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Published: Monday 9th Feb 2015 by Sam

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Welcome to the latest TGJ Roundtable!

Over the years, That Grape Juice has established a distinguished voice that – whether loved or loathed – sparks discussion, debate, and on occasion drama!

Though comprised of seasoned writers who share a similar outlook on Urban Pop culture, the idiosyncrasies of the TGJ team members often lend for quite heated debates “behind the scenes” about the hottest topics.

Now, we give you a front row seat to the show. In a format similar to ‘The View’ or ‘The Real’, TGJ editors – Sam, David, Rashad, and Joe – get real in a very candid way.

Today’s roundtable topic asks…

What were your Grammy Awards 2015 Hits & Misses?


For yours truly, last night’s Grammys achieved what every show should aim for. And that is to deliver memorable moments and potent talking points.

While recent award spectacles have regurgitated the same performances…. of the same song… and honored the same winners, the Grammys really scored a home-run on the variety front. Even the “expected” names delivered unexpected showings, ultimately making for a refreshing watch.

That said, when assessing through the lens of “Hits” and “Misses”, the real positive was the show’s celebration of the underdog. Too often politics impact perception of an artist’s relevance. As such, it was so warming to see Toni Braxton, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera all take home awards. I’m personally hoping the trio is able to successfully leverage their wins into even greater success with their next projects.

No doubt about it, though, the night’s main “Miss” was the Beyonce ‘Album Of The Year’ snub. On the one hand, I just knew this would occur because the Grammys are somewhat renown for throwing curveballs in major categories (see: Mariah’s ‘Emancipation’ in 2006). Still, it beggars belief.

Saying that, it’s this unpredictability – as grating as it can be at times – that keeps the Grammys ahead of the pack.

Random Tidbits:

1) Rihanna actually sounded…good. Shame about the song.

2) Madonna delivered sparkle and spectacle, but for the first time seemed her age. Yoga moves aside, she looked winded towards the end.

3) Pharrell’s performance was a cluster of confusion.



If last night’s Grammys did anything it proved how brilliant the last two years in music have been.

As I shared on Twitter, I was surprised to see Iggy Azalea‘s ‘Fancy’ walk away empty handed but was elated to see ‘Jesus Children’ pick up the Best Traditional R&B Performance gong.

My thoughts on Beyonce’s ‘Album of the Year’ drama? It’s a tough one. For, though I think the brilliant body of work that is ‘Beyonce’ deserved the award I think it’d be wrong of anyone to bash Beck by saying his work didn’t deserve the gong without actually listening to it.

That’s not to say his album was better, but it is important to remember that popularity and impact mean all of nothing if the committee feels a lesser-known project stands taller than a popular on an artistic tip.

That being said, I doubt Bey will lose sleep over this loss; I’m sure owning twenty Grammys will erase any distress about losing one.



Much to my surprise, more people than not brought their vocal A-game. Gal pals Rihanna and Katy Perry pleasantly surprised me with their vocal showings, with the former rih-123actually tapping into a demonstration I’ve long known she was more than capable of. I applaud her for seemingly taking the steps (minus the smoking, of course) to improve her instrument. And, despite still not being able to exactly “get with” ‘FourFiveSeconds,’ I feel now it’s evident that its simple composition was designed to show off her newfound vocal confidence. Now, more than ever, I’m ready to see what artistic risks she cooks up for ‘R8’.

A common theme seemed to be “the bigger the performance, the bigger the fail.” While I appreciated the theatricality of Pharrell and Madonna’s performances, they were far less moving than the night’s simpler showings – namely Mary J. Blige & Sam Smith and Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett (my picks for top two performances).

Lastly, I’m going to risk having my #Beyhive membership suspended here by stating that Beyonce’s performance left much to be desired. Yes, it was a vocally pristine performance, which was to be expected from her, but ‘Precious Lord’ is a song that does not call for “perfection,” per se, as much as it calls for an imperfect package of pain & passion…or “soul” as we call it. The emotional and soulful depth required of a ‘Precious Lord’ (as delivered by Mahalia, Aretha, Ledisi, and the like) was simply not befitting Bey’s voice.

Now, excuse me while I change my name and run out to buy wig glue.



I can gladly say that I haven’t enjoyed a Grammy ceremony the way I did yesterday’s one in years.
For one, the “toilet-break”-performances ratio was brought all the way down. All of the year’s chart forces came out to play and for the most part, they delivered.

The ever-gorgeous Rihanna gave a very convincing performance of that anti-climatic song and almost made it almost as exciting as it looks on paper. She also showcased great stage presence. However, the legendary Paul McCartney was somewhat wasted and Kanye West (as ever) was doing too much (which was also the case with his rant).

Lady GaGa did a great job too committing to her ‘Cheek To Cheek’ persona, and judging by the audience reaction, Jessie J surely scored herself some American brownie points with that stellar vocal performance alongside Sir Tom Jones. Great look, Jessie!

Usher, Beyonce, John Legend and Common took it all the way over to church with their respective showings. The ‘Selma’-themed performance of the latter three is what I would call the most powerful performance of the evening.

Not everything was spotless, though.

Ariana Grande disappointed with her song choice. Indeed, album cut ‘Best Mistake’ or new single ‘One Last Time’ would have made more sense as not only do they showcase her beautiful voice and range too but they are simply better songs. Sadly, she didn’t sound as strong as she usually does. Off-days happen, but Grammys are about bringing one’s A-game.

And there’s Madonna. Beyond her fun stunt of showing up on themadonna-1 carpet with two dates (Nas and Diplo), the rest of her Grammy showing is best summed up as much ado about nothing. Because amidst the madness on stage, I felt like nothing (quite literally) was actually happening.

All in all it was a great reminder of the actual talent that there is in the modern music industry and the variety that can still exist on award shows. It also leaves me confident  that there are more great “Grammy moments” to come.

Note: Special shout out to Taylor Swift who remains the most enthusiastic award show attendee in the history of award shows.


Do you agree with our points? Who was spot on? Let us know your thoughts on the latest TGJ Roundtable and the Grammy Awards 2015 below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

    BEYONCE was a true body of work…. It is what it is.. Anyway 😛 >>>>

    • Diamond Princess February 9, 2015

      Everytime I try to like beyonce she reminds me that she is still that bratty selfish little girl who must win everything and “appear” better than everybody in order to feel good about herself. Beyonce stealing the shine from another deserving artist?! Oh I’m sooooo SHOCKED!!! Stealing the right to sing a song in front of a live audience when she didn’t have anything to do with the movie or acting role the song is attached to is not beneath beyonce. For she has done way worse! She has stolen the right to perform songs originally created and sung from actual great legends at inaugurations, when those legends were still alive and well *cough “Etta James” cough* This chick has no shame in her game! Now let someone else sing one of her songs live at an event and see how she takes that…. But she won’t because she wouldn’t allow it, unless they were honoring her. Beyonce tries to portray herself as so humble, like she’s some angel but deep down she is a mean girl who can’t let anyone shine over her if she can help it. That’s why a lot of people in the industry don’t like her, but they will NEVER admit it out of fear because they know she is a part of a cult.

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015


      • Pat February 9, 2015

        @Diamond, I agree 100%, its no secret many in the industry don’t like her! The truth is her music is so catchy and she has most of the black community on lock only because they are so lost and confused as to who the real Beyonce is! She has stolen so many artist ideas, has used Jay-z, Kelly, Michele and even faked a pregnancy to stay relevant. One thing that stood out to me was how mediocre her performance was, and also her appearance on the red carpet. Hell even Miley shitted on her last night in terms of looks and beauty. Her self titled album was in no shape or form art. It was an ok album for maybe a few weeks, or for some, a few months, but nothing special. Other than Drunk in Love, what song off that album charted, or is even still being played on the radio? If u could see the looks on Christina Millian and Terrence face when “E” news interviewed Kanye last night when he threw shade at beck saying he should have gave that Grammy to Beyonce! Even Kim Kardashian was looking at him like he was a damn fool. What the hell is so special about this woman. She’s no Mariah, no Patti, no Whitney, no Celine, no J hudson, no brandy, no Monica, and I could go on and on!

      • The Beysus Impact February 9, 2015

        Faked a pregnancy???? Sit the f*** down!!!! Don’t f****** write big hideous paragraphs of lies you stupid trolls!!! Beyonce deserved that award. END OF!!!

  2. sarah February 9, 2015

    Just because BEYONCE was a popular album doesn’t mean it should have won AOTY. The album is forgettable.It’s stupid to see comments about how Beck shouldn’t have won when so many people haven’t even listened to his album, me included.

    • FAF February 9, 2015

      Agreed. its ignorant for ppl to say “who is_____” just like Hive attacked Annie Lenox as though she really reads tweets with her over 70 yr old ass. she’s a legend bottomline

      and to get respect,u must give it

      Beck has been around since before the 90s and has multiple multiplatinum records Grammys are supposed to be about musicality not who shut down iTunes…

  3. Melissa February 9, 2015

    I agree with David and Rashad, but i simply will not co-sign with the Beyonce did a good preformance debate when it was clearly sterile

    • RihHive February 9, 2015

      Beyonce is an amazing artist. But I dont think she should do other artist’s work. She may outsing them but she wont do thier art justice. If Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson sang that song I’d probably still be crying.

  4. DanYiel Teflon February 9, 2015

    Beyoncé makes great music & hell everyone likes Ratchet R&B hell isn’t that what Keyshia No-Soul Cole ALWAYS TRIES TO SING!!

  5. JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2015

    LOLOLOL you guys who actually run a successful blog should get your heads out of Beyonce, Rihanna and the likes asses!!! There´s more music out there, and better.

    Beck obviously is deserving of the most important grammy of the night. The 3 big awards were pretty much perfect. In great grammy shape (despite the overall lacklustre nominations).
    I´m not a proffesional and even i can understand and admit how Mariah and her The Emancipation can lose against other great stuff. Just understand that the most successful of teh year (even if also critically acclaimed) is not the best. Full stop.
    I actually think Beyonce is the best album in Beyonce´s career, but I find it normal that she doesn´t win. Grow the f*** up!

  6. Melissa February 9, 2015

    What happened to J-cole? Did he miss the grammy deadline because i really enjoyed his album and would’ve liked to have seen him preform.

    • ~The Arcade~ February 9, 2015

      His album dropped after the fact… maybe, hopefully next year we’ll seem him there.

  7. Timago February 9, 2015


    The one and only SMELLY FLOPLAND should’ve been present at the Grammys to perform a medley of flops from, “Talk A Good Flop.”

    Also, WHY THE HELL WAS RITA WHORA IN ATTENDANCE?!?! Sheesh. I wonder how many c****, including Jay-Z’s, that she sucked to get a free ticket.

    Whora, you should really consider tightening up those floppy beef curtains and wiping up the copious amounts of discharge dripping from your rotten p****.

    Please stay in the UK, Gonorrhita, along with your syphilis and weeping genital warts.

    We do not like you, you skanky beaotch!!!!

    • Pat February 9, 2015

      @Timago and everyone who liked what u posted, my god, Kelly Rowland’s mom just passed away only a few months ago are yall serious?! Hell, would u be at an awards show?

    • Al February 9, 2015

      Your not talking about the legendary Rita Whora are you please take her we don’t need her. Kelly Floland prob measuring her thod for a new lifetime show or something

  8. Priyanka February 9, 2015

    People are so HOOKED on the surprise drop, sales and 17 videos that they forgot about QUALITY. The academy obviously felt like Becks album deserved the Grammy. Please get over it especially if you’ve never heard a Beck song in your life.

  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 9, 2015


    I just saw a pic of RIHANNA touching my baby BLUE-SUS

    She better keep her nasty ass CLAWS off Beys Offspring!


  10. JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2015

    So Gaga won her grammy for Jazz and Xtina also won one? I still have not gone through all the categories. Congrats ladies. What i don´t understan is why they have always ignored Mariah Carey in all these less important categories, Unless it is something impossible to ignore cause of how huge it was (The Emancipation, Daydream, Music Box) they don´t even nominate her, never. While Usher release any mediocre song and get a nomination every year. or when Beyonce has been winning in all those lesser categories years and years. Apart from that, i like teh grammys. Usually they don´t give the important ones based on popularity (except for the worst year of all when they gave Taylor Swift Album of the Year LOLOL and Bey the Song of the Year, that was seriously appalling).
    Congrats Beck ! 🙂

  11. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 9, 2015

    CRAZY IN LOVE was da End of Careers!
    IRREPLACABLE was da quite b4 da next STORM!



    [List artist tragically destroyed by HURRICANE BEY:]

    Cristina Agurilla,
    Kelly Rowland
    Letoya Lucket,
    Marry J blidge,
    Jennifer Hudson,
    Mariah Carey,
    Alicia Keys,
    Toni Braxton
    Kelly Clarkson
    Lady Gaga,
    Keri Hilson
    Jessica Simpson
    Keyshia Cole
    Jordin Sparks
    Leona Lewis
    Jasmine Sullivan
    Nicole Switzerlin

    [Artist Passed out Drunk & still in recovery:]

    TBOZ(TLC), Lauren Hill, Latavia Roberson.

    [Artist that have TEMPORARILY survived HURRICANE BEY:]

    Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Pink, Katty perry & Nikki Minaj.


    • sarah February 9, 2015

      You’re the epitome of why people hate Bey’s fans, even if you are a troll.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

      You ugly fat high cholesterol otter box built B***** better remove Mariah from that list. The last time I checked, Dangerously in Love was released in 2003 and has yet to cross 5 million in sales while Mariah came with The Emancipation in 2005 and has already topped 6 million… Not to mention this was 15 years after her debut. Have a seat hungry hippo

    • TRUTH SERUM February 9, 2015

      @suga, I never agree with your comments but I’m so glad you’re back. I get a good ole jolly laugh from reading your post and screen name. Lmao

    • FAF February 9, 2015

      U cant be f****** serious.. TLC paved the way for destiny’s child. I wont fed u , uggmugg

      Ciara inspires her STILL today ! and u will remain mad

    • Carry On February 9, 2015

      Look girl it’s very, very important to have dreams and aspirations. Very Good…Basically, the overall deal is not what you think it is as you turn into adulthood you find that her one moment songs was to catch the liking on the ears on people like you. She carries no soul rendition with any goose bumps of feelings. She ONLY catered to her ego, all the songs are about HER, not you. You fell for it and nothing else. She has catchy tunes but nothing classic remains but a finish FU. I would like to like her music and I don’t know her personally but she carries the bratty personality like she’s want to show’em even if it steps on the likes of other people talents in a profound selfish manner. I see you respect that but you know you wasn’t raised like that too. You know this in the back of your head. Furthermore, I don’t think her partner and crime (Jay Z)really care for all this like he said but he is basically doing it for her in her favor, on relevancy. So, the person you’re really praising is her husband. He is making this work like clock work for her with his team which is impeccable. I understand if you don’t believe this because that’s their whole point by using the media to win certain people over. Finally, I believe you generally know what I ‘m saying is True but you are like others in denial and will not take it with a grain of salt. You’re id0l is a fluk, that’s why you have to continuously defend this like countless others since you don’t have nothing going in you life like a cute boyfriend who ONLY see you occasionally, school and a part-time only job for black people, so this is exciting and you look you up to this.
      Sorry I just call it how I see it……how it seem to be more deprived which is deeper than you think. So, Carry on. I hope things change to inspire more black people because black lives DO matter other than Jay and Bey’s that this generation only can see in life that you all take so personally. Peace!!!!

    • Brian310 February 10, 2015

      Last time I checked Aaliyah died before Crazy in Love was even thought of so no her career wasn’t destroyed by that.

  12. LDN Chick February 9, 2015

    Beyonces album was a great body of work. Yes it was popular but it was giod quality. She did deserve it. She covered a range of issues on the album from death to post natal depression i can’t at people making out ot wasn’t good quality. I don’t know Becks album so I won’t judge, the grammys likes an underdog so they don’t start to look like VMAS.

  13. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 9, 2015

    Congrats to Gaga and Xtina on their 6th Grammy. Also to Rihanna for collecting her 8th.

    TGJ and the rest of the Beyhive need to accept that Beyonce lost and get out of their damn feelings!!!

    Samantha even had the nerve to tweet “Beyonce got the Emancipation of Mimi treatment”… Seriously? After all the trash that you’ve talked about Mariah yet you had to use her name to justify why your fave should’ve won. This is just ridiculous. Beyonce’s album was good but y’all acting like it’s the damn bible.

    And the hypocrisy of “the Grammys have become a popularity contest” but when Beck won yall are talking about how he’s unknown and that his album hasn’t even sold 300k worldwide.

    The Beyhive (including the uneducated hoodrats) needs to have a super dome of seats. Peasants

    • Sherry February 9, 2015

      Lol beyonce will never make an album was great as TEOM…

      • Sherry February 9, 2015

        As great***

    • Alex February 9, 2015

      Shet the f*** up!!! Where have all these damn Beck fans been all these years!! Yall want to see this woman lose so bad, but she still won more grammys last night than any other female!! We go hard for our queen, so stay mad!!

  14. Hadley February 9, 2015

    Congrats Bey on your grammy I wish people would just move on the girl did great! And please people stop making out she didn’t deserve it. It was very close call.

  15. kingbeybitch February 9, 2015

    So now Beck deserved to win I thought y’all said Sam deserved to win lmao anyone but Beyonce right tsk such hypocrites. Please don’t talk about how just because BEYONCE had good sales it didn’t deserve to win that b*******. Adele won just cause her album sold 21 million even tho the album was overrated an boring and don’t even try to deny it cause many of y’all said the samething

    • RihHive February 9, 2015

      Adele won because she had the best overall album. Don’t discredit another artist just because Bey got robbed. Yes, she was robbed! I personally preferred Sam Smith’s album over Bey’s (bt thats just cuz I could relate better to it). I truly believe she was going to win–We all (nominees included) did–but that’s how Grammys keeps us on our toes.

      • Kisses Down Low February 9, 2015

        Adeles album wasn’t the best that year. It was majorly overrated.

  16. RihHive February 9, 2015

    I love that Rihanna’s dress made an impression. Cinna did well.

  17. JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2015

    They got it surprisingly good.
    I would have loved Hozier to get Song of the Year, but Sam is deserving of that one too.
    Great that Gaga got hers, Cheeck to Cheeck is a better album than Partners (I thought they were going to give it to Barbra just cause she is legend).
    Spot on Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and that Fancy song not winning anything at all. I´m just glad that happened since those were the worst nominees of them all.
    A little bit messy that Pharrel Williams wins best pop solo performance over Chandelier, but anyway… I´m not sure if that award is about vocals or the song itself, if it is about vocals then… come on! lol.

  18. Michael Korte February 9, 2015

    one beyonce fan was so upset after the grammys he couldn’t sleep so he decided to spend the entire night listening to the beck album…the results are a must read:

  19. Kisses Down Low February 9, 2015

    Its so funny everyone now lovinh beck when he wasn’t even in anyones radar before this. Beyonce has a great album, she would have been a very worthy winner.

  20. fatusankoh February 9, 2015

    Hatters will hate bey is here to stay she did very she sing that song well

  21. ~The Arcade~ February 9, 2015

    Summing up the 2015 Grammys in one word: “Lackluster”
    On paper the lineup looked promising, but I wasn’t really moved. I kept on LOL’ing at Pharrell for trolling us, at the beginning of his performance.

  22. MISHKA February 9, 2015


    Point. Blank. Period.

    Kanye is right, Trey Songz is right, the Grammys are using and abusing Beyonce by building hype around her winning AOTY then make a 180° and choose someone nobody gives an eff about.

    Everybody and their momma showed up this year because it was supposed Beyonce’s biggest moment ever. It was crystal clear she should have won solely based on her astonishing body of work and her global impact. What was the point of having her replacing Ledisi on her live performance?

    Even Beck said Beyonce should have won. I wish Beyonce, Jay & Kanye would just boycott this BS for 3 years in a row!

    Eff The Grammys. *Prince’s side eye*

    • Sarah February 9, 2015

      ‘Global impact’ has nothing to do with a Grammy win. People who have won previous Grammys are the ones who vote for future Grammys and more people voted for Beck to win. You can’t say Beyonce should have won just because you’re a fan when you probably haven’t listened to the other albums nominated. Stop using ‘stan’ logic, not everyone worships Beyonce like you and this site do.

  23. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 9, 2015

    the grammy committe just has an acquired taste, most on the board are white ppl that just like white music. AOTY never gets awareded to the right person.

  24. TRUTH SERUM February 9, 2015

    I just want to say that TGJ I’m loving the fact that you’re trying different things blogs. I absolutely love you’re site because it pram still focuses on the music. Yes, call me a sycophant.. Lips puckered. Although I’m biased toward sam’s opinion for obvious reasons… I do think all the writers made valid points.
    @Rashaad… First off, Beyoncé sang beautifully and the thing I love about her is that she stays true to herself. She didn’t try to emulate Mahalia, she gave you Bey with all the pomp and circumstance. Beautiful rendition. For those of you who grew up in church, you know precious lord is a staple and everyone who could sing attempted that song. My issue, which I’ve stated before isnt how she sang it, it’s the fact that she chose that song in thre first place. It was inappropriate and Ledesi’s moment.
    Ms. Frenchie, if you’re going to call someone out, don’t be a hypocrite. You were singing ‘I am telling you’ at every chance you could get and you probably still is. No one said anything about you singing when Jennifer was on her Oscar campaign. You just couldn’t book a big enough stage for people to care. Kii

  25. JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2015

    I finally watched all the performances and let me tell you the best were:
    John Legend: Glory is a hair raising song and his voice has so much soul.
    Hozier/Annie Lennox: slayage.
    Lady Gaga/Tonny Benet: simple but perfect. Great to have Jazz represented.

    Madonna was an spectacle as always. But I can´t put her in the top3 cause at the end of the day she didn´t do that much. Age is showing, which is unbelievable it is only starting to show now. Kudos to her.

    Beyonce was lackluster as hell. Whitney Houston could have easily offered those vocals in 2002. And you know what I mean… She just doesn´t have it to entertain with her voice alone, I keep saying it, for years, but it is what it is. Lacks soul, power, uniqueness.

    Katy Perry and that Miranda Lambert girl can´t sing to save their lives. Didn´t watch Ariana. Don´t remember the rest. Well ACDC did their thing as always.

  26. Rosie February 9, 2015

    Boring show. The performances were still good but overall, the show was still boring as s***. Death at some of the trolls on this site acting like they have been perched for Beck since day one when they were betting on Sam Smith yesterday. It was also funny watching all the social justice warriors meltdown on Twitter/Tumblr last night.
    Anyways these were the least watched Grammys in years (check the ratings). Almost every major female artist performed this year. No excuses.

  27. coolness February 9, 2015

    Overall, the Grammys were good but it felt like a ballad that long overstayed its welcome. Based on talent and performance ability, it had the best lineup I had seen in years but there wasn’t a good balance of high-octane performances with mellower ones. I do agree with Rashad that even though Madonna and Pharrell’s performances were high on production, they fell flat. This is where I was expecting to see the likes of Usher and Beyonce to properly pick up the pace as they pull off the singer/dancer archetype better. Instead, they chose to focus on stripped down performances that showcased their vocals. Bey was vocally perfect but she just doesn’t have that raw power and soulful voice that’s suited for gospel. In addition, I was a little disappointed she didn’t perform any of her own material. Rihanna was really good last night. She looked gorgeous and sounded great. I’ve always said a break would do her justice in terms of her artistic growth. Lastly, Common and John Legend’s showing was amazing – best of the night in my opinion.

  28. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 9, 2015

    “@RihannaArgntina: @rihanna FourFiveSeconds is #1 on the US iTunes. Congrats

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 9, 2015

      “@RihannaArgntina: @rihanna FourFiveSeconds is #1 on the US iTunes. Congrats

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 9, 2015

        Wow Im super grateful, THANK YOU!” Ugh. Why is must comment being cut? Anyway, she’s so humble. 😀

  29. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 9, 2015

    Rihanna’s 26th Top 10 hit this week. Madonna better watch out. When will the “Best Surround Sound Album” winner – kii – ever reach Rihanna’s caliber? 😆

  30. SippingmyTea February 10, 2015

    Rihanna Vocals definitely improved… !! Kudos to her.. I am proud !! Queen Bey was #Flawless and Katy perry sounded how she always sounds but her outfit reminded me of Solange at her wedding but she did look beautiful..

  31. Suicide Blonde February 10, 2015

    What happen when 4 Beyoncé fans sit and share their opinions on talent, Grammys and other artists?….This is what you get, you guys are worst than those shady old ladies of “The View”. Beyonce fans really think she deserved to win album of the year, y’all should googled “5 Reasons Why Beck Beat Beyoncé”. Oh and Madonna’s performance was everything, age is showing, lol, haters gonna hate, what do you want her to do a J.Lo type of choreography, nah, that’s not Madonna, she did a Madonna performance, at first she was a bit nervous (which is normal) but then she owned the stage and the audience, she was slaying Itunes after the performance, #1, #2 and #3 positions but of course you won’t post that, oh wait, her performance was the most viewed of the Grammys too, it must sucks to be a Madonna hater, my heart goes out to all of you.

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