Nathan Morris Of Boyz II Men On Mariah Carey: “She Has To Want To Be A Singer”

Published: Tuesday 10th Feb 2015 by David

With Epic records now tasked with revitalising her ageing brand, Mariah Carey has found herself on the receiving end of remarks sent her way by her ‘One Sweet Day’ collaborator Nathan Morris.

A member of R&B group Boyz II Men, the entertainer recently shared his thoughts on the state of Mariah’s singing voice and general approach to her artistry on Facebook.

His debate-sparking assessment below…


His comments follow a string of headline-grabbing performances put on by the ‘Honey‘ icon, slammed for numerous technical issues and vocal mishaps. See below.

Morris’ remarks will no doubt rub Mariah fans the wrong way, but we struggle to see anything inaccurate in what he said.

For, though using Fifth Harmony to introduce Mimi to a new audience is a cute idea, it won’t solve Epic’s epic problem with Mimi…her voice.

For some, her sales and accolades yesteryear leave the star with “nothing to prove.”

However, the fact remains that she doesn’t make new material or book new shows for fun, nor spend time and money putting performances together for them to be ridiculed because of…her voice.

With a new label and music on the way, let’s hope Mariah gets the help she needs to revamp her image, make the most of her voice as it is today and restore a legacy that continues to be marred by mishaps like the one below.

Do you agree?

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  1. The Beysus Impact February 10, 2015

    “Top 5 Fave Songs Of The Moment”, Sam????? :/ surprised you haven’t done it yet… Especially with the Grammys and all….

  2. JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2015

    And another essay from TGJ about the same issue again and again! LMAO
    Why don´t you do these posts about your favorite flops?
    That said, this guy has no right to say all that. What does he know about Mariah´s struggles or how much she wants to be a singer (she obviously wants, if not, she wouldn´t be still releasing music for us) or if it is possible (or not) for her to improve her current voice? Is he in her shoes? Does he have the extremely special and delicate at the same time voice Mariah Carey has? Really not needed.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 10, 2015

      He knew her when she was at her peak, he has every right to say it. It isn’t obvious that her dedication for singing is there. She may want to sing, but she certainly doesn’t want to bother with the upkeep of her voice otherwise she wouldn’t be great one week and cringe-worthy the next. Her lack of consistency shows that she CAN sing when she’s motivated and fall apart when she couldn’t be bothered to exercise/rest her voice properly.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2015

        And who is he to talk about her like that NOW? You don´t get the point.

    • Lisa February 10, 2015

      When was the last time boy 2 men had a hit, I saw them singing at a free concert and they were FLAT the whole show; SO please don’t talk bout vocals when all there BACKGROUND is pretapped;

      We know mariah is lazy. When she’s on she’s on; We know what to expect

      • Adrian February 10, 2015

        What does it matter when they had a hit? The point of the matter is is that Mariah Carey at this stage is at a croosroads and I agree with what he says it’s not inaccurate. And I love her as well but she needs to cut that lip sync b******* out because she can sing. Plus Boys II Men are one of the most successful groups. They don’t need to have another hit just to prove anything

    • CHILE PLEASE!! February 11, 2015

      Obviously you’re young & dumb. He know a lot about Mariah.. they come from the same era & they did a song together. He knows what she’s capable of doing & what Moo Moo have been giving recently is vocals from poor old Lassie herself. I don’t think anything was wrong or disrespectful in what he said. If it walks like a duck, quack like a duck…….guess what…..? Its a fawking duck. Moo Moo vocals has beenoofficially chopped!

  3. Theman February 10, 2015

    Late as SHYT to the party. This dusty A** site has the good performances from MIMI also but refuse to show, pandering A** peasants. Y’all sat on this story because y’all don’t have any. He didn’t say she has to Wanna be a singer, lying A** wannabe tmz. “Beautiful” was platinum & that wasn’t too long ago. Yesteryear my A**…. Ain’t none of the R&b females going gold even. MC been cemented her greatness.. Now go back to the BYTCH fits. Why didn’t you show the good performances from this concert. Her full range is there, she’s just inconsistent. Help Rita Ora & Ciara, their career is in the dumps. How many times can Sam repeat the same shyt…. Essay after pointless Essay….

  4. Theman February 10, 2015

    And with that XMAS performance she flubbed one note, GTFOH ThatShittyJuice !!!!

  5. Indie February 10, 2015

    Coming from a guy that can’t sell more music then Mariahs lowest selling sales or sell out venues like her, please take several!

    You don’t still write amazing songs and put out incredible albums like Me I AM Mariah if you don’t want to be singer, she has had a tough year a mother of twins going through a divorce there are some things that take primary focus over your career and thats your family!

    As another singer he should no better than to publicly say s*** like that, she sounded amazing in the jamaica show was just that stupid f*** up at the beginning of the show.

    She will slay in Vegas don’t sleep on MC she’s coming for dat ass!

    • Al February 10, 2015

      This sight a load of s*** it only supports the past it flops Ciara, Rita Whora, When Beyonce takes a fat turd yawn yawn fukin yawn. They only hate on here thathatejuice.s***

    • Lisa February 10, 2015

      Yessssssss hunnie READDDDDDD. What he says is true but maybe he should have called her directly instead of put her on blast; the gays have no mute button

  6. Theman February 10, 2015

    Anything for Sam to nag about. For some reason Mariah always has him nagging like a lil woman….

    • RCi February 10, 2015

      If u don’t like it… don’t come back

  7. Dossome February 10, 2015

    Umm,this is an old news but since Grape Juice had nothing to post,they dug this up…The Vision Of Love performance from Jamaica,that’s the most accurate way to gauge the status of her voice currently since she’s NEVER lipped that song EVER!!!!Mariah doesn’t need essays from TGJ on what to do with her career or legacy.Until Rita Ora releases her US debut,or Elijah Blake upgrades from mixtape status,or that crappy SheIsDiva site happens (we might as well pretend we never knew what that was),Mariah should be the least of your worries…On this flop topic though,Nathan knows little about vocal wear and tear considering she/he only sang one or two lines in all their songs and never extensively used her/his voice to the extent Mariah used hers

  8. Theman February 10, 2015

    He also isn’t the best even in his group..

  9. OMG Logic!!! February 10, 2015

    Why are fellow lambs attacking this guy? He’s 100% right! Mariah loves her fans and loves her craft, but her passion for singing is JUST NOT THERE. It becomes obvious that she’s sometimes motivated, judging by the Beacon Theater performances, but then falls right back to her old ways with performances like the ones in Jamaica. And when I say “old ways,” I don’t mean lip synching, I mean not taking care of her voice. I watched her performances in Jamaica, and they were painful to listen to.

    • fan4mc February 10, 2015

      He may be right in what he is saying but as a fellow artist himself, it is inappropriate and disrespectful of him to go on facebook and write an essay about mariah’s voice. If he is concerned or wanted to give her advise he should have done so in private.

  10. Arianator Barb February 10, 2015

    i still love mariah and i always will, can’t wait for her residency to start

  11. Theman February 10, 2015

    @Omg Well you were listening to something else, because in Jamaica her voice was great.. This woman misses one damn note & these thirsty blogs make a spectacle out of it. Sam sees the good videos, but she brings him clicks cause Rita Ora & Soundcloud Blake surely ain’t. He isn’t disrespectful to any other artist besides Rihanna as he is to MC.. Pitiful B****** !!

  12. Theman February 10, 2015

    Sam probably got multiple tickets hating a**….

  13. leo February 10, 2015

    i agree with nate we all know she can do better but settle for less

  14. siddy February 10, 2015

    Sam, you have these bitter fans of hers fuming lol. What has happened to the world? Haters and more haters here. She is not on point with her performances. Artists are only famous because of fans. We pay for their work. So, yes we have the right to call them out when they are off. Plus, why do people feel the need to talk so nasty to get the point across? Darn shame!

  15. Stephy. February 10, 2015

    Girl Bye. Once your voice is damaged… There is no coming back. Mariah just needs better management & a new vocal singing style. No more high soprano notes.

    Also, that Boys 2 FLOP member needs to hush! They haven’t been relevant since 1996!! And, they can STILL sing!!! I think its even more embarrassing, if you still have talent & you STILL flopping. That mean’s NO ONE gives a F regardless. BYE

  16. ReinaCSquad February 10, 2015

    The lambs are so delusional lol

    • Mimi February 10, 2015

      Hush b****.

  17. Suicide Blonde February 10, 2015

    When performances like this happen on a consistent basis they are no longer considered mistakes or accidents, they are now habits.
    He has a point.

  18. XoMoDe February 10, 2015

    Ha. Love it. Love everything about it.

  19. Essa February 10, 2015

    One Sweet Day would have been NOTHING without BIIM. They made that sappy hallmark card a hit.

  20. mike February 10, 2015

    Well lets be totally honest. I saw this last week and when I read it I felt very strongly about it – in agreement!

    I have been a Mariah fan from day 1 and I know Nathan has nothing but respect for her but hes right. Its now a habit that shes doing nothing to fix.

    And what struck me is when he referred to her voice as a gift and that you must never take it for granted and thats how I feel in relation to Mariah.

    Undoubltedly top 5 one of the most gifted singers of all time. Respect what God gave you. It cant be that hard to train and restrengthen your voice for 2 hours a day. Thats what you did when you were at the height of your career. What stops it from happeneing now.

  21. Dossome February 10, 2015

    The first THREE shows of her Elusive Chanteuse tour were horrible,probably due to her battling bronchitis as she stated on Ellen,the other EIGHTEEN or so were fabulous with her serving some of her best vocals in a long time.The ONE Rockefeller performance of AIWFCIY was a mess BUT her SIX christmas shows were on point.The Jamaican shows were great in some places and awful on others.See,overally she’s had more great performances than bad ones during the past year but reporting on the good ones isn’t fun for these blogs who thrive on negativity.How about the way Jamaican Press gave her positive review initially but US media had comb out the weak parts to create headlines

    • JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2015


    • Lake Erie February 10, 2015

      How come Beyonce? K Michelle? Hell even Tamar Braxton(now) hasn’t had bad shows very frequently? Smh I just can’t give Mariah a pass this time. And I love her music! But morris is right, 1 or 2 every blur moon? Yes, that’s fine. But hers is just uncalled for and could of been avoided had she practiced. Come on now? We all know when it comes down to it, this girl is a perfectionist. So I really don’t have any sympathy. Her fans deserve a show! Not a talent show.

  22. Queenly February 10, 2015

    The lambs are truly in denial. They always have excuses and rebuttals for her p*** poor vocal performances. I don’t wanna hear about nodules (which you are NOT born with), bad sound, divorce, bloggers hating etc etc. Mariah’s voice has been on the fritz for YEARS, it’s just worst now than ever before. She needs to quit surrounding herself with yes men and find someone who will bring her to REALITY!!!

    • JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2015

      This man shouldn´t have said that about Mariah. That´s the point. Call her if you really have the nerve to think you can give Mariah carey some advice, that´s what he should have done. But again, he doesn´t even know if it is possible for her to take things differently or not. This was so uncalled for. That´s the point.

      • Lake Erie February 10, 2015

        He’s just voicing his opinion. That’s all. If anything it should motivate her to prove everyone wrong. Somebody had to say it.

    • Lake Erie February 10, 2015

      Yup! I see no lies in what you said. Smh. Practice is a virtue in her case. I love Mariah too. I just hope she get it together because she still has time to bring it out again. She just has to practice.

  23. Terry B February 10, 2015

    Lol, you guys can come up with a million excuses. Her voice is gone, just like Whitney’s was before she died.

  24. Layla February 10, 2015

    Lmao the Lambs kill me with their 1000 excuses.

    • Lake Erie February 10, 2015

      Yes, I’m not a lamb but I love her music. She needs to practice.

  25. Skyfall February 10, 2015

    Didn’t Mariah give them their biggest hit. “One Sweet Day” still remains the longest running #1 single to date. Mariah still has a beautiful voice but nodules have limited her. She can’t just get in stage and deliver vocally like she use to which is understandable but we will NOT sit here and act like Mariah didn’t slay on her tour after the first couple of shows. She STILL HAS THE VOICE.

  26. Dossome February 10, 2015

    ^^REALITY is she had SEVERAL great performances last year but nobody was reporting on that..It’s NO excuse,it’s reality.Dealing with nodules is no excuse,it’s reality.As a fellow musician,all Nate had to do was look a little deeper than the surface.Posting a link of a bad performance by a fellow artist on your facebook page to accompany your “constructive criticism” essay is definitely not in good faith.

  27. AD February 10, 2015

    The lambs aren’t making excuses. Many of them don’t have a problem with what he said, but how he said it. They’re supposed to be friends. And, Mariah has invited them to do a lot with her when she was hot, and they weren’t.

    As for excuses lambs watch all of her performances. The good ones and there are actually a lot NEVER get posted

  28. Kayla C February 10, 2015

    Yall are surely missing the point, I love me some Mariah but he is right! She needs to act like she cares

  29. DTG February 10, 2015

    The lames…I mean lambs…don’t like the truth, I see. Too bad. Nathan is just one of many who have called out Mariah’s inability to sing anymore.

    • AD February 10, 2015

      Have you seen her Beacon performances. Nope. The lambs have that’s why they’ve got her back. She’s legit been pushing herself a lot more vocally.

  30. FutureCIARA February 10, 2015

    Thee SHADE hunny!

  31. Mark111 February 10, 2015

    Clearly! But I say she never had it at the level her stans think she did, vocally. I don’t care how much she sold, how long she been out or anything else. She sucks right now and isn’t even trying.

    • Cough Cough February 10, 2015

      Honey you’re trippin, her fans and the world knows she had it. Youre not a fan of vocals or above par singers though so who are you to gauge?

  32. Theman February 10, 2015

    @Mark She has & had it at a level that only she could occupy.. You Stan for Rihanna. Who tf are u to talk about anything that has to do with vocals?…. Also, who’s making excuses? We’re simply saying that she has good performances also that don’t get posted. “OSD” was huge because of MC. Don’t be foolish.. There are great performances but blogs are oblivious to stuff like that. Beyonce fans are ne to talk about excuses. He just wanted attention. It’s so many artists out here whom aren’t really performing, but no one says anything.. His washed up a** should’ve spoke to her.. Rehearsing would do wonders.. But she has given many good performances too, in which she should be given credit for. Some artists were lipping & using auto tune at the Grammys but y’all were silent. GTFOH….

    • JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2015

      That´s true. I saw some serious lipping at the grammys. Nobody seems to notice. I guess they fake it well, while Mariah is not good at lipping, and when she does it everybody jumps. Seriously she doesn´t lip more than the others, not even now after 25 years of amazingly hard career and impossible songs.

  33. Theman February 10, 2015


  34. Cough Cough February 10, 2015

    Mariah is one of my favorites but he is right. If Mariah managed her voice properly, stopped drinking so dàmn much, lowered all the keys of her old songs a step or two and started recording her new material in a key and format that will translate live it would be fine. She uses studio Magic so much to the point where it’s literally impossible to translate live. She has been doing it for years but it is just now catching up with her, I remember Glady Knight calling her out around the Emanicipation Era for singing out of her range… And she’s right. And Nate is also right that if she practices more she will get better. MC has proven again and again that when she sings more her voice gets better. I don’t see anything wrong with this post as its his friend and he is a professional. Who gives a fück is BOYS II MEN haven’t had a hit in years that has nothing to do with vocal tech, knowledge and skill. Yall are idiots

  35. DanYiel Teflon February 10, 2015

    I didn’t start checking for Mariah Carey until she & “Whitney Houston” performed Prince Of Egypt & I started to like her tones….I’m not a Lamb but I like a few songs…

  36. RoyalBey February 10, 2015


  37. Theman February 10, 2015

    Glady’s Knight didn’t call anyone out for singing outside of their range. She made mention of Mariah. But who’s to say that she’s drinking as hard as some are exaggerating her to be? This was trashy, whether it’s your view or not, you talk to a friend of yours. Why make this something more when you could have spoke to her.. He just wanted some attention..

    • Cough Cough February 10, 2015

      Yes Gladys did say that and if someone said this to Mariah earlier she probably wouldnt have as many bad performances on tape now as she does. She has gotten extremely lazy and comfortable with backing tracks WHETHER YOU ACCEPT IT OR NOT. He is being real, not a yes person, and that what realest/real friends do. He is saying exactly what un-delusional Mariah fans are thinking as I have seen this as mariah’s problem for yeaaaaarrrrrrs now. Nothing new, he kept it 100%. Don’t like it? Oh well you don’t like truth then. And he was second lead vocalist of Boy2Men he has the second strongest voice after Wanye Morris, hence why he was the second vocalist but that has nothing to do with his knowledge of music, voice and preservation. Ur an idiot

      • JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2015

        Extremely comfortable with backing tracks??? When she lips a smaller part of her show than Celine Dion for example? Are you talking about Beyonce? Katy Perry? Rihanna? Because damn it they use a lot of backsing tracks despite still being young and their songs being not demanding at all.

  38. Theman February 10, 2015

    Again he has the weakest vocals in the group..

  39. LC February 10, 2015

    Everything he said was accurate. And he wasn’t disrespectful about it. I love Mariah. I always have and I always will. But the truth is her performances are consistently inconsistent. And I agree with Nathan that it’s because of bad habits, not a lack of talent. Luckily, bad habits can be broken. So hopefully she gets it together before her residency begins. I just don’t want anything else to tarnish her legacy.

  40. Theman February 11, 2015

    MC cemented herself long ago.. This was disrespectful. You talk with your folks. He wanted some press.

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