who has walked all facets of what the core of hip hop means and is one of the best to do so…. He kept it real and told no lies. We need to worry about a lot of other things, priorities are totally misplaced

    • AmbeRussell December 22, 2014

      That is one thing I don’t get. There are known fakes in the rap industry that rap about a way if life they have not experienced. And yet iggy is a rapping Katy perry but she gets called out about it daily. Why not call out Rick Ross for using another mans identity to get famous? Or plies for living his rap persona through his brother? I’m on a boat was nominated for a Grammy and that was a parody but where was the hoopla over that?

  25. Realest December 22, 2014

    T.i. Is right, kudos to him.. A real standup guy

    • December 22, 2014

      real you say the dude is a f-cking snitch and a house n–ger.

  26. Navy Nick December 22, 2014

    This is y I LOVE MUFAKIN TI!!!!! He was respectful and said nothing but the truth!!!!! Leave IGGY alone she’s just A girl following her dreams, let her shine so that
    Other females maybe inspired. Period! No black white thing just love
    Music & life Jesus!

  27. Blue Ivy Rodriguez December 22, 2014

    I guess what Banks said about T.I and his wife are true. He’s not even defending her but his precious investment, so sad.

    • New classic December 22, 2014

      Google all the times he’s had to defend her in the media. I hate when ppl like you “think” you know what your talking about when in reality your just bandwagoning the opinion of others.

  28. LTM December 22, 2014

    It’s funny how everyone is calling T.I a self hating c*on and bringing in his wife for no reason but not a single comment has countered a thing he said. Some people just have such terrible lies that they look forward to finding something or someone to hate. Sad. Of course he’s going to stand up for his friend and the artist he helped cultivate and mentor. Last I checked, Iggy wasn’t on Grand Hustle so I’m confused as to what money he is making off Iggy? Unless we’re using the ghostwriter theory which has yet to turn out even the smallest amount of evidence to back it other than speculation and opinion. Iggy should take advantage and plug her tour.

    • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

      Well, I brought up his wife for a reason. That’s because, I refuse to listen to this ‘man’ writings about black culture and what is right and true, when he is Ok with his wife, having surgery (In Africa of all places) to tattoo her eyeballs blue!!

      It speak to his character or lack of it.

      This is a surgery so dangerous, with such unknown side effects, that you can’t get it done in the dominican republic, or even Brazil!! Both those countries, will do almost any procedure!!

      Then he mentors a woman to mock how his wife speaks.

      This is not the behavior of a person proud to be black. He is a c***.

      Sorry not sorry.

      • New classic December 22, 2014

        WHAT THR F*** DOES HIS WIFES EYE COLOR HAVE TO DO WITH HIP HOP???! Stay on topic. The choices his BI-RACIAL wife makes has nothing to do with this thread.

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

        thAre you slow??? His wife getting her eyes done WITH HIS APPROVAL, does have to do with hip hop fool!! It show they are fake and fugazi. They can’t tell me ish about black culture!!

        Also your fave doing that runaway slave accent, under his mentorship, shows he does not respect hip hop culture.

        I’m more on topic than you will ever know, hun.

        Keep it moving. And, I thank you!! 🙂

      • tits mcgee December 22, 2014


        She wasn’t white enough to born with blue eyes though, right??

        She paid a doctor in Africa at the height of the Ebola outbreak there, to make that happen.

        They are now Hollywood all the way, no hip hop card apply to the house negros..

        And now we’re done. You may carry on..

  29. New classic December 22, 2014

    PERFECCT!!!!! Like seriously y’all, HIP HOP BEEN DEAD way before Iggy came along. She’s disrespecting black culture huh??? What’s all the rap songs by black artist majority about?? Shooting people, selling drugs, and goin to the club that’s it. Y’all say she’s trash but don’t wanna address that “club goin up on a Tuesday” b******* being nominated for a Grammy tho. THAT SONG IS GARBAGE WITH ZERO LYRICAL CONTENT. F*** y’all #teamiggy

  30. blue December 22, 2014

    call me when iggy does something disrespectful that a black rapper hasnt done. And why do people automatically thing iggy is trying to mock anyone? She might just really love the african american culture o much e identifies with it…if it was a good enough excuse for bieber its good enough for iggy.

  31. cocobutta December 22, 2014

    Eminem is not the example to be using when you signed Iggy name stealer. He is a true student to the hip-hop game and Iggy is not. U can tell by her flow she not even executed it yet. She basically had a hobby, and T.I. took a gamble on potentially it working and making him coins.

    • BeyxMaraj December 22, 2014

      Ikr??? Not people putting Em’s name next to Piggy.

    • blue December 22, 2014

      because struggling for 8 years to get recognised is the definition of getting lucky from a hobby.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      IGGY is more true the game that the dark skin woman. SHE raps about struggling to make it in America. NO family, 16 in the middle of miami – HOW MUCH REAL CAN SHE BE?

      WHAT makes A banks REAL? ALL she mumbles is WHITE MEN paying black women for s**. How is that hip hop? ACCENT? SHE moved to the south at 16 and has been there for 8 years. DUH.

  32. tits mcgee December 22, 2014

    Some pe

  33. Pat December 22, 2014

    Just a heads up, this site is giving awat viruses!

  34. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    Eve ( after ruff riders top stop writing ) Charli Baltimore, Brinan Kelly, Trina. Sole, Amil, Jackie O, Khia, Yoyo ) Iggy’s DEBUT sounds better than anything they dropped. Sole only had one hot verse on that JT money song. Iggy, unlike them knows how to bind rap with top 40 pop ( black widow, fancy )

    Azealia bansk IS NOT HIP HOP AND SHE CANNOT RAP, all she does is mumble N****, m*********** and white men on techno beats.

    That is why A banks is not making. Also IGGY is sexier and marketable and AB will never b

  35. rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

    A Banks just IGGY MATERIAL TO WRITE HER NEXT ALBUM which will be her EMIMEN moment. U watch; she will address her ‘ white privilege ‘ and also the race based attacks; she will also rap about her love with Nick, this will be the ALBUM WHICH SOURCE will deem a classic and XXL WILL GIVE HER 5 MICS, COS she will pour all her PAIN ON THE record and EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHERE SHE is coming from

    THANKS Azealian BANKS for turning Iggy into the QUEEN OF RAP.


    • Minajesty December 22, 2014

      Look at your name! No one takes you seriously lol.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

        In the same way NO ONE takes Azalea Banks serious, which is why SHE WILL NEVER MAKE IT and she will rot in that Harlem roach filled apartment, while IGGY goes on to win the album. LOL

  36. LB December 22, 2014

    LMAO T.I is just protecting his investment. It has already been said that this is not about Igor specifically but about the bigger picture, which is culture misappropriation.

    Even Malckemore admitted that his album is not better than Kendrick Lamar’s and yet he won the award. If Malckemore, Eminem, and many other artist can see it, why are Igor and T.I choosing to look the other way.

    T.I needs to have several seats, he hasn’t got a leg to stand on with this one considering he is compromised.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 22, 2014

      But did macklomore give the grammy to K? Know, he said that to pity the clack race, and kept it moving.

  37. BrandyRayannaStan December 22, 2014

    In more relevant news, album #7 is coming! Yall ready for that Brandy reign? #Queen

    • Mark111 December 22, 2014


  38. xedos December 22, 2014

    when these n***** go on tour they don’t tour black countries they go to all white countries. love the white money,but hate white people doing the music. these same people are the one lining up to produce white artist. Miley did not know who Jay z was a few years ago now she said she love black culture and all these n***** kissing her ass to work with her. Miley is the culture.vulture. N***** are walking contradiction. White are the one buying hip hop music. suppose they start a boycott because of the bullying of this girl?

  39. RICHIE_RICH December 22, 2014

    T.I said y’all not about to mess with my money!!!!!!

    • Mark111 December 22, 2014

      If the people aren’t feeling her, then it’s just that. Nothing T.I can do about it. I still don’t understand why people acting like (on both sides) that New Classic just went diamond.

  40. doubline47 December 22, 2014

    What they’re doing with iggy now is what they tried to do with rita ora,but it didn’t work,cos Rihanna is a bad b**sh…

    • blue December 22, 2014

      difference is that rita was being marketed as rihanna’s replacement, so riri shut that down fast and made sure what should have been a newer and better model looked like a poor man’s version of the original.

  41. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 22, 2014

    And just when you think he couldn’t get any dumber…

    But protect those interests boo! You never know when you might need an expensive attorney to help you beat your next round of federal gun charges.

  42. ROCKET TEAM December 22, 2014

    JASON DERULO MAKEs POP MUSIC, CHRIS BROWN (yeah 3x), etc so I should discriminate them because I am white?? there is no sense.
    the blacks are discriminated by themselves, wake up! we are almost in 2015.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 22, 2014

      Motown was a factory that produced pop music. What are you talking about?! Your comment is what is called a false equivalence.

    • tits mcgee December 22, 2014

      Blacks created pop, rock, blues, rhythm & blues, jazz, rap, and many other soundscapes and genre’s of music in America.

      That makes your analogy devoid of facts.

      If some of y’all would read a book, you could avoid, the taste of your own foot.

      Now when you see Chris or Jason doing Chamber or classical music, then you’ll have a point…

  43. Rosie December 22, 2014

    He is right about the fact that not all white people are trying to steal black culture but he doesn’t really show good examples. At the same time though there has been a ton of “urban trends” (white people keyword for black) that just became popular this year just because a few white teens want to be “down”. And not to mention his wife is obviously self-loathing.

  44. Rosie December 22, 2014

    But yeah he definitely is trying to protect his main money-maker right now!

  45. Black power December 22, 2014

    F*** that shoe shinning n****!

  46. GSF February 24, 2015

    It’s about actions not motives
    Iggy’s not an evil genius, intentionally trying to steal & appropriate black music & culture but the societal impact of her act is undoubtedly negative.

    Iggy’s just a product of society. She’s an ignorant, vapid idiot who shouldn’t even be famous in the first place. And for that, she deserves all of the backlash she’s getting

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