New Videos: Keyshia Cole – ‘New Nu’ & ‘Do That For (B.A.B)’

Published: Tuesday 6th Jan 2015 by Sam

Keyshia Cole‘s new album may have come and gone like a thief in the night (who forgot to steal anyone’s interest), but still the R&B belle is soldiering on.

Today saw the singer unwrap the videos for ‘Point Of No Return’ tracks ‘New Nu’ and ‘Do That For (B.A.B)’.

Peep both clips after the jump…

We love us some Keyshia, but it’s entirely too early in the year for this kind of self-sabotage. We’re not sure what we just watched, but what is certain is that it was ever flavor of wack.

Sadly, the second video isn’t much better…

We’re gonna need Keyshia to move swiftly and briskly onto the next album. The sales, visuals, and quality of this current era are quite literally shocking.

Your thoughts?

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  1. readyornot January 6, 2015

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I’m Dead the video tho

  2. Molly January 6, 2015

    Lmfao!!! I can’t with the money back drop. Keyshia please stop your making it easy for K.Michelle to replace you.

  3. WhoDAfuKIzUUUU January 6, 2015

    Ms Cole and these bootleg songsnvids I can’t! Please have a seat _/

  4. Beysus January 6, 2015


  5. Sherry January 6, 2015

    What the f*** happened to keyshia? She used to slay, now she just seems….lost….

    • Molly January 6, 2015

      I feel bad for her

      • QUEENB January 6, 2015

        Feel sorry for ci flop. She is more better as a nanny

      • Molly January 6, 2015

        Ciara isn’t the one releasing Low budget videos, or beating up side chicks. I hope Offkey enjoys jail. ki

  6. Kitty Puurrzz January 6, 2015

    I feel so sorry for Keyshia. This n**** really put her through it.

  7. BamWamm January 6, 2015

    So Keyshia Cole is making Power Point videos now…

    • GEEZUS January 6, 2015

      I’m Dead!!!!!!!!!!

  8. NENE January 6, 2015

    Wtf is this.. I have seen it from everyone lately and they have all flop. 2015 i will just wait on RIHANNA.

  9. DanYiel Teflon January 6, 2015

    Lol @ Power Point videos Keyshia No-Soul Cole I can’t with your videos!!

  10. Keri Qween January 6, 2015

    What the hell is this

  11. Skyfall January 6, 2015


  12. Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* January 6, 2015

    I liked new nu but damn that was more ratchet than pour it up. I do believe she did this because BEYONCE went off for Houston so she was like let me go off for Oakland

  13. CATFISH CAREY January 6, 2015


  14. Peaches January 6, 2015

    Girl, bye! I could have directed a better video on my Mac book than this hot mess!

    • MisdamenorFan January 6, 2015

      Shhhhh… I could direct a better video using a Kindle.

  15. ~The Arcade~ January 6, 2015

    Okay so, video no.1 i)Song= O.K. ii)Visual=??
    Video no.2: i) Song= she must of freestyled that cos… ii)Visual= ???????
    And lol at power-point video 🙂

  16. Cupid January 6, 2015

    Umm she’s losing it!!! These relationships are messing with her head. She must be insane to think these videos are alright. The first song is alright.

  17. Iamdiego January 6, 2015

    did she say a good d*** dont feel good? Lort!

    • TeamKeyshia January 9, 2015

      “and the good d*** just don’t feel the same…it’s such a shame, we’re ending this way.” #Lyrics #Real

  18. HYISI January 6, 2015

    Damn all of these R&B females from the early-mid 2000’s keep sabotaging themselves.
    Keyshia really should of stuck with the direction she was going with on her 3rd album,that’s the only album she’s released that had crossover potential. Now we’re stuck with garbage music and clip art videos..shame

  19. BeyRihLiyah January 6, 2015

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she is a has been she needs to sit down

  20. BeyRihLiyah January 6, 2015

    the budget for both videos was 20 dollars lmaooooooo

  21. GEEZUS January 6, 2015

    I could make a better video than this on my Nokia.

  22. HOWYOULIKEIT January 6, 2015

    I still believe she is talented. But she is definitely on something this era

  23. jj January 6, 2015

    her stomach is not point sense the janet would never if its not ready stomach not ready

  24. jj January 6, 2015

    God awful…this is a spoof right

  25. #TeamTinashe Stan (“TINASLAY SLAY”) January 6, 2015

    I was never a fan of Keyshia Cole but I felt she set a good career for herself…… until this point. What in the bleeping hell? Grrrrrl, you need to get it together.

  26. MisdamenorFan January 6, 2015

    How the fck you going to release a struggle video for a struggle song??? BAB? Keylolo no!

  27. SMH January 6, 2015


  28. taqueria arandas January 7, 2015

    this is how i envisioned what Tiny’s solo career wouldve looking in 2001… but this budget and extra cuzzin in symptoms of career wrap-it-upness…. she better find a hot feature & soon… or she gonna be touring with Chingy & Houston til the end of days…. and Frankie cant turn up off of flea market & car show sales

  29. Star January 13, 2015

    I have 2 agree .

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