Kid Rock To Score Eighth Top Ten Album Following Beyonce Diss

Published: Saturday 28th Feb 2015 by David

Is the Beyhive‘s bark bigger than its bite?

It would seem so.

For, after launching a digital attack on the artist Kid Rock for comments he made on their leader Beyonce, they have learned that their stinging has done nothing to get in the rocker’s way on a commercial front.

Details below…

Comments published here give the fan base cause to attack the performer on social media this week, blasting him for suggesting that Beyonce’s discography lacked an iconic hit.

However, their huffing and puffing failed to blow Rock’s commercial house down now that his new album is set to debut in the Billboard 200’s Top Ten next week.

Billboard shares:

Kid Rock is on track for his eighth top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart, as his latest album, First Kiss, should open at No. 2 on next week’s list.

The set, which is his first for Warner Bros. Records after a long tenure with Atlantic Records, was released on Feb. 24. Industry forecasters suggest it could earn over 120,000 in overall album equivalent units in the tracking week ending March 1.

The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week based on multi-metric consumption, which includes traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). The new Billboard 200’s top 10 will be revealed on Wednesday, March 4.


Though failing to compete or compare with/to first week numbers pulled in by the ‘Single Ladies‘ singer, Rock’s new album finds itself undisturbed by the negative press he scored after  slamming the star.

Why do you think this is?

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  1. BeyIsKing February 28, 2015

    Oh please there isn’t a soul in the world that doesn’t know he mentioned Beyoncé in that interview for exposure…it’s now a trend…

      • I STAN(D) FOR BROADMOOR HOSPITAL February 28, 2015

        Toni’s old hag heifer harlette ass just mad Jay-Camel-Z got to it first. Its a 2-pac sample, as long as his estate clears it its fine.

      • Credits February 28, 2015

        Toni better put her on blast lol. Say what you want, but Beyoncé does not have an “unbreak my heart.”

    • Eris February 28, 2015

      Ciara fans should most definitely not come for Bey, Ciara used to be a man , her last Album was certified dust, she has sold a total of 100k records ww ,that B**** is the most irrelevant artist yet,her 3 stans that are on this page should just transition into retirement, y’all are done

      • Faf February 28, 2015

        Teller why U mad 😆


        Used to be a man is tired we all know queen of surrogates

  2. Pat February 28, 2015

    Lmao! This just proves how dumb her fans are. They were the reason Ms.Keri’s last album scanned over 100k first week! Keep on stinging ya dumb beez!

    • rosy February 28, 2015

      I know right the hives think they have power people are pushing back on their dumb ass the hives think they can over power Bully other Celebs for bey sake the illiterate fools I’m sure some of bey fans are buying his albums you go kid stand up to the illiterate imbecile why don’t the hives go clean up Jay z baby on the side issues yet they ccoming for others

    • BEYQUEEN February 28, 2015

      Where is Keri Hilson now darling???? She dissed Bey and now she can’t sell out a arena, a club and etc. LMFAO

      • Pat February 28, 2015

        @BeyQueen, is does not matter where keri is now. Just know that because bey and her dumb fan base can’t keep her name out of their mouth, she will always be relevant.

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015


    • Rosie February 28, 2015

      Death you comparing 2010 sales to now though. 100K was a total flop back then.

  3. BeyIsKing February 28, 2015

    What’s dumb is this reasoning….so Kid Rock is attacked by the BeyHive therefore his sales are set to spike? Why are you acting like he has had no fans all along? If all it took was an attack then Keri Hilson would be selling like crazy….it’s dumb to conclude that his success is because the BeyHive attacked him

  4. Dance for Kylie (impossible princess) February 28, 2015

    Girl bye no fan base has power over other artist girl kid Rock fans are mature older people ain’t no one got time for those kids lol I can’t at the delusion and he spoke no lies just because crazy in love was a mega hit song doesn’t make it a classic beyonce doesn’t have a Whitney I will always love you a madonna like a Virgin, a Christina beautiful or a Mariah Carey hero haven’t yall learn that sales and charts don’t mean classics lol bye they were plenty of number ones in the 80s and 90s and 200s that don’t make then all classic bye Felicia I’ll give Beyonce single ladies maybe a classic because the video was very a worldwide dance crazed but the song itself is not a classic nor iconic.

    • TheElusiveLamb February 28, 2015

      If you’re really a Kylie Minogue fan, I love that woman. I’ve been to two of her tours. A true innovator.

      • Dance for Kylie (impossible princess) February 28, 2015

        I love Kylie you’re so lucky to have seen her in concert I would love to! I’m listening to her album impossible princess the original “ray of light” but everyone paid the album dust because it was too ahead of its time she’s always two steps ahead of her game she’s Def a innovator.

      • CherylSoldierr February 28, 2015

        Yaaaas I live for queen Kylie!

    • Unbiased February 28, 2015

      Who the hell are you to decide what’s classic and iconic? Crazy in Love is still being played 12 years later and has been used in movie soundtracks etc. Halo or Listen is more used in talent shows than Beautiful.

    • Faf February 28, 2015

      Kid rock fans are white confederates they don’t care about beyonce

  5. BeyIsKing February 28, 2015

    And just to be clear we don’t attack we defend Bey. Unlike Rihanna, Perry or Swift Bey NEVER ever defends herself (not even on Twitter) and all of the attacks on her are unwarranted. She never talks s*** about any other celeb. Never. But they always come for her. Since she never defends herself we take it upon ourselves to defend her.

    • fatusankoh February 28, 2015

      King is bey well said let continue to love support our bey don’t let hatters get to us

    • Grelle February 28, 2015

      Lol wow. I have never read the reasoning in such detail. But now that I have, I hope each and every one of you get a personal thank you from your “king” via mail. Bye.

      • Faf February 28, 2015


  6. TheElusiveLamb February 28, 2015

    I don’t believe the sales to be directly linked to Beyoncé or the BeeHive, but we can’t play dumb and say that the exposure didn’t help him. I haven’t heard about Kid Rock since TRL was on and I might be getting that song confused with a Linkin Park song lol.

  7. fatusankoh February 28, 2015

    All I say to my wounderful behives let don’t give this hitters sale power let keep silent about their their trash talk and support our bey by buying anything Beyoncé that what I do long live queen bey that sick red neck kid is no good

  8. SMH February 28, 2015

    Lmao. All the studies done about beyonce having the dumbest fanbase in the world are proven true time and time again.

  9. Mya February 28, 2015

    Oh now it all makes sense why Beyonce name was in his mouth he has an album to promote. And why better way to make headlines? Beyonce.

    It’s crazy because Beyonce never trash talk other celebs.Or have twitter beef etc. She minds her businesse. Beyonce will keep on winning, it’s been 17 years.

    • Mya February 28, 2015


      PS. I haven’t heard of Kid Rock in over a decade.

    • Carry On February 28, 2015

      I ain’t going to stress myself out but why is ya’ll so slow now-a-days. D@MN! why would he need Beyonce when he was out waaaaaaaaaaay before she was even born. It just fuks us up as adults how she is getting away with stealing, cheating and kids don’t know that this is not right. So, the generation of followers is not going to lead good. If you take the time off your hands and read into this not thinking otherwise you would see the difference.

      • Pat February 28, 2015

        Kid rock wasn’t out before Beyonce was born. Another dumb comment from another dumb bey stan. Was she born in the 90’s?

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        That wasn’t a comment from a Bey stan idiot. Looks like you’re the only dumb one. Think before you try and throw the reductive ‘dumb’ shade.

      • Pat February 28, 2015

        At LDN (LickDeezNuts) he still wasn’t out before the b**** was born, lol! Ya ole broke African booty scratcher. Lmfao!

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        And you’re telling me that because?

    • fatusankoh February 28, 2015

      Mya yes loard well said thanks

  10. LOL February 28, 2015


    • Mya February 28, 2015

      Screaming at what? It sold 100k. Beyonce sold that in 4 hours. Lol

      • LOL February 28, 2015


  11. LDN Chick February 28, 2015

    He is the REAL definition of someone who is local.

  12. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

    Don’t nobody give a f*** about the immature bored ass hive!!!

    • Mya February 28, 2015

      The Hive is immature? But he came at Beyonce. LOL!

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

        They asked him and he answered honestly. Get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        The hive is extremely immature and insecure.

      • Mya February 28, 2015

        So it’s okayhim to diss Beyonce, but not okay when her fans defend her? Girl kick rocks.

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

        Yes they are sis!they a bunch of fat welfare queens who sit on their windows 98 computers worshipping their phony queen

      • XXX February 28, 2015

        Lool at Ciara stands worrying about the Hive while they can’t even get their fave to scan aluminium.

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

        B**** stop worrying about Ciara and worry about your fat ass mom and 10 brother and sisters with different fathers!!! #WhatUrAccountLookingLike ? B****

      • Pat February 28, 2015

        @Mya, guh f*** Beyonce is she paying u heifer?

  13. XXX February 28, 2015

    Lol he will probably struggle to go Gold in the long run.

    • Mya February 28, 2015

      He’ll struggle to top 300k.

  14. whut February 28, 2015

    What beyonce’s fans fail to realize is that Kid Rock is not a new artist. He has an established fanbase that are not part of the social media generation. Their attacking him certainly wouldn’t affect his album sales, just like his mentioning her name didn’t affect his sales either. Even if he hadn’t made his comments about her, his sales would have been the same. This isn’t his first top ten album, it’s his eighth. They would be really stupid to think people went out and bought his album just because he mentioned her name. Then again, we are talking about beyonce fans.

    • Mya February 28, 2015

      Child please, you haven’t heard about Kid Rock in YEARS until he mentioned Beyonce. Cut the BS.

      • whut February 28, 2015

        I’m not an immature clueless beyonce fan, dear. I know about all kinds of music, not just her generic stuff. Thank you for proving my point. You can have a seat now.

      • Mya February 28, 2015

        The ONLY reason this post is up because of who? BEYONCE, dear. Play dumb with someone else. He’s album came out 4 days ago. And look who at the topic at hand LMAO!.

      • whut February 28, 2015

        You do realize the world is bigger than this blog, right? Clearly some folks don’t have to play dumb.

    • XXX February 28, 2015

      Stop kidding yourself. A lot of true music lovers have admitted they didn’t know he had an album until all the Beyonce drama.

    • whut February 28, 2015

      You both can continue kidding yourselves. There are FAR more music lovers in this world than beyonce fans that were very aware of his new album. But hey, whatever you need to to believe to protect your delusions. More power to you.

      • XXX February 28, 2015

        I’m not kidding myself. The proof is in previous comments not just from Beyonce fans.

      • whut February 28, 2015

        Sorry to inform you, but the world’s music lovers extend way past the comment board on thatgrapejuice.

      • XXX February 28, 2015

        Yes and where did I specifically mention comments from TGJ?

      • whut February 28, 2015

        That bubble you live in is affecting your grasp on reality. Plenty of people knew about his album, otherwise he wouldn’t be debuting in the top 10.

  15. Molly February 28, 2015

    The hive is such an idiotic group of morons.

  16. Kid rock stan February 28, 2015

    The rockers remain unbothered by THIEVINGyonce. Kid rock slays that bird!!!

    • Mya February 28, 2015

      But who’S DOING interviews about who again? Do you think anyone would ask Beyonce about a Kid Rock? LMAO! Beyonce is the one unbothered. Beyonce could BUY Kid Rock a new life if she wanted to, dear. LMAO!

  17. LOL February 28, 2015


    • Molly February 28, 2015

      I thought you Gaga fans were a mess but Beyonce fans are 10 times worse.

  18. Molly February 28, 2015

    The no life hives are doing nothing but promoting him.. Kid rock is winning it aint Beyonce and it sure aint her lifeless homo fans winning .

    The hive will go down as the most childish, insecure, pressed, delusional, and lifeless fan base of all time. #NoOneRespectsTheHive

    • XXX February 28, 2015

      Who actually support their fave. So that’s all that matters. What have the C Squad done for Ciara these past few years?

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Chile bye go get Bey that #1 hit or that classic she so desperately needs kii. Ciara and the C squad are good bittch.

      • XXX February 28, 2015

        She desperately needs? Are you sure about that sis? Bey is a pop icon with classics while your fave remains a flop Janet wannabe after all these years with nothing but ghetto urban anthems that are not popular outside of the black community.

      • Mya February 28, 2015

        Thank to Beyonce your flop fave can release her album on Fridays now, hopefully you Z Squad can get her Gold since Friday is pay day.

    • Mya February 28, 2015

      Beyonce is worth $500 million. Beyonce has more comments on one photo than Kid Rock has followers. LMAO!

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

        Nobody cares about that prostitutes bank account lol girl bye

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Lol girl and? Who cares how much Bey is worth biitch you sure ain’t seeing none of that 500 million so shut yo dusty ass up.

      • gina February 28, 2015

        Too bad she hasn’t sold more albums than him lol.

      • Special Delivery February 28, 2015

        But she has though. She has sold 30 million while he has sold 25 million.

      • Mya February 28, 2015

        Too BAD sold more records than him. LOL. Again, it’s not Beyonce who’s talking about Kid Rock. It’s Kid Rock talking about her. Catch it. LMAO!

  19. Jamon February 28, 2015

    Beyonce and her fans have nothing to due with artist selling albums. Obviously he has his own fans, just like every other Artist out there. Every fan base just isn’t as vocal and attack other artist like Beyonce’s. Kid Rock has sold 23.5 million albums in the US alone. His Devil without a cause album sold 9.3 million in the US. NO SHADE against Beyonce, but he has Sold more albums then her. If I like the songs then I buy the music, I don’t care what artist it is. I do have my favorite artist just like everyone else. I don’t think Beyonce cares about Kid Rock and his opinions and the Beyhive shouldn’t either. Just support her and ventures just like every other fan base out there.

    • No February 28, 2015

      Kid Rock has not sold more records than Beyonce, he is the true definition of local. She has sold over 100 million records WW, has bigger globals hit, bigger tours, bigger network, more accolades etc.

      • Jamon February 28, 2015

        I was talking about the US. Kid Rock 23.5/Beyonce 15.5.
        I was saying the US because of her fans here IN THE US, saying he used her name to sell albums. I know she has sold more WW.

      • whut February 28, 2015

        Save your delusions. Beyonce has not sold 100 million anything. Bye girl, nobody is here for inflated sales.

  20. Molly February 28, 2015

    If only the hive put this much effort into getting Beyonce a #1 hit.

    • Mya February 28, 2015

      If only you could help Ciara scan 400k.

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        If only Beyonce could’ve graduated from highschool *sigh*

    • kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

      If only the Z Squad would put all this effort to get Ciara albums GOLD

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Chile please the c squad isn’t over acting like lil monkeys harassing everyone in site. Sit tf down bittch ass i continue clocking the hive.

      • XXX February 28, 2015

        You’re too bothered about relevant stans business than getting your fave a certification which is so sad. The Hive can act however they want at least they support their fave. Poor CiCi 🙁

      • Mya February 28, 2015

        No one cares enough to talk about non-factor Ciara, so of course you don’t react. Who talks about her? No ONE lmao! No cares. LMAO! Even Future didn’t want to be bothered with her ass.

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

      Kii exactly!!! They mad

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Lol hun the hive is a joke no one takes seriously.

  21. gina February 28, 2015

    Aww, look at the beehive trying to save face now lol. beyonce doesn’t have the power to affect anyone’s album sales. If she did, her own sales would be bigger lol. Didn’t someone say yesterday that bee die after they sting someone? Lol.

  22. Special Delivery February 28, 2015

    Funny how it’s the stans of flops who can’t even get their fave to scan platinum anymore who are doing most of the talking about the superior Hive. And stop making out Kid Rocks album won’t more than likely tumble down the charts in following weeks.

  23. kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

    Y’all are hypocrites its funny how y’all come for the hive for defending Bey when y’all do the same when someone diss y’all favs. No doubt that the Beyonce haterz are the ones buying this album lmao. The MEDIA is the one who got this story out there. As soon as someone diss Beyonce its on almost if not all over the internet so stop.

  24. topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 28, 2015

    To be perfectly honest, he was expected to sell around 120K with or without the Beyonce diss

    We won’t know if this will effect his sales (higher or lower) until the actual numbers come in

    In other news, b**** ass Chris Brown with p*** Tyga will only sell around 55K (no streaming) and 75K with streaming LOL!! I think that’s more news worthy

  25. kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

    Ciara fans have some nerve talking about salesss lmaooooo

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

      The hive stays pressed over Ciara because she is talented and humble. Don’t even get me started on the STDvy and their Alien fav! Y’all b****** pressed!!!!

      • Molly February 28, 2015


      • #Beautiful February 28, 2015


  26. fatusankoh February 28, 2015

    Please my fellow fansdon’t give this red neck kid any more power please let continue to love support our bey that is what is matters

  27. LOL February 28, 2015



    • XXX February 28, 2015

      Kid Rock has not not sold more records than her #TryAgain

      • LOL February 28, 2015




      • XXX February 28, 2015

        DEAD. How does that mean he sold more records than her? Do you know the difference between a record sales and album sales boo?. Kid Rock has not even sold more than albums than her in TOTAL. >>>>_/

      • LOL February 28, 2015


      • XXX February 28, 2015

        But in your original comment you said he sold more records than her. He has neither sold more albums or records than her in total. So wtf are you talking about stupid?

      • LOL February 28, 2015


    • kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

      nobody dragged us sis have a seat

      • LOL February 28, 2015


  28. kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

    @Molly B**** please y’all go around hating on everyone when Ciara is one of the biggest flops in music you’re not dragging anyone. Y’all don’t go around harassing people anymore because y’all haven’t recovered from the dragging the navy and Rihanna’s bff gave y’all.

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

      The Navy needs to drag their funky filthy fav to a f****** CLINIC! B**** stfu with your raggedy ass…………..

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      Bitttch the navy ain’t sh!t and they don’t fear me they’re just as lifeless and immature as the hive anyways. The C squad has class unlike the nasty ghetto hive and navy faggss.

  29. Molly February 28, 2015

    @CiciDaBaddest Love ya 🙂

    We got these hood hives seething.

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 28, 2015

      Girl tell me why they MADDDDDD kii

  30. LOL February 28, 2015


  31. kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

    Why the Navy so worries about the hive lmao shouldn’t y’all be trying to get Towards The Sun in the top 30

    • LOL February 28, 2015


  32. #Beautiful February 28, 2015

    Why is the C Squad here chatting ish though lol. They’re the epitome of self drag.

  33. BeyIsKing February 28, 2015

    I don’t get this at all lol…how has the Hive been dragged? Someone explain that to me

  34. BossB*tchBeyoncé February 28, 2015

    You know what I find funny is that people are coming at the hive for defending Beyoncé when If it was their fave he was talking about they’d be doing the same damn thing.

  35. Kyle February 28, 2015

    The Hive really runs everybody though. Look at all these sorry wasps breaking a leg to come in this post and talk about them. It’s not that serious yo!

    • LOL February 28, 2015


      • Kyle February 28, 2015

        The real question is why is Kid rock worried about Beyonce? And Drunk In Love says hello. Now is GooGoo platinum yet?

      • Kyle February 28, 2015

        Drunk In Love says hello. Now is GooGoo platinum yet?

      • LOL February 28, 2015



      • Kyle February 28, 2015

        Why are you lying though? Where are the receipts of it going platinum. SCREAMING. Partition is platinum and 7/11 is gold boo. IS B.Y.E?

  36. kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

    “The hive stays pressed over Ciara because she is talented and humble” lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo the delusion

  37. Unbiased February 28, 2015

    Some of these stanbases are hypocrites. The truth tea is he came for Beyonce out of all of your faves, because she is the most relevant. Ciara fans need to stop with the self-drag, your fave is a third baby mama and a flop Janet who will appear on Unsung a few years from now.

  38. BossB*tchBeyoncé February 28, 2015

    How does self-hating Molly the maid have the nerve to call anyone ghetto when she Stans for baby mama #82536426!!

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      I love myself baby im not out here bleaching my skin i’ll leave that to Beyonce.

  39. sally February 28, 2015

    Poor hive. They tried and failed…again.

    • kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

      How did we fail Lool we had nothing to do with his salesss y’all sound foolish

  40. kingbeybitch February 28, 2015

    50k Squad need to have a seat

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      No bittch you can take a seat with your ghetto,immature, and insecure ass.

  41. topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 28, 2015

    Is it true Kid Rock posted a picture of a can of Raid for flying insects in response to Beyonce’s fans?

    Lol, this has gotten so messy. I wish Kanye would say something, he is the biggest fan of Beyonce.

    • LOL February 28, 2015


    • Molly February 28, 2015

      Lmao if that’s true ima holler

  42. Mahogany February 28, 2015

    I rarely post here because of the sheer ridiculousness of the comments. I like some of Ciara’s music and think she’s a beauty, but her fans are pretty deluded to think she’s some type of megastar. Her last couple of albums were certified dust. No one uttered Kid Rocks name until he mentioned the Queen! I haven’t heard anything from him since The Box (music station) existed. He’s as relevant as Limp Bizkit.

    • Eris February 28, 2015

      ahhaah OMG u killed me with that Ciara Certification, her last Album sold 45k copies worldwide, it was certified Dust indeed, lol Ciara stans most definitely shouldn’t come for Bey or Ri they are not on the sane level Bey and Ri are at the top and Ciara is at the bottom of the barrel scraping

  43. Molly February 28, 2015

    So he really did post the pic of a raid can Lmfao

  44. Molly February 28, 2015

    Surprised Fagler and STD_Hive aren’t here ki

  45. BeyIsKing February 28, 2015

    Lmao y’all are in here talking about Bey AND The Hive! Then y’all turn around and deny her power and impact….I don’t see y’all talking this much about ANY other fanbase. We have you all Dedicating time and effort….The Hive runs this!

  46. Hadley February 28, 2015

    Kid rock is the joke of the rock world who does not have single classic hit to his name. Why is he worried about Beyonce when no one even mentioned her?

  47. Suicide Blonde February 28, 2015

    All of his album has debuted in the top ten since the released of “Devil Without a Cause”, no surprise, the man has been serving good music for a long time now, he has a diamond album, call him local but your superstar don’t have one or a 20+ million album worldwide, he doesn’t neither but at least he has been successful than her in the US with less commercial music, not to mention that he is a superior artist, a real musician, remember Beck, he might don’t have iconic classic hits like Crazy in Love but Beyoncé doesn’t have a body of work like “Rock ‘n Roll Jesus”, get over it and respect superior artists, not everyone likes Beyonce as a woman and there are even more people who doesn’t like her music. Get over it little Kanyes. 😀

    • Hadley February 28, 2015

      Kid Rocks music is trash and he is not a respected Rock artist. You might be able to brainwash other people with that comment who don’t know much about Rock music but it doesn’t work on me. Beyonce is respected in her lane.

      • Suicide Blonde February 28, 2015

        So you think Kid Rock is not respected but Beyoncé is, that’s why the music industry gave her AOTY. Btw Kid is not even a full rock artist, rap, country, rock, and you know more about rock music than me, yeah, these Beyoncé fans are just…..

      • Hadley February 28, 2015

        I am not a Beyonce stan. He is not respected he is a mockery. I don’t care how much you claim to know about Rock music, you should be able to admit that simple fact. Just because something has a guitar behind does not it make good rock music. Beyonce not winning album of the year award does mean shes not respected in her lane. But since you want to use that as testament… What Grammy has Kid Rock won? Has he won anything in a Rock category, let alone AOTY?

      • CherylSoldierr February 28, 2015

        You better drag that white trash!

    • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

      You keep talking about Becks Grammy win to shade Beyonce when Kid Rock has won 0 Grammys. He is not superior to anybody. And non commercial my ass. That genre was huge in the 90s-early 00s.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 28, 2015

      *shania twain voice* That Don’t Impress Me Much! LOL Kid rock’s music is trash regardless of your opinion, you may be able to fool other commentators with that line but it won’t with me. If this was a Rock blog they would be ripping into your comment section for that foolery, and yeah let’s just forget the three flop albums before DWAC where tried to do Hip Hop and then sold out.

  48. mhud February 28, 2015

    Useless,f****** hives.I so much hate them with passion…Their ugly yam legs,rabbit ears stealing thiefyonce is a trash.

  49. Soldier Of Love. February 28, 2015

    I mean he DIDNT lie. Lol. The only songs I feel may even be considered classic in the future is “Halo” or….. Idk, and that may even be a reach. Single Ladies was cute for the time being, Crazy in Love was basic and this whole “Beyoncé” era is an all time basic. We all know the reason that album sold as much as it did was because her team was smart and strategically released it RIGHT AFTER a successful yet overhyped worldwide tour.

    • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

      That comment holds no weight because its nothing but your opinion. Cultural impact and stats show botu Crazy In Love and Single Ladies are classic pop songs.

  50. Soldier Of Love. February 28, 2015

    The only reason the corny ass “Hive” is so easily angered is because they know people aren’t lying when they discredit her and throw shade. She’s the most popular of this generation, true, but……. That’s it lol she’s not the most talented and most people acknowledge her by how hard she works and not her ability scream over a beat and dance in kittens lol

  51. Eris February 28, 2015

    Ciaras last Album Ciara sold 54k worldwide its been 3 yrs, it’s been certified Dust… hahahahahahahahahahaha, the video of Ciara been served while performing is everything, I’ve not had a good laugh in years

  52. Unbiased February 28, 2015

    @soldier of Love, pls sit down. Every fan base defends their fave. Every single one. The hypocrisy in these comments smh…One woman has so many ppl so pressed. Idc for Taylor Swift, so you will never catch me commenting on her.

  53. Keri Qween February 28, 2015

    Kiii the h/I/v hates anyone who doesn’t worship their overrated fave or who they feel is a threat(rihanna), bunch of unemployed bums hanging on social media harassing ppl

    • I STAN(D) FOR BROADMOOR HOSPITAL February 28, 2015

      Screaming! but your fave tweeted that ‘its been 4 years since i’ve been publicly relevant’, Did she or did she not?

      Screams @ the empty rows of seats! Screams at the ten people who paid an extra $5 for V.I.P passes and still ended up standing next to all the regulars! Screams @ the hotdog vendor that had to work a double shift because Keri decided to not turn up to work that night KIIIII

  54. dydy972 February 28, 2015

    Congratulations Beyhive, Kid Rock will sell more albums thanks to you. LOL

    I knew this was a publicity stunt to sell something. His management team knew he would not sell lots of records so they adviced him to attack a big name in the industry just to get exposure.
    Let’s be real, who was talking about kid rock the past year before his beyoncé statement? NO ONE.
    I thought the beyhive knew’s nothing new.

  55. Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

    F*** you david and this shady ass article. All the attention he got and he’s only up to sell 120k? You acting like he scanned gold first week! I’m sure his old ass cowgirl fans went and bought the album and knew nothing about the Beyonce comments. The Reaching!!

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      Lol don’t be mad at David because he kept it REAL! KIII

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        Girl step your insecure illogical ass kissin ass out of my replies. No one sent for you b****!

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Are you mad because im not kissing your ass you worthless bitchh? Lol the only insecure bitchess I see on here is you and the rest of the pathetic hive. Bittch come correct !

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        Lls You’re too busy up LB’s ass hole to kiss my ass b****. You are VERY insecure honey. “I’m Mixed, I’m fabulous” kii Meanwhile you’re looking like a trailer park trash version of precious with the self-esteem of a 40 year old hooker.You got all the bad genes from your white side and bitter about it. Help Ciara scan toilet paper before you call the Hive insecure dumb b****. STEP!

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Flea I don’t even use Fagbird so sit tf down with your nappy headed ass. You’re the most salty bittch on here you stay pressed. Not my fault that im better than you babe. You and Tyler are nothing but bitter broke tired ass bum bitchess who can’t afford to pay a phone bill have several seats hoee and know ima always be that bitchh.

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        *yawns* ok molly girl. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
        SN: Don’t come into a post looking for me and Tyler and expect anyone to take your “salty” claims serious. Such a joke

  56. Mark111 February 28, 2015

    Stans really think that “dragging” does something, lol. You weren’t going to buy the album no way, because all you buy is your fave. But stans (from all fanbases) tweeting, flooding the Web does nothing but draw headlines and that’s nothing but free promo for the alleged “dragged”.
    Beyonce didn’t ruining Keri’s career, Keri never really had it. Because of the dis, Keri albums sold better than Ciaras last 3 flops and had a top 10 and a few top 20s. Stans need to realize that the only thing they’re destroying is their time and lives.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

      And Keri made better RNB music than Beyonafide.

      Knocks you down >>>> every Beyonafide single and album filler

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        Dangerously in love, Me myself and I, Irreplaceable ETC>>>> flop you down. Kanye west made that song what it was. Lmao

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        DIL, Halo, Rather Die young, I still care and practically all of 4 was a good RnB album but compared to MJB and Keris? I still prefer theirs

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        Mjb and Beyoñce Are The Ones With All The R&B Hits Tho? What are Keri’s Again?

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        I’m not speaking about hits but music wise. Bey has a lot of RnB hits but her discography falls flat compared to them.

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        What damn discography does Keri have? And How did Mjb end up in this conversation anyways..such a struggle

  57. AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig February 28, 2015

    Everybody knows if they push the hives buttons they will get free promo.

  58. migue February 28, 2015

    only 120K???

  59. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2015

    I really don’t know why Mole and this Jackie person think what they are saying holds some sort of merit. Cierror is literally the flop go the industry,all of our faves are above her. Invest this energy into saving your money so that Heara’s next album can be certified magnesium.

    • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015


      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2015

        Sis,I don’t understand what gives them any sort of credibility to start mess with relevant fanbases. I can’t.

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        The hive is relevant because they act like monkeys. Bey must be proud lol

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        They are just insecure and irrelevant AF! They want everyone to pay attention to Ciara. Even if they get dragged in the process. Smh

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2015

        Lol it’s hilarious and sad tbh. They actually think they’re dragging someone,poor things.

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      B**** who are you? Stop mentioning me please

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2015

        Why don’t you take your own advice and stop mentioning Beyonce in every single comment? Acknowledge the fact that she is more relevant than your flop ass struggle fave and stop being so bitter. Bey wins at every aspect at life while Cierror couldn’t even get a C-list trap rapper to wife her. I think we all know who is above who. Stay in your lane b****. Do something useful with your life instead of striving to make it to TGJ’s top commentator’s list of the week.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        You know Minaj went from A-List venues to f****** another C-list rapper who has even less success than Future

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        But onika is f*** meek mill ugly big lipped ass stfu beyminaj you stan for two hoees lmao.. Ciara has class she’s not trashy

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2015

        I think Meek Mill is a loser and I think that Nicki can do a lot better so what are you trying to say? And @Mole the irony of you calling my faves whores. Nicki had been with SB for 12 years and Bey and Jay had been dating forever,got married and then had a child inside of wedlock. As for Cierror,the b**** slept with irrelevant 2006 fad rappers,got knocked up by Future(of all people) and he didn’t even walk her down the aisle. Stop setting up your fave constantly,it’s not even funny anymore.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 28, 2015


  60. I STAN(D) FOR FLOPS February 28, 2015

    This one s**** hilson stan is always hollering! Shut up høe and get yo fave to some level of success before you come at others.

    “Keri (קרי) is a Hebrew term which literally means “happenstance”, “frivolity” or “contrariness” and has come to mean “seminal emission”. The term is generally used in Jewish law to refer specifically to the regulations and rituals concerning the emission of s****, whether by nocturnal emission, or by sexual activity.”

  61. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

    HASNT Kid Rock sold more albums in the US than Beyonce and now the hive is using fictional WW records receipts to drag? So does this mean beyonafide Knowles is a lessor to Rihannas SALES (not “SELLS”, prismatic_Hive)? Lmao… The hive are so dumb just forget kid rock, your “stings” isn’t going to do s***

    • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

      Rihanna has more albums thats why the Hive come for the Navys ‘record’ drag with US receipts. Kid Rock also has more albums but Beyonce has still outsold him overall. Use common sense.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        It doesn’t matter how many albums you have it’s how much you sell. the point is “Album Seller” has sold less albums in her domestic market to a person who is less commercial, less marketable, less “talented” and has less awards/Grammies than her. You could cling to “oh Beyonce has sold more records worldwide” cop out but the Kii is that would mean Beyonce is a lessor to Rihanna because she sells more per album than Beyonce. Oh and cut the “she has more albums” bull, Adele has sold over 25 million albums with just one, the quantity drag is void. Find something else

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        The quantity drag is not void when it comes to Beyonce and Rihanna because shes not Adele and as numbers prove, Rihanna with 5 albums would not have sold as much as Beyonce. Since you always want to make it about Beyonce vs Rihanna why don’t you keep it to that and stop bringing other artists name into it. And also Kid Rock went Diamond in the 90s when Rock was huge so stop with less commericlaly viable bullshitt.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        Albums no but records? Yes and you are using Records drag to drag Kid rock and that is the point Madame. I know the education system in UK is not horrible, don’t become another Slay Hive. Rihanna on album 5 still sold more RECORDS than Beyonafide currently, this becoming a self drag on your part.

        Just face it, Rihanna is the superior seller to Beyonafide

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        You’re stupid. Rihanna is only 20 million records in front of Beyonce with 7 albums. Work out the average sales from that darling.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        She’s 50 behind not 20 and even if that were the case she’s still above Beyonce.

        Rihanna 170
        Beyonce 120

        And after this album comes out she will be higher in record sales.

        I see a lessor

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        170? Where did that come from? Receipts?

    • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

      Girl you just cant help but to mention me in your comments! Your scalp still burning?

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        I mentioned prismatic, does this mean you’re finally admitting that that’s you?

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        You said Prismatic_Hive Idiot b****! Where Is your receipt of Me Being prismatic Since You’re So Obsessed with accusing me of trolling

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        Skyfall clocked you, don’t you remember? Or am I speaking to the other persobality in your head?

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        And i Clocked The Troll back for not Having My email Address And Not being able To Keep Up With My Avi Pics. B**** Move Along That S*** Is So Tired And Redundant Now. Just Like Those Two Year Old Sale/sell reads. Bitter Ass B****

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        So you told yourself to stop trolling? Are you okay?

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        LB what are You Talking About? How Are You Going To Accuse Me Of Trolling While Trolling? Is That All You Have? Kii pathetic Stfu

  62. Molly February 28, 2015

    What does the hive drag besides Beyonces name in the mud? You guys are a fuckkking embarrassment. Slay_hive go drink bleach you insignificant piece of sh!t!! The rest of you b****** can play in traffic im out this b****.

    • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

      Why are you still here? You get your fave dragged so badly its not even funny.

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Aren’t you the same Diike who got dragged by my good sis @Cicidabaddest the other day? You should have several fuckiing seats you nasty fat pusssy licker.

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        Why are you calling me diike as well when you claim to be female as well? Methinks you and that pathetic are troll are the same person. You need to drag yourself back to the drawing board and try harder because you come across as nothing but a pressed seething lonely bittch whos mad because all her faves are epic flops. Get off the Hives c*** and go support your fave yeah? Shes a FLOP and so is your presence on this blog.

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        We definitely aren’t the same person boo I just seen him clock your tea Lmao dont be mad. Also im a straight female not a diike like yourself sweetie. Im sorry that my presences bothers you b**** though. #GOODBYE

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        Im a straight female as well so LOL at you calling me that like Im supposed to be bothered. Grow tf and get a life. He didn’t clock anyones tea but the fact that you both spend more time worrying about Beyonce and the Hive than your fave #THESTRUGGLE

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Girl whatever don’t come into my reply section when you aren’t wanted.

        You Bey stans are fuckiing garbage I will never respect b****** like you guys.

        Now go do something productive like shaving and washing that stank puss k?

      • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

        Don’t come into a Beyonce post when you’re not wanted. Stop hanging from Slay_Hives balls when you’re not wanted. Go do something productive like supporting your fave instead of arguing with the hive all day. #LESSER

  63. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

    Why seethe over a lessor? He’s not serious, people are allowed to have opinions about different artists regardless of the delusional remark.

    The truth Beyonafide has classic hits that are celebrated amongst people from all walks of life, it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Just move on

  64. Molly February 28, 2015

    The hive can’t handle others opinions.

  65. Tyler February 28, 2015

    Molly the Maid is just mad because the only thing that HEARA has brought to the table, over the past ELEVEN YEARS, is several renditions of the damn back bend.

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      Only thing im mad about is Beyonce overrated ass not having a timeless hit. tbh

  66. Molly February 28, 2015

    I don’t need this diike obsessing over me. Ew

  67. Molly February 28, 2015

    @Tyler what has Bey brought to the table besides thievery and pusssy popping??

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

      Images of her sucking for life to catch camel nut on her dress

  68. Tyler February 28, 2015

    A stan base that actually SUPPORTS their fave, is something foreign To Molly the Maid.

    Explains why Ciara-man can’t book any type of venue outside of a Burger King restroom stall.

  69. Skyfall February 28, 2015

    Does the hive really think them posting bees on his Instagram was gonna make people 120k people go buy his album?
    Tbh his comments about Beyoncé were very vulgar and unnecessary because we don’t give a f*** about what type of basic b****, Dolly Parton looking ass girl you find attractive, but the hive does absolutely nothing for Beyoncé PERIOD, but make her look bad. Her stans make themselves look like a bunch of illiterates that don’t know the difference between sale and sell. None of these “celebrities” are worrying about the beehive attacks or stings. Did anyone ever tell you that once a Bey stings it dies?

  70. Krista February 28, 2015

    The real tea is the impact is the Hive has on some peope here. Look at all these NOVELS on one fan base going off on Twitter. Some of you have spent all day arguing about them #Icant.

  71. Skyfall February 28, 2015

    Beyoncé as of right now does not have an iconic hit, just because a song get radio AirPlay after 12 years doesn’t make it iconic. Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby still plays on top 40 radio and the dog is very popular but it’s not iconic. I would say that ABMB and CIL are not yet iconic but poplar and defining songs of the particular artist that they are known to have sung. Iconic hits would be

    Like a Prayer
    We Belong Together
    I’ll Always Love You
    The Greates Love of All
    (Pretty Much the whole Thriller album)
    Purple Rain
    Rhythm Nation
    My Heart Will Go On
    Black and White
    Rock You
    Living on a prayer
    Baby Got Back
    Highway to Hell
    Who let the dogs out
    He’ll even Let it Go is more iconic

    But quit rushing Beyonces legendary status she’ll get there.

    • BossB*tchBeyoncé February 28, 2015

      Well atleast some damn body is being logical. And I agree with you abou rushing bey to legendary status. I think the hive tends to do that because people love downplaying Beyoncé’s accomplishments!

    • Krista February 28, 2015

      NOT ‘Who lets the dogs out’ being iconic to you but not single ladies or crazy in love. Screaaaming!

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        Lmaooo She Is So Stupid And Swear She Be Speaking The Truth!

    • Rosie February 28, 2015

      Screaming at Who Let The Dogs Out and Let It Go (the latter is already loathed by everyone over the age of six).

    • LDN Chick February 28, 2015

      Whats so much more iconic about 90% of those songs than CIL, Single Ladies, Listen and Halo. You’re delusional.

  72. Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

    The hive Does Absolutely Nothing For Beyonce? Where Is The Logic In That When She Is One Of The Top Selling, Touring, and Most Successful Artist In Music History. The Hive Is No Different From Any Other Stan Base. It’s Just That Our Fave Is More Relevant And Anything With Her Name Attached To It Will Receive Attention. Just Look At How Many Comments This Post Has. Shame on You Bitter Pressed “Master’s Degree In Blog Grammar” having B****** For Letting The “lessor Illiterate” Hive Bother You so Much And Spark Your interest Enough To Discuss them. #TheIrony

  73. Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

    Skyfag Your OPINION is Not The Gospel. Sit Tf Down

    • Molly February 28, 2015

      Calling him a f*** but aren’t you gay? Isn’t 80% of beys fans gay? #TheIrony

      • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

        B**** who Was Talking To You? Aren’t 99% of Ciara Fans Crickets?

      • CherylSoldierr February 28, 2015

        Didn’t you just call lovebird ‘Fagbird’ and lndchick a diike?

      • Molly February 28, 2015

        Im a straight female @Cheryl but you already knew this. Stop being messy.

  74. Unbiased February 28, 2015

    I know that trick didn’t call Who Let The Dogs Out a classic, but is downplaying Crazy In Love, Halo, Listen, Single Ladies, Irreplaceable and etc. Girl bai!

  75. Molly February 28, 2015

    @Slayhive idgaf if you were talking to me or not. But how are you a gay person calling another man a faaag like get it together bitchh. Lol

    • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

      Why are you still here? I thought you left?

    • Tyler February 28, 2015

      Yeah, why are you here Molly the Maid?
      Shouldn’t you be somewhere concerned about your 0WN damn fave and the simple fact that she isn’t capable of doing anything beyond struggling to sing “IIIIII’M Speechless” in a PORTA POTTY at the State Fair?

  76. dd February 28, 2015

    I hate beyonce shes a great performer however i need my stars to have great catologes great song writting and the stage….mj janet prince even madge and gloria no one gives her cred for latin power

  77. Slayriah February 28, 2015

    Congrats to Kid Rock.

  78. dd February 28, 2015

    Hes sold more has one album that sold 20mill

  79. Rosie February 28, 2015

    Kid Rock has been expected to sell 120K since Wednesday, this is a bait post that has nothing to do with Beyonce but of course you bored gays fell for it. Like his fanbase is obese, wet dog-smelling, NASCAR-watching white racists in Middle America. They don’t care about Beyonce.

    • CherylSoldierr February 28, 2015

      Exactly Lmaoooo! His fan base is obese, redneck stay at home moms who cling to Walmart and chik Fil a. He’s literally local to 3-4 states in the south.

  80. Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) February 28, 2015

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone, Kid Rock does have fans. I doubt any of them listen to Beyonce anyways. His audience was likely unaffected by his comments. I highly doubt dissing her boosted his sales either.

  81. Skyfall February 28, 2015

    Slay_hive is really the most illterate person on this blog.

    One I’m a female so your bored skyfag read is null and void. Two what I said was true Beyoncé songs are popular but I wouldn’t seem them iconic as of yet, or deem her legend as of yet as she still is crossing that line between icon and legend.

    Who let the dogs out is iconic and idgaf about how dumb the song is. People all over the world can identify the song and sing it easily, kids still sing the song, who the let the dogs out is culturally bigger than any Beyoncé song except I would say maybe Single Ladies. Down try and downplay the songs cultural influence.

    I was joking about Let it Go, but that song will be a Disney classic PERIOD.

    And you know after sitting back and thinking the only song by Beyoncé that I would consider being iconic cultural phenomenon is Single Ladies. Crazy in Love, irreplaceable etc. are merely fan favorites. People who don’t f*** with Beyoncé or care about know about Crazy In love or her other songs but I know without a doubt they know about single ladies. Single Ladies will be Beyoncé iconic hit. Not Crazy in Love.

    • CherylSoldierr February 28, 2015

      Skyfall I thought you were trolling w that who let the dogs out and let it go comment lol. If not, then your logic is off hun. You said dogs is iconic because it’s memorable yet used the exact same criteria to discredit crazy in love. Lol

    • Special Delivery February 28, 2015

      You really think your opinion is the gospel don’t you? You need a cathedral of sits with your poor logic. You dont know wtf you’re talking about kiii

    • Slay_Hive February 28, 2015

      You’re The Pressed Delusional B**** On This Site . Thinking Your Illogical Opinions Are Fact! Crazy In Love Was The Most Popular Song Of Last Decade. It Is Surely Iconic And Anyone would Be Delusional To Deny That. You Lost Me With Who Let The Dogs Out As Being Iconic. I Haven’t Heard That Silly Mess Since Elementary School, and I’m Sure No Other Fool Considers That A Classic Other Than You.
      You’re Gonna Need A Lot More Than Those Two Year Old Sell/sale Reads To Consider Me Illiterate B****! My”illiterate” ass Has Put You In Your Place Several Times. Ain’t That Why You Mad D***? I Own All Of You H*** Minds. Seethe!!

      • Jewel February 28, 2015

        I really don’t get his logic. How can you call songs like ‘We Belong Together’ iconic but not Crazy In Love when Crazy In Love has made much more cultural impact than song. EVERYONE knows Crazy In Love and the Uh Oh dance is just one of those signature pop tunes that define an era. Its also an amazing crossover song embraced by both Pop and R&B lovers. And still being relevant 12 years later IS a testament to how iconic a song is.

    • Jewel February 28, 2015

      Crazy in love was one of THE biggest songs of last decade are you serious? That song is always near the top of any pop coundown it pretty much is generation defining song. Not only that but the song is sure fire party hit among all ages, races and genders. And its still gets covered and reinterpreted to this DAY. Do you even know the definition of iconic? Crazy in Love is arguably bigger than Single Ladies too even though that too is iconic because of its cultural impact.

    • AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig February 28, 2015

      NOT ‘who let the dogs out’ being included! LOL! SCREAMS! so would you like to include ‘The Macarena’ on that list?

  82. Molly February 28, 2015

    Lol Skyfall has bittches seething >>

    • Tyler February 28, 2015

      Ciara’s been in the music industry for over 10 years…why is she on the same level as Tinashe and Sevyn Streeter?

  83. Naomi February 28, 2015

    Lol. I doubt this was because of Beyonce but it definitley helped him with some exposure. And not this emotional essay writer and his nonsical novels surfacing again. Im still waiting for those receipts of Japan being a bigger music market than the US.

    • Tyler February 28, 2015

      Me too. The last time I checked, the US had the biggest and most lucrative entertainment industry in the world! So wtf are they talking about?

    • Skyfall February 28, 2015

      B**** I already stated it was the biggest music market in 2013, GOOGLE IT or are you too illterate to do so?

      • Naomi February 28, 2015

        I have googled and showed you receipts in the other post that that was lie. Now show me YOUR receipts.

  84. Naomi February 28, 2015

    The Hives impact though. Got these Ciara stans spending morning, noon and night on here>>>>

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

      The hive has no impact this why they couldn’t stop Kid Rocks album from selling and managing to enter the top ten.

      The only thing the hive impacts are the dumbest stan base lists, they always seem to top those.

      Well at least you know Beyoncé will always have the number 1 delusional stan base to exist.

      • Tyler February 28, 2015

        You sound so f****** stupid…are you mentally delayed?

      • Naomi February 28, 2015

        Before you enter my reply section read and comprehend what I am saying first idiot. Im not even talking about Kid Rock. Im talking about people like you who spend their whole time on this blog arguing with them.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

        You are idiots. I said the hive has no impact because if they DID then they would have stopped kids rock from selling. This was witty remark to your statement saying the hive has impacted the c squad which is not true because yall have no power over anyone including kid rocks success. Maybe if you had more brain power than a dumb soldier wasp then you could see that I was calling you dumb and you focusing on “I didn’t mention kid rock” when I just used him as an example is proving my point.

      • Naomi February 28, 2015

        I really don’t give a f***. It was irrelevant to my comment.

  85. Skyfall February 28, 2015

    lol are you mad?

    You b****** need to learn that a lot of s*** I say on this site I say to p*** you delusional hos off lol.

    Screaming at slay_hive delusions, CIL was not the most popular song of the last decade. One (of) the most but not THE MOST. We belong together, Confessions, Rolling in the deep says otherwise. CIL is not as iconic or as popular as the hive wants it to be. Yeah it’s popular lots of people know it but not in the levels of other iconic songs which was my point of Who Let The Dogs Out. More people of all generations know and still recite the song. Single Ladies is more iconic than CIL.

    • Naomi February 28, 2015

      Skyfall just stfu already you sound so delusional and stupid right now. Even your navi friends can admit CIL is iconic. Just have a damn seat.

  86. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

    I’m starting to think that Slay_Hive personalities Tyler and Naomi are the “Dumb and Dumber” of his sub conscious.

    I was saying that the hive has no impact over the C-squad by giving an example of Kid Rock. What I said wasn’t hard to follow or read but to them, I guess I was speaking some unknown algorithm or figure that was flies over their grade 9 education level. I’m sorry that you’re not able to keep up. Get your GED and we could have a real good debate, then you could see that Beyonce’s discography is a mess and sucks compared to others.

    Oh and if you didn’t understand that then I was basically saying that yall hive members are dumber than nickis stupid h** verse.


    • Naomi February 28, 2015

      No one cares what your stupid ass meant! Why are you so obsessed with us? How many comments have you dedicated to us now?

  87. Naomi February 28, 2015

    So because more people know Who let the dogs out than Crazy In Love in your world ‘apparently’ means it’ more iconic. I’m sure more people of all generations know Who Let The Dogs Out than Purple Rain and Emotions are you going to use the same logic there. What kind of dumb stupid logic. And anyway, who doesn’t know Crazy In Love? Everyone does. That song is universal like or not. You must be living under some kind of rock.

  88. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 28, 2015

    Not dumb and dumber seething over everyone’s opinion. Chill mama.. I know it’s hard accepting your idiocy but like those gay ppl that make it to Hollywood would say.. “It gets better”! 🙂

  89. MadameNoir February 28, 2015

    Only 120k? People be making out he sold over 500k or something.

    • AJ March 1, 2015

      Exactly!! Only predicted for 120K. Not much of a comeback! There are no new albums out yet he cannot sell more than this, nor can he score a #1? This post is VERY misleading.

      • sean March 2, 2015

        Going neck and neck with Big Sean who has two big pop hits for the album to bump his sales,slaying Chris Brown,Drake in sales. Kids monster hits coming from this album Johnny Cash and greatest break up song in years Say Goodbye..FOAD on explicit version.

  90. Molly February 28, 2015

    Tyler go eat a fuckinggg d*** lifeless fagggg

    • Tyler March 1, 2015

      Go eat Ciara’s d***…I know she has one.

  91. Skyfall February 28, 2015

    Lol Naomi is so pressed by my comments it’s ridculous. I love knowing that I get the three stooges (Prismatic oops I mean slay_hive, Tyler, and Naomi) pressed. Did I just say in my comments that you shouldn’t take me too serious because I say things just to bug you three losers.

    Just by stated that a Who Let the dogs out is more iconic than CIL everyone has gone in an uproar.

    Japan was the biggest music market in 2013 and its apparent you didn’t do any research at all because those Wikipedia ass receipts are saying s***. Billboard and many people covered it. I would post the receipts by every time I try and link it TGJ holds my comments.

    Who let the dogs out >>>> Single Ladies>>> Crazy in Love.

    • Naomi March 2, 2015

      Wheres the receipts?

  92. Stephy. March 1, 2015

    Good for him.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 1, 2015

      SO tell me Stephy tha Lambily, why do Mooriah and Kid Rock look like relatives?! 🙂 🙂

  93. Blacksista March 1, 2015

    White artists are invisible to the beehive because they support their favorite regardless of sales unlike childish urban who spend so much time fighting. Deming someone else’s light don’t make yours shine brighter

  94. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 1, 2015

    Babidi’s’ IMPACT

  95. sean March 2, 2015

    Her worldwides sales r inflated I found a site that list top 300 albums worldwide a dc album is No 109 all time with 19 million worldwide…2 places back Kid w Devil Without A Cause,no Beyonce. No 300 album sold 10 million.By that account she cant reach 118 million sold. I found her page of UK mix forum.In 2010 her career album sales 30 million,but when they added singles was 100 million. So theyre adding single sales to album sales.She has sold maybe 40 million albums. KR Worldwide goes Devil 18, HOR 3,Cocky 7,KR 2,LT 1,RNRJ 5,BF 2,RS 1…holy crap theyve sold roughly the same worldwide.

  96. sean March 2, 2015

    And the line about white chicks was a pam refrence morons,he dated black model in 2008, before girl he with now

  97. sean March 2, 2015

    And Beyonce a freakin butterface,jay z gotta got the lights out in the bedroom

  98. sean March 2, 2015

    You morons wanna act like he his nobody Bawitdaba started nu metal,Cowboy started country rap,Only God Knows Why used autotune first 3 months before Cher. Those three songs off the bat iconic. Bawitdaba tanked 47 greatest rock song and 313 th great song. Only God Knows Why named 19 th greatest ballad. Bawitdaba,Cowboy,I Am The Bullgod,Wasting Time,All Summer Long,Born Free all played at sporting events to this day. He has songs in video games,movies,tv commercials,themes to wrestling ppvs,ufc fight entrance songs. Picture,All Summer Long super heavy in rotation on pop stations,on all the time at work.Picture named 46 th best song off 2000,33rd greatest country duet,37 th greatest cheating song. I played trivia last week the question was a lyric for all summer long no one messedit,they played,whole place sung it.I go into a bar I not only hear his hit but his back catalog esp Blue Jeans And A Rosary. But Cowboy atleast 10 times. He has been covered by Jason Aldead,Kenny Chesney,David A Coe,Uncle Kracker,Rehab,Sheryl Crow,Fleetwood Foxes,Black Eyed Peas. Beyonce fans to quote his 1993 cult classic Balls In Your Mouth

  99. sean March 2, 2015

    Left out American Bad Ass, that been in two movies recently and the USS Cole played that coming into port after the Yemen bombing.And on 9-11 Only God Knows Why was a selected song the following day for radio tribute nation…beyonce got nothing on the Kid…and screw grammy led zeppelin has none,500 million sold,Robert Plant says suck it

  100. Naomi March 2, 2015

    How did you come to that conclusion that more people know who let the dogs out though? Lol. Do you have metric to back those claims?

  101. sean March 2, 2015

    I hate pop but iconic songs r Baby One More Time,Oops I Did It Again,Living La Vida Loca,Bye Bye Bye,I Want It That Way,Thriller,Billie Jean,Beat It, I Will Always Love You,Candle In The Wind,Circle Of Life,In The Air Tonight, I cant think of any Mariah Carey songs so she in same boat as Beyonce,Superstious,Respect,I Cant Help Myself,My Girl…I like the motown songs…I will even hit iconic rap song california love, gin and juice,regulate,down with opp,insane in the membrane,fight the power,walk this way,king of rock,my adias,peter piper,mary mary,its tricky,big pimpin yea jay z,lose yourself,the message,the bridge,ice ice baby,baby got back,rump shaker,the humpty dance,cop killer, childrens story…..those iconic songs i hear those do this day,i never hear a beyonce song

  102. sean March 2, 2015

    Kid so irrelavant look how many songs in top 100 rock downloads,he did have four in pop downloads with two songs more downloaded than beyonce…i love proven tools wrong…done made me lose my mind up in here…that another iconic song ha

  103. TinasheIsTheBest March 2, 2015

    I’m tired of the Beyhive ass, they all dumb and slow as hell! Stanning for a B**** that steals, and unoriginal. She have no control over her fans. Making death threats are not cute at all. This is why nobody likes or F**** with Beyoncè cause of her crazy ass stans. Like it’s not that serious. Everybody don’t have to like her. I can careless how the beyhive feel about what I said cause they don’t own my life. Beyoncè don’t pay my motherfucking bills. It’s really sad to read the stuff they be saying. I don’t have no type of respect for that thief. Thiefoncè can jump off a roof for All I care with those fake ass implants! She slow as hell her self.

  104. sean March 2, 2015

    No talking from the beyhive since I set yall u morons straight.

  105. sean March 3, 2015

    Wouldnt ya know it The Gun Man starring Sean Penn the trailer is set to American Bad Ass,its third movie trailer since 2009 GI Joe,Battleship,Gun Man…never heard Beyonce used for movie trailors.Bawitdaba was used for Gladiator,Cowboy for Shangai Noon. Tho yall vanished stop saying he dont have iconic hits.

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