Beyonce Leads Stars At Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch

Published: Saturday 7th Feb 2015 by David

The stars are aligning in Los Angeles this fine afternoon, celebrating this year’s Grammy awards at the annual Roc Nation brunch, hosted by the label’s boss Jay Z and Three Six Zero.

Also attended by the likes of Janelle Monae, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, the party- which is happening as you read this- welcomed Beyonce minutes ago, captured striking a pose in the picture above!

Snaps of Kanye West, Miguel, Elijah Blake and more below…

Photo credit: Getty images.

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  1. Meghan February 7, 2015

    She looks lovely. Love Beyonce.

    • maurice February 7, 2015

      How do you love a thief though?

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        How could Chris Brown love a h**?

    • You tried February 7, 2015

      Can’t wait to see her Sing beautifully at the Grammys tmrw!!! All the hate will only bring in more views!! This is an industry this is their WORK place!! WOULD U TURN DOWN A JOB! Hell no! WORLD STOP!! … CARRY ON lil

    • rosy February 7, 2015

      Kanye looks homeless like a pimp and his ho that t shirt is too big rih please stop taking pic with Kim

    • You tried February 7, 2015


  2. Stephy. February 7, 2015

    Beyonce is so BEYutiful. Jay looks handsome too.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 7, 2015

      Beyonce is so BEYutiful. Jay looks handsome too. ➡ LOL! FlipFlop Stephy Tha Lambily where is your loyalty mama, you dragt Malariah for a couple of bad vocals and now you’ve joined the fleas

      • Stephy. February 7, 2015

        I have ALWAYS given praise to Queen Beyonce. Nothing new around here. Also, she’s one of my favs. As for Mariah, I still love her. I will NEVER be a BeyHive. I’m simply a fan of TALENT (like yo name says).

        Also, didn’t I tell you multiple X’s to stay out of my reply section? Why, cant you seem to follow those simple directions?

    • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015

      Love that avi. @Isit, we already know… You have a presence on this blog. Lmao. Bey and Kelly are flawless!

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 7, 2015

      have ALWAYS given praise to Queen Beyonce. Nothing new around here. Also, she’s one of my favs. As for Mariah, I still love her. I will NEVER be a BeyHive. I’m simply a fan of TALENT (like yo name says).

      Also, didn’t I tell you multiple X’s to stay out of my reply section? Why, cant you seem to follow those simple directions?➡ Stephon are you madt at my impact> I know you love responding 🙂 Are you not entertained? Are you seething yet? #IWokeUpThisMorningTheSunshineWasShiningIPutOnMyHappyFace 🙂

    • yesssssssssssssssbitch February 8, 2015

      lies detected within the jay z part

  3. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 7, 2015

    Bįtch looks fabulous, Wish my fave could 🙁

    • maurice February 7, 2015

      Is this Ho-ranna?
      Funny cos Ho-ranna is the understudy of Thief-yonce who steals everything she does in her music career.

      • RCi February 7, 2015


  4. Yeah I Said It February 7, 2015

    Queen Bey has arrived! Officially excited now!

  5. RoyalBey February 7, 2015


  6. Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

    Yaaas Can’t wait for her to hit that stage tomorrow and show these screeching girls how to SANG! 😀

    • maurice February 7, 2015

      Yo a$$ musta forgotten that your Queen lip-synced last year’s performance like a basic bish.
      She prolly gone do it again.
      Ooops, I just read you for filth.

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        It’s a KNOWN fact that Beyonce can sing live and has done so on several occasions. I’d rather her lip sync and make the performance perfect than to struggle hitting basic notes live. I’m sure she’ll be singing live tomorrow night. All of you basic bottoms will be watching every move her lip makes.

  7. RowlandStones February 7, 2015

    Yaassss Kelly is giving everything right now , Her outfit gets 10s across the billboard lol.

    • maurice February 7, 2015

      her career still stands at 0 though.
      Michelle at 2 and Beyonce on 8.
      How u gone have less of a mark than MICHELLE forkkking Williams.

      • RowlandStones February 8, 2015

        And yet you still remain as a irrelevant looking ass b****, and your Fav wish she was on Kelly’s Level. Get Money B**** Get Money , Something your Fav don’t know how to do.

  8. Royalkev February 7, 2015

    Damn! Bey looks so beautiful! She’s so striking in that photo! I also really like Kelly’s fit, it looks very chic.

    • RCi February 7, 2015

      Both look amazing! Nice to see beautiful successful black women who can actually keep a man. Take notes Ciara and R****

  9. Mark111 February 7, 2015

    I really hope she wins Album of the Year tomorrow night.

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        LMAO Bey is unbothered by the oscar snub. That’s all Jennifer has. IF Sam wins, good for him, but I just don’t seem him having longevity.

      • LB February 7, 2015

        Good thing you’re not an industry insider, music would be dead if you were.

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        The fact that you think your opinion matters though<<<<<<<

      • LB February 7, 2015

        You certainly think so, which is why you found yourself in my reply box

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        Just because I replied to you failed attempt at shading doesn’t mean your opinion matters sweety.

      • LB February 7, 2015

        It matters to you, if it didn’t, you wouldn’t have responded.

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 7, 2015

        It would be good if she won, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see part II of this reaction ➡ COME ON! LB Your always here! Your an honorary Hivemember at this point ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        no hun it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to make the point that Jennifer Hudson winning that Osar was the highlight of her career. Where is ha music career? Bey wins babe, and if Sam wins the grammy, Bey will still win! That tis all. No one is pressed over your “opinion” 😉

      • LB February 7, 2015


        And you made that pointless statement to my comment which you supposedly don’t care about, only to follow up with that novel…lmao ok

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        A few sentences doesn’t equate to a novel. I would expect you to know that as much as you pretend to have a master’s degree in grammar.

      • Corey February 7, 2015

        We all know Beyoncé CANT act. Probably the only thing she CANT do. Shes as good at acting as Jhud is at dancing…Jhuds won a Grammy and is a respected vocalist so I don’t understand this slander…She’s successful and acclaimed in both industries so…and Bey is a top 3 musical artist. Let them both be great.

  10. LB February 7, 2015

    Ewwww why is she dressed like a hooker??

    Well at least this party looks like it has a budget, unlike the Epic struggle one.

    • Faf February 7, 2015

      Jhud has a Grammy and a solo star on HWOF

    • RCi February 7, 2015

      Because Rihanna always dresses like a hooker.

  11. LB February 7, 2015

    Shocked KimYe actually made an appearance, hey Sam who is that woman in white though? I cannot recognize her

    • Mark111 February 7, 2015

      She apart of the catering.

      • LB February 7, 2015


      • Ohyuh!!? February 7, 2015

        WOW!!! You ate that b****!!!

      • Charlieyoncé February 8, 2015

        LOL I’m so done!

  12. Gee February 7, 2015

    Kelly looks stunning Janelle Monae is a straight beauty as for everyone else they look cool but nothing special in my opinion.

  13. DanYiel Teflon February 7, 2015

    I Love Sevyn & B.O.B lil situation it’s cute & all the Girls are Slaying~>Carry On Folks!!…:)

  14. TheElusiveLamb February 7, 2015

    Beyoncé is so beautiful. Sevyn Streeter looks very pretty. Kelly looks amazing. It is like she didn’t even have a baby. I always loved Janelle style. They all look great.

  15. thatdusseistheshit February 7, 2015

    Kim,Kelly and Beyonce look beautiful as always…. #THEYWOKEUPLIKETHIS #FLAWLESS

  16. fatusankoh February 7, 2015

    Omg queen bey look beautiful and flawless I hope she wins album of the year my fellow fans please let continue to love support our bey for life dont the hatters get to us and Mark111 that is nice on to say I hope you meant it

  17. LB February 7, 2015

    Can someone tell me why 5th Harmony’s album sounds like it was produced by Jennifer Lopez….ala copy and paste Glitter rejects here????

    I won’t lie though, I kind of enjoy some of the songs.

  18. FutureCIARA February 7, 2015

    Kanye needs to retire that recycled look hes been giving for yeeeears!

    • LB February 7, 2015

      Ciara needs to retire period

    • Stephy. February 7, 2015

      Love You Big Sis.

    • RCi February 7, 2015

      Did Ciara retire? I haven’t heard anything popular from Ciara since the early 2005

  19. #TeamTinashe Stan (Happy Birthday TinaSlay) February 7, 2015

    Hmmm… Beyonce looks good I just don’t like that weave, it looks raggedy.
    Sevyn Streeter looking like a bubble gum pop artist……. LOVE IT!
    And is that the legendary Michael Bolton I see!? How y’all fail to mention him.
    Anyways, I hope Beck or Ed Sheeran wins “Album of the Year.” Beck’s album sounds so goooood. My my my, why haven’t I heard about him.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 7, 2015

      Hmmm… Beyonce looks good I just don’t like that weave, it looks raggedy.
      Sevyn Streeter looking like a bubble gum pop artist……. LOVE IT!
      And is that the legendary Michael Bolton I see!? How y’all fail to mention him.
      Anyways, I hope Beck or Ed Sheeran wins “Album of the Year.” Beck’s album sounds so goooood. My my my, why haven’t I heard about him.➡ SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP for fücksake!!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (Happy Birthday TinaSlay) February 7, 2015

        Hi #TeamTinashe! Why are you mad today?
        Somebody lit a fire underneath your àss or what? Just don’t bring it to me. For your own benefit, keep it moving and learn how to LIVE! 😉

    • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

      Hey sister girl! We stan for the same queen, Tinashe! She slays so much better than the ghetto bleach that is Beyonce. I can’t wait for her to blow up and snatch the bleach off her skin and sell more albums than her

      • RCi February 7, 2015

        haha bleach. Your so funny! Reading your comments is almost as funny as watching Britney attempt to dance. Hilarious!!!

  20. britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

    Beyonce’s hair looks nappy af.. you can never take the ghetto out of the girl

    • Keri Qween February 7, 2015

      Just like when she tried to wear braids that time after Keri, she looked ratchet instead of exotic like Keri

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        girl who is Keri?

      • Jose February 7, 2015

        What does being white have to do with hair idiot? ..

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        @jose, well, because she’s white, her hair is long, natural, and full of texture. Unlike nappy headed thots like beyonce

      • Keri Qween February 7, 2015

        The irony when you have that 90s has been as your avi, m***** kkiii

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        Um was serious. Who is Keri and what has she done in the industry to be mentioned on my holy posts?

      • Jessica February 7, 2015

        Beyonces hair is not nappy. She has always had a decent head of hair thats softer than typical afro hair since a child. Her mother is creole. But its a shame you think having afro hair is a bad thing.

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        What’s wrong with nappy hair…she’s African American wtf did your cracker ass expect ???

    • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

      No b**** your mammy’s 2 inch hair is what you would call nappy

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        my mom is white, she’s not a nappy no edged thot like your mom

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        Oh ok so she’s a lice filled head cheap bleached blond

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        she’s not blonde either.. stop trying booboo. Your mom and your fave are ghetto monkeys

      • Slay_Hive February 7, 2015

        Your mom’s a trailor trash d*** eating thot

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        We live in a big house, your mom should have hustled and she would have became rich like my mom. And of course she sucks d*** ! Don’t all married women do? You tried

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        At least Mya’s weave was in tact. She better work that stage!

    • Sass February 7, 2015

      Beyonce came from middle class family in Texas who owned a big house. Try again. Her mother owned her own business and her father has a college degree. She’s far from ghetto. Unlike your hillbilly red kneck, caravan living fave.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        Shut up.. Britney is not a hillbilly, please don’t be delusional because i won’t acknowledge you, thank you

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        Do you know the definition of the word delusional? That seems to be the only word you can throw around when as it stands you’re the most delusional person on here. Britney is more of a hillbilly than Beyonce is ghetto. Check the facts.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        I’m an educated boss bitchh. Of course I know what delusional means, and you’re the definition of it

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        More like basic bittch with reads lamer than Myas career.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        my reads sure do get you pressed tho lmao. No one believes you, calling my reads lame will not make you look like you’re not madT

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        Honey, no ones more pressed than you which is why Beyonce occupies your comments more than Britney’s last album sales. I’m just correcting a basic bittch and his dumb statements.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        i’m a girl, idiot. Why are all bey stans broke AND uneducated? Smh yall should stan for Britney Spears

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        Calling me ‘broke and uneducated’ won’t make you sound any smarter or richer. I don’t have time for kindergarten drags knowing I am neither. Ironic you’re calling me broke and uneducated when stan for so some who came from a poor background and you don’t even like using capital letters.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        you cant even spell right.. my point stays being proven! I think you want to be like Beyonce and attempted to bleach your skin and that bleach got into your brain, which is why it seems like your brain is minuscule

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        Yawn! You sound as mentally unstable as your druggie fave right now. Struggling harder to prove a point than her singing without auto tune and a backing track.

  21. kitteneyez2015 February 7, 2015

    I cant stop staring at Kim West so darn beautiful

  22. Jose February 7, 2015

    Willow and jaden need Jesus

  23. LB February 7, 2015

    Anyway that must be one hell of a caterer if she’s posing it up with celebrities. They should be careful posing with the help though, there’s no telling what lies they might tell.

    Good for Janelle and Kim for giving the caterer some business though. Off to listen to more of these Glitter rejects on 5th Harmony’s Reflection.

    I hope LA Reid is slipping that check to Mimi because this album is a mess.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 7, 2015

      Rih looked like she was a barmaid at a rundown hawaiian resort about to pour it up with some Mojitos. I usually rock with Rih but I agree she did look like a caterer. @LB I’m listening to the 5th Harmony album as well! 🙂

  24. Jessica February 7, 2015

    Shes is gorgeous i love her. I feel like shes going to own tommorow night!

  25. RDK February 7, 2015

    they all looks nice.

  26. Keri Qween February 7, 2015

    Hopefully Beyonce redeems herself from that embarrassing whorish performance last yr

    • How Many Drinks February 7, 2015

      Hopefully Keri can redeem herself with… Oh no wait. Shes not performing on the prestigious stage and never has.

      • Black power February 7, 2015

        Where’s Miguel’s career again???

    • Charlieyoncé February 8, 2015

      B**** sit your filthy ass down xo

  27. How Many Drinks February 7, 2015

    Beyonce = Queen of the grammys. She will be adding to her already extortionate collection tommorow and the haters will seethe. Everyone else there is her lesser except Kanye so they can all bown down.

    • How Many Drinks February 7, 2015

      And her husband of course*

    • Keri Qween February 7, 2015

      Delusional hahha like most of her fans

      • How Many Drinks February 7, 2015

        Please explain where the delusions lies? Is she not the most Grammy awarded person there besides Jay and Kanye? Will she be attending an event that she will walk away empty handed in? I don’t think so boo boo. Delusion is lessers like you not being able to admit the truth.

      • datreddone23 February 7, 2015

        Um Alison Krauss has 28 grammies sweetie

      • How Many Drinks February 7, 2015

        I don’t see Alisson Krauss at the party! Am i missing something?

  28. LB February 7, 2015

    I just came back to say Rihanna looks like a goddess, so beautiful, I love her….and then I scrolled down to see the b******* that dragged itself in. Nicki looks like a drag queen, please….somebody….anybody….put a paper bag over her head and save our eyes.


    • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015

      Tired ass drag. You’re losing it funkbird..

  29. Navy February 7, 2015

    Out of everybody Ri Ri , Kelly , Bey and Kim are the only people who are Slaying with their outfits. We all can agree on that.

    • Mark111 February 7, 2015

      Rihanna can pull off anything, but I agree. But it is a party, so every looks cool.

      • RCi February 7, 2015

        Umm R**** looked awful. She wearing a bikini top to an industry event.

  30. Beyhive February 7, 2015

    Kelly Rowland Looks gorgeous …. Omg ( okay I’m going to just say this ) I’ve been feeling Kelly now for a while since Her album Talk a Good Game. No lie …. I’m waiting for a New album and Tour I’ll be waiting.

  31. Kisses Down Low February 7, 2015

    ‘Rih looked like she was a barmaid at a rundown hawaiian resort about to pour it up with some Mojitos. I usually rock with Rih but I agree she did look like a caterer.’

    LOOOOOL. The truth. Kelly looks gorgeous and chic. Rihanna looks like a prostitute trying hard to look classy.

  32. Mark111 February 7, 2015

    Where’s Ciara?

      • Corey February 7, 2015

        Shes probably being a good Samaritan and helping Tinashe find her neck… 🙁

  33. Suicide Blonde February 7, 2015

    I can’t wait to see if she wins album of the year tomorrow night so i can drag the Grammys, do you know that artists like Bjork and Morrissey has never won a Grammy, a f****** joke.

    • Rosie February 7, 2015

      I don’t know if this is shade but I know for sure the ONLY albums deserving of that award are Bey’s S/T and Morning Phase. Sam Smith’s entire career is just Grammy bait. They LOVE it when white people sing “soul” music, especially if they’re British. Only Amy and Adele can pull that off. Sam doesn’t even have the acclaim of them or any other white “soul” act; like his Metacritic score is lower than Born To Die and the critics (well, the US ones) dragged that album to hell and back.
      If Bey loses I know for sure not only the Beyhive but the entirety of Black Twitter will drag the Grammys for filth. They’re still going off about Macklemore.

    • Essential February 7, 2015

      Dumb fab @ this “Suicide Blond” character, just stfu.

    • LB February 7, 2015

      Beyonce deserves to get it though, last year was her year, plus the album is good.

  34. JT February 7, 2015

    Dead thought Willow & Jaden were Rae Sremmurd, thats the blackest Beyonce has looked since 4 & Meek needs to chillll why tf he tell Nicki to dash a blonde wig on her headtop? Father god pls we ain’t here for that man…

    • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015


  35. Rosie February 7, 2015

    They all look lovely except for K**, who tries to hard to be high-fashion but always looks like a $5 downtown LA special.
    And death at a S****** stan calling Bey “ghetto” when that’s exactly what it’s other fave tried to do almost two years ago. Bey grew up in middle-class Houston. S****** ALWAYS looks like she’s in backwoods Louisiana.

    • Sass February 7, 2015

      Lmfao I think that peasant should get an award for most delusional and ironic character on here.

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        That f** tried to “drag” my fave for sleeping with the industry for a career yesterday (which literally no one, not even her old blog haters that dragged her for being fake when she first got popular, believe anymore. That s*** was left in 2012).
        The kii is that the only reason S****** made it out of Kentwood was because she spread her legs for the RCA execs at the age of 15.

    • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

      try again ugly. Britney was 8 in New York doing Broadway shows, and 14 doing the Micky Mouse Club on disney, until she blew up and sold more albums than Beyonce AND that broke ass manly bitchh Lana. Lol at you not responding to me on my post, you’re so scared to get dragged by me again! lol

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        …and how many albums can the braindead b**** sell in 2015? Death at S****** Jean getting outsold by F***’s jazz album literally everywhere, even in Australia where CHARTDROP didn’t even go gold.

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        And kii at you calling Lana ugly when S****** can’t even get a Maxim cover (when you tried and failed to come for Lana for getting one). S****** hasn’t even covered Rolling Stone since she aged 20 years. If you’re considered “ugly” for RS, at least they have to consider you TALENTED. S****** is neither in 2015. Crack is wack bb!

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        because Old people love Tony Bennett, i’m sure your pruned up grandma who chose that ugly ass name for you bought it.. or is she too broke like every ghetto BeyHive member?

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        shut up, Lana is ugly and Britney was a beauty queen and still looks amazing. Britney can easily steal Lana’s man! If you weren’t ugly and had a man, Britney would steal your man too, but you ain’t got one 🙂

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        Literally no one but bitter blog gays think Lana is ugly, like even when she made the “worst dressed” lists at the Golden Globes every straight person on Twitter was still calling her beautiful and attractive. Meanwhile S****** looks 46 without photoshop and can’t keep a boyfriend for more than three weeks. Kii at Lana’s current boyfriend being more attractive than ANY of S******’s mates ever.
        Keep coming for my name (that’s how I KNOW you can’t drag) and calling the Beyhive broke when they can afford to get S/T to outsell S****** Jean WORLDWIDE with just US iTunes in 3 days.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        i’ve been clocking you for 3 days straight, and that’s why you mad and constantly send me paragraphs that are as long as Lana’s nose. Anywho, I don’t want to clock you on a Saturday night 🙂 i’ll be nice and let you live today

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        So not only are you a dumbass, but you’re illiterate? Or is your lazy ass too tired to read (if you even can)?
        F*** you’ve been clocking no one with these recycled ass drags from 2012. Living in the past like every S****** stan. Have a nice day.

      • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015

        This is that Rita stan trolling under a new name. The boxes soon with black women plus the nonsensical post. Ding ding ding. Boo, you got to stop standing for trailer park trash.

      • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015

        *the obsession with black women

  36. Sippingmytea February 7, 2015


  37. xedos February 7, 2015

    Bee weave looks like a patch of hay suffering from drought

  38. Sass February 7, 2015

    Bey looks glowing. All the best for tomorrow night.

  39. Blue Ivy Rodriguez February 7, 2015

    could someone send both Willow and Jaden home.

  40. LB February 7, 2015

    I would have loved to see a picture of Beyonce and Rihanna hugging, I’m just scared Rihanna can get frost bite and cold burns from Beyonce’s cold touch of envy.

    • RCi February 7, 2015

      But why would Beyonce be envious of someone with less money… ALOT less money

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        because Rihanna makes Beyonce look like a sac of potatoes when they stand next to each other

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        People mistake Britney Spears for a damn boom box when she stands next to either one of them. So idk why the f*** your little racist ass is even trying to talk.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        @tyler, how can i be racist when I stan for Rihanna and Mya?.. anywho, Britney looks better than Beyonce. She doesn’t have yellow teeth, unlike Beyonce.. Her skin looks natural, unlike Beyonce.. need i say more?

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        Lol Britney looks better than who? No, Britney looks like a pale genetic defect. And don’t try to use Rihanna or Mya as some type of cover up. You just called someone a nappy headed ghetto m***** about FourFive seconds ago. That’s how I know you’re racist, you white supremacist.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        i just hate ghetto looking people, how is that racist? Ugh you beystans stans stay misinterpreting s***

      • LDN Chick February 7, 2015

        Loooool. Britney looks a hot ass mess and you know it. Don’t compare her washed out raggedy looks to the flawless Queen Beyonce with clear glowing skin. Britney is ageing like a typical white person, sour milk.

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        Listen hill billy, just because Beyonce is black, does not automatically make her ghetto. She wasn’t brought up that way…unlike Britneys back woods, honkey tonk, trailer park trash looking ass

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        @Tyler this insecure bottom is probably blacker than the ace of spades with so much self hate festering from all the bullying at school and disownership by his father because he danced around like a nancy boy to Britney Spears and sobbed his heart out to Mariah Carey that’s why he thinks ok to boast about having white hair and insult black hair textures. Because it’s something he wishes he had. He doesn’t understand why Beyonces creole heritage made her the complexion she is, and is bitter about it lol.

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        Uggh idk what’s worse…a confederate flag waving racist or a docile field negro SMDH

    • Sass February 7, 2015

      The fact you automatically put Beyonces name in front of Rihanna’s is exactly why a superior is never envious of her lesser.

  41. Tyler February 7, 2015

    What’s wrong with nappy hair…she’s African American wtf did your cracker ass expect?

    • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

      its not that, its the fact that she usually looks white and now she looks black.. like tf? it’s grammy night!

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        Lmao. And this person calls itself educated. Have you not heard of bronzer? It’s what a lot of light skin and white people wear sometimes. It’s just a shame dumbasses like you can’t distinguish that it’s that Beyonce uses and not bleach.

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        So not only are you an illiterate dumbass, but you’re also a racist. Do these S****** stans ever stop?

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        B*******! Cameron Diaz looks white, S****** Spears is white, Madonna is white. Idk how much cover up Beyonce wears or how blonde her extensions are she still looks African American 99% of the time. So you can miss me with that lame ass excuse.
        This is an URBAN blog. Don’t come in here trying to disrespect OUR culture.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        @sass… are you stupid? She clearly bleaches.. compare her ghettoness when she was interviewing queen Aaliyah, and now.. she’s whiter than my mom and she’s white. It’s a shame how African American women don’t want to be black anymore, smh. 500 Million in the bank and still insecure!

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        @Tyler.. i’m gonna make this a white people blog

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        A white people blog??? Shouldn’t you be trying to conduct a Klu Klux Klan meeting or some type of lynching right about now?

      • Sass February 7, 2015

        @S****** Again calling me stupid when you just look dumber by the comment. It’s called bronzer. They used it back the as well you know! Now TAKE a look at this and tell me she bleaches again.

      • Tyler February 7, 2015

        It’s a shame black women wanna be white? B**** are you stupid? You were just calling somebody a nappy headed m*****.

    • Rosie February 7, 2015

      Especially when there are literal hundreds of photos of its fave with straggly ass roots and their tracks showing.

      • britneyraycarey February 7, 2015

        @rosie I thought I dismissed you? You still want to redeem yourself from all the clockings i gave you? You can get dragged again and again and again boo!

      • Rosie February 7, 2015

        Like I said f** you “dragged” nobody.
        The ONLY thing getting dragged is S******’s matted ass extensions across to Vegas by her father.

  42. sandro February 7, 2015

    Kelly rowland looks flawless

  43. Rihboy February 7, 2015

    Bey looks sleep. Moreover Nikki and Kim did too much for a day party outdoors. Keely was cute. Sevyns hair is distracting in a bad way. What the hell kind of hairstyle does Elijah have? Janelle monae yesssss!!! Bae and jay always look genuinely happy to see each other.

  44. Hives scared of R8 February 7, 2015

    Death!! Smh Kanye west’s outfit look basic as f**.That shirt is ugly.Janelle monae is gorgeous!!! Not one flaw, kelly is stunning, Rihanna is cute but she can do better,Kim Kardashian is s***,looking like a plus size mermaid, beyonce please change that lace wig,its getting tired,I know Jayz must be sick of looking at it, Niki minaj look a hot damn mess.This b**** still rockin colorful leggins in 2015!! Mess

  45. Sass February 7, 2015

    Lol this Mya Stan should just give up. It must literally be grasping at every last strand of straggly hair on its head.

  46. LDN Chick February 7, 2015

    Queen Bey!!! I really hope she wins album of the year but if she doesn’t she’s still a winner.

  47. Tyler February 7, 2015

    It’s a shame black women wanna look white? B**** are you stupid? You were just calling somebody a nappy headed m*****.

  48. Franqo February 7, 2015

    I mean, that’s a real party

    • Tyler February 7, 2015

      LOL *dead* You can take girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

    • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015

      Lmao… Your reads are funny as hell

  49. Krista February 7, 2015

    Rihanna looks a damn mess. Who told her to wear that to a Grammy party? Jeesh I guess the hooker is trying to show as much flesh as possible because of the new restrictions.

  50. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 7, 2015

    I love Britneyraycarey <3

    • TRUTH SERUM February 7, 2015

      Take your raggedy Ass back where you came from. Britneycrazy is probably your alias. A tragic insecure biitch supporting another. ** throws salt over the shoulder***. Dead whores aren’t suppose to rise again.

  51. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 7, 2015

    1. Beyonce’s wig looks an ashy tragic ass mess

    2. Will smith needs to get his kids together

    3. Rihanna killed it as usual. #Fierce

    • Tyler February 7, 2015

      1. This doesnt have s*** to do with Mariahs trout mouthed looking ass, but keep cosigning.
      2. Yes…Will’s kids do need to get it together
      3. Why is RihBobbleHead wearing a damn tankini????

  52. Sarah February 7, 2015

    Why do people in Hollywood dress so stupidly? Bey looks tired. Who invited the Smith girls?

  53. HELL NO February 8, 2015

    One look at Nick Jonas and my legs flew WIDE open!

  54. Charlieyoncé February 8, 2015

    Beyoncé stays SLAYING! The rest of the ladies look lovely too

  55. FutureCIARA February 8, 2015

    NICKI looked a F’n mess, and looked out of place! Im sorry.

    And Ms.Willow needs a damn #7…. I cant

  56. JOHNVIDAL February 8, 2015

    I loved watching all these pics for some reason. So cute. A few very talented artists acting natural and also a few very hot ones.

  57. Jake February 8, 2015

    Lol at Beyoncé leaving early to not take pics with Kim … Rihanna always standing with a drink in her hand smh

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